History and Map of All Saints Braddock Catholic Cemetery, Pittsburgh, PA

All Saints Braddock Catholic Cemetery
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History and Map of All Saints Braddock Catholic Cemetery

Monongahela / All Saint's Braddock Cemeteries Info / History 12/09/2001

All of the postings done on both ASBC and Monongahela Cemeteries were done by myself and Nancy my wife, with permission of both The Catholic Cemetery Association and Monongahela Cemetery, by going marker by marker, monument by monument in all sections of both cemeteries and transcribing what is on them. Nancy has created and maintained the Data Bases and these are not the records that either office has, only visible inscriptions on existing markers. Often the marker has information contrary to the records.

We have family in both cemeteries.

We only transcribe what we read, but are happy to make changes if needed and additional entries that are
without grave markers. There are over 35,000 burials just in Monongahela and we were only able to document ~ 15,000 visible grave markers, so you can imagine that many people / families could not afford
to have a marker placed at a grave.

The history of the evolution of each cemetery is as follows: When it began it was one cemetery called Monongahela. In this cemetery were areas in which each Catholic Church in the area had their burials. There was one Office at the lower end of Monongahela Cemetery, where the current one is, and one Cemetery Manager for all of the properties. The wall came about as a "spite wall" when the Cemetery Manager asked all the Catholic Churches to help pay for the repair of the road that ran through the cemetery connecting Braddock to North Braddock, which was heavily used and traveled by mill workers, visitors, funeral homes and anyone else that chose to use it. The churches refused to pay, the original wall was built (8 foot high), the road was cut off, most Catholic Sections were on the high side of the wall, and in 1929 All Saint's was founded and built their existing Office. Over the years the wall collapsed and is now only about 2 foot high. Records therefore prior to 1929 are not complete and minimal for ASBC.

Saint Thomas Church grave yard was relocated from next to the church up to ASBC by striking coal miners, the records were maintained at the church, the church burned down and so did the records. I have found this out from previous caretakers of Monongahela and Old Braddock (Russell) Cemeteries or their family members. It is possible that the St. Thomas Church burials were moved to the St. Thomas Singles section of All Saints Braddock Catholic Cemetery.

Tom McAdams

A special thanks to Bill Marvenko who made this map in autocad in May, 2009.

Map of All Saints Braddock Catholic Cemetery

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