Braddock Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions, Allegheny County, PA


Locust St.
Braddock, PA 15104-4876
(412) 271-6375

Major A. M. Harper Post 181 Monument Organized by Monument Face

Veterans of the Civil War formed a number of "posts" in Allegheny County. These posts kept attendance and detailed records of their activities. Records preserved at the library of Soldier's and Sailor's Hall in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh show that the activities of the posts included caring for widows and orphans of veterans. The Major A. M. Harper Post 181 also erected a monument in Braddock Cemetery, on Locust St. See Grand Army of the Republic and Related Research Links for more information about the GAR posts.

Three roads fan out from the Braddock Cemetery gate. The right and middle roads outline diamond-shaped Section 1, and meet at the A. M. Harper Post Circle, containing a monument shaped like the Washington Monument. The monument stands on a square pedestal. The 66 names listed here are inscribed on the four faces of the pedestal.

This listing was compiled and contributed, May, 2000, by
Tom & Nancy McAdams
of Penn Hills, (Allegheny County) PA.







BAER        A. J.          26 Jan 1862   3rd PA VOLS                                                                        

OPTON       GEO. H.        2 June 1862   9th PA VOLS                                                                        

CARVEY      SAMUEL         19 Jan 1864   8th PA VOLS                                                                        

GIBSON      LESTER         6 Sept 1864   193rd PA VOLS                                                                      

ROTHRAUFF   SAMUEL         15 Dec 1865   US MARINE CORPS                                                                    

SHEARER     GEO.           17 Oct 1867   9th PA VOLS                                                                        

BRITT       FRANCIS        23 July 1868  29th OHIO                                                                          

WILLIAMS    JNO.           6 Apr 1873    77th PA VOLS                                                                       

WASHNER     PHILIP         5 May 1873    7th PA VOLS                                                                        

GEORGE      THOS.          10 Sept 1876  198th PA VOLS                                                                      

BEAM        HENRY R.       21 Aug 1876   1st OHIO LT INFTY                                                                  

GRUBBS      SAMUEL         8 Sept 1881   11th MARYLAND                                                                      

DOUGHERTY   MICHAEL        29 Apr 1881   79th PA VOLS                                                                       

JAMES       JNO.           9 Sept 1881   8th PA VOLS                                                                        

KING        JNO.           4 Apr 1887    6th PA HEAVY ART                                                                   

RUSSELL     FRANCIS        22 May 1887   140th PA VOLS 



GETTINS     HUGH           6 Apr 1882    8th PA VOLS                                                                        

McCLURE     OLIVER S.      30 May 1882   50th OHIO                                                                          

SNODGRASS   JAMES McK      4 June 1883   9th PA VOLS                                                                        

HESSON      PATRICK        26 Dec 1883   5th US ARTY                                                                        

BROWN       ANDREW         1 June 1884   78th PA VOLS                                                                       

REYNOLDS    JOSHUA         17 Mar 1884   98th PA VOLS                                                                       

FLANNER     SAMUEL T.      26 June 1885  1st PA LIGHT ARTY                                                                  

WOLFORD     JOS.           2 June 1886   63rd PA VOLS                                                                       

ROBERTS     R. C.          10 Dec 1886   US MARINES                                                                         

SPIDEL      CONRAD         27 Sept 1883  74th PA VOLS                                                                       

GANGWAY     SAMUEL         10 Oct 1873   7th PA CAVY                                                                        

NOTER       MATH.          7 Dec 1880    35th PA VOLS                                                                       

McGREEVY    PATRICK        26 Sept 1885  49th PA VOLS                                                                       

MOORE, JR.  ABE            10 July 1874  97th PA VOLS                                                                       

EDWARDS     EMANUEL                      MEXICAN WAR                                                                        

JONES       CAPT. W. R.    28 Sept 1889  33rd & 97th PA VOLS - CHAIRMAN  MONUMENTAL COMMITTEE                               


WILSON      THOMAS         19 Apr 1894   1st POTC. MD. VOLS.                                                                

QUIGLEY     J. R.          14 July 1894  9th PA VOLS                                                                        

RILING      JOHN           18 Mar 1895   6th PA HEAVY ARTY                                                                  

CLARK       THOMAS         18 July 1895  48th PA VOLS                                                                       

BROCKSMITH  AUG.           21 Aug 1895   9th PA VOLS                                                                        

SICKMAN     ROBT.          3 Feb 1896    62nd PA VOLS                                                                       

GALLAGHER   DANIEL         11 Mar 1897   6th US CAV                                                                         

WALTERS     JOHN N.        31 Mar 1897   5th PA ARTY                                                                        

SNYDER      J. D.          21 Jan 1898   P. V. LIGHT ARTY                                                                   

ADAMS       A. R.          9 July 1898   CO 3 5th PA HEAVY ARTY                                                             

JONES       JOHN L.        20 July 1898  SECT CO F 47th PA VOLS                                                             

GRAHAM      THOS. W.       28 July 1898  CO H 101st PA VOLS                                                                 

McGREEVY    HUGH           17 Nov 1898   CO L 6th HEAVY ARTY                                                                

BENNETT     ROBT.          5 Aug 1899    CO F 54th RGT PA VOLS                                                              

HART        SAMUEL         14 Aug 1899   CO C 63rd RGT PA VOLS                                                              

RISTON      JOSEPH C.      25 Oct 1899   CORPL CO B 123rd PA VOLS                                                           

McCOMBS     WM.            24 Nov 1899   5th HEAVY ARTY                                                                     

LAPSLEY     CAPT THOMAS H. 4 Apr 1891    54th PA VOLS    



McCRACKEN   JOHN           2 Dec 1861    29th PA VOLS                                                                       

BELL        BORT A.        26 Sept 1879  89th PA VOLS                                                                       

CHURCHFIELD JOHN           9 Aug 1887    100th PA VOLS                                                                      

EVANS       JEREMIAH       6 Sept 1887   1st US COL. ART                                                                    

ARGYLE      JAMES G.       16 Feb 1889   128th PA VOLS                                                                      

TEETTERS    H. C.          10 Apr 1889   21st CAV                                                                           

WALLACE     A. L. E.       12 Aug 1890   123rd PA VOLS                                                                      

ROBINSON    WM.            14 Nov 1890   110th PA VOLS                                                                      

PROBST      WM.            28 Feb 1891   74th PA VOLS                                                                       

YOUNG       WALTER         23 May 1891   THOMPSON BATTERY                                                                   

MILLS       J. J.          17 Apr 1892   3rd PA VOLS                                                                        

OSKIN       ZACK           19 Nov 1892   15th CAV                                                                           

MORAN       JOHN           May 1892      28th PA VOLS                                                                       

SANDLER     W. A.          9 Oct 1898    4th PA CAV                                                                         

KENDALL     LESTER         2 Dec 1898    24th MASS. VOLS.                                                                   

EDMONDS     ISSAC          4 Apr 1898    192nd PA VOLS                                                                      


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