Dowling Family Genealogy - Videos

King Kamehameha
Sara Rebecca ABELES
Roy Claxton ACUFF (16th cousin 3x removed)
Joan ADAMS (10th cousin)
President John ADAMS, Jr. (5th cousin 7x removed)
President John Quincy ADAMS (6th cousin 6x removed)
Governor Samuel ADAMS (7th cousin 8x removed)
Maybelle ADDINGTON (15th cousin 3x removed)
Ben AFFLECK (8th cousin once removed)
Casey AFFLECK (8th cousin once removed)
Conrad Potter AIKEN (7th cousin 4x removed)
Queen Rania AL YASSIN (Spouse of 41st cousin 4x removed)
King Abdullah bin AL-HUSSEIN (41st cousin 4x removed)
William E. ALBAUGH (14th cousin 4x removed)
Muhammad ALI (15th cousin 3x removed)
Col. Ethan ALLEN (2nd cousin 7x removed)
Steve ALLEN (Spouse of 10th cousin 2x removed)
Woody ALLEN (Spouse of 16th cousin 6x removed)
Gregory Lenoir ALLMAN (Spouse of 19th cousin)
Howard Duane ALLMAN
Aldrich Hazen AMES (13th cousin 2x removed)
Jenny /Anderson/
Laura Phillips ANDERSON (22nd cousin)
Pamela Denise ANDERSON (Spouse of 12th cousin once removed)
Jennifer Joanne ANISTON (12th cousin)
Matthew Michael ANSARA (11th cousin once removed)
Susan Brownell ANTHONY (10th cousin 7x removed)
Queen Marie ANTOINETTE (10th cousin 7x removed)
Dr. Virginia APGAR (10th cousin 3x removed)
Christina APPLEGATE (11th cousin once removed)
Marshall Herff APPLEWHITE, Jr.
Philip Danforth ARMOUR (7th cousin 4x removed)
Lance Edward ARMSTRONG (14th cousin 2x removed)
Neil Alden ARMSTRONG (14th cousin)
Desi ARNAZ (Spouse of 8th cousin 2x removed)
Desi ARNAZ, Jr. (9th cousin once removed)
Lucie Desiree ARNAZ (9th cousin once removed)
William Emerson ARNETT (11th cousin)
General Benedict ARNOLD V (4th cousin 8x removed)
Clifford Charles ARQUETTE (15th cousin 3x removed)
David James ARQUETTE (17th cousin once removed)
Patricia ARQUETTE (17th cousin once removed)
Robert Alexis ARQUETTE (17th cousin once removed)
Rosanna Lauren ARQUETTE (17th cousin once removed)
President Chester Allen ARTHUR (8th cousin 3x removed)
Billy ASHBAUGH (7th cousin once removed)
Dana ASHBROOK (11th cousin)
William Milton ASHER (Spouse of 9th cousin 2x removed)
Edward ASNER
Fred ASTAIRE (Spouse of 9th cousin once removed)
Col. John Jacob ASTOR IV (17th cousin 5x removed)
David Frederick ATTENBOROUGH (17th cousin 4x removed)
Lord Richard Samuel ATTENBOROUGH (17th cousin 4x removed)
James King AURNESS (10th cousin 2x removed)
Peter Duesler AURNESS (10th cousin 2x removed)
Orvin Grover AUTRY
Frederick Bean AVERY (10th cousin once removed)
Hoyt Wayne AXTON
William Charles AYERS (21st cousin)
Gov. Bruce Edward BABBITT (8th cousin 3x removed)
Lauren BACALL (Spouse of 9th cousin 4x removed)
Barbara BACH
James Gilmore BACKUS (9th cousin 2x removed)
Kevin BACON (10th cousin 2x removed)
Maximilian Adalbert BAER (14th cousin 3x removed)
Maximillian Adalbert BAER, Jr. (15th cousin 2x removed)
Barbara BAIN
James Addison BAKER III (14th cousin 3x removed)
James Orsen BAKKER (19th cousin 6x removed)
Alexander Rae BALDWIN III (9th cousin 2x removed)
Daniel Leroy BALDWIN (9th cousin 2x removed)
Dwight Hamilton BALDWIN (6th cousin 6x removed)
Stephen Andrew BALDWIN (9th cousin 2x removed)
Christian Charles Philip BALE
Lucille Desir‚ee BALL (8th cousin 2x removed)
Jos‚e Antonio Dom‚inguez BANDERAS (Spouse of 16th cousin once removed)
