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This is a project started by my grandfather (pictured above) many years ago. My dream is to carry his project as far as I can, so if anyone on this page looks familiar, please email me, maybe we can help each other!

If you see anything that you believe to be inaccurate, please let me know. I strive to be as accurate as one can be in genealogy, but (don't tell my family) I am not perfect.

Andrew Begent has kindly contributed a great deal of well documented information to the Begent portion this project. The John Begent/Hannah Diamond line is his, so please feel free to email him regarding any of that information! Andrew Begent

Please note that I have two completely separate HALL lines: one from Folkestone, Kent, England, and one from NC, TN, AL, AR in the USA. Pleasant C. Hall is the line to follow for the USA, and Alice Begent is the line to follow for England (through her mother, Mary Anne Hall.)

NOTE: To navigate the person cards, just click on the name you want to see. When their card is showing, click their name again to see their person sheet.

If you choose to use this information for your files, I ask that at you credit me in your documentation as follows:
Tracy Bretz <>

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