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The 19th and 20th Centuries
A Family History

Johannes "John" Kieler (1800-1882)
Barbara (Kieler) Uthe (1836-1917)
Mathilda (Uthe) Schumacher (1865-1897)
Anna (Schumacher) Gerken (1895-1967)
Joan (Gerken) Larson (1926-1994)
Thomas Larson (1962-)

Research and written by
Tom Larson

This portion of the Gerken · Larson family history concentrates on the Kieler · Uthe · Schumacher heritage of our family history in the Tri-State area where Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa meet on the Mississippi River, with our families living in the locales of Kieler, Dickeyville, and Potosi in Wisconsin, East Dubuque, Illinois, and Dubuque, Iowa, and, as time went on, to many points beyond. Although the information is centered on my direct lineage as appears to the right above, it also includes related branches of the family.   T.L.

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Johannes "John" Kieler (1800-1882)
John Kieler and his wife Katharina née Hupe (1805-1888) came from Germany to America in 1855 with their youngest children, and settled in Jamestown Township in Grant County, Wisconsin. John Kieler was a stone mason by trade, but the Kielers mainly farmed after their arrival in the United States.
Johannes "John" and Katharina (Hupe) Kieler are Tom's great-great-great-grandparents.
Children of John and Catharine (Hupe) Kieler
Gertrude (Kieler) Richter
Dorothea (Kieler) Richard Klaus
Barbara (Kieler) Uthe
Lawrence Kieler
  Frank Kieler
George Kieler
Louisa (Kieler) Schumacher

Barbara (Kieler) Uthe (1836-1917)
Barbara Kieler was born in Germany to Johannes and Katharina (Hupe) Kieler. Barbara Kieler married Frank Uthe (1818-1885) in 1855 in Germany, and they came to America circa 1857. They settled at Dickeyville, Wisconsin, where the family farmed. The Ancestry of Frank Uthe
Henry and Margaretha Uthe - Henry Uthe was Frank's half-brother
Frank and Barbara (Kieler) Uthe are Tom's great-great-grandparents.
Children of Frank and Barbara (Kieler) Uthe
Anna (Uthe) Koethe
Henry Uthe
Frank Uthe
John Uthe
Mathilda (Uthe) Schumacher
  Joseph Uthe
Charles Uthe
Elizabeth (Uthe) Wiederhold
Katherine (Uthe) Hauser

Barbara (Kieler) Uthe's brothers and sisters
the other children of John and Catharine (Hupe) Kieler

Mathilda (Uthe) Schumacher (1865-1897)
Mathilda Uthe was born to Frank and Barbara (Kieler) Uthe at Dickeyville, Iowa. In 1884 Mathilda Uthe married George Schumacher (1859-1925). George Schumacher was born in October 1859 in New York State to Martin and Theresa (Schumacher) Schumacher. George and Mathilda Schumacher lived at East Dubuque, Illinois, where George was engaged in the lumber business (for a time with his brother Henry Schumacher, who was married to Mathilda's aunt Louisa née Kieler. After Mathilda died, George Schumacher married Catherine Fuerstenberg (1866-1941), daughter of Christopher and Margaret (Diegmann-Peetz) Fuerstenberg. George and Catherine Schumacher moved their family across the Mississippi River to Dubuque, Iowa.
George and Mathilda (Uthe) Schumacher are Tom's great-grandparents.
Children of George and Mathilda (Uthe) Schumacher       Children of George and Catherine (Fuerstenberg) Schumacher
Frank Schumacher
John "Jack" Schumacher
Joseph Schumacher
Louise (Schumacher) Brazee
Anna (Schumacher) Gerken
      Josephine (Fuerstenberg Schumacher) Sullivan
George Schumacher
Margaret (Schumacher) Casey
Louis Schumacher
Henrietta (Schumacher) Baumgartner
Albert Schumacher
Mary Schumacher

Mathilda (Uthe) Schumacher's brothers and sisters
the other children of Frank and Barbara (Kieler) Uthe

Anna (Schumacher) Gerken (1895-1967)
Anna Schumacher was born to George and Mathilda (Uthe) Schumacher in East Dubuque, Illinois. Anna Schumacher married Ewald Gerken (1895-1956) in 1919 at Dubuque, Iowa. Ewald Gerken was born in New Vienna, Iowa, to Henry and Anna (Winter) Gerken. The Gerkens lived at Dubuque, where Ewald worked at Morrison Brothers, where Anna's brother Frank Schumacher was general superintendent. Ewald later worked at John Deere in Dubuque, where he was a foreman in the pattern-making department. Ewald and Anna were members of Holy Ghost Church in Dubuque. Ewald Gerken died in 1956, Anna Gerken died in 1967, and they were buried at Mount Calvary Cemetery in Dubuque.
Ewald and Anna (Schumacher) Gerken are Tom's grandparents.
Children of Ewald and Anna (Schumacher) Gerken
Louise (Gerken) Coakley
Donald "Don" Gerken
Teresa (Gerken) McCoy
Adrian "A.J." Gerken
Joan (Gerken) Larson
Dolores Gerken
      Ewald "E.J." Gerken, Jr.
Mary (Gerken) Temple
William "Bill" Gerken
Daniel "Dan" Gerken
Loras Gerken

