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My WorldConnect database is back! Albums are linked to ouronline genealogy databases. The albums will be slowly expanded.  I started scanning old family photos because in many cases we had only one copy and wanted to share them. Have heard from lots of cousins since then, which shows the time spent was worthwhile. Thanks. Relatives have also loaned me photos or copied them for me - many thanks!   If you have a photo to add to the albums, I would be glad to do so.



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Burkard Albums:
Albert A. Burkard Familiy
Burkards of Rome, NY
Group Portraits
Unidentified Photos
Burkard: Achern, Baden, Germany > Chicago, IL > Featherstone & Hay Creek, MN

Achern, Baden, Germany > ? >Rome, NY

Holtzmann: Minfersheim, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France > Chicago, IL > Featherstone & Hay Creek, MN

Barron, Durig, Gillett, Hawkins, Holtzmann, Olson, Lane, Miller, Murphy, Novak, Periolat, Ranft, Rehder, Tischler, Warren, Weiss 
Burkards of Rome, NY Album added September 2002
Conlogue/Cleary Albums:
Unidentified Photos
Conlogue: Ireland > (New Jersey?) > Erin, Washington Co., WI

Cleary: Ireland > (?) > Erin, Washington Co., WI

Cleary, Coffey, Crowley, 
Mc Conologue, Flynn, Gainor, Huntzinger, Sinkovits, Mountain
April 2000
Davidson Album
Skjellegrind: Skei, Sparbu, Nord Trondelag, Norway > Red Wing, MN

Hvidhammer: Waernes, Stjordal, Nord Trondelag, Norway > Red Wing, MN

Bakken, Graavoldsleret, Hvidhammerbakken, Hvidhammergjerdet, Kjesbu, Laangas, Overrein, Riise, Skjellegrind 
May 2000
Fasteraunet (Johnson) Albums:
Portraits & Farm
Unidentified Photos
Skatval, Stjordal, Nord Trondelag, Norway > Red Wing, MN & Eau Claire, WI
Alstad, Auran, Bjorgum, Fiskvik, Forbord, Johnson, Maela, Myhr, Neseth, Otteson, Skordal, Vold, Ydsti(e), Ydstines
November 2001
Gainor Albums:
Unidentified Photos
Ireland > New York > Erin, Washington Co., WI > Blue Earth Co., MN (> Milnor, ND & Canada)
Bartosch, Cameron, 
Mc Coughlin, Flynn, Garvey, Gaynor, Good, Huntzinger, Mountain, Weir
April 2000
Hawkins Albums:
John T. Hawkins
William E. Hawkins
W. E. Hawkins' Descendants
Unidentified Photos
Hawkins: England > New York 
> Red Wing, MN (> South Dakota) > California

Middaugh: Tioga Co., PA

Barron, Beckmark, Gillett, Lane, Lucas, Middaugh, Olson, Novak, Ranft, Steckmest, Warren 
John T. Hawkins Album added September 2002
Lemke Album
Lemke: Tilsit, East Prussia > Germany > WA & CA

Brown: Northampton, NC > Fairfield, Highland Co., OH > Jackson Township (Ollie), Keokuk Co., IA (> Shasta Co., CA

Jones: VT > NY > Clay Township, Washington Co., IA (> Buckeye, Shasta Co., CA

Anderson, Brown, Hampton, Jones, Phelan, Smith 
My husband's line
New Photos and info added August 2002
Olsen (Gangestad) Album
(Frederikstad?) > Varteig > Tune > Onsoy > Skjeberg, Ostfold, Norway > St. Paul, MN
Brekke, Evensen, Gangestad, McDonald, Nelson, Ødegaarden, Ressler, Sveen
April 2000
Phelan Album
Phelan: Queens Co., Ireland > New York City > CA

France > Mauritius

Blanchet: France > Guadaloupe > New Jersey > Grant Co., Kentucky (> CA)

Anderson, Blanchet, Couppe du Reste, Dalais, DuBois de Jancigny, le Court de Billot, Kelly, Raux, Suzor 
My husband's line
June 2000
Raudi Albums:
Unidentified Photos
Stryn, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway > Camplake, Swift Co. & Ortonville & Saint Paul, MN & Swift Current, Sask., Canada
Berge, Bodal, Ellingson, Hanson, Haugen, Hellesæter, Holm, Johnson, Knutson, Loen, Lyngstad, Olsen, Opheim, Rodi, Saeten, Sande, Simonson, Sunde 
September 2000
Vinge/Vinnan Albums:
Portraits & Farm
Unidentified Photos
Skatval, Stjordal, Nord Trondelag, Norway > Red Wing, MN
Bolkaunet, Draegset, Johnson, Kleven, Skjervauran
November 2001