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By Tiffany Van Hoosan Pourner

The following pages are a transcription of  STANLEY AND KINDRED FAMILIES” which was compiled by: Florence and John Guttery Jasper, Alabama, 1964. Joe Dickson painstakingly transcribed this family genealogy and posted it in the hopes of helping other Stanley Family researchers.  It is posted here with the permission of Joe Dickson. My ancestor was Mary J Salyer Stanley.  I have included an Ancestor Report of Mary J Stanley at the end after the index. Please note that the index is not complete. It is much better to use your browser’s find function.  I have kept the transcription as I received it except where noted. I do not have any other information on the Stanley family.

Enjoy!  Tiffany Van Hoosan Pourner


 By Joe Dickson

Note: If you do not find the individual in the index, try using your browser’s "FIND" option.

I received this book as a gift from my wife in the early 1960’s.

I have attempted to copy the book exactly as it was printed. Partway through I began to correct some obvious errors, such as changing Mch to Mar or March

Not wanting to make changes that would lose the original text, I still wanted to point out obvious errors or any additions to my family that were not in the original book. I put these changes in italics to indicate that these were my comments. Quite often, the authors would have their own notes and comments. This will not appear in italics.

I also wanted to keep track of the original page numbers. This was so that I could reference any questions by going back to the original page number. The setup of the page numbers however, and because of the smaller type font used, when printed on 8.5 x 11 inch standard paper, would only fill half a sheet. So therefore, I inserted the original page numbers in a different font, in a larger size and BOLD such as this: 12 I know this might be an annoyance while reading the data, but so be it.

There is not a copyright printed in the book and it is not my intention to take any credit for anything here. This was merely done to provide a history of the Stanley family as was supplied to the Gutterys and to make this information available to researchers looking for family ties. While most genealogy programs will not print birth dates of living individuals, I have no way of knowing who is alive and who is not. It could be presumed that anyone born before 1900 would be deceased, but this is not necessarily so. Since the book is in the public domain and has been for over 30 years. In the interest of genealogical research I have left the dates alone, that is as they were in the original book. I know that this book is in several different libraries, and copies are in the hands of many researchers all over the country. Many sincere researchers are not interested in embarrassing anyone by making their private affairs public

Also, while I have made an effort to check my entries for accuracy against the book, it is impossible to "catch" every one of them. Typos are bound to occur. especially in the dates and some name spellings. There are a lot of names with unusual spellings and I have tried to maintain the spellings exactly as they are in the original book. A lot of this information came from early census and Bible records and a lot of the recorders of this information had little schooling and would spell names as they sounded to them.

Another concern is the various Word Processors that various people have. This document was created using Microsoft WORD 6.0. When using other word processors such as WORD PERFECT - You may lose some formatting. WORD 6.0 does allow me to save the document in different formats. If you have Windows-95, you should be able to open the document in WORDPAD. If however, you cannot process the data, I will be happy to try a different format for you.

I hope anyone who benefits from this copy of the Stanley and Kindred Families will use proper discretion.    

 Thank you.      Joe Dickson  gisela1@rcn.com 







Compiled by:

Florence and John Guttery

Jasper, Alabama, 1964

This book lovingly



The memory of

William Chappell Stanley

A kind and gentle man

who always thought of

others less fortunate.



"Both justice and decency require that we should bestow on our forefathers an honorable remembrance"


Family Coat of Arms

Family of : Stanley


The name Stanley, also found as Standley, is English in origin. The meaning - one who came from Stanley, (stony meadow), the name of several places in England; dweller at a rocky meadow.


A stag’s head and neck couped argent attired or, the tongue hanging out gules.


None recorded. The older arms did not have mottoes.


Sir Bernard Burke’s The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, 1884 ed. P. 962. Smith’s Dictionary of American Family Names.


Silver-charity, chastity, and clear conscience,

Blue - a Godly disposition.

Blue with silver - vigilance in service.

Blue with gold - a disposition to keep what one gets; joyful possessions of wealth.


The slanting bend was a commander’s scarf. The stag was the emblem of Christ, destroyer of serpents. As a symbol, it was politic, wise, musical, long lived and desirous of liberty and independence.

Notes recorded in Burke’s:

Stanley (Hooton, Co., Chester, bart. - descended from Adam de Aldithley, tem. Henry I., whose son, William de Aldithley, married Jane, only daughter and heir of Henry Stanley, of Stonely, of Thalk Co., Stafford, and having exchanged with his cousin, Adam de Aldithley, whose mother was Arabella, daughter and heir of Henry Stoneley, of Stoneley, the manor of Thalk for that of Stoneley, he assumed the surname of Stoneley, or Stanley; fifth in descent from him was Sir William Stanley, Lord of Stanley, temp. Richard II., who d. 1397, leaving with other issue, two sons: I. Sir William, heir; II. Sir John, K. G., ancestor of the Barons Stanley and the Earls of Derby. The elder son, Sir William Stanley, married Margaret, daughter and heir of William Hooton, Lord of Hooton, Co., Chester, tenth in descent from this marriage was Sir William Stanley, first bart. Of Hooton, created a bart 1662).

The arms have been borne and displayed by nearly all branches of the Stanley family, both in England and America, with only slight both in England and America, with only slight variation (usually in the crest).


We wish to thank the relatives who sent their family records and other data pertaining to the descendants of Lewis and Adah Stanley of South Carolina. Several we have never met personally. Regret we were unable to contact descendants of John and Jesse (?) Stanley, Lela S. Kilby, Elizabeth S. McCay and Anne S. Ledbetter, children of Lewis Stanley.

The records found on the following pages are far short of what we hoped for. Our research was done by several genealogists in South Carolina, Georgia, and other states.

To Mrs. W. B. Gandrud, Tuscaloosa, Ala., one of Alabama’s finest statisticians, we are grateful.

Also, the many Stanley’s, who shared vast data on their Stanley families. Mrs. Ben Konikoff (Gloria Stanley), many thanks for her family data, also Stanley records collected, and a copy of Hinshaw Quaker records on the Stanley’s.

To Mrs. Eugene A. Stanley, Savannah, Ga., and Mrs. Paul Burke Franklin, Gaffney, S.C., we are grateful, for the many records sent on the descendants of Thomas Stanley the immigrant to Virginia from England. Regret no family connection found, but all Stanley’s coming to America from England and Ireland were of the same English line.

Again, our sincere thanks to each and every one who in any way assisted in making this record a reality, and if errors have crept in, please pardon, not intentional on our part.

Origin of the Stanley’s in England


Adam de Stanley, brother of Liuf de Audley (who was father of Adam de Audley) was living temp. Stephen and Henry II. He was father of I. William, his heir, 2. Adam de Stanley, 3. Thomas de Stanley, his oldest son. William de Stanley was granted Stanley and half of Balterley, Co., Stafford by his first cousin, Adam de Audley. Walter de Stanley held Stanley in 1298. William de Stanley, Forester of Wirral, Co., Chester, held Stanley in 1307 and was living in 1301. He m. Ca. 1281 Joan, eldest daughter. And co-heir of Philip de Baumville, hereditary Forester of Wirral (by Agnes his wife, one of the daughters. And co-heirs of Alexander de Storeton, by his wife Anabille, daughter. And heir of Ranulph de Silvester, son of Allan Silvester Lord of Storeton) and by this alliance he became possessed of the manor of Bailwick of Wvrall Forest. He therefore assumed the armorial bearings since used by his descendants, viz., arq. On a bend az. Three stags’ heads or in place of those borne by his ancestors. He had issue: John Stanleyy Lord of Stourton & c.m. Mabella daughter. Of Sir James Hausket, Knight. Of Stourton Parva, by whom he had 1. William (Sir), his heir. 2. John of Greswithin, Co., Cumberland. M. P. For Carlisle, 20 Edward III from whom descends Edward Stanley of Ponsonby Hall, M.P. for Cumberland. The elder son, Sir William Stanley, Lord of Stourton & c. M. Alice daughter. Of Hugh Massey of Timperley and sister of Sir Hamon Massey of Dunham Massey and d. In the 21st Richard II, by whom he had besides one daughter. Three sons 1. William (Sir), eldest son who s. His father, and was also of Hooton, Co. Chester, by right of his wife Margery, daughter. And heir of William de Hooton, from this Sir William descended the Baronets Stanley, afterwards Errington of Hooton. 2. John (Sir) K.G. of whom presently. 3., Henry his 2nd son, Sir John Stanley, K.G. m. Isabel, daughter. And heir of Sir Thomas Lathom, Knight, of Lathom and Knowsley Co., Lancs (descended from Robert Fitz-Henry, whose son, Robert took the name of Lathom from his place of residence) and thus acquired those estates.

In 1385 Sir John Stanley was Lord Deputy of Ireland, and had a grant of the manor of Blake Castle. In 1405 he had a 12 commission in conjunction with Roger Leke, to seize on the city of York and its Liberties, and also upon the Isle of Man; and in the 7th Henry IV, being there treasure of the household to the King, obtained license to fortify a house at Liverpool, which he had newly built with embattled walls.

In the same year, having taken possession of the Isle of Man, he obtained a grant in fee of the said isle, Castle, and pile called Holm Town, and all the isles adjacent, as all the regalities, franchise &c. To be holden of the said King, his heirs, and successors, by homage, and the service of two falcons, payable on the days of their coronation. On the accession of Henry V, he made a Knight Of the Garter, and constituted Lord Lt. Of Ireland for 6 yrs. In which govt. He d. 1414, having had beside two daughters. Four sons; 1. John (Sir) of whom presently, 2. Henry, 3. Thomas (Sir) of Elford Co., Stafford, jure exoris, whence came the Stanley’s of Elford Pipe ect. 4. Ralph (Sir) the oldest son and heir. Sir John Stanley, Knight of the Sire, 2. Henry I. Constable of Carnarvon and Justice of Chester, 4. Henry VI, and Sheriff of Anglessey m. Isabel daughter of Sir Robert and sister. And heir of Sir William Harrington, Knight Of Hornby Co.Lancs, and had beside two daughters, 1. Thomas (Sir) 1st Baron Stanley, of whom presently 2. Richard, 3. Edward, succeeding archdeacons of Chester. Sir Thomas Stanley 1st Baron Stanley, Lord Lt. Of Ireland for six yrs. 1432 comptroller of the household and Chamberlain to Henry VI, K.D. 1456; Knight Of the Shire, summoned as Baron Stanley 20 Jan. 1456. His lordship m. Jean daughter. And co-heir of Sir Robert Goushill, Knight Of Heveringham Notts by Elizabeth his wife, widow of Thomas Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk, daughter. Of Richard Fitzalan, Earl of Arundel by Eliz. His wife, daughter. Of William Bohun, Earl of Hereford and Essex, by wife, the Princess Eliz. Plantagenet, daughter. Of King Edward I by whom he had besides three daughters; 1. Thomas his successor, 2. William of Holt, who was beheaded as a participator in the conspiracy for placing Perkin 13 Warbeck upon the throne. Sir William was the richest subject in the kingdom to which circumstances considering the rapacious disposition of Henry VII may be attributed his destruction more than to his political principles. 3. John m. Eliz. Daughter. And heir of Sir Thomas Weever, Knight Of Weever Chester and by her acquired that estate, from him descended Lord Stanley of Arderly. 4. James, Archdeacon of Carlisle, His Lordships d. 1485 and was s. By Thomas 2nd Lord Stanley 1st Earl of Derby K.G. summoned to Parliament 38th of Henry VI to Richard III. This nobleman m. 1st Eleanor, daughter. Of Richard Nevil Earl of Salisbury and sister of Richard Yevil (The King Maker), the stout Earl of Warwick, by whom he had issue: Edward (Sir) of Hornby Castle Co. Lancs. This gallant person commanded the rear of the English Army at Flodden Field, 9 Sept., 1513; and forcing the Scots, by the power of his archers, to descend the hill, thus broke their line, and insured the triumph of the English Army; for which good service, Henry VIII, keeping with Whitsuntide at Eltham the next ensuing year, 1514, commanded that Sir Edward Stanley, for those valiant acts against the Scots, where he won the hill, and vanquished all that opposed him, as also that his ancestors bore the eagle in their crest, should be there proclaimed Lord of Monteagle, and he subsequently summons to Parliament in that dignity. He was also elected a Knight Of the Garter. His Lordship’s grandson; William Stanley 3rd Lord of Monteagle, d. 1581, leaving by Ellen his wife, daughter. Of Sir Thomas Preston, of Preston Patrick and Levens, sin Westmoreland, an only daughter. Elizabeth who became his heir, and marrying Edward Parker Lord Morely conveyed the Barony of Montegle into this family. The dignity is now in Abeyance. (See Burke’s Extinct Peerage)

James Holy Orders, Bishop of Ely. Lord Stanley 2ndly, m. Margaret, daughter. And heir of John, Duke of Somerset. Widow of Edmond Tudor, Earl of Richmond, and mother of King Richard VII. How far his Lordship contributed to the victory of Bosworth recorded in history; and his placing the crown of Richard upon the head of the victorious Richmond in the field is also a matter of historic record., In consideration of those eminent services, the new monarch advanced Lord Stanley, 27th Oct. 1485, to the dignity of Earl of Derby, and constituted him on of the commissioners for executing the office of 14 Lord-High-Steward of England on the day of his coronation. His Lordship, March following, had a grant of the great Office of Constable of England for life. His widow d. 29 June, 1509, he d. 29 July 1504, and was s. By his grandson.

Thomas 2nd Earl of Derby, who m. 1507, Anne daughter. Of Edward Hastings of Hungerford, and was s. At his decease, 23 May 1521 (when it appears he bore the titles of Earl of Derby, Viscount Kynton, Lord Stanley and Strange. Lord of Knokyn, Mohun, Basset, Burnal, and Lacy, Lord of Man and the Isles). (For further information, reference Burke’s Peerage.) 15


It is family tradition that three brothers, George, John, and Joshua Stanley "Hat Makers," came to Va. Long prior to the Am. Rev. From England and continued their trade in Va. One brother went up East, other two remained in the south. George the immigrant was our ancestor. Another branch of the family say George Stanley came from Ireland and settled in Georgetown, South Carolina.

In the Bible record one son not mentioned, his name was Jesse, and he went from South Carolina to Georgia. Lewis and Adah Stanley did have seven sons listed in the 1790 Census, 96th District. Spartanburg, S.C.

Lewis Stanley served in the American Revolution under George Washington, also tell of incidents to the family of Lewis, during the war, like when the "King’s men’ raided the home, took all bed linens even to the pallet little Annie was lying on very ill, and Lewis was home on sick leave with small pox; his wife kept him hidden out in the woods with only a cowhide for protection and other incidents have been handed down from generation to generation.

Family traditions can be helpful in research, yet confusing at times.

We know there once was a copy of the "family history" owned by Mr. Miles Stanley, grandson of Benjamin Stanley; Miles left no issue though he had a foster son. After several years got in touch with the wife of this foster son; she does not know anything concerning the book, which is most regretful as it could have proved the ancestors beyond any doubt.

The family is of unquestioned English origin, first spelled Stonlea, Stonelea, Stanlea, and finally Stanley. It was derived from Saxon "Stan" a stone, Lea a pasture or rugged meadow.

Some of the Stanley’s during the Rev. War were so 16 pro-American that they dropped the letter ‘n’ from the name, changing it to Staley, an Irish name. When Ga. Was chartered June 9, 1702, the crown of England named James Stanley, Earl of Derby, one of the trustees and at that time there was a James Stanley living in Jones County, North Carolina. This family later settled in Laurens County, Ga., a very prominent family.

In England the Stanley’s had titles; those in America were nonetheless great; many became prominent citizens, many served in the Rev. War, and in the wars later on down to W.W. II, Stanley’s served in many different branches.




Came to America Prior to American Revolution.

All we know concerning George Stanley our ancestor; is from an old Bible record belonging to a great great grandson, William Thomas Stanley (see later). The name of his wife unknown, also how many children, have proof of but one son, Lewis Stanley (see later).

From family legends, that oft repeated story found in families, "that three brothers, George, John, and Joshua Stanley, "Hatmakers," came from England and settled near Richmond, Virginia, and continued their trade. One of the brothers went up East, George and the other brother remained in the South."

Another family legend "George Stanley came to America from Ireland, and settled at Georgetown, South Carolina, and Georgetown was named for him."

The latter started probably as a joke and came down in the family.

Find the following records of one George Stanley of which there is no way of knowing if he is our ancestor, dates seem about right to have been.

"The only record in our file of George Stanley is where he is listed on a roll of the 1st Regiment, Continental Line as a private with notation "5th Regiment."

This gives no information concerning him, not even dates of service, and is simply proof that he had service in one of the continental Regiments. We checked our index to Wills, Index to Rev. File, S.C. Archives Dept. And find none for George Stanley." By F. M Hutson, Assistant to Director.

George Stanley deceased Inventory July 27, 1784. House- 18 hold goods only. Jacob McLendon, Jacob Bobbett, Hugh Gilmore, Appraisers. From "Early Records of Georgia, Wilkes County" by Grace Gillman Davidson, 1832, pub. By J. W. Burke, Macon Co., Ga., Vol. I, p. 41. Folio 20, Small Bk. Of Mixed Records, 1781-83.

This date 1784 could easily be right for the George Stanley we are interested in, as some of our Stanley kin went to Georgia.

The name George comes down in the descendants of George the immigrant, grandson, gr. Grandson, and gr. gr. Grandsons, even down to the present.

From the Bible belonging to his gr. Gr. Grandson William Thomas Stanley, born 2-5-1852, sent by his daughter, Mrs. John Elgin Roten, Itasca, Texas.

George Stanley - Georgetown, S.C.

His son: Lewis Stanley, Spartanburg, S.C,.


Ezekiel Stanley (see later)

George Stanley " "

Lewis Stanley " "

John Stanley " "

Benjamin Stanley " "

Joshua David Stanley " "


Lela Stanley married ---------Kilby

Betsy Stanley married ---------Mackey (see later)

Ann Stanley married ------------Ledbetter

Rhoda Stanley married ----------Roberts (see later)

NOTE: One of Lewis Stanley’s sons not named in the record, his name said to have been Jesse, who went to Georgia from South Carolina. Lewis and Adah Stanley had seven sons listed in 1790 Census.

Since no birth dates or first names of the sons-in-law were given, no way of knowing order of birth, but, 19 from records found, Ezekiel Stanley eldest son. This Bible record appears to me to have come down from father to son. We know there was a history of this family owned by Mr. Miles Stanley, Midland, Texas, gr. gr. grandson, who died without issue, had a foster son who inherited his estate. The family history has been lost, which is regrettable as it held the answer to the family lineage.

The first Stanley to come to America was Robert Stanley who came 1620 to Va. Aged 27 on the ship Abigail. The next was Morrison Stanley who came to Va. 1624 aged 26 on ship Hopewell. Then a John Stanley came 1635 to Conn. A John Stanley also came about this time to Maryland.


Lewis Stanley, son of George Stanley, was born ca. 1750, and the only child of whom we have any record, believe there were other children.

Lewis Stanley married Adah --------, who may have been the daughter to James Martin Esq. Of York Co., S.C.

Their children: sons, Ezekiel, George, Lewis Jr., John, Jesse Martin (?), Benjamin, Joshua David; daughters, Lela, Elizabeth "Betsy." Annie, and Rhoda Stanley. Jesse Martin was not named in the Bible record sent, from family traditions one son was named Jesse (see later).

The first deed to Lewis Stanley (Standley) was from James Martin Esq. Of York County to lands on Cherokee Cr., then Spartanburg District. (Would now be in Cherokee County., S.C.) This was in 1793 for 250 acres in Deed Book E, page 154 (note think this was an E - if not, could be an F) R.M.C. Office for Spartanburg, County., S.C. bounded by James Ballenger. This only deed to Lewis Stanley.

In 1807 Lewis Stanley and wife Ada make deed to the above tract acquired from James Martin Esq. To Major Hancock Deed Book p-212 not recorded till 1817. It then bounded Ezekiel Stanley deceased; Charles Hester; John Hester and Wm. Londen. 20 Witnesses were Daniel McCay and John Williams. The deed probated May, 1810. You will also find John Williams and Daniel McCay later in Anderson County, S.C.

File 1800 Spartanburg Co., S.C., contains the will of Ezekiel Stanley, signed July 17, 1805, recorded Aug. 3, 1805. Witness: Lewis Stanley, George Stanley, and Daniel McCay, (see will of Ezekiel Stanley)

Earliest known record concerning a Lewis Standley-Stanley in Census of South Carolina and Her People, compiled by Thorn Rathburn, Liberty, S.C. We have tried several times to get this record, never any reply - the date 1777, assume to be the date of record.


1790-Lewis Stanley, 4 white males over 16; including head of family: 4 white males under 16; and 5 females.

1800-Spartanburg Co., S.C. Roll #50; Lewis Stanley 1 male 45 & up; 2 males to 16; 3 males to 10; 1 female 45 & up; 3 females to 16.

1810-Pendleton Co., S.C. Lewis Stanley 1 male 45 & up; 1 male 16-26; 2 males 10-16; 1 female 45 & up; 1 female 16-26; 2 females 10-16. (Last census found).

NOTE: by 1800-two sons and one daughter were married and by 1810 four sons were married.

On July 7, 1805, Lewis Stanley, son George Stanley and son-in-law, Daniel McCay witnessed the will of Ezekiel Stanley (see Ezekiel Stanley’s will). From records find many deeds by and to Lewis Stanley in Pendleton Co., S.C. 21 Records at Anderson, S.C., Clerk of Court (From 1790 until 1828 old Pendleton District. Then the northern part was set up into Pickens Co., S.C.)

Bk. L. P. 240 - Lewis & wife Adah Stanley, $200 to Daniel McCay 150 acres (grand to James Waters, Nov. 30, 1799) bounded by George Stanley Nov. 23, 1811, Wit: George Stanley (see deeds on page ).

The last deeds made by Lewis Stanley Sr.: Book M, p 312, Lewis Stanley Sr. Love to wife Adah Stanley furniture, cattle, hogs 8-24-1814, wit: Daniel McCay.

Bk. M. P. 2312 Lewis Stanley Sr. Love to sons David & John 250 acres bounded by James Morris, Mathew Clark, Lewis Stanley, 8-29-1814, wit: Daniel McCay. Seems Lewis Stanley had already given land to the other children.

One genealogist doing research thinks Lewis moved to Georgia (no will or estate administrator. Been found and he was a large land owner, but from the deeds of love, would seem he was getting his affairs in order, probably in failing health).

From family traditions, Lewis Stanley . Served in the American Revolution, and was at home on leave ill from small pox. The Redcoats were nearby, his wife kept him hidden and in the woods, placing a cowhide over him for protection from the rain, the soldiers took all the bed lines even to the quilt on which little Annie lay ill.

So far been unable to find any Revolutionary service record for Lewis Stanley which by no means implies he did not serve; many men served of whom record has never been found.

It’s said "That some of the Stanley’s were so pro-American, that they dropped the letter N in the name, making the name Irish." Staley.

This history of Lewis Stanley and his descendants will 22 appear like an analysis of records, in fact it is, as all those who could tell us anything have passed on many years ago, with only a few legends to work on. Had to depend on data of record, as many had the same first name, has complicated our research. Does seem that the Stanley’s who were in Spartanburg later in Pendleton were all of the same family.

Only two sons of Lewis and Adah Stanley came to Alabama, Benjamin and Joshua David Stanley.

A very close relationship has existed and continues between the descendants of George Stanley who went to Indiana and those of Ezekiel Stanley Jr., who went from South Carolina to Cobb Co., Ga.

Children of Lewis Stanley, Sr., and wife Adah ---------- of whom we find records of their descendants as follows: Ezekiel, Rhoda, George, Lewis Jr., Benjamin and Joshua David Stanley.

John Stanley m. __________, no records other than deeds.

Jesse Martin (?) Stanley went to Georgia, no other data.

Lela Stanley married Mr. Kilby, no other data.

Annie Stanley married Mr. Ledbetter, son of Daniel and the brother of Rhoda who married Ezekiel Stanley I.

Elizabeth "Betsy" Stanley married Daniel McCay, find deeds from and to them, also where Daniel McCay witnessed several deeds.

Martin McCay wit. A deed from George Newell to Ezekiel Stanley Aug. 2, 1834, probably the son of Daniel McCay, and Elizabeth Stanley, this name 23 Martin basis of my assumption.

See random records taken from research by Ralph B Paslay, Spartanburg, S.C.




Re: Stanley Data

I have made a search of the records in South Carolina and Georgia for your Stanley kin. I will in few days send you my complete report on what I have found. I am enclosing two sheets, which you will kindly look over, and you will see the Stanley’s and their kin located in these sheets. First, Lewis Stanley (also spelled Standley) in the records here was the first we have any record of being in Spartanburg, County, S.C. He is listed here in 1790 US Census with family of 4 males over 16, 4 males under 16 and 5 females. This 1790 Census record was not completed till year 1792. This would make Lewis Stanley have children prior to the Revolution as the sons over 16 at 1790 Census would have to have been born no later than 1776 (even considering the 1790 census not completed till 1792) and there were 3 males in this class besides himself. This itself indicates Lewis Stanley as born prior to 1750. We have no record of his holding property in Spartanburg County until a deed to him in 1793 to 250 acres on Cherokee Cr. Spartanburg County acquired from James Martin Esq. Of York County. S.C. bounded by James Ballenger. The name was spelled Standley in this deed.

Later on Lewis Stanley and wife Adah deed this same land, or 230 acres of same, to Major Hancock in 1807, but this deed not probated till 1810 nor recorded till 1817. We find record of Lewis Stanley in this county up until 1810 when he no longer appears of record here but appears to have moved to Pendleton District. (Now Anderson County. S.C.) and from 1811 till 1814 the records find him there and then no longer there after 1814 and appears he moved to 24 Georgia. There being no record in Anderson County, S.C. of his death, and he being a landowner, it would appear he did not die there.

Every indication is that the Stanley’s came to S.C. from Ga. Settled in Spartanburg and Pendleton County (now Anderson County. Part) then left S.C., and moved c 1814 to Cobb County Ga. -- George Stanley with family going to Indiana. Some leaving Ga. And going on to Ala.

James Martin Esq. May have been related to Lewis Stanley and could have been his father-in-law. I say this because the next deed is from James Martin of Rutherford County. N.C. to Ezekiel Standley which appears to be the eldest son of Lewis Stanley made in 1808. This is just a surmise but later in this Lewis Stanley line we find a Martin Stanley.

When we turn to the records of Old Washington District. (Which was made up of Anderson, Pickens, Oconee and Greenville County. Till 1799) we find that Ezekiel Stanley and his wife Rhoda are making deeds there in 1798 and were apparently living there at that time - this was what later became Pendleton District. We find Ezekiel Stanley still in Washington District. 1799 as he there with deed to Daniel Ledbetter. Daniel Ledbetter appears to be the man who married Ann Stanley, daughter of Lewis Stanley.

From 1799 till 1811 there are in Pendleton or Washington County no records on the Stanley family.

Then starting in year 1811 through years 1814 we note that Lewis Stanley has moved from Spartanburg District. S.C. to Pendleton District. And he and wife make deeds to their children and in-laws and by the year 1814 they all appear to have left, but Ezekiel Stanley who appears to have stayed there until 1834 when he moved to Cobb County, Ga. Having married Margaret Holland, daughter of Hugh Holland of 25 Anderson District. In 1834. This Ezekiel had son B. M. Stanley, m Francis Williams, p. 756 History. Cobb County., and two sons in Civil War, William P. Stanley and James Felton Stanley (see History. Of Cobb County.) one of his daughters. Eliza m Marcus L. Green.

We find their kin in Anderson County the Ledbetters, Daniel McCay, Elijah Gibson, Hollands, Wiley Roberts. Smiths making deeds and witnessed. Deeds there. It is to Cobb County. Ga. The Stanley’s went from Anderson County. In the year 1814, except Ezekiel Stanley, who stayed till 1834 in Anderson and George Stanley, who moved about this time to Indiana.

It appears that Green County, Ga. And Cobb County, Ga. Are the places that the Stanley came from to S.C. and returned to.

Allied Families from S.C. to Cobb County. Ga.

KILBY -- William J. Kilby of Cobb County Ga., tailor married Jane Caruthers Young, daughter of Samuel Young of Abbeville County., S.C. and wife Martha Wilson Long. Her sister, Rebbeca Harris Young, married Ezekiel Calhoun Harris of Cobb County Ga., and that had daughter.

HOLLAND -- Frances Harris m Dr. Hayne Holland originally of Anderson County, S.C. who moved to Cobb County, Ga. 1850. Ezekiel Calhoun Harris was son of John Harris and wife Mary Shachelford of Abbeville County (son of Maj. Thos. Harris and wife Fannie Hamilton of Abbeville County.)

BALLENGER -- The Reeds came from S.C. to Cobb County., Ga. Where Wm. Barr Reed m Adeline Kemp, daughter. Of Solomon Kemp and Clary Benson. The Kemps also m Into the Kilby family in Cobb County., Ga.

All of the above families which were connected in some 26 way with the Stanley family of Cobb County came from S.C. as did the Anderson family, the Burt family and the Latimer family.

Lewis Stanley appears to have left Anderson County, S.C. in year 1814 and appears to have gone to Ga. Since Cobb County, Ga. Was not organized until 1835 they must have gone to some other place in Ga. And moved to Cobb around 1835. I find an old list of those who acquired land in Milledge, Ga. In 1817, and find Willis Roberts one of those who acquired land there. No Stanley’s or other names connected with Stanley’s are listed. Willis Roberts was father of Wiley Roberts who m Rhoda Stanley. Since no record of Lewis Stanley having died and leaving an Estate in Anderson County, S.C. and he a large landowner it appears that he must have died after leaving South Carolina. It appears from several marriages of Stanley’s that Jasper County, Ga. May be where they first went.

The Stanley’s were in Anderson County related in some way to the Gibson family there.


CALHOUN -- Alexander Calhoun born Antrim County, Ire., settled first c 1795 Old Pendleton District., S.C. MD Susanah Barber (d 1827). Alexander Calhoun died there 1825, buried Roberts Church. They both left Wills. Their children:

1. Alexander Calhoun Jr. Md. Fanny H. Leat.

2. Mary Calhoun m George Campbell.

3. George Calhoun n.f.r.

4. John Calhoun b. 1790 Anderson District., S.C. farmer m Nancy Ledbettor born N.C. moved Troup County.

Ga., had Joseph J., David Alexander, Julia A Calhoun.

5. Sarah Calhoun m 1st Abner Ledbettor b. 1788; m Second John Clarence Calhoun Miller. 27

6. David Calhoun moved prior to 1827 to Franklin County., Ga. Md. Martha M

7. Elizabeth Calhoun m Maj. Jackson Gilmer, b. 1794, son of Robert Gilmer and Nancy Martin.

ROBERTS-JOHNS. In 1863 James Johns died in Oconee County., S.C., (Being portion of Old Pendleton District., S.C.) leaving as his sole heirs his three sons, Samuel H. Johns, James A. Johns and John B. Johns. John B. Johns died in 1864 leaving his widow M. Jane Johns and infant daughter Lila B. Johns. The widow M. Jane Johns moved in 1865 to Ga. And the following year she married there to John Roberts.

Who M. Jane Johns was prior to marriage with John B. Johns was not given but she m 2nd John Roberts.

Found in case Roberts vs. Johns 16 S.C. 171.

NOTE: Your Stanley family married the Roberts-Johns-Ledbettors-Millers-Kilbys. It also appears they must have been related to the Martins as two of the early Deeds to them in Spartanburg County was from James Martin.

We also find Abner Ledbettor above who m Miss Calhoun as witness to Deeds in Anderson County., S.C.

We find in Cobb County, Ga. These related families Kilby-Young-Harris-Holland-Ballenger-Green-Roberts-Johns-Benson-Kemps.


The first deed to Lewis Stanley (Standley) was from James Martin Esq. Of York County to lands on Cherokee Cr. Then Spartanburg Districts (would now be in Cherokee County., S.C.) This was in 1793 for 250 acres in deed book F, p,. 154 R.M.C. Office for Spartanburg County., S.C. bounded by James Ballenger. This only deed to Lewis Stanley.

File 1800 contains the will of Ezekiel Stanley. This will was signed on 7-7-1805. Ezekiel willed all of his 28 estate to his wife Rhoda during her life, then to go to his children unnamed. The will was witnessed by Lewis Stanley, George Stanley and Daniel McCay. It was filed for record Aug. 3, 1805, indicating that Ezekiel had died between 7-17- and 8-3-1805.

Letters of administrator. Were granted to Rhoda Stanley on 2-19-1806. A notation in 1808 shows that Rhoda was m. To Jacob Gordian (Gordon). In 1809 Charles Hester was appointed administrator. In 1812 he paid for schooling of children $5.43. The final paper in the file was dated 2-2-1819 "Due the estate $168.43." There was no list of heirs or names of children given.

The index of deeds shows four deeds made to Ezekiel on Thickety Creek and Cherokee Creek. (This is now in Cherokee County).

There are no deeds to Lewis or Benjamin or any Stanley other than Ezekiel. These were dated 1792, 1793, 1799 and 1801.

There is one deed from Adah and Lewis Stanley to Major Hancock date 2-2-1807 and recorded in Book P. P. 212.

This deed was for 230 acres of land on Cherokee Creek bounded by Ezekiel Stanley, DEC’D. Charles Hester, Wm. Fondren, Jesse Fondren and John Hester. The consideration was $300. Witnesses were: Daniel McCay and Joh. Wms. On May 18, 1810 John Williams made affidavit that he witnessed this deed; his affidavit signed before John Lipscomb. J.Q.

These evidently are your folk, but it is too bad there are no further records. I am sorry I could find nothing more.

(A relationship seems to exist between Lewis, George, and the Ezekiel Stanley here, believe the Ezekiel 29 Stanley who made his will in 1805 to be a brother of Lewis Stanley, Sr. His first son was named Ezekiel. Mrs. J. F. Brooks).

In 1807 Lewis Stanley and wife Ada make deed to the above tract acquired from James Martin Esq. To Major Hancock, Deed Bk. P-212, not recorded till 1817. It then bounded Ezekiel Stanley deceased; Charles Hester; John Hester and Wm. Londen. Witn. Were Daniel McCay and John Williams. The deed probated May, 1810. You will also find John Williams and Daniel McCay later in Anderson County, S.C.


In 1810, Lewis Stanley was living in Pendleton District., S.C. We find in 1811 in Pendleton District. Lewis Stanley and wife Ada swapping land with Daniel and Elizabeth McCay. Witn. George Stanley, Deed Bk. L, p. 240, 241-242.

In 1812 Lewis Stanley and wife Ada make first deed we find to son George Stanley Deed Bk. L, p. 317, 3-20-1812 with John Stanley and Daniel McCay witnesses. See same Deed, Bk. L, p. 318.

We find John Stanley getting his first Deed in Nov. 16, 1812 from Wm. Reed. Deed Bk., p. 341.

Bk. L, p. 240. Lewis & wife Adah Stanley Sr. $200 to Daniel McCay 150 acres (grant to James Watters, Nov. 30, 1799) bounded by George Stanley 23, Nov. 1811. Wit: Geo. Stanley.

Bk. L, p. 241. Daniel & Eliz. McCay to Lewis Stanley Sr. 157 acres (grant to Henry Chills and James Matterson) n.e. side 12 miles river 23 Nov. 1811. Wit: Geo. Stanley, Wm. Alexander McCay.

P. 241, Daniel & Eliz. McCay $200 to Lewis Stanley Sr. 299 1/2 acres 12 mile river (grant to James Watters Sr. 20 30 Nov. 1799) 23 Nov. 1811. Wit: Geo. Stanley, William Alexander, McCay, Rec. 1-6-1812.

P. 317. Lewis Stanley Sr. And wife Adah $70 to George Stanley n.e. 12 mile river 50 acres (grant to James Watters Sr.) bounded by Daniel McCay, John Land 3-20-1812. Wit. Daniel McCay, John Stanley.

P. 318. Lewis Stanley Sr. $50 to George Stanley n.e. 12 mile river 100 acres (grant to James Watters) Russell’s line Garvin’s road, Daniel McCay 3-2-0, 1812, same witness.

P. 312. Lewis Stanley Sr. love to wife Adah Stanley furniture, cattle, hogs, 8-24-1814. Wit: Daniel McCay.

P. 147. George and Elizabeth Stanley to David Caldwell $100 (grant to James Watters) 8-28-1813. 12 mile river. Wit: Daniel McCay.

P. 171. George and Elizabeth Stanley $100 to Henry Gains Sr. 107 acres n.e. 12 mile river bounded by John Land branch. 14 Sept. 1813.

Book M., p. 312. Lewis Stanley Sr. Love to sons David & John 250 acres bounded by James Morris, Matthew Clark, Lewis Stanley, 8-29-1814. Wit: Daniel McCay.

P. 72. Isham Stanley to Ezekiel Stanley $575 Big Beaver dam 108 acres (conveyed from Elijah Gibson, 9-17-1829. Wit. Abner Ledbetter.

Bk. U, p. 73. Daniel and Mary Thacker to Ezekiel Stanley $300 130 acres Big Beaverdam, Tugale river road to Reese’s ferry. Wit. McKinley, Keziah Smith rec. 30 Nov. 183.


P. 340. Ezekiel Stanley $479 to George Newell 31 170 acres Big Beaverdam creek 2 tracts Aug. 2, 1834. Wit: Martin McCay, Hugh Holland.

Bk. C, p. 429. Joel Ledbetter and wife Kitty to Ezekiel Stanley 122 acres Washington District., Pendleton Co., S.C. Generosity Creek 9-28-1798. Wit: Daniel Ledbetter.

P. 430. Ezekiel and Rhoda Stanley $200 to Peter Keys, Washington District., Pendleton Co., S.C. Big Generosity Creek on Savannah River 122 acres, 29 Sept. 1798. Wit: Wm Ross, David Ross.

Bk. O, p. 216. Elijah Gibson heir of Ezekiel Stanley deceased. By matrimonial contract with Winiferd Stanley $160 to Joseph Taylor interest in certain slaved 2-18-1818. Wit: David Watson.

P. 117. Elijah and Levi Murphree $100 to John Stanley 12 mile river 2-25-1817. Wit: Jesse Sugg.

Bk. U, p. 340. Ezekiel Stanley $479 to George Newell 170 acres Big Beaverdam creek 2 tracts 8-2-1834. Wit: Martin McCay, Hugh Holland.

Bk. P. P. 342. Wm Reed $212.50 to John Stanley Town Creek 50 acres 11-16-1812. Wits: Henry Griffin, Wm. Barton.

Bk. E, p. 197. 11-21-1797 Daniel McCay to Wm. Jackson 25 pds. 46 acres Great Rocky Creek, bounded by Andrew Norris, Wit: Josh Alexander, Richard Dodd.

Bk. C., p. 481. 3-30-1799 Stephen and Elizabeth Strange to Daniel Ledbetter. Wit: Ezekiel Stanley, Richard Holley.

Bk. M, p. 161. 4-19-1813 Wiley Roberts and Ann Gibson to Lewis Stanley Jr. $150, 100 acres bounded by Joseph and William McClure, Arthur Johns. Wit: John Gentry, Wm. Ledbetter.

Lewis Stanley et al Pickens 857 acres 94, June 12, 1833, 417 acres 95, June 14, 1833.



Elijah & Levi Murphree to John Stanley of Pickens Co., S.C. a tract on twelve mile river 26 Feb. 1817, Wit: Jesse Sugg, Robberd Brown, Rec. 25 March 1818 (cc pk 124).

Ibid, p. 98, David McCollum to John Stanley $18 10 acres on Town Creek of 12 mile river 17 Feb. 1816. Wit: James Ferguson, Sundley Evatt. (Cc pk 124) Pickens Co., S.C.)

Additional information from property records of Pickens County, South Carolina.

Deed Bk. C-1, p. 369. Deed from Isham Stanley of Chambers County, Ala., to Ezekiel Stanley of Anderson District, South Carolina, dated April 12, 1837, conveyed 708 acres of land for consideration of $708.00.

Deed Bk. G-1, p. 706. Deed from Ezekiel Stanley then of Cobb County, Georgia to A. J. Lowry of Pickens District, South Carolina, dated Dec. 28, 1852, conveyed same land for consideration of $1500.00

(Isham & Ezekiel Stanley above were brothers, sons of Ezekiel Stanley I and Rhoda Stanley, Spartanburg, S.C. F.K.G.)


NOTE: from Mrs. John Guttery: Two pages missing here from the manuscript, lost by a publisher.

........Learn from the Records here at Spartanburg that his wife was Rhoda and that she was Rhoda Ledbetter, daughter. Of Daniel Ledbetter from early records I have of the Ledbetters they came to Pendleton District., S.C., and early married into the Calhoun family). The next record we have of Ezekiel Stanley we have in Spartanburg County, S.C. is deed from Andrew Hopkins of Spartanburg County, S.C. to Ezekiel Stanley of Pendleton District., S.C. made 17 August 1799. Recorded in Deed Bk. F, p. 450, R.M.C. Office for Spartanburg County, S.C. to 143 acres of land on Cherokee Cr. Waters of Broad R. (This land would be now in Cherokee County., S.C.)

Before I give the will of this Ezekiel Stanley made in Spartanburg County, S.C. in 1805 I will say that this Ezekiel Stanley is not in S.C. in 1790 U.S. Census but must have been in Ga. (As that is the only state of original 13 we do not have the 1790 census here) and that is where the 1792 deed to him says he was in Green County, Ga. He appears to have left Ga. And come to Pendleton District. S.C. (now Anderson County.) as there are many records of him and his wife there and later of his children but he does not deed in 1792 and 1799 in Spartanburg County, S.C. and he died there in 1805. We find in Deed Book C, p. 429 Washington District., Pendleton County Deed from Joel Ledbetter and wife Kitty to Ezekiel Stanley 9-28-1798 witnessed. Daniel Ledbetter. Then on page 430 Deed Bk. C is deed of Ezekiel Stanley and wife Rhoda to Peter Keys dated Sept. 29, 1798. Then in same Deed Bk. C, p. 481 Deed to Daniel Ledbetter from Stephen and Elizabeth Strange-Witness was Ezekiel Stanley. We find deeds then to Ezekiel’s children and kin all through the Anderson County Records till around 1850. When Ezekiel Stanley and wife Rhoda Ledbetter moved to Spartanburg I am not sure but prob. About 1799 and he died here in 1805.

Deed 25th March 1808 from James Martin of North Carolina County of Lincoln to 139 acres in Spartanburg County 34 Cherokee Cr. Bounded by lands of Lewis Stanley, Ezekiel Stanley, and Richard Arnold. This Deed witnessed. By Lewis Stanley and Rhoda Stanley and on 16 May, 1808, Lewis Stanley goes before George Lamkin J.P. to probate this deed.

We find Lewis Standley-Stanley here in this County at least till May 1808 and then he must have left and gone to Pendleton County which at that time made up of present Anderson-Pickens-Oconee Counties. All of the territory between Broad river west to Georgia line was from 1768 till 1783 known as Old 96 District. With C. H. At Cambridge - then 1783 divided into counties and all of Abbeville.....

NOTE: Not known how many pages lost here.

- - - -

The Stanley’s came from England and they were Earls of Derby and Lord Stanley’s there. I come directly through them as follows: my mother was Clara Belle Douglass (of Red Douglass clan of Scotland) and her grandmother Douglass Francis Jester Hardy whose ancestor John Hardy came 1660 to Isle of Wight County, Virginia, from England. They go back to Sir John Hardy Lord Mayor of London whose wife was Margaret de la Pole, daughter of Richard de La Pole, Earl of Suffolk and his wife Lady Mary de Stanley, daughter of George de Stanley, Earl of Derby, Surety of Magna Charta. You can find in Burke’s Peerage, this line with coat of arms, etc.

You refer to the Stanley’s of Columbia, S.C. Before giving anything on your line, I will give the following on other Stanley lines in early S.C. In old Cheraw District. There was a Revolutionary soldier named Moses Stanley, and he is listed as Pvt. In Greggs History of Old Cheraw. We know nothing more about him. However, in 1790 U.S. Census of Cheraw 35 District., S.C. is listed Capt. Samuel Stanley born in Va. (New Kent County, I think) and was Capt. In Rev. War in Va., moved thence to Cheraw and then to Columbia, S.C. He died there about 1813 and his wife was a Miss Hendricks, daughter. Of Capt. William Hendricks a Rev. Soldier from Cheraw. They had two sons, Robert Hendricks Stanley and William Byrd Stanley and a daughter. Who m. Henry McGowan, daughter. Elizabeth m. Trapp, and daughter. Mary who married 4 times, first to Wm. Howell; 2nd to Dr. Robert Hendricks; 3rd to _____Williamson, and fourth William Hilligus of Charleston. In 1850 this lady filed an affidavit that she was the niece of my g.g.grandfather Capt. Robert Paslay, Rev. Soldier, and that she at that time living in Cheraw district S.C. this affidavit in Washington, D.C., in Capt. Robert Paslay Revolutionary File R. 7988. In 1790 Capt. Robert Paslay 2nd married Elizabeth Crocker. His first wife was Sarah (which I take to be Hendricks, being his niece makes me say that) I come from the 2nd wife Elizabeth Crocker.

Robert Hendricks Stanley and another son William Byrd Stanley, who was long time Mayor of Columbia, S.C., about the time of the Civil War. This family long ran the Stanley China shop in Columbia, S.C., and they are buried in the Stanley Family graveyard in Columbia, S.C. In Vol. 4: Wallace ‘History. Of South Carolina’ there is a Genealogy of this family.

There was an early Methodist of S.C., Rev. Ledbetter also. They are found in History of Methodism in S.C., by Betts.

Robert B. Paslay

- - - - - -

Ezekiel Stanley I, born ca. 1774 or earlier, and probably the eldest son of Lewis and Adah Stanley, Spartanburg and Pendleton Co.’s S.C. Ezekiel died in Spartanburg Co., S.C., between July 17, 1805 and Aug. 3, 1805, married Rhoda, daughter. Of Daniel Ledbetter (See data by Mrs. 36 J. W. Thomas)., Their children: Isham Stanley, b July 12, 1801, Elizabeth Stanley, b June 2, 1803, Winnifred Stanley, b ______m Elijah Gibson, and Ezekiel b May 6, 1805. (See later)

Ezekiel Stanley I, went to Spartanburg District., from Greene Co., Ga., about 1798. He is not found in 1790 census of any state, Georgia 1790 census not in existence today.

The first record found of this family was from Green County, Ga., in 1792 acquiring land in Spartanburg County, S.C. in 1792 thence to the founder died in Spartanburg County in 1805. From 1792 till 1805 he appears in Spartanburg and Pendleton District. (Now Anderson County). Where he got to Greene County, Ga. Was organized about 1780 cut from the larger territory of old Washington County, Ga. Georgia founded 1732 by Gen. Oglethorpe. However, by 1790 many people came to Ga. From the states of Pa., Va., N.C., S.C., Md. And from N.E. states.

We have reasons to believe he was the son of Lewis Stanley, as his eldest son was Ezekiel and the close relationship which existed and continues to the present day among his descendants and those of George and Elizabeth (Smith) Stanley of Indiana. Doubts will creep in and do here, but until we find more proof we shall believe Ezekiel to be the eldest son of Lewis Stanley Sr. And wife Adah.

Note: Lewis Stanley, his son George and son-in-law Daniel McCay witnessed the will of Ezekiel in 1805. In File 1800 Spartanburg, S.C., contains the will of Ezekiel Stanley, signed July 17, 1805, willed all his property to his wife Rhoda Stanley, during her life, then to his children, unnamed. Recorded Aug. 3, 1805, indicating that Ezekiel died between July 17 and Aug. 1805. 37

Letters of Admr. Were granted to Rhoda Stanley on Feb. 19, 1806, a notation in 1808 shows that Rhoda Stanley was married to Jacob Gordon in 1808. Charles Hester was appointed Admr. In 1802, he paid for schooling of the children $5.43. The final papers in the File dated Feb. 2, ....... (Note: a page missing here.)

Information from Mrs. J. W. Thomas (Ora Mason Thomas) age 75, contained in letter directed to Mrs. Mae Runyan Swanson, dated October 12, 1960. Mrs. Thomas’ address is 3137 Amherst Street, Dallas, Texas.

(Lewis) Isham Stanley and Daniel Ledbetter were born in England in the vicinity of Liverpool. They came together to the United States, landing in Charleston, South Carolina, and later settling in the Spartaburg district where they remained and reared their families.

A son of Daniel Ledbetter, Daniel II, was born in the late 1740’s and so was 30 years old when he became a soldier in the Revolutionary War. He served the entire 7 years. His daughter, Rhoda, was married to Isham Stanley II (Note: This should be Ezekiel Stanley) and they became the parents of four children: Isham III, Elizabeth (*), Winifred and Ezekiel (**) (Note: also Anna, William and Nancy)

(*) Elizabeth was born June 2, 1803, and was married to Churchill Mason on December 23, 1824, she died May 28, 1855. (Elizabeth was the grandmother of Ora Mason Thomas, who furnished this information).

(*) Isham Stanley II died early in life and Rhoda then married Daniel Gordon (Note: I don’t know how Jacob Gordon now becomes Daniel Gordon unless he was Jacob Daniel Gordon or Daniel Jacob Gordon) and they had four more children: Daniel II, William, Rhoda and Tempe. Mrs. Betsy Weatherly and Mrs. Nancy Landrum were daughters of Daniel Gordon II and both came to Texas to visit in the home of Mrs. Thomas when she was a child. Lynn Landrum, a grandson of Mrs. Nancy Landrum, lives in Dallas, Texas, and is a popular columnist on the Dallas News.

(**) Ezekiel Stanley was the great-grandfather of Mrs. Mae Runyan Swanson to whom the above letter was addressed, he married Margaret Ann Holland and their descendants are 38 cataloged in genealogy book, "Our Kin" by W. H. Manning, Jr. And Edna Anderson Manning of Barnwell, South Carolina, copyrighted in 1958 and published by Walton Printing Company, Augusta, Georgia (pp 941-875).

*The name may have been Isham Ezekiel Stanley but he signed his "Will" Ezekiel Stanley. We also find other records showing his name as Ezekiel, often in families their ancestors are spoken of by a first or last name (F.K.G.)

Dallas, Texas

July 15, 1963

3137 Amherst Street

Dear Mrs. Guttery:

...Some of the information I sent Mrs. Swanson may be inaccurate. It came to my family a long time ago from two cousins, much older than I, Mollie Carruth and Lizzie Price Brooks. I am not sure what their source was, mostly from word of mouth from their parents. I suspect, tho, they may have had some Bible records. All of my father’s family came to Texas and all died in Texas, but I never knew any of them intimately except the Jacksons (Aunt Mina) who lived in our home town.

My father being the youngest had the youngest children. All of my first cousins are dead and, since last year when I lost my two remaining brothers, within months of each other there are two of my generation left: myself and my sister who lives in Miami.

I am nearly 78 and she is 74. It has been interesting to me to note the strong Stanley characteristics so apparent among my father’s relations, including my own brothers and sisters, and even my children and grandchildren. I am 39 convinced that the Stanley "breed" will never die out, my father was an outstanding example and my sister is just like him, one of my two daughters fits the pattern to a T, and tho she has no children, my other daughter has a child who is a real throwback.

It is indeed a family to be proud of.

/S/ Ora Mason Thomas


Elizabeth Stanley

Elizabeth Stanley, daughter of Ezekiel I Stanley and Rhoda Ledbetter Stanley was born June 2, 1803 and married Churchill Mason December 23, 1824, died May 28, 1855. Churchill Mason born Oct. 5, 1794, died Sept. 12, 1880. Both are buried in Mars Hill Cemetery near Acworth, in Cobb County, Georgia.

Elizabeth Stanley and Churchill Mason are known by the writer to have had one son, Mallory Mason b ______, d _______, married ________, who has one living daughter known, and in the late 1963’s was in Dallas, Texas. Mrs. Ora Mason Thomas, 3137 Amherst St. There possibly are other descendants.

Winifred Stanley

Winnifred Stanley, b________, d________, married Elijah Gibson, b________, d________, buried________. Their children:

1. Isham, b Aug. 11, 1837, d May 9, 1898, married Sarah A ________, buried Kennesaw Cemetery, Cobb County, Georgia.

2. Elizabeth Ann Gibson, b Nov. 19, 1824, d Jan. 10, 1902, married J. W. Wade, b Nov. 20, 1826, d________1908, buried Kennesaw Cemetery, Cobb County, Georgia.

(From Book O, page 216, South Carolina Records: Elijah Gibson, heir of Ezekiel Stanley dec’d, by matrimonial contract with Winifred Stanley, $160 to Joseph Taylor 40 interest in certain slaves 2-7-1818. Witnessed by David Watson.)

2. Elizabeth Ann Stanley, b 11-19-1824, d 1-10-1902, married J. W., Wade. Their children:

1. Elijah Wade, b________, d________, married Jennie ________, b________, d________, both buried Kennesaw Cemetery, Cobb County, Georgia.

2. Fannie Jane Wade, b 6-5-1846, d 12-15-1887, married William P. Stanley, b 2-28-1844, d 3-25-1918.

(Winifred Stanley being the sister of Ezekiel II, and her granddaughter Fannie married Ezekiel’s son William, so they were second cousins.)

More about William Pickens Stanley and Fannie Jane Stanley in the Ezekiel II line.


Winnifred Stanley, daughter. Of Ezekiel Stanley 1st, and Rhoda (Ledbetter) Stanley. She was born in S.C., Spartanburg Co., date not known, but from records she was married to Elijah Gibson in 1818, Bk. O, p. 216, Anderson Co., S.C. Clerk of Court. Elijah Gibson heir of Ezekiel Stanley dec’d. By matrimonial contract with Winnifred Stanley $160 to Joseph Taylor interest in certain slaves 2-7-1818 wit: David Watson.

From this record Winnifred Stanley, probably born by or before 1800. So far we have found the record of three children: may have been older children: Elizabeth Gibson, John Stanley Gibson, and Isham Gibson.

Elizabeth Gibson, b Nov. 19, 1824, in S.C., died June 10, 1902, in Cobb Co., Ga., married John 41 W. Wade, b 1827 in Ga. His birth from 1850 Census Cobb Co., Ga. Their Children:

Frances (a.k.a. Fannie) Jane Wade, b 1845 (Note: pg 87 says 6-15-1846), m Wm. Pickens Stanley (see Ezekiel Stanley and Margaret Ann Holland family).

Elijah L. Wade, b Aug. 28, 1849, d Feb. 19, 1925, m Seleta Jane ________, b Nov. 29, 1855, d July 29, 1923, buried in Kennesaw Cemetery.

John Stanley Gibson, b Aug. 15, 1831, d July 3, 1883, married Nancy Ann Harris, b Aug. 18, 1833, d Oct. 5, 1898. Their children:

Thomas H. Gibson, b _____, married Emma Belle Stanley, b Aug. 3, 1861, d May 21, 1914, buried in Kennesaw Cemetery, daughter. Of James and Mary (Salyer) Stanley. (See family of George and Elizabeth (Smith) Stanley.

Margie Gibson, b July 31, 1856, d July 22, 1944.

Isham Fletcher Gibson, b April 1, 1857. (See later).

Frank Gibson, died in Atlanta.

Cornelia Gibson, m _____ Smith, died in Ackworth, Ga.

Augusta Gibson, b Oct. 30, 1859, m _____ Springfield, and d June 6, 1924.

Isham Fletcher Gibson, b April 1, 1857, d Dec. 19, 1943, m Martha Ann Fowler, b _____, d_____. Their daughter.:

Lucy Gibson, married Eugene T. Booth, born about 1878, as he is now 85 years old, taught school and a Baptist Minister, now retired. They reside at Woodstock, Ga. Their children: 42

William Gibson Booth, m Malina Alice Chamblee. He has been principal in Woodstock schools for 25 years.

Harold C. Booth, m Mary Sue Brown. He is an engineer for Seaboard Railroad. They reside in Miami, Florida.

Eugene T. Booth, Jr., received a Rhodes Scholarship, after three years at Oxford. He received a Doctorate degree. Later taught at Columbia University, in the Physics Department, and while there helped to split the atom and continues worthwhile work in the field of science. He married Virginia White Saffold.

Martha Christine Booth, married Smith L. Johnston, Jr., a banker of Woodstock. Mrs. Johnston died in 1955 leaving three young children: Lucy Ann, Janice, and Smith L. Johnston III.

The Booths have six "adorable grands" but only the names above sent.

Isham Gibson, son of Elijah and Winnifred (Stanley) Gibson, b Aug. 11, 1837, d May 9, 1898, married Sarah Jackson. She was born Juan. 7, 1835, d July _____, 1920. Their children:

Ollie Gibson, b May 9, 1864.

Fannie Gibson, b Jan. 2, 1867.

Nola Gibson, b Oct. 1, 1869.

Emmett Gibson died in Atlanta, some of his children are now living in Atlanta, Ga.

Elijah and Winnifred Stanley Gibson may have had other children. Note: Elizabeth A. Gibson b 1824, John Stanley Gibson b 1831, Isham Gibson b 1837. 43

In 1850 Marietta District., Cobb Co., Ga. Find Ann Gibson b 1817 and Nelley Gibson b 1820. These may or may not be their children. Who can say?

1820 Census Pendleton Co., S.C.:

Elijah Gibson 0-0-0-1-1-0- 00100; 1 male to 25, 1 male 26-45; 1 female to 26. Note: The son probably by first marriage.




Records taken from the Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments together with the Apocrypha. Published by B. B. Mussey & Co., Boston, 1850.

NOTE: Nancy Caroline McKinley (b 1811, d 1890), daughter. Of James Beatty McKinley (b 1774, d 1863) married Elizabeth McCurdy (b 1799, d 1853) 1795. James Beatty McKinley, son of William McKinley (b Aug. 10, 1744, d Apr. 22, 1798) m Mary Beatty 1767. William McKinley, son of John McKinley and Eleanor Wilson. Records in National Society of the D.A.R., Washington, D.C.

Information compiled by Louise Stanley Brown, West Point, Ga.

ISHAM STANLEY: Son of Ezekiel Stanley and Rhoda Ledbetter, b July 12, 1801 in S.C.; d July 10, 1848; m Nancy Caroline McKinley November 8, 1827. Founders of the Presbyterian Church-Church of the Covenant-1837, West Point, Ga. This church was destroyed by a cyclone in 1920 in which his son Isham, attending a meeting of the Elders of the church, was killed. (This Isham was my grandfather. My father, was also in the church at the time of the cyclone and the first to reach his father; finding him dead and pinned under heavy timber, took his coat and placed it across his father’s face to keep off the rain.) 44

In the rebuilding of the church a new location was found and is now active with descendants of these founders to the fifth and sixth generation.

Their children:

I. MARY ANN REESE STANLEY: b Oct. 16, 1828; d Aug. 12, 1912; married Joseph Gilbert, March 23, 1847.

II. MARTHA JANE STANLEY: b June 5, 1830; d July 30, 1854 married William Clark Wallis Oct. 18, 1853.

III. ELIZABETH LUCRETIA STANLEY: b Jan. 19, 1832; d Dec. 9, 1905 at 3:50 a.m.; married William Clark Wallis (his second wife) Sept. 17, 1857.

IV. EZEKIEL PICKENS STANLEY: b Feb. 24, 1834, d July 17, 1864; buried near Washington City, Grave No. 2978 Co. D. 4th Georgia Regiment.

V. RHODA CAROLINE STANLEY: b Jan. 15, 1836; d Jan. 4, 1824; married William H. Clark Nov. 22, 1853; buried in Pinewood Cemetery, West Point, Ga.

VI. JOSEPHINE WINFORD STANLEY: b March 14, 1828; d Apr. 29, 1910; married James A. Donaldson Dec. 12, 1854; buried Reese Cemetery, Lanett, Ala.

VII. JAMES McKINLEY STANLEY: b Feb. 14, 1840; d May 30, 1891; married Amanda A. Henderson (Charmichael, first husband); buried Pinewood Cemetery, West Point, Ga.

VIII. SARAH ANN ELIZA STANLEY: b Feb. 8, 1842; d Oct. 4, 1903; married Caleb G. Gillespie Dec. 23, 1858,

IX. GEORGE REESE STANLEY: b Feb. 10, 1844; d Oct. 15, 1844.

X. ELIJAH ZIMRI STANLEY: b March 2, 1846; d 45 July 8, 1846.

XI. WILLIAM LANCASTER STANLEY: (Twin to Elijah Zimri): b Mar. 2, 1846; d Aug. 16, 1894; married Marietta Georgia Chapman.

XII. ISHAM STANLEY: b April 16, 1848; d March 28, 1920; married Sarah Augusta Chapman Dec. 13, 1871; buried Pinewood Cemetery, West Point, Ga.


1. ISHAM STANLEY WALLIS: b July 17, 1858; d July 17, 1858.

2. MARTHA ELIZABETH WALLIS: b Oct. 29, 1859; d Sept. 12, 1861.

3. WILLIAM HARRISSON CLARK WALLIS: b Oct., 17, 1861; d ______.

4. WALTON WASHINGTON WALLIS: b March 14, 1864; d Oct. 1948; married Lizzie Reid; buried Marsailles Cemetery, West Point, Ga.

5. NANCY WALLIS: b April 26, 1866; d Sept. 25, 1950.

6. JAMES HOWARD WALLIS: b April 29, 1868; d March. 7, 1957.

7. FRANK POTTS WALLIS: b Dec. 28, 1869; d Nov. 21, 1929; m Dec. 20, 1894 __________, buried Dadeville, Ala.

TAKEN FROM BIBLE PUBLISHED BY N. D. McDONALD & co., NEW ORLEANS 1890 except the younger children-- this information was obtained from parents or near relatives.

WALTON WASHINGTON WALLIS, Lizzie Lowther Reid married Feb. 20, 1889 Atlanta, Ga., by N. Keff Smith Pastor Presbyterian Church, Wittnesses, Sidney and Dora Reid, 46 George Mann. Their children:

1. Matthew Reid Wallis: b Waynesboro, Ga. June 20, 1890; m March 3, 1920 to Lucille Barrow, daughter. Of J. L. B. And Addie Howell Barrow; d Oct. 10, 1934, buried West Point, Ga. Their child:

Matthew Reid Wallis Jr., b Feb. 9, 1924; baptized into his mother’s church, Baptist. A graduate of the United States Military Academy, class of 1946. Is now (1964) Lt. Colonel in the Armored Calvary.

2. Mary Lucretia Wallis: b Dec. 24, 1891, LaGrange, Ga., d Sept. 6, 1862, buried West View Cemetery, Atlanta, Ga.; married June 27, 1914 Shelton Coleman Simmons (b. March 4, 1888). Their children:

(a). Shelton Coleman Simmons Jr.: b May 28, 1915, Dallas, Ga.,: m June 7, 1940 to Elizabeth McClary, daughter. Of William Benson McClary of Kingston, S.C. and Mary Hayett of Harris Co., Ga.; received his degree in medicine from Emory University; in WW II he was the commanding Officer of the 32nd portable Surgical Hospital in the China, Burma, India, theater with the rank of Major. This family are Presbyterians. Their children:

(1) Sallie Courtney Simmons: b Nov. 25, 1942; is a graduate of the Univ. Of N.C.

(2) Shelton Coleman III. B March 19, 1944; Emory Univ.

(3) Benson Chandler Simmons: b Dec. 9, 1950.

(b). Mary Frances Simmons: b July 14, 1917, Lanett, Ala.

(c). Oliver Walton Simmons: b Aug. 31, 1919, Lanett, Ala.; m Josephine Shannon Apr. 2, 1940; 47 studied textile engineering at Ga. Tech.; WW II air corp. This family are Methodist. Their children:

(1) John Simmons: b Oct. 13, 1943.

(2) Robert Simmons: b.

(3) Bill Simmons: b

(d). Malcom Wallis Simmons: b Sept. 30, 1922, Kannapolis, N.C.; m June 17, 1944 to Frances King (b. Sept. 13, 1923), daughter. Of John and Fannie (Smith) King; received his mechanical engineering degree from Ga. Tech; his family are Methodist, live in West Point, Ga. Their children:

(1) Reid Walton Simmons: b Oct. 3, 1947.

(2) Susan Elizabeth Simmons; b Oct. 20, 1950.

(3) Marianne Simmons: b June 22, 1954.

(E). Edd Louis Simmons: b Sept. 5, 1926; m Norma Jean Roton; received his degree of Dentistry from the Univ. Of Tenn.; family Methodist. Their children:

(1) Celeste Simmons.

(2) Edd Louis Simmons.

(3) Wade Simmons.

(4) Lynette Simmons.

(5) Nancy Simmons.

3. Jack Whitfield Wallis; b April 1, 1894, West Point, Ga.; m Oct. 30, 1916 to Minnie Wood. Their children:

(a). Jack Wallis Jr.: b Aug. 30, 1917, Lanett, Ala.

(B). William Walton Wallis: b June 25, 1922, Glass, Ala.

4. Frances Elizabeth Wallis: b April 19, 1898; m June 19, 1919 Martin Carden (b Aug. 14, 1897, Troup Co., Ga.; d Mar. 19, 1959, buried Opelika, Ala.) son of Andy and Maude (Brooks) Carden of Opelika, Ala. Mr. Carden owned and operated the Opelika Welding and Machine Co. This family are Baptist. 1 Their child: 48

(a). Mary Martin Carden: b June 29, 1920, Lanett, Ala.; m Nov. 19, 1940 to Warner Gladden Littleton (b Jan. 12, 1910), son of Warner Lee and Bessie (Dorman) Littleton of Opelika, Ala. He is employed by an Insurance Co.; served in WW II; family are Baptist.

Their children:

(1) Suzanne Littleton: b Aug. 10, 1949, Opelika, Ala.

(2) David Martin Littleton: b June 1, 1954, Opelika, Ala.

NOTE: All other children of Lucretia (Stanley) Wallis spell their name Wallace. No one seems to know why the spelling was changed.

The following information furnished by Ralph Clark and Lillian Clark of LaGrange, Ga.

NANCY WALLACE: b April 26, 1866, Chambers Co., Ala.; d Sept. 25, 1950, 6:05 P.M., LaGrange, Ga. And buried there; m March 28, 1886 Eugene Bolton Clark at Stanleyville (Chambers Co.) Ala. by Rev. Upson H Clark. Their children:

1. Hardy Clark: b Feb. 3, 1887 at Stanleyville, d Dec. 7, 1938, LaGrange, Ga. And buried there; m Sept. 15, 1917 Lucille Ida Woodyard at Newnan, Ga.; He was Salesman (Wholesale Groceries); was a Baptist. Their children:

(a) Two infants died at birth.

(b) Hardy Clark Jr.; b June 29, 1926 LaGrange Ga.; m July 12, 1948 at Emory Univ. To Norma Jean Sheehan; lives in Boulder, Colo.; occupation: Real Estate; member of Episcopal Church. Their children:

(1) John Hardy Clark

(2) Barbara Anne Clark.

(3) Donna Lee Clark 49

2. Wallace Henderson Clark: b Oct. 8, 1889, LaGrange, Ga.; m sue Brown Vaughan at LaGrange, June 27, 1917; received his degree from Tulane Univ., a Doctor of Medicine for more than 40 years. A member of the American College of Surgeons; established the Clark-Holder Clinic in LaGrange; was a Baptist. Their children:

(a) Wallace Henderson Clark, Jr.; b May 16, 1924; m 1947 Mary Faith McGuire at New Orleans, La.; is Doctor of Medicine and is on faculty of Harvard Medical School; lives at Newton, Mass.; a graduate of Tulane Univ.; has 2 sons and 1 daughter.; entire family is Catholic .

(b) Georgia Vaughan Clark: b Sept. 29, 1921, LaGrange, Ga.; m Dec. 1, 1945 Hill Hendricks at LaGrange; a grad of Winthrop College, teaches in LaGrange City School system,; is a Baptist. Their children:

(1) Sue Brown Hendricks: b Oct. 24, 1946.

(2) Hill Hendricks, Jr.: b 1948.

(C) Sue Brown Clark: b Feb. 11, 1932; d Feb. 11, 1934.

(D) John Stanley Clark: b Dec. 4, 1935, LaGrange, Ga.; grad. Of the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta; Doctor of Medicine; a Capt. In US Army now in Germany; m June 28, 1958 to Anne Ferguson at LaGrange, The entire family Baptist. Their children were born at Augusta, Ga.:

(1) Lucille Anne:

(2) John:

3. Ralph Clark: b Jan. 10, 1892, LaGrange, Ga.; m Sept. 2, 1920 Margaret Cook Atkinson in Newnan, Ga.; he grad. (AB degree) Mercer Univ. In 1912. After 40 years in General Insurance business, retired in 1957. His wife grad (AB degree) Wesleyan College; has served over a long period of time as a teacher in both school and church; is author of Wesleyan Alma Mater; is niece 50 of Hon. W, Y. Atkinson, Gov. Of Georgia. Both are Baptist; have no children.

4. Neal Clark: b Sept. 1, 1894, LaGrange; 1st Lieut. In US Army in Germany during WW I., is a traveling salesman; m Sept. 7, 1935 Mrs. Virginia Newberry Holbrook, R. N. (A widow), at Decatur Ga. Both are Baptists and reside in Decatur, Ga. Their children:

(a) Neal Clark, Jr.: b Sept. 1, 1936, Greenville, S.C. m Louise DeLoach of Decatur, Ga., Nov. 11, 1959 at New Orleans, La.; are Episcopalian; reside in Atlanta, Ga.; employed by a real estate firm.

(B) Ralph Hays Clark: b Nov. 30, 1939, Decatur, Ga.; grad. Decatur High School; served 4 years in US Navy on the submarine "The Medregat;" employed by Heart of Atlanta Motel; a Baptist.

5. Mary Elizabeth Clark: b Aug. 15, 1900, LaGrange, Ga., m April 11, 1931 to Dr. James M. Northington of Charlotte, N.C.; attended LaGrange College and Florida State Univ.; Dr. Northington d Jan or Feb. 1964, was Editor of Clinical Medicine, and 3 medical digests, resided in Charlotte, N.C. she is a Baptist. Their Children:

(a) Nancy Clark Northington: b Aug. 5, 1932 at Charlotte; m June 26, 1954 Hubert V. Davis, Jr., an Engineer with Lockheed at Marietta, Ga.; grad of Duke Univ. With AB degree; member of Phi Beta Kappa; the family Episcopal. Their children:

(1) Clark Northington Davis.

(2) Brooks Davis.

(3) Laura Page Davis.

(b) Betty Page Northington: b Sept. 19, 1933 51 at Charlotte; grad. Of Duke Univ., AB degree, Phi Beta Kappa; employed in an executive capacity by a life insurance Co. In Florida, a Baptist.

(C) Sarah Jackson Northington: b Aug. 9, 1937 at Charlotte; m July 22, 1961 Tom E. Terrill; grad. Duke Univ., AB degree, member of Phi Beta Kappa; an art supervisor in 2 county schools near Madison, Wis.; Mr. Terrill is a grad. Princeton Univ., now working on his doctorate at Univ. Of Wisconsin, a student and part time minister. Both Presbyterians.

6. Nancy Lilllian Clark: b Nov. 4, 1903, LaGrange, Ga.; grad. LaGrange College, Univ. Of North Carolina and some post-grad. Work at Univ. Of California MA degree at Univ. of N.C.; a teacher at LaGrange High School, Albany, Ga. And Saluda, S.C.; is a Baptist.

Information given by Evelyn Wallace Warner, Lanett, Ala. And Mrs. Hendon Simms (Eleanor (Lena) Wallace) of Riverview, Ala. Older dates taken from Family Bible now in possession of Mrs. A. H. Watson (Mary Frank Wallace) of LaFayette, Ala.

JAMES HOWARD WALLACE: b April 29, 1868, Stanleyville (Chambers Co.) Ala.; d March 7, 1957; m March 1, 1893 Emily Fuller (b Aug. 1, 1868, d July 19, 1941) daughter of Judge Warner Fuller and Mary (Hunnicut) Fuller of Atlanta, Ga., both are buried in LaFayette, Ala. Their children:

1. Lucretia Elizabeth Wallace: b Jan. 27, 1894, Chambers Co., Ala.; d June 10, 1949; buried West Point Ga. Cemetery; m Nov. 27, 1913 John Inman Warner (b Aug. 14, 1892, West Point, Ga.) son of Charles William Warner (1856-1914) and Lillian Leanora (White) Warner (b March 5, 1864, Roanoke, Ala.) Family Methodist. Their children:

(a) Evelyn Wallace Warner: b Sept. 20, 1914, Lanett, Ala.; has lived with her father and kept the home since. 52 her mother’s death; is secretary to the Supt. Of Lanett Mill; lives in Lanett, Ala.

