Some Descendants of "Salem Witch" Susannah Martin

Some Descendants of "Salem Witch" Susannah Martin

1. SUSANNAH NORTH, daughter of Richard and Joan[ne] (Bartram) North, baptized Olney, Buckinghamshire, England, 30 September 1621; executed by hanging on Gallows Hill, Salem MA, 19 July 1692, for allegedly committing acts of witchcraft. She married Salisbury MA, 11 Aug 1646, as his second wife, GEORGE MARTIN, whose parentage and origins are unknown, born possibly Knodishall, Suffolkshire, England, circa 1618; died probably Amesbury MA between 15 March 1685/86 and 15 2m [April] 1686.

Children, surname MARTIN, all born Salisbury MA:

2. Richard, born 29 4m [June] 1647

3. George, born 21 8m [October] 1648

4. JOHN, born 26 11m [January] 1650 [/51?]

5. Hester/Esther, born 7 2m [April] 1653

6. Jane, born 2 9m [November] 1656

7. Abigail, born 10 7m [September] 1659

8. William, born 11 10m [December] 1662

9. Samuel, born 29 7m [September] 1667

References: David L. Green, “Salem Witches III: Susanna Martin”, The American Genealogist, 58:193-204 [1982]; “The English Origins Of Richard North And His Daughter, Susanna (North) Martin, Executed For Witchcraft In 1692”, The American Genealogist, 68:65-70 [1993]; “George Martin Of Ipswich”, The American Genealogist, 56:155-159 [1980].

4. JOHN MARTIN, son of George and Susannah (North) Martin, born Salisbury MA, 26 11m [January] 1650 [/51?]; died probably Amesbury MA, 6 October 1693. He married probably Amesbury MA, circa 1677, MARY WEED, daughter of John and Deborah (Winsley) Weed, born Salisbury MA, 5 September 1653; died probably Amesbury MA after 17 January 1714/15 when she signed a deed.

Children, surname MARTIN, all born probably Amesbury MA:

10. MARY, born circa 1678

11. Hannah, born circa 1680

12. John, born circa 1682

13. Ruth, born circa 1685

14. Abigail, born 13 March 1686/87

15. Deborah, born 8 August 1689

16. Samuel, born 2 July 1692

References: David L. Greene, “Salem Witches III: Susanna Martin, Part Two”, The American Genealogist, 59:14-15 [1983]; David W. Hoyt, The Old Families Of Salisbury And Amesbury, Massachusetts, With Some Related Families Of Newbury, Haverhill, Ipswich, And Hampton, 1:345 [1897].

10. MARY MARTIN, daughter of John and Mary (Weed) Martin, born probably Amesbury MA, circa 1678; died probably South Hampton NH between 23 6m [August] 1744, when her son Ebenezer was married, and 18 8m [October] 1745, the date of her husband’s marriage to Mary Newbegin, of whom nothing further is known. She married Amesbury MA, 1 3m [May] 1705, as his first wife, JOHN PEASLEE, son of Joseph and Ruth (Barnard) Peaslee, born Haverhill MA, 25 January 1679 [/80?]; died probably Newtown [now Newton] NH between 20 September 1751, when he sold land in South Hampton NH to a Jonathan Ferrin, and 2 April 1752, when administration of his estate was granted to his sons Joseph and John.

Children, surname PEASLEE, first seven born probably Haverhill MA, last four born probably Amesbury MA:

17. JOSEPH, born 7 March 1705/06

18. John, born 9 December 1707

19. Sarah, born 20 February 1708/09

20. JACOB, born 11 May 1710

21. Nathan, born 20 September 1711

22. Ruth, born circa 1712

23. David, born 2 April 1713

24. Moses, born circa 1714

25. James, born circa 1715

26. Ebenezer, born circa 1717

27. Mary, born circa 1719

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17. JOSEPH PEASLEE, son of John and Mary (Martin) Peaslee, born Haverhill MA, 7 March 1705/06; died probably Newtown [now Newton] NH between 26 February 1789, when his son Joseph was married, and 25 February 1790, when his second wife, Lydia Peaslee, refused administration of his estate. He married Newbury MA, 1 January 1729 [/30?], as his first wife, MARTHA HOAG, daughter of Jonathan and Martha (Goodwin) Hoag, born Newbury MA, 14 November 1708; died probably Newtown [now Newton] NH before 6 April 1775, when her son Stephen was married.

