Confederate Soldiers and Genealogy

Some of My Family's
Confederate Soldiers

"Teach your children who these dead men were. Tell them of their lofty courage. Instruct them in their virtues."

-- Capt Ellis, Confederate Memorial Day, 1874, on the dedication of the Confederate Memorial in Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, GA


Sons of Joseph Hart and Lavenia Reeves


Joseph Hart, 7th Mississippi Regiment
    Served in the Seminole Indian War in Florida with Andrew Jackson. He was 2nd Lieut. in the Bogue Chitto, Mississippi, Guards, 7th Miss. Reg.

    (His wife, Lavenia Reeves, was daughter of Lazarus Reeves (1752-1827), a SGT in the SC Militia, in the Revolutionary War. Lazarus is buried in Pike Co., Miss.)


His four sons also served in the CSA:


Richard A. Hart (m. Margaret Brown)

Joseph Ewell Hart

James Monroe Hart (m. Lucinda Sutton)

Lafayette C. Hart


Son of John Bryan (Bry) Hart and Mary Ann Rawls


James Andrew Jackson (Jack) Hart (b. 3 Aug 1841; d. 5 Jul 1896; bur. Mt. Moriah Baptist Church Cemetery near Brookhaven, Lincoln Co., Miss.), 7th Mississippi Regiment, Co. B

 His marker is shown below with a rubbing showing his name as J. A. J. Hart, Corp., Co. B, 7 Miss., Inf., C. S. A.

(Jack's sister Margaret Jane Hart married Wilson Jerome Price (1833-1899).)





Sons of Allen and Betsy Reeves Price


Thomas Jefferson Price (b. 10 Oct 1833; d. 2 May 1862; bur. Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cemetery, Lincoln Co., Miss.), 7th Mississippi Infantry, Co. B

    A Private in Co. B of 7th Mississippi Infantry. He died at home from wounds received during the war. The family still has the minnie ball that he carried home in his neck. He was shot 6 Apr 1862 at Shiloh. He must have been about to fire his rifle to have received the wound in the arm, shoulder and neck, and have the ball embedded as it was. He fell near the "Bloody Pond."

    He survived the march to Corinth 7 Apr, but the doctors there could not remove the bullet. At Thomas's insistence, they allowed him to return home to today's Pleasant Hill Community near Bogue Chitto, Lincoln County, Miss.

    Because of all the trash the minie ball had carried into the wound (mud, cloth, germs, other debris), the wound became horribly infected. Soon after returning home, he died. He was buried in the cemetery on the Calvin Brister home place and later (about 1965) moved (along with his wife) to the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cemetery, Lincoln Co., Miss.

    His wife Lydia never remarried. She died 6 Apr 1919 and was buried beside her husband. She was the daughter of Joseph (Joe) Price and Nancy Herrington.










(Photo courtesy of Miss Bonnie L. Cole)

Thomas began his log house near Bogue Chitto, Miss., in 1854 and completed it in 1861. He left from here in Jan 1862 to join the 7th Infantry. He returned here months later to die. Until only recently, the house was still being lived in by descendants and was the scene of many family reunions.

(Photo courtesy of Martha Price Leese)

Said to be the bullet removed from Thomas Jefferson Price after he died.


Henry H. Price (b. 3 Mar 1839) 7th Mississippi Infantry, Co. B

    Roll of Honor

    Wounded at Murfreesboro, but believe he died in a hospital near Rome, GA. I understand him to be buried at Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, in the Confederate section in an unmarked but known grave. I have emailed Oakland Cemetery requesting information about this but have not received a response. Got much of this information from the 7th Mississippi Volunteer Infantry site.


Zaccheus Monroe Price (b. 27 Apr 1841; d. 7 Apr 1862), 7th Mississippi Regiment, Co. A

    Died at the Battle of Shiloh. Called Monroe or Mun. Britton Hall wrote home that he had seen "Mun," that he had been shot about halfway between his navel and his breastbone and that he was in a "dying condition." His records say that his bowels were exposed. Mun said to tell his wife he was dead. "He did [not] seem to dread death at all," Britton wrote.

