Catherine Delaney/McLaughlin

Catherine Delaney/McLaughlin - a Timeline

I have used the name and spelling as used in each original document to describe Catherine.

For more about Catherine and her family, see Family Legends, can they be Trusted?

1782? Catherine is born, somewhere in Ireland.

1802 Catherine Delaney is tried at Kilkenny assizes, and sentenced to transportation for seven years.1

12 May 1803 Catherine Laughlin arrives in NSW via the Rolla from Cork.2

Aug 1806 Catherine Delaney, mother of two children.3

27 Jun 1807 Thomas Green deeds his land at Green Hills Head to Catherine McLaughlin, and his children.4

Feb 1811 Catherine Delany was tried April 1802 in Cork, arrived in NSW via the Rolla.5

1814-15 Catherine Green on list of those receiving rations at Windsor.6

8 Jul 1815 Green’s widow receives a cow from the Government.7

11 Aug 1815 Catherine Green receives £5 from the Government.8

11 Aug 1818 Catherine Green's son is proposed for admission to the Male Orphan School.9

18 Dec 1818 Catherine Green sells land in Castlereagh Street to John Laurie.10

5 Apr 1821 Susan, daughter of Patrick Bambridge and Catherine Delaney, is baptised in Sydney.11

9 Jan 1822 Catherine Greene, mother of boy to be admitted to Male Orphan House.12

Sep 1822 Catherine McLaughton is a lodger with J. Filson in Sydney, with her two daughters Susan 18 months and Martha 8 months.13

10 Oct 1823 Catherine Green signs (with her mark) an affidavit for the marriage of her daughter Mary Ann to William Worth.14

28 Feb 1825 Catherine Green living at Prince Street Sydney with her son William.15

Nov 1828 Catherine Silby alias Lauchlan, living with Richard Silby in Pitt Street, Sydney16. Four children are also shown as living with Rd. Selby (sic), Pitt Street.17

23 Nov 1852 Catherine Green dies in West Maitland.18

26 Nov 1852 Catherine Green is buried at Campbell’s Hill cemetery, Maitland, aged 70 years.19

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ABGR Australian Biographical and Genealogical Record
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BDMs Births, Deaths and Marriages
Col. Sec. Colonial Secretary
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