Joseph Peaslee married Dover NH, 23 November 1784, as his second wife, Lydia (Callum) (Twiss?) Varney, daughter of Caleb and Bethiah (Gaskell?) Callum, and probably the former wife of Daniel Twiss and Ebenezer Varney. She died probably Newtown [now Newton] NH before 31 March 1800.

Children, surname PEASLEE, first six born probably Amesbury MA, next three born probably South Hampton NH, last three born probably Newtown [now Newton] NH:

28. Nathan[iel], born 27 May 1731

29. Jonathan, born 10 December 1732

30. John, born 27 February or July, 1735

31. MARY, born 9 or 10 December 1736, or 11 December 1737

32. Ruth, born 14 January 1738 [/39?], 14 December 1738, or 12 January 1739 [/40?]

33. Hannah, born 19 November 1740

34. Joseph, born 6 March 1744 [1743/44?]

35. Enoch, born 10 October 1745

36. Martha, born 13 February 1748 [/49?]

37. Stephen, born 16 February 1750 [/51?] or 1752 [/53?]

38. Benjamin, born 11 or 15 February 1752 [/53?]

39. Micajah, born 18 November 1754

[Note---The births of Joseph and Martha’s children are recorded in Newton NH. However, Newton was a part of South Hampton NH prior to 1749, and South Hampton was a part of Amesbury MA prior to 1742.]

References: Hazel Avery Poor, op. cit., pp. 37-38; VR Amesbury, op. cit., pp. 192, 446, 448; Rockingham County NH Probate Records, Docket # 5521 O.S.; Vital Records Of Newbury, Massachusetts To The End Of The Year 1849, 1:224, 2:378 [1911]; “Records of Dover Monthly Meeting”, The New Hampshire Genealogical Record, 1:117 [1904]; Newton NH birth records; Rootsweb WorldConnect gedcoms submitted by Robert Dittmann, Mary Elizabeth Ortzman and Tony Grossnickle.

20. JACOB PEASLEE, son of John and Mary (Martin) Peaslee, born Haverhill MA, 11 May 1710; died Kingston NH, 29 July 1744. He married Amesbury MA, 25 10m [December] 1735, HULDAH BROWN, daughter of John and Abigail (Johnson) Brown, born Hampton NH, 3 November 1715; died probably Rockingham County NH, possibly before 19 April 1752, when Abraham Dow of Hampton Falls NH was named guardian of her son.

Child, surname PEASLEE, born Kingston NH:

40. ELIJAH, born 15 July 1741

References: Kathleen E. Hosier, Kingston New Hampshire Early Families, Patriots & Soldiers [1993], pp. 143-144; VR Amesbury, op. cit., p. 448; Pauline Johnson Oesterlin, op. cit., p. 352; PR NH, op. cit., p. 223.

31. MARY PEASLEE, daughter of Joseph and Martha (Hoag) Peaslee, born Amesbury MA, either 9 or 10 December 1736, or 11 December 1737; died probably Weare NH between 27 October 1784, when her daughter Ruth was married, and 20 October 1785, when her daughter Hannah was married. She married either Amesbury MA or Hampton NH, 26 February 1761, DANIEL PAGE, son of Theophilus and Hannah (Dow) Page, born Kensington NH, 31 December 1737; died probably Weare NH before 27 October 1784 when his daughter Ruth was married.

On 27 April 1769, Daniel Page of Seabrook NH bought land in Wearestown [now Weare] NH from Matthew Livermore.