   His name seen also as Zacchariah.


Please note: References want to associate a brother William with these three men, Thomas Jefferson Price, Henry H. Price, and Zaccheus Monroe Price. However, we do not have a William listed for this family. A William (Red Bill) Price was a cousin once removed and brother-in-law. This William (Red Bill) Price is the William who should be associated with these men. He was close to these men, and especially close to Thomas Jefferson Price, who had married his sister, Lydia. In letters, they called each other brother. See him farther below.


There was another son in this family who might have gone to war: Enoch Price (b. 8 Dec 1831).


    Betsy Reeves Price's husband, Allen Price, died in 1841, and she remarried in 1848. Her second husband was Willis Bowman (b. 30 Oct 1822; d. 22 Dec 1893). War-related paperwork for her above sons would probably have Bowman as their mother's name.


    She had a son in her second marriage -- Dr. William Bowman (b. 31 Oct 1849; d. 17 Jul 1917), a medical doctor.


Howell (For Dixie Land I'll Take My Stand, Vol. I, pg. 257) lists a William Bowman, private, Co. B 7th Regt. Infantry and a Willis Bowman, private, Co. I 2nd Miss. Infantry (Quinn's State Troops). However, service records for these two men need to be obtained and studied to see if they are the husband and son of Betsy Reeves Price Bowman.


Son of Joseph (Joe) Price and first wife, Mary Hart


Uriah Price (b. 12 Sep 1809; d. 24 Feb 1864)

May be the Uriah Price who was enrolled 27 Apr 1861 at Bogue Chitto and mustered into service by Capt R. S. Carter and Capt. R. J. Bowen. He appeared on the Company Muster Roll for May and Jun 1861 in Capt. R. S. Carter's Company (Bogue Chitto Guards), Mississippi Volunteers. This information is from only one of his soldier cards from the National Archives (


Working on:

Uriah had three younger brothers who could have enlisted with the CSA (needs researching):


-- Alexander Price (b. 28 May 1813; d. 26 Apr 1889) married Sarah (Sally) Bignor.


-- John Price (b. 5 Aug 1815; d. aft 1860) married abt 1834 Jane __.


-- Joseph J. Price, Jr. (b. 7 Nov 1821; d. 2 Oct 1878) in yellow fever epidemic (**especially interested to know if he had CSA service**). He married Elizabeth (Betsy) Raiborn. I have found a Second Lieutenant Joseph Price and a Junior Lieutenant Joseph Price, Jr., in 36th Miss. Reg., Co. E. Hazelhurst Fencibles in Dunbar Rowland's Military History of Mississippi, pg. 319. Don't know if those are the two men I seek.

    Howell (In Dixie Land I'll Take My Stand, Vol. III, pg. 2413) lists

"Price, Joseph Jr.; Jr. 2nd Lieut.; E; 36th Regt. Inf." and

"Price, Joseph Sr.; pvt. ;A; 22nd Regt. Infan."

    This requires another look at service records.


Working on:

Joseph J. Price, Jr., and Elizabeth (Betsy) Raiborn had Robert Jerome Walter Price (b. 15 Sep 1849; d. 11 Sep 1878 of yellow fever). This son would be correct age for CSA enlistment.


Son of Joseph (Joe) Price and second wife, Nancy Herrington


William (Red Bill) Price (b. 19 Oct 1837; d. 21 May 1924), 7th Miss Reg., Co. B (Bogue Chitto Guards)


(Photos courtesy of Miss Bonnie L. Cole)


    Please note: This William Price is the soldier often called the brother of the Thomas Jefferson Price, Henry H. Price, and Zaccheus Monroe Price. He was not their brother. He was their first cousin once removed, and he was very close to the three brothers, especially Thomas, who married William's sister Lydia. In letters, he is referred to as Bill and as brother.

