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Baker Family Pictures

Photographs courtesy of Mary BAKER, Evelyn HUTT, Peggy LANGILLE, Olive PEARL

1. Adelaide BAKER - 1841-1932 Daughter of John George BAKER and Elizabeth VINOT. Married John Michael CROOKS
2. Agnes BAKER - 1867-1961 Daughter of Jacob Alfred BAKER and Jane Matilda HEISLER. Married Reuben MASON
3. Ainsley BAKER - 1878-1968 Son of Ephraim BAKER and Eunice WILSON. Married Seletus Sara HUTT
4. Lemuel BAKER - 1893 - 1966 Son of Obediah BAKER and Regina MASON. Unmarried
5. Mabel BAKER - 1910-1996 Daughter of Hibbert BAKER and Melissa Jane LEVY. Married Willis CROOKS

6. Maude BAKER - 1891-1995 Daughter of Obediah BAKER and Regina MASON. Unmarried
7. Maude BAKER - Later picture.
8. Maude and Lemuel BAKER (sister and brother)
9. Maude and Mae BAKER (two sisters)
10. Minnie BAKER 1874-1971 Daughter of Isaac BAKER and Mary HEISLER. Married George HEISLER

11. Naomi BAKER - 1876-1958 Daughter of Edward BAKER and Sarah Sophia YOUNG. Married Albert MASON
12. Olive BAKER - 1903- Daughter of Gabriel BAKER and Emma M. CROSS. Married Dudley GAETZ
13. Percy BAKER - 1907-1984 Son of Ainsley Dewitt BAKER and Seletus Sara HUTT. Married Mary Maude BAKER (living)
14. Victoria BAKER - (no dates) Daughter of John George BAKER and Elizabeth VINOT. Unmarried
15. Clifford Baker - 1906-1987 Howard Baker 1902-1995 Sons of David Albert BAKER and Armenia CROSS. Clifford married Hazel WILNEFF and Howard married Dora Elizabeth WILNEFF