"Elementary genetics teaches that a human egg becomes a female embryo when a sperm gives it an X-chromosome and a male embryo when the sperm gives it a Y-chromosome. Thus, the Y-chromosome is passed down generations only through the male line. The only change from one generation to the next is by mutations, which are rare. So one can determine male paternal lineage by comparing the DNA coding of Y-chromosomes." Source: L. David Roper, Former project manager for Klein/Kline/Cline/Little Genetics Group at

As of 25 Dec 2016, through the Family Tree DNA Project, we have the following matches for my brother, Robert Cline:

12 Individuals tested with a Genetic Distance of 1-2 on 25 markers

14 Individuals tested with a Genetic Distance of 2-4 on 37 markers

8 Individuals tested with a Genetic Distance of 3-7 on 67 markers

4 Individuals tested with a Genetic Distance of 5-9 on 111 markers

Two that I know of,  have tested deeper, one the Big Y and the other a multiple SNP test. Thanks to all who have tested and continue to test helping us prove this particular Klein/Kline/Cline family.

George B. Cline, author of the book "The Cline Families of North Carolina 1750-1860 And Their European Ancestry, 1580-1750" is an exact match on the 12 markers.   He and my brother continue to match on deeper test. His explanation of our ancestral line and how we are related to the George Cline family from Ohio is stated below:

"First, I (George B. Cline), am a descendant of Moritz Klein (b 18 July 1684) in Alsace, Part of then Germany. I researched this family and Moritz's sons who came to PA from 1739 thru 1749. Three of those sons migrated to NC ca 1755 and most of the subsequent Clines in NC, including me, are descended from those sons.  I have traced all these NC Clines up thru 1860 in a book I wrote in 2003. I recently had my DNA tested by Family Tree DNA and find that I am also closely related to those OH Clines descended from the subject George Cline who also had their DNA tested. By looking at my research of the German Church records  documented in my book, I have determined the ancestors of the subject George Cline  and the common ancestor before him that I share with the above Ohio Clines.
That ancestoral linkage is as follows:

  1. Pieter Klein (b. ca 1575 and d. 2 Aug 1635 in Stiensall, Alsace region Germany) has a son Nicholas
  2. Nicholas Klein (b. prior to 1609) m. Magdalena (widow of Briden Lentz) 9 Sep 1640 and has a son Sebastian
  3. Sebastian Klein (b. 15 Sep 1644) m. Anna Catharina Schmidt 9 Apr 1665. Among their children are the 2 sons below:

Nicholas Klein (b 29 Oct 1676, d 2 Jul 1747)- grandfather of George Cline of OH   and

Moritz Klein (b 18 Jul 1684)- ancestor of myself and many NC Clines"  (George B. Cline's line continues through Moritz's son Sebastian aka Boston Cline.)" Our(Robert & Syble's) family line continues through Moritz's son Jacob.

"The linkage from Nicholas Klein to George Cline of Ohio is as follows:

Nicholas Klein m. 19 Jan 1700 to Anna Elizabeth Bohn (b. 4 Jan 1681, d. 11 Nov 1766).

They have 10 children (7 survive to adulthood). Their firstborn is Johannes (John) Klein (b 28 Apr 1701 in Postorff, near Stiensall, where both the Nicholas Klein and Moritz Klein families had settled). Johannes Klein mar Anna Margreta Gangloff 21 Apr 1722 and they have 9 children (6 survive to adulthood). Their youngest surviving son is Hans George Klein (b 21 Jul 1740) George Klein comes to PA with his parents and 4 brothers and 1 sister in 1744. They arrive on the ship Phoenix on 20 Oct 1744 in Philadelphia. George Klein is naturalized in the fall of 1765 in Longswamp township, Berks county, PA."

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