CSA Veterans at Cedar Hill
Vicksburg, Mississippi

Not Forgotten

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All locations are in Mississippi unless otherwise noted. Veterans are not interred in Soldiers' Rest,
though many chose to be buried on the edge of that Confederate burial area to be near their fellow
soldiers. Others are interred singly or in family lots scattered throughout Cedar Hill Cemetery, also
called City Cemetery.

This list grows as names and information are added. Many veterans do not have
Veterans Administration grave markers but civilian markers, instead. Identifying them is not always done

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Allen, Henry R.

Askew, Dr. James Barnes

Auter, Solomon B.


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Barnett, James R., Dr.

Battle, Michael F., 12th Miss. Inf. (Vicksburg Sharpshooters)

Bell, William T.

Billet, James T.

Birchett, George Keith

Birchett, Theophilus G.

Blackwell, Joseph Brown, CSA Dept. of Army, Clerk (see pension records)

Borchert, Charles F.

Bowers, Alexander

Butts, Edward S.


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Cisco, Evert B.

Cameron, Dr. Granville Alexander

Carmillo, Nicklas

Campbell, Duncan A.

Carmillo, Nick

Cashman, John Gordon

Catching, Thomas J., b. 11 May 1829 - 16 Mar 1879 (possibly 1st Tex Hvy Arty)

Catchings, Thomas Clendinen

Catchings, Dr. Thomas J., 17 Sep 1806 - 13 May 1883

Cathell, John

Chamberlain, William M.

Cisco, Evert B.

Clark, John

Cloud, Daniel Mountjoy

Cloud, George W.

Collier, John Marshall

Collier, W. A., 1847 - 1923

Comer, Ephraim, Capt., 3rd La. Cav.

Conklin, Andrew J.

Cooper, Newton

Cowan, James Jones

Cowan, William W., 21st Miss. Inf. (Volunteer Southrons)

Crichlow, John B.

Crump, G. E.

Crump, Henry Crump

Crump, Henry, b. 1843; d. 5 Sep 1866 of yellow jaundice, age 23 yrs. 6 mos. Enlisted 25 Dec 1861, Vicksburg, in 9th Miss. Vols., Co. E; absent sick since 10 Apr 1862; sent to hospital 10 May 1862 and winter 1863; discharged by order of medical board summer 1864 on surgeon’s certificate of disability. (fold3.com/image/71703253/)

Crump, R. H.

Crump, R. H., b. 1846; d. 1878.

Crutcher, George C.


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Dabney, Marye

Davison, Eles B.

Dedman, M. L.

Denio, William H.

Dent, Joseph Frank

Dent, M. P., Capt.

Dickson, Thomas Hyde


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Eatmon, E. C.

Ernwine, George


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Fairchild, William Anner

Fischel, Leon served in the 15th Batt La Cavalry and was buried in the Anshe Chesed Cemetery.

Fleckenstein, John

Floweree, Charles Conway

Flowerree, D. W.

Folkes, Henry C., b. 1840, d. 1878; 9 Miss Inf

Fuller, William Henry, possibly 5th Miss Inf

Fulton, Henry 


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Gainer, Elie

Garvey, J. H.

Geiger, Otto

George, William

Genasci, Daniel G.

Gibson, Tobias, 1833 - 1899; 48 Miss Inf

Godley, John M.

Green, Andrew Jackson

Groome, John J.

Gustofer, Jacob and Morris both served under Gen. Wirt Adams' Cavalry. They are buried
in nearby Anshe Chesed Cemetery along with at least six other Confederate veterans. Their graves do not have markers.


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Hammett, William Lundie, b. 1847, Warren Co.; d. 1891. 48th Miss. Inf. Buried beside wife Helen L. Hammett, 1852-1931. (MCGR, Cedar Hill Cemetery visitation)

Hanes, J. W.