On 16 March 1770, Daniel and Mary Page of Seabrook NH sold land in Seabrook to Gershom Gifford.

On 6 June 1776, Daniel Page was listed among those individuals of Weare NH, “called Quakers”, who refused to sign the Association Test due to their religious beliefs.

[Note---According to the published Amesbury vital records, citing Amesbury/Hampton Monthly Meeting Records, Mary and Daniel were married in Amesbury MA on the same day that Mary’s sister Ruth married Daniel’s brother Enoch. However, according to Dover NH Monthly Meeting records, Ruth and Enoch were married in Hampton NH.]

Children, surname PAGE, first three born probably Kensington NH, next child born probably Seabrook NH, last child born probably Weare NH:

41. Hannah, born 4 September 1762

42. Ruth, born 26 September 1765

43. JOHN, born 12 or 26 September 1767

44. Sarah, born 8 September 1769

45. Daniel, born 31 December 1772

References: VR Amesbury, op. cit., pp.116, 440-442; “Records of Dover Monthly Meeting”, The New Hampshire Genealogical Record, 4:123 [1907]; Lynn M. Case and Page Sanderson, The Family Of John Page Of Haverhill, Massachusetts: A Comprehensive Genealogy From 1614 To 1977 [1978?], p. 56; NH P&D, op. cit.; Records of the Weare NH Monthly Meeting of Friends, in the possession of Mrs. Elizabeth Straw, Weare NH; William Little, The History Of Weare, New Hampshire, 1735-1888 [1888], p. 205.

40. ELIJAH PEASLEE, son of Jacob and Huldah (Brown) Peaslee, born Kingston NH, 15 July 1744; died Pittsfield NH, 29 July 1810 (?). He married Kingston NH (marriage intention recorded Amesbury MA, 20 February 1766), ESTHER GOODELL or GOODALE, daughter of Bartholomew and Mary (Osborn) Goodale, born probably Salem MA, 16 January 1747 [/48?]; died possibly Pittsfield NH after 13 July 1810.

Elijah Peaslee settled on Catamount Mountain in Pittsfield NH, and is said to be buried there under a large boulder.

[Note---Hazel Avery Poor, citing Elijah Peaslee’s bible, stated that Elijah and Esther were married on “17 January 1766”, a month before their intentions were recorded. It is possible that the date should read 17 March 1766. The bible was in the possession of a Mr. David Peaslee of North Sandwich NH in the late 1940s, and an examination of the bible might prove helpful, if it still exists.]

[Note---According to Records of the Seabrook (NH) Montly Meeting of Friends (21:22), "At the monthly meeting at Amesbury on the 20th of 3rd month, 1766, Elijah Peaslee and Esther Goodwell (sic) had their anser (sic) in order to marige (sic)".]

[Note---Administration of the estate of Elijah Peaslee was granted to Esther Peaslee, John Peaslee, Amos Peaslee and John Jenkins on 13 July 1810, two weeks prior to his recorded death date in the published vital records of Amesbury MA.]

Children, surname PEASLEE, first seven born probably Chichester NH, last two born probably Pittsfield NH:

46. Ruth, born 20 December 1766

47. Jacob, born 12 December 1768

48. Anna, born 10 March 1771

49. Huldah, born 16 April 1773

50. Samuel, born 29 August 1775

51. Abraham, born 12 September 1777

52. Amos, born 16 July 1780

53. JOHN, born 22 February 1783

54. Mary, born 18 or 24 February 1786

[Note---Pittsfield NH was a part of Chichester NH prior to 1782.]

References: Hazel Poor Avery, op. cit., pp. 117-118; Rockingham County Probate Records, Docket # 8294; Janet Ireland Delorey and Claire Ellms Kaplan, “The Stoning Family Of Essex County, Massachusetts And Weare, New Hampshire”, The New England Historical And Genealogical Register, 139:291-292; VR Amesbury, op. cit., p. 574.