Muhammed ibn Abd All„ah al-Mustafa BANU HACHIM (44th Great Grandfather)
Adrienne Jo BARBEAU (18th cousin 2x removed)
Dr. John BARDEEN (12th cousin 2x removed)
Brigitte Anne-Marie BARDOT
Alexander Crichlow BARKER, Jr. (Spouse of 15th cousin 3x removed)
Robert William BARKER (8th cousin 2x removed)
Clyde Chestnut BARROW (18th cousin)
Kate BARRY (13th cousin)
Drew Blythe BARRYMORE (14th cousin once removed)
Ethel BARRYMORE (13th cousin once removed)
Lionel BARRYMORE (13th cousin once removed)
Maurice BARRYMORE (Spouse of 12th cousin 2x removed)
Clarissa Harlowe BARTON (6th cousin 6x removed)
Sam BASS (15th cousin 4x removed)
Lyman Frank BAUM (8th cousin 4x removed)
Meredith Ann BAXTER (16th cousin 2x removed)
Archbishop James Roosevelt BAYLEY (8th cousin 4x removed)
Col. James Beauregard BEAM (Spouse of 10th cousin 3x removed)
Orson BEAN (10th cousin 2x removed)
Ned Thomas BEATTY (10th cousin once removed)
Warren BEATTY (13th cousin once removed)
Shirley MacLean BEATY (13th cousin once removed)
Harriet Elizabeth BEECHER (8th cousin 5x removed)
Glen William BELL, Jr. (10th cousin 2x removed)
Ruth McCue BELL (18th cousin 2x removed)
Annette Carol BENING (10th cousin)
Candice Patricia BERGEN (Spouse of 21st cousin 4x removed)
Sir Timothy John BERNERS-LEE (12th cousin once removed)
Halle Marie BERRY (12th cousin once removed)
Valerie Ann BERTINELLI (16th cousin 4x removed)
Marcheline BERTRAND (19th cousin)
Timothy John BEVAN
Vice President Joseph Robinette BIDEN, Jr. (18th cousin once removed)
Justin Drew BIEBER (19th cousin 2x removed)
King Al Hussein BIN TALAL (40th cousin 5x removed)
Larry Joe BIRD (18th cousin once removed)
Anthony Charles Lynton BLAIR (15th cousin 2x removed)
Eric Arthur BLAIR (13th cousin 6x removed)
Sally BLANE (14th cousin 2x removed)
Lucille Theresa BLISS (9th cousin 3x removed)
Dan Davis BLOCKER (21st cousin)
First Lady Elizabeth Anne BLOOMER (13th cousin 3x removed)
Humphrey DeForest BOGART (9th cousin 4x removed)
Queen Anne BOLEYN (4th cousin 16x removed)
Emperor Napoleon BONAPARTE (21st cousin 9x removed)
Jason John BONHAM (13th cousin 3x removed)
John Henry BONHAM (12th cousin 4x removed)
Helena BONHAM-CARTER (Spouse of 11th cousin)
Sonny BONO (Spouse of 19th cousin)
Cory Anthony BOOKER
Daniel BOONE (8th cousin 9x removed)
Deborah Anne BOONE (16th cousin once removed)
Megan Whitney BOONE (10th cousin once removed)
Richard Allen BOONE (14th cousin 3x removed)
John Wilkes BOOTH (Spouse of 8th cousin 5x removed)
Anne Clare BOOTHE (Spouse of 8th cousin 2x removed)
Lizzie Andrew BORDEN (11th cousin 6x removed)
Linda Susan BOREMAN
Thomas Edward BOSLEY (Spouse of 20th cousin once removed)
First Lady Jacqueline Lee BOUVIER (Spouse of 18th cousin 2x removed)
Valerie BOWMAN
Edith Bolling BOYD (14th cousin once removed)
Elena Rolfe BOYD (14th cousin once removed)
Helen Mary BOYD
Mildred Stuart BOYD (14th cousin once removed)
Patricia Anne BOYD (Spouse of 22nd cousin once removed)
Paula Fiona BOYD
Danielle Simone BRADBERY (22nd cousin 4x removed)
Ray Douglas BRADBURY (10th cousin 2x removed)
Caleb Davis BRADHAM (15th cousin 3x removed)
Edward Rudolph BRADLEY, Jr. (Spouse of 16th cousin)
Terry Paxton BRADSHAW (14th cousin once removed)
Thomas Edward BRADY, Jr.