(b) John Inman Warner, Jr.; b Sept. 25, 1918, Lanett, Ala.; m May 1942 Ruth Bunts (Methodist Minister) of Galax, Va.; graduate of Auburn Univ.; Major, Marine Corps WW II; at present is with Ivan Allen Co. And live in Greenville, S.C.; Mrs. Warner is a graduate of Greensboro College. There children were adopted:

(1) Evelyn Elizabeth Warner, b Nov. 12, 1950.

(2) John Inman Warner III, b Oct. 17, 1954.

(c) Charles William Warner, b March 3, 1922, Lanett, Ala., m 1948 Patsy Finney (b March 6, 1927) daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Phillip S. Finney of LaFayette, Ala.; grad. Of Auburn Univ.; Sgt. Inf. Army WW II; lives ins Mobile, Ala. And is with Sears Roebuck Co. Their children:

(1) Charles William Warner Jr., b Dec. 18, 1952.

(d) Robert Howard Warner, b June 11, 1927, Lanett, Ala.; m to Jennie Rea. Davis (b Jan. 12, 1929) daughter of Gene Davis and Sadie (Norman) Davis of West Point, Ga.; graduate of Auburn Univ.; US Navy Storekeeper W.W.II; is with the Boy Scouts of America and lives in Hendersonville, N.C. their children:

(1) Robert Howard Warner, Jr., b Aug. 25, 1953, LaGrange, Ga.

(2) Jane Norman Warner, b May 12, 1957, LaGrange, Ga.

2. William Frank Wallace, b Sept. 1895, Chambers Co., Ala.; died at age of 2 weeks, buried in Reese Cemetery, Lanett, Ala.

3. Mary Frank Wallace; b Sept. 29, 1896, Chambers Co., Ala.; m June 22, 1927 Addison Harrison Watson (b Worth Co., Ga., d June 19, 1936, buried LaFayette, Ala.).53 Their children:

(a) Howard Tipton Watson, b Jan. 29, 1929, Columbus, Ga.; m Jan. 13, 1951 Lucille Hooker (b March 19, 1932, Tallassee, Ala.); grad. Auburn Univ. In aeronautical Engineering; vet, W.W.II; is now with Lockheed, Marietta, Ga. Their children:

(1) Mary L:ynn Watson, b March 14, 1964.

(b) Mary Ann Watson, b Jan. 15, 1932, LaFayette, Ala.; m June 15, 1954 John Erby Terry (b Feb. 16, 1927, Coffeeville, Ala.); grad. Auburn Univ. In Journalism. He a Vet. W.W.II, grad. Auburn Univ. In Industrial Art, and later in Mechanical Engineering, in Civil Service and live at Huntsville, Ala. Their children:

(1) John Erby Terry, Jr., b Feb. 11, 1958, Tullahoma, Tenn.

(2) Linda Ann Terry, b April 23, 1960, Ft. Walton, Fla.

(3) Mary Carol Terry, b Feb. 15, 1963, Ft. Walton

(c) Emily Watson, b Sept. 15, 1933, LaFayette, Ala.; m Dec. 30, 1953 Harry P Henriques (b May 5, 1927); he a grad. Cornell Univ. In Chemical Engineering, live at Basking Ridge, N.J. Their children:

(1) Harry P Henriques, Jr.; b Jan. 24, 1954, Plainsfield, N.J.

(2) Robert Wallace Henriques, b Feb. 5, 1958

(3) James Nace Henriques, b May 1, 1960.

4. William Fuller Wallace, b Sept. 15, 1898, LaFayette, Ala.; m 1930 Edith Murphree of Prattville, Ala.; live in Calvert City, Ky., with T.V.A.

5. Eleanor (Lena) Howard Wallace, b Oct. 14, 1900, LaFayette, Ala.; m June 22, 1927 Hendon Martin Simms (b Aug. 28, 1894 near Opelika, Ala.), Lafayette, Ala.; he with Civil Service, Post Office, live Riverview, Ala. 54

Their children:

(a) Eleanor Simms, b Dec. 2, 1928; m July 14, 1951 Robert H. Fink; grad. Univ. Of N.C. in Education and Music; he a grad. Auburn Univ., live in Huntsville, Ala. Where he is with Red Stone Arsenal. Their children:

(1) Hendon Mark Fink, b Apr. 26, 1955.

(2) Robert Keith Fink, b Sept. 8, 1958.

(B) Hendon Martin Simms, Jr., b Apr. 19, 1932, Riverview, Ala.; m Aug. 24, 1957 Jean Williams of Houston Co., Tex.; grad. Auburn Univ. In Forestry & Agricultural Science: is now Mgr. Mortgage & Loan Dept. Of Travelers Ins. Co. In Lakeland, Fla.; she a grad. Of Univ. Of Texas. Their children:

(1) Jean Cerise Simms, b Oct. 5, 1960, Langdale, Ala.

(2) Sue Lynne Simms, b Mar. 1, 1962, Lakeland, Fla.

(C) Jane Simms, b Oct. 20, 1933, Riverview, Ala., m June 3, 1956 Charles A Hicks of Atmore, Ala.; attended Auburn Univ.; live in Mobile, Ala. Where he is Jr. Account at Brookley Field. Their children.

(1) David Hicks, b Sept. 22, 1960, Mobile, Ala.

(D) James Wallace Simms, b Jan. 5, 1936, Riverview, Ala.; m Dec. 19, 1958 Ann Patricia Campbell (b Feb. 20, 1940) of West Point, Ga.; graduate Auburn Univ. In Pharmacy; with Langdale Drug Co., Langdale, Ala.; live in Lanett, Ala. Their children:

(1) Karen Simms, b Oct. 27, 1959, West Point, Ga.

(2) Laurie Eleanor Simms, b Feb. 22, 1962, West Point, Ga.

6. Ruth Wallace, b Dec. 1802, d May 1904, born and buried in Chambers Co., Ala.

7. Robert Clark Wallace, b Nov. 20, 1904, Chambers Co., 55 Ala.; m Aug. 1934 Louise Griffin (b 1910, LaFayette, Ala.); grad. In Law Univ., of Ala., 1926, practices in LaFayette, Ala. Their children:

(a) Robert Clark Wallace, Jr.; b Aug. 1935, LaFayette, Ala.; m 1940 Judy Williams of Chambers Co., Ala. Children:

(1) Mendal Lea Wallace, b 1960, West Point, Ga.

(2) Stephanie Wallace, b Nov. 1962, LaFayette, Ala.

(3) Emily Louise Wallace, b June 1963, LaFayette, Ala.

(b) Frankie Louise Wallace, b Nov. 1936, LaFayette, Ala.; m 1959 at LaFayette, Ala. Ron Styall of Ringold, Ga.; both grads of Jacksonville State College; teaches at Decatur, Ga. Their children:

(1) Ron Styall, Jr., b 1960, Decatur, Ga.

8. Emily Wallace, b July 2, 1907, LaFayette, Ala.; m July 3, 1930 John David Finlay (b Sept. 11, 1892, Brewton, Ala.), merchant in Brewton, Ala. Their children:

(a) John David Finlay, b Apr. 28, 1931; grad. Emory Univ., also studied in London and Edinburgh Univ./ Lt. Comdr. Active Naval Reserve; merchant.

(b) Emily Finlay, b Jan. 30, 1935; m Oct. 12, 1957 Robert R. Smith, Surgeon of Brewton, Ala.; attended Stephens College, Mo., grad. Univ. Of Ala. (Phi Beta Kappa). Their children:

(1) Emily Follins Smith, b Nov. 14, 1959

(2) Marion Leigh Smith, b Sept. 5, 1962

9. Evelyn Wallace, b 1910, d 1913.

FRANKLIN POTTS WALLACE b Dec. 28, 1869, Stanleyville, (Chambers Co.) Ala. (The settlement suffered during the War Between the States and now the old Stanley home is in 56 ruins, as is the old cider press.); d Nov. 21, 1929, buried Dadeville, Ala.; m Dec. 20, 1894 Caroline Burney (b May 16, 1873, Chambers, Co., Ala., d May 14, 1904, buried West Point, Ga.) daughter. Sylvanus and Sarah (Jarret) Burney of Ala. (Mr. Burney served on the legislature in Ala. And fought for the child labor law). Their child:

(a) Sarah Lucile Wallace, b Sept. 15, 1895, LaGrange, Ga.; m May 18, 1916 at the home of her Aunt Rhoda (Stanley) Clark in West Point, Ga., to Frederick Param Brooks of Savannah, Ga. (B Aug. 22, 1887) d May 25, 1957, buried in City Cemetery, Decatur, Ga.), and Emily Ann (Taylor) Brooks of London while waiting for the S S Alabama to be turned over to the Confederate Navy.) Their children:

(1) Sarah Lufred Brooks, b June 2, 1917, charlotte, N.C.; m Oct. 6, 1945 Clifford Earl Potts (b Feb. 29, 1904, Tippecanoe Co., Ind.). Live in Lebanon, Ind. Their child:

(1) John Alled Potts, b June 4, 1955.

(2) Betty Ann Brooks, b May 22, 1921 Charlotte, N.C.; an MD practicing medicine, obstetrics and gynecology in Decatur, Ga.; single; resides with her mother in Decatur, Ga.

(3) Frederick Param Brooks, Jr.; b Feb. 9, 1927, Charlotte, N.C.; m Dec. 15, 1951 Maxine Clair Helton (b Feb. 29, 1932, Jacksonville, Fla.), daughter of Max Caldwell and Clair (Grahm) Helton, had:

(1) Celia Ann Brooks, b July 6, 1953, Atlanta.

(2) Chandler Annette Brooks, b Aug. 28, 1954, Atlanta, Ga.

(3) Frederick Param Brooks III, b Aug. 4, 1956, Atlanta, Ga. (Aunt Betty Ann delivered the two 57 girls in the Fred Brooks, Jr. Family).

FRANKLIN POTTS WALLACE remarried a widow, Mrs. James Oliver of Dadeville, Ala.

This information was furnished by Mrs. Lucile (Wallace) Brooks of Decatur, Ga.

- - - - - -

Record taken from illustrated Reference Family Bible Published by -- page missing). Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1873 in the office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D.C.

Presentation Page.

"Presented to -- Lulu P. Clark by Robert S. Clark, April 1st 1884"

Information of later dates supplied by parents or near relative. Other remarks added by compiler. Compiled by Louise Stanley Brown.

RHODA CAROLINE STANLEY b Jan. 15, 1836; d Jan. 4, 1924; m Nov. 22, 1853 William H. Clark (b Sept. 6, 1829; d Oct. 10, 1886): both buried Pinewood Cemetery, West Point, Ga. Their children:

1. CARRIE HOWARD CLARK B. Nov. 17, 1854 Stanleyville (Chambers Co., Ala.) d Apr. 24, 1945.

2. ROBERT STRONG CLARK, b Apr. 4, 1956, Stanleyville, (Chambers Co., Ala.) d Aug. 27, 1937.

3. WILLIE JAUNITA CLARK, b June 22, 1862, Stanleyville, (Chambers Co., Ala.) d Nov. 2, 1949

CARRIE HOWARD CLARK, b Nov. 17, 1854; d Apr. 24, 1945, buried in Pinewood Cemetery, West Point, Ga.; never married; reared her brother’s children as though they were her own; she was a most beloved person, not only by her ‘children’ but by all who knew her; mentally alert to her last days, kept abreast of the times and always interested in the younger generations activities; died in her 91st year.

ROBERT STRONG CLARK, b Apr. 4, 1856; d Aug. 27, 1937; m June 2, 1880 Lulu Price Chunn (b Sept.. 9, 1862; d Aug. 17, 1888); both buried in Pinewood Cemetery., West Point, Ga.; Presbyterians. Children:

1. Lola Wanita (Lonita) Clark, b Nov. 6, 1881; m June 20, 1906 Osma Bailey Foster; taught kindergarten. He died Mar. 1953; lived in Jacksonville Beach, Fla. Complete record not available:

(a) Osma Bailey Foster, Jr., b Aug. 1, 1908; married and has children.

(B) Lonita Clark Foster, b Feb. 14, 1911, married and has children.

2. Carie Lee (Carolie) Clark, b Jan 4, 1883; d Feb. 5, 1953; m Aug. 21, 1907 Anderson Drew Ferguson (b Aug. 21, 1879, d July 10, 1950); grad. LaGrange College; taught privately and in public schools; teaching voice, piano, speech and Glee Club; although a Presbyterian, was Minister of Music for First Methodist Church in West Point, Ga.; was pianist for Temple Beth-El (Jewish Synagogue, their services being held on Sunday afternoons); contributed much to the cultural life of her city; constantly active in church and civic work; certainly a person with a zest for life; every young person she taught cherishes her memory and is indeed fortunate to have had her touch their lives. Both she and Mr. Ferguson are buried in Marsailles Cemetery., West Point, Ga. Their children:

(a) Dorothy May Ferguson, b May 19, 1908, Swainesboro, Ga., m Nov. 9, 1926 Redmond V Forrester (b Sept. 30, 1894; d Aug. 26, 1961); attended G.S.C.W.; with her sister owned a dancing 59 school, was a pianist; is not employed by WRLD radio in West Point, Ga., Lanett, Ala.; he a Pharmacist; a Lt. WWI served 2 years in Germany, bur. Marsailles Cemetery., West Point Ga.; Dorothy is of the 5th gen. From the founders of the Presbyterian church. Their child:

(1) Redmond Vincent Forrester Jr.; b Nov. 8, 1927, West Point, Ga.; m July 10, 1952 Patsy Lane, daughter Robert Pierce and Alma (Gaither) Lane of Lanett, Ala.; Grad. US Military Academy 1951; Major US Army Artillery, Issue

(A) David Anderson Forrester, b July 21 1954.

(B) Patrick Graham Forrester, b March 31, 1957.

(C) Rebeccah Jill Forrester, b Oct. 1, 1958.

(B) Anderson Drew Ferguson, Jr.; b Nov. 20 1911, West Point, Ga.; m Nov. 8, 1941 Elizabeth Hutchinson Davidson, daughter of John L. And C. A. (Shealey) Davidson; grad. Presbyterian College, medical degree from Emory Univ.; Member of the American College of Surgeons, Dr. Ferguson practices his profession with Valley Medical Group, Langdale, Ala.; served WWII, Capt. US Army Med. Corp., Emory Unit in Africa, Italy, France; Major near end of his service. Their children:

1. Anderson Drew Ferguson III, b Mar. 17, 1943, Emory Unit., Ga.; m March 29, 1964 Nannie Daughtry Hussey of Tarboro, N.C. while a student at Univ. Of N.C.

2. Robert Clark Ferguson, b Sept. 15, 1946, Emory Univ., Ga. Elizabeth Shealy Ferguson, b May 12, 1948, West Point, Ga.

(C) Charlotte Clark Ferguson, b Sept. 8, 1914, West Point, Ga.; m Aug. 24, 1940 Philip Courtney Loofbourrow of New Auburn, Wisc.; with her sister owned a dancing school, a very talented instructor; attended Cox College (now nonexistent); Philip, a grad. US Military Academy, Deputy Commander, Stead Air Force Base, Reno, Nev.. Their children:60

(1) Philip Courtney Loofbourrow, Jr., b Dec. 19, 1943; Univ. Nevada

(2) Jean Ann Loofbourrow, b Oct. 13, 1945; Univ. Of Nev.

(d) Robert Langdon Ferguson, b June 21, 1918, West Point, Ga., d Apr. 5, 1944; m Dec. 1942 Jean Andrews of Ohio; grad. US Military Academy; Capt. Us Air Force, killed in WWII, buried in Arlington National Cemetery., Arlington, Va. He lost his life in England; a memorial service was held in his home Church, West Point, a marker commemorating his memory in Marsailles Cemetery., W.P.

(e) Miles Hamilton Ferguson, b Dec. 8, 1919, West Point, Ga.; m May 31, 1945 Celeste Mayer (b Aug. 8, 1923), daughter. Of Claude A. And Helen (Coney) Mayer of Magnolia, Miss.; owns and operates WRLD radio, West Point, Ga.-Lanett, Ala.; grad. Presbyterian College, Clinton, S.C.; served WWII as Major, combat team Commander, Merrill’s Marauders, Burma. Issue:

(1) Helen Carol Ferguson, b Dec. 13, 1948.

(2) Miles Hamilton Ferguson, Jr., b Nov. 3, 1955.

3. Thomas Jennings Clark, b Jan. 8, 1885, m Lou Don McRae, Jan. 1917; has children, records not available.

The following information supplied by Miss Kathleen Cumbee. *Notes added by compiler.

WILLIE JAUNITA CLARK, b June 22, 1862, Stanleyville (Chambers Co.,, ), Ala.; d Nov. 2, 1949; m Henry Graves Cumbee (b Nov. 23, 1860, d Aug. . 1907); attended West Point Academy (now nonexistant); Mr. Cumbee a merchant in LaFayette, Ala. At the time of his death; both bur. Pinewood Cemetery., West Point, Ga.; Baptists. Issue:


1. Walter Grady Cumbee, b 1887 Cumbee’s Mill, Ala.; d 1889, bur. In Pinewood Cemetery., West Point, Ga.

2. Arthur Rubert Cumbee, b 1889, Cumbee’s Mill, Ala.; grad. LaFayette High School; was auditor of C.V. Rwy. Co., at the time of his death; d 1927, bur. Pinewood Cemetery.

3. Kathleen Rhoda Cumbee, b Jan. 19, 1893, LaFayette, Ala.; grad. Southern College, BA with music major and attended Emory Univ., Valparaiso Univ. And the Univ. Of Maryland; taught music and English in Idaho, Wyoming, Virginia and Maryland, retired 1962; lives West Point, Ga. *Active in church work, teaches an adult Bible class in Baptist church.

4. Lillian Editha Cumbee, b Nov. 9, 1894, LaFayette, Ala.; grad. Grady Hospital School of Nursing 1917; grad Peabody College for Teachers with a BS degree and a certificate in Public Health Nursing; attended Columbia Univ. Of N.Y.; instructor of nurses at Emory Univ. Hospital., Atlanta, Ga.; school Health Instructor in the Schools of Charleston, S.C.; retired in 1960.

5. Marie Mizelle Cumbee, b 1896, LaFayette, Ala.; m 1925 Ernest Everette Moore (b 1894, Coweta Co., Ga.) in Opelika, Ala.; BA degree, Southern College; taught school in Ga.; director of Camp Dixie for Girls, Clayton, Ga. *Taught an adult Bible class for years in the Baptist Church; confined to a wheel chair for many years, she has never given in to her affliction; she is actively engaged as Librarian to Hawks Library, West Point, Ga.; truly a Christian and is an inspiration to all who cross her path; Mr. Moore grad. Oglethorpe Univ., employed by Al Dunn Amusement Co. Their children:

(a) Marie Mizelle Moore, b 1928, Hawkinsville, Ga.; m 1953 Thomas Dwight Buckner (b 1927, Waycross, Ga.) grad. Of Shorter College, Rome, Ga.; taught school before her marriage; Dwight, grad. Georgia Tech, electrical engineering; employed at Bell Telephone Co.; live in Decatur, has: 62

(1) Jan Marie Buckner, b 1962, Summit, N.J.

(b) William Everette Moore, b 1929, West Point, Ga.; m 1954 Ann Marie Shriver in Austin, Tex.; grad. Univ. Of N.C. in Journalism, and Jet School, Phoenix, Arizona; lives Grand Forks, N.D. where Maj. Moore (Air Force) is taking a course in Industrial Engineering. She, a grad. Of Texas Univ. Issue:

(1) Carol Ann Moore, b 1956 in England.

(2) William Everette Moore, Jr., b 1958, Chapel Hill, N.C.

(c) Hubert Cumbee Moore, b 1934, West Point, Ga.; m 1957 June Carr in Culman, Ala.; grad. Univ. Ala.; is Capt. In Air Force, Fort Worth, Texas. Issue:

(1) Melody Marie Moore, b 1959 in Morocco.

(2) Bruce Clark Moore, b 1962, Columbus Air Force Base, Miss.

6. Caroline Howard Cumbee, b 1898, LaFayette, Ala.; m Eliott Robert Newton (b 1888); grad. Peabody College, music major; attended Valparaiso Univ.; taught music in schools of Sylvania, Ga., her husb. A merchant there ‘til his death in 1937. She now Supervisor of Public School Music in the schools of Lanett, Ala. & lives West Point, Ga. *For years has taught an adult Bible Class in Baptist Church, pianist, and a willing vessel of the Lord to be used in any capacity of church work. No children.

7, John Aldworth Cumbee, b 1904, LaFayette, Ala.; d 1955, bur. Ocilla, Ga.; m 1934 Oma McCall of Ocilla; employed Warner Robins Air Force Base. She a grad. Univ. Of Ga., teaches Irvin Co. Ga.; grad. Univ. Ga.; she a degree of RN; live Fitzgerald, Ga. Their children:


(1) Deborah Elaine Cumbee, b 1961, Ocilla, Ga.

(B) Joseph Anderson Cumbee, b 1946, Ocilla, Ga.


VII. JAMES McKINLEY STANLEY and AMANDA A HENDERSOSN CARMICHAEL. James McKinley Stanley, b Feb. 14, 1840, d May 30, 1891; m Dec. 7, 1865 Amanda Henderson (Carmichael, first husband) (b. May 19, 1843, d Feb. 8, 1922); both bur. Pinewood Cemetery., West Point, Ga. Their children:

1. William Alexander Stanley, b Feb. 18, 1867.

2. Ezekiel Eugene Stanley, b Oct. 26, 1868.

3. Elizabeth Lucretia Stanley, b Oct. 30, 1870.

4. Jimmie Winona Stanley, b Sept. 20, 1876; d Oct. 29, 1958 *

5. John Elon Stanley, b Dec. 24, 1878.

JOHN ELON STANLEY, b Dec. 24, 1878; m July 5, 1905 Sarah Gertrude Hurst (b Apr. 19, 1879; d Jan. 26, 1949); moved to Leeds, Ala. On Oct. 2, 1891, lived with an aunt Eliza Gillespie (who was Eliza Stanley before marriage), served for 23 years as caretaker and building foremen at Camp Winnataska, Birnimgham Sunday School Council Camp for Boys and Girls.

JIMMIE WINONA STANLEY, b Sept. 20, 1876; d Oct. 29, 1958 (*taken from head stone, LaGrange, Ga. Cemetery.) m. ________Burton. (At the Golden Wedding Anniv., (1950) of Alonzo Nolan and Gordon (Guinn) Stanley, cousin Winnona was the only person then living who was present at their marriage). Note added by compiler of Isham and Nancy Caroline (McKinley) Stanley line.


Supplied by Robert Herren Stanley, Atlanta, Ga. Information after 1917 given by both Mr. Stanley and

Mrs. Marshall DeShields (Winnie Mae Stanley), Montgomery, Ala. Each concerning their own

father’s family.



William Lancaster Stanley, b March 2, 1846, Chambers Co., Ala.; d Aug. 16, 1894; m Marietta Georgia Chapman (b Dec. 14, 1851, Clayton Co., Ga.; d Dec. 1, 1914); daughter of Giles and Amelia Day (Harris) Chapman; both bur. LaGrange, Ga. Their children:

1. ISHAM OCTAVUS STANLEY, b Oct. 15, 1871; d Oct. 30, 1941.

2. ROBERT MATOY STANLEY, b Sept. 26, 1875; d _____ 1926.

3. WATTIE COOPER STANLEY, b Jan. 19, 1875; d Oct. 19, 1944.

4. WINNIE STANLEY, b Aug. 28, 1877; d Feb. 24, 1954.

5. PHILIP GILLESPIE STANLEY, b Aug. 17, 1880; d _____ 1942.


7. LANG MEADOW STANLEY, b Oct. 7, 1886; d Oct. 2, 1960.

ISHAM OCTAVUS STANLEY, b Oct. 15, 1871; d Oct. 30, 1941; m 1st Alice Kennedy Jan. 3, 1900, bur. Montgomery, Ala. Their child:

Winnie May Stanley, b May 28, 1902; m James Marshall DeShields, of Maryland. Stepson James Marshall, Jr., lives in Kentucky.

ISHAM OCTAVUS STANLEY m 2nd Effie Wilson, Nov. 27, 1906. Their children:

1. Hubert Wilson Stanley, b Nov. 27, 1911; m Coris Hargrove of Montgomery, Ala. Their children:

(a) Lonette Stanley

(b) Susan Rebecca Stanley

2. Lois Octavis Stanley, b Oct. 10, 1913; m 65 Gordon Range, of Montgomery, Ala. No children.

3. Effie Elizabeth Stanley, b Feb. 16, 1915; m Joseph Borden of Montgomery, Ala. Their children:

(a) Joseph Charles Borden; m Sylvia Sanford of Montgomery. Their children:

(1) Charlette Borden (Twin)

(2) Meleane Borden (Twin)

(b) Robert Hartwell Borden

(c) David Stanley Borden

(c) Betty Jo Borden

4. Mary Frances Stanley, b June 12, 1916; m Oliver R. Cobb of Miami, Fla. Their children:

(1) Lorna Jay Cobb

(2) Larry Cobb

ROBERT MATOY STANLEY, b Sept. 16, 1873; d 1926; m May 24, 1900 Ruby Lewis; 1 child, male, believed to be still born, not sure. Married 2nd Imogene ________.

WATTIE COOPER STANLEY, b Aug. 28, 1877; d Feb. 24, 1954; bur. LaGrange, Ga., never married.

PHILLIP GILLESPIE STANLEY, b Aug. 17, 1880; d 1942; m Oct. 6, 1910 Bertha Shelly of Gainsville, Ga. Issue:

(a) Phillip (or Philipp) Stanley, b Apr. 10, 1913

(b) Mildred Shelly Stanley, b Nov. 27, 1917

CHARLES CLEVELAND STANLEY, b Feb. 18, 1884; m Dec. 29, 1910 66 Mary Hodge of Newnan, Ga., live in Miami, Fla. Their children:

(a) Dorothy George Stanley, b Jan. 15, 1912.

(b) William Stanley, b Sept. 1915.

LANG MEADOW STANLEY, b Oct. 7, 1886, d Oct. 2, 1960, buried in Atlanta, Ga., m Aug. 25, 1910 Ruby Elizabeth Herren of Atlanta, Ga. Baptists. Issue:

(a) Robert Herren Stanley, b Aug. 9, 1911s, m May 6, 1936 Johnnie Mae Hewatt (b Aug. 28, 1915) of Lawrenceville, Ga., lives in Atlanta, Ga., in the real estate business. Their children:

(1) Gloria Meadow Stanley, b Feb. 9, 1929, Atlanta, Ga.; attended "The Woman’s College, Univ. Of N.C., a BA degree in psychology. A teacher now working towards a Masters degree.

(2) Robert Herren Stanley, Jr., b Sept. 16, 1940, Atlanta, Ga.; BA degree in English from Univ. Of Ga.

(b) Margaret Meadow Stanley, b July 26, 1913.

- - - -





Except the younger generation -- this information was obtained from the parents or near relative.


Isham Stanley, b April 16, 1848, Chambers Co., 67 Ala.; d Mar. 28, 1920; m Dec. 13, 1871 Sarah Augusta Chapman (b Apr. 7, 1854) d Nov. 5, 1925), daughter of Giles and Amelia Day (Harris) Chapman; were married at the home of her father in Clayton Co., Ga. By Rev. Robert Logan, a Presbyterian Minister. Witnesses J. M. And A. D. Chapman; both are buried in Pinewood Cemetery, West Point, Ga. Their children:

1. RODIE VIRGINIA STANLEY, b Sept. 24, 1872, Stanleyville, Ala. (Chambers Co.) d. Oct. 24, 1872.

2. JAMES EDWARD STANLEY, b Aug. 29, 1873, Stanleyville (Chambers Co.,) Ala., d Dec. 19, 1948.

3. ISHAM TULLY STANLEY, b June 20, 1875, Stanleyville (Chambers Co.,) Ala., d Apr. 2, 1857.

4. JOHN CHAPMAN STANLEY, b Jan. 28, 1878, Stanleyville (Chambers Co.) Ala., d May 29, 1891.

5. ALONZO NOLAN STANLEY, b Sept. 30, 1881, Langdale, Ala. (Chambers Co.) Ala., d Oct. 30, 1955.

6. ROYDEN KEITH STANLEY, b June 28, 1884, Langdale (Chambers Co.) Ala., d Jan 3, 1962.

JAMES EDWARD STANLEY; b Aug. 29, 1873; d Dec. 18, 1948; m Mar. 3, 1897 Lula Vaughn, daughter of Jeff and Lula (Ragsdale) Vaughn of Troup Co., Ga. Lula Vaughn, b Feb. 14, 1873 Hogansville, Ga., d Mar. 2, 1962; both are buried in Pinewood cemetery, West Point, Ga. "Mr. Jim" was an Elder in the Presbyterian Church for 44 years, prior to being made an Elder he served his church in the deaconate. He was largely responsible for the rebuilding of the church building destroyed by cyclone in 1920. After his death a room in the church was dedicated to his memory and a bronze plaque was installed therein; attended LaFayette Institute and API (now Auburn Univ.); was Supt. Of West Point Foundry and Machine shop. This family are Presbyterians. Their children:


1. Florine Stanley, b Apr. 27, 1900, Lanett, Ala.; m Oct. 2, 1918 John Hollis Allen (b Cussetta, Ga.), son of George Dean and Effie (Hollis) Allen; live in West Point, Ga., he a Civil Engineer. Issue:

(a) Josephine Elizabeth Allen, b Sept. 6, 1919, West Point, Ga.; m Jessie Jackson Brewer, July 4, 1941, son of John J. And Florence (Dean) Brewer; attended Agnes Scott College; Jack was killed serving his country in the Air Force WWII, buried in Marsailles Cemetery, West Point, Ga. Issue:

(1) Jacquelyn Brewer, b June 19, 1944 West Point, Ga.; studied at Emory Univ. And LaGrange College.

Josephine Elizabeth (Allen) Brewer m Oroon Datus Winston, son of George Early and Helen (Sanders) Winston Feb. 8, 1946; reside in Warner Robbins, Ga. Both are employed at the US Air Base. Oroon served in the Navy WWII. Their child:

(2) Helen Allen Winston, b Oct. 5, 1946, West Point, Ga.

(b) Florine Stanley Allen b. Oct. 3, 1920, Lanett, Ala.; m Nov. 14, 1941 Joseph Horsley Henderson, son of Edgar L. And Estelle (Horsley) Henderson; attended Peabody College and Univ. Of Ga.; he served in US Air Force W.W.II, is cashier at bank, West Point, Ga. Their children:

(1) James Keno Henderson, b Oct. 3, 1946, West Point, Ga.

(2) Allen Long Henderson, b Apr. 15, 1951, Langdale, Alabama

(3) Ann Horsley Henderson, b Feb. 19, 1955, Langdale, Alabama

(c) John Hollis Allen, Jr., b June 8, 1926, West Point, Ga.; m June 5, 1954 Peggy Lou Johnston, daughter of 69 Robert Glenn and Margaret (Kelley) Johnston of Wilmington, N.C.; grad. Univ. Of Virginia; in Air Force WWII; lives in Decatur, Ala.; associated with the State National Bank of Alabama as Vice-Pres. Their children:

(1) John Hollis Allen III, b Oct. 3, 1955, Atlanta

(2) Robert Glenn Allen, b Oct. 16, 1958, Atlanta.

2. James Isham Stanley, b June 8, 1903, Lanett, Ala.; d Mar. 13, 1962, buried in Decatur, Ga.; m Oct. 7, 1924 Mina Boyd, daughter of William and Mittie (Longshore) Boyd; grad. of Auburn Univ. In civil engineering. Their children:

(a) Sarah Anita Stanley, b July 25, Lanett, Ala.; m Feb. 11, 1951 Jewel Sanders; employed by a law firm in Birmingham: No children.

(b) James Isham Stanley, Jr., b Feb. 6, 1926, West Point, Ga.; m Aug. 27, 1948 Frances Ethel Fink; grad. Auburn Univ. In civil engineering; resides in Montgomery, Ala; Safety engineer (civilian employee), Maxwell Aid Force Base. Their children:

(1) James Bishop Stanley, b Aug. 1, 1953, Augusta, Ga.

(2) Mina Ellen Stanley, b Dec. 17, 1956, Langdale, Ala.

James Isham Stanley married second Liza Smith of Atlanta, Ga. (No children 1963)

ISHAM TULLY STANLEY, b June 20, 1875, Stanleyville (Chambers Co.), Ala.,. d April 2, 1957, buried Pinewood cemetery, West Point, Ga.; m Jan. 1, 1902 Minnie Longshore; attended LaFayette Institute; a charter member of the Opelika, Ala. Rotary Club; an Elder in the Presbyterian church of Opelika; Freight Agent for Western Rwy. of Ala.; affectionately called "Mr. I T"; no children. 70

JOHN CHAPMAN STANLEY, b Jan. 28, 1878, d May 20, 1891, buried in Pinewood cemetery, West Point, Ga.

ALONZO NOLAN STANLEY, b Sept. 30, 1891, Langdale, Ala.; d Oct. 30, 1955; buried, Pinewood cemetery, West Point, Ga.; m Dec. 23, 1900 Mary Walter Gordon Guinn (b July 26, 1879), daughter of Captain James Miles Killian Guinn (b Nov. 5, 1835, d June 8, 1903) and Mary Jane (Culbertson) Guinn (b Aug. 11, 1840, d Aug. 1, 1907); a master machinist with W. P. Foundry and Machine Co.; called by all who knew him "Uncle Nolan," he loved people, and was in return loved by people; attended LaFayette Institute; Deacon and Elder in the Presbyterian Church, serving in every capacity except "preacher" during his life time membership, the members, to show their love for him gave him a surprise on his 74th birthday with a "This is Your Life" program. A month later he died suddenly with an heart attack. A bronze Plaque was placed in the "Stanley" room and a silver tray was added to the Communion Service in his memory by the church; children baptized into their mother’s church. Baptist. Lived in Ala., just across the state line from West Point, Ga. Their children:

1. Mary Augusta Stanley, b Dec. 22, 1901, Langdale, Ala.; m June 10, 1924 William Henry Dickson of Arlington, Mass.; attended Bessie Tift College; lives Arlington, Mass.; is actively engaged in church and civic work; he a WWI Vet.; children baptized into their mother’s church, Baptist.

(A) Ralph Stanley Dickson, b July 13, 1925, Boston, Mass.; m Sept. 15, 1951 Marilyn Frances MacDonald, daughter of Louis Norman and Ann (Ryan) MacDonald of Canada; educated at Arlington and Mass. T.; W.W.II South Pacific 1943-1045; Senior Engineering Aide, Middlesex Co., Their child:

(1) Alan Jeffrey Dickson, b March 9, 1954, Boston (Correction: should be Somerville, Massachusetts)


(b) Mary Jayne Dickson, b Aug. 27, 1926, Boston; m Sept. 8, 1951 Edmond Adam Ramsay, son of Edmond Adam and Dorothea (Wallenthin)s Ramsay; educated at Arlington; he educated at Wentworth Institute, a Precision Instrument Maker, WWII, US Navy. Their children:

(1) Diane Louise Ramsay, b May 25, 1954, Boston. (Should be Brookline, Massachusetts)

(2) Susan Joy Ramsay, b Dec. 25, 1955, Brookline, Massachusetts

(3) Martha Jayne Ramsay, b Apr. 16, 1958, Brookline, Massachusetts

(c) Barbara Louise Dickson, b Feb. 3, 1918 Boston, Mass.; educated in Arlington; Executive Secretary at Dewey-Almy Chemical Co., teaches a Bible class.

(d) Joseph Richard Wilson Dickson, b Oct. 18, 1929 Boston, Mass.; m July 6, 1963 Gisela Katharina Becker Jordan, daughter of Philipp Becker (deceased) and Gertrud (Fehrer) Becker of Karlsruhe, Germany; educated in Arlington and IBM; is a Computer Programmer; their first child b in summer of 1964. Step children:

1. Heidi Lisa Jordan, b Dec. 27, 1957, Cambridge, Mass.

2. David Philip Jordan, b Jan 25, 1959, Cambridge, Mass. (Note: When adopted by Joseph R W Dickson he chose to change his name to Philip Richard Dickson)

Note: further issue of Joseph Richard Wilson Dickson and Gisela Katharina Becker Dickson are:

3. Ingrid Ellen Dickson, b. Apr. 27, 1964, Cambridge, Mass.; m. Sep, 29, 1991, Daniel Leo Joyce, III (b Mar. 8, 1961 - son of Atty. Daniel L Joyce, Jr. And Beverly (Hubert) Joyce); their children:

(a) Hannah Elizabeth Joyce, b Aug. 26, 1992, Winchester, Massachusetts

(b) Daniel Leo Joyce, IV, b Aug. 31, 1994, Winchester, Massachusetts

(c) Christopher Joseph Joyce, b Jan 6, 1998, Winchester, Massachusetts

4. Kristina Elyane Dickson, b June 22, 1965, Cambridge, Mass., m June 1, 1996, Michael Allen Rososky (b June 24, 1965, Palmer, Mass.;son of Charles F Rososky, Jr., and Judith S Maffitt. He graduated from Fitchburg State College, Magna Cum Laude); their child:

(a) Rachael Ingrid Rososky, b June 20, 1998, Boston, Massachusetts

5. Eric William Dickson, b July 30, 1966, Cambridge, Mass. m June 25, 1995, Manchester by the Sea, Massachusetts to Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Jones (b June 13, 1963) their child:

(a) Killian Noah Dickson, b Feb. 27, 1998, Worcester, Massachusetts

ERIC WILLIAM DICKSON, b Jul. 30, 1966, Cambridge, Mass. Attended Middlesex Junior College, Northern Essex Community College, Haverhill, Mass., Merrimac College, North Andover, Massachusetts where he was awarded a Presidential Scholar, Deans, List and graduated Magna Cum Laude. He received his Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Massachusetts, Worcester, Mass.

(e) Dorothy Anne Dickson, b Sept. 18, 1930, Boston, Mass.; m June 26, 1954 John Macintosh Finlayson, son of Isaac M. And Ida (Parrott) Finlayson; educated in Arlington; he educated at Wentworth Institute and Northeastern Unit. A Civil Engineer. Issue:

(1) Carol Anne Finlayson, b Sept. 16, 1955, Cambridge, Mass.

(2) John Scott Finlayson, b Sept. 6, 1956, Cambridge, Mass.

(3) Linda Gail Finlayson, b Apr. 17, 1959, Cambridge, Mass

(4) David Alan Finlayson, b June 26, 1969, Cambridge, Mass.

(5) Laura Beth Finlayson, b Nov. 24, 1965, Cambridge, Mass

(f) William Henry Dickson, Jr., b Jan. 5, 1933, Boston, Mass.; m Mary Lou King, daughter of William and Mary (Fulton) King of Penna. Dec. 10, 1954; a Personnel Specialist. Their Children:


(1) Debra Jean Dickson, b Sept. 20, 1955, at Biloxi, Miss. D Jan 16, 1976 in Pennsylvania

(2) Robert Nolan Dickson, b Nov. 8, 1957, Arlington, Mass.

(3) Karen Louise Dickson, b Dec. 12, 1959, Kansas City, Missouri

2. Alton Guinn Stanley, b Mar. 27, 1904 at Commerce, Ga., attended Bessie Tift College and Southern Business College, m Sept. 24, 1925 John Herman Robinson, son of John Benton and Amanda (Banks) Robinson of Pickens Co., S.C. He a WWI Vet., 27 months in the battles of Soisoins, Cantigny, Montsect, Argonne, Argonne Forest, now retired Insurance Agent and Consultant; live in Newnan, Ga., Baptists. Their children:

(a) Marjorie Ann Robinson, b June 2, 1928 at Athens, Ga., m Oct. 30, 1953 Donald Beverley Wilson, son of Dr. Roderick Beverly Wilson of Bushnell, Ill. And Nellie Katherine (Brown) Wilson of Port Stanley, Ontario, Canada; attended Shorter College; he a BS degree in Business Administration, a management position at Motor Corp., Division of Automobile Manuf. Assoc; WWII Vet. Issue:

(1) Linda Carole Wilson, b Apr. 23, 1955, Detroit, Mich.

(2) Diana Beverly Wilson, b Sept. 25, 1957, Detroit, Mich.

(B) Mary John Robinson, b Oct. 18, 1929, Augusta, Ga.; m Dec. 25, 1952 William Barrett Thomas of Newnan, son of Jesse and Jettie Thomas; highest honor grad of her high school; attended Univ. Of Ga. Their children:

(1) Stanley Gordon Thomas, b July 20, 1955, Newnan, Ga.

(2) Theresa Ellen Thomas, b Jan. 25, 1958, Newnan, Ga.

(3) William Barrett Thomas, Jr. b Apr. 18, 1959.


(c) Patricia Louise Robinson, b June 28, 1931, Newnan, Ga., m Dec. 10, 1951 Jerry Tucker, son of Clarence Newton and Grace Vienna (Settle) Tucker of Fleming, Ky.; he, b June 27, 1931 Fleming, Ky., BS degree from Univ. Of Wyoming, employed by Gardner-Denver Co., reside in Arvada, Colo. Issue:

(1) Laura Susan Tucker, b Mar. 16, 1953, Alpena, Mich.

(2) Vicki Louise Tucker, b May 14, 1957, Laramie, Wyo.

(3) Mitchell Allen Tucker, b June 9, 1958, Laramie, Wyo. (d. Nov. 28, 1969, Arvada, Colorado)

(d) Jill Guinn Robinson, b Apr. 15, 1936, Newnan, Ga.; m. James Fornataro Ruskin July 2, 1960; RN from Birmingham Baptist Hospital; he d May 26, 1962; lives Cleveland, Ohio (she d May 11, 1996 Dayton, Ohio) their son:

(1) Thomas Stewart Ruskin, b May 18, 1961, Colo.

(e) Linda Carole Robinson, b May 27, 1938, Newnan, Ga., m Apr. 23, 1960 at Parkersburg, W.Va., Richard Karl Johannes, son of Karl Frederick William Johannes (of Merrill, Wisconsin) and Gladys Emily (Goergens) Johannes (of Buffalo, N.Y.), he a BChE degree from Ga.. Tech; a market analyst for Du Pont; reside in Wilmington, Del.
Their children:

(1) Robin Dana Johannes, b Oct. 6, 1962, Wilmington, Del.

(f) Penelope (Teddi) Theodora Robinson, b Oct. 18, 1939 in Newnan, Ga.; m Dec. 23, 1961 William McCorkle Smith, son of Isaac Noyes and Eliza (McCorkle) Smith of Charleston, W.Va.; grad of West Ga. And teaches; he educated at Univ. Of Virginia; a plant engineer at Kanawha Mfg. Co. No children:

(g) John Herman Robinson, Jr.; b Aug. 2, 1946, at Newnan, Ga.; honor high school student; educated at Georgia Tech.


3. Phillippa Louise Stanley, b Dec. 30, 1910, Lanett, Ala.; m Dec. 27, 1931 William Roy Brown (b Dec. 8 1908, d Jan. 14, 1954) son of William Langford and Pearl (Jacobs) Brown of West Point, Ga.; member of chancel choir and teacher of an adult Bible class, First Baptist Church, West Point, Ga.;.; employed since 1954 as designer for Green Gables Garden (Florist) and dealers in fine antiques); he was a member of the First Christian Church. Issue:

(a) Stella Janice Brown, b Jan. 22, 1936, West Point, Ga.; m Sept. 1 1955 Shafer Judson Skelton, Jr. d. Feb., 1976, son of Shafer Judson and Van Lec (Tyler) Skelton of West Point, Ga.; attended Andrew College; he educated at Ga. Tech., a district manager and Insurance consultant in Decatur, Ga., Baptists; their children:

(1) Michael Roy Skelton, b May 6, 1957, Seattle, Wash.

(2) Dane Tyler Skelton, b May 20, 1960, Atlanta, Ga.

(3) Shafer Warren Skelton, b Nov. 4, 1962, Decatur, Ga.

(B) Phillippa Kay Brown, b Aug. 13, 1939, Lanett, Ala.; m Nov. 29, 1958 William Charles Hicks (b July 6, 1938), son of Edward King and Mavis (Strother) Hicks of Shawmut, Ala.; he educated at Auburn Univ., LaGrange College and Southern Tech, employed by West Point Mfg. Co., recently joined the Presbyterian Church "Grandaddy’s Church." Kay is of the fifth generation from the founders of this church. Their children:

(1) Emily Anet Hicks, b Dec. 27, 1959, Langdale, Ala.

(2) Tracey Eve Hicks, b Apr. 18, 1961, Langdale, Ala.

4. Alonzo Nolan Stanley, Jr.; b Oct. 16, 1914, Lanett, Ala.; d June 17, 1916; buried in Pinewood 75 cemetery, West Point, Ga.

ROYDEN KEITH STANLEY, b June 28, 1884, Landgale, Ala.; d Jan. 5, 1962; m Dec. 5, 1907 Irene Smith (d Mar. 9, 1958); grad. Of (now) Auburn Univ.); was athletic director and insurance agent, hotel owner and operator; she a piano teacher; both buried in St. Petersburg, Fla. Their child:

1. Marie Hugh Stanley, b 1908 or 1909; m June 1926 Benjamin Clutter of Miami, Fla. An accomplished pianist, is in the entertainment field. Their child:

(a) Benjamin Clutter, Jr., is married, and has children, no other information available.

* ISHAM STANLEY. A lad of 16 joined the Confederate Army under Brig. Gen. Robert C. Tyler and was present when Ft. Tyler fell to the enemy at the Battle of West Point, April 16, 1865. On his 17th birthday. Was standing near the General when he was wounded. The Company was taken prisoners and marched to Macon, Ga., in due time were released by the Yankees and returned home.

In later years he wrote a paper based on his experience as a "boy" soldier and prisoner of War, this paper was written for the local chapter of U.D.C.

This battle was fought after Lee’s surrender for word had not reached the Fort of the surrender.

Dr. Coleman Simmons - - great grandson of Isham’s sister -- Lucretia (Stanley) Wallis, has restored the house and lives with his family in the house which withstood the battle and marks the site of Ft. Tyler.



The descendants of Ezekiel Stanley II, and his wife Margaret Ann (Peggy) Holland Stanley are scattered over the fifty states of the United States and some in service stationed on foreign soil. During the life time of the first generation there were no reunions and the only time the brothers, sisters and cousins were together was for weddings or funerals, and consequently as time passed contacts were lost and relatives did not know each other. In 1960 the first reunion was organized. After months of search, letter writing, newspaper advertising a long-time dream came to pass, when one hundred and fifty of these descendants gathered at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park on July 3, for the first reunion. At that time there were twenty nine second generation descendants living and sixteen were present for that first reunion.

That first year it was mentioned that the group should have some objective, and the dearest to the heart of most of the group was that the grave of Margaret Holland Stanley be marked. No thing definite was done until the 1963 reunion when the group voted to form the Stanley Memorial Association and mark our ancestor’s grave. The money to be donated by as many of the relatives as the committee could contact.

The committee found the marker of Ezekiel to be in such poor condition that marble companies said it would be a waste of money to try to repair, so there will be a new one for his grave, matching the one to be placed for Margaret and one for the unmarried daughter Sallie who is buried in this same lot in the Mars Hill Cemetery, near Acworth in Cobb County, Georgia. The three markers to be small and not easy to topple over or wear with time. These markers were dedicated at the 1964 reunion.


From Rilla Stanley (Mrs. S. F. Brinkley), Smyrna, Ga.; "When I was about 14 years old during the Re-construction period after the War, a letter came to my grandfather (Ezekiel Stanley) from the old Earl in England asking that he come to England to help settle the estates. He wanted my father to go but he could not. They had all lost their money and none could go. At that time you could get the land, but you could not sell it or bring any money to America from England.

"I know someone that knew the place in England. She said ‘Three brothers came to America and one stayed in England.’"

The task of compiling a history of the family of the Stanley’s (Ezekiel) has been a difficult one due to the existence of so few records. First, the home burned where Ezekiel and Margaret lived, set fire by the children Sallie and Liza with Aunt Puss’s daughter from candles while looking for scraps to make doll clothes soon after the new house was completed after coming to Cobb Co., Georgia. Aunt Puss was the slave given to Margaret when she married by her father Robert Holland

The next fire was during the War in 1864. The house was in the line of fire, and the family was forced to refugee, and went back to South Carolina to Margaret’s family. Mrs. Mattie Lyon refers to this trip in her "Memories of the Civil War," as she was in the group that left Cobb County.

The story of this family would not be complete without a few stories that have survived through the hundred years especially of Margaret, who was a strong character, always a lady, and resourceful in all circumstances. Isham Anderson Stanley, their oldest son was stationed near Atlanta, and had been shot in the hip by a fellow soldier who failed to recognize him, and was carried home, near Big Shanty. The Federals were stationed just a few miles to the north 78 and were roaming the farms, so was necessary to keep Isham hidden in the cotton house and one of the negro slaves looked after him and watched for Federal soldiers. When it became necessary to leave just before the battle of Kenesaw Mountain, Isham was rolled up in a feather bed, and placed in the wagon, Margaret sat on him, as they with the little children and their few possessions rode through the Federal picket lines and the wounded soldier was not discovered. When they returned a year later every thing in the house was destroyed.

About this same time a grandson of George Stanley who went to Indiana about 1813, was serving with the Federal Company from Indiana and stationed at the town of Big Shanty, and had received a pass to visit his cousins, the Roberts and Stanley’s on the next day. That night a sniper’s bullet killed the Indiana cousin, and it is believed he is buried in the National Cemetery in Marietta.

There is a grave in the Mars Hill Cemetery near the lot of Ezekiel Stanley of a young boy possible ten or twelve years old marked "Hoyt Stanley." None of the family Bibles list a Hoyt Stanley. Could be the child of a Lewis Stanley, Jr., who was an Uncle of Ezekiel. Lewis was living in Cobb Co. In 1849, then seems to disappear. This grave stone is of field stone, neatly cut and the cutting still very legible. The map of Cobb Co. Published by the War Department in Washington during the Civil War shows two Stanley farms. One south of the one know to be Ezekiels, that could be that of Lewis Jr. Should this record fall into the hands of any one knowing anything about this Hoyt or the descendants of Lewis Stanley Jr., would like to hear from them. (Note: The compilers are now long gone, but I would be happy to update the record - JRD)

The Court House was destroyed by Sherman when he left Marietta, and a fire in 1880 destroyed it again so records are hard to find and a time consuming job. There is much more work to be done, so this record is 79 far from complete, but covers Ezekiel’s ancestors as far as I have been able to trace, and his descendants as far as the descendants themselves have been good enough to answer inquiries into their families.


Bible record of Mrs. John Elgin Roten (Mattie Lee Stanley great granddaughter of Benjamin and Joshua David Stanley, Rt. # 1, Itasca, Texas.

George Stanley

His son Lewis Stanley.

Children of Lewis Stanley and wife Adah _____Stanley.

Ezekiel Stanley

George Stanley

Lewis Stanley Jr.

Benjamin Stanley

Joshua David Stanley

Lela Stanley married ________ Kilby

Betsy Stanley married ________ Mackey

Annie Stanley married ________ Ledbetter

Rody (Rhoda) Stanley married ________ Roberts.

John Stanley

There was believed to have been another son Jesse. No definite record.

This record will possibly be repeated in other sections of this publication, but is necessary to a history of the descendants of Ezekiel Stanley I.

1790 census records of Spartanburg District later Old Pendelton District, S.C. agree with this Bible record, also old land deeds on file in the Archives and Court Houses in these districts.

Ezekiel Stanley I born 17_____, died around July or Aug. 1805, married Rhoda Ledbetter. Their children:

1. Isham

2. Winifred


3. Elizabeth

4. Ezekiel II

After Ezekiel I died Rhoda married Jacob Gordon, and had 4 more children:

1. Daniel Gordon II

2. William Gordon

3. Rhoda Gordon

4. Tempe Gordon

Mrs. Betsy Weatherly and Mrs. Nancy Landrum were daughters of Daniel Gordon II, both went to Texas, in 1960 a grandson of Nancy Landrum was living in Dallas, Texas and a popular columnist on the Dallas News.

(Note: It appears that Jacob Gordon aka Daniel Gordon are the same person. One of the two names could be a middle name - JRD)

1. Isham Stanley first son of Ezekiel I.

Isham Stanley was in Chambers Co., Ala. In April 1847. See Deed Bk. C-1, p. 369: deed from Isham Stanley of chambers Co., Ala. To Ezekiel Stanley II of Anderson District, S.C., conveyed 708 acres of land for consideration of $708.00.

File 1800 contains the will of Ezekiel Stanley., This will was signed on July 17, 1805. Ezekiel willed all of his estate to his wife Rhoda during her life, then to his children unnamed. The will was witnessed by Lewis Stanley, George Stanley and Daniel McCoy. It was filed for record August 3, 1805 indicating that Ezekiel had died between July 17, 1805 and Aug. 1, 1805. Letters of Administration were granted to Rhoda Stanley on February 18, 1806. A notation in 1808 shows that Rhoda was married to Jacob Gordon. In 1809 Charles Hester was appointed administrator. In 1812 he paid for schooling of children $5.43. The final paper in the file was dated 2-2-1819-- "Due the estate $168.43." Unfortunately there was no list of heirs or names of the children given .81 Spartanburg Co., S.C. A deed filed in 1808 for Ezekiel Stanley from James Martin of Lincoln Co., N.C. for 139 acres on Cherokee Creek bounded by Lewis Stanley, Ezekiel Stanley and Richard Arnold. This deed witnessed by Lewis Stanley who in 1810 make probate in Spartanburg Co. And Rhoda Stanley. Since many deeds were made and given in the early days the recipients were careless in filing same with the courts. This late filing, since Ezekiel died in 1805 was probably for the purpose of selling the land for the support of the children of Ezekiel and Rhoda... More research necessary.

The following copied in consecutive order -- entries in a Bible formerly owned by Ezekiel Stanley. Bible published by g. Alexander & Co., Philadelphia, Pa. 1834.


Ezekiel Stanley, b. May 1805

Margaret Holland, b. Feb. 14, 1816

Sarah Avaline Stanley, b. March 21, 1835

Eliza Ann Monroe Stanley, b. July 4, 1836

Julia Ann Maria Stanley, b March 12, 1838

Isham Anderson Stanley, b. March 29, 1840

Robert Holland Sen., b. Sept.[t. 30, 1788 (a) (I believe the Sen stands for Senior - JRD)

Winifred Elizabeth Malvina Stanley, b. March 18, 1842

William Pickens Stanley, b February 28, 1844

James Felton Stanley, b. March 15, 1846

Benjamin Monroe Stanley, b. May 24, 1848

Sarah Jones Holland (Sen.) b. Dec. 7, 1789 (b)

Mary Helena Stanley, b. May 12, 1850

Cynthia Jane Stanley, b. Feb. 12, 1853

Neville Eugene Stanley, b. Feb. 2, 1855

Ezekiel Stanley, b. Feb. 12, 1857

John Robert Stanley, b. Oct. 30, 1861

Addie Casteel, b. Jan 8, 1862 (wife of John Robert Stanley)


(a) Robert Hollandwas the father of Margaret H Stanley.

(b) Sarah Jones Holland was Margaret Holland. Stanley's mother.


Ezekiel Stanley and Margaret Holland married May 1, 1834

Robert Holland and Sarah Jones married Jan 28, 1808


Julia Maria Stanley, d. Dec. 26, 1844

Infant daughter d. Dec. 26, 1851

Ezekiel, d. Feb. 4, 1858

Sarah Evaline Stanley, d. Dec. 2, 1904

Sarah Jones Holland, d. Nov. 21, 1853

Addie Casteel Stanley, d. Aug. 16, 1931

John Robert Stanley, d. Dec. 12, 1948


Ezekiel Stanley II, b. May 6, 1805 was the youngest son of Ezekiel Stanley I, and Rhoda Ledbetter Stanley, and was only about three months old when his father died. He married Margaret Ann Holland May 1, 1834, daughter of Robert Holland b 9-30-1788 and Sarah Jones Holland, b. Dec. 7, 1789. (The

HOLLAND line appears in a book OUR KIN by W. H. Manning, Jr. And Edna Anderson Manning of Barnwell, S.C.)

Ezekiel owned land in South Carolina, buying some property in 1835 from Thomas Holland a cousin of Margaret's. Also on record, a purchase of 706 acres of land from his brother Isham Stanley of Chambers Co., Alabama. There are many deed records to and from Isham in S.C. He moved to Georgia about 1850 , as in 185? he sold land in S.C. and gave his address as Cobb. Co., Ga. He was still living in S.C. in 1844 when his son Will was born, whom he named William Pickins. Whether for the county Pickens or for the 83 very popular Gov. Pickens of SC.,. is not known, although William always said he was named for the county where he was born.

Ezekiel purchased a large farm in Cobb. Co., a few miles south of Big Shanty (Kennesaw) several of his sons had farms on the same road and off the original farm. The road now bears his name Stanley Road. The old house is gone, and in the past few years the old log barn was torn down. A nice modern home stands on the site of the old home, but some of the old shrubbery is still there and beautiful after one hundred years.

Ezekiel and Margaret attended the Noonday Baptist Church, traveling by ox and wagon on Sundays when church was held. Ezekiel Jr., b 2-12-1857 died Feb. 4, 1858, is buried in the original Noonday Cemetery, grave not marked.

Many relatives had already come to Cobb Co. And settled: The Roberts, his Aunt Rhoda, his sister Winifred Gibson, cousins the McAfee’s, an uncle Lewis Stanley Jr., also a sister Elizabeth Mason was at Acworth. From records it seems he was the last of his family to leave S. C. And come to Ga. Why they selected the cemetery at Mars Hill is still rather a mystery, since the one at Noonday or Big shanty (Kennesaw) was nearer.

1. Sarah Eveline "Sallie" Stanley, b March 21, 1835, d Dec. 2, 1904, buried Mars Hill Cemetery near Aceworth, Cobb Co., Ga.

It was recently learned that when the ‘boys’ left for the War, Aunt Sallie’s sweetheart marched away, but not before he had her promise that she would wait for him. Many letters passed between them, and then nothing, so it is assumed that he was killed. Aunt Sallie never married, and after the home was broken up after her father died, she went to live with her brother John and his wife Addie, in Griffin, Ga.



Elizabeth (Eliz) Ann Monroe Stanley, b July 4, 1836, d Sept. 22, 1907; m March 4, 1866 Marcus L. Green, b May 24, 1841, d Dec. 14, 1914, son of Joel A. Green and his wife Martha Ballenger, pioneer settlers of Cobb Co. (Mentioned several times by Mrs. S. T. Gober Temple in her HISTORY OF COBB COUNTY, The First One Hundred Years). Mark Green served in Co. E State Troops CSA and kept a diary. This diary is in the possession of his grandchildren, and is very interesting. Both Eliza and Mark Green were Baptist and buried in New Salem Cemetery across the road from the home place where they reared their family. Their children:

1. Emmett Patrick Green, b Jan. 25, 1867, m Gertrude Moore.

2. Thomas Elmo "L" Green, b Nov. 15, 1868, m Mary Darby.

3. Annie Elizabeth Greene, b Oct. 30, 1873, m Isaac H. Darby.

4. Joel (Joe) Stanley Green, b Oct. 18, 1878, m Jannie Summers. (No children). D Jan. 18, 1952.

1. EMMETT PATRICK GREEN, b Jan. 25, 1867, d Jan. 26, 1938, m Gertrude More, d 1963. He served in the State Legislature from Cobb Co., Ga. Their children:

a. Sue Green, m B. J. Skinner and had Martha Sue and Buddy Skinner.

b. Gertrude Green, m ________ Blalock, has children and lives in Bradentown, Fla.

C. Emmett Patrick Jr., d 1954, has 2 sons, E. P. III and Harry Green.


2. Thomas L. Green, b Nov. 15, 1868, d Feb. 3, 1934, m Nov. 17, 1889 Mary Darby, b June 10, 1870, d May 31, 1893. Their children:

a. Patrick Ralph Green, b 2-3-1893, d Aug. 8, 1899.

b. Leon Green, b 2-3-1893, d 8-8-_____, m Arrie White, had Katherine and Mary L. Green.

3. Annie Elizabeth Green, b Oct. 30, 1873, m Nov. 20, 1895 Isaac A. Darby, b 1-1-1874, d 9-19-1948. Annie E. Darby d May 9, 1962, bur. In New Salem Cemetery near her parents. Their children:

a. Odessa Darby, b Sept. 14, 1901

b. Fred Otis Darby, b Dec. 30, 1903

c. Harold Darby, b Nov. 27, 1905

d. George Thomas Darby, b Oct. 30, 1907

e. Mary Elizabeth Darby, b June 20, 1909

f. Annie Elizabeth Darby, b Oct. 14, 1911

a. Odessa Darby, b Sept. 14, 1901, d Oct. 1, 1947, m July 14, 1921 O.L. Desenberg of Phoenix, Arizona. No children. Bur. New Salem Cemetery, Cob Co., Ga.

b. Fred Otis Darby, b Dec. 30, 1903, m Nov. 19, 1927 Fannie Franklin. No children. Live in Albany, Ga.

c. Harold Darby, b Nov. 27, 1905, m Apr. 22, 1943 Sarah Ellers, widow of ________. Harold Darby and Sarah’s son by a former marriage own Darby Printing and Publishing Co. In Marietta, Ga. Children:

2. Danna Karan, b 9-27-1957.

3. James Edward Darby, Sara’s son, m Marinda 86 McElroy of Winder, Ga. Their son James E. Darby, Jr. In the Printing business with his step father.

D. George Thomas Darby, b Oct. 30, 1907, m Dec. 24, 1919 Kathleen E. Hines, owns a shoe store in Valdosta, Ga., a Baptist has:

1. Barbara Ann Darby, b Dec. 5, 1937, m Dec. 20, 1953 Bobby Hornbuckle.

E. Mary Elizabeth Darby, b June 20, 1909; m 1st Oct. 10, 1929 Jack Tubbs; m 2nd Jerry Coate. Issue:

1. James Darby Tubbs, b June 30, 1931, m in Arizona June 19, 1953 Cynthia Clements; he a grad. Of Georgia Tech in Business Adm., in Real Estate in Phoenix Arizona. Issue: James Tubbs Jr.

F. Annie Elizabeth Darby, b Oct. 14, 1911, m Oct. 25, 1946 Guy B. Arthur Jr., prominent business man in Toccoa, Ga. No children.,


Julia Ann Maria Stanley, b Mar. 12, 1838, d Dec. 26, 1844, probably bur. In S.C. The first 9 children of Ezekiel and Margaret Stanley were probably born in s. C. The 1850 Cobb Co. Census did not reveal an Ezekiel; the S.C. 1850 census has not yet been searched. Ezekiel was in Cobb Co. In 1852, as he sold 706 acres in S.C., and and gave his address as Cobb Co., Ga.


Mrs. Guttery has this line. Isham was named for Ezekiel’s brother who went to Chambers Co., Ala. About 1830.


Winneford Elizabeth Malvina Stanley (named for her 87 father’s sister Winneford, who married Elijah Gibson) b Mr. 18, 1842, d Feb. 27, 1922; bur. Mars Hill Cemetery., beside her daughter. Willie Godwin. Grave not marked. m 1st Capt. Thomas Haynes Northcutt, b Apr. 8, 1839, d Aug. 31, 1864, killed at Battle of Jonesboro, CSA, bur. Confederate Cemetery. In Macon, Ga. M 2nd James McLain. Her child:

Willie H. Northcutt, b Dec. 17, 1864, after her father was killed in battle, d Sept. 15, 1900, m Apr. 9, 1884 Joseph W. Godwin, d Jan. 1905. Children.:

a. Elva Camilla Godwin, b Feb. 1885, d June 1885.

b. Lillian Maude Godwin, b June 26, 1886, d July 13, 1905.

c. Delilah Godwin, b Jan. 22, 1889, d June 13, 1906, m May 1905 Joseph Parham

Note: These dates obviously are wrong

d. Frances Lee Godwin, b July 26, 1891, d 1960, m Jan 1, 1928 Barney F Drake. No children:

e. Pearl Jane Godwin, b May 28, 1892, m Aug. 12, 1906 Joe Y. Abercrombie. Children:

1. Infant 1908.

2. Irene Juliet Abercrombie, b May 8, 1910, m 1st R. L. McGillvary, m 2nd Claude Byron Hunton. Has children last know address, Miami, Fla.

3. Mary Elizabeth Abercrombie.

4. Joe Y. Abercrombie Jr.


William Pickens Stanley, b Feb. 28, 1844, S.C. d Mar. 25, 1918, m Fannie Jane Wade, b June 5, 1846, d 88 Dec. 15, 1887; daughter of Elizabeth Ann Gibson, b Nov. 19, 1824, d Jan. 10, 1902; grand-daughter of Winnefred Stanley Gibson and J. W. Wade, b Nov. 20, 1826. bur Kennesaw Cemetery., Cob Co., Ga. He served in Co. A 18th Georgia Regiment, Civil War. Enlisted Feb. 19, 1862 at Acworth, Ga. Appears on list of casualties in the engagement at Cold Harbor, Va., June 27, 1862. Remarks: Severely wounded in the arm. June 30, 1862 transferred to Scottville Hospital from General Hospital No. 13, Richmond, Va. He appears on records many times, was present and fought at the Battle of Gettysburg, Pa. Was captured April 7, 1865 near Sailors Creek, Va., escaped the next day and made his way to Lynchburg on foot. After the surrender he then walked back to his home in Cobb Co.,., Ga., living off the land and any hand out from the farmers along the way. Their children:

1. Elva Louella Stanley, b Sept. 28, 1867,

2. Margaret Elizabeth Stanley, b Aug. 3, 1868.

3. Leona Jackson Stanley, b Apr. 20, 1873.

4. Isom Leonard Stanley, b Apr. 20, 1873.

5. Thomas Wade Stanley, b. July 1, 1875.

6. Effie Mae Stanley, Mar. 8, 1877.

7. John William Stanley, b Apr. 4, 1879.

8. Sara Jane Stanley, b Oct. 1, 1882.

9. Robert Franklin Stanley, b Oct. 24, 1884.

10. George Edgar Stanley, b Aug. 31, 1886


Elva Louella Stanley, b Sept. 28, 1867, d June 13, 1943, m Feb. 2, 1887 Samuel Capers McEachern, b July 22, 1855, d Dec. 12, 1928. They reared her brother Edgar who was a baby when his mother died. They are buried in the Kennesaw Cemetery., Cobb Co., Ga. Children::

Infant daughter b & d Apr. 28, 1888

Infant son b & d Oct. 7, 1889

Infant son b & d Aug. 27, 1890


David William McEachern, b Nov. 8, 1892, d May 13, 1943, m Pearl Elizabeth Hale. No children


Margaret Elizabeth "Betty" Stanley, b Aug. 3, 1858, d June 7, 1942, m James Robert Pace Aug. 5, 1886. She is bur. In the family plot Kennesaw Cemetery., Cobb Co., Ga. Children:

a. Robert Norris Pace, b Aug. 20, 1888

b. Fannie Jane Pace, b May 18, 1891

c. Ernest Pace

d. Harry Calhoun Pace

e. Lillie Mae (Lillian) Pace

f. Elva Louella Pace, b June 3, 1900

g. Blanche b Sept. 19, 1902

h. Margaret Elizabeth Pace, b Apr. 6, 1906


Robert Norris Pace, b Aug. 20, 1888, d June 13, 1953, m Jan. 20, 1910 Miriam Reynolds McClain in Rome, Ga., he a Mason, Shriner, Little Abba Temple in Selma, Ala., and Knight Templar. Member First Baptist Church and General Yardmaster Southern Railroad. Four children by this marriage. Married 2nd Sept. 18, 1943 Alice Wilkinson, b Apr. 28, 1891, d 1957. Children:

Robert Norris Pace, Jr., b Apr. 20, 1911.

William Stanley Pace, b Oct. 9, 1913

Frances Pershing Pace, b Apr. 27, 1918

Miriam McClain Pace, b Mar. 15, 1930


Robert Norris Pace, Jr., b Apr. 20, 1911, m Aug. 20, 1933 Ina Lee Brown, b Mar. 12, 1909. WWII. Methodist. Is Chief of Personnel, Veteran’s Hospital., Montgomery, Ala. Has: Jack Rodney Pace, b Feb. 18, 1948.



William Stanley Pace, b Oct. 9, 1913, m Aug. 12, 1943 Jennie Russell Young, b Feb. 5, 1918. Methodist. Salesman for Stewart, King & McKenzie Wholesale Grocery, Selma, Ala. Children:

William Stanley Pace Jr., b Dec. 1, 1952


Francis Pershing Pace, b Apr. 27, 1918, m Feb. 15, 1941 Josephine Bozeman Herrington, b Oct. 26, 1920. WWII. Methodist. Head of Civilian Supply Craig Air Force Base, Selma, Ala. Children:

James Herrington Pace, b July 14, 1944

Janet Ann Pace, b July 10, 1949


Miriam McClain Pace, b Mar. 15, 1930. Baptist. Teacher and Librarian, Cloverdale School, Montgomery, Ala. Thanks to Miriam for the record of the Norris Pace family.


Fannie Jane Pace, b May 18, 1891, d Jan. 31, 1950, m Dec. 1, 1909 Luther L. Groover, but. Camp Ground Methodist Cemetery., Cobb Co., Ga. Children:

James Luther Groover, b Dec. 30, 1912, d May 14, 1913.

Edward L. Groover, b Dec. 5, 1921, m Elizabeth LeCroy, b Sept. 25, 1919; he grad. Emory Univ. School. Of Med. Is considered a very fine surgeon. Living and practicing in Windsor, N.C. Children:

Larkin Groover, b Feb. 22, 1952

Gail Groover, b June 3, 1956


Karen Groover, b Feb. 12, 1960


Ernest Lee Pace, buried Kennesaw Cemetery., Cobb Co., Ga. Died in Rome, Ga. Never married.


Harry Calhoun Pace, b July 13, 1894, d Dec. 21, 1958, m Feb. 15, 1915 Florence Donnelley, b Oct. 17, 1889. He is buried in Garden of Memories, New Orleans, La. Children:

Harry Calhoun Pace Jr. (H.C.), b May 2, 1917, m 10 July 1940 Marguerite Helwig, b June 2, 1915.

Ernest LeRoy Pace, b Nov. 29, 1921, d Dec. 1921.


Lillian Pace m 1st Fred Shillinburger, m 2nd _______ McDonald. Was living in Landis, N.C. Children by the first marriage:

Infant, buried Kennesaw Cemetery. Grave marked by a small marble shaft "S"

Lila Schillinburger. No information except that she lives in Spotsylvania, Va.

Ernest Schillinburger.


Elva Louella Pace, b June 3, 1900, m Jan. 6, 1921 Jay Gould Hughes, b June 20, 1894, d June 17, 1944, son of Mary K. Linton Dobbs and Hiram Kennedy Hughes. He W.W.I, bur. Eastview Cemetery., Rome, Ga. She lives Rome, Ga. Children:

Mary Betty Hughes, b Apr. 21, 1922

James William (Pat) Hughes, b Mar. 17, 1926



Mary Betty Hughes, b Apr. 21, 1922, m May 14, 1943 in Rome, Ga. Charles Sedwick Robertson (Col., Marine Corps.) b Dec. 11, 1920, lives Quantico, Va. Children:

Marsha Lynn Robertson, b Mar. 22, 1944, St. Andrews Presbyterian College, Laurinberg, N.C.

Ellen Gayle Robertson, b Apr. 14, 1945, Shorter College, Rome, Ga.

Carolos Jay Robertson, b Nov., 17, 1959 in Rio de Janerio, Brazil.


Blanche Pace, b Sept. 19, 1902, d Apr. 28, 1903, bur. Kennesaw Cemetery., Cobb Co., Ga.


Margaret Elizabeth Pace, b Apr. 6, 1906, m Charles Hampton. She lives in Md. Children:

Shirley Hampton, m Ed. C. Wilson. Has children and lives in Maryland.


