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Join in collecting and sharing information on the Tatum and related families in America.


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This site is dedicated  to documenting Tatum genealogy in America from the first emigrants. The spelling of the Tatum name has varied from the beginning: Tatum, Tatham, Tatem, Tatom and more. Nathaniel Tatum " The Immigrant " is well known along with a few other emigrants. Most of our work has been on the descendants of Edward Tatum d. 1744 in Brunswick County, Virginia. Since then we have seen that there is a great need for a place that would collect and post all information on the Tatum families in America. We are now extending our focus to all Tatum's in America along with the different spellings. Please take a moment to visit the The Tatum DNA Project. This may help us to connect some of these lost links in the Tatum charts. 

A special thanks to all the folks who helped to collect and share information on the Tatum and related families. The list is long and their help has been greatly appreciated.



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    * Some individuals have been removed from family records because they are still living.

You are invited to share your family information. Such as Wills, Deeds, Marriage Records, Census Records, Family Files, Photo's and anything that you think would be important to others who are researching the Tatum and related families. If you would like to contribute, drop a note to Ronnie Tatum.

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