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Hi Folks! Welcome to Tamster's Tree. Please be patient with us, this is our VERY FIRST website EVER!!

Our attempt here will be to share with others worldwide all the information we have been collectively researching for the past several years. We have literally thousands of names in our Family Tree files here at home, most we share at least a little bit of blood with, the rest we have yet to establish a connection, and some we may never link up to. If you don't see what you're looking for, have patience, it took many years to find all this stuff, it won't all get entered overnight.

All ancestors we've "dug up" so far came to this country and settled in the following areas - New York (New Amsterdam), Staten Island, New Jersey, Upstate New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. If you're looking for similar surnames in other areas you probably won't find them here. At least not yet, but hmmmm, one never knows what might surface later!

Some surnames we have researched thus far include:

On Tamster's paternal side - Barton, Bellinger, Bowen, Braun, Carner, Carver, Castle, Cole, Dayger (Deger, Dygert), Dexter, Foote, Feller, Fox, Frank, Getman, Grass, Haner, Holden, Holmes, Ittig, Kels, Kentor, Kerner, Kilts, Kinne, Krems, Kuhn, Leach, Miller, Monsieur, Newman, Nietzert, Orcutt, Pearl, Rau, Skinner, Warner, Weld

On Tamster's maternal side - Bender, Brown (Braun), Chadayne, Corsen, Cubberley, DeBois, Eidt, Finck, Graf, Livesey, Mann, McDonald, Mersereau, Minging, Prior, Riley, Roll, Schaefer, Schneider, Witts
Please also note that the spellings of some of these surnames may vary, I have listed here just one of the sometimes many variations I have come across.

SLOWLY...VERY SLOWLY, we will be loading Descendant Reports on the above surnames. If you find yourself, or some ancestors, in these trees, please, please let Tamster know:
1 - If there are any errors that need to be corrected.
2 - If you do not wish to be revealed at all (any and all important information on the living has been privitized, but if you still wish not be be included we will certainly respect your wishes).
3 - If you wish to share any additions to the family that have been missed we will be more than happy to include them.
4 - Finally, and most importantly, we try very hard to document all our findings, however, not all documentation is fool proof, some of it is just the word of another researcher. Should you wish to know where the information was obtained, we will be happy to share that with you. Please, don't automatically assume this is all accurate!


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