1905 - 1978
Manchester, England
September 23, 2005
Marks the 100th Anniversary
of Harry's Birth

His Parents:  Henry George & Ethel (Briggs) Kershaw
Married Dec. 26, 1904 (Monday) in Lancashire Co., England
England (in yellow) is part of Great Britain (United Kingdom)
Lancashire County is located in the north-western part of England


Ethel (Briggs) and Henry Kershaw

Ethel was 5' 4" tall, with fair complexion, brown
hair and gray eyes.  Henry (also called Harry)
was about 5' 6" tall, brown hair and eyes.
The end tip of his little finger on the right was
missing due to an accident.

First Born -- Harry
 (no middle name given)

Sept. 23, 1905


Children born in England
Ethel, Harry and Edwin

gortonThe Kershaw Family
lived on Abbey Hey,
in the township of Gorton,
just east of the center the
the City of Manchester
in Lancashire County

By 1912 and 1913, several family members had moved to America,
settling in Haverhill, Essex Co., Mass.
Photo above - Sandy Well Street in Openshaw,
Manchester, Lancashire, England in 2004
BUT very much the same as when the Kershaw
Family lived there before coming to America.

Harry's father sailed for America in Dec. 1913 to get a home ready
and find work in the shoe factories before his wife,
Ethel and the children arrived.

shipEthel traveled with her sons,
Harry, Edwin and daughter,
Ethel.  They sailed out
of the Port of Liverpool, Eng.
on SS Carmania on
April 14, 1914
and arrived in the
Port of Boston on
April 23, 1914

Several family members moved permanently to America,
many living in Haverhill or surrounding areas.  In Haverhill,
several families lived along Hilldale Avenue.


Many shoe factories
in the Haverhill and
surrounding areas.
This is where most
family members

Harry -- had a broken left heel in 1917

In the Jan. 1920 US Census, the family lived on
Main Street in Plaistow, Rockingham Co., New Hamphire.
Harry at age 14, worked as an errand boy at the
Bow Manufacturing Co.  Family members stated
they were born in England.
In 1923 they lived at 43 School Street in Merrimac, MASS
then moved back to Haverhill.  Harry worked at
Haverhill Last Works in June 1921.  He stayed there
for three years before being hired at the H. C. Leschke
Heel Company in Haverhill as a "wood heel worker",
where his father was now foreman.
Harry continued to live at home 59 Altamont Street in Haverhill
then to Lynn, Essex Co., Mass. by 1926.

In June 1927, Harry was restless and wanted a change from the factory work.  He saw a career in the U.S. Army as a great opportunity.  He would travel, learn new things, and meet different people.  So at age 21 years and 9 months he enlisted in the
U.S. Army at the recruitment office in Boston.
He was 5' 4" with brown hair, gray eyes and was 127 lbs.
(Harry in 1927 - Photo below - right)


After basic training, Harry
was stationed in
Honolulu, Hawaii
with U.S. Army Signal Corps
He remained in Hawaii, continuing to reenlist
every three years until 1933.
Then he was transferred to
Ft. McDowell in California.
By mid-1930s he was in
New York City.  By 1939
Harry was in the U.S. Panama Canal Zone at Albrook Field, Quarter 104 B.
He rose in rank through
the years and made Captain
(US Air Force) while in the
 Panama Canal Zone.
He left the Canal Zone in
May 7, 1943.

From May 7, 1943 to December 24, 1943, he was stationed in Miami, Florida.
(Photo left - 1938)

(Photo 1942 - Above right)
By January 20, 1944, Harry was stationed
in Italy (Rome, Naples and the Po Valley).
He was not sent back to America until
kerOctober 24, 1945.  He was in Miami, Florida
for a couple years, then in September 1948,
he was stationed in Panama City,
Florida on recruiting duty.
(Photo 1945 - left)

In July 1949, Harry retired from the military
after 22 years, lived in Longwood, FL
but was called back in
1950 during the Korean War.   He was
out of active duty by June 1953 but in the reserve until full military
retirement in 1957 as a Captain
after 30 years.

1969(Photo - 1969 - to the right)

He lived in Miami, Florida from
1953 - 1972, working at various
places; "Hav-a-Tampa", "Jewel-T", Dade Co. School System and Miami-Dade Jr. College.

In retirement he lived in Floral City, Citrus Co., FL
and in Longwood, Florida.

(Photo 1974 - left)

(Photo 1976 - right)
Harry died May 25, 1978 of cardio-respiratory failure due to pulmonary edema at Florida Hospital
in Orlando, Florida and was buried
in Apopka Cemetery, Apopka, Florida.  He was 72 years
                               and 8 months old.

This Sept. 23, 2005 (Friday) -- marks the 100th
anniversary of his birth in England.

His Children:  Howard Francis, Gordon French, Alice Louise,
Richard Allen, Carol Ann and Robert West Kershaw.
Written By:
Alice L. Luckhardt
(updated) September 2007
E-mail:  allgel@bellsouth.net
(All photos and / or copies belong to Alice)

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