Silverdale Confederate Cemetary


Silverdale Confederate Cemetery

7714 Lee Hwy
Chattanooga, Tennessee



This arch marks the lane off of Lee Highway that leads to the cemetery.



Inside each side of the arch are bronze markers telling about the establishing of the cemetery.






This is the lane to the cemetery.

The wall to the right is the stone wall that runs all around the cemetery. The tall portion is the entrance gate.

On the gate is the seal of the Confederate States of America.

The cemetery is grassy, with some shade trees, and is mowed and clean.

Through the gate you can see the expanse of unmarked lawn and the surrounding stone walls.

"About 155" men are buried here. We know who only seven are, probably from families who have done research on their ancestors. Aside from these seven markers, there are no other markers in the cemetery.

Plaque on wall:




"In this plot are buried 155 unknown Confederate soldiers who died in hospitals near this spot 1862"

The seven engraved markers are in a row beside this plaque that rests at the foot of the flag pole.


"Teach your children who these dead men were. Tell them of their lofty courage. Instruct them in their virtues."

-- Capt Ellis, Confederate Memorial Day, 1874, on the dedication of the Confederate Memorial in Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, GA


To honor  my Confederate soldiers, many of whom served in the 7th.


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