Hanes, Thomas J., 1st Lt., b. 1832, Warren Co.; d. 20 Apr 1886; residence was Vicksburg; 1st Miss. Lt. Arty, Co. G, Cowan’s Battery); enrolled 26 Apr 1862, Vicksburg; captured 4 Jul 1863, Vicksburg; paroled 7 Jul; captured 16 Dec 1864, Nashville, Tenn., and sent to Louisville, Ky., 6 Feb 1865; received at the military prison 7 Feb; received at Camp Chase, Ohio, 12 Feb 1865; paroled 19 May 1865, Jackson, Miss. (fold3.com/image/20/68380389/)

Hanna, Robert R.

Hardenstein, Dr. Augustus Otto

Hardy, N. L., b. 3 Dec 1836; d. 17 Nov 1878; possibly the Capt. N. L. Hardy of 2nd La. Inf, Co. C. He signed a parole of honor 6 Jun 1865, Monroe, La. (fold3.com/image/20/67635977/)

Haver, Adam

Haver, Micheal

Hazelett, James W., Sr.

Hazelett, James W., Jr.

Hiley, John

Hicks, Benjamin I.

Hicks, John R.

Hobart, John H.

Holden, David, 10th Miss. Inf., 9th Miss. Inf, Co. E.

Holler, Gus

Hornthal, Louis, d. 1939, the last local veteran of the Lost Cause. He was b
uried in nearby Anshe Chesed Cemetery along with at least six other Confederate veterans.

Howard, George Wilberforce., M.D., b. 1 Apr 1835; d. 12 Jan 1903; asst. surg., CS Army. https://www.fold3.com/image/185221255

Hughes, Michael W.

Hunt, James M., Dr.


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Inglehart, O. S., M.D.  https://www.fold3.com/image/280468826

Ingersoll, W. K.


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Jones, John E.


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Kelly, William, M.D.

Kern, John Thomas

King, James M. H.

King, Wilbur F.

Kuhn, A. B. served in the 18th NC Inf. He was buried in nearby Anshe Chesed Cemetery along with at least six other Confederate veterans. His grave does not have a marker.


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LaBarre, George Pascalis

Langston, J. G.

Lauderdale, John F.

Laughlin, Jefferson D.

Lawrence, Frank S.

Ledbetter, Capt. T. G.

Lewis, F. W.

Lowry, T. S., possibly 28th Miss. Cav, possibly 3rd Miss. Cav.

Lyons, Joseph, b. 1 Aug 1843; d. 29 Jan 1906; 22 Miss Inf


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Mackey, Samuel H., possibly 12th La Inf., Justice of the Peace in Warren County 1910.

Maganos, Joseph L.

Magnon, James Felix

Magruder, L. W.

Marshall, George

Maretin, William W.

Mattingly, J. B.

McBryde, A., Capt.

McCray, William Vick  1830-1882

McGinnis, J. J. (also Mayginis)

McKenna, Jerry

McMahan, William

McMullen, John, Sgt., Swetts Btry; b. 18 Sep 1837; d. 10 Nov 1896.

McQuaide, John

McRaven, Dameron J.

McSweeney, Patrick, d. 30 Jul 1894. On the bottom of his marker, on the edge of Soldiers' Rest, is written, "Erected by his friend Thomas Franey."

Mengis, Chris, 7th La Inf / 15th La Inf https://www.fold3.com/image/77063847

Morris, Thomas C., 10th Miss Inf  https://www.fold3.com/image/271/70992522

Murch, Robert J., 36th Ga. Inf (Miss. Vols 1st Reg Cav) / 28th Miss. Cav.

Myers, Henry “Hen”


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Newman, James A.

Nicholson, William H.,

Norton, Thomas J.


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O'Riley, John M., Sgt, 1st Miss Lt Arty (Cowans Batty https://www.fold3.com/image/271/69006363

Oates, William E.


