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Metropolitan Opera Programs



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Bernard Michael Printing, New York, NY

When did Bernard begin printing the Met programs?  I found an 1889 program on eBay that is credited to Pusey & Co., Printers, 1396 & 1398 Broadway, NY. The earliest one I have found so far credited to Michael Printing Company is for the 1902-3 season.

1902-3 season


met opera booklet michael cover.jpg (15020 bytes) met opera booklet michael page 2.jpg (20761 bytes) met opera booklet michael page.jpg (27268 bytes)      
1902-3 season


1903-4 season        
1904-5 season        
1907-8 metfedora.jpg (206859 bytes)          


Royal Hamerschlag continued the printing business after Bernard's death in 1907 under the name of Triune Printing Company. The Theatre Magazine Company printed programs for some years immediately after Bernard's death, but by 1921 Triune seems to have taken over.





1909 season

many years      







L'Elisir d'Amore








A 1906 postcard showing the Metropolitan Opera House (not from my family) 

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Buyer, Stier, and Related Families

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