A.M. Harper GAR Post 181 Photo, Old Braddock Cemetery, North Braddock, PA

A. M. Harper GAR Post Monument
Braddock Cemetery
Braddock PA

Major A. M. Harper GAR Post Monument, Braddock Cemetery
Major A. M. Harper Post 181 Monument

Transcription of Names on the A. M. Harper Monument

Russell, or Old Braddock Cemetery and its Board of Directors were blessed to have hired Joseph Ragan as Cemetery Manager 15 years ago. He restored the cemetery to its current dignified appearance. The A.M. Harper Post 181 Monument repairs and replacement of obscure veterans markers with new bronze markers have been done often using his own contributions of time, labor and money. He helped us immensly, and provided information we would not have otherwise known. Previously Joe operated Chartiers and managed Monongahela Cemeteries.
Joe Regan retired from his position at Russell in Spring of 2003.

This is the monument that started our Civil War Veterans transcriptions and data bases on the Internet, and our cemetery data bases for all the cemeteries that our site links to.We learned of this monument in Braddock Cemetery in the Spring of 2000. We transcribed this monument , then we just had to do all the markers that surround the monument itself, in time, the entire cemetery, with the help of Joe Dugan. We then met Nancy Damasky Cemetary Supervisor at The Monongahela Cemetery and began the project of transcription of the monuments and markers in it,.

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