Leona Jackson Stanley, b Sept. 14, 1871, d June 26, 1944, m June 11, 1893 Thomas Clark Annandale, b Nov. 8, 1874, d Feb. 16, 1960, son of William Annandale and Jane Clark Annandale, (natives of Scotland who came to America on their honeymoon and to do a landscaping job and stayed to rear a family), buried in City Cemetery., Marietta, Ga. Children:

1. Clyde Thomas Annandale, b 2-18-1896, m Edna Bullard. Children: Clyde Bullard m Mae ________.


2. Eugene William Annandale, b Jan. 16, 1899.


Eugene W. Annandale, b Jan. 16, 1899, m May 6, 1916 Simmie Mae Lance, b Aug. 4, 1895. Baptists.; he employed by Lockheed-Georgia Corp. At Marietta. Issue:

1. William Clark Annandale, b May 10, 1918

2. Infant

3. Jesse Lance Annandale, b Sept. 20, 1920 (twin)

4. Bessie (Bobbi) Leona Annandale, b Sept. 20, 1920 (twin)

5. Ruby Lois Annandale, b Sept. 12, 1922

6. Thomas Eugene Annandale, b Feb. 1, 1932


William Clark Annandale, b May 10, 1918, m 1st 6-22-_____ Geraldine Keown; m 2nd Allie Carroll on Aug. 11, 1963, who was b Feb. 21, 1917. Issue by 1st wife:

1. Dorothy Gale Annandale, b Mar. 1945, m Bobby Vickers Nov. 23, 1963.

2. Dorris Val Jeane Annandale, b Oct. 23, 1949

3. William Stanley Annandale, b Sept. 8, 1956


Jesse Lance Annandale, b Sept. 20, 1920, m Apr. 1943 Sarah Elizabeth Peck, b July 2, 1923; W.W.II: lives Cincinnati, Ohio, a salesman Drug Co. Children:"

1. Simmy Joan Annandale, b Feb. 29, 1944, Oregon State College.

2. Jane Louise Annandale, b Sept. 15, 1948.


Bessie (Bobby) Leona Annandale, b Sept. 20, 1920, m 1st T. G. Tyson; m 2nd Aug. 1961 Anthony Ziobrowski in Marietta, Ga. Maj Ziobrowski is a native of 94 Niagara Falls, NY Lives in Shreveport, La. Issue:

Claudia Tyson, b Nov. 1, _____, m Tommy Pilcher and has Patricia, Jeffery and Kenneth Pilcher.


Ruby Lois Annandale, m 1st Harold Evans; m 2nd John Newton Edwards from Bowling Green, Ky., now stationed with USAF in Japan. Issue:

Harold Evans, m Vivian _____, live in Shreveport, La.,, have daughter. Denise, b 1963.


Thomas Eugene Annandale, b Feb. 1, 1932, m Dec. 20, _____ Patricia Combs, b Nov. 29 _____ in Wichita Falls, Texas. Sgt. Annandale now in Los Vegas, Nev. Children:

1. Keva Jene Annandale, b Nov. 25, _____

2. Teresa Lane Annandale, b Dec. 12, 1954


Isom Leonard Stanley, b Aug. 10, 1873, d Feb. 14, 1908, m Louise Lance (half sister of Simmie Mae Lance, who married Isom’s nephew Eugene Annandale). Bur. In Kennesaw Cemetery., Cobb Co., Ga. No children. (The name the same as his father’s brother, and grandfather’s brother also, although spelled differently). (Isham)


Thomas Wade Stanley, b July 1, 1875, d Aug. 1933, bur. West View Cemetery., Atlanta, Ga., m Amanda Segars, b Apr. 9, _____, of Smyrna, Ga. Methodist, West End, Atlanta, Georgia



Effie Mae Stanley, b Mar. 8, 1877, m Nov. 22, 1899 Isaac Aubrey Runyan, b Apr. 18, 1873, d Mar. 1, 1848, son of Amanda Victoria Kirk, b Apr. 7, 1847, d Oct. 20, 1929 and Isaac Pinkney Runyan, b Dec. 25, 1845, d Jan. 10, 1910. Bur. Kennesaw Cemetery., Cobb Co., Ga. Children:

1. Carl Stanley Runyan, b Mar. 19, 1901,; bur. Kennesaw Cemetery., Cobb Co., Ga.

2. Effie Mae Runyan, b May 27, 1904s.


Effie Mae Runyan, b May 27, 1904, m June 18, 1924 James Herbert Swanson. She, past pres. American Legion Auxiliary, past Pres. Marietta Pilot Club, on staff of Marietta Y.W.C.A. since 1951., lives in Marietta, Ga. Children:

1. James Herbert Swanson, b June 12, 1925

2. Stanley Runyan Swanson, b Dec. 19, 1927


James Herbert Swanson, Jr., b June 12, 1925, m June 18, 1946 Jane Elizabeth Head, b Nov. 15, 1925, daughter. Of Richard Grafton Head, b Nov. 11, _____ and Edith Scott Head of Los Angeles, Calif. He a BA & MA at Arizona State College in Flagstaff, Arizona where he is teaching. W.W.II Navy. Children:

1. Richard Stanley Swanson, b 6-22-1948 Atlanta.

2. James Herbert Swanson III, b Feb. 23, 1951 in Los Angeles.

3. Scott Matthew Swanson, b May 6, 1959, Marietta, Ga.

4. Mark Edward Swanson, b Mar. 30, 1961, Flagstaff,



Stanley Runyan Swanson, b Dec. 19, 1927, m Mar. 13, 1954 in Spokane, Washington, Margaret Randolph Phelps, b Jan. 24, 1928, daughter. Of Alice Randolph and Frederick M. Phelps. Grad. US Naval Academy 1952, commissioned Air Force; Episcopalians, live Wichita, Kansas. Issue:

1. Infant son, b & d 1955, Spokane, Wash.

2. Charlotte Swanson, b Apr., 28, 1956

3. Stanley Runyan Swanson, b Aug. 18, 1957, Marietta, Ga.

4. Margaret Elizabeth Swanson, b Oct. 6, 1958, Scott AF Base, Ill.

5. Catherine Mae Swanson, b Jan. 27, 1961, Spokane, Wash



John William Stanley, b Apr. 4, 1879, Marietta, Ga., d Nov. 7, 1945, Atlanta, Ga., m in Rome, Ga., Mar. 1, 1903, Blanche A. Wyatt, b Feb. 23, 1877 in Rome, Ga., d July, 13, 1931 (daughter of James Wyatt), both bur. West View Cemetery., Atlanta, Ga.; both active Baptists, Atlanta. Children:

1. Thelma Leona Stanley, b Aug. 18, 1904

2. Ruth Stanley, b July 29, 1905

3. Robert Franklin Stanley, b Sept. 28, 19089, d May 26, 1909, bur. Kennesaw Cemetery., Ga.

4. Lula Frances Stanley, b Oct. 8, 1907

5. John Wyatt Stanley, b Sept. 11, 1910

6. Infant daughter., b & d July 28, 1913, bur Kennesaw.

7. Blanche Louise Stanley, b Jan. 21, 1917

Thelma Leona Stanley, b Aug. 18, 1904, m 1st Apr. 9, 1932 Guy Robert Nichols, b Nov. 25, 1902, d Dec. 24, 1956, bur. West View Cemetery., Atlanta, Children:

1. Guy William Nichols, b May 20, 1942, d May 21, 1942, bur. West View Cemetery., Atlanta.


Thelma Leona Stanley m 2nd. A. L. (Mac) McDonald, b June 30, 1905; owner of McDonald Insurance Agency.; live in Atlanta.

RUTH ADOSIA STANLEY, b July 29, 1905, m Dec. 22, 1925 Barney H. Little, b Oct. 26, 1895; Baptists in Atlanta, Ga.. He, W.W.I Vet. Children:

1. Barney Hugh Little, Jr., b Oct.,. 11, 1926, m Aug. 11, 1951 Martha Ann Garger of Hampton, Va., daughter of Dr. & Mrs. John H Garger, pastor of Hampton Baptist Church. He a grad. Georgia Tech with BS In Aeronautics, MS Univ,. Of Va.; with Lockheed-Georgia Division, Marietta, Ga. Children:

1. Martha Ann Little, b Oct. 24, 1952

b. Ruth Glenn Little, b Mar. 20, 1954

c. Barney Hugh Little III, b Feb. 24, 1957

d. Paul Stevens Little, b Mar. 2, 1958

William Stanley Little, b Aug. 22, 1930, m Nov. 26, 1952 Constance Westbrook of Smyrna, Ga., b May 19, 1932, daughter of Joseph Westbrook; he a grad. Ga. Tech in Chemical Engineering, employed by Philipps 66 Laboratory in Nuclear Research; Baptists; Children:

a. Robert Stanley Little, b 1-14-1957

b. Timothy Alan Little, b 1-10-1958

c, Peter Wyatt Little, b May 29, 1960

John Wyatt Little, b Feb. 7, 1927, grad. Univ,. Of Georgia School of Forestry., Lives Walhalla, S.C.

LULA FRANCES STANLEY, b Oct. 8, 1907, WAVE, US Navy 1943-1945, Baptist, lives Atlanta, Georgia.

JOHN WYATT STANLEY, b Sept. 11, 1910, d Apr. 13, 1940,


bur. West View Cemetery., Atlanta, m Jan. 1, 1927 Ida Jane Snyder, b Dec. 17, 1911, daughter of Jane Artha Garrett and Charles G. Snyder; lives Chicago; Issue:

1. Arthea Louise Stanley, b Feb. 13, 1930

2. Charles Wyatt Stanley, b Dec. 11, 1931

Arthea Louise Stanley, b Feb. 15, 1930, m May 5, 1950 James McDermott of Chicago; children, not necessarily listed in order of birth; Catholics:

a. Gail Ellen McDermott, b Dec. 9, 1951

b. James Regis McDermott Jr., b Sept. 9, 1953

c. Jack Wyatt McDermott

d. Thomas McDermott

e. William Denny McDermott

f. Janet McDermott

g. April McDermott

h. Tracy Lee (girl) McDermott, b Aug. 1, 1963

Charles Wyatt Stanley, b Dec. 11, 1931, m Aug. 13, 1955 Marilyn A. Slifka, b Apr. 29, 1935; served in US Air Force; children:

a. Michael Charles Stanley, b Apr. 26, 1956

b. Victoria Ann Stanley, b May 24, 1957

c. Kathryn Ann Stanley, b June 27, 1958

BLANCHE LOUISE STANLEY, b Jan. 21, 1917, m Sept. 10, 1937 Thurman Eugene Cash, b Sept. 5, 1917; Baptists; live Maryville, Tenn; he an Airport Traffic Controller; children:

1. Gene Stanley Cash, b Feb. 15, 1939

2. Jane Blanche Cash, b Oct. 11, 1944

Gene Stanley Cash, b Feb. 15, 1939, m June 1962 Ann Swinney; Baptists; children:

a. Sandra Jane Cash, b June 1, 1963

b. Jane Blanche Cash, b Oct. 11, 1944, shows promise as a concert singer



Sara Jane (Sallie) Stanley, b Oct. 1, 1991, m Dec. 4, 1899 Walton Mayfield Maddox, b Feb. 19, 1877, d June 18, 1947; sons of Julie and Dudley Maddox, bur. West View Cemetery., Atlanta, Ga.; Baptists; children:

NITA BELLE MADDOX, b May 5, 1905, m Apr. 23, 1926 Willie Victor Cantrell, b Sept. 11, 1893, son of Zora and Charles Cantrell; he a WWI Vet.; Baptists; live Stone Mountain, Ga.; children:

1. Marjorie Mae Cantrell, b June 18, 1927, m June 4, 1948 Ralph D. Satterfield, b Mar. 14, 1927, son of Leslie S. And Arthur D. Satterfield; W.W.II Merchant Marine; he with Albany Concrete Co.; she Girl Scout Council; live in Albany: children:

a. Nita Jane Satterfield, b June 15, 1949


Robert Franklin Stanley, b Oct. 24, 1884, Cobb Co., Ga., m Maidie Eloise Shieder, b Sept. 24, 1889, St. George, S.C., daughter of Thomas Benjamin and Ella Easterlin Shieder; he grad. Southern Business College, Atlanta; Baptists; lives Marietta, Ga.; on 50th anniversary in 1958 received personal congratulations from President of US Dwight D. Eisenhower: children:

1. Dorethea Eloise Stanley, b Oct., 11, 1909, Cobb Co., Ga.

2. Barbara Frances Stanley, b May 4, 1913, Marietta

3. Maidie Lee Stanley, b Aug. 26, 1915, College Park, Ga.

Dorothea Eloise Stanley, b Oct. 11, 1909, Marietta, Ga., m John Fleming Thomasson, b Oct., 24, 1906 of Rock Hill, S.C. on Nov. 26, 1930, Atlanta, Ga. She teacher’s cert. From Winthrop College, Rock Hill "S.C.; he Supt. 100 of Rock Hill Water & Sewer Dept.; Baptists, Issue:

a. John Thomasson Jr. B May 1936, Rock Hill, S.C., m Dorothea Ann Riddle, daughter of William Marshall Riddle and Mabel Lupo Riddle, Mar. 9, 1958, Greenville, S.C.; Manager Dair Farm, lives Greenville; children:

Tonya Denise Thomasson, b May 7, 1960, Orleans, France

Mark Kenneth Thomasson, b Nov. 7, 1961, Greenville

BARBARA FRANCES STANLEY, b May 4, 1913, Marietta, Ga., m John Davis McCollum, b July 6, 1908, Alpharetta, Ga., son of Dr. John D. McCollum and Clyde Shirley McCollum; he vice-pres. Of Johnny Walker, Inc.; Baptists; lives Marietta; children:

a. John Davis McCollum Jr., b Apr. 24, 1934

b. Robert Franklin McCollum, b Apr. 7, 1947

John Davis McCollum Jr., b Apr. 24, 1934, m Peggy Lujouyce Dobbs, b May 19, 1936, daughter of Ernest Eugene Dobbs and Bertha Josephine Grindle Dobbs; buyer for Lockheed Aircraft Corp., Marietta; Baptists; children:

a. Barbara Angela McCollum, b Nov. 29, 1955, Camp Gordon, Ga.

John Andrew McCollum, b Mar. 1, 1959, Marietta

Davis Eugene McCollum, b May 5, 1960, Marietta

Robert Franklin McCollum, b Apr. 6, 1947, Atlanta, Ga.

MADIE LEE STANLEY, of Falls Church, Va., b Aug. 26, 1915, College Park, Ga.; WAC with a permanent rank of Lt. Col.; now Logistics Planning Officer in Civil Service.

Thanks to Barbara Stanley McCollum for detailed information of the family of Robert Franklin Stanley).



George Edgar Stanley, b Aug. 31, 1886, d Aug. 1, 1904 after an operation for a ruptured appendix. Was living with his sister Elva and brother-in-law Sam McEachern in Rome Ga. At the time of his death. Is buried in the McEachern lot at Kennesaw Cemetery., Kennesaw, Ga.


James Felton (Jim) Stanley, b Mar. 15, 1846, d Dec. 30, 1925, m Jan. 17, 1869, Georgia Ann Williams (sister of Frances Jane who married his brother Benjamin Monroe Stanley), b Nov. 25, 1852, d Mar. 4, 1935, both bur. Liberty Hill Cemetery. Near Aceworth, Ga. He was in Co. "H" State Troops as Cobbler’s boy, CSA; children:

John Norris Stanley, b June 10, 1871

Nancy Stanley, b Aug. 12, 1873

Mary Augusta Stanley, b Nov. 14, 1877

John Norris Stanley, b June 10, 1871, d Oct. 11, 1935, m July 21, 1909 Ella Sabina Johnson, b Nov. 1, 1872, d Oct. 25, 1935; both bur. Macland Cemetery. Near Powder Springs, Ga. He a vet. Of Spanish American War; a stone-cutter by trade; Baptist; children:

James Miller Stanley, b Nov. 21, 1910, m Nov. 10, 1935, Irma Louise Land, b Aug. 15, 1907; LLB, Atlanta Law School. Member Ga. Bar Asso., Delta Theta Phi; Methodists: lives Marietta; children:

Nancy Land Stanley, b d Dec. 18, 1936

Lila Gail Stanley, b Mar. 23, 1941, Emory Univ.

James Miller Stanley, Jr., b July 28, 1946, grad. Ga. Military Academy, College Park, Ga.


Nancy Stanley, b Aug. 12, 1873, Cobb Co., Ga., d Sept. 19, 1962, m William Henry Rusk, b Apr. 4, 1866, d 102 Dec. 24, 1891; children:

Kelly Winford Rusk, b Aug. 31, 1897

George Robert Rusk, b Jan. 13, 1900

Annie Grace Rusk, b Oct. 17, 1901

William Harrell Rusk, b Apr. 27, 1904

Margaret Katherine Rusk, b Aug. 18, 1906

Nina Elizabeth Rusk, b Aug. 12, 1914

Kelly Winford Rusk, b Aug. 31, 1897, m June 12, 1916 Evelyn Kelly; Methodists; address unknown, but believed to be Clemson, S.C. Children:

Mary Elizabeth Rusk, b 1918

Ann Rusk b 1928

George Robert Rusk, b Jan. 13, 1900, d Dec. 16, 1951, m March 15, 1928 Grace Parris, b 1899, He was an accountant; an accomplished musician; Presbyterians; children:

Robert Edward Rusk, b Jan. 16, 1930, d Aug. 5, 1935

Thomas Patrick Rusk, b Mar. 1936

Annie Grace Rusk, b Oct. 17, 1901, m Aug. 41, 1929 Guy Chappell, b Oct. 15, 1892; children:

Grace Elizabeth Chappell, b June 3, 1929, m Aug. 24 ____ Wheeler Davis Weber; both grads Duke Univ.; were in the Bahamas in 1962; Lutherans; child:

Marian Suzanne Weber, b Oct. 10., 1952

William Harrell Rusk, b Apr. 27, 1904; m Sept. 1919 Alice Sullivan; grad. Georgia Tech with BS Civil Engineering;; live in New Jersey; children:

Mary Alice Rusk, b Aug. 31, 1933, East Orange NJ

William Herbert Rusk, b Mar. 13, 1936, Port St. Jo, Fla.103 David Rusk, b Jan. 12, 1942, Honolulu

Nancy Lee Rusk, b Apr. 24, 1944, Ridgewood, NJ

Margaret Katherine Rusk, b Aug. 18, 1906, m Mar/ 15. 1020 Henry Dillard Brazzell of Hogansville,
Ga., b July 3, 1898. Children:

Nancy Jane Brazzell, b Mar. 3, 1930, m Feb. 14, 1953 John Albert Brooks of Dallas, Tex.; both attended Univ. Of Ill. No further record.

Jimmy Brazzell, b Apr. 26., 1932, grad. Auburn, Ala. In US Air Force. No further record.

Nina Elizabeth Rusk, b Aug. 12, 1914; grad. Univ. Of Ga. &
RN at Emory Univ. Hospital. Served W.W.II with Nurses Corps in N. Africa. Dean of Student Nurses Emory Univ.

Mary Augusta Stanley, b Cherokee Co., Ga. Nov. 14, 1877, d May 31, 1959, m June 24, 1902 John H. Rhyne, b Mar. 13, 1861, d Jan. 15, 1943; both bur. Acworth, Ga. No children.


Benjamin Monroe Stanley, b Feb. 28, 1848, d Apr. 22, 1932, was farmer in Cherokee and then in Cobb Co., Ga., m Sept. 24, 1868 Frances Jane Williams (sister of Georgia Ann Williams who m his brother James Felton Stanley) b Dept. 19, 1850, d July 25, 1933, both bur., New Salem Cemetery., Cobb Co., Ga. Children:

Mattie Stanley, b June 21, 1869

Andrew O. Stanley, b June 24, 1872

Maggie Catherine Stanley, b Apr. 26, 1874 (twin)

Carrie Stanley, b Apr. 26, 1874 (twin)

Rilla Stanley, b June 6, 1876

Hattie Stanley, b Nov. 28, 1880

Emmett Eugene Stanley, b June 8, 1882

Katie Stanley, b Oct. 31, 1890



Mattie Stanley, b June 21, 1869, d Jan. 1, 1961, m July 19, 1885 James Timothy Terrell, b Feb. 24, 1862, d Feb. 8, 1950, son of Elizabeth Butler and Timothy Terrell, b Nov. 13, 1832 in S.C., d July 9, 1884; both bur. Adairsville, Ga., Children:

Ida E. Terrell, b Nov. 18, 1885, d Oct. 19, 1887

Ernest Benjamin Terrell, b Jan. 4, 1899

Harry Butler Terrell, b Feb. 14, 1891

James Hoyt Terrell, b Sept. 15, 1893

Mattie Lou Terrell, b Apr. 4, 1896

Florine Marian Terrell, b Aug. 4, 1900

Judson Benjamin Terrell, b Dec. 30, 1904

Ernest Benjamin Terrell, b Jan. 4, 1889, m June 28, 1914 Lillian Cleo Brock, b Gordon Co., Ga. Jan. 23, 1893, daughter of Lula D. Bradley and George W. Brock; employed Standard Oil; Baptists; last known in Knoxville, Tenn. Children:

Lillian Ernestine Terrell, b Adairsville, Ga. Jan. 7, 1916, m Feb. 28, 1934, Carl Roe Fielden, Jr., Knoxville, Tenn.; children: Carl Terrell Fielden, Alice Marie Fielden, Dan Willaim Fielden.

Harry Butler Terrell, b Feb. 13, 1891, m Aug. 1, 1916 Lillian Neal Rogers of Atlanta, Ga., b Mar. 23, 1893, daughter of Caroline Louise DeTaum and William Asher Rogers; he grad. Atlanta Law School; practiced law in Atlanta; in 1925 went to Tampa, Fla.; very active in numbers civic organizations; no children.

James Hoyt Terrell, b Sept. 15, 1893, d Jan. 21, 1952 in auto accident, m June 27, 1917 Catherine Clare Pavolosky of Adairsville, b July 28, 1898, daughter of Mary Joyce and Joseph Pavolocky (Polish); W.W.I; Children:

Catherine Clare Terrell, b Jan. 1, 1930, Macon, Ga., 105 m Apr. 16, 1955 Dr. Joseph Norman Berry, b Nov. 14, 1929, son of Vara and Brodus Berry of Charleston, S.C. grad. St. Joseph’s School of Nursing, Memphis, Tenn., studied music.

Mattie Lou Terrell, b Apr. 4, 1896, m Aug. 28, 1915 Dr., Herbert Daniel Williams, PhD, b Jan. 23, 1893, son of Fredonia McCallum and Thomas Jernegan Williams; last known address St. Petersburg, Fla.; child:

Herbert D. Williams, Jr., b Jan. 26, 1919, Albany, Ga., d Jan 15, 1941 in plane crash at the Naval Air Base, Jacksonville, Fla. Bur. Arlington Nat’l Cemetery.

Florine Marian Terrell, b Aug. 4, 1900, m Feb. 8, 1919 John Buford Brock, b Oct. 10, 1890, d July 14, 1954; past Ga. State Commander American Legion; inventor of soft drink vending machine; with Dept. of Intelligence in China W.W.II as Lt. Commander. Author several published short stories; admiral of Ga. Navy Gov. Eugene Talmadge’s staff; director of Transportation 6th Naval District. In Charleston, S.C. at the time of his death, but Adairsville, Ga.; children:

John Buford Brock Jr.,., b Sept. 20, 1919, m Jan. 24, 1948 Hilda Hilloran, Air Force; children:

John Timothy Brock, b Nov. 24, 1944, m Jan. 1, 1944 (Obviously a typo) Ralph E. Outcolt: children"

Brock Sharon Outcolt, b Mar. 4, 1945

Ralph E. Outcolt, b Dec. 7, 1946. No further information on this family.

Judson Morgan Terrell, b Dec. E0, 1904, m Apr. 20, 106 1924 Mary N. Acree of Adairsville, Ga. No further information.


Andrew O. Stanley b June 24, 1872, d Nov. 7, 1909, bur. New Salem Cemetery., m Dec. 18, 1894 Dennie Burch, b Oct. 7, 1877, daughter of D. Shaw and J. O. Burch. Children:

Marquis Leon Stanley, b Feb. 1, 1896, believed to be bur. In Adairsville, or Cartersville, Ga. With his mother.

Mattie Belle Stanley, b Oct. 25, 1898, m June 30, 1921 Gordon Spencer Powell, son of Cornelia Horne and Henry A Powell; she a retired school teacher. Last known address: Cartersville, Ga.; children:

Gordon Stanley Powell, b Oct. 20, 1924, Cartersville, m Dec. 27, 1953 Virginia Hagood, daughter of Maude Muller and Rev. J. J. Hagood; she a grad. Bessie Tift with Masters from Peabody College, was for a time on faculty of Howard College, Birmingham; he a degree Westminister Choir College in Princeton, NJ; Masters at Univ. Of Ala. W.W.II; minister of music Ponce de Leon Baptist Church. No record of children.

Carrie Stanley, b Apr. 26, 1874, d Apr. 26, 1874, probably born in Cherokee Co., Ga. And bur. There.

Maggie Catherine Stanley, b Apr. 26, 1874, is the oldest living descendant of Ezekiel Stanley and Margaret Holland Stanley. Very alert mentally, but physically not too strong. She married July 24, 1894, William R. Morgan, b Nov. 12, 1867m d Aug. 8, 1947, son of Margaret Kendrick, b Dec. 1, 1837 and Joseph Lewis Morgan, b Mar. 26, 1816. Lives Atlanta; children:

Robert Smith Morgan, b May 30, 1895

Benjamin Stanley Morgan, b Jan. 3, 1898

Louis Judson Morgan, b Mar. 7, 1900


Harry Fields Morgan, b May 20, 1902

Martha Jane Morgan, b Oct. 18, 1904

ROBERT SMITH MORGAN, b May 30, 1895, m Odell Lauderdale of Ala; W.W.I Vet..; no children.

BENJAMIN STANLEY MORGAN, b Jan. 3, 1898, d Sept. 1960, m Dec. 23, 1950 Helen M _____, believed to be his 2nd wife, believed to have m 1st Ruth Brunet; W.W.I, engraver; children:

Mary Jane Morgan, bb May 14, 1925, living in Chattanooga, Glenn. In 1960.

HARRY FIELD MORGAN, b May 20, 1902, m Lois Chandler.

MARTHA JANE MORGAN, b. Oct. 19, 1904, m Mar. 16, 1926 Solomon B. Riggins. Children:

Betty Jane Riggins, b Jan. 3, 1927, m Norman R. Stiehl, a career army man; children:

Norman R. Stiehl Jr., b Jan. 22, 1948

Mary Martha Stiehl, b Aug. 31, 1951

William Neal Riggins, b Nov. 9, 1932, was in the armed services, no further information.


Rilla Stanley, b June 6, 1876, next oldest living descendant of Ezekiel Stanley and Margaret Holland Stanley, very active member of Smyrna Baptist Church; m Dec. 20, 1894 Samuel Fowler Brinkley Jr., b Warren Co., Ga. Nov. 23, 1869, d Mar. 3, 1941, son of Emmaline Dawson and S. F. Brinkley Sr; children:

Edgar Brinkley, b May 25, 1893

Pauline Brinkley, b July 8, 1898

Benjamin Hoyt Brinkley, b Sept. 26, 1900

Jessie Leigh Brinkley, b July 11, 1902

Junious Eugene Brinkley, b Apr. 1 1912


Edgar Brinkley, b May 25, 1895, m July 20, 1914 Jennie Dunlap; she Presbyterian; he Baptist; WWI; was Supt. Southern RR; children:

William Dunlap Brinkley, b 1915, m Lourine _____

Edgar Brinkley Jr., b 1921, m Magdalene _____ and has Jimmy and Freddie.

Jacqueline Brinkley, m _____ Leher, has children.

Pauline Brinkley, b July 8, 1898, m July 15, 1919 Henry Hunter Dunn, b Aug. 28, 1895, son of Julia Sarah Hunter and John Henry Dunn; she Baptist; lives in Smyrna; children:

Sara Jane Dunn, b May 15, 1920

Georgia Rilla Dunn, b July 3, 1921

Henry Hunter Dunn Jr., b Mar. 26, 1925

Sara Jane Dunn, b May 15, 1920, m July 15, 1940 Rev. William Cheney Corley; he grad. Mercer Univ. And Southern Baptist Seminary.; children:

William Cheney Corley, Jr., b Oct. 30, 1942

Judy Corley, b July 8, 1946

Jerry Corley, b July 3, 1950

Kenneth Wayne Corley, b July 27, 1954

Henry Hunter Dunn Jr., b Mar. 26, 1925, m Sept. 20, 1943 Phyllis June Urie of Seattle, Wash. Naval Air Corps career. Children:

Robert Dunn, b May 25, 1945

Jeffrey Dunn, b June 15, 1947

Benjamin Hoyt Brinkley, b Sept. 26, 1900, m 1st Nov. 28, 1920, Era Linda Blackwell, b Apr. 17, 1898, d May 24, 1947, daughter of Ann Mitchell and Jake Lloyd Blackwell; m 2nd Feb. 14, 1949 Marie Cook; grad. Ga. Tech in Textile Engineering; lives Marietta; issue:

Benjamin Hoyt Brinkley, Jr., b Nov. 18, 1922 109 Harold Fowler Brinkley, b Jan., 29, 1927

Benjamin Hoyt Brinkley Jr., b Nov. 18, 1922, m Feb. 29, 1943 Navona Hayes, b Nov. 15, 1922, daughter of Cora Gooch and Herman Washington Hayes; WWII; Ga. Tech.grad. with masters in Textile Chemistry: children:

Karen Adele Brinkley, b Jan. 31, 1948

Donna Gwen Brinkley, b Dec. 14, 1950

Harold Fowler Brinkley, b Jan. 29, 1927, m Dec. 19, 1948 Ruth Marie Crowder, b July 18, 1929, daughter of Daisy Argo and James Buford Crowder; grad. Ga. Tech in Textile Chemical Engineering; USN during WWII, Baptist.

Jessie Leigh Brinkley, b July 11, 1902, d Dec. 23, 1960 killed in auto accident; m Oct. 20, 1920 Junious Hagan McClung Sr., b Jan. 26, 1893. He is sister of Mary Elizabeth Oglesby and James Franklin McClung; she Baptist; he Presbyterian, Mason; WWI; children:

Ann Elizabeth McClung, b Oct. 30, 1921

Junious Hagan McClung Jr., b July 1, 1923

Ann Elizabeth McClung, b Oct. 30, 1921, m July 8,m 1941 John Paul Jones, b Feb. 5, 1919, WWII; lives Chapel Hill, NC; children:

John Paul Jones, Jr., b May 10, 1945

Sharon Ann Jones, b July 29, 1947

Barbara Lee Jones, b July 20, 1949

Junious Hagan McClung Jr., b July 1, 1923, m Feb. 14, 1948 Eleanor Moore of East Orange, NJ; Baptist. He grad. Southern Pharmaceutical College, Atlanta; is druggist in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Junions Eugene Brinkley, b Apr. 1, 1912, m June 28, 1931 Mildred Valentine; Baptists; he an account. No children.


Hattie Stanley, b Nov. 28, 1880, m Nov. 28, 1900 Benjamin F. Hardage, she, a very enthusiastic person. Children:

Louise Hardage m _____, has children.

Paul Hardage

Emmett Eugene Stanley, b June 8, 1882, d 195_, m 1st Nannie Sue Gregory, no issue; m 2nd Maybelle Smith of Cartersville, Ga., has children; m 3rd Maybell Moon Thomas who d 1960 with no children of this marriage:

B. M. Stanley, m _____

Louie Eugene Stanley, m _____

Katie Stanley, b Oct. 31, 1890, m Nov. 17, 1918 George Dudley Redd, b July 2, 1893, d Mar. 11, 1931, son of Della and George W. Redd. He was a farmer of Texarkana, Texas. Children:

Earl Benjamin Redd, b Sept. 17, 1920

Frances Jane Redd, b Aug. 26, 1922, m _____

Carl Dudley Redd, b June 2, 1927

William Stanley Redd, b Apr. 28, 1929

Earl Benjamin Redd, b Sept. 17, 1920, m June 28, 1942 Marjorie Nix, b Aug. 8, 1923, daughter of Frances Lillian Robertson and William Enoch Nix. W.W.II Vet., lives Texarkana, Tex.

Frances Jane Redd, b Aug. 26, 1922, m July 4, 1938 Claude Henry Varner; b July 11, 1913, son of Rosa B. Legan and William Henry Varner. Planter of Texarkana, Tex. Child:

Claude Henry Varner Jr., b Oct. 12, 1946

Carl Dudley Redd, b June 2, 1927. No further information


William (Billy) Stanley Redd, b Apr. 28, 1929, Korean War. Vet. No further information


Mary Mollie Helena Stanley, b May 12, 1850, possibly in Pickens Co., S.C., d Nov. 19, 1933 in Alvord, Tex., m Nov. 13, 1866 Robert Anderson Watson, b July 29, 1846, d Aug. 10, 1937, son of Martha Jane Mayes and James Sidney Watson, pioneers in the settling of Cobb Co. During the early days of their married life they had a farm near the Ezekiel Stanley farm. The road by the house has been changed twice in the memory of the writer, but one is passable to the site of the house. The Watsons were wanderers and the trek "West" was so appealing they started, stopped for a short time in New Orleans, La., but Texas called and on they went., In 1927 Aunt Mollie, Uncle Bob and Cousin Maggie came to Georgia, and it was a thrill to have them in our home for a visit, and to listen to their stories of the early days in Texas, the hardships, heartbreaks, and joys. Could have listened for hours, and wish so much now I had been interested in genealogy then and taken notes of the things they told me. He was a veteran of the Civil War. They were Presbyterians. Children:

Emma Wilson Watson, b July 5, 1868 in Cobb Co., Ga., d Aug. 14, 1868, bur. Mars Hill Cemetery. Near Acworth, Ga.

Ezekiel Pickens Watson, b Jan 7, 1870, d May 19, 1874, bur. Mars Hill Cemetery.

James Sidney Watson, b Jan. 7, 1872.

Lena Claudia Watson, b Mar. 6, 1874

Una Geraldine Watson, b Mar. 6, 1874

Maggie Viola Watson, b June 26, 1878

Annie Dixon Watson, b June 26, 1880.


Robert Anderson Watson, Jr., b Jan. 29, 1884, d Jan. 12, 1901, bur. Silverton, Tex.

Mary Ethel Watson, b June 7, 1887.

Harry Stanley Watson, b Nov. 9, 1889, d Mar. 13, 1891.

Ruth Bell Watson, b Feb. 12, 1894

Infant, b & d 1896

James Sidney Watson, b Jan. 7, 1872, d Apr. 12, 1962, m Apr. 9, 1902 in Silverton, Texas Matilda Ada Dendy, b Aug. 30, 1877, d Mar. 6, 1961. His daughter Mrs. Mary (Watson) Nettleton of Teague, Tex., sent the following newspaper clipping which included a very good picture also:


"Final rites of respect for James Sidney Watson, a retired farmer were conducted at 3 p.m. Friday April 13, in the First Baptist Church in Silverton. Officiating were the Rev. Carlos McLeod, pastor and Rev. Norman Nettleton, Presbyterian minister from Teague, Texas."

"Pallbearers were Noel Davenport, Don Burson, Pat Northcutt, D. J. Northcutt, Shafe Weaver and Kenneth Sharp."

:Burial was in the Silverton Cemetery under the direction of Roberts Funeral Home."

"A native of Georgia Mr. Watson was born January 7, 1872 in Cobb County. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church.

"He was married on April 9, 1902 and when the couple celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary in 1952, they held the distinction of being the first 113 couple married in Briscoe County to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary here. Mrs. Watson preceded her husband in death in Mar. 1961. Mr. Watson at the time of his death, was one of the eldest citizens of Briscoe County, having passed the age of 90 years."

"Survivors include two sons, O’Neal Watson of Amarillo and Obra Watson, of Silverton; three daughters Miss Opal Watson of Amarillo, Mrs. Mary Nettleton of Teague and Mrs. Joyce Richards of Silverton, three sisters, Mrs. Una Burson and Mrs. Ruth Moore of Silverton, and Mrs. Maggie Jones of Alvord, three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren."

Mrs. Nettleton wrote at the time she sent the clipping: "As you see, Aunt Una Burson is listed as a survivor. She died April 22, 1962. The Pallbearers at Dad’s funeral were great nephews, except for one Kenneth Sharp."

Children of James Sidney Watson and Matilda Ada Dendy:

Mary Watson, b May 4, 1903

Joyce Watson, b May 5, 1905

O’Neal Watson, b July 3, 1911

Opal Watson, b May 30, 1915

Eilene Watson, b Apr. 3, 1917, d Apr. 19, 1917

Mary Watson, b Mar 4, 1903, m 1st Sept. 11, 1922 Paschal "Pat" P. Jones, b June 5, 1900 at Silverton, d June 23, 1925 a farmer and rancher; m 2nd Aug. 15, 1954 at San Antonio, Tex., the Rev. Norman Dubois Nettleton, Jr., b June 22, 1914 in Philadelphia, Pa. Who is a grad. Univ. Of Tulsa, Okla. BA & MA., Bachelor of Divinity, Vanderbilt Univ.; she grad. Texas Tech. In Home Economics, teacher, home demonstration agent, home management supervisor for U.S.D.A., O.E.S. Their child:

Marinell Jones, b & d Jan. 22, 1925.


Verba Nell Northcutt, b Aug. 15, 1927, m July 18, 1947, Jack Osborne, live Perryton, Tex. Children:

Donald Scott Osborne, b Sept. 21, 1949

Janannet Osborne, b Oct. 3, 1950

Olan Gwinn Northcutt, b Sept. 4, 1903, m June 2, 1926 Gertrude Pennington, lives Seymour, Ind., Issue:

Olan Gwinn Northcutt Jr., b Apr. 29, 1927, Silverton, Tex.

Doris Northcutt, b June 26, 1928, Quitaque, Tex.

Earlene Northcutt, b Sept. 4, 1930, Hobbs, N. Mex.

Agnes Geraldine Northcutt, b Apr. 19, 1905, m 1st May 20, 1922 John Cecil Kendrick, b Nov. 20, 1898, d June 20, 1926, bur. Silverton, son of John w. Kendrick of Ala.; m 2nd Feb. 12, 1929 Roy Clarence Allard, b Mar. 20, 1894 at Stevenville, Tex., son of Mary and Walter Allard. WWI Vet.; rancher; lives Brice Station Tex. Child:

Johnnie Geraldine Kendrick, b Oct. 20, 1926 after father’s death, m June 11, 1942 H. Shafe Weaver, b Apr. 8, 1922, son of Mat Weaver; WWII Vet., Methodist, lives Silverton, Texas.

Thomas Jerald Northcutt, b Sept. 10, 1907, m Apr. 22, 1935, Tulsa Owens of

Amarillo, Tex., lives Wichita, Kansas. Children:

Ona Darlene Northcutt, b May 7, 1936

Peggy Dean Northcutt, b Jan. 3, 1940

Joyce Watson, b Nov. 15, 1905, m Sept. 20, 1934 Sidney (Sid) L. Richards, b Nov. 15, 1901, Presbyterians, lives Silverton, Tex.

O’Neal Watson, b Sept. 30, 1907, m June 9, 1935 Cleora Turner, b Aug. 12, 1902; owns and operates West Texas Barber College, Amarillo, Tex. Issue:


Donna Fay Watson, b May 4, 1940, m June 1958 Troyce Mitchell, lives Tucumcari, N. Mex. And has Roby, b July 17, 1959 and Bruce, b May 5, 1961

James Samuel Watson, b Nov. 6, 1941, m July 1, 1961 Judy Evans.

Orba Watson, b July 3, 1911, m Dec. 22, 1940 Jessie Mae Rose, b June 22, 1911, she member of Church of Christ, grad. Texas Tech, BS in Home Economics, teacher and works for USDA; he a Presbyterian, lives Silverton, Tex.; has Joe Bob Watson, b May 2, 1947.

Opal Watson, b May 30, 1915, BBA from Texas Tech, lives ins Amarillo.

Lena Claudia Watson, b Silverton, Tex. Mar. 16, 1874, d Nov. 11, 1961, m Dec. 27, 1892 Thomas Alfred Northcutt, b Mar. 22, 1869, d Feb. 25, 1919, son of Lucy Welch and John Alexander Northcutt. Children:

Albert Rodgers Northcutt, b June 17, 1894

Dalton Tully Northcutt, b Feb. 17, 1896

Douglas John Northcutt, b Jan. 10, 1898

Robert Alvis Northcutt, b May 27, 1900, d Oct. 16, 1918.

Olan Gwinn Northcutt, b Sept. 4, 1903

Agnes Geraldine Northcutt, b Apr. 19, 1905

Thomas Jerald Northcutt, b Sept. 10, 1907

Velma Helen Northcutt, b Sept. 26, 1909

Florence Dixie Northcutt, b Sept. 18, 1914.

Albert Rodgers Northcutt, b June 17, 1894, m May 5, 1915 Eula Amason, b Oct. 8, 1897, d Feb. 21, 1923, daughter of Margaret Ann Clemintine Marcus, and William Miles Amason; m 2nd Oct. 7, 1927 Mrs. Frances Alberta Timberlake Dawson; he Treasurer of Briscoe Co. For many years, owns and operates ranch near Senaca, N. Mex. The children by the 1st marriage:

Deryal Telephus Northcutt, b Feb. 3, 1917, d Dec. 2, 1933.


Albert Rodger Northcutt Jr., b Jan. 13, 1919, d Jan. 16, 1928, bur. Silverton, Tex.

Mary Kathleen Northcutt, b Feb. 20, 1920.

Reola Faye Northcutt, b June 19, 1921.

Margaret Eula Northcutt, b Feb. 17, 1923.

Mary Kathleen Northcutt, b Feb. 29, 1920 at Scholle, N. Mex., m June 8, 1928 Thomas McDowell Neese, b Oct. 15, 1915, lives Amarillo, Tex. Children:

Regina Ann Neese, b May 31, 1938

Deryal Glenn Neese, b May 17, 1940

Mattie Belle Neese, b May 28, 1942

Dannie Mack Neese, b Aug. 19, 1943

Peggy June Neese, b Dec. 29, 1946

Joni Yvonne Neese, b Mar. 6, 1950

Reola Faye Northcutt, b June 19, 1921, Mountainaire, N. Mex., m May 19, 1935 Roy Henderson, Canyon, Tex. Children:

Roy Dean Henderson, b Feb. 17, 1936, m Dec. 4, 1954 Laoma Hershey, has Connie Dean Henderson, b Aug. 25, 1955

Albert Henderson, b & d Sept. 22, 1937, bur Silverton, Tex.

Tommie Henderson, b Dec. 10, 1941.

Norma Lou Henderson, b Apr. 7, 1943.

Margaret Dula Northcutt, b Feb. 17, 1923 Silverton, Tex., m Mar. 6,1946 Clyde Pannell, b Dec. 22, 1912:

Deryal Pannell, b Dec. 6, 1946

Diane Pannell, b Aug. 7, 1948

Dalton Tully Chick Northcutt, b Feb. 17, 1896, m June 20, 1924 Artie Lowery, b Oct. 6, 1905, WWI Vet., Presbyterians, lives Silverton. Children:

Fred Northcutt, b Feb. 17, 1925, d Oct. 5, 1935 117

Jean Northcutt, b Sept. 13, 1926.

Pat Lowery Northcutt, b Sept. 14, 1934.

Jean Northcutt, b Sept. 10, 1926, m Aug. 26, 1947 David Kellum; Presbyterians; both registered Pharmacists, lives Torrington, Wyo. Children:

Celia Jean Kellum, b Mar. 10, 1950.

Lou Marie Kellum, b Sept. 21, 1952.

Pat Lowery Northcutt, b Sept. 15, 1934, m June 30, 1955 Mary Lou Bellinger; he Presbyterian, she Methodist.

Douglas John Northcutt, b Jan. 10, 1898, m 1st Sept. 7, 1918, Ina Jonnie Holt, b Feb. 3, 1902, d Nov. 24, 1932; m 2nd June 3, 1933 Moselle Moseley, b Apr. 27, 1913. He was Deputy Sheriff in Amarillo. Children:

Louetta Fay Northcutt, b Nov. 9, 1917

Bethleen Northcutt, b Nov. 12, 1920

Douglas John Northcutt, Jr., b Aug. 8, 1923

Verba Nell Northcutt, b Aug. 15, 1927

Louetta Fay Northcutt, b Nov. 9, 1917, m Nov. 25, 1937 Frank Shaffer; lives Perryton, Tex.; children:

Richard Shaffer, b Mar. 8, 1948

Frank Keith Shaffer, b June , 1959

Bethleen Northcutt, b Nov. 12, 1920, m 1st Apr. 17, 1927 William Horace McIntyre, b Sept. 16, 1920; m 2nd Feb. 2, 1951 Noel Davenport. Live Silverton. Child:

William Donald McIntyre, b Sept. 16, 1940.

Douglas John Northcutt Jr., b Aug. 8, 1923, m July 21, 1945, Marjorie Dalluge, live Tulia, Tex., has:

Johnnie Michael Northcutt, b Jan 1, 1947

Douglas Keith Northcutt, b June 11, 1948

Roxanna Northcutt, b Oct. 9, 1951


Velma Helen Northcutt, b Sept. 26, 1909, m Mar. 7, 1927 Clarence Franklin Rhodes, b Jan. 20, 1905, lives Amarillo. Children:

Wanda Nell Rhodes, b Sept. 5, 1932

Jimmie Dale Rhodes, b May 17, 1937

Caroline Sue Rhodes, b June 15, 1943

Connie Lou Rhodes, b June 20, 1947

Wanda Nell Rhodes, b Sept. 5, 1932, m May 2, 1956 Ivy Roy Smith, she a past exchange Sec’t. For the US Gov. In Yokohama, Japan and Korea; he WWII Vet., lives Junction City, Kansas

Una Geraldine Watson, b Jan. 6, 1876 in Cobb Co., Ga., d Apr. 22, 1962, Silverton, Tex., m 1894 Jonathan "Jon" Burson, b 1866, son of Mary Hightower and Elisha Burson, d 195_; he a banker, rancher; Baptists, Issue:

Roy Burson, b 1895, d 1901

Ada Burson, b 1896, d 1901

Infant, b & d 1898

Bland Burson, b 1899

Tony Burson, b 1903

Bethel Burson, b 1904

Troy Burson, b 1906

True Burson, b 1908

Anna Burson, b 1910

Infant b & d 1911

Bland Burson, b 1899, m April 30, 1919, Frances Alexander, daughter of Sam Alexander: rancher; children:

Joe Burson, b 1920

Vance Burson, b 1924, unm; killed WWII plane crash.

Ned Burson, b 1928

Joe Burson, b 1920 d 1954, m Kalita Humphreys both killed in their private plane. No issue.

Ned Burson, b 1928, m Joanne Swafford, has: 119 Vance Burson, b 1950

Nathan Burson, b 1953

Tony Burson, b 1903, m Daisy Montgomery, daughter of Mary Jane Evans and Allen Walter Montgomery; planter and rancher, no children.

Bethel Burson, b 1904, m Mr. 24, 1923 Leslie Holland Turner, b Dec. 25, 1900, son of Eula Swinburn and W. F. Turner; he a cartoonist; children:

Joy Turner, b 1925, m Ernest Luke

Ann Turner, b 1926, m James Cook

Toby Turner, b 1939

Joy Turner, b 1925, m Ernest Luke, has:

Peter Luke, b 1947

Kim Luke, b 1949

Ann Turner, b 1926, m James Cook, b 1926, children:

Jan Cook, b 1948

James Cook, b & d 1951

Carol Cook, b 1954

Troy Burson, b 1906, m Oct. 14, 1934 Mildred Cloyd, b Dec. 10, 1910, daughter of Alma Gardner and George Cloyd, wheat farmer, no children.

True Burson, b 1908, m Apr. 7, 1929 Iris Crawford, b Dec. 23, 1908, daughter of Eula B. Perkins and Miner Crawford, planter and rancher, children:

Betty Nan Burson, b 1929

Don Burson, b 1932

Betty Nan Burson, b 1929, m Toby Penn, has Karen Penn, b 1951

Don Burson, b 1932, m Mary Thom Bomar, b 1934, has 120

Tommy Burson b 1953 and John Burson b 1955.

Anna Burson, b 1910, m June 14, 1942 Shelby Douglas Swann, b 1906, son of Minnie Lee Dixon and James C. Swann; children:

Susan Swann, b 1943

John Swann, b 1952

Maggie Viola Watson, b Mar. 23, 1878, m Dec. 30, 1896 Alexander Jackson Jones Jr., b Apr. 8, 1862, d Mar. 6, 1949, son of Martha Elizabeth and Alexander Jackson Jones Sr. Children":

Paul Alexander Jones, b Mar. 17, 1898

Dock Jewett Jones, b Oct. 11, 1900

Glenn Watson Jones, b Nov. 22, 1902

Johnnie Stanley Jones, b Apr. 26, 1907

Paul Alexander Jones, b Mar. 17, 1898, m 1930 Bessie Baker and has Paul Alexander Jones Jr., b 1936, WWII Vet.

Dock Jewett Jones b. Oct. 11, 1900, m 1926 Velma Mercer and has:

Maggie May Jones, m Edward Davis

Peggy Jones, b Mar. 3, 1926, m John Hinesley

Frank Jones b 1941

Robert Jones, b 1952

Peggy Jones, b Mar. 3, 1936, m Dec. 1953 John Hinesley and has a daughter b 1953

Glenn Watson Jones, b Nov., 22, 1902, m 1926 Beatrice Mason, has:

Clara Bell Jones, m Jack Downing

Mary Evalin Jones, m Delwyn Scott

Shirley Jones m Nick Angolin (in NY)

Joe Alexander Jones, WWII Vet. 121 Johnnie Stanley Jones, b Apr. 26, 1907, m Mar. 7, 1929 Nettie Beatrice Perkins, d May 31, 1920; m ;2nd Oct. 7, 1932 Alice Rowena Blackwell: children:

Melba Jean Jones, b May 31, 1920

John Stanley Jones Jr., b May 1, 1934

Russel Dean Jones, b Oct. 11, 1939

Martha Rowena Jones

Melba Jean Jones, b May 31, 1930, m in Centerton, Ark. Aug. 15, 1948, Harold Finis Wells, children:

Linda Jean Wells, b Sept. 30, 1949

Harold Ray Wells, b Jan 15, 1951

John Lynn Wells, b Oct., 13, 1954

John Stanley Jones, b May 1, 1934, m Sept. 12, 1952 Edna Louise Wise in Washington DC, lives in Tulsa Okla. And has Diana Louise Jones, b Mar. 5, 1954.

Annie Dixon Watson, b June 26, 1860, d Feb. 1, 1919, m Dec. 22, 1897 Quimby Brown, b July 30, 1860, has:

Otho Cooper Brown, b Apr., 14, 1900, d Feb. 18, 1901

George James Brown, b Feb. 10, 1902.

Viola Maude Brown, b June 30, 1904.

Lela Oleta Brown, b June 9, 1906.

Annie Marie Brown, b May 10, 1910.

Theo Otis Brown, b Jan. 4, 1913, d Jan. 28, 1919.

Ima Ruth Brown, b Nov. 25, 1917.

Annie Dixon Watson was Quimby Brown’s second wife. Her 7 children were half brothers and sisters of 6 older Brown children by his first wife.

George James Brown, b Feb. 10, 1902, m Oct. 18, 1925 Edna Belle Gibson, b Apr. 23, 1901, daughter of Nancy Brookshire and Andrew Roe Gibson; Baptists; lives Colorado Springs, Colo. Children:

Billie Dean Brown, b Aug. 8, 1926.122

George James Brown Jr., b Jan. 11, 1935

Viola Maude Brown, b June 30, 1904, m Mar. 10, 1944 William Henry Stallings, b Jan. 13, 1899; she grad. Simmons Univ. Of Abilene, Tex.; he WWII Vet., lives Brownfield, Tex., no children.

Lela Oleta Brown, b June 9, 1906, m Rex Miller, Denver City, Tex., has Annie Marie Brown.

Annie Marie Brown, b May 10, 1919, m Bob Shirk; Colorado springs, Colo. and has Karen Shirk.

Ima Ruth Brown, b Nov. 25, 1917, m Neil Rupert; Carlsbad, N. Mex. And has Dorothy Rupert and Linda r.

Mary Ethel Watson, b June 7, 1887, d Feb. 7, 1955, m Apr. 1, 1905 Rupert Lee Self. The Watson grandparents reared the Self children;

Robert Lee Self, b Apr. 15, 1906

Oleta Helene Self, b July 2, 1908

Orvel Ira Self, b Apr. 5, 1912

Iola Ruth Self, b Jan. 20, 1914

Errol Austin Self, b Mar. 22, 1916

Howard Watson Self, b Feb. 18, 1919

Robert Lee Self, b Apr., 15, 1906, m Feb. 12, 1934 Leah Moore, daughter of Harvey Moore; owns Self’s Inc.; Christian Church; Vallen Center, Kan., has:

Shirley Ann Self, b Jan. 30, 1935

Eldon Lee Self, b Nov. 18, 1928

Thell Dee Self, b Jan. 30, 1940

Shirley Ann Self, b Jan. 30, 1925, m May 1053 Bill Reffner of Wichita, Kas.; she grad. Stephens College, Columbia, Mo.; has Stepahny Ann Reffner, b Feb. 3, 1954.

Oleta Helene Self, b July 2, 1908, m May 18, 1937 123 George Vernon Dake; he WWII Vet.; Methodists; she in Real Estate Business; lives Sherman Oaks, Calif. No children:

Orvel Ira Self, b Apr. 5, 1913, m Dec. 16, 1935 Edna Mae Evens, b Jan. 13, 1913, daughter of Earl Evens; he owns Self Plumbing & Heating Co., lives Tulsa, Okla., has:

Charlotte Sue Self, b July 12, 1928, m Feb. 25, 1956 Rich Kenneth Murdock, son of Doyce Murdock.

Iola Ruth Self, b Jan. 20, 1914, m Apr. 11, 1933, Fred Eldan Martin, b Sept. 22, 1913, son of Harry Martin; owns Martin’s Barbecue Restaurant; Christian Church; lives Tulsa, has:

Jerry Eldan Martin, b Nov. 13, 1935.

Jo Ann Martin, b Mar. 20, 1939.

Errol Austin Self, b Mar. 22, 1916, m June 1944 Dorothy Mae Lewis, WWII Vet., Citation for bravery, Purple Heart, and others, retired Major; real estate broker; Beverly Hills, Calif.; has Mark Errol Self, b May 22, 1949.

Howard Watson Self, b Feb. 18, 1919, m Mar. 1941 Doris Ann Grimm, b July 21, 1921, daughter of Jack Grimm, WWII Vet.; owner Self’s Plumbing and Heating Co., Eugene Oregon and Howard’s Barbecue; Christian Church; Veneta, Oregon. Children:

Denna Carrol Self, b Feb. 12, 1942

Linda Louise Self, b July 9, 1943

Randall Howard Self, b Oct. 4, 1946

Steven Errol Self, b Feb. 3, 1951

Aleta Arlene Self, b Mar. 7, 1953

Ruth Belle Watson, b Feb. 12, 1894, m Aug. 30, 1914 James E. Moore, b Sept. 16, 1890, son of Lucy and Abner P. Moore, attended Seth Ward College and _____


Tech at Lubbock, lives Silverton, Tex. Children:

James Otis Moore, b July 4, 1915.

Frederick Boyd Moore, b Sept. 20, 1920.

James Otis Moore, b July 4, 1915, m July 25, 1939 Dorothy Jones, daughter of Jessie and Paul Jones; Baptists; lives Midland, Tex. Children:

Jack Moore, b Feb. 13, 1941

Jimmie Don Moore, b Aug. 17, 1947

Kathy Jean Moore, b June 1, 1952

Frederick Boyd Moore, b Sept. 20, 1917, m Sept. 20, 1935 Hazel Brewer, daughter of Lola and George B Brewer; Baptists; WWII; lives Salinas, Calif.; has Jean Ann More, b July 15, 1944.


Cynthia Jane Stanley, b Feb. 12, 1853, d Mar. 14, 1895, m Nov. 4, 1869 Lorenzo Dow Jackson, b Apr. 4, 1847, d Dec. 25, 1913; Baptists, farmer, bur. Mars Hill Cemetery. Children:

Delilah Jackson, b July 28, 1870

Ettie Josephine Jackson, b July 21, 1872

Infant son, b & d May 17, 1874.

Kittie Jackson, b Apr. 17, 1875, d July 17, 1875,

Homer Stanley Jackson, b July 17, 1876

Minnie Gober Jackson, b Sept. 25, 1879

Margaret Jackson, b Mar. 10, 1880

Leonora Jane Jackson, b Oct. 15, 1881

John Harris Jackson, b Feb. 18, 1884

Charlie Lee Jackson, b Sept. 5, 1885

Annie Lou Jackson, b Apr. 28, 1887

Henry Coleman Jackson, b July 6, 1889

Dow Jackson, b Mr. 9, 1893, d July 23, 1893

Delilah Jackson, b July 28, 1870, d Sept. 20, 1948, m Jan. 22, 1891 Arthur Emmett Orr, b Sept. 27, 1867, 125 d June 8, 1934, son of Sarah Scott and William Henry Orr; Presbyterians; children:

Infant daughter b & d May 1892

William Horace Orr, b Oct. 17, 1893

Mamie Orr, b Sept. 24, d Oct. 7, 1895

Homer Enman Orr, b Mar., d May 1, 1898

Hugh Lorenzo Orr, b July 9, 1899

Margaret Mae Orr, b Aug. 20, 1902

Minnie Irene Orr, b Oct. 25, 1904, d Oct., 22, 1906

Lilah Jane Orr, b June 9, d Oct. 22, 1908

Mary Agnes Orr, b July 14, 1911

William Horace Orr, b Oct. 17, 1893. From his Tomb Stone in Mars Hill Cemetery; "Sgt. Wm Horace Orr, Co. #325 Inf. 82 Div., son of A. E. And Delilah Orr, b Oct. 17, 1893. Killed in battle of Argonne Forest Oct. 14, 1918. We take our name from he who gave his all that we might live in peace. Horace Orr Post No. 29, Marietta, Ga." He never married.

Hugh Lorenzo Orr, b July 9, 1899, m 1st Clara Richardson, m 2nd _____. Lives in Smyrna, Ga. Children by the 1st marriage:

Hugh Lorenzo Jr. B Feb. 2, 1924, m Jan. 1948 Mildred Davis lives Smyrna, Ga., has Hugh Lorenzo Orr III, b Feb. 12, 1949.

William Niles Orr, b in Griffin, Ga., July 2, 1927, m Nadine Baxter, d Dec. 3, 1954 who was b in Murray Co., Feb. 25, 1923; lives Marietta; has:

Cheryl Lynn Orr, b Jan. 3, 1956

Elizabeth Ann Orr, b Oct. 30, 1957

Judy Marie Orr, b June 5, 1960

Marjorie Clair Orr, b Feb. 27, 1931, m July 28, 1951 Joseph Herbert Brantley; lives in Atlanta, has:


Barbara Clair Brantley, b Aug. 12, 1952

Ann Stevens Brantley, b July 8, 1954

Thomas Kirven Brantley, b Aug. 29, 1960

Ashley Niles Brantley, b Mar. 30, 1963

Margaret Mae Orr, b Aug. 20, 1902, interested in music and civic work, Insurance Co., employee, lives Marietta, Ga.

Mary Agnes Orr, b July 14, 19111, m Apr. 15, 1948 Francis Zoillie Ison, b Sept. 19, 1909, he W.W.II Vet., lives Griffin, Ga., has Mary Margaret Ison, b Sept. 26, 1939

Ettie Josephine Jackson, b July 21, 1872, m Aug. 20, 1893 William Esker Earwood, d 195_,. Issue:

Mary Lee Earwood, m Mark McDonald and had Dorothy McDonald and Paul McDonald.

Floyd Earwood, has children; no record.

Cecil Earwood, has children; no record.

Annie Mae Earwood, b Mar. 4, 1902, m Feb. 5, 1922 J. Frank Haney, b Mar. 8, 1903; lives Stone Mountain, Ga. And has:

Marshall M. Vaughn Jr., b June 18, 1936

"Penny" Vaughn, b Aug. 21, 1952

Timothy Vaughn, b Nov. 14, 1957

Harold Earwood, has children. No record/

Homer Stanley Jackson, b July 17, 1876, d Feb. 22, 1947, m Dec. 26, 1897 Eliza Terry, d 195_; had Clara Jackson b Oct. 1903, m Jacob C. Williamson and lives in Atlanta.

Minnie Gober Jackson, b Sept. 25, 1878, d Dec. 24, 1909 127 m B. Carl Busby on Dec. 23, 1906; children:

Mallene Busby, b 1907

Irene Busby, b Dec. 9, 1909

Mallene Busby, b 1907, m George Nelson, lives in Cartersville, Ga., has:

Elaine Nelson

Carey George Nelson

Irene Busby, b Dec. 9,. 1909 m 1st Frank Chilton, m 2nd June 6, 1959 Clyde Pittman, b Aug. 13, 1908, lives Cedartown, Ga.; has:

John Frank Chilton Jr., m _____ from Calif.; has: Debbie Chilton, Andy Chilton, Terry Chilton, Mack Chilton and _____ Chilton.

Margaret Jackson, b Mar. 10, 1889, m Carl Busby; no children but was Mother to her sister’s daughters. Mallene and Irene. Lives Cedartown, Ga.

Leonora Jane Jackson, b Oct. 15, 1881, d Aug. 8, 1962, m Dec. 25, 1901 Levi Asbury Foster, b Feb. 26, 1875, d Jan. 20, 1913, son of Nancy McIntyre and Joseph Foster; has children:

Harry Jackson Foster, b Nov. 14, 1902

Hoyt Kenneth Foster, b Nov. 11, 1904

Eunice Elizabeth Foster, b Nov. 8, 1908

Henry Jackson Foster, b Nov. 14, 1902, m 1925 Lillian

Wood; W.W.II Vet.; Civil Service stationed in Germany, has Harry Jackson Foster, b Nov. 22, 1926.

Hoyt Kenneth Foster, b Nov. 11, 1904, m Mar. 13, 1932 Louise Jackson, b Feb. 23, 1912; lives
Atlanta, Ga.; Baptists; has Susan Madeline Foster, b Apr. 22, 1933 who m June 1962 ______.

Eunice Elizabeth Foster, b Nov. 8, 1908, m Max. Elbert Underhill, b Feb. 26, 1898 lives Groton, Conn. No children.

John Harris Jackson, b Feb. 18, 1884, d Mr. 2, 1939, m Nan Cox, both bur. New Salem Cemetery., Cobb Co., Ga.; Baptists; no children.

Charles Lee Jackson, b Sept. 1885, m June 23, 1909, Clara Belle Chastain, b Apr. 7, 1886, daughter, of Katie Winn and Whit T. Chastain; lives Atlanta; has:

Mary Evelyn Jackson, b May 11, 1910.

Sara Winn Jackson, b June 10, 1911.

Irma Kate Jackson, b Jan. 24, 1913

Carolyn Chastain Jackson, b June 7, 1914

Clara Ann Jackson, b Oct. 14, 1917.

Mary Evelyn Jackson, b May 11, 1910, m Nov. 23, 1932 Orin Willard Blanton, b Jan. 19, 1906, son of Minnie Westray and Charles C. Blanton; Methodist: lives Tallahassee, Fla.; has Jackson Orin Blanton, b Oct. 28, 1939.

Sara Winn Jackson, b June 10, 1911, m July 3, 1931 John Thomas Chambers, b Apr. 23, 1910; Methodist: W.W.II Vet.; has Sara Jacquelyn Chambers, b Sept. 14, 1934.

Irma Kate Jackson, b Jan. 24, 1913, d 1961, m Mar. 23, 1937 Ernest Francis Emmel, b Dec. 21`, 1901, d 1961 about 3 mos. Before his wife. He was son of Alma Hayward and Frederick Emmel; b in Minneapolis, Minn./ Christian Church; has Susan Frances Emmel, b July 17, 1943.

Carolyn Chastain Jackson, b June 7, 1914, m July 31, 1934 Robert Eugene Blackwell, b July 18, 1912, Rutledge, Ga.; Methodist: has Robert Eugene Blackwell III, b Sept. 17, 1942.


Clara Anne Jackson, b Oct. 14, 1917, m Jan. 14, 1944 Charles Frank Fennell, b Mar. 21, 1915, son of Anne Cashman and Ben Carey Fennell; lawyer, Emory Univ.; Presbyterians, Savannah, Ga.; no children.

Annie Lou Jackson, b Apr. 28, 1887, m Dec. 23, 1906 Cleveland Columbus James, b July 19, 1886, son of Elizabeth Brassell and Alfred James; lives Marietta, Ga. Children:

Albert C. James, b Nov. 13, 1907.

Herman Dow James, b Jan. 15, 1910.

Henry Edward James, b Jan. 22, 1912.

Samuel Willis James, b Oct. 17, 1913.

Raymond Lee James, b Apr. 22, 1915.

Albert C. James, b Nov. 13, 1907, m Eva Mae Terry, b Aug. 10, 1906, daughter of _____ Osborn and John Terry; Methodists; lives Marietta, Ga. Children:

Elizabeth Ann James, b Oct. 14, 1935, m 196) Don Elrod; he an artist; Methodists; no children.

Rose Mary James, b Mar. 24, 1946.

Herman Dow James, b Jan. 15, 1910, m July 7, 1932 Evelyn Perry; Catholics; children:

Margaret "Peggy" Ann James, b Oct. 26, 1939

Herman Dow James, Jr., b July 13, 1941.

Henry Edward James, b Jan. 22, 1912, m Dec. 11, 1933 Ruby Adams; lives Rossville, Ga. Children:

Earls James, b Dec. 27, 1942.

Joy James, b May 24, 1948

Samuel Willis James, b Oct. 17, 1913, m Dec. 22, 1933 Lola Beaty; Presbyterians; Grad. Georgia Tech; Supt. Summerville Cotton Mills; she teaches school: 130 lives Summerville, Ga.; has Martha James, b Apr. 14, 1914.

Raymond Lee James, b Apr. 22, 1915, m Apr. 25, 1944 Irma Kathryn Borrks; Baptists; W.W.II; lives Powder Springs, Ga.; has Cathy James, b June 24, 1949.

Henry Coleman Jackson, b July 6, 1889, d 1961, m 1908 Ruby Babb, daughter. Of J. C. Babb of Atlanta; has Henry Coleman Jr., b 1925, m Elizabeth Mann of Greenville, SC and lives Griffin, Ga. With children: Henry Coleman Jackson II, Gail Jackson, Thomas Jackson, John Harris Jackson, by 1960 and James Stanley Jackson.


Neville Eugene "Bud" Stanley, b Feb. 3, 1855, d July 2, 1942, m in Cherokee Co., Ga./, Feb. 13, 1876 Lou Zanie McLain, b May 6, 1851, d Oct. 10, 1925; he a Baptist Minister. Children:

Osie Ola Stanley, b Feb. 18, 1882.

Ethel Eugenia Stanley, b Oct. 2, 1883.

Infant daughter. 1885

Lena Belle Stanley, b Mar. 8, 1887.

Infant 1889

Infant 1890

Lois Louise Stanley, b Aug. 8, 1892.

Ruth Irene Stanley, b Feb. 18 18__.

Osie Ola Stanley, b Feb. 18, 1882, d May 6, 1928, m Jan. 5, 1901 Thomas Harvel Rutledge, d Dec. 24, 1928, Methodist. Children:

Ida Lucile Rutledge, b Dec. 13, 1902

Katie Mae Rutledge, b May 13, 1906.

Tom Felton Rutledge, Feb. 5, 1908, d Nov., 1908.

William Cicero Rutledge, b Sept. 15, 1909.

Alton Bates Rutledge, b Aug. 11, 1915. 131 Ida Lucile Rutledge, b Dec. 13, 1902, d Jan. 13, 1941, m Aug. 16, 1922 Ira Harris Lewis, b Nov. 1, 1901; Kennesaw, Ga., children:

Curtis Marris Lewis, b May 25, 1923.

Frank Harvel Lewis, b Aug. 15, 1924.

Osie Juanita Lewis, b July 4, 1928.

Emma Jean Lewis, b Jan. 31, 1934.

No record of Curtis H. Lewis or Osie Juanita Lewis.

Frank Harvel Lewis, b Aug. 20, 1960, m Aug. 7, 1948 Barbara Brandt; lives Dublin, Ga.; children:

Frances Marion Lewis, b Oct. 2, 1945.

Mary Anita Lewis, b Sept. 22, 1950.

Julia Maria Lewis, b July 23, 1952.

Thomas Anthony Lewis, b Oct. 7, 1954.

Barbara Catherine Lewis, b Oct. 31, 1956.

Emma Jean Lewis, b Jan. 31, 1934, m Dec. 9, 1950 Fred H. Huggins, b Nov. 28, 1929; lives Acworth, Ga. Has Freda Jean Huggins b May 13, 1953 and Pamela Elizabeth Huggins, b Mr. 22, 1055.

Katie Mae Rutledge, b May 13, 1906, m Dec. 20, 1925 John Quill Hillhouse; lives Kennesaw, Ga., and has:

Henry David Hillhouse, b Dec. 24, 1927.

Harvel Lee Hillhouse, b June 5, 1936.

Henry David Hillhouse, b Dec. 24, 1927, m July 22, 1949 Edith Joyce Westbrook, has issue, no record.

William Cicero Rutledge, b Sept. 15, 1909, m Sept. 21, 1929 Ethalda Hughes, b Mar. 12, 1911; Methodist; lives Old Hickory, Tenn.; has children:

Audrey Louise Rutledge, b July 12, 1930. 132

Virginia Fay Rutledge, b May 31, 1934.

Frances June Rutledge, b June 24, 1938.

Billy Frank Rutledge, b Oct. 23, 1939.

Audrey Louise Rutledge, b July 12, 1930, m June 4, 1948, Kenneard Payton Maxwell; has children:

Kenneth Payton Maxwell Jr., b Dec. 7, 1949.

Rebecca Louise Maxwell, b Mar. 12, 1953. Note: The book has his father as Kenneard, son as Kenneth Jr. ???

Alton Bates Rutledge, b Aug. 11, 1915, m Mar. 25, 1929 Mildred Toney, b Jan. 3, 1914, daughter. Of Sarah Wallace Bishop, Nov. 13, 1896 and Charles Edward Toney, b Mar. 7, 1893, and granddaughter of John Morgan Gallihon Toney, b Jan. 9, 1863; Methodist; lives Murfreesboro, Tenn. Children:

Barbara Carol Rutledge, b Aug. 14, 1941.

Beverly Joyce Rutledge, b May 2, 1947.

Ethel Eugenia Stanley, b Oct. 2, 1883, Cherokee Co., Ga., d ca Sept. 1960 in Truth or Consequences, N. Mex., m Feb. 4, 1900 James Washington Ellison, b Feb. 20, 1873, Cherokee Co., Ga.; left Ga. In 1901 for Okla., then to Texas where he died. Children:

Hubert Delano Ellison, b Feb. 11, 1901.

Nannie Estall Ellison, b July 16, 1902.

Oscar Hoyt Ellison, B. Oct. 1`3, 1903.

Elijah Eugene Ellison, b Jan. 19, 1905.

Mary Lee Ellison, b Feb. 23, 1906.

Aubra Jeffers Ellison, b Jan. 19 1908.

Bessie Irene Ellison, b Sept. 12, 1910.

Lois Lucile Ellison, b Nov. 3, 1911.

Jeannie Veneta Ellison, b Jan. 17, 1921.

Hubert Delano Ellison, b Feb. 11, 1901, in Cherokee Co., Ga.; m Dec. 23, 1925 Katie O. Head; Methodists; lives Truth or Consequences, N. Mex. Children:

Jimmie Jeannette Ellison, b Oct. 22, 1927. 133 Jerry Dudley Ellison, b Feb. 19, 1934.

Lilly Ann Ellison, b Nov. 8, 1936.

Lois Marie Ellison, b June 5, 1938.

Jimmie Jeannette Ellison, b Oct. 22, 1937, m Mar. 4, 1945 C. R. Howard Jr. Of Pampas, Tex., b July 5, `927; Episcopalians; Pampas Tex.; has a child James Douglas Howard.

Nannie Estelle Ellison, b July 16, 1902, m Dec. 23, 1923 Thomas Ebb Rhodes, b Cook Co., Tex. Nov. 7, 1899; Church of Christ; Bovina, Tex. Has:

Howard Wayne Rhodes, b Feb. 1, 1927, d Feb. 21, 1927.

