McAdams Virtual Family Reunion - Surnames


AMACHERJohn R. Amacher and Carrie Kenzig
Lawrence Amacher
Arthur Amacher
Harold Amacher, Sr. and Wanda Sznarbach
Harold Amacher and Genevieve Wargo
BLASER Virgil Blaser and Maxine Barbie
CRAIG Robert Craig and Mary Scott
DALY Michael Daly and Isabella McAdams
DICKERT Ferdinand Dickert and Elizabeth Meyer
DOERING Charles F. Doering and Catherine Gertrude McAdams
FERENCIE Steven Ferencie and Nettie Sznarbach
FISHER Otto Fisher and Addie Amacher
FOWLER William P. Fowler, Sr. and Margaret McAdams
GALLAGHER Samuel Gallagher and Agnes McAdams
GOOD Isaac Good and Sarah Jane Walker
GRANNIS David Grannis and Elizabeth McAdams
HART John J. Hart and Mary Catherine "Kitty" Flannigan
HELBLING Alphonsus Helbling and Mary Gertrude Larkin
HUEBNER Robert Huebner and Jennie Amacher
KARPINSKI Frank Karpinski and Julia Tomaszewski
KEALLY Mary Ellen Keally McAdams
KELLY Catherine Kelly and Her Family
KENZIG Christian Kenzig and Elizabeth Wagner
Charles Kenzig and Jane Ann Lamb
LYSINGER George Lysinger and Agnes McAdams
McADAMS Children of William and Isabella McAdams
David McAdams, Revolutionary War Soldier
Drs. David McAdams and Tanya Hagen - May, 1999 Wedding Pictures
George McAdams and Elizabeth Faith
George and Elizabeth's Son, William C. McAdams, Sr.
George and Elizabeth's Grandson, James Dorsey McAdams
George and Sarah McAdams
H. T. McAdams & Co., Plumbing and Gas Filtering
James McAdams and Maggie Moan
James McAdams and Sarah Fagan
James McAdams' 1862 Will
Owen McAdams and Mary McCue
Robert McAdams, 63rd Pennsylvania Volunteers, Civil War
Robert McAdams and Margaret Craig
Royal McAdams, Sr. and Ethel Heber
Samuel and Ann McAdams, West Deer Township, PA
Thomas McAdams and Ann Curran
Thomas Joseph McAdams and Louise Wertz
McPIKE James McPike and Sarah McAdams
McCLINTOCK Michael McClintock and Marta Hagen
MEYER Frederick and Mary Meyer
MOAN Patrick and Mary Moan
MURPHY James Murphy and Rosanna McAdams
John Murphy and Susan McAdams
NARDOZZI Michael Nardozzi and Clara Caputo
ODDO Peter Oddo and Sarah Tedesco
SCHEIDNicholas and Magdalena Scheid
SLADEK William Sladek and Stella Sznarbach
SULLIVANCatherine Sullivan and James McAdams
SWOPE Taylor Barbee and Marguerite Irene Swope
SZNARBACHIgnatius Sznarbach and Julianna Zelienski
Ted, Kazmiera, and Zigmund Sznarbach
Wanda Sznarbach
Hank Snarbach
THOMSON Robert Thomson and Edith Engel
VARGA Jan Varga and Maria Juhas.
WALKER William Walker and Martha Cruikshank
WARGO Simon Wargo and Julia Wilimczyk
WERTZ Jacob Wertz and Mary Kline
WILIMCZYK Joseph Wilimczyk and Mary Florek

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