    William Price was enrolled 27 Apr 1861 and mustered into service 1 May 1861 at Bogue Chitto. He was severely wounded 31 Dec 1863 "in cedar thicket in front brigade" in the battles before Murfreesboro, Tenn., but the following 1 Feb, he reinlisted for the duration. The following July, he was again wounded and sent to the hospital, then, according to his pension papers, sent home for the rest of the war.

    According to his pension application, dated 2 Sep 1912, William Price was living with Mrs. Mary McComb, his daughter (Mary Josephine Price m. (2) Jesse McComb) by his wife, Mary Hodges. He says he has seven children (one of his eight has pre-deceased him) and two sisters (of his eight sisters, only two remain by 1912). All of this fits in with our family genealogy.

      He states on his pension application that he enlisted "sometime in 1864" and, when asked, "How long have you been absent?" he answers "From 28th day of July 1864" and that he has not returned because he was "Wounded and had not recovered." For names of his officers, he mentions Captain Miller and Col. George Moorman. He affirms that he was in active service at the surrender in 1865.

      On 30 Jun 1916, this same William Price, now 79 years old, files Form No. 4 General Prorate Class: Application for Indigent Soldier or Sailor of the Late Confederacy. Here, he gives his date of enlistment as March 13th 1861, stating he first enlisted in the 7th Mississippi Regiment, Co. B, under Capt. R. S. Carter, served over three years, that he enlisted a second time in the above and was not discharged before 1865. He was at home and on furlough (and had been for about eight months) when his command surrendered in North Carolina. At the time of that application, he was still living with his daughter, Mary J. McComb.



     This is the William Price who wrote in a letter from Shieldsborough, Miss., 24 Sep 1861,








"Notice to all single men


O your southeron man come join the southeron band for we ar going to fight the yankes to drive them from our land

for justis is our motto and providence our guide so hop in to the wagon and we will all take a ride


Wm Price

To all single men who is not a soldier"


(Letter courtesy of Miss Bonnie L. Cole)




He was called "Red Bill" because of his flaming red hair.


     William Price is one of two sons of Joseph Price and Nancy Herrington.


Working on his brother:   

 Robert Price (b. 23 Jun 1827) was the other son. I haven't found his service yet, if any. 


William Price had sisters married to men who joined the Confederate Army. Sarah (Sally) Price married Britten Hall; Patience Price married James Hall, Jr.; Lydia Price married Thomas Jefferson Price; Ann E. Price married William Harrison Moak; and Christiana Price married John Rollins (did he serve?). (Leachy died aged 3, and Julia never married. Catherine (Aunt Toad) Price married Robert M. Brown, a CSA veteran, in 1885.)


Son-in-law Britton Hall (b. abt 1847; d. 16 Jul 1899), 7th Mississippi Reg., Co. B

     Britton Hall married Sarah Price, daughter of Joseph Price and Nancy Herrington. He was with Zaccheus Monroe Price as he lay dying from his wound. He later saw the wounded Thomas Jefferson Price and stated that the doctors seemed to regard Thomas as dead, though Thomas himself seemed to have no thought of dying -- as seen above, he returned home to die soon afterwards from his wound.


     Britton Hall wrote to his wife from Corinth after the battle of Shiloh.

 (Letter courtesy of Miss Bonnie L. Cole)