Dorothy Jean Rhodes, b May 19, 1929.

Thomas Ebb Rhodes, b Feb. 1, 1931.

Dorothy Jean Rhodes, b May 19, 1929, m Nov. 23, 1950 Burl Lynn Simms, b Oct. 21, 1926; he a Baptist; she Church of Christ; lives Randall Co., Tex.; children: Susan Dianne Sims b Oct. 14, 1951 and Michael Glen Sims, b Oct. 21, 1954,

Thomas Ebb Rhoads Jr., b Carter Co., Okla. Feb. 1, 1931, m Nov. 26, 1953 Virginia J. Bailey; Church of Christ; lives Bovina, Tex.

Elijah Eugene Ellison, b Jan. 19, 1905, m Dec. 13, 1927 Mabel Irene Ayers, b Jan. 10, 1908; lives Bovina, Tex.; has children:

Howard Laverne Ellison, b Aug. 21, 1929.

Patsy Louise Ellison, b Mar. 8, 1931.

Lena Jeneane Ellison, b May 8, 1933.

Howard Laverne Ellison, b Aug. 21, 1929, m Dec. 19, 1948 Melba June Jenter, b June 2, 1930; lives Texico, N. Mex. And has Micky Don Ellison, b Apr. 29, 1950 and Dennis Craig Ellison, b Apr. 19, 1952.

Patsy Louise Ellison, b Mar. 8, 1931, m May 20, 1950134 Robert Wesley Read, b May 14, 1929; lives Bovina, Tex. And has Marylyn Sue Read, b & d Feb. 24, 1951,

Lena Jenean Ellison, b May 8,, 1933m n Feb., 24m 1852 C. W. Grissom, b July 4, 1929, has Otis Dwaine Grissom, b Sept. 6, 1953.

Mary Lee Ellison, b Feb. 23, 1906, m Mar. 22, 1926 Charles C. Tidenberg, b Johnsonburg, Pa. Apr. 13, 1902; lives Santa Rosa, N. Mex., has:

Harold Eugene Tidenberg, b Mar. 38, 1927, m Oct. 3, 1947 Marilyn June Sanford, b June 18, 1928; W.W.II; Church of Christ; lives Albuquerque, N. Mex.; has Connie Lee Tidenberg, b Nov. 9, 1951, Charlotte Jean Tidenberg, b Apr. 8, 1953, and Russell Clark Tidenberg, b Aug. 25, 1955.

Aubra Jeffers Ellison, b Jan. 19, 1908, m Oct. 25, 1930 Margaret Ezell, b Sept. 17, 1910, d Apr. 3, 1943; m 2nd May 30, 1946 Otie Purnell Hofferb Sept. 28, 1906; he a Methodist; has:

James Roy Ellison, b Oct. 8, 1931, m Sept. 7, 1952 Ellen Wells, b Mar. 20, 1934:

Charles Aubra Ellison, b Oct. 31, 1853.

Margaret Annette Ellison, b Aug. 13, 1955.

Bessie Irene Ellison, b Sept. 12, 1910, m Jan. 5, 1930 Jasper Clinton Denny, b Dec. 8, 1907; lives Truth or Consequences, N. Mex.: has:

Rosa Lee Denny

James Willie Denny

Rosa Lee Denny, b 1931, m June 26, 1948 John Wesley Taber, b Jan. 13, 1928; has Stephens John Taber, b Aug. 16, 1954,

James Willie Denny, b 1932, m June 24, 1951 135 Lonetta June Thompson, b Dec. 19, 1932; possibly lives in Ft. Worth, Tex.

Lois Lucile Ellison, b Nov. 3 1011, m Oct. 25, 1931 Johnny Oliver Glover; Pentecostal Holiness; has Johnny Ellison Glover, b July 17, 1933, m Aug. 10, 1950 Doris Geraldine Underwood, b May 13, 1934

Lena Bell Stanley, b Mar. 8, 1887, m Oct. 15, 1905 Benjamin Felton Rutledge, b Aug. 19, 1878, Bartow Co., Ga., son of Margaret Lou and John Alexander Rutledge, d 195_. (Was brother of T. H. Rutledge, who m her sister Osie Ola Stanley). Methodist; lives Atlanta; children:

Fred Miller Rutledge, b Oct. 20, 1906.

Albert Ted Rutledge, b Mar. 2, 1911.

Joel Gid Rutledge, b June 27, 1916.

Fred Miller Rutledge, b Oct. 20, 1906, m Nov. 25, 1933 Alpha Katie Owens, b Mar. 12, 1911; Methodists, lives Kennesaw, Ga. Children:

Infant b & d _____

Roberta Ann Rutledge, b Feb. 8, 1943.

Albert Ted Rutledge, b Apr. 2, 1941, m Nov. 3, 1929 Stacy Nell Edwards, b Dec. 5, 1911; Methodists; lives Atlanta; has Ted Andrew Rutledge, b Dec. 16, 1942.

Joel Gid Rutledge, b June 27, 1916, m Jan. 4, 1941 Thelma Louise Williams, b Sept. 5, 1916, Methodists: W.W.II; lives Hapeville, Ga. And has Leah Ann Rutledge, b Jan. 15, 1943 and Kathy Sue Rutledge b Setp. 15, 1948.

Lois Louise Stanley, b Aug. 8, 1892, m Nov. 16, 1913 George Milton Chapman, b 18__, d Dec. 15. 1950; Methodists; lives Atlanta, has:

Ola Wyolene Chapman, b June 30, 1916, m July 30, 1933 John Anderson Hardin, b July 3, 1908; Methodists:136 has children Louise Aderlene Hardin, b Aug. 23, 1935, and Elizabeth Trannell Hardin, b Aug. 13, 1937.

Ruth Irene Stanley, b May 8, 1895, m May 22, 1921 Luther M. Pittman, b Oct. 11, 1894; W.W.I; Baptists; lives Acworth, Ga. Children:

Clyde Hollis Pittman, b Mar. 11, 1922

Lena Madian Pittman, b Apr. 14, 1924.

Ola Louise Pittman, b June 10, 1926.

Betty Jean Pittman, b Dec. 18, 1928.

William Miles Pittman, b May 31, 1931.

Luther Eugene Pittman, b July 14, 1935.

Dorothy Irene Pittman, b Nov. 20, 1939.

Clyde Hollis Pittman, b Mar. 11, 1922, m Nov. 21, 1942 Christine Lewis; WWII; Baptists; lives Powder Springs, Ga.; has Jerry

Felton Pittman, b May 1955 and Larry Pittman, b Oct. 18, 1957.

Lena Modine Pittman, b
Apr. 14, 1924, m Sept. 26, 1943 Clarence W. Lewis; Baptists; lives Acworth, Ga. And has: Yvonne Lewis, b Mar. 23, 1956, James Stanley Lewis b May 10, 1957 (twin) and Janie Fay Lewis b May 10, 1957 (twin).

Ola Louise Pittman, b June 10, 1026, m Ralph Curtis, Baptists; lives
Austell, Ga., has Ruth Dianne Curtis, b Aug. 23, 1947 and Linda Sue Curtis, b Aug. 13, 1950.

Betty Jean Pittman, b Dec. 18, 1928, m Oct. 3, 1949 James Alton Williams, b July 27, 1927; Baptists; lives Acworth, Ga.; has Brenda Gale Williams, b * d Aug. 4, 1950, Sheila Jean Williams, b Oct. 10, 1951, Debora Irene Williams, b May 3, 1953, Barbara Ruth Williams b Mar. 7, 1956, James Alton Williams Jr. B Nov. 23, 1961.

Luther Eugene Pittman, b July 15, 1935, m 1954 Margie Clark; Baptists; Acworth, Ga.; has Patrica 137 Ann Pittman, b June 1955, George Pittman, b Feb. 22, 1958, Rebecca Sue Pittman, b June 1959, and Theresa Gail Pittman, b Oct. 22, 1963.

William Miles Pittman, b May 31, 931, m Mar. 1957 Pauline Guyton; Baptists; lives Marietta, Ga. And has William Miles Pittman Jr., b May 1958.

Dorothy Irene Pittman, b Nov. 20, 1939, m June 1956 Ellis Greer b 1934; Baptists; lives Marietta, Ga. And has Ursula Leah Greer, b Mar. 15, 1959.


John Robert Stanley, Sr., b Oct. 30, 1861, d Dec. 12, 1948, m July 23, 1882 Adeline Lavenia "Addie" Castell, b Jan. 8, 1862, d Aug. 16, 1931, bur. City Cem., Griffin, Ga. He was a farmer in Cobb Co.; his first farm was off his father Ezekiel’s original farm, a few hundred feet down "Stanley: Road from the home place; moved to Spalding Co.; children:

Willie Elizabeth Stanley, b Jan. 7, 1884.

Ola Stanley, b Dec. 1, 1886.

Marietta "Etta" Hoyt Stanley, b Jan. 1888.

Harriett Belle Stanley, b Aug. 9, 1893.

Lemon Stanley, b 1896, d 1898.

John Robert Stanley Jr., b Jan. 6, 1899, d Apr. 29, 1933, bur. City Cem., Griffin, Ga. Never married.

Adeloye Stanley, b Feb. 6, 1903.

Willie Elizabeth Stanley b Jan. 7, 1884, m Nov. 30, 1907, Benjamin Franklin Cook, Sr., b Oct. 4, 1882, d Oct. 12, 1936, son of Emma Trader and William Henry Cook, Baptists; live at Griffin, Ga. Children:

Ione Cook, b Oct. 18, 1908, d Aug. 3, 1909.

Winniefred Cook, b Sept. 11, 1913.

Benjamin Franklin Cook, Jr., b Mar. 24, 1918.

Edwin Stanley Cook, b Oct. 21, 1922. 138

Winniefred Cook, b Sept. 11, 1913, m Aug. 2, 1944 David Andrews Griffin; has child:

David Andrews Griffin Jr., b Nov. 14, 1945.

Benjamin Franklin Cook Jr., b Mar. 24, 1918, m Mar. 23, 1941 Ann Coker; lives Griffin, Ga.; has:

Patricia Ann Cook, b Oct. 12, 1942.

Lynda Jane Cook, b Apr. 27, 1945.

Tony Louise Cook, b Nov. 11, 1950.

Benjamin Franklin Cook III, b Aug. 24, 1953

Ola Stanley, b Dec. 1, 1884, d Nov. 22, 1963, m May 5, 1909 Harper Glenn Connally, Sr., b Jan. 13, 1884, d Jan. 5, 1933; both bur. City Cem., Griffin; son of Ludora McLendon and Marcus Daniel Connally; Methodists; children:

John Marcus Connally, b Jan. 15, 1911.

Harper Glenn Connally, Jr., b Jan. 15, 1915.

Mildred Lucile Connally, b Apr. 16, 1916.

Martha Crawford Connally, b June 12, 1918.

John Marcus Connally, b Jan. 15, 1911, d June 2, 1962, m Dec. 24, 1930 Nellie Kate Raines, b Oct. 13, 1914; Methodists; lives Griffin, Ga.; Children:

John Marcus Connally Jr., b Feb. 29, 1932

Frances Jean Connally, b May 14, 1933.

Betty Jo Connally, b Jan. 30, 1934.

Charles Daniel Connally, b Apr. 4, 1938.

Peggy Ann Connally, b Feb. 29, 1940.

Thomas Wayne Connally, b Feb. 29, 1942.

Frances Jean Connally, b May 14, 1933, m Mar. 15, 1949 J. W. Bailey.

Betty Jo Connally, b Jan. 30, 1934, m July 20, 1950 Bobby Frye Smith, b Feb. 20, 1930; has Bobby Keith Smith, b Nov. 5, 1951.139

Haper Glenn Connally Jr., b Jan. 15, 1915, m Aug. 8, 1936 Odessa Colquitt, b Apr. 18, 1914; Baptists; lives Newnan, Ga., has children: Barbara June Connally, b Sept. 5, 1937; Harper Glenn Connally, III, b Dec. 26, 1939; Elizabeth Kay Connally, b Aug. 7, 1945; and Walker Stanley Connally, b Apr. 18, 1947.

Mildred Lucile Connally, b Apr. 16, 1916, m Aug. 13, 1939 Robert Oglesby Burnett, Sr., b Oct. 2, 1914, son of J. D. Burnett. Both active civic affairs; he grad. Abrahm Baldwin College; W.W.II; Methodists; live Milner, Ga. And has Robert O. Burnett, Jr., b Nov., 6, 1944; Bruce Connally Burnett, b Feb. 6, 1948.

Martha Crawford Connally, b June 12, 1918, m May 23 1937 John Posey Woods Sr., b Aug. 25, 1915; own Frozen Foods, Inc., Newnan, Ga.; has Emily Grace Woods, b Sept. 6, 1938 and John Posey Woods Jr., b Aug. 14, 1941.

Marietta "Etta" Hoyt Stanley, b 1888, m T. J. Hammond; live Hammond, Indiana; no children.

Harriet Belle Stanley, b Aug. 9, 1893, m July 7, 1915 Jewell Newton Belle, b Nov. 22, 1881, son of Sallie Newton and James Neal Bell; Presbyterians; she was a caterer; lives Griffin, Ga. Children:

Sara Elizabeth Bell, b July 17, 1916.

Jewell Newton Bell, Jr., b Sept. 15, 1919.

Sara Elizabeth Bell, b July 17, 1916, m 1946 Raymond A. Walls, d Jan. 1952. No children. She grad. Univ. Georgia & Duke Univ., Economic Director of Co. In Amana, Iowa.

Jewell Newton Bell, Jr., b Set. 15, 1919, grad. Univ. Ga.; W.W.II; landscape architect; likes antiques.

Adeloye Stanley, b Jan. 7, 1884, in state hospital, caused by an operation when her back was broken.



Georgia State Archives & History

Atlanta, Georgia

Head-Right & Bounty Grants - - Colonial Georgia

William Stanley, St. Paul Parish (later Richmond Co.) 400 acres, Book 729. No. 14, 1774.

Stanley Son, Washington County, Book TTT, page 451. 50 acres 1790.

Shadrack Stanley, Washington County, Book TTT 50, 1790

Dempsey Stanley, Washington County, Book TTT, p. 616 50 acres, 14 June 1790.

Land Lottery of 1807

James Ledbetter (son of Jno,) Warren County, Flournoy’s District, 182 acres, sp. 14, Bk. B

Benjamin Ledbetter, Warren County, Flournoy’s District 124 acres, p. 18, Bk. W

Isaac Ledbetter, Warren County, Flournoy’s District 300 acres, p. 10, Bk. W

Sherwood Stanley, Butler Co. 132 acres, p. 6, Bk. W

Melissant Stanley (young woman) Butler Co., 17 acres, p. 19, Bk. B.

Shadrack Standley, Tattnall County, Shiffords District 148 acres, sp. 8, Bk. W

From: SOUTH CAROLINA BAPTISTS, by Leah Townsend 1670-1805 p. 136 -- Jacob Gibson, Rev.


Received into church Edith Stanley of Pendleton District. P. 3, 1811

1819 dismissed -- Sandy Stanley, James Ledbetter and wife Peggy by request.

Received in church Jesse Stanley, Providence Church, dismissed 1821

Feb. 20, 1820 Nancy Stanley received in church.

Feb. 21, 1821, Edy Stanley of Pendleton District S.C.

1828 By Letter Lucinda Stanley, dismissed Mary Stanley

Nov. 21, 1822, dismissed y letter William A. Stanley and Lucinda

18131 received Henry Ledbetter, Hester Martin and her daughter Hester Martin.

1832 Received Mary Ledbetter

1830 Death Roll dated July 1830

Martin Stanley (These Stanley’s buried in

Polly Stanley New Providence Cemetery -- Mr. Leon

Edith Stanley Hollinsworth a noted genealogist,

Jesse Stanley says he has visited their graves)

Nancy Stanley

Georgia Military Records

Ezekiel Stanley, Lieutenant, Green Co., Dec. 19, 1821 through May 28, 1824 R.R. 1808-1829, p. 79

Marriage Records

Ezekiel Stanley -- married Elizabeth Rutledge June 10, 1813, Clark County G Marriage Book A., p. 3

Note: These two records could not be either of our Ezekiel’s, as Ezekiel I died 1805, and Ezekiel II, would not have been but eight years old when this 142 Ezekiel married.

Georgia Military Records

James C. Stanley, Jackson County 182901841m o, 116

Family Histories

STANLEY, by Edna Stanley Pickett, Plainfield, Indiana, has an Ezekiel W. Stanley, b July 17, 1856.


Wills in South Carolina that need to be studied further.

Anderson County S.C.

Ledbetter, Abner, Vol 1, 1800-1834 Bk. A, p. 359

Ledbeter, Daniel Vol 1, 1800-1834 Bk. A, p. 316

Ledbetter, John Vol 1, 1800-1834 Bk. A, p. 375

Ledbetter, Henry Vol 1, 1800-1834 Bk. A, p. 44

Darlington County S.C.

Standley, Thomas Vol 1, 1798-1812 Bk. 2, p. 46

Anderson County, S.C.

Stanley, Samuel Vol 2, 1787-1802 Bk. G, p. 26

Gibson, Randel Vol 1, 1791-1798 Bk. D, p. 14

Gibson, Thomas Vol 1, 1800-1834 Bk. A, p. 409

Gordon, Robert Vol 2, 1835-1857 Bk. B, p. 177

* * * * *

This ends the present history of the Stanley’s-- descendants of Ezekiel Stanley and Margaret Holland Stanley; Information contained here-in came from family Bibles, records, letters, individual data sheets furnished those records are the most complete. There is much to be done yet, but this is all I have.

It seems fitting that this should end with a quotation I have heard all my life from my mother, 143 who says Margaret Holland Stanley told the orphan children of William Stanley and Fannie Jane Wade "If there is ever a stain on the fame of Stanley, the younger generation will have to put it there." So each of the descendants can search their own heart.

Mae Runyan Swanson

209 Sessions Street

Marietta, Ga.

April 5, 1964.



Isham Anderson Stanley, fourth child of Ezekiel Stanley, Jr. And wife Margaret Ann (Holland) Stanley, was born Mar. 29, 1840, their first child to be born in Georgia after removal from Anderson Count, South Carolina. He died Mar. 7, 1932, buried in Old Prospect Cemetery, near Hayleville, Alabama. He was married Sept. 13,1859, in Georgia to Carrie Elizabeth Johnson, born in South Carolina, died May 30, 1899, buried in the Corinth Cemetery, Cullman County, 1/4 mile north of Joppa, Alabama.

Isham Anderson Stanley served in Co. A. 1st Ga. Inf. C.S.A. They came to Alabama, year not known, and settled in Marshall County near Joppa, Ala. Their children: Lela Scott, Anna Lee, John Latimer, Hattie Eliza, and Walter Johnson Stanley.

Lela Scott Stanley, b May 1, 1861, in Ga. D Dec. 19, 1931, Haleville, Ala., was married Oct. 1, 1872, to Isaac Newton Cheatham, b Mar. 29, 1859 at Marietta, Ga., bur. In New Prospect Cem. Near Haleyville, Ala. He was the son of Ezekiel "Colonel" Cheatham born 1805, was married in Belfast, Ireland, to Miss _____ McCurdy. They came to America from Chatham, England. Data on Ezekiel "Colonel" Cheatham by his grandson James. R. Cheatham of Haleyville, Oct. 8, 1963, given to Mr. Frank Walker, Double Sprints, Ala. (No mention of the names of the children of "Colonel" Cheatham and wife Miss ____ McCurdy.

The family of Isaac Newton Cheatham, son of "Colonel" Cheatham, by Mrs. James R. Glass and Mrs. H. M. Wilson, Haleyville, Ala. Ch: James R., W. B., Isham Anderson, Maude Mae and Lenna Edna Cheatham, birth sequences not known to the compiler.

James R. Cheatham, b July 13, 1882, m Emma Wilson in 1903. Their Ch: Howard, Claude, Alvin, Elmer, 145 (Ray) and Jessie Cheatham, deceased, no other records sent). Howard Cheatham m _______, their son William David Cheatham, awarded the Carnagie Medal #4337 for heroism in 1960. Claude Cheatham m Etola Posey. Alvin Cheatham m Thelma _____, and have 2 young daughters, Carol 15 and Dean 10 years.

Excerpt from Birmingham News Dec. 7, 1962: "Hundreds came to pay honor to "Al" Cheatham. Mayor V. H. Albright welcomed some distinguished visitors to Haleville, on Friday, Senator John Sparkman, Al Cheatham of Kansas City, who is National VFW Quartermaster General, Congressman Carl Elliott, and many visitors were on hand for the "Al" Cheatham Day Celebration.

"Parents of the honoree, Mr. & Mrs. J. B. Cheatham of Haleyville, had seats of honor at the banquet honoring their son. Also three brothers, Clarence of North Carolina, Elmer of Montana, and Howard Cheatham of Haleyville. Gov. Patterson, sending regrets that he could not attend, asked Jimmy Gates, State V.P.W. Quartermaster General to represent him. The governor sent Mr. Cheatham an engraved certificate of appreciation, also appointed him an Honorary Colonel on his staff. Senator Sparkman offered his congratulations to the Cheatham family. Congressman Elliott paid tribute to the Cheathams, as did Al Cheatham’s former school teacher, W. E. Mauldin, and many others. The Cheathams were presented gifts from the local VFW Post including apparel made at the Haleyville Textile Mills and a golden key to Mr. Cheatham.".

"One highlight of the banquet was Post Commanders from over the state reporting their membership to Quartermaster General Cheatham. At the end of the banquet Al Cheatham, the honoree, was called on. His talk was short, he expressed deep appreciation for the homage heaped upon him by so many fine people. His beautiful wife Mrs. Thelma Cheatham and their two 146 children, Dean 10 and Carol 15, expressed thanks."

Alvin "Al" Cheatham great grandson of Ezekiel "Colonel" Cheatham and wife Miss _____ McCurdy, great-great grandson of Ezekiel Stanley, Jr., and wife Margaret Ann Holland, and gr. Gr. Gr. Grandson of Ezekiel Stanley Sr. And Rhoda (Ledbetter) daughter of Daniel Ledbetter II, who served seven years in the American Revolution. A son of Daniel Ledbetter I, who came to America from England, latter not a proven fact, probably family tradition.

W. B. Cheatham b May 17, 1885, m _____, no other record.

Isham Anderson Cheatham b March 7, 1887, m Minnie Wilson in 1905. Their children: Arthur Cheatham b Dec. 14, 1906, d Dec. 5, 1912; Ernest Cheatham b May 7, 1912, m Pierce McGuire; Eugene Cheatham b Sept. 4, 1914, m Fay Hicks; Ura (or Una) Cheatham b Feb. 5, 1917, m Perry McGuire.

Maude Mae Cheatham, b Feb. 26, 1890, m Henry M. Wilson Feb. 26, 1906. Their ch: Erval, Devota, Leona, and Mydris Wilson.

Erval Mae Wilson b Feb. 23, 1907, m Emerson Grady Cook, b May 8, 1892. Ch: Rachel Sue Cook b Feb. 14, 1939, m James Leo Palmer II, b Jan. 18, 1939. Their ch: James Leo Palmer III, b June 3, 1961, Timothy Paul Palmer, b Sept. 11, 1963.

Devota Wilson, b May 18, 1912, m Leslie Carlos Radford, b Dec. 27, 1912, has a BS degree from Howard College, TM degree from Southern Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky, resides in Birmingham where Rev. Radford is pastor of a church. Their children: James Twett Radford b June 4, 1940, m Linda Karen Little b May 7, 1940, ch: James Richard Radford b Dec. 10, 1960, Eric Jason Radford b Jan. 17, 1963; 147 Donna Carleene Radford b Nov. 18, 1964.

Leona Wilson, b Feb. 4, 1915, m Nov. 11, 1934 Elmer League b Nov. 9, 1914. Ch: Elna League, b Aug. 25, 1935, m Richard Hanson b Jan. 11, 1936, have son Mark Hanson b April 22, 1963; Bennie Jo League, b Aug. 16, 1937; Ann League, b Jan. 9, 1940, m Robert Guthrie b Feb. 19, 1939, and has Ann Karen Guthrie b June 26, 1963. Robert League b Dec. 25, 1942, m Ora Parr, b May 23, 1942, has Robert Darryl League, b Dec. 10, 1962.

Mydras Wilma Wilson b May 19, 1928, m J. R. Fincher b July 24, 1907, Baptist minister, BS degree from Howard College, Master degree at Southwestern Seminary, Fort Worth, Tex. Ch: Glenda Gayle Fincher, b Dec. 26, 1941; Joyce Fincher b Oct. 31, 1943, m John Lawrence Dickens, b Oct. 11, 1939; Larry Wayne Fincher b Dec. 28, 1945; Lowell Wilson Fincher b Aug. 24, 1947; James Edward Fincher b Aug. 14, 1951; John Ray Fincher, Jr., b Oct. 20, 1957.

Wilson family record sent by Mrs. H. M. Wilson, Hayleville, Ala.

Lenna Edna Cheatham b March 27, 1892, was married April 4, 1909 to Charles Emmett Godwin b Jan. 4, 1880, d 1951. Ch: Edna Mae Godwin b May 26, 1914, m Jan. 2, 1942 Smith W. Maseley b Sept. 23, 1911; Gladys Godwin b Oct. 19, 1917, m William Hilton, Dec. 11, 11941; Doris Godwin b Sept. 8, 1922, m Aug. 24, 1949, Nelson Davis Halmquist b Sept. 22, 1922.

Anna Lee Stanley, b July 4, 1865, d , m Sept. 24, 1882, H. C. Gorman, have son Paul Gorman (or Joe Gorman?).

John Latimer Stanley, b July 15, 1867, d June 26, 1947, m on Dec. 13, 1888, Zilla Isabelle Joiner, b in Randolph Co., Ala., Oct. 20, 1869, d Sept. 8, 1949, Ch: Walter Alexander, Carrie Jane, Wychliff L., Gladys Artie, Arthur Thomas, Thelma Eunice, Virgil Mennen and 148 Cicero Drennen Stanley, the last two twins.

Walter Alexander Stanley b Sept. 21, 1890 in Morgan Co., Ala., m Myrtie Runyan Sept. 26, 1912. Ch: Blanche Stanley b May 9, 1913, d Apr. 12, 11921; Rufus Stanley b Oct. 17, 1914, WWII Vet., m Feb. 6, 1933 Marie Green, Ch: Robert Rufus Stanley, b Aug. 17, 1951, Elizabeth Marie Stanley, b Oct. 31, 1953, Sherrill Leigh Stanley b Feb. 10, 1957.

Hudnett Stanley b Jan 27, 1920, d May 30, 1940; Walter Alexander Stanley, Jr., b June 19, 1921, WWII Vet., m Mildred White Sept. 26, 1942, Ch: Ronald Stanley, b Oct. 6, 1944.

Runyan Stanley, b July 23, 1924, WWII Vet., m Vala Staton June 11, 1942, Ch: Delois Stanley, b May 2, 1943, m Bobby Franklin in 1959, has Mary Ellen b Nov. 1960; Robert Allen Stanley b May 1947; Joe Stanley b 1950; Brenda Stanley b 1954; Martha Stanley b 1958.

Carrie Jane Stanley b Aug. 9, 1893 in Cullman Co., Ala., d Mar. 29, 1908.

Wychliff L. Stanley b Marshall Co., Ala., Mar 10, 1896, m 9 Oct. 1922 Era Irene Hawkins. No children.

Gladys Artie Stanley, b Oct. 17, 1900.

Arthur Thomas Stanley, b Jan. 30, 1906, d Nov. 26, 1961, m Ethel Leola Glass, 14 Feb. 1934; have 9 ch: Charlotte Ravenna Stanley, b Apr. 10, 1936, m Dovard Rice, ch: William Maurice Rice, b May 3, 1955, James Allen Rice b Mar. 12, 1957, Janett Marie Rice b Sept. 17, 1961; Ethelene Stanley b Dec. 14, 1937, m E. B. Harbison, ch: Dianne Raephene Harbison b Jan. 25, 1956, Ralph Edward Harbison b July 8, 1957, Linda Gail Harbison b Feb. 22, 1960.

Gladys Artena Stanley b Apr. 2, 1939, m C. B. Hunt, Ch: Bobby Dale Hunt b Mar. 27, 1957; Rhonda Kay Hunt, 149 b May 6, 1960; Karen Charlotte Hunt b Oct. 31, 1962.

Arthur Jerome Stanley b July 24, 1941, m Betty Joe Lauderdale, Ch: Cora Annette Stanley, b Aug. 21, 1962.

Lula Belle Stanley b June 11, 1943, m Richard Staton, dau Carol Robbin Staton b Dec. 21, 1962.

Syble Ann Stanley b June 11, 1947; Judy Marie Stanley b Apr. 2, 1949; Jean Carolyn Stanley b Apr. 30, 1950; Pamela Annette Stanley b Feb. 11, 1960.

Thelma Eunice Stanley b Nov. 7, 1908 in Cullman Co., m James R. Glass Sept. 17, 1933, has Irene Glass who m Eugene Crowe and has Connie Gene Crowe, b July 24, 1954m James Michael Crowe b Nov. 3, 1955 and Marsha Denesse Crowe b Aug. 26, 1961.

Virgil Mennen Stanley b Oct. 19, 1914, Cullman Co., m Oct. 5, 1940 Wilma Mitchell, has Rose Marie Stanley, b Mr. 12, 1959 in Indiana.

Cicero Drennen Stanley b Oct. 19, 1914, twin to Mennen, m Dec. 30, 1933 Virginia Weatherly, Ch: Wychliff Ray Stanley, b Dec. 7, 1935, m Evelyn _____, Aug. 1960, has a dau. B 1961; Margaret Faye Stanley b Jan. 24, 1943 m Percy Brown 1961.

Hattie Eliza Stanley, b Apr. 17, 1870, dau. Of Isham A. And Carrie (Johnson) Stanley, married first C. J. Goodwin, Nov. 24, 1997, 2nd J. H. Lovvorn Oct. 11, 1900. Ch. Of the 1st marriage: Mamie Goodwin m _____ Harrison; Clint Goodwin, b Feb. 5, 192 m had Wylie Goodwin, Susie Goodwin, Lino Goodwin, WWII casualty, Billy Goodwin

Walter Johnson Stanley b 1871, d 1946, m Nov. 18, 1892 Cora Addie Sue Heaton, b 1873, d 1955, ch: Hershel E., Claude L., Walter Leroy, Howard Kyle, Ila, Paul Dewitt, Ione and James Edward Stanley. 150

A- Herschel E. Stanley b 1894, m Nov. 8, 1920 Flonnie E. Hammonds b 1899, ch: Frances, Bernard H., Wilda Jeanette, Myra Eloise, Benny Harold, Charles Edward Stanley.

1- Frances Stanley m Keith A. Parrish, has Richard B. Parrish, Brenda F. Parrish m Vernon Moore.

2- Bernard H. Stanley m Kathleen M. Hood, has Margaret Ann, Kathey E., and Sharon K. Stanley.

3- Wilda Jeanette Stanley, m Walter James Champion, has Billy S. Champion.

4- Myra Eloise Stanley, m Robert C. Champion, ch: Robert Felon, Sherry Lynn, and Allen Brett Champion.

5- Benny Harold Stanley, m Fay Ann Kennedy, ch: Jeffrey Harold and Rita Fay Stanley.

6- Charles Edward Stanley, m Mary Jewell Melvin, has Blenda Charlene Stanley.

B- Claude L. Stanley, b July 13, 1896, m Jan. 25, 1935, Maggie S. Strickland, no children.

C- Walter Leroy Stanley, b Apr. 8, 1900 m Hazel Clavey Mitchell, no children.

D- Howard Kyle Stanley, deceased.

E- Ila Stanley, b Aug. 1907, m Ollie E. Doster, no children.

F- Paul Dewitt Stanley b Sept. 26, 1909, m Sallye Kirby in 1930. Children:

1- Billie Jaunise Stanley m A. J. Burgett, no children.

2- Robert E. Stanley, m Mary Nell Burgett, has Robert Lyle and Maricia Lynn Stanley.

3- Carolyn Paulette Stanley, m Harold E. Brown, has Edwin Eugene and Pamela Gail Brown.

G- Ione Stanley, b 1911, m John C. Shirey in 1933, has Betty, Elaine, Irene, Maggie Sue, Claude Carl and Janet A. Shirey.

1- Betty Shirey m Tillman D. Cornelius, has Roger, Donna Kay and Vickie L. Cornelius.

2- Elaine Shirey m Oscar Partridge Jr., has Debbie, and Linda Partridge.

3- Irene Shirey m Bruce Miller, has David, Lisa and Susan Miller.

4- Maggie Sue Shirey, m Thomas Earl Sims, has Denice.151

5- Claude Carl Shirey.

6- Janet A. Shirey m Vann B. Dick.

H- James Edward Stanley b July 7, 1919, m Willie M Buff, no children.

Record sent by Mrs. Claude L. Stanley, Albertville, Ala.

Elizabeth Stanley, dau of Ezekiel Stanley 1st and Rhoda Ledbetter Stanley, was born in Spartanburg Co., S.C., June 2, 1893, m Dec. 23, 1824 Churchill Mason, and died May 28, 1855, buried in Mars Hill Cemetery in Cobb County, Ga. Their ch: Mary Ann, Larkin W., Rhoda Caroline, Isham Stanley, Harriett Elmina, and Mallory Sidney Mason (all named in order of birth).

A- Mary Ann Mason m Sidney Carruth, had Fannie Carruth m _____ Humphries, Stanley R. Carruth m Lavina Green, Mollie Carruth m _____ Barnes.

B- Larkin Wilson Mason m Dorthula Hicks, had Missouri DeWeese (or Missouri Mason who m ____ DeWeese.

C- Rhoda Caroline Mason m Thomas Price, had Lizzie Price who m _____ Brooks. Thomas Price killed on the battlefield in the Confederate War.

D- Isham Stanley Mason m Mrs. Charlotte Gaines, had Lizzie Mason who m ______ Knox, Robert Mason, John Mason.

E- Harriett Elmina Mason, m Joshua Jackson, had Robert Mallory Jackson m Margaret Manson, Charles Victor Jackson m Mabel Stamps, Edward T. Jackson m Marie Booth, Watt J. Jackson m Lillie Graham, Jesse Olin Jackson m Bessie Nash.

F- Mallory S. Mason b Sept. 15, 1842, d May 3, 1917, m Mildred Montgomery, had: John Stanley Mason who never married; Charles Mason, m Lura Smith, Annie Lois Mason m August W. Weinert, Albert Olin Mason, never married, Victor Mason m Mrs. Bessie Boyer, Ora Lavina Mason m John W. Thomas, Eugenia Mason m William C. Smith.152 Rhoda Stanley, daughter of Lewis Stanley, Sr., and wife Adah _____, of Spartanburg and Pendleton Counties S.C. She was born 1783, date from 1850 census, Cobb Co., Georgia, and married in South Carolina 1814, Wiley Roberts, born in North Carolina 1781, son of Willis Roberts. They were living in Cobb County Dec. 5, 1850, probably buried in Roberts Cemetery, 1 6/10 miles south of Kenesaw, Ga.

The Roberts family came originally from Wales, settled in Virginia, removed to N.C., as we find Wiley Roberts. Being born there in 1781, moved from there to S.C., probably lived in Pendleton Co., S.C., where all their children were born.

About 1835 Wiley and Rhoda Stanley Roberts removed to Ga. In 1850 they were living on a plantation in the Big Shanty District, Cobb County, where he was a slave owner, with 510 acres of land or more.

They were the parents of seven children, all born in S.C., namely: Willis, John, Thomas, Benson, George, Wilen and Eliza Roberts.

Willis Roberts, born 1818 in S.C., moved to Texas shortly before the Civil War. Name of his wife not known, or names of their children. He owned a plantation on Noonday Creek in Big Shanty District, 530 acres and 21 slaves. On 17th June, 1836, Willis M. Roberts tendered his services to the Cobb County Rifle Company 78th Reg. Ga. Militia, E.R. Mills Col.

John S Roberts, born Oct. 25, 1816, in S.C., died Dec. 4, 1889, married first Lucretia Jane Roberts, born June 25, 1819, died Dec. 25, 1857, both buried in Roberts Cemetery, south of Kennesaw on Dixie Highway. Married second Augusta Roberts, sister of Lucretia Jane. They were from Columbia County, ----, and distant cousins of the Wiley Roberts family. Children of the first marriage 153 were: Alfred McAfee, Wiley S., Mary Frances, Lucy May, Charles H., George C., Willie L., John B. , and Janie Roberts. Children of the second marriage were: Georgia, Eugene, and Ernest Roberts (same as Ernest Augusta Roberts).

The following are buried in Roberts Cemetery: Ernest Augusta Roberts, born April 2, 1841, died Dec. 25, 1857. Mary F. (Dau of J. And L.J. Roberts) b Aug. 24, 1847, and d Feb. 13, 1832 (Obviously an error as this has her dying before she was born). Willie L. Roberts (son of John and L.J. Roberts) b Jan. 1, 1854, d Oct. 16, 1861. Jane, b Dec. 25, 1857, d Aug. 13, 1858, Lucy b May 26, 1849, d Sept. 9,. 1849.

John S. Roberts owned 563 acres of land in Big Shanty District and 20 slaves.

George C. Roberts of Marietta (son of John and Lucretia Jane (Roberts) m Ida Treadwell of Congress, Ga.

Thomas Roberts, son of Wiley and Rhoda (Stanley) Roberts, owned a plantation on Noonday Creek in Cobb Cop., He removed to Texas shortly before the war between the States, as did his brother Willis. The following may be his wife: Mrs. M. Louise Robert, consort of Thomas J. Roberts, died Tuesday, 21st day of January, 1860, age 36 years 9 months 16 days. She was a devoted Christian, a good wife, an affectionate mother, and a kind mistress, bearing all the fruits of a child of God, buried in Citizens Cemetery, Marietta, Ga. Her age about right to have been the wife of Thomas Roberts.

Thomas J. Roberts among the voters held Friday, May 4, 1849, for the election of a colonel of the newly created regiment of militia in the county. Nothing further is known concerning Thomas Roberts, confident he was born in S.C., and came to Georgia with his parents.154

Wiley Roberts, son of Wiley and Rhoda (Stanley) Roberts, was born March 22, 1828 in S.C., died June 15, 1896, married Harriett Burt, b Feb. 19, 1825, d Mar. 3, 1901. This family having come originally from S.C., Harriet was a sister of Jo Burt, second wife of his brother George Roberts. Their children: George, Oswald, Alice, who died single, and Katherine Roberts, married Henry Glover.

Wiley Roberts owned 334 acres and 7 slaves in Big Shanty District, and was among the voters May 4, 1849, to elect a colonel of a newly created regiment of militia in the county of Cobb.

George Roberts, born _____, married first Kitty Miller, 2nd Jo Burt. The Burtt family having come originally from S.C. Their children: George, Oswald, Alice, who died single, and Katherine Roberts, who married Henry Glover. The record does not show if these children were of the first or second marriage.

Eliza Roberts, b _____, m Robert McAfee. Their ch: Louella, Wiley, and Annie McAfee. Louella McAfee m John A.G. Anderson. Wiley McAfee m Miss Spellman. Annie McAfee m James Banks.

George Roberts was Justice of the Inferior Court, from 1844 to 1858. In the Spring of 1870 he was chosen president of the Agricultural and Industrial Asso., and in 1872 the political pot was boiling in Cobb County. That year George Roberts and J.M. McAfee went to the convention from Cobb, which chose the democratic nominee for governor in Atlanta in July.

* * *






By Sarah Blackwell Gober Temple 1935

(By permission)

p. 74. The Roberts Family came originally from Wales, settled in Virginia, and later moved to South Carolina and then to Georgia.

Wiley Roberts, son of Willis Roberts, came to Cobb about 1835 and settled south of the present town of Kennesaw, on what is now the Dixie Highway. That portion of the highway which was once called the Casssville Road runs through the original plantation, a part of which is still owned by George C. Roberts of Marietta, and occupied by his son. Wiley Roberts married Rhoda Stanley, daughter of a family well known in the county. Their children were: Benson, George, Willis, John, Thomas, Eliza and Wiley. Benson was an early hotel keeper in Marietta and moved to Griffin, Georgia, shortly before the War Between the States. The other sons owned plantations on Noonday Creek, two of them, Willis and Thomas, moving to Texas shortly before the war. Eliza Roberts married Robert McAfee, their daughter Louella, married John A.G. Anderson, Wiley McAfee married Miss Spellman, and Annie McAfee married James Banks.

George Roberts married first Kitty Miller and second Jo Burt (Wiley Roberts married Harriett Burt, this family having come originally from South Carolina). Their children were: George, Oswald, Alice, who died unmarried, and Katherine, married Henry Glover.

John Roberts married first Lucretia Jane Roberts, and second her sister Augusta, these sisters being from Columbia County, and distant cousins of the Wiley Roberts family. By his first marriage John Roberts’ children were: Alfred McAfee, Wiley S., Mary Frances, Lucy May, Charles H., George C., Willie L., John B., Georgia, Eugene, and Ernest. 156

p.94. the first county academies in Cobb were incorporated Dec. 23, 1833. This was Cobb Academy, in Marietta, situated on Denmead St., just south of the site now occupied by the Negro Congregational Church on Whitlock Ave. The first trustees of the academy were George W. Winters, Wm. B. Malone, Lemma Kirtley, Wm. Morris, Jacob R. Brock, Thomas Kirkpatrick and Benson Roberts were added to the board in 1836. In 1838, 148 students, 79 males 69 women.

P. 123. The Marietta Hotel on south side of the square in the same block in which Geo. Winters Tavern once stood, lent dignity to the square. In the 1840’s Marietta had grown so that the old log taverns were now outmoded. The Marietta Hotel, of which Benson Roberts was one of the first, if not the first, manager.

P.193. The names of the five cadets whose standing was highest in each class were reported to the Gov. Annually. In the Senior Class, 1858, a Marietta boy led his class. This was Wm. Henry Hunt, who graduated that year and who had been Capt. Of Co.’s and promoted to Commandant of the corps, when the post fell vacant. He was the son of Wm. H. Hunt.

P.194. The conduct role of 1858 listed in order the cadets whose conduct and deportment had been excellent, showed 110 names, several Cobb County boys on the list. George, B. F. And Wm. Roberts among those who had just entered.

P.323. The Institute was an object of much curiosity on the part of the Northern soldiers, "A place deemed doubtless remote, from all Yankee invasion but now became one of the milestones in the Southern progress of the Union armies," said Leslie’s Weekly in Sept. 1864, situated 1/4 mile from the center of town, and before Sherman advanced to the neighborhood, contained 130 cadets who were training in treason and the art of 157 war. They were quartered in small buildings, each of which contained ten young rebels. They retired five weeks before we entered. The college then became barracks for our troops, and for a time occupied the 20th Comm.

The Tribune correspondent thought Col. Brumby’s a princely residence, must have cost the citizens many a pang to tear themselves away from the quiet comfort of luxurious homes of Marietta, to wander in the Saraha’s of Southern Ga., at the present hot dry season.

In the second dispatch there’s much more to be said of this place than that was contained in my letter yesterday. Colonel Brumby was locally famous as a rose grower, and on this summer morning the air was perfumed with the roses in his garden. They were soon a sorry sight, trampled down by men accustomed to a sterner footing than Marchal Neils and Malmaisons. He elaborated on the charms of the town. Probably not more than twenty houses are occupied and those only by superannuated men, invalids and children. The town is a perfect grotto of shade. The best estates are owned by Ed Denmead, John H. Glover, H.J. Rusk, Gen. A.J. Hansell, Dr. Stewart, Archibald Howell, F. Roberts and others named.

P.399. In 1872, the political pot was boiling busily in Cobb County that year, a presidential election would come that year, and Cobb County had its share of interest in the race. By the time summer came, the Marietta Journal bristled with notices of meetings of the Democratic party of the county and the Young Men’s Democratic Club. The Republicans were not idle.

George Roberts and J. M. McAfee went from Cobb to the convention, which chose the Democratic nominee for Governor in Atlanta in July.

Perhaps Cobb was even more concerned over the election 1872 of county officers, since many there had been158 working in various district committees composed of such staunch democrats as Thomas H. Moore, Co. Charley Phillips, and Benj. Stripling. In the Marietta district George Roberts, Thomas Harris, other named.

P.418. In 1874 Dr. I. R. Brankham, a Baptist minister, who came to Marietta from Brownsville, Tenn., Female College became president. The catalog of the school issued in 1876, only one copy has been preserved, lists student body, giving address of parent or guardian of each student. The sophomore class lists Georgia Roberts, John S. Roberts, Marietta.

P. 444. Agricultural Asso., Cobb Co., Ga., R. T. Brumby president, in 1869, but merged 1870 and became the Cobb County Agricultural & Industrial Asso. With George Roberts President.

P. 482. Guy Roberts of Marietta attended training camp at Ft. McPherson in Atlanta, shortly after the declaration of War in 1817.

P. 511. George C. Roberts, Marietta, son of John Roberts and Lucretia Jane (Roberts) Roberts, who married Ida Treadwell of Congress, Ga.

P. 514. On June 17, 1836, E. R. Miles, Colonel of the 78th. Reg., Ga. Mil. - The Cobb County Rifle Co., tendered their services, Willis N. Roberts among them.

P. 515. The stories of some dissension in the ranks of this company, which are still vaguely told in the county, are corroborated in a letter written from Marietta Feb. 7, 1837. "Sir, agreeable to your orders of the 27th. Jan. Our company was called on to take up the line of march for Columbus, when to our mortification one portion refused to march. Their names are as follows: G. D. Rice (Ex-Capt.), Edward Rice 1st. Corporal, John Palman, Wm. B. Malony 4th Corp.., Sam’l C. Burine, Wiley Hancock, Willis M. Roberts, and many others all named.159 p. 535. 99st. Big Shanty District

Willis Roberts, 21 slaves, 539 acres of land.

Wiley Roberts, 10 slaves, 510 acres of land.

John Roberts, 20 slaves, 560 acres of land.

Wiley Roberts, 7 slaves, 334 acres of land.

(The Wiley Roberts are Wiley Roberts, Sr., the other his son.

P. 539. Southern Records put. In Atlanta June 4, 1861.

The muster role of Roswell Guards Co. H. 7th Ga. Vol. Inf. C.S.A. June 4, 1861, as found in the records of the Ga. Roster Commission shows the names of the following men, all of whom, however, were not members of the original company, Capt. Thomas E. King, John G. Burton, Lawrence Gibson, James Odum, Hezekiah N. Roberts.

P. 540. The Confederate Guards Co. D. 7th. Ga. First to leave Cobb County for the war, they left Powder Sprints on the night of May 31, 1861, Perry F. York among them.

P. 568. Justices of the Inferior Court, Benson Roberts to 1844.

P/ 569. George Roberts to 1858.

P.570. Cobb County was in the 5th. Congressional Dist. Dec. 23, 1843, to 1852; in the 4th. 1852 to 1861; in the 8th, 1861-1865; in the 7th. 1865 to 1934. Representatives J. P. York 1911, J. G. Roberts 1923.

P. 557. Veterans of the War Between the States, living in Cobb County, Jan. 1, 1906:

W. P. Stanley, Co. A. 18th Ga. Reg.

Jim Stanley, Co. H. State Troops

p. 579. Mary C. Roberts, widow of D. J. Roberts, Co. H. 7th Ga. Reg.

P. 583. World War I Veterans Cobb Co., Ga., official list 1925: Henry G. Roberts, John J. Roberts.

P. 584. Deceased Francis Norman Pratt. 160

P. 585. Jesse Lee Gibson, Melvin Roberts.

P. 615. Mrs. M. Louise Roberts, consort of Thomas J. Roberts, died Tuesday 21st. Day of Jan. 1860, age 36 years 9 mo. 16 days. She was a devoted Christian, a good wife, an affectionate mother and a kind mistress, bearing all the fruits of a child of God. Buried in Citizens Cemetery, Marietta, Ga.

P. 514. After the text of this book was completed the Adjutant Gen. Of Ga. Brig. Gen. Lindley Camp, turned over to the Dept. Of Archives and History for preservation some material concerning early military companies, among which were some data relative to Cobb County. Among the data are the following: On June 16, 1835, E. R. Mills Col. of the 79th. Reg. Ga. Mil. Transmitted to Gov. Wm. Schey the names of the members of the Cobb County Volunteer Rifle Company, Willis M. Roberts in 4th Corps., many others.

P. 527. Those voting on May 4, 1849, in the 99st. Or Big Shanty District, were Asa Dobbs, Thomas McGuire and Lewis Stanley, election managers, Willis Roberts, Wiley Roberts, Thomas J. Roberts, John Roberts, and S. H. Roberts.

P. 116. The first permanent building to be completed in Roswell, Ga., was the Presbyterian Church of which Dr. Nathanial A. Pratt was the first pastor.

P. 424. Charles J. Pratt of Griffin, Ga., Secretary. A meeting was held in Atlanta Sept. 1, 1873, of Ex-cadets - Ex-professors.

The Ex-cadets spent one day in Marietta; most of the town gathered at the courthouse to greet them, while ole Aba, the Negro drummer, who was so familiar at the institute in the old days, stood in front of the courthouse to salute his boys and beat a tattoo again.161 P. 48. Marcus M. Green, Benson Roberts and Wiley Roberts.

P. 56. William C. Green and Josiah P. Green were brothers, the sons of Josiah Green, whose father also Josiah Green born in Rhode Island and moved about 1729 to Warren Col., N.C., where Joseph P. Green was born in 1789. The latter moved to Georgia about 1814, he and his wife Elizabeth Jones coming from Henry Co. To Cobb. He settled on the Marietta-Dallas Road, where both he and William Green owned farms. The present Shiloh Cem. On this road is on part of Joseph Green’ original land, the cemetery having been known for years as the Green Cemetery. Mr. Green being the first person buried there.

Joseph Green’s ch. Married into some of the other pioneer families. One dau. Mary m Simeon Edwards, Nancy, m William Orr, Sarah, m Robert Kirk. His oldest son, Wm. H. Moved West early in life, and the youngest James N. Was killed in the battle of Manassas. His second son Washington C. Green, m (1) Miss Ballenger and second the dau. Of Thomas & Sarah Hairston. His third son Joel A. Green m. (1) Martha Ballenger, dau. Of Dr. John Ballenger, the Ballenger farm adjoined that of Joseph Green on the Marietta-Dallas Road. It is not known exactly when the Ballenger family came to Cobb.

Dr. John Ballenger was originally from S.C. and mention is found of his name and that of his son Dr. Moore S. Ballenger, in Cobb Co. In the 1840’s. Members of this family from Elbert & DeKalb Co.’s drew land in Cherokee Co. Joel A. Green’s second marriage was to Fanny S. May, dau. Of Samuel F. May.

P. 56 Napoleon B. Green whose residence still stands opposite the Waterman St. School in Marietta, was one of the early merchants in Marietta and served as Justice of the Inferior Court for the 1845-1849 term and later as representative in the Legislature from Cobb. He was born in Rutherfordton, N.C., the son of Wm. Green and Jane 162 Baker. The family moved to Gwinnett Co., Ga. In 1818, and came to Marietta about 1840. Napoleon B. Green having preceded them and settled in Marietta in Sept. 1833. In May, 1837, he m Clothilda Adams, dau. Of John Adams (1789-1829), and Lois Newcomb (1791-1833) the family having moved from Mars, to Decatur, Ga., in 1825.

Ch. Of Napoleon & Clothilda Green were: Bryan Bonaparte, Louis Josephine (1846-1934) m George H. Gramling; Julia Jane; Marcus Eugene; and DeWitt Oscar. Napoleon’s sister Louise m in 1850 Humphrey Reid.

P. 107. The rumor was that the Indians were coming. Merchants gathered & were assigned to their duties. Hezekiah Foote, N. F. Legg, H. W. Carlton, Marcus W. Green, and others set out to reconnoiter, nothing happened.

P. 150. In the year 1850 found two Co.’s organized with the hope of building better roads, among these Napoleon B. Green.

P. 510. Data from Mrs. C. P. Scott (Nancy Marietta Orr) near Lost Mountain, granddaughter of Joseph P. Green; and from E. P. Green, Bradenton, Florida. E. P. Green formerly resided near Marietta and was a member of the State Legislature from Cobb. His father, Marcus L. Green (who married Eliza Stanley, dau of Ezekiel Stanley of Cobb) was the eldest son of Joel A. Green.

For further data see "First One Hundred Years of Cobb County Ga." By Sarah Blackwell Gober Temple 1935.


P/ 757. John S. Roberts Oct. 26, 1816, Dec. 4, 1889 Lucretia Jane Roberts wife of John Roberts June 25, 1819, Dec. 25, 1847. 163

S. H. Roberts June 17, 1828, Nov. 7, 1878.

Ernest Augusta Roberts, Apr. 2, 1841, Dec. 25,

Mary F. Dau. F J. & L. J. Roberts, Aug. 24, 1847, Feb. 13, 1882.

Willie L. Son of John & L. J. Roberts Jan. 1, 1854, Oct. 16, 1861

Ch. Of John & L. J. Roberts: Jane, Dec. 25, 1857, Aug. 13, 1858; Lucy, May 26, 1849, Sept. 9, 1849 .


P. 761. Emma Belle Stanley wife of G. B. Gibson b Aug. 3, 1861, d May 21, 1914 (dau of James and Mary (Salyer) Stanley, granddaughter of George and Elizabeth (Smith) Stanley, great-granddaughter of Lewis Stanley Sr. And wife Adah, and the gr. gr. Granddaughter of George Stanley the immigrant, George R. Gibson, son of John Stanley Gibson and Nancy Ann Harris, John Stanley son of Elijah Gibson and Winnefred Stanley, dau of Ezekiel Stanley Sr. And wife Rhoda Ledbetter, F. K. G.)

P. 761. William P. Stanley Feb. 28, 1844, Mar. 25, 1918 (son of Ezekiel Stanley II and Margaret Ann Holland, Fannie Wade Stanley June 5, 1846, Dec. 15, 1887 (wife of William P. Stanley. She was Frances Jane, dau of John W. Wade and wife Elizabeth Gibsons dau. Of Elijah and Winnefred dau. Of Ezekiel Stanley Sr. And wife Rhoda Ledbetter. F.K.G.). I.L. Stanley April 20, 1873, Feb. 14, 1908. Robert Franklin Stanley, Sept. 28, 1908, May 26, 1909, inf. Of Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Stanley July 28, 1913--Carl Stanley son of I.A. & E. M. Runyan Mr. 19__ June 15, 1901. Blanch, dau of J. N. Pace, Sept. 19, 1902, April 28, 1903.

P. 763. George Edgar Stanley Aug. 31, 1886, Aug. 1, 1904. Samuel Capers McEachern July 22, 1855, Dec. 12, 1929, Wife Elva Louella Stanley McEachern, b Sept. 28, 1867, d June 13, 1943 (dau. Of William Pickens Stanley & Frances Wade. F.K.G.) Inf. Dau. Of S.C. & E.L. McEarchern, b-d Oct. 7, 1889, Inf. Son of S.C. & E.L.164 McEachern, b-d Aug. 27, 1893.

P. 764. Alfred M. Roberts Aug. 12, 1844 _____; Virginia J. Roberts Jan. 30, 1852--Aug. 23, 1918; Charles H. Roberts Feb. 5, 1851-Mar.1, 1920; Essie Roberts, wife of E.D. Thomas, Oct. 28, 1878-April 20, 1918; Charles Horton Roberts, Sept. 7, 1860-May 30, 1925; Harry & Nellie Roberts, Aug. 23, Aug.24, 1892, age 6 & 4 yrs.; Oneal Roberts Nov. 15, 1858, May 17, 1912.

P. 765. J. W. Wade b Nov. 20, 1826, d _____; Elizabeth A Gibson, wife of J. W. Wade, b Nov. 19, 1824, d Jan. 10, 1902 (dau of Elijah Gibson and Winnifred Stanley dau of Ezekiel Stanley Sr. And Rhoda Ledbetter Stanley of Spartanburg Co., S.C.-F.K.G.)


P/ 795. Ezekiel Stanley b May 6, 1805, d Dec. 18, 1889. (Youngest child of Ezekiel Stanley Sr. And Rhoda Ledbetter Stanley of Spartanburg Co., S.C. - F.K.G.) William L. Son of J.R. & L.A. Stanley, June 23, 1890, Royt Stanley _____; Wilbur Lee Roberts b and d 1914.


P. 753. Marcus L. Green, May 24, 1841-Dec. 17, 1914. Eliza Stanley wife of Marcus L. Green, July 4, 1836-Sept. 22, 1907 (dau of Ezekiel Stanley & Margaret Ann Holland Stanley).

P. 753. W. R. Garmon d April 16, 1892 aged 82 yr. Mary F. Garmon, Jan. 21, 1824-Oct. 22, 1894.

P. 756. Emma C. Garmon wife of R. H. Runyan, Oct. 30, 1847-July 1, 1897. I. P. Runyan, Dec. 25, 1845-Jan. 10, 1910. Amanda V. Wife of I. P. Runyan, April 7, 1847-Oct. 20, 1929.



P. 704. Mary Kate wife of J. M. Roberts, Jan. 3, 1861-Aug. 10, 1916; Nancy Odum wife of J. N. Willoughby Dec. 15, 1848-May 7, 1898.


P. 816. J. W. Roberts, June 20, 1858-July 3, 1922; Mary Roberts, Feb. 12, 1859, Nov. 16, 1919; Lula Roberts d April 17, 1928, aged 32 yrs.; Martha Roberts 1889-1922; Inez Roberts 1920-1922.


P. 802. Wiley Roberts Mar. 22, 1828, June 15, 1896; Harriett Burt Roberts Feb. 19, 1825-Mar. 15, 1901; Adeline Roberts d 1899 aged 78 yrs.; George H. Roberts July 12, 1856-July 8, 1903; Alice A. Roberts, June 17, 18__-Oct. 26, 1881.


P. 852. B. G. Roberts Sept. 4, 1818, Dec. 12, 1893. Erected by his dau. Mrs. W. R. Moon. Priscilla wife of B. G. Roberts, Oct. 22, 1822-Dec. 21, 1869. Erected by her dau. Mrs. W. R. Moon. (B. G. Probably Benson G., son of Wiley & Rhoda (Stanley) Roberts. F.K.G.)


P. 833. Isaac M. Roberts, Feb. 28, 1853-May 15, 1930; Nannie T. Roberts, Sept. 13, 1869, June 16, 1924; Nathaniel Alpheus Pratt D.D. 1796-1879, Founder of the Roswell Presbyterian Church and beloved pastor for more than 40 years. Catherine King Pratt 1810-1894; Catherine King dau of N.A. and C.B. Pratt, Feb. 19, 1840-July 23, 1841; Horace Alpheus Pratt b Darien, Ga. Dec. 11, 1830, d near Charleston, S.C., Nov. 22, 1870; Lilias Logan Pratt b Rockbridge, Va. Aug. 27, 1827, d Rosewell, Ga. Dec., 11, 1870. 166. Frances Pratt dau of John F. & Frances L. Baker b Jan. 26, _____, d Nov. 19, 1857. Frances Lorinda wife of Rev. John F. Baker, b Oct. 13, 1835, d Jan. 26, 1857, her meek and gentle virtues are her memorial.


P. 858. Nancy C. Tucker wife of Jack Roberts b July 13, 1840, d Oct. 13, 1914.


P. 691. Ola Runyan June 11, 1886-Nov. 3, 1902. Mrs. Emma Jewell Langley Aug. 20, 1870, June 25, 1907.


P. 615. Mrs. M. Louise Roberts consort of Thomas J. Roberts, d Tuesday 21st day of Jan. 1860 age 36 yrs. 9 mo. 16 days. She was a devoted Christian, a good wife, an affectionate mother, and a kind mistress, bearing all the fruits of a child of God.

P. 626. R. N. Holland, Aug. 3, 1858-Oct. 29, 1912; N. H. Holland M.D. 1831-1861. (Dr. Holland brother of Margaret A. Holland Stanley).

P. 644. Anna A. Wife of J. T. Roberts Dec. 16, 1871-May 15, 1901; Julia Roberts d 1808 aged 42 years.

P. 610. Bertha Caldwell Stanley (dau. Of Chas. E. & Emma Lee Caldwell) b Sept. 7, 1893, d July 8, 1918; Winnie Alyne (dau. Of Chas. E. & Emma Lee Caldwell) b Jan. 29, 1880, d Aug. 13, 1899. Mrs. M. E. Gorham Feb. 24, 1830-Mar. 1, 1894; Sanford Gorham Dec. 30, 1830-Dec. 7, 1897.

P. 632. Ezekiel C. Harris Dec. 25, 1803, May 27. 1891; Rebecca H. Harris, Nov. 23, 1809-Aug. 23, 1847.


P/ 689. Rev. Edgar Jewell, Nov. 25, 1832-July 7, 1908; C. C. Jewell Mar. 13, 1839-Jan. 17, 1890. Judson son of Rev. E. Jewell April 22, 1869-June 17, 1889; Dr. Furman W. Runyan April 1, 1864-Aug. 12, 1903. (Mrs. Laura Jewell wife of Dr. Furman W. Runyan).

South Carolina Wills and Records, Vol. 1, by Pauline Young.


South Carolina

Pickens District Know all men by these presents that I Jesse Stribling of State and District aforesaid being in feeble health and well stricken in years but of sound mind and desirous of disposing of my worldly effects do hereby in Consequence of the affection I entertain towards my beloved wife and the great confidence I entertain in her making an equitable distribution of the effects I do invest her with amongst my children at her decease do give and bequeath to my wife Elizabeth Stribling all the property I am now or may here after be possessed of without any reservation whatsoever together with all Bonds Notes accounts &c except so much as shall be necessary to pay my funeral expenses and all just debts and against me. And in order the better to carry out this my last Will and Testament I do hereby appoint my Wife Elizabeth Stribling my sole executrix. Signed and sealed this twentieth day of April one thousand Eight hundred and forth one.

In the presence of

R. D. Maxwell J. Stribline (LS)

Wm. W? Stribline

Wm. Sloan

- - - - -



South Carolina


Pickens District) to their Honors the Chancellors of said State. Humbly complaining shows unto your Honors your orators and oratrixes, Benjamin F. Kilpatrick and Rebecca C. His wife, Robert Stribling, William H, Stribling, W. W. Stribling, Thomas R. Wheeler and Susan A. His wife, Thomas Stribling, Elizabeth C. Stribling, David S. Stribling, Willis Roberts and Elizabeth S. His wife, William W. Winn and Mary A. His wife, William Jones, Adam Jones and Hartwell Jones. That Jesse Striblings late of the District and State aforesaid departed this life 18 __ (no dates) being seized and possessed at the time of his death of a considerable real estate, consisting of about 14 hundred acres of land situate in Pickens District on Cane Creek bounded by lands of Robert Maxwell Jr., William H. Stribling and others, and exceeding in value one thousand dollars. That the said Jesse Stribling executed his last will and testament, leaving the same in full force and virtue, by which he bequeathed his whole real estate to his widow during life and at her death the same became subject to distribution amongst his children and grandchildren, as his heirs at law. Your orators further shew that the said Jesse Stribling & Elizabeth Stribling left the following children surviving them, Rebecca C. Wife of Benjamin F. Kilpatrick, Robert Stribling, William H. Stribling, W. W. Stribling, Susan H. Now the wife of Thomas H. Shealor, Thomas M. Stribling, Elizabeth C. Stribling, Nancy now the wife of Henry N. White, M. S. Stribling, David S. Stribling being 10 in number, and also the children of a decd. Child named Mary formerly the wife of Hartwell Jones (who is now living) to wit, your oratrix Elizabeth S. Now the wife of William W. Winn, your orators William Jones, Adam Jones, Hartwell Jones who are of full age, also Thomas H. David, Susan C., Lucinda J. Rebecca C., Nancy, Martha M., and Matilda C. Jones who are minors and reside out of the state who are entitled to distribution of the real estate169 of the said Jesse Stribling.

H. C. Young (Comp. Sol.)

Filed Nov. 7, 1850.

State of Georgia

Cobb County: We Hartwell Jones of said County, Elizabeth Roberts formerly Elizabeth Jones, and Willis Roberts her husband, William Jones son of said Hartwell Jones, Adam Jones son of said Hartwell Jones, Mary Winn formerly Mary Jones daughter of Sd. Hartwell Jones and Hilliard W. Winn her husband and Hartwell Jones Guardian for the balance of his children who are minors under the age of twenty one years to wit, Thomas H., David--Susan C. -- Lucinda J. -- Rebecca C. -- Nancy -- Martha M. & Matilda C. Jones all being heirs and distributes of the real and personal estate of Elizabeth Stribling decd. Late of Pickens District, State of South Carolina consent that an order be granted by the proper court, for the sale of the said estate real and personal for distribution. June 17th 1850.

Signed and attested in open Court now in session.

W. C. Green J.J.C.

S. Lawrence J..J.C.

J. M. Carruth J.J.C.

Willis Roberts

Elizabeth S. Roberts

Hillard W. Winn

Mary A. Winn

William Jones

Adam Jones

Hartwell Jones

- - - - - - - - -

The home tract on which Jesse Stribling lived and died on Cane Creek was said to be one of the best cotton farms in the district. On another paper was the following. No date to paper though.

Rebecca C. Wife of Benjamin F. Kilpatrick living in Mississippi. Robert Stribling in Georgia. (The W. W. Stribling must be for Warren W. Stribling.)



George Stanley, son of Lewis and Adah Stanley, was born in Spartanburg 96th Dist. S.C., March 28, 1786, died Aug. 16, 1852, Fayette Co., Ind., married Elizabeth Smith, born Nov. 7, 1789, in Georgia died Feb. 26, 1861, both buried in Fouts Cemetery, Deer Creek, Ind., about twelve miles from Logansport, Ind. George and Elizabeth removed to Indiana after Sept. 14, 1813.

First record found concerning George Stanley was July 17, 1805, when he and his father Lewis Stanley and his brother-in-law Daniel McCay witnessed the will of Ezekiel Stanley in Spartanburg, S.C. He was married in the 1810 Census of Pendleton Co. S.C., had one child. Records at Anderson, S.C. Clerk of Court from 1790 until 1828 Old Pendleton Dist. Then the northern part was set up into Pickens Co., S.C. found the following records:

Bk. L. P. 240, Lewis Stanley, Sr., & wife Adah Stanley $200.00 to Daniel McCay 150 acres (Grant to James Waters) Nov. 30, 1799, bounded by George Stanley, Nov. 23, 1811. Wit: George Stanley & Alexander McCay.

P. 242, Daniel & Elizabeth McCay $200.00 to Lewis Stanley, Sr. 299½ acres 12 mile river (grand to James Waters, Sr. Nov. 20, 1788) Nov. 23, 1811. Wit: Geo. Stanley, Wm. Alexander, McCay. Recorded Jan. 6, 1812.

P.317, Lewis Stanley, Sr. And wife Adah $70.00 to George Stanley, N.E. 12 mile river 50 acres (grant to James Waters, Sr.) bounded by Daniel McCay, John Land, March 20, 1812, Wit: Daniel McCay and John Stanley.

P. 318, Lewis Stanley, Sr. $50.00 to George Stanley, N.E. 12 mile river 100 acres (grant to James Waters) Russell’s line Garvins road March 20, 1812, Wit: Daniel McCay and John Stanley.

P. 147, George and Elizabeth Stanley to David Caldwell $100.00 (grant to James Waters) Aug. 28, 1813, 12 mile river. Wit: Daniel McCay. 171 P. 171, George and Elizabeth Stanley $100.00 to Henry Gains, Sr. 107 acres N.E. 12 mile river, bounded by John Land, branch Sept. 14, 1813, last record found in S.C. concerning George Stanley. He probably removed to Indiana latter part of 1813 or early 1814.

Note: Lewis Stanley, sons John and George and Daniel McCay and wife Elizabeth, daughter of Lewis Stanley, Sr. And wife Adah.

George and Elizabeth (Smith) Stanley had twelve children, order of birth not known. They had at least one child before going to Indiana. They were married in 1810 Census with one child.

Samuel Stanley, b Dec. 6, 1815, married twice, first to Martha Kise, secondly Melinda Cullens, no record of their children. <STANLEY SAMUEL COLLINS MALINDA Fayette 5-9-1841 STANLEY SAMUEL KERR MARTHA Fayette 4-6-1837 Indiana Marriage Database http://www.statelib.lib.in.us/www/indiana/genealogy/mirr.html> Added by Tiffany Pourner

James Stanley, b Oct. 5, 1822. (See later). <SALYER  MARY  STANLEY  JAMES  Fayette   12-23-1841 1835 Indiana Marriage Database http://www.statelib.lib.in.us/www/indiana/genealogy/mirr.html> Added by Tiffany Pourner

David Stanley, b 1825 or 1829, m Drusilla Guin (see later).

Rebecca Stanley, b 1833, Ind., m James Graves, a son Pliny Graves, m _____, living at Galveston, Ind. They had two daughters, Carmen and Josie Graves, both are married. (Rebecca went to Cass Co., Ind., with her brother James).

Rhoda Stanley, m _____ Bonham (no other record). <STANLEY  RHODA BONHAM JAMES H Fayette 12-22-1836 Indiana Marriage Database http://www.statelib.lib.in.us/www/indiana/genealogy/mirr.html> Added by Tiffany Pourner

Margaret Stanley, m _____ Simmons. Their son was a physician -- no further information. < STANLEY MARGARET JANE SIMMONS JOHN Cass 10-8-1848 Indiana Marriage Database http://www.statelib.lib.in.us/www/indiana/genealogy/mirr.html> Added by Tiffany Pourner

Eda Stanley, m _____ Tracy, no children. NOTE: Eda Stanley, may be Ella. (In 1850 Census Fayette Co., Ind. Of George Stanley, Ella Stanley age 32, b. Ind.; David Stanley, age 21 b. Ind., Nancy Stanley, age 19, b Ind.; Rebecca Stanley, age 19, b Ind. < STANLEY EDAH BONHAM MARTIN L Fayette 9-7-1837  Indiana Marriage Database http://www.statelib.lib.in.us/www/indiana/genealogy/mirr.html> Added by Tiffany Pourner

Nancy Stanley, b 1831, Ind., m Josiah Ezra Hale (see later)./

George Stanley, Jr. M _____, had Billy, James, Flora, Swafford (sic) and Mrs. Minerva Butler, Galveston Ind. < STANLEY GEORGE SHEELEY SUSAN Cass 3-12-1846   Indiana Marriage Database http://www.statelib.lib.in.us/www/indiana/genealogy/mirr.html> Added by Tiffany Pourner

John Stanley, no record. < STANLEY JOHN  WALTERS MARY Fayette 3-14-1844 Indiana Marriage Database http://www.statelib.lib.in.us/www/indiana/genealogy/mirr.html> Added by Tiffany Pourner

William Stanley, m _____  < STANLEY WILLIAM H KISTLER MARILLA Cass  10-14-1849 Indiana Marriage Database http://www.statelib.lib.in.us/www/indiana/genealogy/mirr.html> Added by Tiffany Pourner

Lewis Stanley, no record 172 < STANLEY LEWIS JOHNSON ANN Fayette  6-25-1835 Indiana Marriage Database http://www.statelib.lib.in.us/www/indiana/genealogy/mirr.html> Added by Tiffany Pourner

The Bonham and Tracy families, both old families of Edgefield Co., S.C. having come from Maryland. One of the Chief Justices of S.C. was Milledge Bonham.

James Stanley, born Oct. 5, 1822, in Fayette Co., Ind. His parents, George and Elisabeth Stanley, were natives of South Carolina, which state they left immigrating to Ind. And settled in Fayette County. James Stanley was reared a farmer and the advantages of an education, so essential in the formation of the youthful character, were enjoyed by him in a very limited degree. He improved the opportunities, however, and thereby laid the foundation for an education, which added to a long business experience, has developed into a fund of practical knowledge. Jan. 2, 1845, he came to Cass County, Ind., and settled in the Western Reserve, where he purchased a tract of govt. Land and engaged in farming. He was appointed deputy sheriff, under Williard G. Nash, in 1861, and subsequently served in the same capacity under John Davis. He was elected sheriff in 1868, and after discharging the duties of the position in a manner satisfactory to all concerned, resumed farming, which he carried on at intervals until 1884. In the latter year he was the democratic nominee for sheriff, and after a spirited contest against a very popular competitor, was elected by a handsome majority. He is the present incumbent of the office, and against his record no shade of suspicion has ever been uttered.