Anna (Schumacher) Gerken's brothers and sisters
the other children of George and Mathilda (Uthe) Schumacher

  • Frank Schumacher (1888-1945) - Frank Schumacher married Myrtle Binhoff (1890-1946), and they lived at Dubuque, Iowa, where Frank was secretary-treasurer and general superintendent at Morrison Brothers.
    Children of Frank and Myrtle (Binhoff) Schumacher
    Edith (Schumacher) Heim
    Ethel (Schumacher) Patterson Lake
    George B. Schumacher
    Warren C. Schumacher
    Frank J. Schumacher
          Marcella I. (Schumacher) Luedtke
    John R. Schumacher
    Raymond C. Schumacher
    Robert W. "Bob" Schumacher
    Mary E. (Schumacher) Franklin

  • John G. Schumacher (1888-1942) - John "Jack" G. Schumacher married Mayme M. Wilhelm (1904-1998). They lived at Dubuque, Iowa, where Jack worked at Morrison Brothers. From 1910 to 1926, Jack had served in the U.S. Navy, on the U.S.S. Utah.
    Children of John and Mayme (Wilhelm) Schumacher
    Anna Mae (Schumacher) Lewis
    Rose M. (Schumacher) Pixler
          June L. (Schumacher) Herzberg

  • Joseph H. Schumacher (1890-1969) - Joseph "Joe" H. Schumacher married Irma L. Gerken (1891-1954). During the first years of their marriage, they lived at Adrian, Minnesota; then they resided at Dubuque, Iowa, where Joe worked at Morrison Brothers.
    Children of Joseph and Irma (Gerken) Schumacher
    Sylveria "Sally" (Schumacher) Hird Pauly
    Walter G. Schumacher
    Erwin A. Schumacher
    Joseph H. Schumacher
    Marian (Schumacher) Glover Frederick
    Doris (Schumacher) Conry Hanten
          Charles E. Schumacher
    Francis H. Schumacher
    Joyce Schumacher (Sister M. Irma)
    David A. Schumacher
    Louis J. Schumacher

  • Louise (Schumacher) Brazee (1892-1942) - Louise Schumacher married Charles Brazee (?-?). They resided at Los Angeles, California.
    Child of Charles and Louise (Schumacher) Brazee
    Dorothy Brazee

the children of George and Catherine (Fuerstenberg) Schumacher

The Schumacher Heritage

Martin Schumacher (1819-1900)
George Schumacher (1859-1925)
Anna (Schumacher) Gerken (1895-1967)
Joan (Gerken) Larson (1926-1994)
Thomas Larson (1962-)

Martin and Theresa (Schumacher) Schumacher
Martin Schumacher (1819-1900) and his wife Theresa née Schumacher (1822-1896) (Tom's great-great-grandparents) came to the United States from Wiesental, Germany, in 1853, and settled in western New York State in Cattaraugus County, where they farmed.
      Martin and Theresa Schumacher had five children, Frank, Henry, Rosa, John, and George Schumacher. Of the children, Frank, Rosa, and John Schumacher remained in New York State, while Henry and George Schumacher (Tom's great-grandfather) migrated west to East Dubuque, Illinois.
Children of Martin and Theresa (Schumacher) Schumacher
Frank Schumacher (1843-1919)
Henry Schumacher (1844-1915)
Rosa Schumacher (1853-1904)
  John Schumacher (1856-1880)
George Schumacher (1859-1925)

Kieler, Wisconsin

Haverhill, Marshall County, Iowa; NW JoDaviess County, IL;
SW Grant County, WI; Wabasha, MN & Emsland, Hanover, Germany

The information contained on Dave Halm's World Connect webpages (offsite link) at includes families from the areas of Menominee, East Dubuque, Vinegar Hill, and Galena in Jo Daviess County, Illinois, and Hazel Green, Sinsinawa, Cuba City, Kieler, and Dickeyville in Grant County, Wisconsin. Included are the descendants of Johannes and Katharina Kieler (offsite link) and of Frank and Barbara Uthe (offsite link).

The Gentner Genealogy Web Site

Don Gentner's genealogy web site (offsite link) includes the Schumacher family and several related branches of the family tree. Don has amassed a wealth of information concerning the Schumachers and other relations and traces the families through several generations, from Germany to the United States.

    Selected webpages at The Gentner Genealogy Web Site:
  • Martin Schuhmacher (1819-1900) (offsite link) - Martin Schumacher was Henry and George Schumacher's father. (Henry Schumacher had married Louisa Kieler, while his brother George had married Mathilda Uthe, Louisa's niece.) From this starting point, follow the links to discover earlier generations of Schumachers and many other relations. Martin Schumacher brought his family from Germany in 1853 and settled in western New York state.
  • Wiesental, Baden-Württemberg, Germany (offsite link) - The Schumacher ancestral village.
  • The Wiesental - Springville Connection (offsite link) - includes many Schumachers and relations, who emigrated from Wiesental, Baden, to the area around Springville, N.Y.

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