Corinth Miss, April the 10th 1862

My Dear Wife,

Through the goodness of Divine providence I am permitted to write you a few lines informing you that I am well as to health  hoping these few lines may find you all well  I have nothing but melancolly nuse to write to you and the rest of my deer sisters and relation, you have doubtless all heard of the hard fought battles on the 6th & 7 which resulted in the fall of many of our friends & relation, among the dead is Monrow Price & Thomas Price, Thomas Buett and Lut Connally  among the wounded is Thomas Hall slightly on the shoulder John Slaven through the leg Fred Jenkins through the arm  none of the rest is hurt  some slightly glanced  Monrow Price was  shot with a ball about half way from his navel to his brest bone a little to the left side  he was not dead when I left him but he was in a dying condition  he was in his senses and told me to tell Sally that he was dead but hoped he was going to rest he did [not] seem to dread death at all  I staid with him as long as I could  he was shot in the last battle on Munday evening  Thomas Price was on Sunday in the second engagement in the morning  he was shot through the neck and hand  I have not seen him since he was shot, he was not dead on Monday Henry Herrington saw him he was sitting up and seem to be doing very well  I had no thought of his dying but the doctors has regarded him dead  I am still in hopes he is not dead  if he hant he is miss placed and in some other hospittle  he was in one of the Arkansas hospittle when Henry saw him  the wounded is all mixed up together and we can't give a [...] account yet  Lut Connally was shot through the neck and lungs  he was shot when Thomas was, he was not dead on Monday evening but looke like he could not live  they were mooving the wounded on towards our camps at Corinth  they have not all got here yet and I cant tell much about them yet  Wm Moak is sick  we want to send him home as soon as we can  excuse my short letter for God knows I am in no spliite [spirit] for writing  I will write again soon as write to me and let me hear from you all and how William is and the baby  I received your letter the other day  was glad to hear from you all  I received Catherine letter yesterday, I want Hen to write to me.

Your most affectionate Husband untill deth

Sarah Hall     Britton Hall


Compiler's note: It was customary at that time to sign a letter with both the sender's and recipient's names, i.e., "Britton Hall to Sarah Hall."

The Thomas Price mentioned in the letter is Thomas Jefferson Price, who did live to make it home only to die there; he is mentioned near the top of this web page. I believe the above-mentioned Wm Moak is William Harrison Moak (19 Apr 1841-29 Apr 1902) who married Ann Price, daughter of Joseph (Joe) Price and Nancy Herrington. The "Hen" he refers to is Henry H. Price (Medal of Honor recipient), son of Allen and Betsy Reeves Price, also seen above. Monroe Price is the Zaccheus Monroe (Mun) Price, also mentioned above (Sally is Monroe's wife). I believe Henry Herrington to be H. F. M. Herrington, a cousin of Thomas Jefferson Price.



Six CSA Sons of James Price and Mary Blount


Zachariah Newton Price

(b. 23 Oct 1828; 9 Apr 1891),

Pvt., Mississippi Cavalry, Garland's Battalion, Co. A

(Photo courtesy of Oberia G. E. Price)
Grave marker for Zachariah Newton Price in Friendship Cemetery, Fishville, Grant Parish, Louisiana. His wife and some family members are buried near him.



Jasper Andrew Price (b. 8 Apr 1830; d. 12 Sep 1909),

33rd Mississippi Infantry, Co. E



Jasper joined the Holmesville Guards, formed in March 1862 in Pike Co., MS, which was one of the companies that made up the 33rd Mississippi Infantry Regiment. The companies assembled at Grenada, MS, and made their headquarters the city's fairgrounds. They were issued their military equipment, but it was not until 8 Jul 1862 that they were issued their weapons and two weeks later, their first marching orders. This regiment saw no action at Shiloh.




(Photo courtesy of Miss Bonnie L. Cole)




(Photos courtesy of Miss Bonnie L. Cole)

 Grave marker and military marker for Jasper Andrew Price in New Providence Cemetery, Lawrence Co., Miss.



Francis Marion Price (b. abt 1831; d. 5 Jun 1862; bur. Robert and James Price Family Cemetery, Lincoln Co., Miss.),
33rd Mississippi Infantry, Co. E

    Died during the Civil War at the hospital in Winona, probably from typhoid fever.

(Photo courtesy of Miss Bonnie L. Cole)



Wilson Jerome Price (b. 13 Mar 1833; d. 7 Apr 1899; bur. Robert and James Price Family Cemetery, Lincoln Co., Miss.)