Mr. Stanley enjoys great personal popularity, and is a gentleman of intelligence and generous impulses. He is a representative Democrat, of the old school, and has been alive to the interests of his party in Cass County. Mr. Stanley was married, 1841, to Mary Salyer of Fayette County, Ind., who has borne him ten children: James B., Martha (wife of Charles Graffis), J. W. Belle, George W., and Laura M. The deceased members of the family were: Andrew J., Margaret E., Mary and Caroline. Mr. Stanley has been a member of the Masonic Fraternity since about 1853, and belongs to Galveston Lodge, No. 244. Belle Stanley m George Gibson of Rome, Ga. Laura M. M William Smith (See later). Part of above from 173 Cass Count History).


By Mrs. W. E. Bishop, Logansport, Ind.

James Stanley, son of George and Elizabeth (Smithy) Stanley, was born in Fayette County, Indiana, Oct. 5, 1822, died Jan. 1896, Kennesaw, Georgia, married Mary Salyer born 1825 Fayette Co., Ind., died 1887 in Kennesaw, Ga. She was the dau of James Salyer, b 1797, Abbeville, S.C., wife Elizabeth Arnett, b 1805 in Hancock Co., Ind. d 1821, dau of Wm. Arnett, b 1777, Guilford Co., N.C., d 1873. His wife Sarah Henderson b 1781, d 1846. (Note: something amiss here - Mary Salyer born 1825 ? And her mother Elizabeth Arnett d 1821?)  (Mary Salyer was born May 16, 1825 and Elizabeth Arnett was born Feb 26, 1802 and died July 19, 1837. Information added by Tiffany Pourner) for more information on the Salyer Family please email Tiffany .

 The Ancestor Report of Mary Salyer is added at the end after the Index.

 James Salyer, son of John Salyer, b 1763, Abbeville S.C. and died between 1810-1820, wife Elizabeth Scott b 1772 in Virginia, d 1795: John Salyer served in the American Revolution and went from Abbeville to Indiana in a covered wagon taking their son James, age 6 years. (John Salyer is registered with the Daughters of the American Revolution. For more information email Tiffany.)

James Stanley left Cass County, Ind., in 1887, moved to Cobb County, Ga., built a home at Kennesaw (Big Shanty).

Their ch: order of birth not known to this compiler: James Buchanan, Martha, J.W., Belle, George W., Laura, Andrew J., Margaret E., Mary and Caroline Stanley. The children who went to Georgia were: William Stanley (and two small children), Belle Stanley m George Gibson (see later), George Stanley unmarried (he went back to Indiana). Mrs. Martha Graffis remained in Indiana, also James Buchanan Stanley, and Mrs. Laura Stanley Smith remained in Indiana.

Emma Belle Stanley, b Aug. 3, 1861, d May 21, 1914, buried in Kennesaw Cemetery, Kennesaw, Ga., she was married to George R. Gibson, son of John Stanley Gibson and Nancy Ann Harris, and a grandson of Elijah Gibson and Winnifred Stanley, dau of Ezekiel Stanley 1st. And Rhoda Ledbetter, of Spartanburg Co., S.C.

Their ch: Stanley Gibson born about 1895, went to Texas, later. He was living in Chicago, Ill., where he was a watchmaker. 174

Laura May Stanley, b Jan. 6, 1871, Logansport, Ind., died there July 8, 1932, was married Jan. 1, 1888, at Logansport, to William Harrison Smith, b Aug. 24, 1868, Topeka, Kansas, d Oct. 11, 1918, Logansport. He was the son of Solomon and Mandilla Jane (Friend) Smith.

Their children:

James Harrison Smith b Dec. 9, 1888, Logansport, d there in 1952, m Mary Stevens, Nov. 11, 1911. She was born at Lucerne, Ind., died 1937, at Logansport, dau of Loran and Cora (Hershey) Stevens.


Ruth Dell Smith, b Sept. 4, 1916, m in 1945 to Robert Rearick. Their ch: Barbra Rearick, Thomas Rearick, b Dec. 15, 1951, both born at Logansport, Ind.

Dorothy June Smith b July 2, 1920, died in 1951, at Bassett, Neb., m Robert Wedekind.

Paul Stanley Smith, b Dec. 2, 1923, m Pauline Booth of Logansport, Ind.

Mary Belle Janett Smith, b July 22, 1890, Logansport, Ind., m Dec. 21, 1913, in Covington, Ky. John F. Nickels, b in Fulton, Indiana, son of John and Belle (Pownell) Nickels. Ch: Laura Belle Nickels, b Oct. 14, 1914, Logansport, Ind., m Aug. 11, 1940, at Daytona, Fla. To Alfred Lawrence Boatman, b Mar. 26, 1911, Kentland, Ind. Ch: John Alfred Boatman, b Oct. 20, 1942, Logansport, student at Purdue University, Lafayette, Ind., David Eugene Boatman, b May 26, 1953, Logansport.

Willard Jehu Smith, b April 11, 1892, Logansport, m Sept. 1919, in Memphis, Tenn., Ethel Mae Wooten, b Jan. 11, 1894, at Higedon, Ala., dau of John and Dicy Revelle.

Jessie Ruth Smith, b Oct. 17, 1895, Logansport, Ind., was married there June 24, 1916, to Waldo Emerson Bishop, b May 12, 1894, at Logansport, son of Willis M. Bishop and wife Sarah Virgiline Kesling. Mr. Bishop, a pharmacist, owned and operated a drugstore in Logansport. Their son, Harry William "Bill" Bishop, b Sept. 25, 1917, at Logansport, Ind., was married in Covington, Ky./, on Aug. 2, 1937, to Betty Olive Hight, b Feb. 5, 1916, Logansport, Ind., dau of Samuel O. Hight and wife Georgiana Kelsey. Ch: Bette Lisi Bishop, William 175 Emerson Bishop, b Dec. 1952, in Knox Co., Tenn.

Mr. Bishop consulting engineer, Amercoat Corp., all the family enjoy water sports, have a home on the river with a boat, ready to sail, and spend many hours sailing down the river. What better way could one find for recreation? It was the pleasure of this compiler to spend a delightful weekend in their spacious home at Smyrna, Ga., in June, 1963, as the guest of "Bill’s" parents to attend the Stanley family reunion.

Frances Naomi Smith, b Feb. 28, 1899, Logansport, Ind., d there Sept. 1955, m Jan. 1, 1920, Chester J. Schrock, b in Logansport, Ind., d at New Orleans, La. Their son, Chester Willard Schrock, b Nov. 19, 1920, Logansport, m Vivian Jean Rice, b Mar. 5, 1920, a dau. Donna Jean Schrock b Aug. 14, 1941, Logansport was married at Indianapolis, Ind., to Richard Byrd, and have dau. Kimberly Ann Byrd, b May 12, 1962 at Indianapolis.

James Smith, a Mason, is buried in Smith plot next to George and Elizabeth (Smith) Stanley plot, who is near the age of Elizabeth Smith Stanley, and probably her brother.

The name Rhoda comes down in the descendants of Lewis and Adah Stanley, probably a family name in Lewis or Adah Stanley’s family. Rhoda is also a family name in the descendants of Ezekiel Stanley 1st and wife, Rhoda (Ledbetter).

William Stanley, son of James Stanley and Mary Salyer of Cass Co., Ind. And Cobb Co., Ga. He m twice, 1st Jessie Tippett. Their dau Ella Stanley, m Floyd O’Neil and had three children:

I. Donald Dale O’Neil b Apr. 3, 1904, an attorney, Logansport, Ind., m Apr. 12, 1930 Virginia Grantham Barnes, b Nov. 23, 1906, has:

1) Virginia Joan O’Neil b Feb. 9, 1931, m Sept. 1957 Alliston Gray Logan, b Sept. 1925, has:

(1) Carey Ellen Logan b Nov. 30, 1958.

(2) Jeffrey Brian Logan b Dec. 14, 1956.

2) Donald John O’Neil b July 24, 1939.

II. Lynn O’Neil b Aug. 23, 1906, an attorney Logansport m Oct. 9, 1932, Lucille Graf. B Nov. 23, 1903 176 has:

1) Lynette Ann O’Neil, b Aug. 25, 1933, m Dec. 22, 1953 John Phillip Hostetter, b Dec. 21, 1931, has:

(1) Lori Ann Hostetter, b Oct. 14, 1956.

(2) Ann Helene Hostetter, b June 30, 1958.

(3) Rebecca Lee Hostetter, b Sept. 16, 1962.

2) Marolyn O’Neil b Mar. 25, 1937, m July 9, 1960 Ward Walker, b 1930, have Amy Lou Walker, b Nov. 29, 1961.

3) Josephine O’Neil m Henry Octave Heber, has:

(1) Richard Octave Heber, b 1926

(2) Elizabeth Heber Wilbank, b 1940

*William Stanley married 2nd Zonora Eidson, of Kennesaw, Ga. And has Martha Stanley who m Emil Garske, now dec’d and their dau. Drusilla Garske m Chantilla E. White.


Son of George Stanley and Eliz. (Smith) of S.C. b 1825 (Note: This date is not printed clear it could also be 1835) in Fayette Co., Ind., d 30201892, Des Moines, Iowa, m Drusilla Angeline Guin b Augusta Co,, VA. 7-10-1836 d 5-31-1910. Their ch:

(1) Geo. Washington 1st child of Dr. David Stanley (See record by Mrs. Gretna Vaughn -- perhaps from memory).

(2) David Melvin b 4-6-1860 Howard Co., Ind., d 9-26-1861.

(3) Ida Belle Stanley, b 10-6-1861, d 8--1863.

(4) Daniel Voorhees, b 5-8-1863 in Kocomo, Ind.

(5) Charles Munroe 5th child, b 2-14-1865, d 7-29-1934, had Norma, Alice, Virginia M., b 4-30-1919 in Des Moines m Harry Lincoln Jester 3-29-____, Denver Colo., Harry b 2-12-1919 son of Jack Coman Jester and Nina Claire. Their ch:

1. Barbara Jean Jester b 4-26-1944, Tampa, Fla.

2. Daniel Robert b 7-12-1949, Denver, Colorado.

3. Janelle Eileen b 5-3-1952, Denver, Colo.

4. Betty Stanley

5. Judith Ann b 9-27-1954, Denver, Colo.

Names of the remaining ten children not known: only 177 a few lived to be grown.

(6) Denza Stanley b 5-12-1867, d 9-1951.

(7) William F. b 3-23-1869, d 12-12-1912.

(8) Margaret M. b 3-10-1871, d 7-5-1954.

(9) Infant son b 3-4-1873, d 8-16-1873.

(10) Thomas J. b 3-30-1875, d 4-14-1943.

(Record sent by Mrs. Collins)



*George Washington, 1st child of Dr. David Stanley, b 11-4-18__, Howard Co., Ind. D 3-_ _-1931 or 1932 in Hawthorn, Calif.

1. Lela Florence b July 20, 1884? In Ind., m 1st Richard Fisher, divorced and m 2nd Sylvester Henry. No children.

*George Washington Stanley m Melissa Louella Williams who d 10-21-1898, Davenport, Iowa, dau of John Williams and Margaret Jane ___?

1. Claude Percival Stanley b 4-27-1887? In Mo., d 1946, m Lee Smith 1st and Alma ____? 2nd by whom he had no children. Children (by 1st wife):

1. Mildred Nona Stanley

2. b dead

3. Glen

4. Stillborn and mother died also.

2. Roscoe Emerson b 1-9-1889? In Mo., d 11-6-1954, m Viola Baker?, had no children.

3. Gretna Lamcine Stanley, b 8-30-1892 Ottawa. Ill., m (1) Edward J. Fender 12-20-1908 and 2nd Geo. Washington Vaughn 10-15-1937, no children by the 2nd marriage.


1. Maxine Lucille b 11-6-1911, Cheyenne, Okla, m Wayne Leethy 7-1-1934, no children.

2. Russell Edward b 4-30-1915 Durham, Okla. M Dorothy Miles and have an adopted dau., Diana Kay b Fort Collins, Colo.

3. Stanley Dale b 6-24-1921 Lynden, Kan. M Anne Louise Vandervard, has children"

1. Maxine Louise b 1-13-1947, Ft. Collins, Colo.178

2. Rex Edward Fender b 9-25-1953, Topeka, Kan.

4. Calvin Dean Fender b 8-2-1928 Osage City, Kan.,

m 1st Delores Henry and had 2 children:

1. Peggy Elaine Fender

2. Grady Dean Fender.

m 2nd Hilda Buerman, has:

1. Richard Lee b 2-5-1952 at Fort Collins.

2. Minda Gay Fender b 4-__-1953, Ft. Collins.

m 3rd Peggy Keene. (Marriage was annulled).

m 4th Lois Rodgers.

(Note: The numbers get confusing, the next 4. follows 3 above for Gretna Lamcine Stanley)

4. Melissa Louella Stanley b 10-1-1898, Davenport, Iowa, m Edward Sevedge in 1945, 2nd husband m 1st to Charles James’ children:

1. Charles James b in Tex. & d 1955, m Helen has Sharren Kay James.

2. Geraldine James b in Wyoming, m Roy Degough, no children.

* George Washington Stanley m 2nd Jennie Mahala Coffman (her 2nd marriage, - had Gladis Taylor.)

Children of Geo. and Jennie Coffman Stanley:

1. Geo. A., b Des Moines, Iowa, m Mertle

2. Wm. David b 7-12-1907, Cheyenne, m Evelyn

3. Robert Maurice, b 8-19-1912 El Reno, Okla, m Katherine N. Norman 9-18-1942. She b 7-21-1906 in Minneapolis, Minn., dau of John Norman and Karin Stadig. Children:

1. Karin Jane Stanley b 4-23-1944, Buffalo, N.Y.

2. Robert Morris, Jr. b 8-16-1945, Buffalo

3. Stephen Eric b 4-24-1947, Buffalo

(The above record by Gretna (Stanley) Vaughn.)



Margaret M. Peterson, 8th child of Dr. David Stanley and Angeline (Guin) b 3-10-1871, Henry Co., Mo. d 7-5-1954, Davenport, Iowa, buried in Oakdale Cemetery, Davenport. Married to Gustav Adolph Peterson, b 6-9-1869, d 179

2-11-1946 Davenport, buried in Oakdale Cem., son of Andreas Peterson and Margaretha Puck. Children.

1. Irene Vivian Peterson b 7-14-1897 Davenport m Wm. C. Meyers 5-12-1925, div., m 2nd Walter K. Vollmer 12-__-1949.

2. Angela b 11-5-1898, Davenport.

3. Marguerite b 12-25-1899, d 1-4-1902

4. Jenette b 2-1-1905, m John Mackay 6, 1933, div. 1940, m Joseph P. Marma.

5. Eugene G., b 3-31-1908, m Fernne Miller, b 3-4-1918, dau of Frank and Magdeline ( ) Miller 8-24-1940. Has:
Susan Jane Peterson, b 1-21-1943, Davenport, Iowa

William Robert Peterson b 6-18-1954.

(The above record by Angela Peterson)

Denzia Stanley, dau of Dr. David Stanley and Drusilla Angela (Guin) was b in Howard Co., Ind. 5-12-1867, d 1921, Des Moines, Iowa and was buried there. She m Geo. E. Neel, b in New England, & married in Wyoming or Colorado.

1. Paula Beth Neel b 1926 (Again, a typo here somewhere - mother died 1921) in Colo. or Wyoming, m Paul Peffenberg, m 2nd Fred Morton.



Thomas Jefferson Stanley b 3-30-1875, Ind. d 4-14-1943 Des Moines, Iowa, buried 4-17-1943 in Des Moines. He was a railroad brakeman, m 1905 in Iowa La Verne Knapp b 11-17-1888 in Rockwell City, Iowa, dau of Michael Knapp and Katherine Osburger, had:

1. Vernice Marie Stanley b 10-31-1906 in Des Moines, Polk Co., Iowa, m 11-3-1932 (Davenport Sacred Heart Rectory) Laurence James Collins b 9-11-1900, son of Thomas Joseph Collins and Minnie Crouse. No further record.

2. Thomas Jennings Stanley b 3-5-1909 Des Moines, (another birth date on him is 4-5-1910). He was a watchman on the Santa Fe railroad. His fourth wife is 180

Nora _____, have dau b abt. 1954. Two children by 1st wife Delores and Tommy. Another wife was Dorothy Oller.

3. Vivian Margaret Stanley b 7-22-1920 (of 1919) in Des Moines, Iowa, m Apr. 23, 1939 Oscar Wilson Parsons son of Oscar Parsons and Helen Pardekeeper. Children:

1. William Eugene Parson b 11-22-1939 Des Moines.

2. Carol Ann b 9-1-1941, Des Moines.

3. Jeri Lynn b 5-11-1943, Des Moines.

4. Stanley Oscar b 12-11-1951, Des Moines.

4. William Franklin Stanley b Oct. 14, 1921, Des Moines, m Cleo Frazier.

5. Marian Louise Stanley b Oct. 30, 1922 in Des Moines, m Thomas Claude Russell 11-8-1940. He was b 4-8-1915 at Stuart, Iowa, son of Thomas Abraham Russell and Mattie Belle Hornby. Children:

1. Deanna Jeanne Russell b 4-4-1942, Des Moines.

2. Margery Ann b 6-11-1948, Des Moines.


6. Walter Richard Stanley b 11, 1925, Des Moines, m Zee from Greece, have dau b 11-24-1955.

7. Jackie Ellsworth Stanley b Des Moines, d when 14 months old.


Son of Dr. David Stanley and wife Drusilla Angeline was b 5-8-1863 in Kocomo, Ind. & d 8-31-1945 at New Raymer, Colo., where he had homesteaded, buried in Keota, Colo., m Mary Stephenson 9-15-1886 who was b in Clinton Henry Co., Mo., d 3-18-1955, age 85 yrs. 10 mos and 17 da, buried in Keeta, Colo. Children:

1. Clyde Leslie Stanley b 11-18-1887, Clinton, Mo.

2. Ezma Fae b 10-15-1890, Clinton.

3. Edward Brooks b 10-10-1894 (see later)

4. Donald Verne b 4-5=1898, Clinton, Mo.

2. Ezma Fae Stanley m Charles Ford Oram 6-13-1916, son of Robert Oram and Jennie (Stogsdill), b 11-18-1887 at Golden, Colo., has:

1. Charles Ford Oram Jr. b 11-26-1918, Keota, drowned 8-8-1933. 181

2. Mary Naeda Oram b 9-7-1920, Keota, d 3-1-1026.

3. Auriel Josephine b 6-6-1923, Keota, m Willard Woodrow Sandstedd 3-16-1946, have:

1. Vickie Jo b 7-29-1947 at Sterling, Colo.

2. Margo Dale Sandstedd b 3-2-1949, Sterling.

3. Shanna Gae b 12-22-1952, Sterling.

4. Robert Stanley b 1-29-1926, Keota, Colo., m Ruth Marion Dale 7-9-1949 Greeley, Colo. the dau of Everett Edwin Dale and Mathilde (Stegner), b 5-6-1940 Denver.

3. Edward Brooks Stanley, son of Daniel Voorhees and Mary Stephenson Stanley b 10-10-1894, Clinton, Mo., m Velma Elizabeth Shapley, dau of Edmond Rufus Shapley and Lula Alma White 7-29-1929, Sterling, Colo., b 2-27-1905 in Elmwood, Ill. Have 12 children:

1. Gilbert Leroy Stanley b 10-23-1930, Sterling, Colo., m Joan M. Barker 6-11-1954 dau of John and Bessie (Johnson) Barker, have:

1. Susan Marie b 4-6-1956, Denver.

2. Jodi Ann b 5-3-1958 Denver, Colo.

3. Beverly Lynn b 8-5-1959, Denver.

2. Marion Edward Stanley b 11-1-1931 in New Raymer, Colo., Weld Co.

3. Roberta Elizabeth Stanley b 2-27-1933, New Raymer.

4. Bernard Francis Stanley, b 4-29-1934, New Raymer.

5. Edith Marie b 7-8-1936, New Raymer, Colo.

6. Daniel Ralph b 10-1-1937, New Raymer, Colo.

7. Mildred Elaine b 12-14-1938, Keota.

8. Mary Alma Stanley b 4-1-1940, Keota, Colo.

9. Clayton Claire b 8-1-1941, New Raymer.

10. Carolyn Fae b 8-18-1943, Kimball, Neb.

11. Judith Lucille Stanley b 11-10-1945, Kimball.

12. Marvin Ray b 11-16-1947 Kimball.

(Rec. Mrs. L. Collins, Mrs. Vivian Parsons, Mrs. M. Russell).


Son of Daniel Voorhees Stanley and wife Mary Stephenson, b 4-5-1898, Clinton, Mo., m Ruth Elleda Method, 6-28-1925, dau of Elias C. Method and Lena Nora Calnon.,182 b 11-17-1905, has:

1) Mary Eleanor Stanley b 5-27-1926 Sterling, d 1-12-1936.

2) Margaret Elleda b 7-4-1937, Sterling, Colo. m Wm. Patrick Tracy Jr. 9-18-1949 son of Wm. Patrick Tracy and Opha Lanara Hendrickson, b 10-12-1922, has:

(1) Becky Jean, Denver.

(2) Wm. Patrick III b 12-16-1951, Denver.

(3) Gwendolyn Irene b 10-1-1953, Denver.

(4) Michael Dale b 3-30-1955, Denver.

(5) Bryan Hugh b 7-13-1956.

(6) Karen Louise b 2-7-1959, Greeley, Colo.

(7) Peggy Collette b 10-23-1961, Albuquerque, N. Mex.

3) Ruth Johnson Stanley b 5-8-1933 at New Raymer, Colo., m Arnold Carl Speaker 1-21-1951 Keota, Colo. He was b 10-19-1928. Has: Arnold Carl Speaker b 3-23-1952 and Rodger Dean Speaker b 6-3-1954 in Greeley.

Arnold Carl Speaker, Sr. was killed in an auto accident 12-9-1957. Ruth Joann Stanley (Speaker) was m 2nd to Lee Clevenger on 10, 1959.

4) Donald Verne Stanley, Jr. b 2-26-1936, Grover, Colo. m Marlene Ann Harding 12-31-1956 in Greeley, Colo. dau of Harley Everitt Harding and Mary Maxine (McCartney). She was b 9-16-1936, Ault, Colo., has:

1. Linda Sue Stanley b 7-18-1957, Greeley.

2. Dawn Marie b 9-11-1959, Denver.

5) Victor Eugene Stanley b 12-3-1939, Greeley, Colo.



Nancy Stanley b 1832 in Ind., d 1866 in Cass Co., Ind. m Josiah Ezra Hale in 1854. Josiah was b 7-27-1833 in Hollands Grove, Ill. and d 8-3-1887 in Logansport, Ind., buried in Mount Hope Cem., Logansport, son of Daniel Hale and Ada Aldrich, have 5 ch: Edith Jane, Mary Ellen, Julia Ann, Charles Fremont and Oscar Ellsworth Hale .183 1) Edith Jane Hale b 2-10-1855 in Galveston, Ind., d 11-12-1910 in Cairo, Neb., bur. 11-14 in Cairo, m Jesse Boring on 4-15-1875. Children:

(1) Fred b 4-10-1876 at Cairo, Hall Co., m 8-17-1897 Rosa Ethel Jacobs and d 5-6-1899 at Dannebrog, Neb., has:

1. Esther Rose b 4-23-1899 Dannebrog, m 10-3-1915 to Elmer Kempter.

(2) Myrtle May Boring b 10-10-1878, Cairo, no further record.

(3) Arthur Boring b 10-13-1879, Cairo, m Zylphia Scott, dau of Jacob and Barbara (Cotterell) Scott, has:

1. Everett b 7-29-1899, Cairo, Neb.

2. Lorin? b 1-22-1903, Cairo.

3. Marvin Boring b 5-17-1907, Cairo.

(4) Grace B. Boring b 12-31-1881, Cairo, m Horace Dodd. Children:

1. Viola Dodd b 7-2-1901 at Dannebrog, m Herman Mattsen 3-19-1920.

2. Doyle Dodd.

3. Opal Fern b 6-19-1904 Cairo, m Lee Taylor.

(5) Laura Isabel Boring b 2-15-1883 Cairo m 2-22-1899 Charles Rickard who was b 9-25-1878, Cairo, d 4-17-1956, Cairo, son of Alva Rickard and Eliza Collier.


1. Eva Marie b 11-18-1899 Cairo, d 10-1-1931, m Geo. Crossart 5-29-1918.

2. Glenwod Charles b 7-4-1903 Cairo m Zelta Berneby on 7-20-1920.

(6) Warren Ward Boring b 8-1-1887 Cairo d 5-20-1956 m 12-24-1899 Maggie May Hemmerling, dau of August Hemmerling and Mary Gibson. Children:

1. Jesse Boring.

2. Dale Boring.

(7) Earl b 12-8-1890, Cairo, Neb.

(8) Pearl Marie b 11-29-1898 Cairo m Roy Griffield, no children.

(This information from Laura Richard, Cairo, Neb.)

2) Mary Ellen Hale b 4-11-1857 at Galveston, Ind., d 11-14-1939, m James McCarty on 7-9-1899. James b 8-2-1828 and d 11-17-1912 at Readstown, Wis., bur.184 Viroqua, Wis. Mary Ellen bur. Roadstown. Children:

1) Mary May Hale, b 6-22-1891 at Kickapoo, Vernon Co., m 6-22-1911 Johannes Christian Yttri, b 10-27-1887 at Gogn, Norway, son of Ole Yttri and Anna (Soude) Yttri. Children:

1) Edith Jane Yttri, b Franklin, Vernon Co., Wis., m William Joseph Netzer 6-20-1942, b 11-4-1921 LaCrosse, Wis., son of William and Christine (Jonas) Netzer. Children:

1. William Christopher Netzer, b 4-23-1943.

2. Mary Michele Netzer, b 9-5-1947, LaCrosse.

3. Jon Joseph Netzer, b 12-31-1948, LaCrosse.

4. Roseanne Ellen Netzer, b 9-14-1952, LaCrosse.

5. Daniel Anthony Netzer, b 12-23-1953, LaCrosse.

6. Kirstin Elizabeth Netzer, b 5-20-1955. LaCrosse.

2) Mary June Yttri, b 8-20-1922, Franklin, Wis., m 5-13-1945 Stanley J. Danielson of Chicago, Ill, b 12-27-1921 in Crawford Co., Wis., son of John and Sine _____ Danielson. Children:

1. Nancy Ann Danielson, b 4-22-1947 Woodstock, McHenry Co., Ill.

2. John Stanley Danielson, b 6-22-1950.

3. Janice Velle Yttri, b 3-26-1929 in Richland Co., Wis., m 10-7-1950 Geo. Donald Tambeaux b 5-28-1927, Chicago, Ill., son of Michael and Lillian Tambeaux. Children:

1. Christian Michael Tambeaux, b 1-7-1954.

2. Robert Hale Tambeaux, b 5-1-1955.

(This data from May Yttri, LaCrosse, Wis.,)

3. Julia Ann Hale, b 12-21-1858, Galveston, Ind., d 12-10-1912, bur. Sharon, Ind., m 9-30-1886 William Jasper Quinn, b 4-4-1856 d 1926 in Carroll Co., Ind. Children:

1. Mary Maude Quinn, b 8-13-1887 in Carroll Co., Ind., m 12-24-1908 to Walter Emmet Wharton, b 3-18-1886, son of James E. and Susan Amanda (Salisbury) Wharton. Children:

1. Mae Leneve Wharton, b 12-11-1910 Bringhurst, Ind., m 3-20-1935 Harved Bogan, ch: 1. Elizabeth Ann b 3-25-1936, Frankfort, Ind. and 2. James 185 Edward b 7-18-1947, Frankfort, Ind.

2. Julia Amanda Wharton b 1-7-1919, Bringhurst, Ind., m 10-1-1945 Fred Baughaman and has:

1. Ronald b 8-20-1947, Frankfort, Ind.

2. Stanley Baughaman b 10-31-1950 Frankfort, Ind.

Children of William Jasper Quinn and Julia Ann (Hale):

Hazel Mae Quinn, b 5-27-1889, Carroll, Ind., d 12-18-1891

V. Mabel Quinn, b 1-6-1895 d 9-19-1895

A son born 3-21-1896, d 2-21-1897.

Lester Hale Quinn b 10-22-1897 Carroll Co., Ind., m Ruby McCain, dau of William and Esther (Myers) McCain. Children:

1. Robert McCain Quinn, b-1-3-1924, Bloomington, Ind. m Dorothy _____, have two children.

2. Nancy Quinn b 4-18-1933, Dallas, Texas.

(The above data from Mary M Wharton).

4. Charles Fremont Hale b 7-12-1861 Galveston, Ind. d 4-3-1925 in Kansas City, Mo., Johanna Fredrica Wernz b 8-14-1868 at Washington Co., Ill. & d 1-25-1938 at Kansas City, bur. Clinton, Mo., son (Note: This is obviously a daughter , not a son) of Nicodemus Wernz and Mary Balken. Children:

1. Marie Alma Hale b 6-29-1891 Clinton, Mo., m 12-27-1907 Emerson Walters b 8-22-1888, son of James Franklin Emerson and Martha O. Elkington. Children:

1. Charles Franklin b 11-6-1908 Kansas City m Fontella _____

2. Oden Walters b 1-21-1910 m Eva _____

3. Robert m Opal _____

4. Louise.

5. Glenwood; 6. Fred Walters; 7. Jack Walters; 8. Jewell Walters (female) d in infancy; 9. Alma Jean; & 10. Barbara Lee.

2. Louise Mildred b 11-29-1893 in Clinton d 8-5-1894.

3. Joseph Eugene b 7-19-1895 Clinton d 6-24-1953, m Vivian Carmichael 3-31-1919 at St. Joseph, Mo., b 3-31-1899 at Springfield, Mo., dau of David and Ella (Coffman) Carmichael. Children:

1. Eugene Joseph b 7-1-1921, Kansas City m Elma Jean Shermerhorn 8-15-1947. 186

4. George Fremont b 8-15-1900 Clinton m Ruth Ruzicka 2-21-1929; she b 3-19-1905 in Cairo, Neb., dau of ___ and Jennie Laura (Smith) Ruzicka. No further record.

5. Frances Bernice b 1-15-1910 Kansas City, Jackson Co., Mo., m Harry William Smith 1-4-1910 Kansas City, Jackson Co., Mo., m Harry William Smith 1-4-1935 at Kansas City. He b 12-5-1904 at Brownsville, Ont., Canada, son of John W. Smith and Cora Sponenburg. Children:

1. Sharon Jo Smith, b 10-9-1937, Kansas City, Mo.

2. Thomas Stanley Smith, b 5-12-1942, Pontiac, Mich.

3. John Robert Smith b 3-24-1945, Pontiac.

5. Oscar Ellsworth Hale b 9, 1866, Galveston, Ind., d. 1868.

(This information from Frances (Hale) Smith, of Plymouth, Michigan.

* * * * *

Lewis Stanley Jr., son of Lewis and Adah Stanley, was born in 96th Dist. Spartanburg, S.C., in 1788, m Judith _____ born 1790 in S.C. She may have been Judith Croue, as Rebecca Croue born 1775 in S.C., was living with them in 1850 in Cobb Co., Ga.

Lewis Stanley was married in the 1810 Census of Pendleton Co., S.C., age 16-26, wife 16-26; no children.

In a Bible record of Wm. Thomas Stanley, gr. grandson of Lewis and Adah Stanley, Lewis was named as one of their sons, no birth dates given for any of the children, probably from family legend.

There are several land deeds found in the records at Anderson, S.C. Bk. M. P-151, April 19, 1813, Wiley Roberts and Ann Gibson to Lewis Stanley, Jr., 100 acres $150.00, bounded by Joseph and William McClure, Arthur Johns, wit: John Gentry, William Ledbetter.

Lewis Stanley Bk. __ et al. Pickens Co., S.C. 857 acres June 12, 1833, 417 acres June 14, 1833, Lewis Stanley and wife Judith, deeded 100 acres March 31, 1834 to John Burns of Lawrence Dist. S.C. (land on Camp Branch, Conneross Creek, see deeds).

We assume Lewis Stanley, Jr., and wife went to Georgia between March 31, 1834, and 1835, as their 187 daughter Eliza H. Stanley was born in Ga. 1835, this from 1850 Census Big Shanty Dist., Cobb Co.

Hoyt Stanley, no dates, buried in Mars Hill Cem. said to be the son of Lewis Stanley, Jr. and wife Judith.

On May 4, 1849, Big Shanty Dist., an election was held to elect a Colonel for the newly created Regiment of Militia in the county, Lewis Stanley one of the managers.

1850 Census Big Shanty Dis. Cobb Co., Ga. Dec. 5th.

Lewis Stanley age 62 b. S.C.

Judith age 60 b. S.C.

Eliza H. age 15 b. Ga.

Rebecca Croue age 75 b. S.C. (widow)

It’s family tradition among our Stanley kin in Marietta, Ga., that Lewis Stanley, Jr., went to Va. and was living near Richmond during the Civil War, farming by that time. He would have been seventy-five years old.


Was b 2-7-1791 in S.C., d 4-23-1867, Tuscaloosa Co., Ala. He was apprenticed to a merchant to learn merchandising when quite young. He served in the War of 1812 under Capt. John Wilson in Ga. Militia; entered the service on 11-21-1814 and served until 3-8-1815, was honorably discharged at Darien, McIntosh Co., Ga.

In 1959 a small bronze marker was placed at his grave in memory of his service to his country in he War of 19812 by his great grandson, John McQueen Guttery. He was a school teacher and farmer. Benjamin Stanley m 10-25-1814 Nancy Thomas in Jasper Co., Ga., dau of Joshua Thomas and Rebecca (Wheeler) of S.C., Ga., and Ala. Nancy was b 1792 in Ga. death date not known to the compiler, inscription eroded. She was living in 1869. Benjamin, his wife, Nancy and their youngest child, Benson, are buried on the homeplace near Sterling, Tuscaloosa Co., Ala.

Benjamin Stanley came to Ala. late in 1816 to what 188 is now Clark Co., about 1821-22 settled in Tuscaloosa Co. Their children:

A. Lewis T. G. John Wheeler

B. William Lucius H. Jesse Mercer

C. Joshua Martin I. Martha E.

D. David M. J. *Benjamin Jr.

E. Rebecca Ann K. Nancy

F. Fatima L. *Benson

*Benjamin Jr. d in Tenn., where he was attending school and Benson died young.

A. Lewis T. Stanley b 6-20-1815; Jasper Co., Ga., d 11`-17-1896, bur. in Pleasant Hill Cem. near Berry, Ala. He served in the Confederate War, was a merchant in Tuscaloosa Co., for many years and later at Berry, Ala. He m 1st Susan F. Appling, 11-2-1837, b 10, 1818, d 10, 1875; buried at Northport, Ala., dau of William Appling, Tuscaloosa, Ala. Children:

I. Elizabeth III. Louis Samuel

II. Lucius IV. William Stanley

I. Elizabeth Stanley b 1842, Tuscaloosa m John H. Cummins, 12-27-1859 at the residence of Lewis Stanley.

Their children:

a. John d. Manly

b. William e. Sudie

c. David f. Lola

g. Elizabeth

The Cummins family lived near Gordo, Alabama.

II. Lucius Stanley b 1846, d young.

III Louis Samuel Stanley b 1850 d while his father was serving in the Civil War.

IV. William Stanley b after 1850, d young.

A. Lewis T. Stanley m 2nd Susannah Frances Chappell b May 14, 1842, d Dec. 1, 1896; both are buried in Pleasant Hill Cem. near Berry, Ala. She was the dau of James Harvey Chappell and Lucy (Feeman). Two children b of the second marriage:

I Luther J. Stanley b Aug. 1, 1880, d Dec. 13, 1951, m Mattie Pinion b July 2, 1881, d Jan 29, 1910; both buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery near Berry, Ala. dau. Vera Stanley m _____.189

II. Lucy Adella Stanley m Arthur W. McDuff, Dec. 25, 1901, Tuscaloosa, Ala. Their children:

a. Loyl Frances McDuff b ___ m Arthur Joseph Wemett, Nov. 21, 1921. A son, Arthur Stanley Wemett, b June 1, 1923.

b. Rebecca (Reba) McDuff b July 29, 1909 d Oct. 7, 1932.

(Record sent by Mrs. A. W. McDuff, Freedom, Okla.)

B. William Lucius Stanley b Dec. 16, 1816 in Ala., Clark Co., d June 20, 1883, buried in the Old City Cem., Jasper, Ala. He was a pioneer of Jasper, operated a general store more than thirty three years; postmaster in 1859. Treasurer of Walker Co., before and after Civil War. Married twice, 1st to Rebecca F. Gains on Jan. 30, 1850; she was b Jan. 15, 1831 d Sept. 30, 1851, dau of Henry Pendleton Gains and wife Nancy (Ship) Gaines. She is buried in the Old City Cem., Jasper, Ala. Their dau. Fatima F. Stanley b Dec. 2, 1850 d Nov. 3, 1876 m Dr. Lucius Gaines Freeman, b Oct. 9, 1847 in Tuscaloosa d Feb. 16, 1878; both are buried in the Old City Cem. Dr. Freeman was the son of the Rev. James H. Freeman and wife Martha B (Cole) Freeman. Rev. Freeman was a Methodist minister prior to 1837, while his membership was at Zion in the southeastern part of Fayette Co., Ala.,; he is numbered among the first preachers of Jasper, Ala. Dr. Freeman was educated in the public schools of Tuscaloosa, grad. from La. Medical College. Dr. & Mrs. Freeman had 2 children: Birda Grace Freeman was married to Don Albert McGregor, Jasper on May 14, 1890; he was b Feb. 19, 1860, Town Creek, Ala., d Nov. 4, 1942, bur. n Oak Hill Cem., Jasper. Mr. McGregor was a prominent attorney of Jasper. Children"

1. Leila Gamble McGregor graduate of Converse College Spartanburg, S.C. m William Acker, Aug. 27, 1925 in Michigan.

2. Edward McGregor, an attorney, m in Huntsville, Ala. Laura Chambliss Rand on June 14, 1923 of Huntsville.

3. Gertrude McGregor, m Elmo Norton Boyles, has James 190 McGregor Boyles b 10-1-1926, m Elizabeth Leatherwood 11, 1954.

Don Albert McGregor b 10-28-1901 d 12-30-1942 m Albertina Lopez July 21, 1928 in Central America. Don was a prominent businessman engaged in importing heavy machinery from the U.S., where he passed away suddenly in New York while there on business. He rests in the family plot at Oak Hill in Jasper. Has:

1. Donald Alexander McGregor b Feb. 24, 1930 m Elizabeth Raskoski, Sept. 4, 1957, has Albertina and Eliza McGregor.

2. Robert Edward McGregor b Mar. 5, 1933, m Clarisa Basrrios June 23, 1956. Ch: Grace and Aileen McGregor.

3. Grace McGregor b Apr. 4, 1935, m Mario Rappacciolli Oct. 2, 1957, has Sandra Rappacciolli.

4. Albert James McGregor b Jan. 17, 1937.

b. James Stanley Freeman b 1874-1960, m Willie Shepherd, dau of Judge James Wiley Shepherd and wife Eutatia Palmer, dau of Robert T.Palmer and wife Elizabeth Ann, dau of General Zack White, Robert T. Palmer, son of Jesse Palmer of Va. Children:

1. James Shepherd

2. Lucius Gaines

3. William Stanley

1. James Shepherd Freeman, m Dorothea Steinerman, has:

James Shepherd Freeman Jr. m Betty Jean Pierce, dau. E. H. Pierce on Aug. 28, 1949. Children:

James Shepherd Freeman III

Jeffery Pierce Freeman

Jon Theodore Freeman

2. Lucius Gaines "Dick" Freeman, m Jetta Burns, dau of Frank J. Burns of Philadelphia, Pa., has

Lucius Gaines Freeman Jr.

3. William Stanley Freeman, m Virginia Marie McMillen of Cincinnati, Ohio, had Virginia Lee, Catherine Lynn, Susan Stanley and Jill Shepherd. 191

B. - William Lucius Stanley m 2nd Lutitia Chappell on May 31, 1854, she b May 12, 1833 in Fayette Co., Ala. d June 24, 1810, bur. in Oak Hill Cem., Jasper. She was dau of Miles Chappell, b in Amelia, Va. June 5, 1790 d Mar. 24, 1887, m Priscilla Parker in Bedford Co., Tenn. on July 12, 1812. She d Aug. 27, 1889 both bur. in Sterling Church Cem., Tuscaloosa, Ala. Miles Chappell was the son of Abner Chappell and Susannah Moore. They were m Sept. 4, 1786 in Amelia, Va. the descendants of Miles Chappell can trace their lineage in an unbroken line from Thomas Chappell b 1612 in England; came to Jamestown, Va. June 1635. Children born to William and Lutitia:

a. Mary Palatine Stanley b May 13, 1855 d July 31, 1879, single.

b. Alice Clementine (see later).

c. Virginia b Jan. 19, 1862 d July 11, 1862.

d. Rissa Etta (see later)

e. William Chappell (see later)

f. James Guild b Jan. 7, 1873 d Oct. 7, 1901, unm.

g. John Benjamin Stanley b Mar. 17, 1876 d Mar. 24, 1880.

b. Alice Clementine Stanley b in Jasper, Aug. 17, 1858, d Sept. 29, 1956, m George Houston Guttery on July 4, 1876, son of Rev. Robert Guttery and wife Sarah Ann Williams of Ga. His father and Miss Zoe Musgrove, attendants, marriage ritual by F. A. Gamble O.M.G. George Houston Guttery vol. for service in the Civil War, twice elected sheriff of Walker Co. After the war, early in 1866 he and his father opened a general store in Jasper. He was first Mayor and served many years, was Mayor when he died on Dec. 5, 1911. they were the parents of: Claude, Pearl, John McQueen and George Houston Guttery, Jr.

1. Claude Guttery, b 1877 d 1936 m Ann Haughton dau of Patrick Henry Haughton b Madison Co., Ala. 2-16-1831 d 7-30-1906 and wife Ann (Carey) b 1852 d 1943. She descends from a prominent old Miss. family. Mr. Guttery was Chief Deputy Sheriff later Sheriff of Walker Co. No issue.


2. Pearl Guttery, m Robert Young Long 10-3-1900 in Jasper, son of Dr. Robert Long and wife, of Newnan, Ga. owner of drug store, has:

Lucille Long, m Horace Stewart Jr., son of Horace Stewart Carrollton, Ga., has Robert Long Stewart who m Jean Tennifield and has Bobby, Jimmy and Jane Long. Horace Stewart III m Miriam Meek of Carrollton, has Barbara and Susan.

3. John McQueen Guttery b Aug. 14, 1886 m Florence Louise Knight Nov. 7, 1910 at the Baptist Pastorium, Rev. J. H. Longcrier performing marriage ritual. Has John McQueen Guttery Jr., b July 2, 1915, grad of Ky. (graduate of Univ. of Louisville, Ky. Medical School of Dentistry) He m Vivian Douglass Ballard dau of James William Ballard of Ravenna, Ky. on Aug. 26, 1838 at Tulip Street Methodist Church, Nashville, Tenn. Dr. James N. Owen Jr. Shawnee, Okla and Miss Lillian Harrison, Ravenna, Ky. attendants. Dr. Anderson performing the ritual. They were m while Dr. Guttery was an intern at Nashville Gen. Hospital. Later went to Dyersburg, Tenn. to make their home and practice. Soon after, he volunteered for overseas military duty, served in England during the war, later in France, was a Major, on returning went back to Dyersburg. He is a steward of the First Methodist Church, takes an active part in church work, Vice Pres. of the Tenn. State Board of Examiners, Chairman City board of education, Fellow in Am. College of Dentists, interested in Scout work, member of the Dyersburg Country Club. Dr. and Mrs. Guttery have three children: Katherine Stanley Guttery b Nashville, John McQueen Guttery III, Richmond, Ky., Stephen Douglas Guttery, Dyersburg, Tenn. Katherine Stanley was selected one of top beauties at South Western University, Memphis, Tenn. in 1959, m Aug. 9, 1959 Jimmy Mann Evans at First Methodist Church. Mr. Evans, an attorney, son of Dr. and Mrs. William Slaton Evans, Memphis, Tenn.

4. George Houston Guttery, Jr. b 3-3-1899 d 3-4-1941, bur. in Oak Hill, Jasper, m Nancy, dau of William Lucius 193 Swindle and Jennie (Whitson), who was a grand daughter of Rebecca Ann (Stanley) Whitson, wife of Thomas Jefferson Whitson.

d. Rissa Etta Stanley b 1864 d 1946 m Robert Walker Gordon b 1858 d 1899 on May 14, 1890 of Richmond, Va. Children: Agnes, Alice and William Stanley Gordon:

Agnes Gordon m Fred Baily Jones, son of Rev. and Mrs. Jones. Judge Fred B. Jones has son Jack who was a chaplain in WWII, m Pattie Kayler, has adopted daughter.

Alice Gordon m Henry Clay Vance, has dau Florence who m David Haigler and they have two children: David Haigler Jr. and Kathleen Haigler.

William Stanley ?Gordon m 1st Grace Cecilia Swindle 1916, has son Robert Walker Gordon b 11-28-1918. has:

Michael Briggs, Jan, and Sara Jane Gordon.

William Stanley Gordon m 2nd Marjory Fenguay, 6-23-1923, have son William Chappell Gordon b 1-9-1928 who m Margaret Alaice Burgess and has Richard Marshall, Andrew Stanley, Marjory Annette, William Burgess and Victoria Jean.

William Chappell Stanley b 9-22-1870 d 6-8-1950, d unm., buried in Oak Hill Cemetery.


Son of Benjamin Stanley and Nancy (Thomas) b June 11, 1818 in what is now Clark Co., Ala., d in Walker Co,, Apr. 11, 1875, m Martha Clementine Stanley b May 1, 1821, dau of David Stanley and Delila (Johns) Delila d June 6, 1823 in Tenn. their children:

I. Francis Marion

II. William T.

III. Sarah E.

IV. Martha J.

V. Mary Jane

VI. Joshua M.

VII. David A.


I. Francis Marion Stanley b April 28, 1845 d 1-31-1928, m Eliza Gaines 1-5-1873 who was b 1848 (twin to Bartholomew Gaines) and d in Walker Co., dau of Edmond Thomas Gaines and wife Ann McDowell (Whitson). Issue:

a. Martha Eugene Stanley m James s. Griffin, d and is buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery near Berry, Ala., has dau Ada Griffin who m Elmer Jennings and they have son James Sanders Jennings. Sarah Griffin m Leonard Allen and have dau Martha Jean Allen who m Dr. W. O. Carson and have 3 boys. John Sanders Griffin m Catherine Clark Williamson, has John Sanders, Kathryn Rush, and Mary Eliza.

II.. Sarah E. b 8-15-1847 dsp, dau of Joshua Martin and Martha Clementine Stanley who was the dau of David Stanley and Delila (Johns) of Tennessee.

III. Martha Ann Stanley b 6-10-1849 d 12-6-1915, dau of Joshua Martin and Martha Clementine Stanley m James Chandler Appling, Confederate War veteran, both buried in Tubb Cem. near Oakman, Ala. William Hamner (an only child) b 1869 d 1922 m Menerva Day. Issue:

a. James David Appling b Oct. 3, 1889 m Virginia Naramore, Sept. 12, 1915. Their children:

1. Nelladean Appling m Garland Sparks, has Jerry and Donald Owen.

2. Lurlie Appling m Loyce Deason, has James Robert who m Bettye Poore, Charles Mitchell Deason.

3. Edith m W. R. Torgert, has Garry and Debra.

4. Verla Mae m James McCuller, has Barbara.

5. William (Billy) m Doris Fortenberry, has Janet, Donna, Derick Keith.

6. Barney m Bettie Moore of Warrington, Va.

7. Katherine m Dannie Jennings, has Pamela and Connie

b. Stella Appling m Fred Walton.

c. Edgar Appling m Esther Sherer.

d. Mary Jane Appling m Jeffie Myers.

e. Pearl Appling m James Kemp.

f. Basisl Appling m Lillie Odom.

g. Howard Appling m Mary 195

h. Myrtle Appling m Rev. Elbert Burton, Baptist Minister, have Dr. William Samuel Burton who m Ardell Adams and have Vannassa, Leah and Marilyn Burton, Dewey Edward Burton m Gean Morrow.

I. Linton Appling m Alsa Hendrix, has Ora Adelle, Lorene Evelyn, Bettie, Doris, Lanette and Raymond.

j. Glenn m Mary Ruth Davidson, has Horace Mason, Donald, Edna Earl and Pearl Appling.

k. Sarah m Charles Davidson, has Owen, Geo. , Katherine, Alice, Paul, Jane and Myrtle Appling.

l. Austin dsp. (Note: This ‘dsp’ appears often from now on. I haven’t any idea what it stands for)

(Anyone knowing the parents of James Chandler Appling, please contact the compiler._ (Forget it... they are deceased)

IV. William Thomas Stanley b 2-5-1862 d 1-1-1911 at Headrick, Okla. son of Joshua Martin and wife Martha Clementine Stanley m 1st Amy Tinny Edmonds b 8-3-1853, has children:

a. William T. Stanley b 6-29-1874 d 9-1882 bur. in Grandview Cemetery.

b. David Horton Stanley b 1-17-1876.

c. Charles Arthur Stanley b 1-25-1878.

William T. Stanley m 2nd Saphronia Welch Vestal, b 10-10-1853, has: (d) Mattie, b 1887 (see later) (e) Edgar Alfred b 8-11-1891, m Flora Fisher and have a son Edgar Alfred Stanley Jr. (f) Lutitia Cornelia b 10-16-1893 m William Sullivan and have Edna, Eula Mae and Herman Sullivan, (g) Mattie Lee Stanley b 11-21-1887 m John Elgin Roten b 10-31-1887 and have Oyd William Roten b 8-31-1908 m Martha Elizabeth Chamley Aug. 12, 1934 Grandview, Texas, have Billy Ray Roten, Verna Viola Roten m Leonard C. Krueger, Nov. 4, 1934, Racine, Wis. Clarence Allen Roten b 12-31-1916 m July 13, 1940 Jaunita Mae Eatman in Synider, Texas, have Sharon Allene and Patsy (Roten) Steen. Marion Lee Roten b 10-16-1919 m Edna Helen Wills in Dallas, Texas, has Ken, Ronnie, and Bobby Roten.

V. David A. Stanley son of Joshua Martin and Martha Clementine Stanley b 2-10-1955, died young.

VI. Mary Jane Stanley b 6-16-1858, dsp. 196

VII. Joshua Martin Stanley, Jr. b 2-2-1861, m, no further information.

David M. Stanley b 1820 in Clark Co., Ala., was dead by April 12, 1869; was the 4th child of Benjamin F Stanley and wife Nancy who was the dau of Joshua and Rebecca Wheeler Thomas, m Sarah Davis b 1818 in Ga. His children as listed in his estate were Jane White, Mary Stanley, Benjamin Stanley, Willis Stanley, Nathaniel Stanley, Susan Stanley and Joshua Stanley.

In the 1850 Census of Fayette, Alabama:

D. N. Stanley age 30 years born in Ala. (1820)

Sarah age 32 years born in Ga. (1818)

*John age 7 years born in Ala. (1843)

a dau. age 5 years born in Ala. (1845)

Nancy age 3 years born in Ala. (1847)
Benjamin age 1 year born in Ala. (a849)

In the estate Adm *John Stanley is not mentioned, perhaps he died young.

Willis, Joshua and Susan Stanley removed from Ala. to Ark. No further record on these families.

Martha E. Stanley m Richard Files on 10-26-1858 at the home of David M. Stanley in Tuscaloosa Co., Ala. Not known who this Martha E. Stanley is.

Rebecca Ann Stanley b 10-12-1823 in Tuscaloosa Co., Ala., m Thomas Jefferson Whitson 10-12-1843, had:

Jesse Pinkney Whitson b Oct. 12, 1844

Sarah Ann b Jun. 30, 1846

William Toney b Jul. 28, 1848

John Wheeler b Oct. 12, 1850

Susan F. b Jul. 23, 1853

Narcissis b Nov. 6, 1855

Jesse M. b Dec. 15, 1858 He m Dec. 27, 1879

E.J. b Sep. 15, 1860

Benjamin Franklin b Nov. 3, 1863

(See Thomas Jefferson Whitson)197


Son of Benjamin and Nancy (Thomas) Stanley b 1827 in Tuscaloosa Co., Ala., d before 1866, m Eliza Hester Johns on 12-24-1846 in Tuscaloosa. She was b 11-26-1828. His widow removed with her family to Texas and d there May 21, 1886, buried in Grandview Cem. Issue:

I. Benjamin Edward

II. Missouri McKinney

III. Thomas Jefferson

IV. Rufus Daniel

V. Jesse Mercer

VI. Sarah Catherine

VII. Cornelia Josephine Stanley

I. Benjamin Edward Stanley b 1848 d in
Texas m Elizabeth C. Appling b 1846. They were m on 12-20-1866 at the residence of her parents Richard and Jaley W. (Embry) Appling in Tuscaloosa Co., and removed to Tex. (From Oakman News, July 16, 1896):

"Mrs. Ben Stanley from Texas has been visiting here, going to Jasper to visit her brother Col. W. B. Appling before returning home."


a. William Rufus m Nelle _____, no children.

b. Lela Stanley m William Satterfield, have Alta Mae Satterfield who m William Lewis Smith Jr. who d at age of 60 early in Dec. 1959, buried in Ridge Park Cem., has Lewis Smith III and William R. of Hillsboro.

2. Alma Satterfield m _____, no children.

c. Joseph Thomas Stanley m Etta Coleman, has:

1. Carmon Stanley m Marshall ____?

2. Madelle Stanley m Paul M. Morgan.

3. Richard Appling Stanley, d Feb. 1960 at his home in Amarillo, Tex. Jesse Elmo Stanley WWII vet., has Bettie and Benjamin Stanley.

II. Missouri McKinney Stanley b 1849 Tuscaloosa Co., dau of John Wheeler Stanley and Eliza Hester (Johns) m John Collier Chappell 12-15-1866.198

III. Thomas Jefferson Stanley son of John Wheeler Stanley and Eliza Hester (Johns) b in Tus. Co., Ala., buried at Stockdale, Tex. m 12-4-1881 Lutitia Chappell b 1-17-1857 in Tuscaloosa, she d in 1937 in Lincoln, Ark., was buried there, she was the dau of James Chappell and Lucy Freeman Chappell of Tus. Co., Issue:

a. Jesse Mercer Stanley b in Hill Co., Tex., d July 1935, buried Lakeview Cem., m Mattie Blanks, has:

1. R. L. Stanley

2. James

3. Frances

4. John Stanley, WWII casualty in Japan.

b. Buel Luther m late in life, no children.

c. James Stanley, has 2 children.

d. Rufus Colbert, b Hill Co., Tex., d in Calif. m Malissia Cole, have:

1. Viola Stanley

2. George Stanley

IV. Rufus Daniel Stanley son of John Wheeler Stanley b 3-8-1857 d 7-20-1932 m Belle Hopper, no children but reared Cora Frances Chappell.

V. Jesse Mercer Stanley b 1-20-1860 d 7-30-1883, buried in Grandview Cem., Itasca, Tex.

VI. Sarah Catherine Stanley m William Reuben Hamner, son of Lt. J. W. Hamner and wife Nancy Adeline of Fayette Co., Ala. Children:

a. Thomas Roger Hamner m Angie Smith, has:

1. William Elijah m Yolanda McWilliams.

2. Sarah Gertrude m LeRoy Wallace, has 2 children.

3. John Stanley m Alene Hardegree.

4. Rex Lee m Ardie Smith, WWII vet

b. John Hamner dsp. age 60 years.

c. Nina Alma Hamner (see Archie Mercer Stanley).

d. Missouri Adeline m Jack Tackett, has:

1. Mary Frances m Charles Glade, has an adopted son.

2. Margery m Thomas McGinnis, have a dau.

3. Billy Jack m Joan Barry, have two sons, John Daniel m Nelda _+____ and have Billy and Jack.. 199

4. Thomas Anderson, WWII vet, m Nart _____, has 3 children.

5. John David, WWII vet.

e. Jessie Carolyn Hamner m Oscar Paschal, has:

1. Helen d age 27.

2. Jessie Ruth m Damon Adams, has Truman Adams (dau m Fritz Deike and have 4 children.

3. Oscar m Bettie Christian, has: Patsy Fay m Adolph Chupick? and Stanley Chupick?

f. Etta Ethel Hamner m Joseph Casey, has:

1. William Joseph Casey m Bettye Dean, have 4 sons. WWII vet.

2. Sarah Etta Casey, missionary work.

3. Laura Jane m Derrel Dean, 4 children.

4. John Roger m Mona _____, 4 children, WWII vet.

5. Richard m Donna ____, twin sister to Nona, 3 children.

g. Jewel Eliza Hamner m Luther Smith, has:

1. Luther Smith Jr. m Elelyn _____, 2 children.

2. Virginia Jewel m Kelly Chapman, WWII vet.

3. Lucille Smith m Vernon West.

VII. Cornelia Josephine Stanley b 1-13-1854 d 7-7-1934, dau of John Wheeler and Eliza Hester (Johns) Stanley m Christopher ?Colbert Chappell 1-12-1871, b 7-30-1849 d 12-13-1939, both buried in Lakeview Cem. He was the son of James and Lucy (Freeman) Chappell of Tuscaloosa Co., Ala.

a. John Harvey Chappell b 1-1-1872 m Cornelia Garner, has:

1. John Stanley Chappell b 1-4-1891 m Rheba Lee (Phoebe Estelle Lee) R.N. has:

John Russell Chapell, d young.

Patricia Chappell m Lynn Ray Gustafus.

Jarrell Lee

2. Vera Chappell b 12-23-1899 m Everett Persons, has Jimmy Persons and John Thomas.

3. Inez Chappell b 9-13-1900 m Garland Edmiston?. Has dau. Shirley.

4. Varris Chapell b 11-18-1902, died young.

5. Marshall b 3-16-1904 dsp. 200

6. Mittie b 6-6-1906 m Harlan Guynes?, has Jackie, John, Harlan, and Anetta.

7. Jarrell J. b 11-16-1895, m Edna Haddox 12-7-1929; she was b 8-3-1908, dau Janet b 11-17-1936, m Johnny w. Gann who was b May 20, 1935 and have a son Mark Gann b 5-31-1959.

b. Thomas Marshall b 5-27-1874 d 10-1919, m Maggie Boyles.

1. Clyde Daniel m Marie Epperly, have Wanda Faye who m Glenn Evans and have Brenda Gayle and Sherry Layne Evans.

b. Thomas Marshall, after death of Maggie m Valera Hamilton, have dau Willie Marshall b 5-20-1920; she m Dee Mills.

c. Colbert Chappell, m Delora Shirley, no children.

d. Rufus Benjamin Chappell b Nov. 10, 1875 m Addie Chappell, have Rufus Brown Chappell m Pauline Atkinson and have Sandra Dean Chapell and Dianne B. Chappell.

c. Alfred Jefferson Chappell b Mar. 14, 1878 m Maude Holcombe and have:

1. Cora Frances Chappell m Davis Armistead.

2. Mary Maude m Thomas Bell, and have Maudie Jean and Annella Bell.

3. Alfred Chappell died young.

f. Eliza Hester Chappell b 4-5-1880 m Edgar Lynwood Holcombe b 11-26-1876, have:

1. Elton Lester Holcombe b 3-21-1898

2. Debs b 8-26-1899

3. Rupert Jesse b 7-23-1902

g. Lucy Belle Chappell b 7-16-1882 m Lonnie Eugene Broddy.

h. Jesse M. Chappell b 10-12-1884 d young.

I. James William b 1-5-1887 m Juddy Taylor, he WWI vet., have eight children:

1. James Edward Stanley, m Gwendolyn Phillips and have Bill, Dee, Jim, Charles and Jacquelyn.

2. Margie Chappell m T. J. Trahan and have Thadeus, Johathan, Terry and Timothy.

3. Christine m ____ Martin, has Kay Lynn Martin. Christine m 2nd Robert; Galloway, have Robert and Tracy.

4. Taylor Chapell m Ann Young. 201

5. Hester Hope m Gene Galloway, has Sherry and Mark.

6. Alfred m Jerry Justin.

7. Virginia Ann.

8., Anna Ruth died young.

j. Charles Wheeler Chappell b 4-16-1889 m Bessie Persons d at McAllen, Tex. Children:

1. Weldon m Leta Snow; he a lt. Commander in Navy.

2. John Frank m Gloria

3. Melba Lee m Thomas Wickliff, have Marvin and Charles Thomas.

k. Sarah Missouri b May 26, 1891 in Tex. m John Hershall Blanks on 11-23=1911, he b at Paducah, Ky. 7-10-1889, d 4-1-1952, buried in Lakeview Cem., has:

1. Willie Mae Blanks b 8-31-1912 m Lance Leggett, no children.

2. Johnnie Elwood Blanks b 5-16-1916 d 3-17-1917, buried Lakeview Cem.

3. Cornelia Josephine Blanks b 10-29-1918 m Clifton c. Herschler.

4. Alta Jean Blanks b 8-12-1926 m William B. McQueen, has Sara Catherine, Susan Candice and William Blanks McQueen.

1. Dannie Luticia Chappell b 12-16-1893 m David Everett McMahan, May 20, 1923, has:

1. Laura Frances McMahan m Milton Worth.

2. Donald Raines McMahan

3. Patsy Hester m Leon Watson, has David Leon Elaine Lee and Eddy Dale.

m. Squire Calbert Chappell b 3-26-1897 m Eltyce Walls, has:

1. Callis

2. Malloy

3. Wayland

4. Ralph

5. Randell James

6. Douglas 202

North Port, Ala.

Jan. 7, 1884

Mrs. E. H. Stanley

Dear Sister

I have the sad news to communicate to you of the death of your mother, she died the first day of January in the evening, was buried Thursday. I went up and stayed with her several days. Matilda has just come home. Your mother suffered a great deal at times and other times seemed to be at ease, when she died seemed to go to sleep in the arms of Jesus.

Will try to write more soon all the connection is well as far I know.

Yours, J. F. Appling

(Mrs. E. H. Stanley is Eliza Hester John’s widow of John Wheeler Stanley, Matilda Appling her sister.)


Dau. of Benjamin F. and Nancy (Thomas) Stanley b Sept. 8, 1825, Tuscaloosa Co., Ala. d 2-20-1912, buried in Grandview Cem., Grandview, Tex., m James T. Richards of Tuscaloosa. He was b 10-3-1818 d 8-1-1854. After his death Mrs. Richard removed with her children to Texas.

Their children:

I. Columbus Richards m Mary Frances Edmonds, has:

a. Lizzie

b. Fannie

c. Lula

d. John

e. Charles

f. William

g. James

II. Louise Jane m C. C. McDuff, has:

a. Ella

b. James

c. Varilla

d. William

e. Eliza

f. Sylvester E.

g. Curry Richards

III. William P. Richards dsp. 203

IV. Willis

] a. Sula

b. Oscar

c. Elbert Richards

(Record sent by Sylvester E. McDuff, Grandview, Tex.)


Son of Benjamin F. Stanley and Nancy (Thomas) b May 15, 1829, Tuscaloosa, d Dec. 26, 1896. He served in the Civil War; was one of the leading merchants in Tuscaloosa for many years, later removed to Berry, Ala., where he continued to operate a general store, m Martha J. Chappell, dau of Miles and Priscilla Parker Chappell. Martha b May 29, 1831 in Fayette Co., Ala., d Sept. 20, 1909, both buried in Sterling Church Cemetery also known as Bethlehem in Tuscaloosa Co. their children:

I. Miles Francis

II. Benjamin Franklin

III Alfred Washington

IV. Brazora

V. Lula J.

VI Lona Adelaide and John Stanley

I. Miles Francis Stanley b July 30, 1851, Tuscaloosa Co., d July 15, 1935, m Trilla Maryland Davis b Sept. 20, 1855, d Dec. 5, 1932. She was the dau of John Davis and wife Marcell )(Lunsford) both buried in Grandview Cemetery, Grandview, Texas. Miles Stanley removed to Itasca, Texas about 1875, later settled in Midland, where he became a wealthy man. No children of his own, but a foster son, John.

The Mountain Eagle, Dec. 26, 1900: "The Eagle was honored Mon. with a visit from Mr. Miles F. Stanley and bright little son, Johnnie, of Hill Co., Texas. Mr. Stanley was reared in this section of Ala. and went to Texas in 1875, where he has prospered as a farmer, his plantation now consisting of 1000 acres and his property is listed for taxes at $10,000 with no adverse claims. He is county commissioner of his adopted Co. His little son, Johnnie, is a prodigy for one of his age, less than 204 six years. He has often contributed to the Dallas Texas News."

II. Benjamin Franklin Stanley b 1854 Tuscaloosa Co., Ala., removed to Texas about 1885 d Midland, Texas, m Louise

Davis, dau of Willis and Margaret Lunsfoud Davis of Tuscallosa. Their children"

a. Archie Mercer f. Benjamin Marshall

b. Lena Margaret g. Velma Fatima Stanley

c. Priscilla Brazora

d. Alfred Willis

e. Lougenia

a. Archie Mercer b 10-10-1880, Tuscaloosa Co., removed with his parents to Texas about 1885, m Nina Alma Hamner 6-6-1901, dau of William Reubens Hamner and Sarah Catherine Stanley, dau of John Wheeler Stanley and wife Eliza Hester (Johns) and John Wheeler was a son of Benjamin F. Stanley and Nancy (Thomas).

1. Mary Ila Stanley b 8-22-1902 m Clarence C. McCollum. They have Jane Ann McCollum m Robert Payne and R. Stanley McCollum m Juanita Jones.

2. William Benjamin b 2-19-1904 m Nora Casbees.

3. Sarah Valera b 6-6-1907 m Thomas Kornygay, no ch.

4. Lona Missouri b 7-22-1909 m Jesse J. Watkins, have Jaunita Watkins m Ferman Dodson, Alma Jane m Hughell Hemmett, Marie Watkins m Alfred Ford and have a son.

5. Sula Fay b 12-3-1911 m Jesse J. Wallace, have David Stanley m Mary Dell Pennington, James and Bobby Wallace, Brenda Sue.

6. Alfred Marshall b 4-13-1914 m Imogene Johnson, have Barbara Jean. He a WWII vet.

7. Nina Lee b 11-23-1919 m Virgil Hogue, have Archie Lee, Benny, Patsy Ann m Calvin Mench, James Thomas, Doris Janett, Judy Carrol and Linda Kay Hogue. 205

8. James Rufus Stanley b 3-19-1922 m Rose Mary Drummond, have: James Ronald, Richard Thomas, Patrick and Patricia, the last two twins. He a WWII vet.

9. John Thomas, WWII vet., b 8-1-1924 m Iva Lee Hart, have John Michael and Joy Sue.

; * Archie Mercer, a farmer near Midland, Tex.

b. Lena Margaret Stanley b 5-3-1882, dau of Benjamin F. and Louisa (Davis) Stanley m Edmond P. Whitson, 11-18-1900, son of Edmond Whitson and Selina Appling, dau of Richard and Jaley W. (Embry) Appling. Their children:

1. Willis Whitson m Agnes ___

2. John Stanley m Macy Yates.

3. Richard Appling m Othel Wilmuth

4. Susie May Whitson m Oland Davis, had Richard Davis WWII Vet.

5. Stanley Benjamin, deceased.

6. Louise m Mell Ramishire

7. Eula Faye m James Furman of Birmingham

8. Jesse Penn Whitson, never married.

c. Priscilla (Prilla) Brazora, dau of Benjamin F. and Louisa Davis Stanley b 10-11-1885 m Elmer Voliva, had Allen Voliva WWII vet.

d. Alfred Willis Stanley son of Benjamin and Louisa b 12-30-1887 in Texas m Bessie Roberts, had"

1. Alfred Washington, WWII vet.

2. Dorothy Bess m Percy Wallace

From Midland Newspaper: "Long illness takes Alfred Stanley 72, Longtime resident. Alfred Willis Stanley, 72, resident of Midland since 1907, d at 11:45 p.m. Monday in Midland hospital after a long illness.

"Rites will be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday in the First Methodist Church, with Dr. Timothy W. Guthrie, pastor, officiating.

"Masonic interment services will be held in Fairview Cemetery under direction of the Newnie W Ellis Chapel.

"Survivors include the widow; a dau., Mrs. Percy Wallace of Odessa; a son, A. W. Stanley, Jr., of La Grande, Oregon; two brother, A. M. and Ben Stanley, 206 both of Midland; four sisters, Mrs. Ed Whitson and Mrs. Eleanor Voliva, both of Midland and Mrs. Frank Edwards and Mrs. Harold Johnson, both of El Paso, and six grandchildren.

" A native of Hill County, Stanley moved to Midland in 1907. After attending Midland High School, he attended Polytechnic College (now Texas Wesleyan College) in Ft. Worth.

"He married the former Bessie Roberts of this city in 1911.

"For many years, Stanley operated a gasoline distributorship and later a retail grocery.

"He was a worshipful master of the Midland Masonic Lodge and a former steward of the First Methodist Church."

e. Lougenia (Dean) Stanley, dau of Benjamin F. Stanley and Louisa b 11-2-1889 m twice. First to Thomas Nancy, second to Frank Edwards, no children.

Children of the first marriage:

1. Thomas J. Nancy m Jeanette Wilkesoki, he WWII vet.

2. Bernice Nance deceased.

3. Benny Alma Nance m George Yeree.

4. Billie Louise Nance m Alford Dewitt. She a twin to Benny Alma.

5. Lougenia Nance m Ray Franklin Powell.

f. Benjamin Marshal Stanley son of Benjamin F Stanley and Louisa (Davis) Stanley b Aug. 4, 1891 m Mary White, he WWI vet. Their children":

1. Duffy Brock Stanley, WWII vet, has Miles Franklin Stanley and others.

2. Jean Stanley m Thomas Brown

g. Velma Fatimo Stanley, dau of Benjamin F. Stanley and Louisa b July 1 1893 m 1st Carrol Holloway ins 1917 and had Carrol Holloway Jr., a WWII vet. Velma m 2nd Harrold Johnson 1925 and had Jimmy Johnson, WWII vet, Carolyn Dean Johnson m James Leslie Leasure and had James Leslie Leasure Jr. and Susie Lavere. 207

III. Alfred Washington sons of Jesse Mercer and Martha J. (Chappell) Stanley was b in Tuscaloosa Co. m Emma Lang. Their children:

a. Hyder Stanley, died young.

b. Sarah Stanley m _____ Straley, he buried in Chattanooga.

IV. Brazora "Brazzie" Stanley b 2-1-1868 d 2-12-1902, dau of James Mercer Stanley and Martha J. Chappell who was the dau of Miles Chappell and Priscilla Parker (see Chappel lineage) m Elcana "Ellie" Appling b Oct. 25, 1866 d Sept. 21, 1933, he the son of Dr. Francis B. Appling and Elvira (Lee). Their children":

a. Loyl

b. Alfred

c. Martha Ruth Appling

a. Loyl Appling m J. D. Boone, has son William Appling Boone.

b. Alfred Stanley m Ethel Lee, had:

1. Mary Ruth Appling m Bernard Burks, no issue.

2. Jo Ann Appling m Henry G. Prickett jr. have 3 daus: Sharon, Lee and Patricia.

c. Martha Ruth Appling m Edgar R. Watts, have:

1. Edgar R. Watts, Jr., m Betty Jane Rush

2. Phillip Appling, m Sally Harolson

3. William David

4. Sharon

5. Laura Watts.

V. Lula J. Stanley, dau of Jesse Mercer Stanley and Martha J. (Chappell) who was dau of Miles and Priscilla (Parker) Chappell. Lula was b 1865, d 1915, m John Monroe Lollar b 1855 d 1949, both buried in Sterling Church Cem., Tuscaloosa Co. He a son of Hugh Gaunt Lollar and his wife Nancy Bagnell. their children"

a. Allie Lollar d. Sterling

b. Miles Victor e. Howard

c. Hugh S. f. Jessie Lollar

a. Allie Lollar b Oct. 3, 1883, m Condra J. Davis, son of John Davis and Marcell (Lunceford), have:

1. Willard 4. Theren

2. Vanera 5. Earl

3. Violet 6. Ovella Davis, all are married


b. Miles Victor Lollar, WWI Vet., m Laura Owneby, has:

1. Joseph Lollar m Julia Young, have 4 children:

2. Douglas, Joe and Mark Lollar

3. Malinda Helen Lollar m J. G. Tomson and have Johnnie, Jeanne and Robin Tomson.

c. Hugh S. Lollar m Rosa Morris, have Stanley and John R. Lollar.

d. Sterling Lollar Maude Farmer, have Judy, Linda, Woodie and Karen Lollar.

e. Howard Lollar

f. Jessie Lollar m J. s. Christian, has:

1. Mildred Christian

2. James Christian.

Vi. Lona Adalaide Stanley dau of Jesse Mercer Stanley and Martha J. Chappell m Jesse W. Brown, has:

1. Mayme Brown

2. Louise Brown

a. Mayme Brown m Sidney Wilkenson, has Jean Wilkenson m James Lott, and have son Ricky.

b. Louise Brown m William Clarence Stephens, have:

1. Bettie Stephens m Bobby Agnesia, have Barbara Agnesia.

2. William (Billy) Stephens m Billie _____, has Michael, Larry and Joan Stephens.


Born 1833 in Tuscaloosa Co., Ala., dau of Benjamin F. Stanley and wife Nancy m Augustus A. Appling on 12-17-1846 at home. Mr. Appling b 1828 in Ga. They removed to Texas first settled in Hill Co., later moved to Wilson Co., near Stockdale, Texas, both buried there. Their children

I. John w. V. Charley

II Mary J. VI. Emma

III, Sally Vii. Fatima Appling.