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Paxton, Robert E., b. 1844, Vicksburg, Warren Co.; d. 1908; 9th Miss. Inf., Co. E, Sharp’s Brigade, Army of Tennessee. Enrolled 16 Dec 1861, Pensacola, Fla. In Jan 1865, he requested that he might appear before a medical examining board to be retired because a minnie ball wound (received at the battle of Resaca, Ga., 15 May 1864) to his right arm required the amputation of the arm below the elbow. He received a “Certificate of Disability for Retiring Invalid Soldiers” the same month, at which time he was 19 years old. The certificate described him as 5 ft 8 in tall, fair complexion, gray eyes, light hair, and by occupation when enlisted, a machinist. On a list of POWs for Meridian, Miss., 11 May 1865, he gives his residence as Vicksburg. (fold3.com/image/73846985/)

Paxton, William C.

Pegram, G. G.

Peine, Charles

Porter, James C. and W. C., brothers

Preston, Thomas Wilson

Purnell, William ("Mispah"), Miss. Partisan Ranters; Woods Reg. Cav; 1st Miss. Cav. Wirt Adams Reg.

Putnam, Sam


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Oates, William E.

Quine, Lemuel F.



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Raum, W. C.

Richardson, Richard

Richie, John Robert

Riser, John Adam

Rockwood, W. M.

Rundeburg, John I.


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Sartorius, Philip was the first citizen wounded in the Vicksburg campaign. He signed on with the 15th Batt La Calvary. He was the last local veteran of the Lost Cause. He was buried in the nearby Anshe Chesed Cemetery with six other veterans. His grave has no marker.

Searles, James M.

Shearer, Phares Waldo

Shelton, Samuel Mosley

Short, William, grave marker has no dates. CSA service is known; currently seeking details. A person, William P. Short, b. 16 Aug 1847, East Carroll Parish, La., d. 8 Sep 1878, Delta, La, is interred in the same lot, but no information could be found yet to show any Confederate service for him. (Salassi)

Sibley, H. B. (46 Miss Inf, Co. E)

Sibley, H. C., b. 1840, Warren Co.; d. 1910; 46th Miss. Inf., Co. E.; enlisted 30 Oct 1861 at Vicksburg;  as a POW in May 1865 at Meridian, he gave his residence as Yazoo Co. (fold3.com/image/271/84802434/)

Smedes, Thomas Marshall

Smollen, Joseph

Sparrow, John. G.

Speyerer, George, d. Feb 21, 1931; Miles' Legion, Co. A, Miles' Artillery.

Stevens, W. H.

Sthreshley, R. Thornton

Stricker, Brotherton R.

Swett, Charles, Maj. (b. 18 Apr 1828; d. 28 Jan1910)


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Teller, Emanuel served with the 18 NC Inf. He is buried in the nearby Anshe Chesed Cemetery. His grave has no marker.

Templeton, J. F., b. 20 Aug 1835, Warren Co.; d. 18 Aug 1871; 21st Miss. Inf., Co. A.; age 25 when enrolled 15 May 1861 in Vicksburg; absent on account of sickness beginning 25 Aug 1861, and in Oct 1861, he was discharged due to disease. By occupation he was a lawyer; his residence at enrollment was Richmond, La.; at that time, he was single. (fold3.com/image/20/76995926/)

Thames, Rev. Samuel Monroe

Thompson, Thomas J., b. 1848, Miss.; d. 1937; “Adams Miss. Regt.” on his grave marker; 1st Miss. Cav., Co. E., Wirt Adams, then Wood’s Regiment.

Trescott, Austin A.

Turner, William H.


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Urquhart, Thomas N.


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Vandenburg, D. C., Asst. Steward, Hospital Dept.

Vosburg, W. Mason - 21st Ms. Inf. ( Capt ) wounded at Battle of Wilderness https://www.fold3.com/image/271/79407115


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Wahl, John M.

Walsh, James H. (d. 1876)

Walsh, James H (d. 1911)

Walsh, John, Col.

Waltham, William Thomas

Waters, Hamilton

West, Amelius C.

West, Hector R., Jr.

Wilkerson, Harris

Worrell, William O.


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Yeiser, Archibald L.

Yoste, George

Yoste, Henry


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