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Major Douglas S. Mackiernan, U. S. Army Air Corps

Vice Consul, Urumchi, Northwest China

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Major, U. S. Army Air Corps (later Lt. Col.)
Meteorologist, U. S. Army 1942-47, served in Alaska
and in China at Tihwa (Urumchi), Sinkiang Province.
Consular Clerk at Tihwa May 26, 1947, Vice Consul
May 1, 1948.  As last person at consulate, closed it 
on Sept. 27, 1949.  Consulate opened in 1943.

He received State Dept. award posthumously.

Headquarters Tenth Weather Region issued a letter subject:  Historical
Records of Organization," 2 March 1944 and included personnel
changes chronologically with Maj Mackiernan listed on 6 February 1944
as being "asgd and Jd per Radio HQ AAF, Wash., D.C."

"MAJ DOUGLAS S. MACKIERNAN, JR., is reld fr asgmt and dy Det Hq
Tenth Weather Sq, APO 627; is asgd WP Hq Tenth Weather Sq, APO
492, reporting upon arrival to the CO thereof for dy. (EDCMR 14 Sep 45)"
as written in Special Order Number 200; issued from HQ Tenth Weather
Squadron AAF, India Burma Theater, APO 492, 9 September 1945.
Weather Station No. 233 at Tihwa

Mackiernan at Tihwa Consulate
Apparently Douglas Mackiernan's wife, Margaret, was at
Tihwa with him. She arrived at Shanghai with him in September 1948.
It looks like she returned to the U. S. to have her twins,
and planned on returning to Tihwa.
Note letter from her dated June 8, 1949. The consulate at
Tihwa was closed and evacuated in August, 1949, due to takeover
of Sinkiang by the Chinese Communists. She just missed returning
to Tihwa in time for the dangerous seven-months' escape from Tihwa
to Tibet over the deserts and mountains.

Pegge's attempts to return to Tihwa

Doug's Rent at Tihwa

American Imperialist Agent Douglas S. Mackiernan

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