IV Gussie

I. John W., b 1848 in Tuscaloosa Co., Ala., no other record.


II. Mary J. b 1850 in Tuscaloosa Co., Ala. No other record.

III. Sally m Thomas Garner

IV. Gussie m Henderson Stroud

V. Charley

VI Emma Appling m 1st ____ Goodman and had 1 son, She m 2nd James Cooper, had 2 children.

VII. Fatima Appling m ____ Stroud.

(This record sent by Mrs. A. M. Stanley, Midland, Texas, and Mrs. A. W. McDuff, Freedom, Okla.)


Daughter of Benjamin F. and wife Nancy Stanley was b in Tuscaloosa Co/. Ala. 1834 m Daniel C. Boon on 12-26-1856 at the residence of her parents. Their issue:

1. Sallie Boon m David Reeder, lived in Okalona, Miss., had Velma, Ethel and Wade Reeder.

Velma Reader m ____ Johnson.

From Jasper Newspaper: "Miss Sallie Boone of Okalona, Miss. is the guest of her Aunt, Mrs. Lutitia Stanley."


Benjamin Stanley decd Estate Probate Ct. Regular Term.

L. T. Stanley admr. April 12, 1869

This day having been set to hear and determine all matters as to the accounts heretofore filed by L. T. Stanley as the administrator of said Estate for final settlement of his said administration now comes to said Stanley and moves the court that his said accounts may be passed and allowed as the same has been by him filed, as aforesaid and it appearing that due notice of the nature of, and of the time set to make such settlement has been given in respects according to law, and strictly in pursuance of the order of court in said 210 estate made and entered on the 16th day of Feb. 1869 and Moses McGuire who was heretofore fully appointed by the court to act as Guardian as Litem to represent and protect the interest of Nancy Stanley, Benjamin Stanley, Willis Stanley, Nathaniel Stanley Susan Stanley under 21 yrs. of age all children of D. M. Stanley decd. one of the heirs and distributors of said estate, the only minors concerned in this proceeding, and settlement now appearing and in open court consents to act, and proceeding to contest said settlement, to open court proceeds to hear the matters pertaining to said accounts and to consider the evidence submitted relating thereto whereupon, it is shown by sufficient proof, that said administrator has received of the assets of said estate, the sum of five hundred and fifty two dollars and seventy one cents and that he has justly expended in and about the costs and charges necessary and indcident to said administration and in the payment of the just debts of said descendant the sum of one hundred and eighty dollars and fifty seven cents leaving a balance of three hundred. and sixty four dollars, fourteen cents subj. to the widows Dower interest and for distribution among those entitled and said accounts appearing to be full and correct; it is considered by the court that said accounts be and the same are hereby in all things allowed and passed as above stated and it appearing to the court that the lands of said estate sold for the sum of three hundred and thirty dollars and it further appearing that Nancy Stanley widow of decd. claims her dower right in said money. It is therefore ordered adjudged and decreed that the said Nancy Stanley widow receive from the said admr. the sum of fifty dollars being one sixth of said sum of three hundred thirty dollars in full discharge of said dower interest and it further appearing that said decd. left him surviving his widow, Nancy Stanley and nine children viz.: Rebecca Whitson, wife of Thos. J. Whitson, Martha E. Appling wife of A. A. Appling, L. A. Stanley, Jesse M. Stanley, Nancy Boon, wife of D. C. Boon, O. T. Stanley, William L. Stanley, Joshua 211 M. Stanley, Fatima Richards, D. M. Stanley now decd. leaving children viz.: Joshua Stanley over 21 yrs of age, Jane White wife of ____ White, Mary Stanley, Benj. Stanley, Willis Stanley, Nathaniel Stanley, and Susan Stanley minor children of D. M. Stanley and all of whom are entitled to share in said estate. it is therefore ordered adjudged decreed that said Nancy, Rebecca, Martha E., E.H. Stanley, Jesse M. Stanley, Nancy Boon, L. T. Stanley, Wm. L. Stanley, Joshua MN. Stanley, Fatima Richards, and the aforesaid heirs of D. M. Stanley, decd. do each have and receive from the said L. T. Stanley admr. the said sums of Thirty dollars and ninety one and one third cents for which execution may issue as follows viz.: in favor of said Nancy for her share in favor of Martha E. wife of A. A. Appling for her share in favor of E. H. Stanley for his share 0 (this is an error should have been for her share - E./ H. was the wife of John Wheeler Stanley) in favor of Jesse M. Stanley for his share in favor of Nancy Boon wife of D. C. Boon for her share in favor of L. Stanley for his share in favor of W. L. Stanley for his share in favor of Joshua M Stanley for his share in favor of Fatima Richards for her share in favor of the Guardian of the heirs of D. M. Stanley decd. Viz.: D. M. Stanley one over 21 years of age, Jane white wife of ____ White, Nancy, Benj. Wm. Nathaniel, Susan, Minors. It is further ordered that all accounts, vouchers, evidences and statements on file relating to this and any further settlement and all other papers writings on file respecting said settlement be recorded.

William Miller, Judge

In this record you will see Martha E. Appling for her share in favor of E. H. Stanley for his share. This item seemed wrong knowing Benjamin Stanley did not have a son E. H., until Mrs. A. W. McDuff, the dau of Lewis T. Stanley wrote that share belonged to John Wheeler Stanley deceased and E. H. was Eliza H., his widow.



Tuscaloosa Co., Ala., Deed Book 1, p. 40:

Know all men be these presents that where as Joshua Thomas deceased d seized and possessed of the South west half of the South west quarter of section 27 Township seventeen of Range ten west and the east half of the northeast quarter of section thirty three in the same township Range in the district of Tuskaloosa and state of Ala. Now know ye that I Rebecca Thomas widow of the Said Joshua Thomas decd. and we Ila Thomas, John L. Thomas, William Hopper and Elizabeth Hopper (late Eliz Thomas) John Withington and Patsy Withington (late Patsy Thomas) David Stanley and Fatima Stanley (late Fatima Thomas) legal heirs and distributors of said Joshua Thomas decd., for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars to us in hand paid at and before the sealing and delivery of these presents by Benj. Stanley, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged have bargained, sold and quit claimed and by these presents do bargain sell and quit claim unto the said Benjamin Stanley and to his heirs and assigns forever all our each our right title interest estate claim and demand both at law and in equity and as well in possessions as in expectancy of in and to the above described tract or parcel of land and premises and also all dower right and title of Dower in or to the above described tract or parcel of land and premises to the said Benjamin Stanley his heirs etc.

In testimony whereof we the said Rebecca, Ila, John L. Wm., Elizabeth, John, Patsy, David and Fatima have hereunto set our hands and seals the 16th day of Aug. in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty four.

Rebecca Thomas (seal) John Withington (seal)

Ila Thomas (seal) Patsy Withington (seal)

John L. Thomas (seal) David Stanley

William Hopper (seal) Fatima Stanley (seal)

Elizabeth Hopper (seal)



Tuscaloosa co., Ala., Deed Bk. L. P. 40, Aug. 16, 1834.

By Rebecca Thomas wife of Joshua Thomas, Ila Thomas, John L. Thomas Elizabeth Hopper, Wm. Hopper, Patsy and John Withington. (note Withington is now Worthing;ton) Fatima Stanley, David Stanley.

Deed L., p. 128 a deed from Jeremiah Thomas and John Withington for their int. in land owned by Joshua Thomas decd. The west half of the s.w. quarter sec. 27, township 17, Range 10 west also the east half of the n.e. quarter of sec. 33, township 17.

Tax assessors’ map shows this land about one mile s of Sterling, 2 miles s. of Fayette Co. line and five miles e. of New Lexington. Land now, Aug. 195, owned by Mrs. Nina Search Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Benjamin Stanley his wife Nancy and their youngest child are buried on their homeplace here.

The State of Alabama, Walker Co. in the name of God Amen. Will

I William L. Stanley of the co. and state aforesaid being over the age of twenty yrs. of feeble health and knowing the uncertainty of the life and the certainty of Death being of sound mind and disposing memory and desirous of providing for the future welfare and support of my family, do make public and declare this my last will and testament.

First it is my will that my body be buried in a decent and respectable manner and according to my standing and former life, and my soul to God who gave it in perfect peace.

Second,. It is my will that my estate be managed and the affairs thereof conducted with economy and promptness so that there will be as little waste or loss as possible and that this my will and desire be carried out, I direct as follows, to wit:

That an inventory of all my private property both 214 real and personal be taken and a proper appraisement made of the same, and of the assets of my mercantile business. I direct that a proper full and complete inventory be taken of all the notes, accounts, goods, merchandise, furniture and appurtenances thereunto belonging, and that my mercantile business be conducted and continued by my partner Geo. H. Guttery and I further direct that when the present stock of goods become a remnant, and such a remnant as will not justify the attention of a salesman or the continuance thereof that my said partner, the said G. H. Guttery be and he is hereby authorized and directed to apply to and obtain an order of the Probate Ct. for the appointment of two disinterested and experienced merchants who shall under oath make an invoice of all the goods, wares, furniture, and appurtenances belonging to said mercantile bus.; setting a proper valuation thereon and report the same in writing to Pro. St. where upon my executors and my executrix hereinafter to be appointed by me shall be authorized to sell the same and upon such terms as may be for the best interest of my estate, at private sale, and the payment if not in cash to be secured as the law directs, in such case, and the sale be reported to and made a record in the Probate Court.

And I further direct that all bad and doubtful notes and accounts be compromised in the best possible manner without enduring the usual expense of advertising the same and on the final payment and collection of the debts due the same, that a final statement thereof be made to the Probate Court, and the balance of money due my said estate from said mercantile business be paid to my wife Lutitia Stanley, but should it be desired by my said wife and partner G. H. Guttery, and they think it advisable they may at any time (after my debts are paid) decide the notes and accounts uncollected in such manner as they see proper and this close said mercantile business.

Third, it is my will, that should any of my private property, be required to be sold for the payment of 215 my debts, that such shall be selected and sold as will be of the least value to my family, and I advise care and prudence in the selection of such property for sale and I further advise that my debts be paid as fast as the money can be had, so that the interest may consume as little as possible of the assets of my said estate.

Fourth, it is my will and I so direct that the premium on the insurance policy of my wife Lutitia Stanley’s life be paid out of and with the assets of my said estate without being made a separate charge against her.

Fifth, It is my will, that when all my debts are paid and the affairs of my estate is wound up, that all the property real and personal, money rights and credits be turned over in the hands of my wife Lutitia Stanley and that she be authorized to use the same for the support and education of my minor children as well as her own support during her natural life or widowhood.

Sixth, it is my will that at the death or remarriage of said wife, all my property money rights and credits be divided among my children if the same can be conveniently done, if not then sold and a division made according to their several rights, should my said wife remarry, then she shall be entitled to share with my children according to her rights, the intention of this clause in my will is that justice may be done, all. Let the members of my family without the usual expenses and trouble attending such cases.

Seventh, it is my will that my beloved wife, Lutitia and my in-law George H. Guttery execute this my last will and testament and I do hereby nominate and appoint them as the executrix and executor of this my last will and testament. In testimony whereof, I so hereby set my hand and seal, and declare and publish this to be my last will and testament hereby revoking and or any other instruments purporting to be my last will and testament on this the 14th day of June A.D. 1883. W. L. Stanley

the undersigned, certify that at the request of Wm. 216 L. Stanley, who signed his name to the foregoing will we do hereby subscribe our names as witnesses thereto in his presence on the 14th day of June A.D. 1883.

D. J. Files J. B. Hughes

State of Ala., Walker County

I, F. A. Gamble Judge of the court of Probate in and for the said co. and state do hereby certify that the within instrument of writing has this day in said court and before me as the Judge thereof been duly proven by the proper proof thereof it is the genuine last will and testament of W. L. Stanley, and that said will together with said proof thereof have been recorded in my office in Bks. of wills Vol. A. pgs. 20-31.

In witness whereof I have hereto set my hand this 20th day of July 1883. F. A. Gamble Judge of Probate.

State of Alabama, Walker county, Probate Court.

In the matter of the probate of the last will and testament of W. L. Stanley decd. before me. F. A. Gamble, Judge of said Probate court, personally appeared J. B. Hughes, D. J. Files and A. M. Stovall who having been by me respectfully sworn and examined depose and say that each of them is a subscribing witness to the instrument of writing now shown to them and which purports to be the last will and testament of William L. Stanley decd. late an inhabitant of this county that said
William Stanley, since deceased, signed and executed said instrument on the day the same bears date as subscribing witnesses to the same in the presence of said testator that said testator was of sound mind and disposing memory; and in the opinion of deponents fully capable of making his will at the time the same was made as aforesaid that said testator was on the day of the date and making of said after full age of twenty one years and upwards.

D. J. Files a. M. Stoval

J. B. Hughes


The foregoing deposition was subscribed and sworn to me before on the 20th day of July 1883.

F. A. Gamble

Judge of Probate.

Filed for record July 20th, 1883 and recorded in Vol. A. Record of Wills, p. 32, July 23, 1883.

F. A. Gamble

Judge of Probate

The State of Ala., Walker Co., W. L. Stanley Estate of Probate of Will in the Matter of the Probate of his will, July the 5th, 1882.

This day came G. H. Guttery and filed his petition in writing and under oath, therewith proceeding and filing in this court an instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Wm. L. Stanley, and praying for such orders, decrees, and proceedings as may be proper and requisite, for the due probate and record of said will in this court; which said will appears to be attested by A. M. Stovall, J. B. Hughes and J. D. Files of this county, and who are alleged to have signed the same as subscribing witnesses thereunto; and it appearing to the court, from said petition that said petitioner is one of the next of kin of said deceased; the Lutitia Stanley, who resides in this co. is the widow of said deceased; that said decedent left his children and grandchildren as follows to wit: Alice wife of g. H. Guttery, Etta Stanley, a minor over 14 yrs of age and reside with their mother in this county and Berdie G. and James s. Freeman, children of decedent’s dau., Fatima F. Freeman, deceased, who are minors under the age of 14 years, W. D. Rosamond who reside in this county as their guardian.


Was born June 16, 1793 in S.C., d 1881-82 in Texas, buried in the Morrow Cemetery about twelve miles S.E. of Cleborne, Texas. he married twice, 1st to Delilah 218 Johns in Tenn. She d. June 6, 1823, in Tenn. Issue:

I. Eliza Ann Stanley d age 8 yrs.

II. Sarah Emmaline m Joseph White and removed to Ark. No further record.

III Martha Clementine Stanley b in Tenn. (See Joshua Martin Stanley)

IV. Felix Roberts Stanley b June 2, 1823s in Tenn., being only 4 days old when his mother died. he was reared by foster parents, friends of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Martin Arnold in Tenn. It is said he went to Ark. No further record.

Joshua David Stanley m 2nd Fatima Thomas on 2-19-1827 in Tuscaloosa Co., Ala., dau of Joshua and Rebecca (Wheeler) Thomas of s. She b 1806 in S.C. and had the following children (1850 census of Tuscaloosa Co.):

I. George Stanley b 1828 in Ala.

II. Benjamin b 1829 in Ala.

III Thomas b 1831 in Ala.

IV. Delila b 1833 in Ala.

V. David Horton b 1835 in Ala.

VI. Elvira b 1838 in Ala.

VII. William b 1843 in Ala.

VIII. Angeline b 1845 in Ala.

IX. Samuel b 1848 in Ala.

I. George Washington Stanley, son of Joshua David and Fatima (Thomas) Stanley was b Dec. 2, 1827 in Tuscaloosa Co., Ala., d Mar. 19, 1888, bur. Rockwell Cem. near Itasca, Tex., m 1st S.C. Jetton, b 1829 in N.C., d soon after the birth of their 3rd child. She was dau. of Ephram Jetton b 1794 in N.C. and wife Rachael b 1792 in N.C. Issue of this marriage:

a. E. Felix b Jan. 1, 1854 d Jan. 13, 1879

b. Lucius Fellmore (see later)

c. Rachel Fatima Stanley b Oct. 6, 1862

George Washington Stanley m 2nd Emily Deavers, had:

d. David C. b Dec. 28, 1868

e. John w. b Sept. 22, 1873

f. Molly E. b June 14, 1876, d 1951. 219

b. Lucius Fillmore Stanley, son of George Washington and Isabella (Jetton) Stanley was b near Jasper, Ala. on June 14, 1858. From a newspaper clipping:

"Funeral rites for Judge L. F. Stanley April 1, 1936, who died at his home in this city at an early hour last Thursday morning were held from the First Presbyterian Church at 2:30 o’clock Friday afternoon conducted by the pastor, Rev. N. J. Sayler, Rev. Allen of Files Valley Presbyterian Church was prevented from participating in the services by illness. Brown Rees and Co., funeral directors of this city were in charge of arrangements and interment was in the Itasca Cem. Active pallbearers were the deacons of the church viz.; Frank Davis, Wm. Greer, Homer Weatherred, Earl Farrow, Robert A. Stingily and Green Nuckols.

"Honorary pallbearers included the elders of the church, viz.: Frank Martin, Pat. E. Hooks, C. C. Pruitt, Sidney J. Files, T. J. Stamps, E. F Thompson, E.D. Welch, W.F. Clack, and the following: H. E. Chiles, Senator Wm. Martin, John Clark, John Clark, Jim Walker, all of Hillsboro; ;M. L. Brockette, James E Patton, Newt Walker, R. L. Taylor, D.O. Knick, Dr. James A. Spur, Dr. Clark, C. Campbell, H. R. Vernon, R. C. Jones and John A. Martin.

"Lucius F. Stanley was a native of the state of Ala., having been born in Jasper, of that state June 14, 1858, fifty four years ago, when a young man he came to Texas and settled near Grandview. Two years later he moved to Itasca where he continued to reside up to the time of his death. In 1889 he was married to Miss Ida Pruitt who as his wife and life companion passed away in this city eight years ago.

"He is survived by the following children: Felix W., Waco, Texas, Mrs. Tennie Belle Bobbitt, San Antonio, and J. G. Stanley of Itasca, also the following half brothers and sisters: J.W. and D.C. Stanley of Duncan, Okla. and Mrs. Joe Graham of Alpine, Texas.

"Judge Stanley has been closely identified with the social and civic life of Itasca from the founding of the town more than fifty years ago, up to a year or two ago, when under the infirmities of advancing age, he 220 retired from official duties and spent most of his time at home. He was appointed Justice of the Peace of Precinct number two in July 1900 and with the exception of a year or two, when he voluntarily withdrew, he served continuously until his resignation in Nov. 1933.

"During his long term of service he established a reputation for fairness and handled justice to all parties concerned in his court, and his council and advice was sought on many matters. As an official, he probably performed more marriages than any other man in the county, only a few weeks before his retirement, he performed a marriage ceremony in which both bride and groom were children of marriages he had performed earlier in his career.

" Another matter a bit unique in the history of his service was a decision he rendered some years ago when the truck and auto began to supplant the buggy and wagon in general use and both defined in the statues as vehicles and as such were not subject to execution. The question came up in his court as to whether an auto was a vehicle in the meaning of the statute. His decision was that an automobile was a vehicle in the sense of the statute that if enjoyed the exemption provided in the law. His decision was appealed, but in the meantime a similar case came up in the Ft. Worth district court in which the district Judge reached a different conclusion from that rendered by Judge Stanley. That case however was appealed to the Supreme Court and the decision reversed, affirming Judge Stanley’s original decision."

they had issue:

1. Jasper George Stanley

2. Felix Stanley, d May 1956

3. Lucius Ramond Stanley d 1946

4. Lucile Stanley d 1946

5. Tennie Belle Stanley m Hearne S. Bobbitt, has Ida Irene Bobbitt, b 1937 m Dehoney.

II. Benjamin L. Stanley b April 17, 1829, Tuscaloosa, d Apr. 14, 1917, Fayette Co., Ala., m Charlotte Lee. 221 Their children:

a. Fannie Stanley m Ike Appling.

b. Arlauthus m Ada Hassell Jan. 7, 1883.

c. Walter moved to Texas (?)

d. Julia "Jaley" m Z. T. Graham 1-8-1884

e. Alvertis

f. Joseph Thomas b 1866 d 11, 1929, m Mary Alice Harkins b 1869 d Jan. 1943. Their children:

1. W. Thomas b 7-25-1888

2. Vern B. b 7-7-1891

3. Lula Essie b 70701891

4. W. Dean b 3-10-1893

5. C. Bruce 3-2-1895 d infancy.

6. J. Walter b Oct. 9, 1896

7. Brad O. b Aug. 2, 1899

8. Eva b June 22, 1901

9. Varilla b May 19, 1903

10. Mary Alice b 3-30-1905

11. Sam Jones b 10-18-1906

12. Howard b 10-18-1907

13. Nola b Sept. 8, 1910

14. Larkind b 1-1-1913 m Grace Carnell, no children.

(Sent by Mrs. Larkin Stanley, Williamsburg, Va.)

III. Thomas b 1831 in Tuscaloosa Co., Ala., m Miranda Hyche. their children:

a. Fatima m John T. Morris, Oct. 3, 1878, had:

1. Lou Morris dsp.

2. John Morris m _____, no children

3. Harry m Estelle Holley

4. Stella m ____ Stone

b. Susan Cornelia m Alonzo Lindsy Carmichael, has:

1. Queen Esther Carmichael, died young.

2. Victor Hugo, judge of count court, m Mary Faison, dau of I. R. Faison and granddau of Dr. John Faison, has:

Mary Faison, Charlotte, Victoria m Dan. P. Knake.

3. Thomas Lafayette m Cora Lee Thompson, has:

Wilma Ozell m John T. Cole and has: Johnnie Cole m William Wilkie; Bobby Wilkie m Linda Ware; Jimmy Wilkie m Elsie Wakefield; Paul Ray; Carolyn Marie; Jimmy Wayne; 222

Maryetta Carmichael, died young; Thomas H. m Esther Atkins, has Gary, Jackie, Teddy LaVaughn and John.

4. Etta Beatrice Carmichael m Robert Utley, has Howard Newsome Utley who m Thelma Hix of Jasper, has dau Billie Ann who m John Barnes.

c. George Stanley (son of Thomas Stanley and Miranda Hyche).

d. "Son" Stanley m Sallye has Thomas and Hazel.

e. Missie dsp.

f. Dora Stanley m Fayette Alexander

(Record by Mrs. Thomas Carmichael of Clinton, Ala.)

IV. Delila E., b 1120-1833 Tuscaloosa Co., d 1-25-1885 m E. R. Deason.

a. Fatima E. Deason b 11-26-1868 d 7-3-1887. Bur. with mother in Morrow Cem., Cleberne, Tex.

V. David Herton b 1835 Tuscaloosa Co., served in Co. F. 38th Ala. Inf. C.S.A. m Jane, dau of Robert Berry and Sarah (Chappell) b Apr. 15, 1815 in Bedford Co., Tenn., she dau of Miles Chappell b June 5, 1790, Amelia Co., Va. & wife Priscilla (Parker) b in N.C. Children:

a. Sarah Evelyn Stanley m Rufus Seay, moved to Tex.

b. Lula Fatima Stanley m C. M. Hankins, no further record.

VI. Elvira Ann b 4-7-1839 in Tuscaloosa Co., Ala., d Dec. 21, 1910, bur. in Oak Hill Cem., Jasper. m 1st Felix Deason, 2nd _____Prince and 3rd W. R. Winders, no children.

VII. William Henry Harrison Stanley b 8-24-1842 in Tuscaloosa Co., Ala. d 3-31-1927 in Tex., son of Joshua David and Fatima Stanley, m Nancy Elizabeth Kirkland on 1-7-1886, dau of Samuel Eleazer Kirkland b 3-1-1832 d 8-1-1907 and wife Oma b Nov. 29, 1833 d Dec. 3, 1906, dau of Thomas Wilkins, both bur. Rio Vista Cem. near Cleburne, Tex. Their children:

a. Earl d. Myrtle Oma

b. Ervin e. Fred Carlton Stanley

c. Vernon

a. Earl Stanley b 12-1-1886 m Louella Bolin (Franks), 223 Their children:

1. Chester Bolin Stanley, attorney, WWII vet., m Yvonne Bishop, has: Karen b 9-5-1952; Janet b 6-24-1954; Shelia b 9-10-1959.

2. Clyde Page, m Marie Wilson, has: Diane b 10-2-1944; Neal b 6-1-1948; Jo Ann b 9-14-1954.

3. Ruth Stanley m Thomas Styron, has Jeanne b 6-6-1047 and Rita b 4-21-1949.

b. Ervin Stanley b 11-26-1888 m Nellie Lee Brawner Aug. 1, 1914, b 2-8-1891, has children:

1. Jesse Willard b 5-31-1915 m Terressa White on 3-16-1939, b Aug. 15, 1921 has:

Jannealle b 1-5-1940 m William Howe b 7-5-1934, have son Bill b Sept. 17, 1956.

Linda Stanley b June 19, 1941 m Eddie Murphree b 12-38-1937.

Eddie Rose Murphree b 11-26-1957

Kathie Lynn b Sept. 22, 1958

David Glenn b 12-22-1959

Judy Stanley b 1-27-1943

Virginia Kay Stanley b 7-18-1946

2. Artie :Louise b 12-16-1016 , Arthur Earl Simmons 11-30-1940. b 10-20-1901, have:

Polly Gene b 3-23-1942; Wm. David b 10-23-1946 d 10-25-1946; Susan Celeste b Sept. 14, 1948.

3. Nella Jack Stanley b 11-12-1918 m Otis Lee Rollins 1-28-1939, b 6-1-1919, has: Jo Anne b 11-3-1939; Mary b 6-19-1941; Gary David b 1-16-1946 d 1027-1946;

Nella Stanley m 2nd Virgil Raymond Zackery July 5, 1952 who was b 12-21-1925.

4. Andy Stanley b 2-26-1922, WWII vet., m 12-28-1943 Elvira Bare, b 12-30-1924, have: Twila b 7-1-1949; Annette b 7-7-1949 d 1-1-1953; Marilyn b 10-5-1954.

c. Vernon Stanley b Aug. 2, 1892, WWI vet., m Hattie Putman, both d June 10, 1959. children:


1. Vernon Stanley decd.

2. Virgil b May 21, 1920, WWII vet., m Faye Venerable b Jan. 4, 1921, have Michael Gary.

3. Bobbie Shirlie b 10-17-1932, m Eva Wroe, b Oct. 29, 1937, has Patricia Louise b June 11, 1957.

d. Myrtle Oma Stanley b Sept. 4, 1895, m Guy K. Horton, has:

1. Guyrene Horton b Sept. 29, 1916 m J. Floyd Carter II, WWII, has J. Floyd Carter III, b 1-7-1946, Virginia Kyle b 11-19-1952.

2. Dorothy Myrtle b 11-25-1919 m J. F. Martin, has:

Danny Karol b 11-7-1940; John Frank b Sept. 14, 1950.

3. Bettie Evelyn b April 12, 1928 m Bob Park, has Bobby Guy b 11-2-1951; Vicki b Aug. 4, 1955; Betty Ann b 12-17-1957; Pattie b 11-26-1959.

e. Fred Carlton Stanley b 11-30-1902, a civil engineer, m 11-26-1929 Beulah Mae Hollis, b 7-24-1905 dau of John

Wm. Hollis b 3-12-1883 and wife Addie Pearl b Dec. 7, 1885 d Nov. 15, 1926, gr. dau of Wm. Thomas Hollis and Missouri Ann Nealy Hollis b 12-6-1844 who was dau of Wm. and Mittie Parsley. their children:

1. Fred Carlton Stanley Jr. b 10-9-1930, d accidentally Feb. 1, 1959, m 3-25-1951
Betty Jean Davis, has: David Carlton b 7-21-1952; Kimberly Diane b 1-6-1955.

2. Jan Philip b 1-4-1937 m Nancy Kathleen Crawford on 6-2-1956, has Linda Carol b 12-30-1958.

VIII. Mary Angeline Stanley b Sept. 6, 1846 d Mar. 26, 1926, m Abner Files b 7-12-1842 d June 6, 1904, both bur. in Samaria Church Cem. near Jasper.

IX. Samuel Thompson Stanley. b 1848, dsp.



William Whitson m Ann McBride, children:

I. Thomas

II. William

III. James

I. Thomas Whitson b 1780 in Tenn. d 9-6-1870 Fayette Co., Ala. He volunteered at Columbia, Tenn. for service in War of 1812, m May 15, 1804 Elizabeth Gudgee who d 1871. Their children:

a. Narcissa Jane b 1804

b. Martha Whitson b 1809

c. James Whitson m Martha Elizabeth Freeman, had James and Elizabeth Whitson.

II. William Whitson m ____, had son John.

III. James Whitson, son of Wm. Whitson and Ann McBride b 1787 N.C. d 3-29-1841 Tuscaloosa Co. He came with his brother Thomas and settled on the Warrior River in Greene Co., Ala., at a boat landing called Era. He m Elizabeth Tony of Tenn., b 1797 in S.C., have 3 children born in Greene Co.: William, Samuel and Thomas. Because of Indians they moved to Tuscaloosa Co., on North River. (Taken from notes left by James Whitson’s granddau. Josephine Whitson Day.) The issue of this marriage listed in the notes are:

a. William Tony Whitson m Mary Gains (see later).

b. Samuel Whitson m Catherine Chappel (see later).

c. Ann McDowell Whitson m Edmond Gaines (see later)

d. Sara V. m Edmond Gaines (see later)

e. Narcissa b 1830 m Wm. Slaughter.

f. Rebecca b 1832 m Bob Bennett.

g. Elizabeth m James McDuff.

h. Jason b 1840 d in Confederate War.

I. Thomas Jefferson m Rebecca Ann Stanley (see earlier). Elizabeth Tony Whitson, a widow in 1850 was living in Tuscaloosa Co., estate value $8000.00 with children Sarah V. Narcissis, Rebecca and Jason age 10.

a. William Tony Whitson, son of James and Elizabeth Whitson was b 11-1-1814 in Greene Co., Ala. d 3-18-1872 m Mary Gaines b 5-18-1818 Greene Co., d 1-12-1905, she dau of Henry Pendleton and Nancy Gaines, both bur. in 226 the Whitson Cemetery.

1. Henry Pendleton Whitson b 1836, killed in CSA member of Co. K. 50th Ala. Inf.

2. James Strother Whitson b 11-23-1839 d 3-5-1911, buried in Whiton Cemetery.

3. Martha Ann Deliese Whitson b 1841 m Miles Berry son of Robert Berry & Sarah Chappell, the dau of Miles and Priscilla Parker Chappell, Sarah Chappell b 4-15-1815 in Bedford, Tenn. (see Chappell).

4. Elizabeth Azaline Whitson b 1843 m Thomas Willingham.

5. John Carson Tony Whitson b 1845.

6. Nancy Whitson b 1847 dsp

7. Edmond Thomas Whitson b 1857 m Salina S. Appling dau of Richard Appling and Jaley W. Embry.

Edmond Whitson Jr. m Lona Margaret Stanley dau of Benjamin Franklin Stanley and Louise (Davis)

8. Josephine "Joe" Whitson b 3-1-1858 (see later).

9. William Harvey Whitson b 8-10-1860 d 9-19-1836 m 11-26-1890 Lela Arabella Cowden b 1-29-1869 d 4-8-1936, have 6 children:

-Annie Belle Whitson b 1-16-1892 m 2-22-1907 Jacob Archie Herring, have Jane Arabella Herring b 12-9-1907 m 9-8-1931 Wm. Howard Darden Tuscaloosa, Ala., have Howard Darden Jr. b 4-25-1937; Leatha Ann Darden b 12-12-1938. Annie Belle m 2nd Charles H. McCann, attorney on 7-13-1953.

-William Sylvester Whitson b 7-23-1894, m 3-10-1931 Bridget Forst, have Barbara Jane b 7-21-1932 who m Wesley Herbert Barger Jr.

-Joe Wheeler Whitson b 9-19-1898 m 2-2-1924 Gaye Harlow dau Mary Evelyn Whitson m Charles Sanford and have Charles, Lynn and Cheryl of Pensacola, Fla.

-Edward Rufus Whitson b 12-28-1900 m Agnes Hames of Atlanta, Ga., have Florence Elizabeth b 6-24-1938.

-Harvey Daniel Whitson b 11-15-1910 m Edith Stringer Columbus, Miss.; have Dana b 4-16-1943, Northport, Ala.

8. Josephine Whitson b 3-1-1858 d 11-5-1940 m Oct. 1875 William Byrd Day Jr., b 2-6-1855 d 3-6-1901, has:

-Ezekiel Dodson Day b 9-9-1876 Walker Co., Ala. d in Little Rock, Ark. 2-8-1960 7-22-1901 Etta Phillips b 12-25-1881 Jefferson Co., Ala., has 227

Carl Day b 2-17-1902 Birmingham, d 9, 1928, Little Rock, m -24-1925 Lucille Simpson at Morilton, Ark., b 1-21-1906, has Dorothy Louise Day b 8-3-1926 Little Rock m Thomas Irvine Parry, 1-6-1950, Primgar, Iowa have Thomas Irvine Parry Jr., b 6-4-1951 Denver Colo.; Mark Lee Parry b 4-26-1953 Denver; Karen Louise Parry b 9-18-1954, Monroe, La.

Robert Leon Day b 11-27-1904 Birmingham, Ala. m 3-22-1941, West Memphis, Ark. Frances Elizabeth Hinson b 3-6-1917, Kenton, Tenn., has: Betty Lynn Day b 10-22-1941 Little Rock, Ark., Dana Louise Day b 2-15-1944, Eldorado, Ark.

Sadie Belle Day b 9-3-1906 Birmingham, Ala. m 705-1934 at Little Rock, Ark. Owen Kenneth Daly.

Gertie Mae Day b 10-8-1908 Birmingham, Ala., m Walter Gustavas Beroset, Jr. 10-27-1931 Little Rock, Ark.

William Harvey Day b 9-17-1878 Tuscaloosa Co., Ala. d 1-29-1927, bur. Oakman, Ala., m Lela Worthington, has Andrew Day and Agnes m Albert Brown Legg, son of A. B. Legg and Lizzie (Lipsey) and have Albert Day, Joseph Andrew and Carolese Legg.

Caroline Byrd Day b 4-7-1887 Oakman, Ala. m Wm. W. Roberts and have Earl d infancy, Josephine Day Roberts b 2-11-1906 m 6-2-1934 Gustav Henry Felgner and have Paul Heinrick b 2-6-1937 & Charles

Samuel Dixon Day b 11-28-1882 Johnson Co., Tex. m Minnie Long of Tex., has Opal Day.

Gertrude Day b 1-20-1892 Oakman, Ala. m 3-16-1911 Alfred E. Lundstrom b 802601876 in Stockholm, Sweden. Gertrude Lundstrom b 1-30-1912 m Lt. Jesse Frances Yeates Jr. 6-9-1942 b 8-19-1910, has Jesse Frances Yeates III, Mary Margaret Yeates, (Markers in Whitson Cemetery:)

"In Memory of James Whitson, a native of N.C. b 1787 d 3-29-1841." "W. T. Whitson b 11-1-1814 d 3-10-1872." "Mrs. Mary Whitson b 5-18-1818, d 1-12-1905" "Henry P. Whitson Co. K. 50th Ala. Inf. CSA" - this tomb bears a confederate emblem, but has no date of birth or death. "Jas. S. Whitson b 11-23-1839 d 3-5-1911, Gone but not forgotten" (date by Mrs. O. Kenneth Day, Cambridge, Mass)


Samuel Whitson son of James Whitson and Elizabeth (Tony) b in Greene Co., Ala., m Catherine Chappell b 5-27-1826 in Fayette Co., Ala., dau of Miles Chappell and Priscilla Parker Chappell. their children:

I. Miles IV. Ann

II. James V. Elizabeth

III. Sallye VI. Lutitia

Elizabeth Whitson b 5-31-1842 d 11-11-1942 m Jasper Amerson b 6-30-1841, has Hardin Amerson, Jennie Amerson dsp, Samuel, Thomas, and Martha Amerson, b 1879 m Peyton T. Kimbrell, has Carmen Ercell Kimbrell m Hall Cornelius and has Miles Parker Cornelius m Bobbie Jo Womack and have dau Pamela Jo. Margaret Genelle Kimbrell m Hugh Cummings. Daniel Kimbrell m Evelyn Odom, Ruth Kimbrell, Annelou Kimbrell.

Ann Whitson m James Moore; Miles Whitson m Berry? Lutitia Whitson m w. J. Randolph 10-10-1872, Fayette Co., Randolph spelled wrong in the estate record,.

Thomas Jefferson Whitson, son of James and Elizabeth Whitson b 1-16-1824 in Green Co., Ala., d 1900. He was the third child, moved with his parents to Tuscaloosa Co. about 1830 m Rebecca Ann Stanley 10-12-1843; she b 10-12-1823, d 10-2-1912, the dau of Benjamin F. Stanley & wife Nancy of Tuscaloosa Co. Lived at Lelad Lane on a large farm operated a general store, sons living on adjoining farms. Children:

I. Jesse Pinckney VI. Narcissa

II. Sarah Ann VII. James M

III. William Tony VIII. E. J.

IV. John Wheeler IX. Benjamin F.

V. Susan F

I. Jesse Pinkney Whitson b 10-31-1844 Tuscaloosa Co., d 9, 1914 at Files Valley, Tex. Confederate War vet., m Eliza Jane McMillan on 12-24-1864, Tuscaloosa Co., b 6-11-1846 at Houston, Jackson Co., Ga., dau of James McMillan and Winnie Kerbow (see McMillan). Their children:

Sarah Jane, Joe, Baxter, Thomas, Gus, John, Lummie, Hassie and Effie.

a. Joseph Whitson m Nora Bagwell, had Coleman, Howard and Gertrude Whitson. 229

b. Thomas Whitson m Lillie Bell.

c. Baxter Whitson m Mary Cheek, has Dick and Earl.

d. Earl Whitson, died young.

e. John m Hannah, has Mack, J.P., Dorothy, Mary Jane and Johnny b.

f. Augustus m Maude, has Sallie, Joe, Jennie, Maude, Charles, Thelma, Billie, Tom, Irene and Illean (twins).

g. Lummie m Wiley Karrah, has Polk, Claude, Rayburn, Thomas, Samuel, Joseph, Annie and Winnie

h. Jessie M. m Ed. Newman, had Frederick Parker, Maurine Hassie, Jimmie, Myralee, Charles, Edward and Stanley.

I. Hassie Whitson m Harvey wheeler.

j. Effie Whitson m Steven Cheek, has S. J., Gary and Ray Cheek.

Sarah Jane Whitson dau of Jesse Pinkney and Eliza Jane )McMillan) Whitson b 10-9-1878 at Lelad Lane, Tuscaloosa Co., moved to Tex. in 1892 m Thomas Elijah Grant 2-11-1900 at Files Valley, Tex. Mr. Grand d. at Maypearl, Texas 10-15-1959, children:

1. Lynn Grant b 4-11-1901 Maypearl, Tex. m Bonnie Mabry, has: Jennie Bell Grant b 6-18-1926 m Ottis Faris and has David and Paul Faris. Mary Lynn Faris b 6-12-1930 Dallas, Tex. m Dr. Arley Bing: have Stevie and Richard Bing.

2. Inez Elizabeth Grant b 10-30-1902, m Clyde Watson in 1928., has Barbara Jean Watson b 3-12-1929 m Monta Coffee, have Michael.

3. Clemma Videlle Grant (see later).

4. Tommie Katerine Grant b 7-31-1913 at Maypearl, Tex. m 1937 Edgar Smith, have Tommie Grant smith b 10-22-1938 and Jimmy Kyle Smith b 1940.

3. Clemma Videlle Grant dau of Thomas Elijah Grant & Sarah Jane was b 1-24-1910, moved to Cleborne, Tex in 1918, m Ernest Bradley Wilson in 1935, have Diane Wilson b 2-18-1939 and Carol Wilson b 4-3-1940.

II. Sarah Ann Whitson b 6-30-1946 dau of Thomas Jefferson Whitson and Rebecca Ann Stanley m Frank McMillan in 1866. Children:

a. Georgie McMillan J. W. Shepherd

b. Wm. McMillan m Julia Barnest. 230

c. Sydney Macmillan m Josephine Courington

d. Chester McMillan dsp.

e. Pernie McMillan m Oscar Day.

f. Elizabeth McMillan b 1-8-1867 m John Chappell Hutto 12-11-1883, son of Major John Chappell Hutto and Elizabeth (Shepherd). The Hutto’s are well known throughout the state. He d May 9, 1959. Children:

Maude, Carl and Earl Hutto.

1. Maude m Dr. A. M. Waldrop, a physician, has Elizabeth, Hazel, Mildred and Charles Allen Waldrop.

2. Earl A. Hutto m Elizabeth Copeland, have Earline Hutto.

3. Carl Hutto m Grace Holland, have John Francis and Rufus A. Hutto.

William Tony Whitson son of Thomas Jefferson and Rebecca Ann Stanley Whitson b 7-28-1848 m Sarah Baker in 1870, d 4-17-1887.

a. Annie Whitson m Marion Hutto son of Major John Chappell Hutto and wife Elizabeth, have:

1. John William Hutto, WWI vet., m Abbie Cranford, dau of Rufus Cranford of Jasper, has: Reba, Anna and John Terrell.

2. Jessie Hutto m J.W. Smith, moved to Tex.

3. Bessie Hutto m Christopher McConnell.

4. Maggie Pearl Hutto m Clairborne e. Mackey.

b. Minnie Whitson m Jerry Rose.

c. Ida Whitson m George Bagwell.

d. Modena Whitson m Albert Richardson, has Albert Richardson Jr. m Mattie Lou Traweck. Son Leon Richardson m Hazel Livingstone.

e. Pearl
Whitson m Robert Waldrop.

f. Maggie Whitson m Dr. Marvin Scott.

Sarah B. Whitson m 2nd Dr. ____ Leith, has Alice Leith m Allen Odom.

John Wheeler Whitson, son of Thomas Jefferson Whitson and Rebecca Ann (Stanley) was b 10-12-1850 m Sarah B Lollar dau of Hugh G. Lollar and wife Nancy Bagwell, has:

Lovie m Marion Davidson

Frank Whitson m Pearl Leith 231

Queen m Belle Dunn

Jennie Frances b 10-14-1878 d 1-20-1958, bur. Oak Hill Cem. m Wm. Lucius Swindle, has: Grace Cecelia b 1898-1931 m Wm. Stanley Gordon, son of Robert Walker Gordon, dentist, m Sarah Elizabeth Briggs, has: Michael Briggs, Jan Walker and Sarah Jane Gordon.

Kyle Swindle m Bert Cobb.

Nan Carol Swindle m 1st George Houston Guttery Jr., m 2nd George H. Moore.

William Lucius Swindle dsp.

Robert Lee Swindle m Althea Tomlin.

Mary Nelle Swindle m Wm. Vaughn.

Virginia Swindle m Victor E. Moore, N.Y.

John Wheeler Whitson m 2nd Nancy Bagwell, no ch.

Susan F. Whitson b 7-23-2853 m Marion Hamner, has: Walter, Webster, Etta and Amanda Hamner.

Narcissis Whitson b 11-6-1855 m Tinson Shepherd 1875 d 1-22-1930, has John, Carrie m Watkins George.

James Monroe Whitson b 12-15-1858 m Susie Bagwell, 12-27-1879, has Norfleet, John Cook and Stanley.

E. J. Whitson b 9-15-1860 d 1915 m 12-13-1878.

Benjamin Franklin Whitson b 11-3-1863 m 1884. Has: Bruce, Lester, Carson and Elia Fay Whitson.

(Whitson Family Record sent by Mrs. E. B. Wilson, Houston, Texas and Mrs. O. Kenneth Daly, Cambridge, Mass., Mrs. John Chappell Hutto, Oakman, Ala.)


James McMillan b in Raleigh, N.C. 1797 d in Tuscaloosa, Co., m Winnie Kerbo b 1802 Edgefield, S.C. both bur. in Whitson Cem., she dau. of Solomon David Kerby and Celia (Witt), Children:

I. James

II. George

III. William

IV. Green

V. Frank

VI. Sarah Ann m Hays

VII. Margaret m 1st White, 2nd Mauldin

Viii. Mary m John Lavendar.

IX. Lou McMillan m 1st Randolph 2nd Davis 3rd Miller. 232

X. Eliza Jane McMillan (see Jesse Pinkney Whitson)

XI., Melissa Macmillan m Brazeton.

XII. Emma McMillan m George Simpsons.

Elizabeth (McMillan) Hutto gave the following description of the old McMillan home in Georgie.)

"The house was two stories high, 30 feet long do not remember how wide, but 4 beds could stand side by side in back end porch, across the front with room on end of porch, a long shed room across back. The 4 beds were for the girls; the shed room for the boys. The second story was for travelers that stopped over night.

There was a road in front of the house and on the east end of the house. it was called the cross roads and travelers stopped for the night. On the west end was a smokehouse and by that was a well and a milk house dug down a few feet. On the back side was a kitchen and near that was a servants’ house. On the east end was a barn and on the front across the road was the fruit orchard of 10 acres. That was in Jackson Co. They did their marketing in Athens. There was a man and his wife in the servants’ house. When your mother (Jennie McMillan) was born, the woman kept her in her house most of the time and took care of her. She loved to work with her hair because she had so much; it was red."

Joseph Kerbo m Mary , Anson, N.C.; he a Rev. War. vet, had son Solomon David Kerbo, m Celia Witt. Had:

Frank Kerby m Frances Hoosich, had Marshall, Harrison, Viva, Millie, Lemmie and Bonnie Kerbo.

Hampton Kerbo m

Francis Marion Kerbo.

Jesse Kerbo m Neever.

John Kerbo b 1820-1909 m 1857 Mary Ann Smith, b 1842-1920, grand. parents of Prof. A. L. Kerbo of Univ. of Houston, has:

John died age 2.

Martha Jane m Sprinkle

John Kerbo 233

Alec Kerbo m Laurie Griffin, has Ownie Lee, Laura.

Andrew Johnson

Wm. Robert m Ella Evett

Charles Redman m Sallie Little

Thomas Kerbo m Bettie

Walter Kerbo m Jessie Love.

Dock Lane Kerbo m Ruby from Miss.

Bettie Kerbo m Thad Edlings, has Ed, Rollin, Earl, Callie, Bell, Lucile, Odessa and Marie.

Solomon David Kerbo m Etta Evett, has Alva Lee m. Hazie Roby, Ira May m Van Buren Alsup, David m Mamie Gillian, Lena m Grover Costan, has Fay, Loraine, Wayland Virginia Eugene Coston. Ola Kerbo m Oscar Mullins, ch: Myrtle, Jack, Lee Arthur and sonny Mullins.

Bradford Kerbo m Audray, killed in CSA. Dock Kerbo son of Solomon David and Celia (Witt) Kerbo m Frances Parks, came to Tex. 1867 from Houston, Ga. with his brother Frank. John Kerbo came to Beardston in Lamar co. for 3 yrs. Then to Delta Co., bought land from Ira Perkins, owned this land at the time of his death in Coopers, Tex. There is an old Kerbo burying ground at Houston, Ga. (Information by Mr. E. B. Wilson, Houston, Texas.)


William Appling b 1783 in N.C. d 1860 in Tuscaloosa Co., Ala. m Elizabeth Loyl b 1815. Elizabeth could have been a 2nd wife, she was b 1815. Children:

I. Richard Appling (see later)

II. Joel Appling m Clary Ann Robertson, 11-12-1833.

III. Augustus A. m Martha E. Stanley (see Stanley)

IV. Susan F. m Lewis T. Stanley (see Stanley)

V. Livina m Hezekiah Brand, Jan. 29, 1835.

VI. Francis B. m Elvira Lee (see later).

VII. John L. b 1821 Ala., no other record.

VIII. Jesse M. b 1827 Ala., no other record

I. Richard Appling b April 13, 1816 in Ga. d Mar. 15, 1888, bur. in the Old City Cemetery, Jasper. He 234 came with his parents to Tuscaloosa Co. when quite young and grew up there. He m Jaley W. Emory Feb. 20, 1840. (by H. W. Middleton L.M.G.) He served many years as Justice of Peace, Tax Collector, etc. Children:

a. William B. Appling (see later)

b. Joseph f. (see later).

c. Elizabeth C. b 1846 Tuscaloosa Co., Ala. m Benjamin Edward Stanley, (See Stanley).

d. Selina S. Appling m Edmond Thomas Whitson, son of Wm. Tony Whitson son of James and Elizabeth (Tony) and Mary Gaines dau of Henry Pendleton and Nancy (Ship) Gaines. Their son, Edmond Thomas Whitson Jr. m Lonia Margaret Stanley (see descendants of Benjamin F. and Louisa (Davis) Stanley).

a. William B. Appling b in Chickasaw Co., Miss. Dec. 18, 1841 d Oct. 21, 1901, bur. in Oak Hill, Jasper, Judge Wm. B. Appling began his law practice in 1870 at Jasper, Appointed solicitor of walker Co., Registrar in Chancery. In 1861 he enlisted in Lumdens Battery of eight artillery, served until the close of the war, taking part in the battles at Corinth, Perryville, Murfresboro, and Chichamauga. In 1868 he m Mattie W. Cummins of Tenn., she was b 3-12-1843 d 9-15-1900. Their children:

1. Etta 5. Mattie J.

2. Waller R. 6. Edmund W.

3. Myra 7. Newbern M.

1. Etta Appling b Aug. 26, 1869 d July 5, 1903, m W. H. Carey.

2. Waller R. b Aug. 26, 1872 d May 13, 1899 single.

3. Mattie B. b Feb. 4, 1877 d Feb. 17, 1905, single

4. Edward W. b Feb. 29, 1884 d April ;5, 1903, single.

5. Myra m Dr. Frank Hausman, Feb. 12, 1895.

6. Newbern Martin Appling b in Jasper Feb. 21, 1882 m Lillie Floyd Cary in 1905, d Apr. 12, 1937. She b in Aberdeen, Miss., Oct. 19, 1887, d Oct. 18, 1951, dau of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Cary. Their son, Newbern Martin Appling Jr., civil engineer m Sept. 3, 1834 Frances Morriel Butcher, have: 235

Anna Brent Appling

Katherine Marline

William Cary

b. Joseph F. Appling b 1844 son of Richard Appling and Jaley W. (Emory) m in Tuscaloosa Co., Matilda Ann Johns, dau of Edward Johns and Elizabeth McKinney (Boone) and granddau of Daniel Boone and wife Elizabeth McKinney. Both died in Birmingham, had Ozella who m Dr. William M. Rosamond of Jasper, son of William Capers Rosamond and wife Martha F. Freeman and the grandson of Rev. James H. Freeman and Martha B. (Cole). No children.


"Me main reason for sending you the enclosure is to get rid of the statement that ROBERT GAINES who married ELIZABETH LONG was a son of WILLIAM (usually erroneously called WILLIAM HENRY) GAINES. He was not. The only shred of evidence I have ever found for this statement (and I have an enormous collection of Gaines data) is that ROBERT AND ELIZABETH (LONG) GAINES had a gr. son named EDMUND PENDLETON GAINES. But I have evidence the EDMUND PENDELTON (1721-1803) had other namesakes who were not related to him.

Some sixty years ago a mistake was made in Gaines genealogy and it has been widely circulated. It concerned two Robert Gaines. Robert, Thomas and James (1743-1829) were respectively the 4th, 5th and 6th sons of WILLIAM and ISABELLA (PENDELTON) GAINES. ROBERT was born in 1739 or earlier. Her removed from Culpeper Co., Va. by 1779 to Augusta Co., Va., and thence to Surrey (the present Stookes) Co., No, Car., His brothers., THOMAS and JAMES removed to Sullivan Co., Tenn. This ROBERT GAINES m. Mildred, dau. of Elliott and Ann (Walker) BOHANNON. ROBERT and MILDRED had a son, AMBROSE, b. in Culpeper Co., Va., 6 July 1763; also several daughters, and according to tradition, a son,


ROBERT. The other Robert Gaines was b 1740-1750, as shown by the Census of Rockingham Co., Va., for 1830. He d. in that following year. He m. Elizabeth Long and had 12 children: 1. Thomas, b 1771; 2. Lucy; 3. Robert; 4. John Long; 5. Mary; 6. Richard; 7. Catherine; 8. Amelia; 9. Ursula; 10. Sarah; 11. Reuben; 12. Elizabeth b 1793.

The ROBERT Gaines who married ELIZABETH LONG has been mistakenly to have been the son of WILLIAM and ISABELLA (PENDELTON) GAINES. He was probably a son of Robert Gaines who died in Spotsylvania Co., Va. in 1763 leaving widow, Ursula. Robert and Ursula had according to circumstantial evidence in part, at least, 6 children: 1. William, d 1813, prob. m Jane Robinson; 2. Alice, m John Robinson, d 1811; 3. Ursula m Elijah Carter; 4. Mary; 5. Robert m ca 1770 Elizabeth Long; 6. Lucy; living in 1776, unmarried. Confirmation or refutation of statements as to Robert and Ursula Gaines and their children is requested."


Jan. 11, 1966.


1.1 Robert Gaines died in Spotsylvania Co., Va., near the Orange Co. border on October 3, 1763. (Spotsylvania County Records, 1721-1800, Will Book D. Admn. bond 100 lbs. Ursula Gaines, admn. of Robert Gaines dec. Oct. 3, 1763). He left a wife, Ursula, and six children.

2-1 William Gaines, d 1813 m Jane Robinson.

3-1 Robert Gaines, b 1765 in Spotsylvania Co., Va. d 12/12/1833 in Woodford County, Kentucky. his will dated 12/12/1833, proved Jan. 1`834, Will Book Page 444. M Ann Jenkins in Spotsylvania Co., Va., Dec. 1783. She d 1/2/1842, age about 80. There were 6 children, only 5 of whom are in the will. He was a Rev. War Soldier. His Rev. War Pension, Claim R 3865 237 was granted, but his wife’s petition was not granted.

4.1 John Robinson Gaines

4.2 Lucy Gaines

4.3 Richard Gaines

4.4 William Gaines (1801-1868)

4.5 James Gaines

4.6 Not Known

2.2 Robert Gaines b 1740-50 (From Census 1830 Rockingham Co., Va.). M Elizabeth Long, dau of Bromfield and Elizabeth (Bond) Long of Culpeper Co., Va. this Robert first lived in King & Queen Co., Va. 1782, then to Orange Co., Va. and between 1803006 to Rockingham Co., Va., where he died ca 1838 leaving his wife and 12 ch.:

3.1 Thomas Gaines, b 1771, m Mildred Rowe, dau of Edmund Rowe.

4.1 Edmund Pendleton Gaines, b 1801 Orange Co., Va. (Dr. John A. Kelley stated that here was a person in the Gaines line given the name of Pendelton, yet his ancestors living all about the Pendeltons were not in any way intermarried with them..."It is my guess that this Edmund Pendelton Gaines, b 1801, may really have been named for his kinsman, Edmund Rowe, with Pendelton added for good measure, and possibly later."

4.2 Jane H. Gaines b 12/29/1807, m _____ Jordan.

3.2 Robert Gaines Jr. m Frances Manspile (or possible Mansfield) d in Rockingham Co., Va. prior to 1831. Had 8 children:

4.1 James Gaines b 8/8/1801

3.3 Lucy Gaines

3.4 John Long Gaines

3.5 Mary Gaines

3.6 Richard Gaines

3.7 Catherine Gaines

3.8 Amelia Gaines

3.9 Ursula Gaines

3.10 Sarah Gaines

3.11 Reuben Gaines

3.12 Elizabeth Gaines, b 1793

22.3 Mary Gaines (See Spotsylvania C., Va. Deed Book G, 1766-1771, 4/29/1767 Ursusla.


2.4 Alice Gaines m John Robinson

2.5 Ursula Gaines

2.6 Lucy Gaines

Gaines Family

Sir John Gaines b 1559 d 1602 of Brecon Co., Nunton Wales Son, Thomas Gaines b in Wales came to Va., before 1650 James Gaines, son of Thomas b 1620 Brecon, Co., Wales, Richard Gaines son of James. *William Henry Gaines, son of Richard m Isabella Pendleton sister of Edmund Pendleton buried in main aisle of Bruton Parish Church, Williamsburg, Va. Isabella Pendleton was the dau of Henry and Mary Taylor Pendleton. They had 7 sons 3 daus.

Benjamin m Elizabeth Stone

Wm. Henry m Maria Woods.

Richard m Jemima Pendleton (cousin)

Thomas m Susan Strother

Robert m Elizabeth Long

James m Elizabeth Strother


Anne m Lt. Peter Steinberger

Isabella m a Brown

Frances m Thomas Botts.

"Gains Genealogy" by L. P. Gaines. Also "Notable Southern Families" by Zella Armstrong, pp. 86-87. The compendium of American Genealogy, First Families of America.

"The L. P. Gaines who published a small history of his branch of the
Gaines family was Lewis Pendeleton Gaines of Adairsville, Ga. he covers the descendants of Henry Gaines (1731-1796) who was the youngest son of Richard Gaines (died about 1755 in Culpeper Co., Va.); this Henry Gaines came to Abbeville Co., S.C. then Laurens Co., S.C. and his descendants went to Cassville, Cave and other places in Ga. Henry’s oldest son, Richard, was a Culpeper Minute Man in the revolution.

Dr. Francis Pendleton Gaines, Sr., former president of Washington & Lee at Lexington, Va., is my 239 first cousin once removed; his father Rev. Wm. Arnold Gaines was a brother of my grandmother, Frances Gaines was m Wm. Riley. So his line is the same as mine; from Rev. Henry Gaines (1737-1830), a son of James and Mary Gaines, and grandson of Richard Gaines I (d. 1755) of Culpeper Co., Va. Dr. Frank was b in Due West, S.C., was at Furman University, Greenville, S.C. then went to Washington and Lee; his son f. Pendleton Gaines Jr. came back to S.C. as president of Wofford College at Spartanburg, S.C. then to University of Arizona at Tuscon. Dr. Frank was named "Francis" for my grandmother."

(Sent by Miss Mary Riley Anderson, S.C.)

Gaines Family in Virginia:

Richard Gaines b 1682 in Culpeper Co., Va. and d 1759 Culpeper Co. was m to Jemima Pendleton 1704.

("Compendium of American Genealogy, First Am. Families, Vol. 7, p. 48.")

William Henry Gains b 1705 Culpeper Co., Va., d 17096 in Stokes Co., N.C. m Isabella Pendleton, 1729 Carolyn Co., Va., d in Stokes Co., N.C. 1790. Isabella Pendleton was b in Carolyn Co., 1712, Vol. 1, p. 78 & 86 "Notable Southern Families" by Zella Armstrong. Also Wm. & M. Stuard, pg. 201 :Compendium of American Gen. First American Families Vol. 7, p. 48."

Thomas Gaines b 1738 Culpeper Co., Va. d in Stokes Co., N.C. 1811 m Susanna Dabney Strother, 1764; she was b 1741 and d 1811.

Photo-copy of marriage bonds can be secured from State Dept. of Archives & History, Raleigh, N.C. See listing of children of Rev. ancestor as given by D.A.R. membership 156209 (Mrs. Julius Dobson Neely) also DAR Membership (471150 Mrs. O. Kenneth Daly) Also Vol. 1, p.87 "Notable Southern Families. Also Marriages of Josiah Ship & Esther Joice April 30, 1790.

*Vol. 1. p.78 "Notable Southern Families" p 86087, Vol. 7, p. 48 The Compendium of American Gen. First Families of America.

Thomas Gaines (1738-1811) was Corporal in the Continental Army; enlisted in Capt. Slaughter’s Co., 7th Va. Regiment of Inf. 1776. He was b in Culpeper Co., Va. 240 d Stokes Co., N.C. (DAR Lineage Book, Vol. 1, 157 [/ 69 #156209, Mrs. Julius Dobson Neely, Winston Salem, N.C. See Corp. Thomas Gaines’ General Search Room, Natl. Archives, Washington, D.C.) Corp. Thomas Gaines enlisted Aug. 30, 1776, and was discharged Aug. 24, 1779. (Mrs. O. Kenneth Daly, Cambridge, Mass.).

Thomas Gaines and Susannah Dabney (Strother) Ch. of the Rev. ancestor:

I. Phillip Gaines b 1767 m McGavock, Feb. 3, 1798.

II. James Strother Gaines b 1769 m Judith Early Dec. 7, 1790 (James Gaines as bondsman,)

III. Elizabeth Gaines b 1772 m Bohannon, July 7, 1790.

IV. William Dabney Gaines b 2-28-1774 m Nancy Cloud, 1-1-1797.

V. Henry Pendleton Gaines b 3-30-1779 m Nancy Ship Mr. 27, 18911.

VI. Susannah Gaines b 1-12-1785 m Munford Smith Feb. 5, 1807.

VII. Geo. Washington Gaines b 1787 m Joice, Feb. 3, 1817.

VIII. Francis Thornton Gaines b 1789 m Cade April 24, 1820.

IX. Fanny Gaines b 11-28-19-1 m Jon Caldwell.

X. Richard Thomas Gaines m Isabell Christian.

(The above names and dates with the exception of Richard Thomas were taken from D.A.R. #156209. Mrs. Julius Dobson Neely, Winston Salem, N.C. The name Richard Thomas was taken from will of Thomas Gaines written in Stokes Co., N.C. 1-8-1811 and probated in March, Vol. 2, Stokes Wills p. 120-1) State Dept. of Archives & History, Raleigh, N.C.

Thomas Gaines was in the 1810 Census of Stokes Co., N.C. on Peter’s Creek Dist. p. 554, of the age 45 or over b 1765 or before with 2 males, 16 to 26, 1 female 26 to 45. (See will of Thomas Gaines made Jan. 11, 1811).

V. Henry Pendelton Gaines son of Thomas Gaines and Susanna Dabney (Strother). He was b in Stokes Co., 241 N.C. 3-30-1779 d 1-1-1865. Married Nancy Ship on 3-11-1811, Stokes Co. She was b 11-8-1790 d 2-23-1862 both buried in the family cemetery on Gaines Hill, Corona, Ala. Nancy was the dau of Thomas Ship and sister of Bartley Ship, a noted attorney.

The marriage bond of Henry Pendleton Gaines and Nancy Ship reads as follow: H.P. Gaines and Nancy Ship m Bond 27th March 1811. Henry P. Gaines (Seal).. Gibson (seal). (Taken from Stokes Co., N.C. Marriage Bonds.)

Records of Patrick Co., N.C. 12-15-1812 give Henry P. Gains as admr. of the estate of Thomas Gaines on March 12, 1817. Henry P. Gaines of Stokes Co., N.C. Then on Jan. 30, 1822 he was in Greene Co., Ala., so from 1811 until 1818 he switched back and forth between N.C. and Va.

After coming to Ala. he returned to N.C. because the Indians destroyed his crops in June and came back to Old Erie Greene Co., Ala. due to the loss of many slaves from fever. He was advised to come to Walker Co. by his cousin George Strother Gaines, Indian Land Agent. "Gainswood, built by Gen. Nathan Bryan Whitfield near Demopolis, was named in honor of Geo. S. Gaines." After his marriage, he and Nancy moved to Patrick Co., Va. Their first child was b in Va.

a. Thomas Edmond (see later).

b. William m. (see later)

c. George Ship (see later).

d. Mary (See Wm. Tony Whitson).

e. Martha died young

f. Susan Gaines m James McDonald, family not traced.

g. Rebecca Frances Gaines (see Wm. Lucius Stanley).

(Thanks to Mrs. John S. Griffin, dau of Francis Marion Stanley and Eliza Gaines, who was the dau of Edmond Thomas Gaines and Ann McDowell (Whitson) and others).

A. Edmond Thomas Gaines son of Henry Pendleton Gaines and Nancy (Ship) was b near Charlotte Co., Va. in 1812 d at Sterling, Ala. Tuscaloosa, Co. on 2-1-1881. He married twice 1st to Ann McDowell Whitson in 1831 b 1814 at Columbia Tenn. d at Patten Ala. 1863.

Edmond Thomas Gaines m 2nd Sarah V. Whitson sister of Ann McDowell, both were daus of James and Elizabeth 242 (Tony) Whitson. Only one child b of the 2nd marriage, Martha Ann Gaines m John Thompson and removed to Tex. with her mother. Children of the 1st. marriage:

1. James Preston 7. Mary

2. Susan Gaines 8. Samuel

3. Nancy 9. Bartholimew

4. Elizabeth 10. Eliza

5. John Strother 11. Henry Pendleton

6. William 12. Eugene Gaines

1. James Preston Gains b 1836 m 1st Bama Stegal, no record of any children. Married 2nd to Ann Teirce. Ch:

-Edmond Pendleton Gaines.

-Myra Clark m Dr. John Hogan, their ch: Myra, Geo., and James, Birmingham, Ala.

-Eleanor Augusta m _____ Hawkins, ch: Gaines and Mary Eleanor Hawking.

2. Susan Gaines b 1837 m Capt. Robert Smith moved to Texas, no other record.

3. Nancy Gaines b 12-12-1838 d 5-20-1909 m Daniel James Gibson b 10-26-1836 on 4-10-1862; he enlisted as a private in Co. K. 5th Ala. Inf. under Capt. John Hutto. Their children:

-Horace Pendleton Gibson m Cassie Allen, dau of Mary (Gaines) Allen and Wistar Allen, a Primitive Baptist Minister. ch: Nannie Mae, Luther and Nolan.

1. Nannie Mae Gibson m Paul Dana Drewry, ch: Howard, m Perrine Blanton dau of Circuit Judge Robert L. Blanton and Amanda (Gibson). Pauline Drewry m J.C. Henderson, resides in Birmingham, no children.

2. Luther Allen Gibson m Jessie Jackson of Florence, Ala. school teacher, ch: Jackson, Martha Allen, Carolyn, Nolan, Frank Gaines, and Jean Marie.

3. Nolan Gibson dsp.

-Annie Gibson b May 15, 1879 m Benjamin Fenton Jeffries June 28, 1889 Corona, Ala. She was a member of D.A.R. Chapter Fayette, Ala. Natl $410275. My Ancestors services in assisting the establishment of Am. Independence during the War of the Rev. were as follows:

Thomas Gaines lived in Culpeper Co., Va. during the 243 War his service was Corp. in the Inf. Capt. of the 7th Va. Co. commanded by Col. Daniel Morgan, enlisted Aug. 30, 1776 discharged Aug. 23, 1779.

Ref. War Dept. record supplement to State Librarian list of Va., soldiers in the Rev. War 9th annual report. Verified by National #374622.

From D.A.R. Application papers of Mrs. Benjamin Fenton Jeffers (Annie Gibsosn dau. of Daniel Gibson and Nancy (Gaines).

Edmond Gibson m Miss Mae Shields dau of Judge John B. Shields and Carolyn (Long). Mrs. Gibson is one of Jasper’s most interesting women.

Savilla Gibson m 1st ________ Strickland and have:

Daniel Deloyd Strickland and

Elizabeth Lee Strickland m 1st ________ Crenshaw, have:

Frances m John H. Clisby

Archie m J. D. Faulk, decd.

Sarah m Wallace T. Ward

William m Catherine Meke

Dorothy m W. Douglas Leake, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Leake b in Virginia.

Savilla m 2nd to John Pitts, their children":

-Pearl Ann m Robert L. Musgrove, has:

Lucille Musgrove m Jesse Hill Ford, Nashville.

Eva m John F. Green, Cordova, Ala.

Robert m Ben H. Brock

Wm. T. "Barney" m Martha Evans.

Robert L. m Catherine Keever

-Robert Reed Pitts.

4. Elizabeth Gaines dau of Edmond Thomas Gaines and Ann McDowell (Whitson) b 3-7-1839 d 1-30-1910, bur. in Gaines Cemetery, South of Patton, Ala. m Leonard P. Jones, Corona, Ala., has:

Mary Hassie m J. White Arnett

Edmond Thomas m _____ Robinson

Nancy Jane m Claude Sutton

Frances Louise m "Dick" Griffin

Alpha m Plez Holbrook

Reola m Arthur Lewis 244

John Pope m Missouri Baker

5. John Strother Gaines son of Edmond Thomas Gaines and Ann McDowell (Whitson), He was b Jan. 9, 1841, d Dec. 10, 1887, volunteered at an early age, served 4 yrs. in the confederate War, after an honorable discharge in N.C. walked back home. Married Bassheba Jane Swindall, dau of Margaret Cain and _____ Swindall and granddau of Randolph "Randel" Cain and wife Cassandra (Sullivan) of S.C. (See will) Bassheba was b Sept. 15, 1840 and d June 6, 1928, both bur. in the family plot. Bassheba Jane was reared by her grandparents, Randolph and Cassandra Cain; her mother having died when she was an infant.

John Strother Gaines d at the age of 46, through industry and good management left a large estate in lands etc. Children b to John Strother and Bassheba Jane were: Margaret, Susan, Eugene, Elizabeth and Lula Mae.

1. Margaret Ann Gaines m Wm. Hartwell Perry who was from a very prominent pioneer family of Va. their only child, Kathaleen Dickinson Perry m Bayne Manson, and their only child Margaret Perry Manson m Frank Hartz and they have three small children. Mr. Perry d several. yrs ago; Mrs. Perry lives in Virginia.

2. Susan Frances m James Edwin Deloach of Birmingham and have:

Edwin Gaines m Louise Hickman

Sterling Francis single.

Jenny Lou m Frank Nance

Mary Elizabeth m Joseph Herbert Watts.

William Scott, Ph.D. from U. of Chicago.

3. Eugene Pendelton Gains b 3-11-1877 dsp Feb. 11, 1930, bur. in Oak Hill, Jasper, age 10 when his father died.

4. Elizabeth and Lula Mae Gaines. Lula Mae m Dr. David Houston Chilton, son of Sylvester John Chilton and Joyce B. Cain. she the dau of James and ____Cain and b in 1841 d 1880. Sylvester John Chilton, son of Richard Chilton graduated in Medicine at Emory College, Atlanta, Ga., was b 12-14-1876, d 6-2-19__, has Kathaleen Chilton, m Capt. Walter Kellogg Smith of Cape Henry, Va. on 12-25-1934, native of Pa. They 245 have Betty Lou Smith.

6. Mary Gaines b 1843 (twin to Wm. Gaines). m Jackson Gibson, moved to Tex. and have Walter, Baxter, Bryce, Ella, Statia and Harvey.

7. William "Billie" Gaines b 1843.

8. Samuel Gaines b 1847

9. Bartholimew "Bartley" Gaines b 1848 (twin to Eliza Gaines Stanley) m Editha Isabella Corry b Nov. 30, 1855 and d 1888; the dau of Joseph Mortimer Corry and Elizabeth Minerva (McGarnes). Children: Elizabeth and Joseph Gaines.

10. Eliza Gaines b 1848 (see Francis Marion Stanley).

11. Henry Pendleton Gaines son of Edmond Thomas and Ann McDowell (Whitson). He was b 4-25-1850, d 11-6-1923, m Caroline Day, dau of Wm. Byrd Day b 12-7-1851 d 4-2-1933, both buried in Oak Hill. their children: Nancy, Varilla, Statia, Byrd, Edmund, Henry P., Sydney, Ann and Vaughn Gaines.

