The Family of George Bellett
George Bellett was born in March 1812, (son of Jacob Bellett and Ann Harper). He died 16th March 1885 in Sorell. He married Jemima Larsom on 11th February 1835, in Clarence Plains. Jemima was born 24th November 1818 in Clarence Plains, (daughter of Richard Larsom and Ann Kidner), she died 6th August 1891 at Sorell.

(i) Ann Billett born 5th June 1836. She married Samuel Billett on 26th May 1855, in Spring Bay, born 14th September 1831, (son of Jacob Bellett and Susannah Free). Ann died 26th November 1855

(ii) James Bellett, born 21st February 1838, died 6th July 1923.He married Fanny Radford, on 20th September 1855, in Spring Bay, born circa 1838, (daughter of John Radford and Mary Ann Buxton).

(iii) Mary Ann Billett, born 17th May 1840. She married Robert Jacobson, on 1st November 1855, in Sorell, born circa 1833, New Norfolk, (son of Nisson Jacobson and Hannah Athorn) died 27th March 1887in Sorell.

(iv) Eliza Billett born 11th August 1842. She married
(a) John Yard (alias John Franklin), married 11th August 1859, in Sorell, born circa 1824, Somerset, England, died 6th  February  1884 in Davey Street, Hobart.
She did not marry, but had children with:
(b) Edward Mundy, born 2nd February 1836, (son of George Monday and Sarah Free) died 14th  December 1922............and
(c) Henry Edward Mundy, born 29th January 1824, (son of George Monday and Sarah Free) died August 1904 at Lillydale.
(v) Elizabeth Billett, born 5th  August 1844, died 9th March 1862.

(vi) Jemima Louisa Billett, born 25th October 1846, died 9th May 1894 in Spring Bay. She married Frederick Kean on 15th June 1863, in Sorell, born circa 1840.

(vii) Grace Billett, born 23rd February 1849, died 1938. She married Jacob Jacobson on 9th September 1867, in Sorell, born circa 1841, (son of Nisson Jacobson and Hannah Athorn).

(viii) Adelaide Billett, born 15th February 1851. She married Alfred Brown on 10th January 1870, in Sorell, born circa 1845.

(ix) George Arthur Billett, born 22nd November 1852. He married Mary Ann Cleary on 2nd October 1873, in Sorell, born circa 1858, (daughter of Thomas Cleary and Rachel Oldknow).

(x) Lilly Billett, born 15th July 1854.She married Alfred Allomes on 10th February 1870 in  Sorell, born 11th October 1845, (son of Jacob Allomes and Isabella Quested).

(xi) Dinah Maria Billett, born 29th June 1856, died 1st June 1888 at Sorell. She married John Henry Cleary, on 2nd May 1874, in Sorell, born 2nd September 1854 at Spring Bay, (son of Thomas Cleary and Rachel Oldknow).

(xii) Emma Lavender Billett, born 15th November 1858. She married John Corbett, on 25th January 1883, in Sorell, born circa 1843.