Maxine Barbie and Virgil Blaser

The Blaser Family

Maxine Barbie and Virgil Blaser Florence Maxine Barbie, was born in Oklahoma on June 21, 1917. Her parents were Taylor Barbie, an "old-time fiddler," and Irene Swope. More about the Swope family on the Swope Family Page.

On August 12, 1939, Maxine married Virgil Herman Blaser [1918 - 1994], shown here, at Albuquerque, New Mexico. Virgil, son of Henry Blaser and Hedwig Hattie Minge, was a quartz miner and later a bus driver. Together they had six children:

  1. Maxine and Virgil's oldest daughter is Carolyn Sue Blaser who married Bob Baldridge. Their son is

    Kent Baldridge who married Melodee Nance. Melodee works at the Arivaca Coffee Company. Kent and Melodee live in a beautiful home that Kent built from a parakeet barn. Their children are:
    Taylor Baldridge and
    Sofia Rose Baldridge, born on February 15, 1999. Maxine, Gini, Tanya and Marta Hagen

    Carolyn's second husband is Bob Moennig. Their children are
    Joseph Moennig
    Ben Moennig, whose wife is Kari and
    Kristen Moening

  2. Maxine and Virgil's second daughter is was Virginia Kay "Gini" Blaser. Gini married Russell Allen Hagen [1947 - 1991], son of Sidney Hagen and
    Elinor King Hagen. Gini runs Los Pajaros Ranch in Arrivaca, Arizona. The second picture shows Maxine, her daughter, Gini, and Gini's daughters, Tanya and Marta.

    Lt. and Mrs. Michael McClintock Marta Kristine Hagen, born on July 27, 1968 married Lt. Michael Jerrald McClintock at Christ Episcopal Church Coronado, California on February 17, 2001. Michael is the son of Ray and Ann Foley McClintock and a lieutenant in the U. S. Navy. They had a candlelight wedding followed by a sword arch, pictured to the right.

    See more of Marta and Michael's wedding pictures.

    Marta and Michael's children are:
    Lauren Cecelia McClintock, born on October 25, 2002 and
    William Raymond McClintock, born on September 21, 2004.
    Lauren and Will are pictured to the right with their cousin Callen.

    Virginia and Russell's second daughter, Tanya Jeanine Hagen, was born on April 25, 1970. Tanya attended Berkley and then Georgetown University
    School of Medicine where she met David John McAdams, son of John Thomas "Tom" McAdams.

    Tom married Nancy Amacher, a graduate of The Ohio State University School of Nursing in July, 1987. Nancy is the daughter of Lauren, Cal, and William, May, 2005 Harold and
    Genevieve Amacher
    and the granddaughter of Harold C. Amacher, Sr. and Wanda Sznarbach Amacher.

    Tanya and David were married in Coronado, California on May 30, 1999. pictures of Tanya and Dave's wedding.

    Dave and Tanya's son, Callen Hagen McAdams, pictured to the right, was born on March 11, 2005. Click on the small image to see more pictures of Cal.

    Gini met John O. Knox, who grew up in Atlanta. He has three grown sons and two darling granddaughters, Mari Cole and Harriet. Gini and John announced the wonderful news of their engagement just after Christmas, 2000, so there were two Hagen brides in 2001!

    Callen Hagen McAdams, Born March 11, 2005

  3. Maxine and Virgil's third child is David. David's wife is Lorraine Chang. Their son, Ethan Harrison Blaser, was born on October 14, 1998.

  4. Maxine and Virgil's fourth child is Elizabeth "Betty" Blaser who married Michael W. Louton. Betty is in pharmacy school in Austin, Texas, and Michael is a Systems Administrator. Betty and Michael's sons are

    Michael Blaser Louton, who married Brooks French on May 26, 2001 and
    Corey Blaser Louton.

    Corey is currently at MCRD San Diego in Marine Corps Boot Camp. He hopes to become a Marine in September, and go into aviation.

    Betty and Michael put together a wonderful Blaser family photograph collage on a calender of birthdates and anniversaries.

  5. Maxine and Virgil's fifth child is Janet Irene Blaser who designs Barbie clothes for Mattel. Janet married Adonis Dermatis. Their son is Evan.

    Janet and Adonis are divorced, and Adonis is living in his native Greece.

  6. Maxine and Virgil's youngest child is Charles Edward "Chuck" Blaser. Chuck's web site is Crystal Clear Enterprises Chuck is married to Teri Lucia Blaser. Their daughter is Ruby.
Thanks to Mary Ann Cope for her information on the Blaser family.

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