Attention all Carters, Bernhardts, Franklins, and Goins!
I may be looking for you or someone closely related!

Last Update: 02/11/2012

Update: Just wanted to thank everyone who has found this page and contacted me. I really didn't expect so much response and I have heard from several different members of the family. I know it's been a while for some of you but my Dad is still very interested and hopefully will be contacting everyone very soon. Please stay in touch. If you're someone new coming to this page and you are related or have any helpful information please don't hesitate to contact me! Thanks again!

In 1990, my grandmother passed away taking the secrets of her past with her. Recently, we have discovered that she was a Carter. She had always claimed that her maiden name was Beckham. However, Beckham is not just a made up name. We also discovered she was married to a man named John R. Beckham before marrying my grandfather. Somewhere in the thirties or forties, she stopped having contact with her Carter family. As a result, we really know nothing of her past. I'm looking for photos and information about the family. Please help me if you or someone you know maybe even remotely related!

Here are some names, dates, places, and facts about some of the people I'm hoping to find: In short, I'm searching for the descendants of John Everette Carter (August 25, 1881-February 27, 1947) and Ida Sara Humphries (May 12, 1886-June 21, 1962). John was born in Greene Co., TN and Ida was born in N.C. Both lived most of their lives and died in Chester Co., SC in the Great Falls area. As far as I know, all their children are deceased. I'm hoping to locate their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Here they are:

Zella Mae Carter (October 26, 1906-September 01, 1973) married Furman M. Goins (August 22, 1905-August 09, 1990). I believe they had a number of children. However I only have four names from an obituary I have. Johnny Goins, Melvin Goins, Douglas Goins, and Charles Goins.

Prince Woodrow Coleman Carter (July 05, 1912-December 1972) married Macie L. Broom in 1932. He may have lived in Columbia, SC or somewhere nearby. Bayview, Richland, SC is also possible. I have no names for any children.

Humphries Desco Carter (Dec 27, 1914-June 13, 1968) married Flossie Teague (October 2, 1912-May 2, 1993) in 1932 in Winnsboro, Fairfield, South Carolina. They had a number of children together but I don't believe I have them all. Kenneth Kell Carter (Oct 2, 1942-Dec 27, 1965) A1C - US Air Force. According to his headstone, he was the first husband of Sandy Baker Carter Gallman and father of Sue Ann Carter Price. According to Humphries obituary, he had at least two other sons: H.D. Carter and H.L. Carter. Instinct makes me thing H.D. could stand for Humphries Desco but I'm not sure. From another obituary, I think the 'H' in H.L. Humphries could stand for Hansel.

Everette Theo Carter (Apr 30, 1922-Jan 28, 1974) was a AMMF 2 in the US Navy during World War II. This is all I really know about him.

Margaret F. Carter (1925-Apr 1, 2000) was married to William David Franklin. They had the following children: Donald Preston Franklin (Feb 24, 1948-June 22, 2001) and Lynda Franklin. Lynda married a Charles David Bernhardt. Lynda had two daughters: Amanda Bernhardt and Angela Bernhardt. The Bernhardt's lived in Waldorf, Maryland at one time. The Franklins also raised their niece Lois Carter Hughes who at one time lived in Eutawville, SC.

Arnold Reo Carter (1928-1956) was married and had an eight year old daughter at the time of his death. He was a patrolman killed by a driver who was racing.

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