43. JOHN PA[I]GE, son of Daniel and Mary (Peaslee) Page, born Kensington NH, 12 or 26 September 1767; died probably Weare NH, 28 August 1848 (?). He married Weare NH, October 1790, his first cousin, HANNAH PA[I]GE, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Johnson) Page, born Kensington NH, 5 September 1768; died probably Weare NH, 8 June 1848.

[Note---The death year of 1848 for John, recorded in the records of the Weare NH Monthly Meeting, is probably incorrect. On 7 October 1846, his wife Hannah signed a probate instrument stating that she was satisfied with the conditions of his will, which was submitted for probate on that date. 1846 seems more likely.]

Children, surnamed PAIGE, all born probably Weare NH:

55. Mary, born 9 September 1791

56. Eliphalet, born 7 or 19 December 1795

57. Ruth, born 4 or 5 November 1797

58. Abigail, born 28 November 1799

59. JOSHUA, born 6 May 1802

60. Hannah, born 20 June 1806

61. Judith, born 17 October 1808

62. John, born 30 November 1811

References: Lynn M. Case and Page Sanderson, op. cit., pp. 56, 90; Records of the Weare NH Monthly Meeting of Friends, op. cit.; Hillsborough County NH Probate Records, Docket # 07433; Weare NH marriage records; VR Amesbury, op. cit., p. 187; Federal censuses for Weare, Hillsborough County NH, 1790 to 1810 inclusive.

53. JOHN PEASLEE, son of Elijah and Esther (Goodell/Goodale) Peaslee, born Pittsfield NH, 22 February 1783; died Pittsfield NH, 4 February 1859. He married Lee NH, 27 January 1806, HANNAH JENKINS, daughter of William and Ruth (Frye) Jenkins, born Lee NH, 3 February 1789; died Bloomington IN, 2 July 1863.

On 3 November 1807, John Peaslee of Epping NH purchased land in Pittsfield NH from Elijah Peaslee of Pittsfield NH.

According to Frederick J. Lamphere, Hannah’s sister Phoebe also died in Bloomington IN on 2 July 1863.

Children, surname PEASLEE, first child born probably Epping NH, others born probably Pittsfield NH:

63. John, born 2 March 1807

64. Amos, born 20 July 1809

65. William D., born 12 May 1816

66. Hannah, born 13 June 1818

67. JANE, born 28 August 1820

68. Ruth A., born 11 August 1824

69. Mary E., born 11 August 1829

References: Pittsfield NH death records; “Records of Dover Monthly Meeting”, The New Hampshire Genealogical Record, 1:165 [1904], 5:26 [1908]; Hazel Poor Avery, op. cit., pp. 299-300; NH P&D, op. cit.; VR Amesbury, op. cit., pp. 191-193; Frederick J. Lamphere, A Passel O’ Peasleys: Some Descendants Of Joseph Peaslee Of Newbury, Mass., 1642 To The Present, 1:116-117 [1979].

59. JOSHUA PAIGE, son of John and Hannah Paige, born probably Weare NH, 6 May 1802; died probably Weare NH, 8 March 1862. He married Henniker NH, 27 September 1826, as his first wife, Alice Butman, daughter of Thomas and Alice (Newhall) Butman, born either Weare NH or Vasselborough MA [now ME], 30 Dec 1806; died probably Weare NH, 3 February 1849.

Joshua Paige married probably Weare NH, 7 February 1855, as his second wife, his third cousin, JANE PEASLEE [# 67], daughter of John and Hannah (Jenkins) Peaslee, born Pittsfield NH, 28 August 1820; died Weare NH, 22 February 1904.

Jane (Peaslee) Paige married, as her second husband, David Osborne, who died prior to the taking of the 1880 Federal Census, and of whom nothing further is known.

