Melissa's Family Tree

Matti & Wilhelmiina Syrjanen family in Wisconsin 1920's

Including Surnames: Syrjanen (variations Syria & Syrja, Pierson, Berg, Bird, Rahja, Sivonen and more!

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The purpose of this site is to share some of my exciting Family History experiences with anyone who is interested.  Much of what I will share on this page has been shared with me by family members. I would like to thank them in advance for their generosity with photos, stories, and time. My goal is to honor the memory of my ancestors by sharing what I have found out about their lives. This is an ongoing project, with new information being added as it is discovered.

My Father's Side: Syria, Berg, Rahja, Sivonen, Erickson
My Mother's Side: Pierson, Bird, Laidlaw, Graham
Melissa Dee Syria Christensen: About Me

Disclaimer: Everything I have included on this site is presented to you with the best of intentions.
Sources are included whenever available. Mistakes have happened and will surely happen again.
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