Hampton's Battery F / 1st Ohio Battery H Monument Gettysburg National Battlefield

Hampton Battery F
Thompson's Battery
Consolidated Monument
Gettysburg PA

Gettysburg Pennsylvania July 2nd 1863

ORGANIZATION: 1st Volunteer Reserve Artillery Brigade
RAISED: Allegheny County Pennsylvania.
MUSTERED: Battery C, Pittsburg Pennsylvania October 1861
Battery F, Camp Lamon, Williamsport Maryland November 1861
Consolidated on June 3,1863

COMMANDER: Capt. James Thompson (1821-1906)

1) Battery C: On south side of the Wheatfield Road in the Sherfy Peach Orchard,
approximately 75 yards east of the Emmitsburg Road.
2) Battery F: A few yards north of Battery C's monument.
Both markers represent the approximate position of two sections from Thompson's Battery,
the third being in the Sherfy farmyard west of the Emmitsburg Road.

STRENGTH: 2 Companies, 105 Effectives
LOSSES: K-2, W-23, M-3. Total: 28. Percent Loss: 26.7
WEAPONS: Six 3-inch Ordnance Rifles

SUMMARY: Two sections went into position in the Sherfy Peach Orchard near the present monuments, south of the Wheatfield Road, facing due south, with one section going into position near the Sherfy Barn, facing due west, west of the Emmitsburg Road. Held position in the Peach Orchard until nearly overrun, pulling back north of the Wheatfield Road and into an oat field about 200 yards north of the monuments. The rise to the west helped conceal these guns from Barksdale's troops along the Emmitsburg Road. All four rifles limbered to the rear, the last being done with only two wheel horses, a determined driver, and Thompson tugging at a bridle. (See Pvt. Casper Carlisle, Co (F.M.O.H.) The section in the Sherfy farmyard was overrun, and then recaptured by a desperate countercharge by a Pennsylvania regiment, allowing the gunners the time needed to pull back safely. All six cannons retreated back to an impromptu artillery line being formed 1200 yards northeast of the monuments. Five cannons engaged Barksdale's Mississippians as they crossed their front heading northeast toward Plum to check their advance.

Source = Pennsylvania Units at Gettysburg Pennsylvania, Page 51

Pictures Taken In The Peach Orchard
Gettysburg Pennsylvania Battlefield
Saturday September 28th 2002 (JTMcA)

Hampton Battery F Monument, Gettysburg Battlefield

Hampton Battery F Monument, Gettysburg Battlefield

Hampton Battery F Monument, Gettysburg Battlefield

Hampton Battery F Monument Marker, Gettysburg Battlefield

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