Charles Doering and Gertrude McAdams

Charles Doering and
Gertrude McAdams

James McAdams and Catherine Sullivan had four children: Thomas Joseph McAdams, Sr. (1881 - 1957), Lydia McAdams, who died at the age of 16 in 1900, James Emmett McAdams, Jr., (1886 - 1944) and the youngest, Catherine "Gertrude" McAdams, born on October 11, 1890. A picture of Gertrude with her mother and her brother, Thomas, appears on the James McAdams and Catherine Sullivan page.

In 1900, "Catherine G. McAddams" was living with her family on Ella Street in the Bloomfield area of Pittsburgh. Gertrude's mother, Catherine, widowed in November, 1898, was the head of the household. Gertrude's half-brother, Charles V. McAdams, born in November 1874 to James Emmett McAdams and Mary Keally, was working as a bookkeeper. Gertrude's brother Thomas J. was working as a machinist apprentice, and her brother James Emmett, Jr. was at school. Also in the household was Elizabeth Murphy, born in October 1873, niece to Catherine. Elizabeth's occupation is listed as "telephone receiver."

Two of James E. McAdams Sr.'s sisters were married to men named Murphy, so it is not clear whether Elizabeth is the daughter of John Murphy and Susan McAdams Murphy or James P. Murphy, Sr. and Rosanna McAdams Murphy.

Source: 1900 Federal Census for Pittsburgh, Allegheny County
Enumeration District 194
Page 6

Charles Doering was the son of German-born John Doering (1861 - 1940) and his wife Madeline (Fey) Doering (1867 - 1929). In 1900, John was living with his family at 4207 Mifflin Street in Pittsburgh. John reported that he had been born in July 1861 and had immigrated in 1882. He listed his occupation as "pattern maker." He reported that he had been married for 14 years. John's wife "Helena" listed birth date as February 1867 and her year of immigration as 1884. She reported being the mother of two children, both of whom were living in the household. Aloysius had been born in Iowa in December 1886 and Charles, born in Pennsylvania in February 1889.

Source: 1900 Federal Census for Pittsburgh, Allegheny County
Enumeration District 192
Page 5

According to their June, 1913 Marriage License, Charles F. Doering was born in Pittsburgh, PA on February 25, 1889. He listed his residence as 4207 Millgate St. and his occupation as "Pattern Maker." Gertrude listed her residence as 319 Ella Street. Gertrude and Charles moved to New Kensington after their marriage . Betty Doering explained that Charles and Gertrude had six children, four boys and two girls Catherine, Charles, Madeline, John, Robert and Vincent. This is a picture of John Doering, Charles Doering, and Catherine, courtesy of Janay Doering who received the photograph from Charles and Gertrude's daughter, Madeline, in 1998.

  1. John James Doering, Sr., the oldest of the Doering children, was born in New Kensington, PA, in June 1914. He graduated from New Kensington High on May 2 th 1932. John married Margarie Gabrielson in 1943 and had two sons, John James Doering, Jr., and Charles R. Doering. John Jr.'s wife is Betty Weaver Doering and his daughter is Janay Doering.

    Betty writes:
    I was looking in the folder we have of John James and he received a letter of appreciation from the Navy in 1945 from his service term from The Secretary of State. It is thanking him with gratitude for being a part of the crushing of two enemy fleets at once, receiving their surrenders only four months apart and that no other navy at any time had done so much, and wishing him Good Luck in his civilian life. At that time his address was on Kentucky Ave in P.Pa. He worked on the Railways in the street car as a Operator his address shows he lived at Greefield ave in P.Pa. when he enlisted he was Discharged in 1945 He was a Fire controlman Second Class.
    John James Doering, Sr. died in 1982.

  2. Charles, born in 1915, was the second of the Doering children. Charles died in 1933 pneumonia and was buried in St. Mary's Cemetery Lower Burrell on Rt. 56.

  3. Catherine, born on August 22, 1917, was the third of the six Doering children.

  4. Vincent Doering, Sr., was born on October 11, 1926. He enlisted at 17 yrs. of age and served in the South Pacific during WWII. He was aboard the USS Oliver Mitchell DE-417. He was an engineers mate second class and was a part of the invasion force at Iwo Jima. On June 9, 1951 Vincent R. Doering Sr. married Ruth Dunmore, daughter of William E. Dunmore and Ruth E. Klingensmith Dunmore. Claudia Doering Paul, daughter of Vincent and Ruth Doering remembers, "My father was so handsome, tall, thin, artistic, quiet. Mom was also tall, very beautiful. She often told me how she and my father enjoyed dancing, and how she missed dancing with him after he died." Vincent and Ruth had two children: Claudia and Vincent Doering Jr., born on November 9, 1956. Vincent died in 1967 at age 40. Charles and Gertrude Doering Vincent Doering, Jr. died on Nov. 3, 1977 from meningitis.

  5. Robert was born on October 26, 1930 and died on September 3, 1992. He was buried in St. Mary's Cemetery Lower Burrell. Robert's wife, Shirley (Daylida) Doering died on October 13, 2000. Robert and Shirley had three children:

    1.     Leslie Doering Maiden
    2.     Leslie's twin sister Lynn Doering Philips, and
    3.     Robert Doering Jr. (1966 - 1990) who was buried in St. Mary's Cemetery also.

  6. Madeline Doering, born about 1915 is the last survivor of Gertrude and Charles Doering's children.
This is a photograph of Charles and Gertrude Doering taken in December 1952 or 1953, courtesy of Janay Doering.

Charles Doering, Sr. died in Pittsburgh on June 17, 1959. Gertrude died in the home of her son, Robert. on April 16, 1970 Gertrude and Charles were buried in St. Mary's Cemetery Lower Burrell.

More family pictures are on the Doering Family Photos page.

Thanks to Betty Weaver Doering, Claudia Doering Paul, and Janay Doering for their help.

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