Colonel Robert Anderson, 9th PA Reserves ~ Civil War

Colonel Robert Anderson
9th PA Reserves, Co. D
Saint Mary's Cemetery, Lawrenceville

This Copy Of A Page From A Publication Dated September 11th 1894
Shows Colonel Robert Anderson As #9 General Robert Anderson.
His Great-Great Grandson John Carnprobst Can Verify The Fact
That His Rank Was Colonel..................Email John Carnprobst

1) Andrew G. Curtain, The War Governor; 2) Major General McCall; 3) Major General George G.Meade;
4) Major General E.O.C. Ord.; 5) General G.K.Warren; 6) General S.W. Crawford;
7) General M.D. Hardin; 8) Major General J.F. Reynolds; 9) General Robert Anderson; 10) General C.F. Jackson

"Colonel Robert Anderson was born in New York State, May 17th, 1817 and settled in Mount Pleasant Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania when quite young. On completion of his education Robert Anderson moved to Pittsburg and secured a clerkship in the Post Office in the year 1840, and he served in that position until the breaking out of the war with Mexico in 1847, when he volunteered in the Duquesne Grays, enlisting as a Private. After the war he returned to Pittsburg and resumed his position in the Post Office, being promoted to Chief Clerk. In 1852 he was appointed Postmaster by President Franklin Pierce, a position held until 1858, when he resigned to engage in business. On the breaking out of the War Of The Rebellion, Anderson served as Captain of Company D, 9th Pennsylvania Reserve Corps, and was Colonel of the same Regiment. In 1866 he again entered the Post Office as Chief Clerk, under Postmaster Wade Hampton. He remained in this position until 1872, when he resigned.
He died June 17th, 1876."

Source: History Of The Pittsburgh Post Office ~ Circa 1900

Reproductions & Source Thanks To:
Chris Rasmussen, Woodbridge, Virginia
James M. Owston, Beckley, West Virginia
& John Carnprobst, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Comment: Though Robert Anderson's Name Does Not Appear On This Family Monument, He Is Buried Here.
Photo 02/25/2001 JTMcA

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