Nancy Varilla b 1874 d 1954 m Harry B. Hazelton b 1877 d 1915, son of Major Thomas B. and Lessie Hazelton; has Frank B. Hazelton, b 1912.

Statia M. b 6-22-1876 d 12-9-1899 m Earl Lynn b 1876 d 1942; had Mary Lynn, died in infancy.

Byrd Day Gaines b 1878 d 1955 m Leslie Cox b 1877 d 1953. Their children:

Byrd Day Gaines, Jr. b 12-25-1913 d 10-5-1959 at Memphis m Mary Lou Johnson dau Jean Ann. 2. Caroline Gaines m Dr. David R. Murphey Jr., has David R. Murphrey III. 3. Dorothy Gaines m Dr. Boyd H. Payne, no children. 4. Annie Vivian m Reben A. Lyons, has Robert Earle and Ann.

Henry Pendleton Gaines, Jr. m Gwendolyn Phillips, has Howard, Nancy, Reuben, Phillips, David Eugene, James Preston Gaines.

Edmund Thomas Gaines b 1887 d 1942, m Rissa Worthington, has:

Mary Elizabeth, m George Mann of Dallas, Tex.

Edmund Thomas Gaines Jr., m Louise McFeeters, has Bettie Gaines m _____.

Henry Pendleton Gaines b 1885 d 1942, m Daisy Mayes of Sheffield, Ala. They have: 246

Imogene Gaines, teacher.

Helene Gaines m Leslie Ennis, has Pendleton Gaines.

Madelyn Gaines m Wesley Townsend of N.C., have son Wesley.

Norene Gaines m Wm. Cole McConnell III.

-Sydney Gaines b 1887 d 1928 in Fla. m Robert Catchings. Claire Catchings b 1910 d 1949 at Ashville, N.C. m Eugene M. Purvis.

-Ann Gaines m Benton Rogers, he died soon after their marriage and she became successful in business world.

-Vaughn Gaines m Benton L. McGee of Okalona, Miss.

-Eugene Gaines b 1852 d age 20 dsp.

John Strother Gaines son of Henry Pendelton and Nancy Gaines was b Aug. 20, 1814 d Belmont, Miss. Nov. 10, 1879 m Eliza Patton b 1-13-1817 d 1-17-1904. (Taken from gravestones, Belmont, Miss.) Children:

Patton H. m Cordellia Allen

*Mary A.

Nancy S. m Capt. William Moore

Sarah M.

Manurvia P.

Martha F. m Capt. Benjamin Kizer.

Rebekah F. m Dee Mathews

Belva D. m C. H. Allen 2st., 2nd Wm. Ferguson

Edmond F

William P.



Several of the above are buried at Pleasant Valley, Miss.

*Mary A. Gaines m Wistar Allen a Primitive Baptist Minister; have:

Cassie Allen m Horace Pendleton Gibson.

Sarah Eliza b July 7, 1861 Ittawamba Co., Miss. d Dec. 2, 1911 Chesterville, Miss. m Dr. Leander Orr Corruth on 12-17-1884 b 4-9-1857. Sherman Miss. died Aug. 28, 1937, Chesterville.

Lora Corruth b 1-11-1886, Chesterville m 10-22-1919 to Geo. Pendleton Scott, b Aug. 23, 1876, Ashland, 247 Ky., retired pastor of Presbyterian church.

Dr. Roy Walter Corruth b 3-4-1888, d in Tupelo, Miss. 7-23-1958 m 1st Mary Brown, 11-2-1912 b 1890 d Aug. 9, 1916 m 2nd Sallie Adams, Aug. 27, 1918 b Nov. 1887.

Mary Corruth b Aug. 24, 1890 m John Wagner Aug. 28, 1916, he b Dec. 15, 1888 d Nov. 4, 1948, Memphis, Tenn.

Annie Corruth b 4-27-1894 m Andrew Clark Adams 1-5-1915 b 2-28-1892 dau Sarah Adams b 11-30-1915 m David Silas Burnett on 3-8-1938.

Thomas Corruth Adams b 4-2-1920 Belden, Miss. m Camille Bailey 10-1-1947 Memphis, Tenn.

Jane Lilly Adams b 6-15-1923 Belden, Miss. m L. Sterling Reid, 3-15-1945, Tupelo, Miss.

Allen Brown Corruth b 5-15-1896 m 1st Lorene Witt Mar. 1940 b 11-11-1902 d 9-2-1947 m 2nd LaVelle Cobb b 4-14-1907.

Lucile Corruth b 6-21-1900 m Owen

Garmon 2-28-1924 b Mar. 9, 1899.

Robert Orr Corruth b 6-23-1898 Chesterville, Miss. m Agnes Ward 11-19-1824 Tupelo b 5-6-1904 Chesterville.

Horace Spencer Corruth b 3-13-1905 m 2-18-1926 to _____ Head b 9-14-1903 Belden, Miss.

Roy Leander Corruth b 8-30-1938, Chesterville.

William M. Gaines son of Henry Pendleton Gaines and wife Nancy (
Ship) was b 1-15-1826 in Greene Co., Ala., m Martha F. Smith. Taken from Probate Court Records, Walker Co., Ala. William M. Gaines Present address is Crosscut, Tex., was b 1-15-1826 on the Tombigbee Riv. in Greene co., Ala. First entered service as a private in the Civil War. On May 18, 1863 volunteered at Wolf Creek, Walker Co., and went to Shelbyville, Tenn. Co. K (Capt. John Hutto) 50th Ala. Inf. "We surrendered at Greenwood, N.C. last April 1865. We started for home on May 13, 1865." (No further record).

Mary Gaines b 5-18-1818 (see Wm. Tony Whitson).

George Ship Gaines son of Henry P. and Nancy (Ship) Gaines b in Greene Co., Ala. 12-28-1828 and d at Carona, Ala. on 12-22-1910 m Frances A. E. Jones b 4-9-1832 d April 10, 1891 both buried in Gaines Cem. on Gaines Hill, Corona, Ala. He enlisted as a private Sept. 1, 1861 at Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 248 in Capt. Eddins Co., but soon hired a substitute. In the spring of 1864, he re-enlisted at Corona, Ala. in Capt. Cole’s Co. of Col. Balls Regiment of Calvary and served until the close of the war. Their children:

Livinia J. b 2-12-1854 d 1-14-188? m J. W. Lynn, a son Earl Lynn b 1876-1942 m Statia Gaines, dau of Henry P. Gaines and Caroline (Day) no other record.


In the name of God Amen, I Thomas Gaines of Stokes Co. and State of N.C. being in a low state of health, but of sound mind and memory, so this day being the eighth day of Jan. and in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eleven, do make, ordain and constitute this to be my last will and testament in form and substance as follows, to wit: and 1st I recommend my soul to God, who gave it through Jesus Christ Amen, 2nd I do leave my worldly estate, in the following manner viz.: I give to my beloved wife Susannah Gaines (in case she survives me) the whole of my estate, real and personal, during her natural life, or so much thereof as she shall choose for her support, if she shall make choice of the former mode, my desire is that my executors immediately after her death, proceed to appoint three fit men in order to allot off my estate as I shall hereafter describe, otherwise, if she shall make choice of the latter mode, that is only part of my estate, my desire is that my executors proceed without delay so soon as such choice shall be made, to make the necessary arrangements, agreeable to the mode already pointed out, for dividing the balance of my estate in the following manner, and 1st my will and desire is that my son Phillip Gaines have no part of my estate for the following reasons, I wish it understood that I have as much real love and affection for him as any of the rest of my children, but having at his first, out done more for him that the others, and as he has since told me that he was satisfied, without having any more, I have thought myself justifiable in leaving 249 him no part of my estate real or personal, as it has been a long time since I have seen my son, Richard Gaines, and I know not whether he is dead or alive my will and desire is that he shall have no part of my estate either real or personal, but I give and bequeath to his dau., Louisa Gaines one horse, bridle and saddle, worth eighty dollars, and two hundred dollars in money, the balance of my estate, I desire to be equally divided between my following children: to wit: James S. Gaines, Elizabeth Bohannon, Wm. D., except two hundred fifty dollars which I wish to be deducted out of Elizabeth Bohannon’s part on account of a bargain which I have Philemon Bohannon in a tract of land I sold him on Rudy Creek and except one hundred dollars to be deducted out of Susannah Smith’s and further my will and desire that such of my children as have been last mentioned which have not been fixed off with a bed and some other furnishings for house keeping shall be made up equal with the rest, whenever my estate shall be laid off into lots and which my executors to choose some person to ___ in behalf of the legatees. My desire is that John Martin and Johnson Clemments be my executors to this my last will and Testament to see the same asserted. Thomas Gaines (seal) Wit: James Lyon & Wm. Boyles.


Was b in S.C. date not known m Rebecca Wheeler probably in Kershaw from records, find that Joshua
Thomas moved to Ga., where their dau., Nancy was b 1792 returned to S.C., where the other children were born except the youngest, John L. Thomas about 1811. Joshua Thomas came to Clark Co., Ala.; his son-in-law Benjamin Stanley came there late in 1816, later about 1821 both families settled in Tuscaloosa Co., where they lived and died, both buried in Tuscaloosa Co., Ala., Joshua d between 1825-30, wife Rebecca was living in 1823 when she joined her children in a deed to Benjamin Stanley. Their children:

I. Nancy Thomas b 1792 in Ga., (see Stanley)/

II. Jeremiah Thomas m Ann Creighton 12-12-1818, Clark Co., Ala.

III. Mary Thomas b 1-8-1803 in S.C. d 4-17-1882 m Hiram Creighton 1-29-1820 Clark Co., a Baptist Minister. (See Creighton family)

IV. Ila Thomas b in 1790’s in S.C., was in Clark Co., Ala. in 1830, in 1833 bought land in Tuscaloosa Co. He and wife Mary joined other heirs of Joshua Thomas in a deed (1834).

V. Elizabeth Thomas m William Hopper 4-29-1834, a family tradition that they have 12 sons.

VI. Martha Ann Thomas b 1802 in S.C. m John Weathington, d before 1843, Martha a widow in 1850 with sister Fatima Stanley.

VII. Fatima (Stanley) b 1806 in S.C. m Joshua David Stanley 2-19-1827, Tuscaloosa Co. (See Stanley Fam.).

VIII. John L. Thomas b 1811 in Ga., wife Margaret.

1850 Walker Co. Census:

John L Thomas age 39 b in Ga.

Margaret age 28 b in Tenn.


Will Book 1 p. 32. State of Ala., Tuskaloosa, Co.

Know all men by these presents that I Joshua Thomas being n a low state of health by of sound mind do make and ordain this my last will and testament in the following manner and form viz.: 1st it is my will that my beloved wife Rebecca have the proper use of all my estate both real and personal, after the following provisions made in this instrument be duly attended to as follows: 1st that my said wife proceed to sell as much of my perishable estate as will be sufficient to pay all my just debts. 2nd she is empowered to proceed in the most advisable way she can, to school and raise my two youngest children that are now with her namely, Fatima and John. 3rd It is my will that if said Fatima or John either come of age or marry before my said wife’s death, then or in either case to have their equal share of my perishable estate that 251 may be remaining after all following provisions of this will having been complied with. 1st I give my dau. Nancy Stanley all that property that I have heretofore handed out to her. I further give her fifty cents to be paid out of my estate. 2nd I give my son, Jeremiah Thomas all the property that I have heretofore handed out to him, and I also give fifty cents to him. 3rd, I give my son Iley Thomas all the property that I handed out to him and the further sum of fifty cents. 4th, I give to my dau. Martha Weathington all the property that I have heretofore handed out to her and the further sum of fifty cents. 5th I give to my dau. Mary Craton all the property that I have heretofore handed out to her and the further sum of fifty cents. 6th I give to my dau. Elizabeth Hopper all the property that I have heretofore handed out to her and the further sum of fifty cents. it is further my will that my said wife Rebecca be executrix to this my last will and that she shall have full privilege and use of all my estate not heretofore given away or provided for during her natural life than to be divided as follows: vix: 1st as I consider I have given all my sons that left me an eighty dollar horse one cow and calf each, further I have given my daus. that have left me one cow and calf and one bed and furniture each. Now it is my wish that my dau., Fatima when coming of age or on her marriage have one cow and calf and one bed to make her equal with my other daus. and that my son, John on his coming of age or marriage have one eighty dollar horse and one cow and calf to make him equal to my other sons.

It is further my will that at my wife’s death that the two half quarters of land where I now live be equally divided between Fatima and my son John provided they have such sum or sums of money as my wife may direct them to do, each or any of my grandchildren as she may deem right at her death. But should they fail or either of them to comply with this part of my will, that then and in case the part of that one or both that my fail to comply be sold and an equal division thereof be made to my grandchildren instead of my children.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and..252 seal in presence of witness: James Baines, John Smith,

April 4, 1825

Joshua Thomas (seal)

No probate date shown, but other records show he was dead in 1834.

(The following record sent by Jesse Uel Day, Jr., Dallas, Texas:)

John Creighton b 1745, Ireland, m Margaret McClure in 1764, Ireland, moved from Kershaw Co. to Clark Co., Ala. in 1818, d 1829, buried in Old Creighton Family Plot near Whatley, Ala. (Nancy last name unknown), Nancy named as wife of John 70-80 yrs. old in 1830 Census Clark Co.)

Hiram Creighton b 1796 Lancaster or Kershaw Co., S.C. m Mary Thomas, license issued Jan. 1, 1820, she b Jan. 8, 1803 in S.C. d April 17, 1850, bur. in New Creighton Cem. near Whatley, Ala., dau. Margaret Melissa Creighton.

John Franklin Day b July 7, 1818 in Ga. m Mary Bishop Anderson 1840, Wilcox Co., Ala. d Dec. 17, 1880 Clark Co.

Lewis age 15 b in Ala.

Martin age 6 b in Ala.

Jesse age 4 b in Ala.

Mary C. age 2 b in Ala.

Morning Thomas b 1809 N.C. d after 1850 m Jeremiah Hancock, 1828 Tuscaloosa Co. He was b 1798 in Ga. living in Pickens Co., Ala. in 1850. Their children.

1. Louisa 3. Nancy R.

2. Jesse T.

John L. Thomas b 1810 N.C, m Clarisa Henley.

Another Thomas descendant does not think Morning Thomas would be a dau. of Joshua Thomas and wife Rebecca, but related.

History of Dennis Creek Baptist Church, Tuscaloosa Co., Alabama:

"They met at Moses Denman’t home on Aug. 30-, 1834. Meady White, Holland W. Middleton and Jesse Thomas 253 formed themselves into a Presbytery and constituted the following members into a Baptist Church: Laban Pugh, Pugh, M T. Crossland, Wyley McGee, Wm. Pugh, Hiram White, Robert White, Lucinda Crossland, Mary Denman, Rhoda Pugh, Rhoda Pugh again (her husband had a sister, Rhoda Pugh and Labon Pugh was her brother) Rebecca Thomas, Hepsy Finly, Tibitha White, Jesse Thomas was the first pastor and Hiram White the first deacon. List of pastors serving the church: Jesse Thomas 1837-40, Wm. Pugh 181-Oct. 1852, Jesse Thomas 1834 Aug. 1835-1857-58.

(Copied by Mrs. Finley from original church records loaned her by Wm. Walter Lewis, Gordo Ala., sent by Mrs. E. B. Wilson, Houston, Texas)

The Thomas and Callihan families came from England and Wales, settling first in Pa., later removing to N.C., S.C., Ga.; the Thomas’ came to Ala. in 1817 from Jasper Co., Ga., to what is now Clark Co.

A Thomas family reference: Edgefield Dist., S.C. District of Alabama Biography. From a sketch on Thomas. Erasmus Crawford Thomas b 1846 Chambers Co., Ala., son of Wm. Augustus Thomas b in Jasper Co., Ga., grandson of Wm. Gallihan Thomas. Great grandson of Joseph Thomas and wife Joyce (Callihan) natives of Edgefield Dist., S.C. who moved to Burk Co, Ga. he was a major in the Rev. War. The ancestor of Joshua Thomas though not proven. In 1820 William Callihan Thomas and his family lived in Jasper Co., Ga.

Joshua Thomas and wife Rebecca Wheeler also lived there. Nancy Thomas the oldest child married Oct. 25, 1814, Jasper Co., Ga., Benjamin F. Stanley, perhaps William Callihan and Joshua were brothers or first cousins. (by Jesse Uel Day).

a page is lost here (Note: This is what the book said, I didn’t loose it!)

named Caldonia d young. My grandmother was quite young when her father d during the Civil War; but remembers her mother took her to William’s grave, marker now gone. 254

John Creighton left a will in Clark Co., Ala. naming as heirs wife Nancy and some, but not all his children. John Creighton served in Rev. War, proof stub indents, never drew a pension. Mrs. Lois Dillard Bejack, Memphis Tenn.,. a descendant of Thomas Creighton,

a son of John Thomas, and Joseph Creighton brothers, moved to Ill. and settled. Joseph and Thomas Creighton left Bible records giving some of the information of the Creighton family.

Mrs. Bejack also has had research done on the Creighton family in S.C. Miss England has done work on the Creighton, Day and Anderson families, have a copy of the will and admr. papers of John Creighton and the admr. pertaining to Hiram Creighton.

After the death of William Fountain, Margaret m Henry T. Wheeler, late in life Henry went to live with his children. She, Margaret, moved to Texas to live with dau., Lucy.

Mr. Day in Dallas, has done much research on the Creighton, has list of all the children of both John and Hiram.

Hiram Creighton b 1796 S.C. Lancaster or Kershaw Co., d 1859, a Baptist minister, m Mary Thomas Jan. 20, 1820 in Clark Co., Ala. She was b Jan. 8, 1803 in S.C., d Apr. 17, 1882, Clark Co., Ala., buried in New Creighton Family Plot. The old Creighton Cem. is now plowed over and no tombstones left. New Creighton Plot is now in the same field just north of Whatley Ala., in Clark Co. James Hiram Creighton son of Hiram and wife Mary Thomas built on this farm,; house still stands, but no longer owned by the Creighton family. The tombstones left standing are Hiram Creighton and wife Mary (Thomas).



Pre-Revolution Plats

Post Revolution Land Plats

Marriages, Wills

Census Records, etc.


Compiled by Harold M. DeLorme, Jr.

1. This information has been obtained from the S.C. State Archives in Columbia, S.C..... The margin numbers are used for cross references.

2 Pre Revolutionary Land Plats

Precept on the 7 May 1765 to Benjamin Stanley for 350 acres on the S side of the Wateree River in Craven Co. and is bounded by William Alexander, and vacant land. John Belton D.C.

3 Revolutionary Index

The following is a fairly complete index and some of the names were as witnesses to papers or widows etc.

Joshua Standley.....7301 Shadrick Standley....7302

George Stanley....CR. 1 John Stanley....... C R 8

John Wright Stanley...5422 D

4 Charleston Land Plats

James Standley.. Beaufort Dist...400 a.. 4 Jan 1788

James Standley.. Beaufort Dist..100 a..16 Sept. 1791

James Standley.. Beaufort Dist.. 546 a..25 Aug. 1803

James Standley.. Beaufort Dist.1000 a..17 Sept.. 1806..

5 Post Revolutionary Land Plats

Benjamin Stanley - Orangeburg Dist- 83 a -16 Oct. 1784.

Benjamin Stanley - Orangeburg Dist-100 a- 25 Jan. 1785.

John Stanley .... Cheraw Dist.... ...200 a - 7 Sept. .1784.

John Stanley .... Cheraw Dist.... ...200 a- 15 Aug. 1785.

John Stanley ..........Cheraw Dist........430 a- 8 Dec. 1792..

John Stanley ..........Cheraw Dist........400 a- 2 Sept. . 1793.

John Stanley Sr...... Darlington Co.. 120 a 18 May 1802.

Sands Stanley..........Cheraw Dist........100 a - 7 Sept. . 1784. 256

Sands Stanley..........Cheraw Dist........200 a -15 Aug. 1785.

Sands Stanley..........Cheraw Dist........560 a -21 Feb.. 1787.

Shadrack Stanley.....Cheraw Dist........200 a -28 Oct. 1784.

Shadrack Stanley.....Cheraw Dist........230 a -21 Feb.. 1784

Shadrack Stanley.....Cheraw Dist........110 a - 3 Oct. 1794

Susannah Stanley ....Charleston Dist. 100 a - 6 June 1785.

Thomas Stanley.... ...Darlington Co. 350 a -10 Mar. 1793.

William Stanley........Charleston Dist. 759 a - 0 Oct. 1785.

Pre-Revolutionary Plats, S.C. Archives Dept.

Stanley, Standley, also (?) Stanisley


200 acres Colleton County.. Warrant 5 July 1774..

South side of Edisto River on Burgeses Creek.

Surveyed 16 July 1774 James Thompson, Deputy


Index to Revolutionary Files, S.C. Archives Dept.


Stub Entry I-509 S. E. 0-573

Account Audited 7301 A.A. 7302


Continental Regiments, Continental Regiments,

1 8


S.E. A, 15, 17, 18 A.A. 5422-D

19, 20, 21, 22, 23


Vol. 87 - Stanley P.P. 224-1078

Vol. 88 - Stanley P.P. 51-789-893

Vol. 89 - Stanley P.P. 865

Wm. Stanley 48 Cheraw Dist. S.C.

Wm. Stanley 85 Pendleton Co. 96th Dist. S.C.

Ezekiel Stanley, Greene Co., Ga. Lot 52 Dist. 23, Lee Co., Ga.

Ira Stanley, Laurens Co., Ga. Lot 52 Dist. 23 Troup Co., Ga.

John Stanley Habersham Co., Ga. Lot 23, Dist. 21, Lee Co., Ga.

Martha Stanley 136 widow, Green Co., Ga. Lot 96, Dist. 9, Lee Co., Ga.

Samuel Stanley 50, 118th Dist. Hancock Co., Ga. Lot 14, Dist. 11, Muscogee Co., Ga.

Early Records of Georgia, Wilkes Co., by Grace Gillman Davidson -1932. Pub. by J.W. Burke Co., Macon, Ga., Vol. I.

Page 42 taken from Folio #27 Small Bk. of mixed records 1781-83. Stanley, Ader, widow, letters of admr. granted her May 20, 1784.

Page 31 - Folio 20-same book as above.

Stanley, George dec’d. Inventory July 27, 1784.

Household goods only. Jacob McLendon, Jacob Bobbet, High Gilmore, appraisers.

Reprint Land Lottery (Georgie) 1827 by Martha Lou Houston. Pub. by Walton Forbes Co., Columbus, Ga.


Ezekiel S. Stanley living in Greene Co., Ga. drew land $52 Dist. 23 Sec. 1 which is Lee Co., Ga.

Ira Stanley living in Laurens Co., Ga., drew #52 Dist. 11 Sec. 3 which is in Troupe Co., Ga.


John Stanley living in Habersham drew #23 Dist. 21, Sec. 1 (Lee Co.)


Martha Stanley, widow, living in Greene Co., drew #96 Dist. 9 Sec. 1 (Lee Co.) 258


Samuel Stanley living in Hancock drew #14 Dist. 11 Sec. 2 (Muscogee Co.)

Those drawing had to have been residents of Georgia for three years, Revolutionary soldiers, widows of Revolutionary soldiers, orphans and others who had not previously drawn in land lotteries were eligible -- however the soldiers and widows of soldiers were marked as such and the one on the other page did not carry that identification.

From Southern Genealogist’s Exchange Quarterly

Volume II Division II Sprint 1960 - Pub. Jacksonville, Fla. pp 20-25.

Campbell Co., Tenn. Census 1830 - Heads of family

Andw. Stanley Wm. Stanley Wm. Stanley (2 of them)

Sabray Stanley Page Stanley Roads Stanley

Rueben Stanley Joseph Stanley

P-11 Wm. Stanley-Camden Co., Ga. Tax list 1809

Pd. tax of 31 1/4 on all free white males 21 years & up.

P-91 Montgomery Co., Ga. 1797-1798

Sands Standly 1250 acres pineland.

P-98 Sans Stanley, Montgomery Co. 1805-1806 grantees name Jas. Mootry & self. 320 acres swamp land, 1120 acres pineland, 150 acres oak & hickory land, 17 negroes, 1 poll tax $8.76.

P-195 Montgomery Co., Ga. 1805-1806. Sands Stanley Est. Jan. 28, 1809.

P-117 Sands Stanley-as guardian for Frank Brankam- free negro - 1 poll; 1 poll - 25 slaves, 1706 1/2 acres of pine land; 202 1/2 acres Ocmulga swampland 24th Dist. #316, 1 pleasure carriage in Pulaski Co. 1818.

Virginia Mag. of History & Biography, Vol. II N.. 1, July 1894.

Muster Roll of Capt. David Bell’s Co.

May 17, 1756

P-39-Daniel Stanley enlisted May 1, 1756, age 26; size 5’10". Shoemaker by trade, country: Ireland. 259

Vol. II, P-355

_______ Thewatt on or before 1716 m Hannah dau of Edw. Stanley of Henrico, had in 1726 at least two children, Frances & Hannah.

Vol. IX, P-14

Oct. 31, 1777 Henry Co. - Persons taking Oath of Alleg. and Fidelity: Richard Stanley, Wm. Stanley, Wm. Stanley, Jr., Robert Stanley.

Vol. X, P-258

List of Tithables in Northampton Co., Va. Aug. 1666 - Christopher Stanley - 1.


A list of Tithables from 1755. Buffalo to the Co. Line. p-53 - Jacob Stanley - 1 tithable. Between Bush & Buffalo river - P-54- Reubin Stanley.


P-10 - Ezekiel Stanley-Elizabeth Rutledge-1805-1814, Clark County Ga.

P-40 - James Stanley-Petit Juror-1808, Jasper Co., Ga.

P-353 - Col. James White Stanley, b 1724, d 1812, m Elizabeth 1753, Franklin Co., Ga.

P-37 - Martin Stanley-Will Book-1823-1833, Jasper Co., Ga.

P-26 - Nancy Stanley-Wm. Dobbins, m in Clark Co., Ga.

P-97 - Robt. Stanley Deed Book 1805-1810, Tattnall Co., Ga.

P-30 - Sally Stanley-Thos. James-18-6-1860;, Jackson Co., Ga.

P-99 - Shadrack Stanley Deed Book 1805-1810, Tattnall Co., Ga.

P-100 - Shadrack Stanley, m Loveny Smith 1831-1839, Tattnall Co., Ga.

P-103 - Shadrack Stanley m Caroline Delbos, Tattnall Co., Ga. 260

P-102 - Susan Standley m Jackson Sapp 1831-1839, Tattnall Co., Ga.

P-40 - Wm. Stanlley-Petit Joror 1808, Jasper Co., Ga.

P-40 - Mary Susan Stanley m Co.. Theodorick Webb b 1733 died 1816.

Wm. Stanley decd April 13, 1786. Est. appraised James Stanley in Jackson Co., Ga. in 1830.

Charleston Wills

Book 4, p. 75


Of St. James Parish in Craven County, Planter. My godson Peter June, son of John June. My godson Peter June son of Solomon June. My godson Peter Whitten. My goddaughter Susannah Perdrian, My nephew Monclar, son of Andrew Monclar. Wife Elizabeth Stanley, Ex. 6 Dec. 1736 - 14 July 1737.

/Wit. Rich. Gough, Jno. Nicholson, James Fulton.

Georgia - In the name of God Amen: I, Joseph Stanley of Savannah in the Province of Georgia being of sound and disposing mind and memory although weak in body do this twenty-ninth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and twenty, etc., nominate, constitute and appoint the said Samuel Elbert sole Executor.

Signed sealed published and declared at Savannah aforesaid (where no stampt paper was to be had by the testator as his last will and testament in the presence of us, tho at this request --- whose presence and the presence of each other have signed our names as witnesses hereto the words (Val and being first interlined -- Sam’l Stanley, Britton Gwinnett, William Greene.

Joseph Stanley

his mark Joseph Stanley (Seal)

Pp 427-418 in Colonial Will Book aa Original volume in Ga. Dept. of Archives and History. We have Photostat copy of the Will of Joseph Stanley.


From - GEORGIA JOURNEYS by Sadie Gober Temple and Kenneth Coleman.

P. 22 (referring to the first baby born in the new colony of Georgia -- "She came early enough to the ministrations of Dr. Cox and Dr. Herbert and undoubtedly also of Mrs. Joseph Stanley, a midwife."

P. 138:

A report on Amitis death was made by Mrs. Joseph Stanley, one of the Ann’s passengers and the public midwife at Savannah. She went back to England and talked to the Trustees in March 1737. A story was current that Amatis burned all of his silk worms and the silk machine before his death because the magistrate (Presumably Causton) would not allow him when ill to see a Priest. This was false, Mrs. Stanley said. She was with Amatis when he died, and he made no such demand; his wife, who had been his maid-servant, turned over the eggs and machine to the magistrates. From this account, the better of the two, it would seem that Amatis died in Savannah.

P. 177:

Georgia climate was similar to South Carolina’s but the harder life in the new colony was not so conductive to longevity. In Georgia, William Stephens in 1740 spoke of Joseph Stanley, one of the Ann’s passengers, as being in his old age, superannuated weak and past any labor. Stanley was then about 53 years old; but he had just left Georgia, which would tend to lower Stephen’s estimation of his value. Down at Frederica, Dr. Thomas Hawkins reported that a woman there died not of any illness but of old age, for she was upwards of 60 years old.

PP. 200-201

Joseph Stanley and his wife lost the servant they brought with them on the Ann, John Kackay, in the sickness of the first summer. they themselves seem to have weathered the trials of that time. Mrs. Stanley was the public midwife to whom the Trustees 262 paid a crown for each woman whom she attended. Early in 1735 she wrote her first letter to the Trustees in which she said that none of the 59 women she had attended had been unsuccessful in childbirth. She also asked that the colonists be warned against other women in Georgia who were calling themselves midwives, also one mother attended by such a person had died. Mrs. Stanley wanted a servant sent to her husband and asked that his sexton’s fees be settled. Neither had been sent which Oglethorp had promised her. She did not think these requests were too great, for the Trustee’ tender behavior toward Georgians made her sure they would consider her case with a fatherly care."

"The; following year Mrs. Stanley went to England, as the Earl of Edgmont recorded in his Diary: "She lately come over to lie in herself, not caring to trust herself to the other midwives of Georgia." By the time she left the colony Mrs. Stanley had brought into the world 128 children, forty of whom were then dead." It was evidently expected that she would return to Georgia to resume her duties, but she did not."

Mr. Stanley remained in the colony and signed the representation of 1738. He had by that time felled, cleared, and fenced four acres of his land. In the summer of 1740 he went to New York.

Stanley returned to the ;colony in January 1744, and received the

Trustee’ permission to transfer his Savanna garden and farm lots to James Campbell in return for which Campbell would pay him 8 sterling a year for life. In August, 1753 Joseph Stanley was granted 100 acres of land by the President and Assistants and in 1756 the governor signed a grant of 100 acres to him, which was doubtless a re-affirmation of the 1753 grant."

P.298. (Ann’s passenger list.)


Name Occupation Official position in Ga. Disposition 1754

Stanley, Elizabeth 35 yrs. wife to Joseph Public midwife To England Oct. 1736

Stanley, Joseph 45 yrs. Stocking maker Sexton Apparently still in

can draw and reel silk Georgia 263

Darlington Wills

Book 1-4, p. 39


Of Darlington District. My daughter Polly, wife of Andrew Muldrow, son James Standley, his son John Thomas Asbury Standley. My dau. Lydia wife of Stephen Cook. To Levi Jones Cook, son of the said Stephen. My dau. Elizabeth. My dau Martha. To Zilpha my youngest child.

Ex: Andrew Muldrow

17 June 1818 - 23 June 1818.

/Wit: William (X) Yanbanbho (Yarborough?)

Jas. Hoole

Thos. E. T. McMurray

Note: Stanley Bible in Darlington county, S.C., in possession of McArthur Pittman Stanley, Darlington Co., S.C., shows the following:

James Stanley, son of Elizabeth (see will above) m Mary _____

Their son

John Thomas Asbury Stanley, b 20 Feb. 1816 m 17 Dec. 1842

Sarah Ann Catherine Stevenson, b 27 March 1825, dau of Zacharias Stevenson and Susannah his wife

Children: James Henry Stanley, b 29 March 1857, m

Prudence Lavinia Stanley

John Madison Stanley, b 16 Apr. 1858

Mary Elizabeth Stanley, b 30 Oct. 1867 (?)

Darlington Wills, Book 1-2, p. 46.


Of Darlington District. Wife Charlotte Standley.

My son James Standley. Dau. Telpha Sexton, wife of Anderson Sexton. Dau. Mercy Standley, Dau. Polly Edward. Dau. Charlotte Standley. Son Thomas Standley. Dau. Sarah Standley. Dau. Gilley Ann Standley. Dau. Thermoine 264 Amanda Standley. Dau Matilda Wood Standley. Ex: Wife and son James Standley. 26 Oct. 1813- 10 Jan. 1814.

/Wit: Geo. Bruce, Sh. dr Stewart, James McLendon, Wm. Hale.

Note: Records of the Goodson family of Darlington Co., S.C. show that:

Charlotte Stanley, b 17 June 1800 m Wiley Goodson, b 2 Jan. 1804.

- - -

From History of the Old Cheraws by Gregg. 1791

P. 452. L. Stanley Justice of the quorum and peace, for Darlington, Co., S.C.

- - -

MISSISSIPPI COURT RECORDS FROM THE FILES OF THE HIGH COURT OF ERRORS AND APPEALS, 1799-1859, Compiled by Mary Louise Flowers Hendrix, Jackson, Miss., 1950.

P.225, Year 1852, Carroll Cop., Miss., Drawer 101, Case #6615.

Jackson Langley and wife,

Amanda, William Fischer and wife, Minerva, James Standley, Jr. and John Harlon, admrs. Est. David Standley, Dec’d.

*David Standley died in Carroll Co. in 1844, intestate. Amanda Langley and Minerva Fisher were his daughters. Amanda married Jackson Langley in 1848. Other heirs of David Standley were: Frances Cavender, wife of James Cavender, Martha Rogers, Dec’d late wife of John T. Rogers, Sarah Standley, Mary Jane Harrison, James M. and Samuel H. Standley all of Carroll Co. and Elizabeth Carter and T. T. Patton, non residents of State of Mississippi.

1810 Census Barnwell, S.C.

*David Stanley 12000-00100

(Would David of Barnwell, S.C., and David of Carroll Co., Miss., be same person? FKG)


1790-96th Dist. Spartanburg, S.C.

P-88 - Lewis Stanley, 4 white males 16 & up, including head of family: 4 white males under 16; and 5 females. 265 1800 Spartanburg Co., S.C. Roll # 50.

Lewis Stanley, 1 male 45 & up: 2 males to 16; 3 males to 10; 1 female 45 & up; 3 f to 16.

1810 Pendleton Co., S.C.

Lewis Stanley, 1 male 45 & up; 2 males 10-16; 1 male 16-26; 1 female 45 & up; 1 f 16-26; 2 f 10-16.

Note: by 1810 four sons and one daughter were married or not living with their parents.

1810 - George Stanley, 1 male 16-26; 1 f under 10; 1 f 16-26.

1810 - Lewis Stanley, 1 male 16-26, 1 f 16-26.

1820 - John Stanley 20001-21010.

Note: George, Lewis, and John Stanley sons of Lewis Stanley, Sr. (FKG)

1820 - Daniel Ledbetter, 0-0-0-0-1-1, -2-0-2-0-1;

Daniel McCay, -0-1-0-0-0-1, 0-0-0-0-1.

(Daniel McCay m Elizabeth dau of Lewis and Adah Stanley. Anne, another dau m _____ Ledbetter, probably this Daniel.)

1800 - *Ezekiel Stanley, 1 male 26-45; 1 female 26: 3 f to 10. Ezekiel Stanley eldest child of Lewis Stanley Sr.

1810 Spartanburg Co., S.C.

#400 - Jacob Gordon, 1 male 16-26; 2 males to 10; 1 f 26-45; 3 f 10-16; 2 f to 10.

Note: Jacob Gordon m Rhoda the widow of *Ezekiel Stanley. (FKG)

1820 Pendleton Dist., S.C.

Elija Gibson, 0-0-0-1-1-0, -0-0-1-0-0. His wife Winnifred dau of Ezekiel Stanley and wife Rhoda Ledbetter.

1800 Darlington Dist. S.C.

William Stanley - 3 males, 5 females, 1 slave

Thomas Stanley - 3 males, 6 females, 0 slaves

John Stanley - 2 males, 4 females, 5 slaves

John Stanley Jr. - 2 males, 4 females, 0 slaves

William Stanley - 1 male, 2 females, 2 slaves 266

One John Stanley, Darlington Dist., S.C. married Sallie Steward and had sons, Lewis and Samuel. This from Mrs. James W. Rogers Jr., of University Park, Md. Mrs. Rogers is compiling Stanley’s of the South.

Darlington Deeds - Book E, p.145.

John Standley m before 1813 Elizabeth Garner, dau of John Garner, Sr.

The Darlington Flag, Apr. 1, 1852: Capt. M. B. Stanley of this Village, m Miss Mary Jane Godbold, dau of Asa Godbold of Marion District, 30th ult. by Rev. M. A. McKibben; Capt. Stanley a member of the Palmetto Regiment in Mexican War.

1810 Barnwell Co.S.C.

David Stanley 12000-00100

1810 Beaufort Co., S.C.

James Stanley 02111-21010

1810 Richmond Co., S.C.

Samuel Stanley, 1 male 45 & up; 3 males to 10: 1 male to 16; 1 f 45 & up.

1850 Census, Wilkes Co., North Carolina

Elizah Stanley, age 51

Rachel, age 47

John, 22, Vestal, 18 (Male), Judith 16, Mary 15, Elizabeth 11, and Amy, age 6.

(Enos Stanley 21)

Mary Stanley 22) not in same household.

- - -


Jacob Standley & Eliz. Hung Dec. 26, 1780

Noel Standley and Ann Barnett Jan. 29, 1839

Rubin (Reubin) Standly and Margarett Hendon, Aug. 21, 1816 by James Standley

Joel Standley and Suckey McKinney, Nov. 11, 1806

Larkin Stanley and Oma Laws., July 11, 1839

Nathan Stanley and Hannah Levy, 21 Feb. 1807

William Stanley and Elizabeth Hays, Jan. 21, 1819

Harris Stanley and Sally Brown Apr. 13, 1811

Riley Laws and Alsey Stanley May 13, 1834 267

Maeriday Becknall and Rebeccah Stanley Dec. 18, 1823

Nathan Stanley and Elizabeth Kemp, Jan. 28, 1830

Noel Stanley and Martha Love (or Lane) Aug. 22, 1829

John Stanley and Lucy Stanley, April 9, 1819, by Joseph Stanley

Joseph Stanley and Mary Johnson, 9 Oct. 1811

Thomas Stanley, Jr., and Ellender Hooper 21; Jan. 1823 by Reuben Stanley

Azwell Stanley and Elizabeth Hooper, 13 Jan. 1826 by Thomas Stanley

Richard Parker and Ann Stanley, Oct. 15, 1805

James More and Mary Stanley 29 May, 1817

Simon Landsdann (Landsdan) and Sarah Stanley 10 Feb. 1838

P-439 Hugh Stanley - Pvte. in N.C. Militia-Jones Co. Pension began Sept. 4, 1808, d Aug. 26, 1823, age not shown. (He was one of the invalid pensioners under act providing pension for disabled soldiers.)

- - -

1820 Census Tattnall Co., Ga.

Sands Stanley - 2100010 -11100

Shadrack Stanley - 010010-20100

Robert Stanley - 200001-11010

1820 Gwinnet Co., Ga.

James Stanley - 200010-20100

Edward Wade, Sr. 1 m over 45; 1 f over 45

1820 - Asa Wade there also.

1820 Clark Co. Ga.

Exekiel Stanley - 100010-0101

1820 Jasper Co., Ga.

Aug. Stanley - 00010 - 10100

Caleb Stanley - 000100-10100

1820 Greene Co., Ga.

*Lewis Stanley - 300010 - 100200

Sherwood Stanley - 111310-02101

*Who is this Lewis Stanley> 268

1820 McIntosh Co., Ga.

John Stanley 100010-00100

1820 Wilkinssn Co, Ga.

Mary Stanley ---11110

1840 Census Randolph Co., Ga.

John Stanley - 2m 5-19; 1 m 20-30; 2 f under 5; 1 f 20-30/

1840 Hannah Stanley, 1 m 20-30; 1 f 40-50

Charles Stanley, 1 m 20-30

Wright Stanley, 2 m under 5; 2 m 20-30; 1 f 20-30; 1 f 60-70

1850 Census Cobb Co., Ga. Big Shanty Dist. Dec. 5

$658-* Lewis Stanley age 62 b S.C. farmer $1300.00

Judith age 60 b S.C,

Eliza H. age 15 b. Ga.

Rebecca Croue age 75 g. S.C, (widow)

*Lewis Stanley son of Lewis Sr. & Adah Stanley of S.C.

*Rebecca Crou prob mother of Judith Stanley. (FKG)

1959 - #652. Wiley Roberts age 69 b N.C.

*Rhoda age 67 b S.C.

Cleo Kelly or Relly age 75 b S.C., (widow)

(*Rhoda Roberts dau of Lewis Sr. & Adah Stanley, FKG)

1850 - #653

*Wiley Roberts age 25 b S.C. $7,000

Harrit age 24 b S.C.

Oswell age 3, b Ga.

(Wiley son of Wile & Rhoda (Stanley) Roberts.

1432 Elijah Roberts, age 55 b N.C. Farmer $2,000

Sarah, age 24, b Ga.

Elijah, age 3, b Ga.

1532 John Roberts, age 33, b S.C. Farmer $2,000

Lucretia J. age 31, b Ga.

Alfred M age 6, b Ga.

Willis S. age 5, b Ga. 269

1538 Robert B. McAfee age 30, b N.C. Farmer $15000

Eliza A. age 22, b S.C.

Louisa, age 3, b Ga.

No name (Male) age 1, b Ga.

1573 Pleasant Roberts age 44, b Ga.

1632 Asa Roberts age 35, b Ga.

Marietta Dist. Cobb Co., Ga.

64-69 Ann Gibson age 33, b Ga.

Nelly Gibson age 30, b Ga.

Emeline Gibson age 9, b Ga.

Georgan Gibson age 7, b Ga.

Martha J. Gibson age 4, b Ga.

322 Eliz. Roberts age 56, b S.C.

353 Josiah Roberts age 24, b S.C.

425 Willis Roberts age 35, b S.C.

433 John W. Wade age 23, b Ga.

*Elizabeth age 25, b S.C.

Francis J. age 5

Elijah L age 1

(*Elizabeth Wade, dau of Elijah Gibson and wife Winnefred dau of Ezekiel and wife Rhoda Ledbetter (FKG)

450 Stephen D. Roberts age 3, b S.C.

647 Thos. J. Roberts age 30, b Ga.

1850 Cobb Co., Ga. Dist ___

#26 J. A. Roberts age 29, b Richmond Co. __

#113 Eliza G. Roberts age 64 b Ga.

#363 Wm. Gibson age 29, b Ga.

Adaline age 20, b Ga.

Catherine age 3 b Ga.

James age 1 b Ga.

#366 Tillman G McAfee age 31 b S.C. Farmer $3,500

Caron H. age 26 b Ga. (see continued) 270

Jerome age 8, b Ga.

Morgan age 6, b Ga.

Lucy age 4, b Ga.

Robert age 2, b S.C.

#459 Stephen D Roberts age 32, b S.C.

#429 W. (?) Roberts age 35, b S.C.

#647 Thos. G. Roberts age 30, b Ga.

Powder Springs

1129 Rich. W. Joyner age 31, b Ga.

Lucretia age 28, b S.C.

Pamelia R age 8, b Ga.

Mary L age 6, b Ga.

Eliz. J. age 4, b Ga.

Jane W. age 6mo. b Ga.

Mary A Roberts age 48, b Ga.

1850 Laurens Co., Ga. Census

#432 Leah Stanley, age 72 b N.C.

H. B. Stanley age 20, b Ga.

Nancy Fordham age 30, b N.C.

#431 Ira Stanley age 48, b N.C. farmer $7,500

Jane H. age 41, b Ga.

Rollin age 19, b Ga.

Benj. age 16, b Ga.

Athly age 17, b Ga.

Eli age 12, b Ga.

Georgie J. age 5, b Ga.

#33 James R. Stanley age 43, b N.C.

Mahala age 36, b Ga.

Leah age 16, b Ga.

Mary age 12, b Ga.

Jane age 10, b Ga.

James age 7, b Ga.

Joel C. age 5, b Ga.

Hillard age 3, b Ga.

No Name 3 mos, b Ga. 271

1850 Laurens Co., Ga., continued.

#32 James Stanley age 54, b N.C.

Ann age 45, b Ga.

James W. age 2, b Ga.

Susan Ann age 16, b Ga.

Harvey M. age 7, b Ga.

#21 James Stanley, age 23, b Ga.

#24 John Stanley, age 23, b Ga.

Sarah age 38

James H. D. age 17

J. J. age 15

Nathan age 14

Richard age 11

Penelope Ann age 9

Benj. age 5

Percelumbia ? age 3

1850 Henry Co., Ga. Census

#297 Lewis Stanley age 60, b N.C.,

Nulley ? age 55, b N.C.

P. age 27, b N.C.

Jesse age 16, b N.C.

S. age 13, b N.C.

#15-86 J. Stanley age 35, b N.C., $1,250

M. age 34, b S.C.

J. M. age 14, b Ga.

M. A. George age 2, b N.C.

#15-91 E. Stanley age 40, b N.C. $2,500

S. age 40, b S.C.

L. age 19, b Ga.

E. age 18, b Ga.

W.B. age 17, b Ga.

M. age 12, b Ga.

L. age 12, b Ga.

J. J. age 10, b Ga.

J. B. age 7, b Ga.

J. M. age 5, b Ga. 272

#1630 J. Stanley age 60, b N.C.

D. age 70, b N.C.

1850 Liberty Co., Ga.

#29 Mrs. Delbous age 43, b Ga.

John F Standley age 8, b Ga.

Willy age 5, b Ga.

#52 Wiley W. Standley age 30, b Ga.

Lamender ? " age 30, b Ga.

Allis J " age 11, b Ga.

Raiford? " age 3, b Ga.

Mary " age 8, b Ga.

Shadrack " age 6, b Ga.

Mrs. Anderson age 53, b S.C.

James Moody, Jr. age 20, b Ga.

1850 Lee Co., Ga.

#132 Wm. Stanley age 59, b S.C.

Harriett " age 38, b S.C.

Mary E. " age 9, b S.C.

Margarette age 6, b S.C.

Ann E. age 3, b Ga.

Thos age 2 mos. b Ga.

1850 Hariston Co., Ga.

#763 Leony ? Stanley age 48, b N.C. $6,000

Charity age 50, b N.C.

Mary age 23, b N.C.

Susan age 22, b Ga.

Martha age 20, b Ga.

Ann age 19, b Ga.

Wm. age 18, b Ga.

John age 17, b Ga.

James age 15, b Ga.

#339 John Stanley age 25, b S.C. $1,725

Caroline age 2, b Ga. 273

1830 Census Haywood Co., Tenn. .

P. 424 Jonathan Stanley 1 male under 4, 1 male 20-30, 1 female 20-30.

Wm. Stanley, 2 males 20-30; 1 male 60-70, 1 f under 5; 1 f 15-20; 1 f 20-30.

David Stanley, 1 male 309-4-, 1 f under 5; 2 f 5-10; 1 f 20-30.

P.428 Julius Stanley 20-30; wife 20-30


Stanley, I. - Aged 42 (Born 1808 in South Carolina)

TENNESSEE COUSINS, by Worth S. Ray, 1950. P. 382


The following are believed to have been the children of DAVID HOWARD (Son of ALLEN - Grandson of DAVID) of Goochland and Albemarle Counties in Virginia:

1. William Howard m Judith Amos in Goochland Co., march 13, 1756.

2. Drury Howard m Mary Lane, Goochland Co., Jan. 25, 1759.

3. John Howard m Elizabeth Stanley, Nov. 14, 1755.

4. Elizabeth Howard m John Stanley, Apr. 20, 1755.


See Bible Records & Marriage Bonds,

Tombstone Inscriptions & Historical Mss.

by: Jeannette T. Acklen (1933)

Williamson Co. Tenn. Census 1820

Martin Stanley - 000101 - 00001

James Stanley - 10010 - 31010

Sarah Stanley - 241100 -00200

Robertson Co., Tenn. 1820

Joseph Stanley - 300010-20010

Moses Stanley - 210001-21001

Noble Stanley - 100010-10001

Richard Stanley - 110010-31001

Thos. Stanley - 110110-21001 274

Carroll Co., Tenn. 1830 Census

*James Standley 2 m under 5; 1 m 5-10; 1 m 4050; 1 f 5-10; 1 f 20-30.

Carroll Co., Tenn. Census 1840

*James Standley - 1 m 10-15;1 m 15-29; 1 m 60-70; 1 f 5-10; 1 f 15-20; 1 f 40-50.

Carroll Co., Tenn. 1850 Census

Samuel Stanley age 26, b Tenn.

Susannah age 25, b Tenn.

Margaret age 3, b Tenn.

William age 2, b Tenn.

Carroll Co., Tenn. 1866 Census

James Stanley, age 72, b N.C.

Matilda age 43, b Tenn.

Rebecca age 10, b Tenn.

Newton J. age 6, b Tenn.

Carroll Co., Tenn. 1865 Census

John D Stanley age 22, b Tenn.

Harriett D. age 19, b Tenn.

Matilda A. age 2, b Tenn.

Letter F. age 10 mos. b. Tenn..

the Thomas-Creighton families in Clark Co., Ala. in 1817.

Clark Co.Ala. 1830 Census: Joshua Thomas 18th page- 2 m under 5, 1 m 5-10, 1 m 30-40, 1 f under 5, 1 f 5-10, 1 f 20-30. A younger Joshua, possibly a son of Joshua Thomas not named in the will."

Ila Thomas 14th page: 2 m under 5, 1 m 5-10, 1 m 30-40, 1 f under 5, 1 f 209-30. Ben Jr. Thomas 11th page 1 m 30-40.

Hyram Crayton 13th page 1 m 5-10, 1 m 15-20, 1 m 40-50, 2 f under 5, 2 f 5-10, 2 f 10-15, 1 f 30-40.


(TREASURY DEPARTMENT 3-29-1851: Benjamin Stanley a private of Capt. John Wilson’s Co. of Ga. Militia entered the service on the 21st of Nov. 1814 and served till the 8th of Mr. 1815. The expiration of his service and was honorably discharged 1815 at Darein Ga. McIntosh Co.)

Benjamin, son of Lewis & Adah Stanley of S.C.

1816 Clark Co., Ala. Benjamin Stanley -- wife Nancy and son Lewis T. Stanley, b June 1815 in Jasper Co., Ga.

Tuscaloosa Co., Ala. 1830 Census. 27th page.

Benjamin Stanley 2 m under 5, 2 m 5-10, 1 m 15-210, 1 m 30-40, 1 f under 5, 1 f 5-10, 1 f 30-40.

Benjamin Stanley bought land soon after moving to Tuscaloosa Co., Ala. Feb. 9, 1821. W 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec. 8: Ts. 18, South Range 10 West 79-89/100 acres, $4500.

1840 - 46th page: Benjamin Stanley, 1 m under 4; 2 m 10-15; 1 m 15-20; 4 m 20-30; 1 m 40-50; 1 f 5-10; 2 f 10-15; 1 f 15-20; 1 f 20-30; 1 f 40-50.

1850 Dist. 2 Tuscaloosa Co., Ala.

#421 Benjamin Stanley age 60, b S.C.

Nancy age 58, b Ga.

Nancy F. age 16, b Alabama

Jesse M. age 21, b Alabama

Tuscaloosa Co., Ala. 1850

#422 Lewis Stanley age 35, b Ga.

Susan age 32, b Ala.

Elizabeth age 8, b Ala.

Lucius age 4, b Ala./

Louis age 11 mos, b Ala.

(Lewis T. Stanley, son of Benjamin Stanley and Nancy)

Walker Co., Ala. 1850 Census:

William Lucius Stanley age 33 b Ala. Merchant, 1st wife Rebecca Frances Gaines age 20 b Ala. 276

1850 Census Tuscaloosa Co., Ala.

#555 Joshua M Stanley age 31, b Ala.

Martha Clementine age 29, b Tenn.

Francis Marion age 5, b Ala.

Martha Ann age 1, b Ala.

$547 John Wheeler Stanley age 23, b Ala.

Eliza Hester age 21, b Ala.

Ben. age 2, b Ala.

Missouri age 1, b Ala.

1850 Census Fayette Co., Ala.

#59 D. M. Stanley age 30, b Ala.

Sarah age 32, b Ga.

John age 7, b Ala.

______ (f) age 5, b Ala.

Nancy age 2, b Ala.

Benjamin age 1, b Ala.

#276 Thomas J. Whitson age 26, b Ala.

Rebecca age 27, b Ala.

Jesse P. age 6, b Ala.

Sarah age 4, b Ala.

Note: Lewis, Wm. Lucius, Joshua M., D. M. Stanley, and Rebecca Whitson are children of Benjamin Stanley & Nancy (Thomas) dau of Joshua & Rebecca (Wheeler) Thomas.

1840 Census Tuscaloosa Co., Ala. 41st page.

David Stanley, 1 m under 5, 1 m 5-10; 2 m 10-15; 1 m 50-60; 1 f 15-20; 1 f 30-40, 1 f 40-50.

1850 Tuscaloosa Co., Ala.

#427 David Stanley, son of Lewis and Adah Stanley, S.C. age 56, b S.C. (Note he was born earlier

Tema (Fatima) age 44, b S.C.

George age 22, b Ala.

Benj. age 21, b Tenn.

Thomas age 19, b Ala.

Delilah age 17, b Ala.

Horton age 15, b Ala.

Elvira age 12, b Ala. 277

William age 7, b Ala.

Angeline age 5, b Ala.

Samuel age 2, b Ala.

(*Martha was the sister of Fatima Stanley, dau of Joshua and Rebecca (Wheeler) Thomas.)

#1292-1216, p. 196 P.O. New Lexington, Tuscaloosa Co., Aug. 18, 1860/

David Stanley age 40, b. Ala. $2000 $4,180

Sarah age 40, b Ga.

Joshua age 18, b Ala.

Jane age 15, b Ala.

Nancie age 13, b Ala.

Ben age 11, b Ala.

Willis age 9, b Ala.

Mathews age 5, b. Ala.

Susan age 3, b Ala.

1880 Census Hill Co. Texas Precinct # 2 Roll 1311

255-255 Benjamin Stanley age 32, b Ala.

Elizabeth age 32, b Miss.

Lela (dau) age 12, b Ala.

Etta " age 9, b. Ala.

Wm. age 6, b. Ala.

John age 4, b. Ala.

Benjamin Edward Stanley b Ala. son of John Wheeler Stanley and Eliza Hester (Johns), son of Benjamin Stanley and Nancy (Thomas). Elizabeth his wife dau of Richard & Jaley (Embry) Appling.

300-300 Wm. Stanley age 28, b Ala.

Amy age 25, b Ala.

Wm. age 6, b Ala.

David age 4, b Ala.

Charles age 2, b Texas

Wm. son of Joshua Martin Stanley and Martha Stanley grandson of Benjamin & Nancy (Thomas) Stanley, also a grandson of Joshua David Stanley and first wife Delilah (Johns). She died June 6, 1823 in Tenn., prob. Bedford, Co. 278

289-289 George Stanley age 53, Ala. S.C. S.C.

Emly (wife) age 40, Miss. N.C. N.C.

David (son) age 12, Miss. Ala. Miss.

John (son) age 7, Miss. Ala. Miss.

Mary (dau) age 4, Texas Ala. Miss.

George, son of Joshua David Stanley & 2nd wife Fatima (Thomas).

Miles Stanley, age 28, Ala. Ala. Ala.

Maryland age 23, Ala. N.C. N.C.

Miles, son of Jesse M. Stanley and wife Martha J. Chappell, and a grandson of Benjamin Stanley & wife Nancy (Thomas).

Clark Co., 1850 Census

#67 Hiram Creighton age 53, b S.C. Baptist parson $1440

Mary Creighton age 47, b S.C.

Nancy age 21, b Ala.

Sarah age 20, b Ala.

John age 17, b Ala.

Martha age 15, b Ala.

Margaret age 11, b Ala.

Elizabeth age 9, b Ala.

Marriage certificate:

I certify that Benjamin Stanley and Nancy Thomas were joined in matrimony by me this 25th day of Oct. 1814.

David Montgomery M. Gospel Robert Rody C.C.O.

_____ Ordinary State of Ga., Co., of Jasper.

Marriages, Tuscaloosa Co., Ala.

David Stanley and Fatima Thomas Feb. 19th 1827. (Bk. 4-26-1825, p. 38)

Elizabeth Thomas to William Hopper on 29th Apr. 1824 (sol. by James Baines M.G.)

Edward Johns m Elizabeth Boon Feb. 7, 1828s.

Joseph Boon m Mahala Humphries 10-27-1850 residence of James Hutto.

Mahala M. Boon and Asburn Burks m 10-19-1859.

John Wheeler Stanley m Eliza Hester Johns 12-24-1846.

Louis T. Stanley m Susan Appling 19=0-25-1837. 279

Nancy F. Stanley m Daniel C. Boone 12-26-1856 at res. of Ben. Stanley.

Martha E. Stanley m Augustus A. Appling 12-17-1846.

John H. Cummins m Elizabeth Stanley 12-27-1859 at home of Louis Stanley

Martha E. Stanley & Richard Files m 10-26-1858 at res of David M. Stanley (who were her parents?).

Lucy Adelle Stanley & Arthur W. McDuff m 12-25-1901 at Tuscaloosa.


Jeremiah Thomas m Ann Creighton on 12-12-1818.

Mary Thomas and Hiram Crayton 1-20-1820.

Crayton should have been Creighton - error made copying or at time of marriage.)

Appling Marriages, Tuscaloosa Co., Alabama

Levina Appling m Hezekiah Brank 1-29-1835 by John Dowdy J.P.

Joel Appling m Clary Ann Robertson 11-12-1833 by D. Andrews, M.G.

Richard Appling m J. W. Embury 2-20-1840 by W. Middleton.

Augustus A. Appling m Martha E. Stanley 12-17-1837.

F. B. Appling m Elvira Lee 10-24-1850 E. A. Montgomery, J.P.

(The above marriages and the will of Wm. Appling sent by Mrs. B. W. Gandrud, Tuscaloosa, Ala.)

FAYETTE CO., ALA. MARRIAGES: Marriage records before 1866 destroyed by fire; copied by the Herbert Newels.

John P. Thomas & Alpha Chappell, 12-24-1866. She was the dau of Miles and Priscilla Parker Chappell.

John A. Chappell & Kizzie Caine 3-23-1879.

James Woodward & Nancy Chappell 12-25-1867.

Aewbrace Phbews & Dorcus Chappell (Ambrose)? 8-4-1866

Brooks Chappell & Frances Jefferes 1-2-1868

Alexander May & Jane Chappell 7-18-1866.

Calvin Kelly * Lillar Chappel 1-24-1873.

Thomas J. Stanley & Lutitia E. Chappell 1-24-1881. He was the son of John Wheeler Stanley & Eliza H. (Johns). Lutitia the dau of James Chappel & Lucy 280 (Freeman)

W. W. Chappell & Mary Miller 1-30-1873. He the son of James Chappell and Lucy (Freeman).

J. H. Chappell & Leona Hamner 2-14-1883. He the son of James and Lucy Chappell.

Thomas Chappell & Sallie Appling 2-3-1878.

Robert C Halbrook & Mrs. Margaret Stanley 5-24-1878,

Wm. L. Stanley & Anna T. Edwards 2-6-1873.

J. W. Price & A. T. Stanley (bride) 11-9-1885

A. L. Stanley & Ada Halless 1-7-1883, he the son of Benj. L. Stanley & Charlotte (lee).

Squire Cockran & Cassa Stanley 9-25-1873.

Harrison Stanley & Emily Montgomery, 8-17-1866.

W. R. Hamner & Sallie Stanley 1-10-1878, she (Sarah Catherine) dau of John Wheeler & Eliza Hester Stanley

John Garner & Harriet Stanley 9-26-1866

Wm. J. Stanley & Martha a. White 12-21-1881.

M. A. Ferguson & Rachael Stanley 1-6-1867.

Charles R. Davis & Narcissa Appling 2-21-1882.

S. M. Appling & Nannie Shepherd 2-19-1882, he Montgomery Appling, son of Sam. Appling & Rebecca.

Samuel Appling & Mrs. Carrie Hamilton 5-31-1885.

M. J. Wright & M. E. Appling Feb. 2, 1870.

John T. Buckeny & Laura A. Appling 3-11-1869.

Richard Appling & Mrs. J. D. Shepherd 9-22-1885.

John W. Baker L. M. Appling 11-20-1870.

John T.Davis & Catherine Appling 5-21-1871.

J. M. Hamner & S. R. Appling (bride) 3-20-1870.

J. C. Kimbrell & Louisa Appling 9-7-1871.

W. M. Randolph & Luculea F. Whitson 10-10-1872, she dau of Sam. Whitson

Thomas Whitson & Ella J. Curl 1-18-1886.

1850 Census Dist. 2 family

#689 Elizabeth Boon age 65,

Squire age 40, b Tenn.

John age 38, b Tenn.

James age 36, b Tenn.

Sarah age 28, b Ala.

Narcissa age 31, b Tenn.

Mahala age 28, b Ala.

Joseph age 21, b Ga.

John age 19, b Ga.

David age 17, b Ga.

(seems evident Elizabeth Boon was the widow of Daniel Boon)

The Stanley’s, Johns and Boons were neighbors and David 281 Boon age 17 could be Daniel C. Boon, who m Nancy F. Stanley 12-26-1856 at the residence of Ben Stanley.

1850 Census Tuscaloosa Co., Ala. Dist. 2

#673: Am Appling age 67. b N.C.

Elizabeth age 35, b Va.

John L age 29, b Ala.

Jesse M. age 23, b Ala.

#674 Augustus Appling age 22, b Ga.

Elvira age 22, b Ala.

#428 Augustus Appling age 22, b Ga.

Martha Ann age 17, b Ala.

John age 2, b Ala.

Mary age 6 mos, b Ala.

#554 Richard Appling age 34, b Ga.

Jaley W. age 30, b Ala.

Wm. age 4, b Ala.

Joseph F age 6, b Ala.

Elizabeth C. age 4, b Ala.

(She m Ben Edward Stanley), Selina Appling m Edmond Whitson b after 1859.

From birth of children Wm. Appling moved back and forth to Ga.

1840 Census Chambers Co., Ala. p.19

Isham Stanley, 1 m under 5; 1 m 5-10; 1 m 30-40; 2 f under 5; 1 f 5-10; 2 f 10-15; 1 f 20-30.

Isham Stanley son of Ezekiel Stanley 1st and Rhoda (Ledbetter) of Spartanburg Co., S.C.

1850 Census Chambers Co., Ala. Dist. 19 1/2

#346 Nancy Standly 39, S.C. Prop. Val. $3,900.00

Martha 20, S.C.

Elizabeth 18, S.C.

Ezekiel 16, S.C.

Rhoda 14, Ala.

Josephene 12, Ala.

James 10, Ala.

Ann 8, Ala.

Wm. 5 . Ala.

Isham 3, Ala.

(Nancy Stanley above, widow of Isham Stanley in 1840 Census. She was Nancy Caroline McKinley.)


1830 Bibb Co., Ala. Census

Samuel Stanley, 1 m 5-10; 1 m 15-20; 1 m 30-4- 2 f under 5; 2 f 5-10; 1 f 10-15; 1 f 2-30.


Stephen Stanley, 2 m under 5; 1 m 20-30; 1 f under 5; 1 f 20-30.


Jordan Stanley, 1 m under 5; 3 m 5-10; 2 m 15-20; 1 m 40-50; 1 f 15-20; 1 f 40-50;

1840 Bibb Co., Ala. Census

Samuel Stanley, 1 m under 5; 1 m 5-10; 1 m 10-15; 1 m 15-20; 1 m 40-50; 1 f under 5; 1 f 5-10; 2 f 110-15; 2 f 15-20; 1 f 30-40.

James Stanley, 1 m 5-10; 1 m 30-40; 2 f under 5; 1 f 20-30.

Wilson Stanley, 1 m under 5; 1 m 30-40; 1 f 20-30.

Stephen Stanley, 1 m 5-10; 2 m 10-15; 1 m 30-40; 2 f under 5; 1 f 5-10; 1 f 20-30.

Notation by census reader: "same as in 1830, I may have made an error"

1850 Census Bibb Co., Ala.

#518 Samuel Stanley age 58, b Ga. farmer $1,500

Elizabeth age 50, b Ga.

Martha . age 18, b Ga.

Samuel J. age 17, b Ala.

Elizabeth age 14, b Ala.

Geo. A. age 13, b Ala.

Asa A. age 8, b Ala.

#531 James W. Stanley age 24, b Ala.

Elizabeth age 17, b Ala.

John McColough age 21, b Ala. Student

#545 Wilson Stanley age 40, b Ga.

Elenor age 32, b Ga.

Wm. J. age 10, b Ala.

Elizabeth P. age 7, b Ala.

Fanny J. age 1, b Ala. 283

1860 Census Bibb Co., Ala.

#221 Samuel Stanley age 66, b Ga. Prop. Val. $2000-$7000

Elizabeth age 60, b Ga.

Asa age 17, b Ala.

Allender age 17, ??

1829 Census Wilcox Co. Ala.

James, John and Thomas Stanley

(If they had families, record sent does not list any)

1820 Census Wilcox Co., Ala.

John Stanley, family, if any, not listed

Issac Stanley, " " " " "

p. 9 - Isham Stanly, 1 m under 5; 1 m 20-30; 1 f under 5; 2 f 20-30.

Not there in 1840 or 1850.

Marriage Bk. 2 P-6: Isham Stanly to Jane Ray Feb. 15, 1827 - by Elias Williamson Esq.

1830 Lowndes Co. Ala. Census

Callen Stanley

1830 Marengo Co., Ala. Census

Shadrick Stanley

1830 Washington Co., Ala. Census

Wm. Stanley

1830 Henry Co., Ala. Census

James, David, and George Stanley

1820 Census Conecuh Co., Ala.

Abner Stanley, over 21

1850 Census Covington Co. Ala.

#495 Charles A. Stanley age 4, b S.C. Clerk (obviously digit missing)

Mary age 27, b Ala. also

Hariett age 10, b Ala.

Stephen age 8, b Ala.

Simpson age 6, b Ala.

Augustus age 5, b Ala. (see later)

Lafayette age 3, b Miss.

Benjamin age 1, b Ala. 284

Charles a. Stanley was a charter member of Andalusia Masonic Lodge #678, was clerk of County Circuit Court 1842 through 1848. He was sheriff of Covington Co., Ala. 1871.

William Joshua Stanley, was a brother of Charles A. Stanley (Josh Stanley does not appear in 1850 census of Covington Co.) Josh was a clerk in the store of John R. Salter, who was engaged in general merchandising on the S. W. corner of the public square prior to and during the Civil War. Stanley wished to go and serve his country, but was worried about the support of his family. He begged Salter to see that his family was cared for. Stanley went to war and died while serving. Salter looked out for his family, sent the children to school, and aided in feeding the family.

William Joshua Stanley, m Lizzie Cobb widow, probably of Stephen Cobb, who was at one time sheriff and tax collector of Covington Co. She was probably the dau of ____ Neal and sister of Lucy Ann (Neal) Coon. In 1850 she was 47 years old and head of her family.

Children of W. J. Stanley and Lizzie M. Cobb:

(1) John E. Stanley m 1st ___ Thompson, dau or sister of John A. Thompson formerly a sheriff, m 2nd Ella Watson, dau of Ezekiel Watson. (2) Mollie Stanley, never married, ran a millinery store of many years, (3) Elizabeth "Bettie" Stanley, never married, (4) Charles Stanley, never married.

Augusta "Gus" Stanley, son of Charles A. Stanley was a school teacher. He married Mary Hogg, dau of Holland M. Hogg, Sr., and wife Mary. Their children:

(1) Laura Stanley m W. B. McLelland, (2) Edith Stanley, m Ned Little, (3) Polly
Stanley, m tom cook, son of Dr. Cook. and lived up near Georgiana, (4) Henry Stanley, m ____Neese, dau of Jacob Neese, (5) "Simps" Stanley, (6) John E. Stanley.

History of Pike Co.Ala. by M. P. Farmer


"Gus" Stanley 1st mail carrier at Linwood about 1850.

Cullen E. Stanley: lived in Coffe Co., Ala., up about Antioch Church, there in 1860. His wife lived a few years after his death. he had a brother John, who m _____ Donaldson, no children. He lived north of Elba, Ala. A sister m _____ McCullogh, & lived at Freeport, Fla.

Children of Cullen E. Stanley:

(1) Garrett Stanley m Harriett Taylor, ch: Cullen E. Stanley m Martha "Sis" Taylor, dau of Lewis Taylor; John Stanley m ____ Atkins, had one child James P. Stanley:; Nancy Stanley m Vincent Halloway; Annie Stanley m Richard Kirkland (lives near Baker, Fla.) no family.

Cullen E. Stanley’s children: W. Jack Stanley, m 1st _____ Atkins, m 2nd _____ Jones, dau of Jos. Jones; Bose Stanley m _____ Atkins.

Ann Stanley m Levi Eiland.

W. Josh, Stanley. Primitive Baptist Minister, ms ____, ch: Alfred P. Stanley, Robert L. Stanley, m ___ Carpenter (see later), Jos. Stanley, m ____ Helms; tom Stanley m ____ Olmstead; Gus Stanley m ____ Nance; Jonah Stanley m ____ Woodham, dau of Bill Woodham; Fannie Stanley m J. R. Sellers; Mollie Stanley dsp; Malissa Stanley dsp.

Robert L. Stanley, m ____ Carpenter, dau of Sam Carpenter, had: Clinton, Sam, Obedie, and Odie Stanley.

From a newspaper: "Robert L. Stanley, died Sat. May 11, 1935. He was 88 years of age and was the son of William Joshua Stanley and Martha (Redman) Stanley. He was never a member of a church, but was Primitive Baptist in belief. He left surviving him, three brothers, Alfred P., Gus, and W. J. Stanley, and three sisters, Mrs. John Sumblin, Winter Haven, Fla., Mrs. Durs Cauly, Tuscaloosa, Ala., and Mrs. Bonnie Stapleton."

Cullen E. Stanley, lived in Montgomery Co., Ala., later moved to Coffee Co., Ala.

Covington News 9-7-1899:

"Cullen E. Stanley’s store on east side of county burns".


Greenville Advocate 11-14-1878: "died in Andalusia 10-27-1878, Malachi Hubert Stanley, age 2 yrs. 18 days."

Alfred Stanley an account with Parkers Store at Cauleyville, Covington Co., Ala., in 1840.

Alabama Historical Quarterly Vol. 18 #3, p. 388:

George W. C. Stanley, issued a marriage license Aug. 14, 1848.

P. 389. Henry Stanley, clerk of Circuit Court in 1848.

P. 386 - 1848 June 5th. License issued to Stanley and Stanley for retailing spirituous liquors $50.00, all from Limestone Co., Ala.

William Joshua Stanley, m Lizzie M. Cobb (widow), probably dau. of Stephen Cobb, who was at one time sheriff and tax collector of Covington Co., Ala. Lizzie (Cobb) Stanley, sister of Lucy Ann (Neal) Coon. In 1850 she was 47 years of age and head of her family.

Ch. of William Joshua and Lizzie M. Stanley: (1) John E. Stanley m 1st ____ Thompson, dau or sister of John A. Thompson, formerly sheriff, m 2nd Ella Watson, dau of Ezekiel Watson. (2) Mollie e. Stanley, single, owned a millenary store for many years, (32) Elizabeth "Bettie" Stanley, never married, (4) Charles Stanley, never married.

John e. Stanley ch: by first marriage: h. J. "Tour" Stanley, married twice, had a family by second wife ____ Stanley wife of George Wilson.

Census 1850 Coffee County, Ala.

#462 John Stanley age 44, b S.C.

Saffronia A.C. Stanley age 32, b S.C.

John Harrell Stanley age 13, b Ala.