Children of Joshua and Alice, surname PAIGE, all born probably Weare NH:

70. Anna B[utman], born 28 June 1829

71. Nathan C[hase], 6 August 1832

72. Hannah Maria, born 25 October 1835

73. Mary Houghton, born 10 August 1838

74. Thomas Butman, born 22 December 1843

Children of Joshua and Jane, surname PAIGE, all born probably Weare NH:

75. ALICE CHASE, born 17 June 1856

76. Joshua John, born 17 September 1858

77. John P[easlee], born 27 September 1862

References: Lynn M. Case and Page Sanderson, op. cit., p. 129; Records of the Weare NH Monthly Meeting of Friends, op. cit.; Henniker NH marriage records; Weare NH death records; LDS Ancestor Family Numbers 3J78-BQ and 3J78-CW;’s Merrimack County NH Message Board, message posted by Judith Morris, 14 February 1999; Federal censuses for Weare, Hillsborough County NH, 1830 to 1860 inclusive.

75. ALICE CHASE PAIGE, daughter of Joshua and Jane (Peaslee) Paige, born Weare NH, 17 June 1856; died Goffstown NH, 3 January 1927. She married Peabody MA, 14 November 1872, EDWARD HOLLIS WINSLOW, son of Ezra and Rebecca A. (Winslow) Winslow, born Dartmouth MA, 30 October 1847; died Concord NH, 30 July 1933.

Edward Hollis Winslow was a descendant of Mayflower passenger George Soule.

Through her descent from George and Susannah (North) Martin, Alice Chase Paige was a sixth cousin of Chester Alan Arthur, twenty-first president of the United States.

Children, surname WINSLOW, all born Dartmouth MA:

78. Stillborn female, born 14 November 1873

79. LIZZIE FRANCIS, born 17 or 23 January 1876

80. Arthur C[lifford], born 3 August 1889

References: General Society of Mayflower Descendants, file # 44980, and sources cited therein; Dartmouth MA birth records; Gary Boyd Roberts, Ancestors of American Presidents [1995], pp. 48-50;’s Winslow Family Message Board, message posted by James Paige Winslow Jr., 1 June 2000.

79. LIZZIE FRANCIS WINSLOW, daughter of Edward Hollis and Alice Chase (Paige) Winslow, born Dartmouth MA, 17 or 23 January 1876; died Acushnet MA, 18 April 1964. She married New Bedford MA, 31 December 1896, EDWARD BLANCHARD THOMSON, son of Samuel and Jane Walker (McCurdy) Thomson, born Newcastle [now Miramichi] NB, 4 December 1865; died Dartmouth MA, 24 September 1937.

According to family tradition, Lizzie Francis Winslow was named after a family friend named Lizzie Francis; hence the unusual spelling of her middle name.

Children, surname THOMSON, first two born New Bedford MA, last two born Dartmouth MA:

81. Harold Ellsworth, born 25 September 1897

82. Raymond G[ranville], born 3 February 1900

83. LILLIAN GERTRUDE, born 20 January 1904

84. Ralph L[inwood], born 28 July 1913

References: General Society of Mayflower Descendants, file # 44980, and sources cited therein; Dartmouth MA birth records; New Bedford MA birth and marriage records; H. Percy Blanchard, Genealogical Record And Biographical Sketches Of The McCurdys Of Nova Scotia [1930], p. 75.

83. LILLIAN GERTRUDE THOMSON, daughter of Edward Blanchard and Lizzie Francis (Winslow) Thomson, born Dartmouth MA, 20 January 1904; died New Bedford MA, 10 July 1993. She married Dartmouth MA, 10 February 1924, CLARENCE FRANCIS TURNER, son of Joseph Louis and Carrie P. (Moulton) Turner, born Derby CT, 14 December 1900; died New Bedford MA, 21 October 1984.

Clarence Francis Turner was a descendant of four Mayflower passengers---James Chilton, Francis Cooke, Stephen Hopkins and Richard Warren.

References: General Society of Mayflower Descendants, file #44980, and sources cited therein.








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