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My G. g. grandfather Jens Henriksen was born 6th October 1831 in Drøbak, Akershus. His birth was illegimate and as father was named batchelor and gunner Henrik Caspersen from Christiania and mother was Maren Samueline Jensdatter. I have been searching for Henrik Caspersen for almost 15 years now  ( to and fro). But unsuccessful so far. If anyone have any info or hint on how to find this person, I will be extremly thankful.


The grandmother of Jens Henriksen Strøm,s wife Jacobine Olava Jacobsen was Kari Nielsdatter Holmboe.  She lived in Kongsberg 1801 as a widow. She was first married to Borger Samuelsen Kingsle and later to my ancestor Jacob Gulbrandsen Kulland from Kongsberg, Buskerud

In Vestfold I am looking for anyone with connections to Nøtterøy or Tjøme. because of my  project concerning decendants of Ole Sørensen Kjøle. So if you have any connection with the above mentioned area get in touch or just write in my guestbook


I have several deadends in the ancestry from Hordaland and Sogn & Fjordane. But I am  particulary interested in any information about the Munch's living in Bergen about 1680.


My wife's  Great Grandmother Anne Sophie Pedersdatter was born in Vadsø in Finnmark and we are very intrested in information if she had any siblings.We are also interested in any info about Mads Johnsen Ekkerøe and  Claus Torstensøn who lived in Vadsø 1801