Livingstone Relations:  Descendants

compiled by Steve Wilson, last updated June 2, 2007.
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David Livingstone and Mary Moffat had six children.  Three of them, Agnes, Oswell, and Anna Mary, married and had families.  They are listed here.

Alexander Low Bruce & ---

Alexander Low Bruce & Agnes Livingstone

Agnes's father had taken her to Paris in 1865 to attend a Protestant English school for girls there.

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William Oswell Livingstone & Catherine Jane Anderson

Oswell Livingstone attended school at Gilbertfield, near Hamilton.  He accompanied the search expedition for his father led by Lt. Dawson in 1872. When they met Henry Stanley at Bagomoyo, returning from his successful meeting with David Livingstone, the expedition was abandoned.

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Frank Wilson & Anna Mary Livingstone

Frank and Anna Mary Wilson worked for the Deep Sea Fisherman Society, and afterward for the Church Missionary Society in Sierra Leone.

Son Hubert was an officer in the RAMC during World War I in Africa, was a medical missionary with the United Free Church at Chitambo, and wrote a biography of his grandfather.

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Gerald A. T. Hodgson & Kate Agnes Livingstone

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