Monongahela Cemetery, North Braddock, PA Cemetery Map

Monongahela Cemetery

Monongahela Cemetery Company
1111 Fourth Street
North Braddock, PA 15104


Monongahela Cemetery was incorporated on February 24, 1883 and was dedicated on August 4, 1883. Originally there was a Protestant section, still known as Monongahela Cemetery, and a Catholic section. There is now a cemetery called All Saints Braddock Catholic Cemetery, separated from Monongahela Cemetery by a stone wall along the left side of the map. There are several Catholic sections in Monongahela Cemetery, however, associated with specific parishes. These are marked on the map, "St. Joseph, St. Michael, and St. P P (Saints Peter and Paul).

Monongahela Cemetery stretches up a long slope, where some 38,000 rest with the office at the lower right of the map at the bottom of the slope.

Since the sections in Monongahela Cemetery are not marked, Nancy Damasky, the Office Manager, uses landmarks to help visitors find graves. One landmark is the chapel in the Saints Peter and Paul section, indicated in blue. The Mills Vault, indicated in green, sits on an island between Sections 2, 3, and 4. The Dinkey Wagner Vault, indicated in red is the landmark for Section 2. Another landmark is the steepled Jones Vault in Division 20, indicated in yellow at the bottom of the page.

Monongahela Cemetery Map

For more information about Charles Dinkey, see EDGAR THOMSON STEEL WORKS By Hugh P. Meese.

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