Custer County Physicians in Directory of Physicians, Territory of Oklahoma 1903-1904

Name town education or practice
Collelmo, U. A. D. Arapahoe Royal Univ. of Pavia '90; attending surg. Mercy Hosp. Bay City, Mich; member Amer. M.A., Mich. State. M. S., Bay County M. S.; surg. Bes. R. R.; examr. N. Y. Life and KS Mutual Life Ins. Cos.; surg. in charge Arapaho Emergency Hosp.
Dean, Clarence H. Arapahoe Ga. 5-'92
Hemstead, W. E. Arapahoe
Jones, J. Paul Arapahoe
McCullough, Robert E. Arapahoe Univ. of Vt - '92
Moore, Hassie A. Arapahoe Ky 5-'93
Moore, Thomas J. Arapahoe Ky 8-'02
More, H. Arapahoe
Williams, Charles Arapahoe Mo 22-'73
Frizzelle, D. Butler
Marshall, Nell (Mrs.) Butler Okla. 40-'01
Colling, O. P. Cora Ind. 12-'74
Basinger, William L. Gip Univ. of Dallas '01
Meadows, Ira D. Independence Mo. 18-'96
Rathbun, E. D. Independence Mo. 23-'89
Stradley, Dr. Independence
Dameon, Alonzo S. Parker Ark. 1-'01
Churhey, Fred D. Thomas Kan. 2-'02
Collings, O. P. Thomas Tenn.
Fulton, Albert M. Thomas Ill. 7-'93
Murphy, G. W. Thomas Ill. 17
Omer, William J. Thomas Kans. 2-'00
Masten, J. W. Veak Okla. 40-'01
Anchors, Thomas D. Weatherford O. 17-'85
Ballard, J. D. Weatherford Okla. 40-'91
Fuller, George E. Weatherford Ill. 17-'98
Herald, Michael Weatherford Ger. -'62
Lane, Everett I. Weatherford Tenn. 12-'00
Wade, Robert X. Weatherford Amer. M. C. '73; examr K. of L. S.; examr N. Y. Life, Mutual Life Ins. Cos.; assist. surg. Wabash R. R.; lecturer Eclectic Med. Univ., Kansas City, Mo.; supt. Co. Brd of Health
Williams, James J. Weatherford Mo. 31-'88
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