Braddock Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions


Locust St.
Braddock, PA 15104-4876
Phone answers 24 hours (412) 271-6375
Cemetery Manager: Marty Sharp

If you are seeking additional information or records of people identified in these listings please send as much information about the person(s), with name(s), dates of death, your relationship to that person (or those people), a check or money order for $10 and a pre-stamped self addressed (business size) envelope to the above address.

The Braddock Cemetery or Old Braddock Cemetery is located off of Brinton Road
On Locust Street in North Braddock, PA.

The cemetery was started by the Hebron Lutheran Church in East Pittsburgh about 140 years ago.
Locals recognize the cemetery by the name Russell Cemetery. Pastor William Russell and members of the Russell family
are buried in Braddock Cemetery. Over the years as the size of the Hebron Lutheran Church congregation dwindled,
so did its ability to maintain the cemetery and its records.

There are no posted section markings. Records for the years 1948 thru 1952 were lost in a fire.

A.M. Harper Post 181 Monument, Braddock Cemetery

A unique feature is the GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) A.M. Harper Post 181 Monument.
Repairs and replacement of obscure veterans markers with new bronze markers have been done
in the past using contributions of his time, labor and money by Joe Ragan former manager.

In September, 2006 Marty Sharp became manager of Braddock Cemetery. Marty writes "I worked part time in the cemetery industry for about 10 years and am looking forward to restoring the grandeur of Historic Braddock Cemetery."

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(also known as RUSSELL CEMETERY)
~Data collected & documented by Nancy and Tom McAdams~

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