I started my research like many others parents do. When my first child was born in 1981. I wanted to give my children a heritage and to know what made them be what they are. Besides I watched  Roots on television.


This link leads directly to the database that contains almost all my basic research. I.E. the names, dates and  places of the persons in my database. There is also some notes and references to sources where I have  mentioned those.

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Since the day I started to search for my roots and to this day, Genealogy has fascinated me. It gives me a window into the past and I get more and more curious about how they lived and stayed alive. So  some of  my research/gathering of material have turned into more historical aspects than in the early  years. As I have noted many of the genealogist that have survived the first years have done. These pages will reflect some of this change. You will find information about more than just my  ancestors as the pages get updated..

I started my research as mentioned above in 1981 by just looking for my children's ancestors. At that  time I had a job that made it quite easy to get to the archives in their opening hours. And I had almost all the information I needed to get a good start. After the first year I had gathered what I thought was  possible. Then I got introduced to "bygdebøker". There I found  ancestors who lived in 1570,s. It took me almost 4 years to control what I had found in 4 months. And to go back to note the sources. (A good advice, always take note of the sources with page references the first time) A job which still isn't finished. After that, some of my relatives who married into my family wanted to have their ancestors researched, and I have included them to into my database too. At that time my perspective on genealogy changed. Not only did I want to know where I came  from, but I wanted to share it. So I started to gather information on the descendants of some of my  ancestors. And through that I have made many friends abroad that I have never met, but consider them among some of my closest friends. You will find links to those who have Internet access in these pages.

  Are you looking for files about some some emigrants living in Canada ? Try to look in the book


Our ancestor is mainly from 4 parts of the country. Vestfold, Hordaland,  Sogn & Fjordane  and Vadsø in Finnmark. To find out where the places are go to the map section. And to find out more about the different areas just read on or click on  the more button

This an old map of Oslo or  Christiania as it was called in those days. If you are looking for more maps from Norway just gofore More.
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