Cemetery Project

I have recently been given the go-ahead from the Baptist Church members to attempt to restore the cemeteries. In the process of exploring the existing Old, New and Young cemeteries, I have come across numerous unmarked graves. My feelings are that all these graves should be marked and research done to try and find out exactly who is buried in them. I have sent a flyer to everyone on both Tancooks pleading for information about the unmarked graves as well as information on other graves that might be hidden in the undergrowth somewhere.

Up to now I have knowledge of the whereabouts of 1 Indian gravesite, a large gravesite with approximately 30 or 35 Youngs', Langilles' and a Crooks' which is located northeast of the Recreation Centre on what is referred to as Whynot's Hill , a single stone (possibly footstone) in the northeast section of the island with initials W.B., the old HEISLER grave where more than 6 or 8 people are buried, and one on Southern Head with a marked stone of a PEARL child plus a few more. All these are located on Big Tancook Island. So far I have no word on anything at Little Tancook.

If anyone can be of any assistance at all in this project, please let me know. Maybe by A.D.2005 these cemeteries will all be cleared, marked, and everyone identified!!!!!

I will be more than happy to telephone anyone that might have more information...please email me!

[email protected]