Buyer, Stein, Michael, Hamerschlag, Stier, Patterson, Hunter, Agnew Family History

Buyer, Stein, Michael, Hamerschlag, Stier, Patterson, Hunter, Agnew Family History


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Agnew and Chambers Families

Buyer and Feldman Families

Hamerschlag and Brummel Families

Hunter and Porter Families

Michael and Abrahams Families

Patterson and Powell Families

Stein and Grunbaum Families

Stier and Barbour Families


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This site is organized according to my great-grandparents.

on my mother's side:

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Lily Powell Patterson, born in Perryman, Harford County, Maryland, 1873

includes Patterson, Hall, Little, Presbury, Stansbury, and related families in Baltimore and Harford Counties, MD
Harding and Davis families in Montgomery and Frederick Counties, MD
also Powell and related families (Peyton, Linton, Harding) in Northern Virginia

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Jay Hugh Stier, born in New Market, Frederick County, Maryland, 1865

includes Stier, Burgess, Hammond, Barbour, Dulaney, Mueller, and related families in Frederick County, MD--also Baltimore and Howard Counties
also many early families related to Burgess line in Anne Arundel and Montgomery Counties, including Carroll, Chew, Griffith, Howard, Maccubbin, Mackelfresh,

Mary Hannah Agnew, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1858

includes Agnew, Chambers, Carnagey families in Beaver and Allegheny Counties, Pennsylvania

John Porter Hunter, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1859

includes Hunter, Porter, Armstrong families in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
on my father's side:

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Annie Hamerschlag, born in New York, NY,1868

includes Hamerschlag and Brummel families in Bohemia and New York

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Bernard Michael, born in New York, NY, 1866

includes Michael and Abrahams families in Wrzesnia, Poland, and New York

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Louise Stein, born in Tschestitz, Bohemia, 1850

includes Stein and Grunbaum families in Bohemia and New York

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Edward Bayer (Buyer), born in Kasejovice, Bohemia, 1846

includes Beier/Bayer/Buyer,  Feldman, Weisskopf, Loewy, Reich and related families in Bohemia and New York

Just for fun, some well known family members

Perkins and Jensen Families

Slotta and Fedak Families

some vital records I have ordered that turned out not to be related to my research

Bayport Blue Point High School Class of 1967 40th Reunion July 14, 2007

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Buyer, Stier,and Related Families

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Research is continuing and some information in this site is unproven.

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