Letter from Pearl Kysar of Cody, Wyoming:

"... John Topley and Mary (Robbins) Stanley had ch: Willis Benarius, Fletcher, Grant, Alonzo, Elizabeth, Louise, Amelia, Cornelia. John Topley had brothers, Fletcher and Jessie. I understand these Stanley’s were Quakers. Do you have anything on Felix Stanley 287 of S.C. who m Abigail Evans, sons Jesse, Thomas, and Alfonso; daus. Mar, Mattie, Abbie, and Samantha?"

Mrs. Dee Isbell, Albertville, Ala., has a Stanley line. Her mother born about 1869 on a plantation near Cusetta, Ala., in Chambers County. He father was Alfonso Felix Stanley, called "Faunce." He was born 1838, son of Felix Stanley born 1798 and Abigail Evans, dau of Thomas Evans. Alfonso Felix Stanley m Ellen Louisa Shealy.

Spring Hill Cemetery on Hyw. 278, 10 miles west of Cullman, Ala.:

W. B. Stanley b 9023-1853, d 9-29-1924.

P. F. Stanley, b 1-31-1858, d 9-28-1915.





strong>Census Records
1820 Clark Co. Ga. · 168
1820 Census Tattnall Co., Ga. · 168
1820 Greene Co., Ga · 168
1820 Gwinnet Co., Ga · 168
1820 Jasper Co., Ga · 168
1820 McIntosh Co., Ga · 168
1820 Wilkinssn Co, Ga · 168
1840 Census Randolph Co., Ga · 168
1850 Census Cobb Co., Ga. · 168


Abercrombie, Irene Juliet · 54
Abercrombie, Joe Y. · 54
Acree, Mary N · 66
Adams, Jane Lilly · 155
Aldithley, Adams de · 3
Alexander, Josh · 17
Allard, Roy Clarence · 73
Allen, Florine Stanley · 41
Allen, George Dean · 41
Allen, John Hollis · 41
Allen, John Hollis III · 41
Allen, John Hollis Jr. · 41
Allen, Josephine Elizabeth · 41
Allen, Robert Glenn Jr. · 41
Allen, Wistar · 155
Amason, Eula · 74
Amason, William Miles · 74
Andrews, Jean · 35
Annandale, Bessoe (Bobby) Leona · 58
Annandale, Clyde Thomas · 58
Annandale, Dorris Val Jeane · 58
Annandale, Eugene William · 58
Annandale, Jesse Lance · 58
Annandale, Keva Jene · 59
Annandale, Ruby Lois · 58
Annandale, Thomas Clark · 57
Annandale, Thomas Eugene · 59
Appling, Augustus · 133
Appling, James Chandler · 124
Appling, Lurlie · 124
Appling, Nelladean · 124
Appling, Newbern Martin · 147
Appling, Susan F · 120
Appling, William b 1783 · 147
Argo, Daisy · 69
Arthur, Guy B · 53
Atkinson, Margaret Cook · 29
Atkinson, W. Y., - Gov. of Georgia · 29
Ayers, Irene · 87


Babb, Ruby · 84
Bailey, Camile · 155
Ballard, Vivian Douglass · 123
Ballenger, Dr. John · 104
Banks, Amanda · 44
Barrow, Lucille · 26
Beatty, Mary · 24
Becker, Gisela Katharina · 43
Becker, Phillipp · 43
Bell, Jewell Newton Jr. · 91
Bell,, Sara Elizabeth · 91
Bellinger, Mary Lou · 75
Benson, Clary · 13
Berry, Dr. Joseph Norman · 66
Bing, Dr. Arley · 144
Bishop, Bette Lisi · 112
Bishop, Sarah Wallace · 86
Bishop, Waldo Emerson · 112
Bishop, William Emerson · 112
Blackwell, Era Linda · 69
Blackwell, Jake Lloyd · 69
Blackwell, Robert Eugene · 83
Blanks, Cornelia Josephine · 128
Blanton, Orin Willard · 83
Bobbitt, Irene · 139
Boon, Daniel C. · 133
Booth, Eugene T. · 23
Booth, Eugene T. Jr. · 23
Booth, Harold C. · 23
Booth, Martha Christine · 24
Booth, William Gibson · 23
Borden, Betty Jo · 39
Borden, Charlette (twin) · 39
Borden, David Stanley · 39
Borden, Joseph Charles · 39
Borden, Meleane (twin) · 39
Borden, Robert Hartwell · 39
Boring, Arthur · 117
Boring, Laura Isabel · 117
Boring, Myrtle May · 117
Boring, Warren Ward · 118
Borrks, Irma Kathryn · 84
Boyd, Minna · 41
Bradley, Lula D. · 66
Brandt, Barbara · 85
Brantley, Ann Stevens · 81
Brantley, Ashley Niles · 81
Brantley, Barbara Clair · 81
Brantley, Joseph Herbert · 81
Brantley, Thomas Kirven · 81
Brawner, Nellie Lee · 140
Brazzell, Henry Dillard · 65
Brewer, Hazel · 80
Brewer, Jacquelyn · 41
Brewer, Jessie Jackson · 41
Brinkley, Benjamin Hoyt · 68, 69
Brinkley, Donna Gwen · 69
Brinkley, Edgar · 68
Brinkley, Harold Fowler · 69
Brinkley, Jacqueline · 68
Brinkley, Jessie Leigh · 68, 69
Brinkley, Junious Eugene · 68, 69
Brinkley, Karen Adele · 69
Brinkley, Pauline · 68
Brinkley, Samuel Fowler Jr. · 68
Brinkley, William Dunlap · 68
Brock, John Buford · 66
Brock, John Timothy · 66
Brock, Lillian Cleo · 66
Brooks, Betty Ann · 33
Brooks, Celia Ann · 33
Brooks, Chandler Annette · 33
Brooks, Frederick Param · 33
Brooks, Frederick Param III · 33
Brooks, Frederick Param Jr. · 33
Brooks, Mrs. J. F. · 15
Brooks, Sarah Lufred · 33
Brown, Louise Stanley · 24
Brown, Phillippa Kay · 46
Brown, Stella Janice · 46
Brown, William Langford · 45
Brown, William Roy · 45
Brunet, Ruth · 67
Buckner, Jan Marie · 36
Buerman, Hilda · 114
Bunts, Ruth · 30
Burch, Dennie · 67
Burnett, Robert Oglesby Sr. · 91
Burney, Caroline · 33
Burney, Sylvanus · 33
Burson, Ada · 76
Burson, Bethel · 76
Burson, Bland · 76
Burson, Troy · 76
Burson, True · 76
Burt, Harriett · 100, 101
Burtt, Jo · 100, 101
Busby, B. Carl · 82
Busby, Irene · 82
Busby, Mallene · 82
Byrd, Kimberly Ann · 112


Caldwell, David · 16
Calhoun, Alexander · 13
Calhoun, Alexander Jr. · 13
Calhoun, David Alexander · 14
Calhoun, George · 13
Calhoun, Joseph J. · 14
Calhoun, Julia A. · 14
Calhoun, Mary .. m George Campbell · 13
Calhoun, Sarah · 14
Callihan, William · 158
Campbell, Patricia · 32
Cantrell, Marjorie Mae · 62
Cantrell. Willie Victor · 62
Carden, Martin · 27
Carden, Mary Martin · 27
Carmichael, Alonzo Lindsy · 140
Carmichael, Amanda Henderson · 37
Carroll, Allie · 58
Carruth, Sidney · 98
Cash, Thurman Eugene · 62
Casteel, Addie · 50
Castell, Adeline Lavenia "Addie" · 89
Catchings, Claire · 154
Chamblee, Malina Alice · 23
Champion, Robert C. · 98
Chapman, Giles · 38
Chapman, Marietta Georgia · 38
Chapman, Marietta, Georgia · 25
Chapman, Ola Wyolene · 88
Chapman, Sarah Augusta · 25, 40
Chappell, Eliza Hester · 128
Chappell, Grace Elizabeth · 64
Chappell, Guy · 64
Chappell, Lutitia · 122
Chappell, Miles · 122, 132, 140, 143
Chappell, Susannah Frances · 121
Chastain, Clara Belle · 83
Cheatham, Claude · 94
Cheatham, Ezekiel "Colonel" · 94
Cheatham, Isaac Newton · 94
Cheatham, Isham Anderson · 95
Cheatham, Jessie · 94
Cheatham, Lenna Edna · 96
Cheatham, Maude Mae · 95
Cheatham, William David · 94
Chilton, Dr. David Houston · 154
Chilton, Frank · 82
Chilton, John Frank Jr. · 82
Clark, Barbara Anne · 28
Clark, Carie Lee (Carolie) · 34
Clark, Carrie Howard · 34
Clark, Donna Lee · 28
Clark, Eugene Bolton · 28
Clark, Georgia Vaughan · 28
Clark, Hardy · 28
Clark, Hardy Jr. · 28
Clark, John Hardy · 28
Clark, John Stanley · 29
Clark, Lola Wanita (Lonita) · 34
Clark, Mary Elizabeth · 29
Clark, Nancy Lillian · 30
Clark, Neal · 29
Clark, Neal Jr. · 29
Clark, Ralph · 29
Clark, Ralph Hays · 29
Clark, Robert Strong · 34
Clark, Sue Brown · 28
Clark, Thomas Jennings · 36
Clark, Wallace Henderson, Jr. · 28
Clark, Willa Jaunita · 36
Clark, William H. · 25, 34
Clark, Willie Jaunita · 34
Clements, Cynthia · 53
Cloyd, Mildred · 77
Clutter, Benjamine Jr. · 46
Coate, Jerry · 53
Cobb, Larry · 39
Cobb, Lorna Jay · 39
Coffman, Jenie Mahala · 114
Colquitt, Odessa · 91
Combs, Patricia · 59
Connally, Betty Jo · 90
Connally, Charles Daniel · 90
Connally, Frances Jean · 90
Connally, Harper Glenn Jr. · 90
Connally, John Marcus · 90
Connally, Marcus Daniel · 90
Connally, Martha Crawford · 90, 91
Connally, Mildred Lucile · 90, 91
Connally, Peggy Ann · 90
Cook, Benjamin Franklin · 90
Cook, Benjamin Franklin III · 90
Cook, Benjamin Franklin Jr. · 90
Cook, Edwin Stanley · 90
Cook, Emerson Grady · 95
Cook, Ione · 90
Cook, Lynda Jane · 90
Cook, Marie · 69
Cook, Patricia Ann · 90
Cook, Rachel Sue · 95
Cook, Winniefred · 90
Cook,, Tony Louise · 90
Corley, Kenneth Wayne · 68
Corley, Rev. William Cheney · 68
Corruth, Dr, Roy Walter · 155
Crawford, Nancy Kathleen · 141
Creighton, Hiram · 159
Crowder, James Buford · 69
Crowder, Ruth Marie · 69
Crowe, Marcia Denesse · 97
Culbertson, Mary Jane (Mrs. J.M.K. Guinn) · 42
Cumbee, Arthur Robert · 36
Cumbee, Caroline Howard · 37
Cumbee, Deborah Elaine · 37
Cumbee, Henry Graves · 36
Cumbee, John Aldworth · 37
Cumbee, Joseph Anderson · 37
Cumbee, Kathleen · 36
Cumbee, Kathleen Rhoda · 36
Cumbee, Lillian Editha · 36
Cumbee, Marie Mizelle · 36
Cumbee, Walter Grady · 36
Curtis, Linda Sue · 89
Curtis, Ruth Dianne · 89


Dake, George Vernon · 79
Dalluge, Marjorie · 76
Danielson, Nancy Ann · 118
Darby, Annie Elizabeth · 52
Darby, Annie Elizbeth · 53
Darby, Fred Otis · 52
Darby, George Thomas · 52
Darby, Harold · 52
Darby, Isaac A. · 52
Darby, Mary · 52
Darby, Mary Elizabeth · 52
Darby, Odessa · 52
Darden, William Howard · 142
Davenport, Noel · 76
Davidson, Elizabeth Hutchinson · 35
Davis, Brooks · 29
Davis, Clark Northington · 29
Davis, Gene · 30
Davis, Hubert V Jr. · 29
Davis, Jennie Rea · 30
Davis, Laura Page · 29
Davis, Margaret Lunfoud · 130
Dawson, Emmaline · 68
Dawson, Frances Alberta Timberlake · 74
Day, Carl · 143
Day, Dorothy Louise · 143
Day, Exzekiel Dodson · 143
Day, Jesse Uel · 157
Deason, Fatima · 140
Deloach, James Edwin · 153
DeLoach, Louise · 29
DeLorme, Harold M Jr. · 160
Dendy, Matilda Ada · 72
Denny, Clinton · 87
Denny, James Willie · 87
Denny. Rosa Lee · 87
DeShields, James Marshall · 38
DeTaum, Caroline Louise · 66
Dickson, Alan Jeffrey · 42
Dickson, Barbara Louise · 43
Dickson, Dorothy Anne · 44
Dickson, Eric William Dr. · 44
Dickson, Ingrid Ellen · 43
Dickson, Joseph Richard Wilson · 43
Dickson, Karen Louise · 44
Dickson, Killian Noah · 44
Dickson, Kristina Elyane · 43
Dickson, Mary Jayne · 43
Dickson, Mary Lou · 44
Dickson, Ralph Stanley · 42
Dickson, Robert Nolan · 44
Dickson, William Henry Jr. · 44
Dickson, William Henry Sr. · 42
Dobbs, Mary K. · 57
Dodd · 17
Dodd, Viola · 117
Donaldson, James A. · 25
Dunlap, Jennie · 68
Dunn, Georgia Rilla · 68
Dunn, Henry Hunter Jr. · 68
Dunn, Sara Jane · 68


Earwood, Annie Mae · 82
Earwood, Harold · 82
Earwood, Mary Lee · 82
Earwood, William Esker · 82
Edlings, Thad · 146
Ellison, Aubra Jeffers · 86, 87
Ellison, Bessie Irene · 86, 87
Ellison, Charles Aubra · 87
Ellison, Elijah Eugene · 86, 87
Ellison, Howard Laverne · 87
Ellison, Hubert Delano · 86
Ellison, James Roy · 87
Ellison, James Washington · 86
Ellison, Jeannie Veneta · 86
Ellison, Lena Jenean · 87
Ellison, Lilly Ann · 86
Ellison, Lois Lucile · 86, 88
Ellison, Lois Marie · 86
Ellison, Margaret Annette · 87
Ellison, Mary Lee · 86, 87
Ellison, Nannie Estall · 86
Ellison, Oscar Hoyt · 86
Ellison,, Jerry Dudley · 86
Emmel, Ernest Francis · 83
Emmel, Frederick · 83


Fehrer, Gertrud · 43
Fender, Calvin Dean · 114
Fender, Grady Dean · 114
Fender, Minda Gay · 114
Fender, Peggy Elaine · 114
Fender, Rex Edward · 114
Fennell, Charles Frank · 83
Ferguson, Anderson Drew · 34
Ferguson, Anderson Drew III · 35
Ferguson, Anderson Drew Jr., MD · 35
Ferguson, Anne · 29
Ferguson, Charlotte, Clark · 35
Ferguson, Dorothy May · 35
Ferguson, Helen Carol · 36
Ferguson, Miles Hamilton · 35
Ferguson, Miles Hamilton Jr. · 36
Ferguson, Robert Clark · 35
Ferguson, Robert Langdon · 35
Fielden, Alice Marie · 66
Fielden, Carl Roe · 66
Files, Richard · 125
Fincher, Glenda Gayle · 95
Fincher, James Edward · 95
Fincher, John Ray Jr · 95
Fincher, Joyce · 95
Fincher, Larry Wayne · 95
Fink, Ethel · 42
Fink, Hendon Mark · 31
Fink, Robert H. · 31
Fink, Robert Keith · 31
Finlay, Emily · 33
Finlay, John David · 32
Finlayson, Carol Anne · 44
Finlayson, David Alan · 44
Finlayson, John Macintosh · 44
Finlayson, John Scott · 44
Finlayson, Laura Beth · 44
Finlayson, Linda Gail · 44
Finney, Patsy · 30
Finney, Phillip S. · 30
Fondren, Jesse · 15
Fondren, Wm. · 15
Forrester, David Anderson · 35
Forrester, Patrick Graham · 35
Forrester, Rebeccah Jill · 35
Forrester, Redmond V Sr. · 35
Forrester, Redmond Vincent Jr. · 35
Foste, Levi Asbury · 82
Foster, Henry Jackson · 83
Foster, Hoyt Kenneth · 83
Foster, Osma Bailey · 34
Foster, Osma Bailey Jr. · 34
Foster, Susan Madeline · 83
Foster,, Eunice Elizabeth · 83
Fowler, Martha Ann · 23
Franklin, Paul Burke (Mrs.) · 4
Freeman, James Shepherd · 122
Freeman, James Stanley · 122
Freeman, Martha Elizabeth · 142
Freeman, William Stanley · 122
Fuller, · 30
Fuller, Judge Warner · 30
Fuller. Emily · 30


Gaines, Byrd Day · 154
Gaines, Dr. Francis Pendleton · 150
Gaines, Edmund Pendleton · 149
Gaines, John Strother · 153
Gaines, Robert and Ursula · 148
Gaines, Thomas - Last Will & Testament · 156
Gaines, William M. · 155
Gains, Harry Sr. · 16
Garger, Martha Ann · 61
Garske, Drusilla · 113
George Stanley · 7
Gibson, Augusta · 23
Gibson, Cornelia · 23
Gibson, Elizabeth · 23
Gibson, Elizabeth Ann · 22
Gibson, Emmett · 24
Gibson, Fannie · 24
Gibson, Isham · 23, 24
Gibson, Isham Fletcher · 23
Gibson, John Stanley · 23
Gibson, Lucy · 23
Gibson, Nola · 24
Gibson, Ollie · 24
Gibson, Stanley · 111
Gibson, Thomas H. · 23
Gibson. Elijah · 12, 16, 17, 19, 22, 24, 53
Gilbert, Joseph · 25
Gillespie, Caleb G. · 25
Gilmer, Maj. Jackson · 14
Gilmer, Robert · 14
Glass, Irene · 97
Glover, Johnnie Oliver · 88
Godwin, Delilah · 54
Godwin, Edna Mae · 96
Godwin, Elva Camilla · 53
Godwin, Frances Lee · 54
Godwin, Gladys · 96
Godwin, Joseph W · 53
Godwin, Lillian Maude · 54
Godwin, Pearl Jane · 54
Goergens, Gladys Emily · 45
Gooch, Cora · 69
Gordon, Alice · 123
Gordon, Daniel II · 49
Gordon, Jacob · 49, 166
Gordon, Rhoda · 49
Gordon, Robert Walker · 123
Gordon, Robert Walker Dr. · 145
Gordon, Tempe · 49
Gordon, William · 49
Graf, Lucille · 112
Grant, Clemma Videlle · 144
Grant, Tommie Katerine · 144
Green, Emmett Patrick · 52
Green, Joel (Joe) Stanley · 52
Green, Joel A · 51
Green, Leon · 52
Green, Napoleon B. · 104
Green, Patrick Ralph · 52
Green, Thomas Elmo "L" · 52
Greene, Annie Elizabeth · 52
Greer, Ellis · 89
Gregory, Nannie Sue · 70
Griffin, David Andrews Jr. · 90
Griffin, Louise · 32
Grimm, Doris Ann · 80
Grissom, Otis Dwaine · 87
Groover, Larkin · 56
Groover,, Luther L · 56
Gudgee, Elizabeth · 142
Guin, Drusilla Angeline · 113
Guinn, Gordon (Mrs. Alonzo Nolan Stanley) · 38
Guinn, James Miles Killian · 42
Guinn, Mary Walter Gordon · 42
Guthrie, Ann Karen · 95
Guttery, George Houston · 122, 123
Guttery, John McQueen · 120, 123
Guttery, Pearl · 123
Guttery. Stehen Douglas · 123


Hagood, Rev. J. J. · 67
Hagood, Virginia · 67
Hale, Charles Fremont · 119
Hale, Oscar Ellsworth · 119
Hale, Pearl Elizabeth · 55
Hamilton, Fannie · 13
Hammonds, Flonnie · 97
Hamner, Jewel Eliza · 127
Hamner, Nina Alma · 127, 130
Hamner, Thomas Roger · 127
Hamner, William Reuben · 127
Hampton, Charles · 57
Hancock, Jeremiah · 158
Hancock, Major · 15
Harbison, Dianne Raephene · 96
Harbison, Linda Gail · 96
Harbison, Ralph Edward · 96
Hardage, Benjamin F. · 70
Hardage, Louise · 70
Hardage, Paul · 70
Hardin, John Anderson · 88
Hargrove, Coris · 38
Harlow,Gaye · 142
Harolson, Sally · 132
Harris, Amelia Day (Mrs. Giles Chapman) · 38
Harris, Ezekiel Calhoun · 13
Harris, Frances · 13
Harris, John · 13
Harris, Thos · 13
Harris, Thos, Major · 13
Hayes, Herman Washington · 69
Hayes, Navona · 69
Hayett, Mary · 26
Hayward, Alma · 83
Head, Richard Grafton · 60
Heaton, Cora Addie Sue · 97
Heber,Richard Octave · 113
Helton, Maxine Clair · 33
Hemmerling, Maggie May · 118
Henderson, Albert · 75
Henderson, Allen Long · 41
Henderson, Amanda A · 25
Henderson, Ann Horsley · 41
Henderson, James Keno · 41
Henderson, Joseph Horsley · 41
Henderson, Norma Lou · 75
Henderson, Roy · 75
Henderson, Roy Dean · 75
Henderson, Tommie · 75
Hendricks, Hill · 28
Hendricks, Hill Jr. · 28
Hendricks, Sue Brown · 28
Hendrix, Alsa · 124
Henriques, Harry P Jr. · 31
Henriques, Harry P. · 31
Henriques, James Nace · 31
Henriques, Robert Wallace · 31
Herren, Ruby Elizabeth · 39
Herrington, Josephine Bozeman · 56
Hershey, Laoma · 75
Hester, Charles · 15
Hester, John · 15
Hicks, Charles A · 32
Hicks, David · 32
Hicks, Dorothula · 98
Hicks, Emily Anet · 46
Hicks, Tracey Eve · 46
Hicks, William Charles · 46
Hillhouse, Harvel Lee · 85
Hillhouse, John Quill · 85
Hilloran, Hilda · 66
Hines, Kathleen E · 53
Hodge, Mary · 39
Hofferb, Otie Purnell · 87
Holcombe, Edgar Lynwood · 128
Holland, Hayne, Dr. · 13
Holland, Margaret Ann · 12, 13, 14, 17, 21, 23, 47, 50, 51, 67, 68, 93, 94, 95, 105, 106
Holland, R. N. ( · 107
Holland, Robert Sen. · 47, 50, 51
Holland, Sarah Jones · 50
Holland, Thomas · 51
Hollis, Effie · 41
Holloway, Carrol (male) · 132
Holt, Ina Jonnie · 75
Hooker, Lucille · 31
Hoosich. Frances · 146
Hornbuckle, Bobby · 53
Horne, Cornelia · 67
Horton, Guy · 141
Horton, Guyrene · 141
Hostetter, Ann Helene · 112
Hostetter, Lori Ann · 112
Hostetter, Rebecca Lee · 112
Hubert, Beverly · 43
Hughes, Hiram Kennedy · 57
Hughes. Ethalda · 85
Hunnicut, Mary (Mrs. Warner Fuller) · 30
Hunt, Karen Charlotte · 97
Hunt, Rhonda Kay · 97
Hunton, Claude Byron · 54
Hurst, Sarah Getrude · 37
Hussey, Nannie Daughtry · 35
Hutto, Elizabeth (McMillan) · 146
Hutto, John Chappell · 145


Ison, Francis Zoillie · 82


Jackson, Annie Lou · 81
Jackson, Carolyn Chastain · 83
Jackson, Charles Lee · 83
Jackson, Charlie Lee · 81
Jackson, Clara Ann · 83
Jackson, Delilah · 80
Jackson, Dow · 81
Jackson, Ettie Josephine · 80, 82
Jackson, Henry Coleman · 81, 84
Jackson, Homer Stanley · 80
Jackson, Irma Kate · 83
Jackson, John Harris · 81
Jackson, Kittie · 80
Jackson, Leonora Jane · 82
Jackson, Lorenzo Dow · 80
Jackson, Margaret · 80
Jackson, Mary Evelyn · 83
Jackson, Minnie Gober · 80, 82
Jackson, Robort Mallory · 98
Jackson, Sara Winn · 83
Jackson, Sarah · 24
Jackson,, Homer Stanley · 82
Jackson,, John Harris · 83
Jackson. Clara · 82
Jackson. Leonora · 80
James, Charles · 114
James, Cleveland Columbus · 84
James, Geraldine · 114
James, Raymond Lee · 84
James, Samuel Willis · 84
Jester, Barbara Jean · 113
Jester, Betty Stanley · 113
Jester, Janelle Eileen · 113
Jester, Judith Ann · 113
Johannes, Karl Frederick William · 45
Johannes, Richard Karl · 45
Johannes, Robin Dana · 45
Johns, James · 14
Johns, John A. · 14
Johns, John B. · 14
Johns, Lila · 14
Johns, Samuel H · 14
Johnson, Ella Sabina · 63
Johnston, Peggy Lou · 41
Johnston, Robert Glenn · 41
Johnston, Smith L. Jr. · 24
Joiner, Zilla Isabelle · 96
Jones, Alexander Jackson Jr. · 77
Jones, Barbara Lee · 69
Jones, Catherine Elizabeth Dr. · 44
Jones, Dock Jewett · 78
Jones, Dorothy · 80
Jones, John Paul · 69
Jones, John Paul Jr. · 69
Jones, Marinell · 73
Jones, Sharon Ann · 69
Jordan, David Philip aka Dickson, Philip Richard · 43
Jordan, Heidi Lisa · 43
Joyce, Christopher Joseph · 43
Joyce, Daniel Leo III · 43
Joyce, Daniel Leo IV · 43
Joyce, Hannah Elizabeth · 43


Karrah, Wiley · 144
Kelley, Margaret · 41
Kellum, Celia · 75
Kellum, David · 75
Kellum, Lou Marie · 75
Kemp, Adeline · 13
Kemp, Solomon · 13
Kendrick, John Cecil · 73
Kendrick, Johnnie Geraldine · 73
Kendrick, Margaret · 67
Kennedy, Alice · 38
Keown, Geraldine · 58
Kerbo, Winnie · 146
Kesling, Sarah Virgiline · 112
Kilby, William J. · 13
King, Frances · 27
King. Mary Lou · 44
Kirk, Amanda Victoria · 59
Kirkland, Nancy Elizabeth · 140


Land, Irma Louise · 64
Landrum, Nancy · 49
Lauderdal, Betty Jo · 97
Lauderdale, Odell · 67
League, Bennie Jo · 95
League, Elna · 95
Leasure, James Leslie · 132
Leatherwood, Elizabeth · 121
Ledbetter, Abner · 16
Ledbetter, Daniel · 12, 95
Ledbetter, James · 92
Ledbetter, Rhoda · 18, 21, 24, 49, 51, 98, 105, 106, 111, 166, 169
Ledbettor, Abner · 14
Ledbettor, Nancy · 14
Legan, Rosa B · 70
Lewis and Adah Stanley · 4, 6, 8, 19, 109, 112, 119, 166, 175
Lewis, Christine · 89
Lewis, Clarence W. · 89
Lewis, Curtis Marris · 85
Lewis, Emma Jean · 85
Lewis, Frances Marion · 85
Lewis, Frank Harvel · 85
Lewis, Julia Maria · 85
Lewis, Mary Anita · 85
Lewis, Osie Juanita · 85
Lewis, Ruby · 39
Lewis, Thomas Anthony · 85
Lipscomb, John J.Q. · 15
Little, Barney · 60
Little, Linda Karen · 95
Littleton, David Martin · 28
Littleton, Suzanne · 28
Littleton, Warner Gladden · 27
Livingstone, Hazel · 145
Logan, Carey Ellen · 112
Logan, Jeffrey Brian · 112
Lollar, Hugh Monroe · 132
Lollar, Malind Helen · 132
Long, Martha Wilson · 13
Longshore, Minnie · 42
Longshore, Mittie · 41
Loofbourrow, Jean Ann · 35
Loofbourrow, Philip Courtney · 35
Loofbourrow, Philip Courtney Jr. · 35
Loyl, Elizabeth · 147


MacDonald, Marilyn Frances · 42
Macmillan, Sidney · 144
Maddox, Nita Belle · 62
Maddox, Walton Mayfield · 62
Maffit, Judith Sylvia · 43
Marcus, Margaret Ann Clemintine · 74
Martin, James · 14
Martin, James - Esq. · 9
Martin, James Esq · 9, 11, 12, 14, 15
Martin, Nancy · 14
Mason, Churchill · 20, 21, 22
Mason, Harriett Elmina · 98
Mason, Isham Stanley · 98
Mason, Larkin Wilson · 98
Mason, Mallory · 22
Mason, Mary Ann · 98
Mason, Rhoda Caroline · 98
Mason,Lavina · 99
Maxwell, Kenneard Payton · 86
Maxwell, Kenneth Payton · 86
Mayer, Celeste · 35
Mayes, Martha Jane · 70
McCallum, Fredonia · 66
McCay, Daniel · 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, 109, 110, 166
McClary, Elizabeth · 26
McClary, William Benson · 26
McClung, Ann Elizabeth · 69
McClung, James Franklin · 69
McClung, Junious Hagan · 69
McClung, Junious Hagan Jr. · 69
McCollum, Barbara Stanley · 63
McCollum, John Davis · 63
McConnell, Christopher · 145
McCoy, Daniel · 49
McCurdy, Elizabeth · 24
McDermott, James · 61
McDermott, James Regis · 61
McDuff, Loyl Frances · 121
McEacher, Samuel Capers · 55
McEachern, David William · 55
McEachern, Elva Louella Stanley · 54
McGillvary, R. L. · 54
McGregor, Albert James · 122
McGregor, Don Albert · 121
McGregor, Donald Alexander · 122
McGregor, Gertrude · 121
McGregor, Grace · 122
McGregor, Leila Gamble · 121
McGuire, Mary Faith · 28
McIntyre, William Donald · 76
McIntyre, William Horace · 76
McKinley, James Beatty · 24
McKinley, John · 24
McKinley, Nancy Caroline · 24
McKinley, William · 24
McLain, Lou Zanie · 84
McLendon, Ludora · 90
McMillen, Virginia Marie · 122
Mitchell, Troyce · 74
Montgomery, Daisy · 77
Montgomery, Mildred · 99
Moon, Maybelle · 70
Moore, Abner P. · 80
Moore, Bruce Clark · 37
Moore, Carol Ann · 37
Moore, Eleanor · 69
Moore, Ernest Everette · 36
Moore, Frederick Boyd · 80
Moore, Hubert Cumbee · 37
Moore, James Otis · 80
Moore, Jimmy Don · 80
Moore, Marie Mizelle · 36
Moore, Melody Marie · 37
Moore, William Everette · 37
Morgan, Benjamin Stanley · 67
Morgan, Harry Fields · 67
Morgan, Joseph Lewis · 67
Morgan, Louis Judson · 67
Morgan, Martha Jane · 67
Morgan, Robert Smith · 67
Morgan, William R. · 67
Morris, Stephen Eric · 114
Morris,Robert Jr. · 114
Moseley, Moselle · 75
Muller, Maude · 67
Murphree, Eddie Rose · 140
Murphree, Edith · 31


Neese, Dannie Mack · 75
Neese, Deryal Glenn · 75
Neese, Joni Yvonne · 75
Neese, Mattie Belle · 75
Neese, Peggy June · 75
Neese, Regina Ann · 75
Neese, Thomas McDowell · 74
Nettleton, Mrs. Mary (Watson) · 72
Netzer, Kristin Elizabeth · 118
Netzer, Mary Michele · 118
Netzer, Roseanne · 118
Netzer, William Christopher · 118
Newell, George · 17
Newton, Eliott Robert · 37
Nickels, Laura Belle · 111
Nix., William Enoch · 70
Norman, Sadie (Mrs. Gene Davis) · 30
Northcut, Agnes Geraldine · 73
Northcut, Olan Gwinn · 73
Northcutt Jean · 75
Northcutt, Agnes Geraldine · 74
Northcutt, Albert Rodger Jr. · 74
Northcutt, Albert Rodgers · 74
Northcutt, Bethleen · 75
Northcutt, Capt. Thomas Haynes · 53
Northcutt, Dalton Tully · 74
Northcutt, Deryal Telephus · 74
Northcutt, Douglas John · 74, 75
Northcutt, Douglas John Jr. · 75
Northcutt, Earlene · 73
Northcutt, Florence Dixie · 74
Northcutt, Fred · 75
Northcutt, Jerald Northcutt · 73
Northcutt, Louetta Fay · 75
Northcutt, Margaret Dula · 75
Northcutt, Margaret Eula · 74
Northcutt, Mary Kathleen · 74
Northcutt, Olan Gwinn · 74
Northcutt, Ona Darlene · 73
Northcutt, Pat Lowery · 75
Northcutt, Peggy Dean · 73
Northcutt, Reola Faye · 74, 75
Northcutt, Robert Alvis · 74
Northcutt, Roxanna · 76
Northcutt, Thomas Alfred · 74
Northcutt, Thomas Jerald · 74
Northcutt, Velma Helen · 74, 76
Northcutt, Verba Nell · 73, 75
Northcutt. John Alexander · 74
Northington, Betty Page · 29
Northington, Dr. James M. · 29
Northington, Nancy Clark · 29
Northington, Sarah Jackson · 29


O'Neil, Donald Dale · 112
O'Neil, Donald John · 112
O'Neil, Josephine · 112
O'Neil, Lynn · 112
O'Neil, Marolyn · 112
O'Neil, Virginia Joan · 112
Oglesby, Mary Elizabeth · 69
Oliver, Mrs. James · 33
Oram, Auriel Josephine · 116
Oram, Charles Ford · 116
Oram, Mary Naeda · 116
Orr, Margaret Mae · 81
Orr, Mary Agnes · 82
Orr, Nancy Marietta (Mrs. C. P. Scott) · 105
Orr, William Henry · 81
Orr, William Horace · 81
Orr. r. Leander · 155
Osborne, Donald Scott · 73
Osborne, Janannet · 73
Osburger, Katherine · 115
Outcolt, Brock Sharon · 66
Outcolt, Ralph · 66
Owens, Tulsa · 73


Pace, Ernest LeRoy · 56
Pace, Francis Pershing · 56
Pace, Harry Calhoun · 56
Pace, James Robert · 55
Pace, Miriam McClain · 56
Pace, Robert Norris · 55
Pace, Robert, Fannie, Ernest, Harry, Lillie, Elva, Blanch, Margaret · 55
Palmer, James Leo · 95
Palmer, Timothy Paul · 95
Pannell, Clyde · 75
Pannell, Deryal · 75
Pannell, Diane · 75
Pardekeeper, Helen · 115
Parker, Priscilla · 122, 129, 132, 142, 143, 177
Parrish, Brenda F. · 97
Parrish, Keith A. · 97
Parry, Thomas Irvine Jr. · 143
Parson, Carol Ann · 115
Parson, Jeri Lynn · 115
Parson, Stanley Oscar · 115
Parson, William Eugene · 115
Parsons, Oscar Wilson · 115
Paschal, Oscar · 127
Paslay, Ralph B · 11
Pavolosky, Catherine Clare · 66
Peck, Sarah Elizabeth · 58
Pennington, Gertrude · 73
Perry, Kathaleen Dickinson · 153
Peterson, Margaret M. · 114
Peterson, Susan Jane · 115
Peterson, William Robert · 115
Phelps, Margaret Randolph · 60
Pickett, Edna Stanley · 93
Pinion, Mattie · 121
Pittman, Betty Jean · 88
Pittman, Clyde · 82
Pittman, Clyde Hollis · 88, 89
Pittman, Dorothy Irene · 89
Pittman, Jerry Felton · 89
Pittman, Lena Madian · 88
Pittman, Lena Modine · 89
Pittman, Luther Eugene · 88, 89
Pittman, Luther M. · 88
Pittman, Ola Louise · 88
Pittman, Patricia Ann · 89
Pittman, Rebecca Sue · 89
Pittman, Theresa Gail · 89
Pittman, William Miles · 88, 89
Posey. Etola · 94
Potts, Clifford Earl · 33
Potts, John Alled · 33
Powell, Gordon Spencer · 67
Powell, Henry A. · 67
Prickett, Henry G. · 132


Quinn, Hazel Mae · 118
Quinn, Mary Maude · 118
Quinn, Robert McCain · 119


Radford, Donna Carleene · 95
Radford, James Twett · 95
Radford, Leslie Carlos · 95
Raines, Nellie Kate · 90
Ramishire, Mell · 131
Ramsay, Diane Louise · 43
Ramsay, Edmond Adam Jr. · 43
Ramsay, Martha Jayne · 43
Ramsay, Susan Joy · 43
Range, · 39
Raskoski, Elizabeth · 122
Rathburn, Thom · 9
Read, Robert Wesley · 87
Rearick, Barbara · 111
Rearick, Thomas · 111
Redd, Carl Dudley · 70
Redd, Earl Benjamin · 70
Redd, Frances Jane · 70
Redd, George Dudley · 70
Redd, William (Billy) Stanley · 70
Redd, William Stanley · 70
Reed, Wm. Barr · 13
Reed. Wm. · 16
Reid, Lizzie Lowther · 26
Reid, Sterling · 155
Rhodes, Clarence Franklin · 76
Rhodes, Dorothy Jean · 86, 87
Rhodes, Howard Wayne · 86
Rhodes, Thomas Eff · 87
Rice, James Allen · 96
Rice, Janett Marie · 96
Rice, William Maurice · 96
Richards, Sidney · 73
Riggins, Betty Jane · 68
Riggins, William Neal · 68
Riggins. Solomon B. · 68
Roberts, Charles Horton · 105
Roberts, George · 100, 101, 102, 103
Roberts, George C. · 99
Roberts, Guy · 102
Roberts, Isaac M. · 107
Roberts, John · 101
Roberts, John S · 99
Roberts, John S, · 105
Roberts, John S. · 99
Roberts, Lucretia Jane · 105
Roberts, Rhoda (Stanley) · 99, 100, 106, 169
Roberts, Thomas · 99, 100
Roberts, Thomas J. · 103
Roberts, Wiley · 12, 13, 17, 99, 100, 101, 103, 104, 106, 119, 169
Roberts, Willis · 13, 99, 101, 103, 108, 169
Roberts, Willis N. · 102
Roberts,, John · 14
Robertson, Carlos Jay · 57
Robertson, Col. Charles Sedwick · 57
Robertson, Ellen Gayle · 57
Robertson, Frances Lillian · 70
Robertson, Marsha Lynn · 57
Robinson, Jill Guinn · 45
Robinson, John Benton · 44
Robinson, John Herman Sr., · 44
Robinson, Linda Carole · 45
Robinson, Marjorie Ann · 44
Robinson, Mary John · 45
Robinson, Patricia Louise · 45
Rogers, Lillian Neal · 66
Rollins, Otis Lee · 141
Rose, Jessie Mae · 74
Rososky, Charles F Jr. · 43
Rososky, Michael Allen · 43
Rososky, Rachael Ingrid · 43
Roten, John Elgin · 125
Roton, Norma Jean · 27
Runyan, Carl Stanley · 59
Runyan, Effie Mae · 59
Runyan, Isaac Aubrey · 59
Runyan, Isaac Pinkney · 59
Runyan, Myrtie · 96
Rush, Betty Jane · 132
Rusk, Annie Grace · 64
Rusk, George Robert · 64
Rusk, Kelly Winford · 64
Rusk, Margaret Katherine · 64, 65
Rusk, Mary Elizabeth · 64
Rusk, William Harrell · 64
Rusk, William Henry · 64
Rusk, William Herbert · 64
Rusk,, George Robert · 64
Ruskin, James Fornataro · 45
Ruskin, Thomas Stewart · 45
Russell, Deanna Jeanne · 115
Russell, Margery Ann · 115
Rutledge, Alton Bates · 85, 86
Rutledge, Audrey Louise · 85
Rutledge, Barbara Carol · 86
Rutledge, Benjamin Felton · 88
Rutledge, Beverly Joyce · 86
Rutledge, Elizabeth · 92
Rutledge, Fred Miller · 88
Rutledge, Ida Lucile · 85
Rutledge, Joel Gid · 88
Rutledge, Katie Mae · 85
Rutledge, Thomas Felton · 85
Rutledge, Thomas Harvel · 85
Rutledge, William Cicero · 85
Ruzicka, Ruth · 119


Saffold, Virginia White · 23
Salyer, James · 111
Sandstedd, Margo Dale · 116
Sandstedd, Shanna Gae · 116
Sandstedd, Vicki Joe · 116
Sanford, Marilyn June · 87
Sanford, Sylvia · 39
Sarah Jarret (Mrs. Sylvanus Burney) · 33
Satterfield, Ralph D. · 62
Schrock, Chester Willard · 112
Schrock, Donna Jean · 112
Scott, Zylphia · 117
Seay, Rufus · 140
Segars, Amanda · 59
Self, Aleta Arlene · 80
Self, Denna Carrol · 80
Self, Errol Austin · 79
Self, Howard Watson · 80
Self, Oleta Helene · 79
Self, Orvel · 79
Self, Randall Howard · 80
Self,, Thell Dee · 79
Selfm Steven Errol · 80
Shachelford, Mary · 13
Shaffer, Frank Keith · 76
Shaffer, Richard · 76
Shapley, Velma Elizabeth · 116
Sheehan, Norma Jean · 28
Shermerhorn, Elma Jean · 119
Shieder, Maidie Eloise · 62
Shields, Mae (Mrs. Edmond Gibson) · 152
Shillinburger, Fred · 56
Ship, Nancy · 151
Shriver, Ann Marie · 37
Simmons, Benson Chandler · 27
Simmons, Bill · 27
Simmons, Celeste · 27
Simmons, Dr. Coleman · 46
Simmons, Edd Louis · 27
Simmons, John · 27
Simmons, Lynette · 27
Simmons, Malcom Wallis · 27
Simmons, Marianne · 27
Simmons, Mary Frances · 27
Simmons, Nancy · 27
Simmons, Oliver Walton · 27
Simmons, Reid Walton · 27
Simmons, Sallie Courtney · 26
Simmons, Shelton Coleman · 26
Simmons, Shelton Coleman, III · 27
Simmons, Shelton Coleman, Jr. · 26
Simmons, Susan Elizabeth · 27
Simmons, Wade · 27
Simmons. Robert · 27
Simms, Burl Lynn · 87
Simms, Eleanor · 31
Simms, Hendon Mark Jr. · 32
Simms, Hendon Martin · 31
Simms, James Wallace · 32
Simms, Jane · 32
Simms, Jean Cerise · 32
Simms, Karen · 32
Simms, Laurie Eleanor · 32
Simms, Sue Lynne · 32
Skelton, Dane Tyler · 46
Skelton, Michael Roy · 46
Skelton, Shafer Judson Jr. · 46
Skelton, Shafer Warren · 46
Slifka, Marilyn A. · 61
Smith, Dorothy June · 111
Smith, Elizabeth · 109
Smith, Emily Follins · 33
Smith, Frances Naomi · 112
Smith, Irene · 46
Smith, James Harrison · 111
Smith, Jessie Ruth · 112
Smith, Keziah · 17
Smith, Liza · 42
Smith, Marion Leigh · 33
Smith, Mary Belle Janett · 111
Smith, Maybelle · 70
Smith, Paul Stanley · 111
Smith, Ruth Dell · 111
Smith, Willard Jehu · 112
Smith, William Harrison · 111

Standley, Jacob & Eliz. Hung · 167
Standley, Joel and Suckey McKinney · 167
Standley, Noel ad Ann Barnett · 167
Standley, Shadrack · 92
Standley-Stanley, Lewis · 9
Standly, Rubin (Reubin) and Margarett Hendon · 167

Stanley Wychliff L. · 96
Stanley, ,Phillip (or Philipp) · 39
Stanley, Adah · 8
Stanley, Adeloye · 89, 91
Stanley, Alfred Willis · 131
Stanley, Alice Clementine · 122
Stanley, Alonzo Nolan · 38, 40, 42
Stanley, Alonzo Nolan Jr. · 46
Stanley, Alsey and Riley Laws · 167
Stanley, Alton Guinn · 44
Stanley, Andrew O · 67
Stanley, Andrew O. · 65
Stanley, Ann · 8, 12
Stanley, Anna Lee · 96
Stanley, Annie · 48
Stanley, Arthea Louise · 61
Stanley, Arthur Jerome · 97
Stanley, Arthur Thomas · 96
Stanley, Azwell and Elizabeth Hooper · 168
Stanley, Barbara Frances · 63
Stanley, Benjamin · 6, 8, 48, 67, 120, 122, 124, 125, 126, 133, 134, 135, 156, 160, 173, 174, 175, 176
Stanley, Benjamin Franklin · 130, 142
Stanley, Benjamin Marshal · 131
Stanley, Benjamin Monroe · 65
Stanley, Benny Harold · 98
Stanley, Bernard Francis · 116
Stanley, Bernard H. · 97
Stanley, Betsy · 8, 48
Stanley, Beverly · 116
Stanley, Blanche Louise · 62
Stanley, Brazora · 132
Stanley, Brenda · 96
Stanley, Carolyn Fae · 116
Stanley, Carolyn Paulette · 98
Stanley, Carrie · 65, 67
Stanley, Carrie Jane · 96
Stanley, Charles Cleveland · 38, 39
Stanley, Charles Edward · 98
Stanley, Charles Wyatt · 61
Stanley, Charlotte Ravenna · 96
Stanley, Chester Bolin · 140
Stanley, Cicero Drennen · 96
Stanley, Cilliam and Elizabeth Hays · 167
Stanley, Claude L. · 98
Stanley, Clayton Claire · 116
Stanley, Clyde Leslie · 116
Stanley, Cornelia Josephine · 127
Stanley, Cynthia Jane · 50, 80
Stanley, Daniel Voorhees · 116
Stanley, David · 8, 11, 39, 48, 110, 113, 114, 115, 116, 124, 130, 135, 138, 156, 166, 167, 172, 175, 176
Stanley, Dawn Marie · 117
Stanley, Delois · 96
Stanley, Dempsey · 91
Stanley, Denzia · 115
Stanley, Donald Verne · 116, 117
Stanley, Dorothea Eloise · 62
Stanley, Dr. David · 113
Stanley, Edgar Alfred · 125
Stanley, Edith · 92
Stanley, Edward Brooks · 116
Stanley, Effie Mae · 54, 59
Stanley, Elijah Zimri · 25
Stanley, Eliza (Mrs. Gillespie) · 37
Stanley, Eliza Ann Monroe · 50
Stanley, Elizabeth · 11, 16, 19, 21, 22, 39, 54, 89, 90, 98, 109, 116, 121, 163, 165, 172, 176
Stanley, Elizabeth (Will of....) · 165
Stanley, Elizabeth Ann · 22
Stanley, Elizabeth Ann Monroe Green · 51
Stanley, Elizabeth Lucretia · 25, 26, 37
Stanley, Elizabeth Marie · 96
Stanley, Elva Louella · 54, 55
Stanley, Elva Louella (McEachem) · 105
Stanley, Emma Belle · 23, 105, 111
Stanley, Emma Fae · 116
Stanley, Emmett Eugene · 65, 70
Stanley, Ethel Eugenia · 84, 86
Stanley, Ethelene · 96
Stanley, Eugene A (Mrs.) · 4
Stanley, Ezekiel · 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 67, 68, 70, 92, 93
Stanley, Ezekiel Eugene · 37
Stanley, Ezekiel Jr. · 11, 94, 95
Stanley, Ezekiel Pickens · 25
Stanley, Ezekiel Sr. · 95, 105, 106
Stanley, Ezeliel W. · 93
Stanley, Fatima Jane · 129
Stanley, Florine · 41
Stanley, Frances · 97
Stanley, Francis Marion · 124
Stanley, George · 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 39, 48, 49, 105, 109, 110, 111, 113, 127, 138, 139, 140, 160, 166, 176, 180
Stanley, George the immigrant · 105
Stanley, George and Elisabeth · 110
Stanley, George and Elizabeth · 16, 109
Stanley, George Edgar · 54, 63, 105
Stanley, George Reese · 25
Stanley, George Washington · 113, 114, 138
Stanley, George, John and Joshua · 6
Stanley, Gladys Artena · 97
Stanley, Gladys Artie · 96
Stanley, Gloria Meadow · 40
Stanley, Gretna Lamcine · 114
Stanley, Harriet Belle · 91
Stanley, Harriett Belle · 89
Stanley, Harris and Sally Brown · 167
Stanley, Hattie · 65, 70
Stanley, Hattie Eliza · 97
Stanley, Henry · 3
Stanley, Herschel · 97
Stanley, Hudnett · 96
Stanley, Hugh - Pvt in NC Militia Jones County Pension · 168
Stanley, Isham · 16, 18, 19, 20, 24, 40, 42, 49, 51
STANLEY, ISHAM · 25, 26, 40, 46
Stanley, Isham Anderson · 47, 50, 93, 94
Stanley, Isham Octavus · 38
Stanley, Isham Tully · 40, 42
Stanley, Isom Leonard · 54, 59
Stanley, Jackie Ellsworth · 115
Stanley, James · 110, 111
Stanley, James Bishop · 42
Stanley, James Buchanan · 111
Stanley, James Edward · 40
Stanley, James Felton · 50
Stanley, James Felton "Foster" · 63
Stanley, James Isham · 41
Stanley, James McKinley · 25, 37
Stanley, James Miller · 64
Stanley, James Rufus · 131
Stanley, Jean Carolyn · 97
Stanley, Jesse · 92
Stanley, Jesse Mercer · 129, 132
Stanley, Jimmie Winona · 37, 38
Stanley, Jodi Ann · 116
Stanley, John · 8, 15
Stanley, John Lord of Stourton · 5
Stanley, John and Lucy Stanley · 167
Stanley, John Chapman · 40, 42
Stanley, John Elon · 37
Stanley, John Latimer · 96
Stanley, John Norris · 63
Stanley, John Robert · 50
Stanley, John Robert Jr. · 89
Stanley, John Robert Sr. · 89
Stanley, John Wheeler · 126
Stanley, John William · 54
Stanley, Joseph · 164
Stanley, Joseph and Mary Johnson · 167
Stanley, Josephine Winford · 25
Stanley, Joshua David · 8, 48
Stanley, Joshua Martin · 124
Stanley, Judith Lucille · 116
Stanley, Judy Marie · 97
Stanley, Julia Ann Maria · 50
Stanley, Julia Ann Mariah · 53
Stanley, Julia Maria · 50
Stanley, Karin Jane · 114
Stanley, Katherine · 123
Stanley, Katie · 65, 70
Stanley, Lang Meadow · 38, 39
Stanley, Larkin and Oma Laws · 167
Stanley, Laura May · 111
Stanley, Lela · 8, 48
Stanley, Lela Scott · 94
Stanley, Lemon · 89
Stanley, Lena Bell · 88
Stanley, Lena Margaret · 131
Stanley, Leona Jackson · 54, 57
Stanley, Lewis · 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 48, 49, 50, 51, 99, 103, 105, 109, 110, 119, 120, 121, 166, 168, 169, 171, 174
Stanley, Lewis Sr · 10
Stanley, Lewis & Adah · 12
Stanley, Lewis .. married Adah · 9
Stanley, Lewis and Adah · 11
Stanley, Lewis Sr · 99
Stanley, Lewis Sr. · 109, 110, 166
Stanley, Lewis Sr. & Adah · 16
Stanley, Lila Gail · 64
Stanley, Linda Sue · 117
Stanley, Lois Louise · 85
Stanley, Lois Octavis · 39
Stanley, Lona Adalaide · 133
Stanley, Lonette · 38
Stanley, Lucius Fillmore · 138
Stanley, Lucy Adella · 121
Stanley, Lucy and John Stanley · 167
Stanley, Lula Belle · 97
Stanley, Luther J. · 121
Stanley, Madie Lee · 63
Stanley, Maggie Catherine · 65, 67
Stanley, Margaret Elizabeth (Pace) · 55
Stanley, Margaret Faye · 97
Stanley, Margaret Meadow · 40
Stanley, Marian Louise · 115
Stanley, Marie Hugh · 46
Stanley, Marietta "Etta" · 91
Stanley, Marietta "Etta" Hoyt · 89
Stanley, Marion Edward · 116
Stanley, Marquis Leon · 67
Stanley, Martha · 96
Stanley, Martha Ann · 124
Stanley, Martha E. · 133
Stanley, Martha Jane · 25
Stanley, Martin · 92
Stanley, Marvin Ray · 116
Stanley, Mary Alma · 116
Stanley, Mary and James More · 168
Stanley, Mary Angeline · 141
Stanley, Mary Ann Reese · 25
Stanley, Mary Augusta · 42
Stanley, Mary Augusta (Mrs. John H Rhyne) · 65
Stanley, Mary Frances · 39
Stanley, Mary Helena · 50
Stanley, Mary Mollie Helena · 70
Stanley, Mary Palatine · 122
Stanley, Mattie · 65
Stanley, Mattie Belle · 67
Stanley, Melissa Louella · 114
Stanley, Melissant (female) · 92
Stanley, Mildred Elaine · 116
Stanley, Mildred Shelly · 39
Stanley, Miles · 6
Stanley, Miles Francis · 130
Stanley, Mina Ellen · 42
Stanley, Missouri McKinney · 126
Stanley, Myra Eloise · 98
Stanley, Myrtle Oma · 141
Stanley, Nancy · 64, 92
Stanley, Nancy F. · 133
Stanley, Nancy Land · 64
Stanley, Nathan and Elizabeth Kemp · 167
Stanley, Nathan and Hannah Levy · 167
Stanley, Neville Eugene · 50
Stanley, Neville Eugene "Bud" · 84
Stanley, Noel and Martha Love (or Lane) · 167
Stanley, Ola · 89, 90
Stanley, Osie Ola · 84, 85
Stanley, Pamela Annette · 97
Stanley, Paul Dewitt · 98
Stanley, Peter (Will of...) · 163
Stanley, Philip Gillespie · 38
Stanley, Phillip Gillespie · 39
Stanley, Phillippa Louise · 45
Stanley, Polly · 92
Stanley, Rebeccah and Maaeriday Becknall · 167
Stanley, Rhoda · 8, 9, 13, 14, 17, 18, 20, 48, 49, 50, 99, 101, 110
Stanley, Rhoda Caroline · 25, 34
Stanley, Rilla · 65, 68
Stanley, Rilla (Mrs. S.F. Brinkley) · 47
Stanley, Rissa Etta · 123
Stanley, Robert · 116
Stanley, Robert Allen · 96
Stanley, Robert Franklin · 54, 62
Stanley, Robert Herren · 40
Stanley, Robert Matoy · 38, 39
Stanley, Roberta Elizabeth · 116
Stanley, Rodie Virginia · 40
Stanley, Rose Marie · 97
Stanley, Royden Keith · 40, 46
Stanley, Runyan · 96
Stanley, Ruth Adosia · 60
Stanley, Ruth Irene · 85, 88
Stanley, Ruth Joann · 117
Stanley, Ruth Johnson · 117
Stanley, Sands · 160, 162, 168
Stanley, Sara Jane · 54
Stanley, Sarah and Simon LKandsdann (Landsdan) · 168
Stanley, Sarah Anita · 42
Stanley, Sarah Ann Eliza · 25
Stanley, Sarah Avaline · 50
Stanley, Sarah Evaline · 50
Stanley, Sarah Eveline · 51
Stanley, Shadrack · 91, 160, 163, 168
Stanley, Sherrill Leigh · 96
Stanley, Sherwood · 92
Stanley, Sir William · 3
Stanley, Susan Marie · 116
Stanley, Syble Ann · 97
Stanley, Thelma Eunice · 97
Stanley, Thomas (Will of...) · 165
Stanley, Thomas Jefferson · 115, 126
Stanley, Thomas Jennings · 115
Stanley, Thomas Jr., and Ellender Hooper · 167
Stanley, Thomas the immigrant · 4
Stanley, Thomas Wade · 54, 59
Stanley, Velma Fatimo · 132
Stanley, Vernice Marie · 115
Stanley, Victor Eugene · 117
Stanley, Virgil Mennen · 97
Stanley, Virginia Kay · 141
Stanley, Vivian Margaret · 115
Stanley, Walter Alexander · 96
Stanley, Walter Alexander Jr. · 96
Stanley, Walter Johnson · 97
Stanley, Walter Leroy · 98
Stanley, Walter Richard · 115
Stanley, Wattie Cooper · 38, 39
Stanley, Wilda Jeanette · 97
Stanley, William · 39, 112
Stanley, William Alexander · 37
Stanley, William Chappell · 1
Stanley, William Franklin · 115
Stanley, William Henry Harrison · 140
Stanley, William Lancaster · 25, 38
Stanley, William Lucius · 121, 122, 174
Stanley, William P. · 22
Stanley, William Pickens · 22, 50, 54
Stanley, William Thomas · 125
Stanley, Willie Elizabeth · 90
Stanley, Winnie · 38
Stanley, Winnie May · 38
Stanley, Winniford Elizabeth Malvina · 53
Stanley, Winnifred · 19, 22, 23, 24
Stanley, Wychliff Ray · 97
Stanley,, Winifred Elizabeth · 50
Stanley. Ann and Richard Parker · 168
Stanley. Ezekiel I · 21
Stanley-Gibson Family · 22
Staton, Carol Robbin · 97
Steinerman, Dorothea · 122
Stephens, Clarence · 133
Stiehl, Mary Martha · 68
Stiehl, Norman R. · 68
Stoneley, Henry · 3
Strother, Susanna Dabney · 151
Stroud, Henderson · 133
Styall, Ron · 32
Styall, Ron Jr. · 32
Styron, Thomas · 140
Swanson, James Herbert · 59, 60
Swanson, Mae Runyan · 93
Swanson, Mark Edward · 60
Swanson, Richard Stanley · 60
Swanson, Scott Matthew · 60
Swanson, Stanley Runyan · 59, 60
Swinburn, Eula · 77
Swindle, William Lucius · 123, 145


Taylor, Emily Ann (Mrs. Frederic P Brooks) · 33
Taylor, Joseph · 22
Tennifield, Jean · 123
Terrell, Ernest Benjamin · 65, 66
Terrell, Florine Marian · 65, 66
Terrell, Harry Butler · 65
Terrell, Ida E · 65
Terrell, James Hoyt · 65, 66
Terrell, James Timothy · 65
Terrell, Judson Benjamin · 65
Terrell, Judson Morgan · 66
Terrell, Lillian Ernestine · 66
Terrell, Mattie Lou · 65, 66
Terrell,, Harry Butler · 66
Terrill, Tom E. · 29
Terry, John Erby · 31
Terry, Linda Ann · 31
Terry, Mary Carol · 31
Thacker, Daniel & Mary · 17
Thomas, Erasmus Crawford · 158
Thomas, Joshua · 156, 158
Thomas, Joshua (Will of...) · 157
Thomas, Morning · 158
Thomas, Nancy · 120, 156, 158, 176
Thomas, Ora Mason · 20, 21, 22
Thomas, Stanley Gordon · 45
Thomas, Teresa Ellen · 45
Thomas, William Barrett · 45
Thomas, William Barrett Jr. · 45
Thomasson, John Flemming · 62
Thompson, Lonetta June · 88
Tidenberg, Charles C. · 87
Tidenberg, Harold Eugene · 87
Toney, Charles Edward · 86
Toney, John Morgan Gallihon · 86
Toney, Mildred · 86
Tony, Elizabeth · 142
Tracy, Becky Jean · 117
Tracy, Bryan Hugh · 117
Tracy, Gwendolyn Irene · 117
Tracy, Karen Louise · 117
Tracy, Michael Dale · 117
Tracy, Peggy Collette · 117
Trader, Emma · 90
Treadwell, Ida · 102
Tubbs, Jack · 53
Tubbs, James, Darby · 53
Tucke, Mitchell Allen · 45
Tucker, Jerry · 45
Tucker, Laura Susan · 45
Tucker, Vicki Louise · 45
Turner, Cleora · 73
Turner, Leslie Holland (male) · 77
Tyler, Brig. General Robert C. · 46
Tyler, Van Lec · 46
Tyson, Claudia · 58


Underhill, Max Elbert · 83
Underwood, Doris Geraldine · 88
Utley, Howard Newsome · 140


Valentine, Mildred · 69
Varner, Claude Henry · 70
Varner, Claude Henry Jr. · 70
Varner, William Henry · 70
Lulu · 40
Vaughn, Marshall M Jr. · 82
Venerable, Faye · 141
Voorhees, Daniel · 113


w · 66
Wade, Elijah · 22
Wade, Fannie Jane · 22
Wade, J. W. · 22
Walker, Amy Lou · 112
Wallace, Eleanor (Lena) Howard · 31
Wallace, Eleanor Lena (Mrs Hendon Simms) · 30
Wallace, Emily Louise · 32
Wallace, Evelyn · 33
Wallace, Frankie Louise · 32
Wallace, Franklin Potts · 33
Wallace, James Howard · 30
Wallace, Lucretia Elizabeth · 30
Wallace, Mary Frank · 31
Wallace, Mary Frank (Mrs. A. H. Watson) · 30
Wallace, Mendal Lea · 32
Wallace, Nancy (Wallis) · 28
Wallace, Robert Clark · 32
Wallace, Robert Clark Jr. · 32
Wallace, Ruth · 32
Wallace, Sarah Lucille · 33
Wallace, Stephanie · 32
Wallace, William Frank · 31
Wallace, William Fuller · 31
Wallis, Frances Elizabeth · 27
Wallis, Frank Potts · 26
Wallis, Jack Whitfield · 27
Wallis, Jack Whitfield Jr. · 27
Wallis, James Howard · 26
Wallis, Martha Elizabeth · 26
Wallis, Mary Lucretia · 26
Wallis, Matthew Reid · 26
Wallis, Matthew Reid, Jr. · 26
Wallis, Nancy · 26
Wallis, Walton Washington · 26
Wallis, William · 27
Wallis, William Harrisson Clark · 26
Wallis. Walton Washington · 26
Walls, Raymond A. · 91
Warner, Charles William · 30
Warner, Charles William Jr. · 30
Warner, Evelyn Elizabeth · 30
Warner, Evelyn Wallace · 30
Warner, Joh Inman · 30
Warner, John Inman · 30
Warner, John Inman Jr. · 30
Warner, Robert Howard Jr. · 30
Watson, Addison Harrison · 31
Watson, Annie Dixon · 71
Watson, Barbara Jean · 144
Watson, David · 22
Watson, Donna Fay · 74
Watson, Eilene · 73
Watson, Emily · 31
Watson, Emma Wilson · 71
Watson, Ezekiel Pickens · 71
Watson, Harry Stanley · 72
Watson, Howard Tipton · 31
Watson, James Sidney · 70, 71, 72
Watson, Joyce · 72, 73
Watson, Lena Claudia · 71, 74
Watson, Maggie Viola · 71
Watson, Mary · 72
Watson, Mary Ann · 31
Watson, Mary Ethel · 72
Watson, O'Neal · 72, 73
Watson, Opal · 73, 74
Watson, Orba · 74
Watson, Robert Anderson · 70
Watson, Robert Anderson Jr. · 72
Watson, Ruth Bell · 72
Watson, Ruth Belle · 80
Watson, Una Geraldine · 71
Weatherly, Betsey · 49
Weaver, H. Shafe · 73
Weber, Marian Suzanne · 64
Weber, Wheeler Davis · 64
Westbrook, Constance · 61
Westray, Minnie · 83
Wharton, Mae Leneve · 118
Wheeler, Rebecca · 125, 156, 158
White, Arrie · 52
Whitson, Ann McDowell · 142
Whitson, Edward Rufus · 143
Whitson, Jesse Pinkney · 144
Whitson, Modena · 145
Whitson, Samuel · 142
Wilbank, Elizabeth Heber · 113
Wilkenson, Sidney · 133
Wilkesoki, Jeanette · 131
Williams, Brenda Gale · 89
Williams, Debora Irene · 89
Williams, Dr. Herbert Daniel · 66
Williams, Frances Jane · 65
Williams, Georgia Ann · 63
Williams, Herbert D · 66
Williams, James Alton · 89
Williams, Jean · 32
Williams, John · 15
Williams, Sheila Jean · 89
Williams, Thelma Louise · 88
Williams, Thomas Jernegan · 66
Williamson, Jacob C. · 82
Wilson, Devota · 95
Wilson, Diana Beverly · 45
Wilson, Donald Beverley · 44
Wilson, Effie · 38
Wilson, Eleanor · 24
Wilson, Ernest Bradley · 144
Wilson, Erval Mae · 95
Wilson, Leona · 95
Wilson, Linda Carole · 44
Wilson, Minnie · 95
Wilson, Mydras Wilma · 95
Winston, Helen Allen · 41
Winston, Oroon Datus · 41
Wood, Minnie · 27
Woods, Emily Grace · 91
Woodyard, Lucille Ida · 28
Wooten, Ethel Mae · 112


Yeates, Jesse Frances Lt. · 143
Young, Jane Caruthers · 13
Young, Samuel · 13
Yttri, Edith Jane · 118
Yttri, Janice Velle · 118
Yttri, Johannes Christian · 118


Zackery, Virgil Raymond · 141
Ziobrowski, Anthony · 58

Joe Dickson

 Ancestors of Mary J Salyer



Generation No. 1


        1.  Mary J Salyer1, born May 16, 18251.  She was the daughter of 2. James Scott Salyer and 3. Elizabeth Arnett.  She married (1) James Stanley December 23, 1841 in Fayette County, Indiana.


Notes for Mary J Salyer:

Source:  Indiana State Library Genealogy Division Indiana Marriages Through 1850


SALYER  MARY  STANLEY  JAMES  Fayette   12-23-1841



Generation No. 2


        2.  James Scott Salyer2, born November 19, 1798 in Abbeville, Greenville County, South Carolina3; died December 06, 1865 in Callao, Macon County, Missouri3.  He was the son of 4. John Salyer and 5. Elizabeth Scott.  He married 3. Elizabeth Arnett May 05, 1821 in Franklin County, Indiana3,4.

        3.  Elizabeth Arnett5, born February 26, 18026; died July 19, 1837 in Fayette County,  Indiana7.


Notes for James Scott Salyer:

1850 Federal Census Jackson Township, Fayette County, Indiana

32  44   44  SALYER         Jame[s]           52   M         Farmer         9,200     SC

33  44   44  SALYER         Mary           48   F                                  Ky

34  44   44  SALYER         John           19   M         Farmer              Ind                    

35  44   44  SALYER         Margaret       17   F                                  Ind                    

36  44   44  SALYER         Elizabeth      15   F                                  Ind                    

37  44   44  SALYER         C. M.  [Caroline M]        13   F                  Ind                    




Marriage Notes for James Salyer and Elizabeth Arnett:

Marriage Record:

SALYER  JAMES  ELIZABETH  ARNETT  Franklin  5-5-1821    

Source:  Indiana State Library Genealogy Division Indiana Marriages Through 1850




Children of James Salyer and Elizabeth Arnett are:

                           i.    Charles Salyer8, born 1822 in Indiana; died January 20, 1859 in Shelby County, Illinois; married Rebecca West January 24, 1841 in Fayette County, Indiana9,10; born December 11, 1822 in Kentucky; died August 07, 1915 in Macon County, Missouri.


Notes for Charles Salyer:

1850 Federal Census Jackson Township, Fayette County, Indiana

 13  41   41  SALYER         Charles Jun    28   M         Farmer                   Ind

 14  41   41  SALYER         Rebecca        27   F                                  Ky                           

 15  41   41  SALYER         Sarah          5    F                                  Ind

 16  41   41  SALYER         James M.       3    M                                  Ind

 17  41   41  SALYER         George W.      5/12 M                                  Ind



More About Charles Salyer:

Burial: January 1859, Antioch Cemetery, Shelby County, Illinois


Notes for Rebecca West:

 1850 Federal Census Jackson Township, Fayette County, Indiana

 13  41   41  SALYER         Charles Jun    28   M         Farmer                   Ind

 14  41   41  SALYER         Rebecca        27   F                                  Ky                           

 15  41   41  SALYER         Sarah          5    F                                  Ind

 16  41   41  SALYER         James M.       3    M                                  Ind

 17  41   41  SALYER         George W.      5/12 M                                  Ind


CENSUS YR:  1860  STATE or TERRITORY:  IL  COUNTY:  Shelby  DIVISION:  South Division  REEL NO:  M653-228  PAGE NO:  670 REFERENCE:  Enumerated on the 6th day of July 1860 by D. McWilliams

 33  585  590 Salier         Rebecca        27    F    .    Farmer         2,400     200       Kentucky                  34  585  590 Salier         Sarah C.       15    F    .    .              .         .         Indianna          .     .     .    .   

 35  585  590 Salier         James M.       13    M    .    .              .         .         Indianna          .     X     .   

 36  585  590 Salier         George W.      11    M    .    .              .         .         Indianna          .     X     .   

 37  585  590 Salier         Oliver P.      9     M    .    .              .         .         Indianna          .     X     .   

 38  585  590 Salier         Caroline       7     F    .    .              .         .         Illinois          .     X     .    .   

 39  585  590 Salier         Mary J.        5     F    .    .              .         .         Illinois          .     X     .    .   

 40  585  590 Salier         Eliza          3     F    .    .              .         .         Illinois          .     .     .    .    .

  1   585  590 Soule         Louissa        1     F    .    .              .         .         Ills              .     .     .    .    Handwritten page #81. Shelbyville Post Office


In 1880 Rebecca is living with her son, George W, according to the 1880 Census. See George W information for exact location.


LaPlata Home Press August 12, 1915


Mrs. Rebecca Salyer, aged ninety-two, died at the home of her son, J.M. Salyer, north of Macon, Saturday morning. Short services were held at the Salyer home at 12:30 Sunday, conducted by Rev. J. W. Roulton, after which the remains were taken to Shelby County, Illinois for burial. She is survived by the following children: Mrs. Caroline Leach of Arizona, Mrs. Sarah Rhodes and Mrs. Larsie Gardner of Illinois, O.P. Salyer of Lyons, Iowa, G. W. Salyer of Sue City and J. M. Salyer of Macon County.

Source: Obituaries Taken from the LaPlata Home Press LaPlata, Missouri

Vol 1 - 7 and Misc.  Compiled by Sharon Graham Foutes 1990


NOTE: The Salyer Family lists Kirk and Richard Salyer as children of Rebecca West and Charles Salyer. However, they are not included, in my family file, because there is no information or documentation that supports that they ever existed. Unfortunately, The Salyer Family does not list a source. The Salyer Family also omitted Oliver Perry Salyer, he is included based on the 1860 Shelby County, IL Census and the Obituary of Rebecca Salyer. 


More About Rebecca West:

Burial: August 1915, Antioch Cemetery, Shelby County, Illinois


Marriage Notes for Charles Salyer and Rebecca West:

Marriage Record:

SALYER   CHARLES   WEST  REBECCA   Fayette 1-24-1841

Source:  Indiana State Library Genealogy Division

Indiana Marriages Through 1850




                          ii.    Sarah Salyer11,12, born September 12, 1823 in Indiana13; died October 28, 1855 in Shelby County, Illinois13; married James W Henderson January 07, 1841 in Fayette County, Indiana14; born November 24, 1815 in Wentworth, Rockingham, North Carolina15,16; died April 05, 1898 in Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas17.


Notes for Sarah Salyer:

1850 Census Jackson Township, Fayette County, Indiana


22  50   50  HENDERSON      James          36   M         Farmer         2,000     NC

23  50   50  HENDERSON      Sarah          26   F                                  Ind

24  50   50  HENDERSON      Reuhama        8    F                                  Ind                    

25  50   50  HENDERSON      Mary E.        5    F                                  Ind

26  50   50  HENDERSON      Margaret J.    3    F                                  Ind

27  50   50  HENDERSON      William J.     3/12 M                                  Ind  [William Paris]

28  50   50  HENDERSON      Samuel         30   M         Farmer                   Ireland


Other Salyer relatives were close neighbors of  Sarah and James Henderson in 1850 according to the Census.

#41 Charles Salyer Family son of James Scott

#43 Charles Salyer Family brother of James Scott

#44 James Scott Salyer Family with second wife Mary

#45 William Salyer Family son of James Scott

#47 John Salyer Family son of Charles

#49 Jesse W Salyer Family son of Charles

#50 James Henderson Family spouse of Sarah Salyer