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 Josephine (St. Sure Lindsfelt ) von Krassow


Cousins from this branch have been very helpful and have each provided me with a lot of information.  Some of it is not here as I need to organize it all together.  The following is only a start of what they have provided to me.  It needs a lot of work.  I am identifying cousins by initials as I’m not too sure if they are OK with putting their names out on he internet





Cousin P. has discovered some great information on Dr. A.F. St. Sure Lindsfelt; his father was Adolph Lindsfelt and that he was a sea captain.  Cousin P. is the granddaughter of Mildred Coleman Carpenter, who was the daughter of  Mildred Coleman Carpenter, who was the daughter of Elisabeth von Krassow Coleman , who was the daughter of  Josephine Lindsfelt St. Sure von Krassow.


In the 1850 US Census she was listed as “Josephene” St. Sure, age 9, born in Sweden. 


Records have her name in Sweden as Elise Concordia Fredrika Josefina (or Adolfina) born May 17, 1837 in Skummeslav, Sweden.


In 1850 Josephine returned with her mother and sisters to Sweden; Four daughters went back with their mother. They lived during 1850 in Hasslöv.  Her mother and the three other children returned to the United States thereafter, date unknown, but at least by the Federal Census of 1860 because it shows that the whole family was then living in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, where Lindsfelt’s name is listed as “St. S. Lindsfelt.”


Cousin P. emailed me to say:


When Elise went back to Sweden with the girls, and eventually back again  to the US one of the girls stayed behind in Sweden and  married there.  That was Josephine, as she was called, the second oldest child.  Her name appears to have actually been (Adolphina Fredericka......) with Josephine as one of the middle names. […]  She married a man we believe to be also her uncle, (Adam) Eberhardt von Krassow, who went by Eberhardt.   Family lore has it that she married her uncle because her guardian was squandering her money and marrying the uncle would keep it in the family.   Josephine and Eberhardt themselves immigrated to the  U. S. in 1898 through Denmark.   I am descended through them, all on a female line.  Their daughter, (Anna) Elisabeth Concordia Elivra Edith....von Krassow Coleman was my great grandmother, who I had the privilege to know into my 20s, and who lived to see her great-great grandchild, my son.  She went by Elizabeth, the s changing to a z at some point.”


Note to myself:  I only searched the name St. Sure for the 1880 and 1920 Census, I need to go back and look for Josephine.


Also, I need to search the following website to see if there are vital states (marriage, death, birth) related to her:


Searching the internet, I found postings on a genealogy website (rootsweb, I think it was, maybe?).  


Cousin J. posted the following on this genealogy website on 11/12/2002 8:33 PM GMT:


I believe my husband is related to you. His relative is Dr. Adolph Fredrik St. Sure (St. Cyr) von Lindsfelt (Lindsfeldt). I am trying to find more information on Adolph's father, etc. I hope you can help me. I believe Violet was in Sheboygan. Am I correct. If you can help me I would appreciate it Thank you. 


Cousin H. posted the following on the same website 11/17/2000 6:17 AM GMT:


[...] I do not have much information on the Coleman's I am looking for William O. Coleman. Date of birth 09-20-1880 and date of death 06-17-1943. His place of residence was in the Town of Brookfield, WI. He married Elizabeth (Josephine or Concordia) Von or Van Krassow, date of birth 07-10-1881 and died 09-19975. From a scrap of paper I find the initials: H.A.C. born 12-20-1867; J or O.H.F.C. born 04-09-1869; C.B.C. born 01-14-1871; H.F.C. born 01-14-18873; H.P.C. born 10-24-1875; S. J. C. born 06-30-1876; M. E. C. born 11-30-1878; I.M.C. born 05-29-1887 and L. L. C. born 03-30-1893. I am hoping someone can decifer the initials. Also there is information around Glouccester, MASS and from Gravesend, England a James Cash Coleman. Thank you. If you have information you can contact me at [...]


Cousin V. posted the following on 05/26/2002 9:27 PM GMT:


I have a two articles that concern Violet St. Sure in Wis. Please contact me.


Cousin V. also posted the following on 06/05/2001 4:47 PM GMT:


My ancestor, Josephine St. Cyr born in May 1837 in Sweden and died 02/04/1912 in Wisconsin. Should we "connect" contact me! Struggling with people, dates, countries. Many French/Swedish connections. Her father-Adolphus St. Cyr, Mother Elise Von Krassow. 


Cousin P. provided the photos on the right.  She says:


This is a wedding day photo of my great grandmother, Elisabeth von KRASSOW, daughter of Josephine Lindsfelt ST. CYR/ST. SURE and Adam Eberhardt von KRASSOW.   This would have been taken about 1901, I think (without looking).  She married William Oliver COLEMAN, of Brookfield, descended from an old New England family.   They had four daughters.  I was lucky to have known my great grandmother, who lived until a spry age 96 or so, when I was in my 20s and a young mom.  So, she got to be with my son, her great-great grandchild.  The dark hair is probably from the French ancestry on her mother's side.  She was educated in a convent school in France, although they were not Catholic.  I sure wish I had asked more questions while she was around!



This photo is of Adolph's eldest daughter, Josephine, the one who stayed in Sweden/Denmark and married there.  Josephine may have been a middle name or one she just took, as she shows in many records as Adolphine.  This is my great-great-grandmother.  The photo would have been taken in the late 1860s probably. The boy is her son. Edward, who came to the US without the rest of the family in the 1880s and spent some time with grandpa Adolph. Eventually he disappeared out west.  Josephine married a relative of her mother's, Adam Eberhardt von Krassow (went by Eberhardt).   They came to the USA  with their other two living children in 1898, and settled in Waukesha, Wis.


Cousin J. provided me with the following great information and pictures


The Family of Elizabeth von Krassow and William Coleman



Here are some photos and images following by description.  Click on the image to open it up.















































































































































The Family of Rudolph E. and Helen Coleman Carlson











































































































Just putting things here for now.



Josephine Von Krassow

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Josephine Lindsfelt

St. Sure von Krassow

with Edward

Cemetery plot for Josephine St. Sure and Adam Eberhard von Krassow, Prairie Home Cemetery, Waukesha, Waukesha County, Wisconsin.

The person marked with “1” is “Adolph Von Krassow brother to Elizabeth Adam Eberhard and Adolphine Josephine St. Sure von Lindsfelt Von Krassow “

Adolphine Josephine St. Sure Lindsfelt and Adam Aberhardt vonKrassow from the 1900 U.S. census

Elizabeth vonKrassow, Daughter of Adam Aberhard and Adolphine Josephine St. Sure von Krassow, from the 1900 U.S. Census

William O. and Elizabeth vonKrassow Coleman in the1910 U.S. Census, and then in the 1920 Census

Helen and Rudolph Carlson

“Lorraine Coleman Pitsch, Daughter of William O. and Elizabeth vonKrassow Coleman”


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Eberhart von Krassow