33rd Mississippi Infantry, Co. E










(Photo courtesy of Miss Bonnie L. Cole)



Zenal (Zeno) Granberry Price (b. 30 Nov 1845; d.  26 Sep 1902; bur. Snow Cemetery, Berryville, Arkansas),

4th Regiment, Mississippi Cavalry, Co. I

(Photo courtesy of Miss Bonnie L. Cole)


    A Proof of Service states that he was wounded in his hand at Harrisburg on 14 Jul 1864. Enrolled by Lt. Denton 1 Jul 1863 in Liberty, near Bogue Chitto, into Captain C. Hoover's company of Stockdale's Battalion of Mississippi Cavalry.



James (Jimmy) S. Price (b. abt 1848), Holmesville Guards (33rd Mississippi Infantry, Co. E)



Son of William Price (d. 1837) and Elizabeth Moak.


Nathan Emmanuel Price (b. 9 Dec 1815; d. 28 Jan 1864; bur. James-Bertie Thompson Price Cemetery, Lincoln Co., Miss.)
2nd Miss. Infantry, Co. I; (Quinn's State Troops) Minute Men (Pike County); 2nd Lieutenant, Captain

He was married to Amanda Melvina Priscilla Elizabeth Maxwell. I think she is the daughter of Major Jesse Maxwell and Priscilla Kees of Fair River, Miss.

(Photo courtesy of Miss Bonnie L. Cole)



Son of James Gale Hale Sasser and Martha Hollis


Daniel Van Buren Sasser (b. 23 Aug 1843; d. 23 Nov 1901; bur. Sasser-Moak Cemetery, Lincoln Co., Miss), 7th Mississippi Infantry,  Co. B

    He was transferred to the 9th Mississippi Battalion Sharpshooters, Co. C. He lost his leg from a wound received in the Battle of Chickamauga.



Son of Wiley Prestridge and Mary Hart Prestridge (granddaughter of Joseph Hart and Lavenia Reeves)


Sylvester Prestridge (b. 25 Mar 1845; d. 22 Jan 1927), 24th Mississippi Cavalry, Co. B

He was married to Amanda Price, daughter of William Alexander Price and Mary Coker and the niece of Nathan Emmanuel Price, above.

Mary Hart, mother of this Sylvester Prestridge, is the daughter of the old Joseph Hart (b. 1791/1791/1795, SC; d. 2 May 1865, Lincoln Co., MS) who fought with Andrew Jackson in the Seminole Indian War in Florida and was 2nd Lieut. in the Bogue Chitto, Miss. Guards, in the army of the Confederate States of America, 7th Mississippi Regiment Infantry, Co. B.



The grave marker of Sylvester Prestridge in the cemetery beside Pleasant Grove United Church Methodist Church, Pineville, Rapides Parish, Louisiana.

His wife, Amanda Price, and other family members are buried near him.




Daniel Hickman (b. 18 Nov 1839; d. 2 Jul 1906; bur. Jacob and Daniel Hickman Family Cemetery, Lincoln Co., Miss.)


Jacob (Jake) Marion Cole (b. 17 Apr 1843; d. 14 May 1924; bur. John H. Reeves Cemetery, Pike Co., Miss.) married Maryann Belinda Reeves.



Parents unknown


Franklin Greer (b. 1 Nov 1837; d. 29 Apr 1929), 14th Regiment, Mississippi Cavalry, Co. A

    Married Sep 1861 Mary Ann Busby.

    A Private in Aug 1862. He served under General Forrest until 4 Jul 1864. He was wounded and sent home.


Thomas Jefferson Crosby (b. 28 May 1833; d. 15 Apr 1902; bur. Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery, Lincoln Co., Miss), 7th Mississippi Infantry, Co. B

    Married Mathilda Prestridge, daughter of Elzey Prestridge and Elizabeth Price. Present on last roll Aug 1864. Elizabeth Price was the daughter of Joseph (Joe) Price and first wife, Mary Hart, as seen above.


While visiting the cemetery at Friendship Baptist Church, Fishville, Grant Parish, Louisiana, I noticed this marker and am including it here. I don't believe this man ties in (yet) with any of the people above.



Reuben Jordan

Co. C.

33 Miss. Inf.








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