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Thanks for visiting this site: Please feel free to contact me for copies of information or if you should have any questions on info posted on this site. I also can help with any research you may need done or look~ups in my area.

Sweet Potato's Genealogy Page !!




New Year Website Pick:

~*~Did Ellis Island REALLY change the names of immigrants? a Smithsonian article

~*~Area 51 Genealogy & Family History {proposal site; gives you a look at what is involved... nice}

Genealogy & Family History {main site}

This is a beta Q&A site for genealogists, family historians or people just interested in histories. I found this site interesting and something that is off the beaten path.

~*~New England Historic Genealogical Society Announces Multi-Year Collaboration with FamilySearch: Family History Daily

~*~Columbus Lost Discover the world's lost heritage and culture!



I have been trying to update, clean, add, delete this site so please pardon my mess. I was thinking that the 685 pages would be easy to do. lol. If you should happen to see a page that appears to have been updated but a link or graphic isn't right please let me know.

If you would like to see something added to this site or would like to submit something please email me and I will add it as soon as possible. The next two weeks are somewhat open, but starting the 17th of January I will be starting classes at Akron University so my time will be limited.

I hope that Everyone has an AWESOME new year and I hope that you enjoy this site & find that missing piece of info.