The Children of Samuel Dale

Samuel Dale was born circa 1816.
He married
(1) Ann Watkins, on 4th May 1842, in Launceston, b. circa 1822, died 13th December 1855 in Launcestom.
(2) Bridget Madigan, on 30th April 1856, in Launceston, born circa 1836.

Children by Ann Watkins:
(i)Harriett Dale, born 2nd August 1842 in Launceston, died 19th February 1856.
(ii) Josiah Dale, born 23rd June 1844 in Launceston.
(iii) Jessie Dale born 23rd July 1845. Jessie had a child with William (Bane) Bain before she married:
(a) John (Barrenger) Ballinger on 26th October 1861, in Launceston, John was born circa 1813, he died 22nd May 1897 in Launceston.
(b) George Claxton on.1st September 1898, in Launceston, George was born circa 1847.
Jessie died on 7th October 1916 in St. Leonards.
(iv) Emily Dale born 15th January 1849 in Launceston, She died 6th April 1850 in Launceston.
(v) Enoch Dale born 1st August 1846 in Launceston. He died 4th June 1848 in Launceston.
(vi) Eneas Dale born 3rd October 1851 in Launceston.

Children by Bridget Madigan:
(vii) Charles Dale, born 8th September 1868, Launceston. He married Emma Theresa Chugg on. 27th February in 1894, in Launceston. Theresa was born circa 1873.
(viii) Enoch Dale, born. 25th July 1859 in Launceston.
(ix) Female Dale, born 1st April 1866 in Launceston.
( x) Jemima Dale, born 1st August 1857 in Launceston. She married George Clayton on. 30th May 1871, in Launceston. (xi) Francis Dale, born 26th May 1865 in Launceston. He married Alma May Chugg on 13th April 1898 in Launceston. Alma was born 23rd February 1876 in Launceston, daughter of Henry Chugg and Frances Jordan.