Hampton's Battery F Monument ~ Civil War ~ PA Light Artillery

Hampton Battery
West Park - North Side
During Civil War
AKA Allegheny City, PA

Hampton Battery Photo 1

Restored Hampton Battery Monument
The Hampton Battery Monument honors the Pennsylvania Independent Light Artillery, Battery F, that served at Chancellorsville, Antietam, Gettysburg and other Civil War battles. Of the eighty men who were mustered into service on October 8, 1861: only 28 survived. All of the unit's first officers were killed and their names appear on the monument's pedestal: Hampton, Geary, Todd and Miller. Also on the pedestal are the names of those "who died beside their guns".

Hampton Battery Photo 2

The Original Monument History
AT 10:00 a.m on May 30, 1871, the granite figure was raised on the pedestal. No formal dedication ceremony was held. Surviving members of the Battery were present, contrib-utors to the monument, other soldiers and citizens watched. Among those was the then present Pennsylvania Governor Geary, whose son Edward had died while serving with the Battery. Edward was sixteen when he enlisted and eighteen when he took command of the Battery.

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The Monument Restoration
In the restoration, the monument was cleaned, the rammer re-installed, and a new Commonwealth Seal was installed to replace the one that was missing. Also a new fence was installed around the monument. The monument was restored by the City Of Pittsburgh at a cost of $21,000. The rededication took place on Memorial Day, May 28, 2001.

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Text taken from June 24, 2001 Allegheny Camp Gazette article
"Why A Civil War Soldier's Fair" by John Lyon

~ Photos June 25, 2001 JTMcA ~

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