Tancook Island Museum

Photograph courtesy of Lewis G. Billard

Around 5 years ago, after watching the demolition of the Mason Boatyard, I decided that Tancook should have a place for some of the heritage of the Island to be displayed. Gathering first lots of articles on the Island and finding a few old tools from the buildings on the property we own, I struck it rich when I was offered the purchase of a barnload of old Tancook items.

The building located next to Farrars' General Store was virtually empty since it was primarily used for fishing gear storage, then a gameroom for the youth of the Island. This, I decided, would be the place for the future "museum". After hauling 3 truckloads of artifacts from the barn, I was able to set up the empty building as a museum. On the day of the Herring Choker's Picnic in 1995 the door to the museum was officially opened!

There is no fee to visit the museum, but there is a donation box for any who wish to contribute. The monies collected go toward the installation fee and wiring of electricity which was completed in 1996, and to the electric bills generated!

The following people have generously donated items to the museum: David Baker, Earl Baker, Norma Baker, Paul Blinn, Philip Blinn, Don Chart, Estelle Cross, Neil and Bonny Cross, Rodney and Rosa Cross, Bernard Heisler, Brian Hirtle, Dr. Jollymore, the Levy Family, Carl Mason, Marie Mason, Peter and Leslie Stephens, Dana Stevens, and Harley Wilson. All other items have been purchased or donated by my family.