Bright Cemetery ~ Oakmont PA ~ Civil War Markers

Civil War Veterans Markers
Bright Cemetery
Oakmont, PA

These Six Markers are due to the work and to the credit
of Bill Reynolds & Richard Orr
of the Davis Camp Sons Of Union Veterans
Pittsburgh, PA @ Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall

Adam Bright Tombstone

Charles Bright Tombstone

George Conklin Tombstone

E. Gruber stone

Joseph Wood Tombstone

The following pictures are curteousy of Susan Patterson
a direct decendant of both Adam & Charles Bright.
Abam Bright is buried In Americus, Georgia
at The Andersonville National Cemetery.
His grave marker number is 8073.

Re: Adam and Charles Bright:
Sat, 6 Oct 2001 23:11:10
"Susan Patterson"
Hi Tom.
Here are two pictures that I have of Adam's grave at Andersonville. Will send picture of Charles grave next e-mail.
Susan Patterson

Re: Adam and Charles Bright:
Sat, 6 Oct 2001 23:17:25
"Susan Patterson"
Hi, Here is the picture of Charles Rowan Bright's grave. You can also see the memorial marker placed there beside him for Adam. The tall stone is the Peter Bright Family stone, the father of Adam and Charles. The cemetery was started by their grandfather Michael Bright when his wife Barbara died. He took a section of his land to be used for a cemetery. Michael Bright was one of the first to settle in what is now Oakmont,PA.
~ Susan

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