The Emigrants continued

We now have new information:

Given name

Last name



Karen Amalie




Josefine Andrea




Lorentz Klaus




Agnes Kristine




Konstanse Ragna




Hjalmar Kristian




They all lived in Sandefjord when they left in 1904 so the chance that they lived there in 1900 is pretty good. So that shall be our next place to look.

But where the heck is Sandefjord? Actually, you don't need to know. :-)

Well, back to the Database selector

Her is another function of this eminent tool

See the space that says "Or Search for database" ?

I just typed sandefjord and hit the enter/return button and all databases from the Sandefjord area are displayed in the right pane. As we can see there are 4 censuses for that area. I notice that there are a little error in the 1875 census as it is translated just as a census and not 1875 census.

But what if we did not have information about Sandefjord? Well in the censuses we have something called "Global search". Just start the search there instead of going though the databases at random.

But any way, we go to the 1900 census for Sandefjord by clicking on link No. 2

And in Sandefjord ( a small town in Vestfold) there were 5180 persons.

Several way to attack this one.  But I choose to look for the most uncommon name: Lorentz. This could be spelled many ways, like I.E. Lauritz, Lorens, Lavrits and so on. But we have a way around that one to.

But I go for the sex first by choosing m for male to halve the base to 2543.

Then I search for Last name contain the now well-known "risto". We are now down to 27.

Instead of browsing those 27 I choose to display all First names.

I choose First name and all terms.

And look there are only 2 with first names that begins with L. But it seems that Lorentz have lost his middle name. :-)


In this picture you can se on the top the choices I made on the way to the next picture. Just tick of the 2 Lorenz'es and hit the search button.

And since just one of the Lorenz's are in the right age range I just click on that link. And get the result below. Now Karen's second name are displayed so this just point out how careful you have to be when searching for persons in the databases. DO NOT be certain that the name you have are correct or the only one.

The next picture, I have divided in two to leave out unnecessary information.

And as you can se the information i quite different than the emigration database. Karen uses her other name as well as the oldest daughter. The 3 other ones have dropped the middle name. But we now have new information. The children were all born in Sandefjord while both the parents was born in Stokke parish. So the marriage was probably pre 1886 and either in Stokke or in Sandefjord. But we should be able to find the parents in Stokke 1865.


To be continued..



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