Marlon BRANDO (7th cousin 2x removed)
Hugh Roberts BRANNUM (9th cousin 3x removed)
Sir Richard Charles Nicholas BRANSON (17th cousin 4x removed)
Andrew J. BREITBART (Spouse of 11th cousin once removed)
Paget Valerie BREWSTER (10th cousin 2x removed)
Edie Arlisa BRICKELL
Jeffrey Leon BRIDGES (10th cousin)
Marilyn Anne BRIGGS (10th cousin)
James BROLIN (10th cousin)
Josh James BROLIN (10th cousin once removed)
Pierce Brendan BROSNAN
Ayla Marie BROWN (12th cousin)
Helen Hayes BROWN
John BROWN (4th cousin 6x removed)
Dr. Rachel Fuller BROWN (8th cousin once removed)
David Warren BRUBECK (Spouse of 9th cousin 2x removed)
Doyle Frank BRUNSON (9th cousin 2x removed)
Douglas E. BRUNT (12th cousin)
William Cullen BRYANT (6th cousin 6x removed)
President James BUCHANAN (14th cousin 6x removed)
Patrick Joseph BUCHANAN (10th cousin once removed)
Lindsey Adams BUCKINGHAM (10th cousin)
Christopher Taylor BUCKLEY (15th cousin 2x removed)
William Frank BUCKLEY, Jr. (Spouse of 14th cousin 3x removed)
Victoria May BUDINGER (17th cousin)
Warren Edward BUFFETT (9th cousin 2x removed)
Vice Admiral John Duncan BULKELEY (8th cousin 5x removed)
Sandra Annette BULLOCK
Cliven D. BUNDY (8th cousin)
Edward BUNKER (Spouse of 4th cousin 4x removed)
Kenneth Lauren BURNS (14th cousin)
Vice President Aaron BURR (5th cousin 7x removed)
Raymond William Stacy BURR
Edgar Rice BURROUGHS (7th cousin 3x removed)
Timothy Walter BURTON (11th cousin)
William Lance BURTON (19th cousin once removed)
Steven Vincent BUSCEMI
Roger Melvil /Busfield/, Jr.
Timothy C. BUSFIELD (Spouse of 16th cousin 3x removed)
President George Herbert Walker BUSH (9th cousin 3x removed)
President George Walker BUSH (10th cousin 2x removed)
Lauren Pierce BUSH (11th cousin once removed)
Ronald Edgar BUSHY (13th cousin once removed)
Anthony Francis BUTALA
Jennifer Mary BUTALA
Sen. Harry Flood BYRD (13th cousin 2x removed)
Harry Flood BYRD, Jr. (14th cousin once removed)
Admiral Richard Evelyn BYRD (13th cousin 2x removed)
Karl August Leopold B»OHM
Hugh CABOT III (11th cousin 3x removed)
Nicolas CAGE (Spouse of 13th cousin 4x removed)
James Francis CAGNEY, Jr.
Samuel Robert CALDWELL
Marjorie Elizabeth CAMERON (5th cousin once removed)
Bonnie Maureen CAMPBELL (Spouse of 16th cousin 2x removed)
Mary Grace CANFIELD (8th cousin once removed)
Nicholas Scott CANNON
Mariah Angela CAREY
Leonard Joseph CARIOU
George Denis CARLIN
Andrew CARNEGIE (14th cousin 6x removed)
Dale Breckenridge CARNEGIE (15th cousin 5x removed)
Arthur William Matthew CARNEY
James CARNEY (20th cousin 2x removed)
First Lady Edith Kermit CAROW (6th cousin 4x removed)
John Howard CARPENTER (9th cousin 2x removed)
Karen Anne CARPENTER (17th cousin)
Richard Lynn CARPENTER (17th cousin)
Ever Dawn CARRADINE (14th cousin)
Keith Ian CARRADINE (13th cousin once removed)
James Eugene CARREY
Leopoldo Antonio CARRILLO
John William CARSON (9th cousin 2x removed)
Dixie Virginia CARTER (12th cousin)
Helen Myrl CARTER (15th cousin 4x removed)
Ina Anita CARTER (15th cousin 4x removed)
President James Earl CARTER (14th cousin once removed)
Leslie Barbara CARTER (9th cousin)
Linda Jean C‚ordova CARTER (16th cousin 2x removed)
Valerie June CARTER (15th cousin 4x removed)
Chester James CARVILLE, Jr. (Spouse of 10th cousin 3x removed)
Stephen McConnell CASE (9th cousin once removed)
John R. CASH (12th cousin once removed)
Rosanne CASH (13th cousin)
Mary Stevenson CASSAT (22nd cousin 4x removed)
David Bruce CASSIDY (17th cousin)
John Edward CASSIDY (Spouse of 16th cousin once removed)
Samuel Truett CATHY (15th cousin 3x removed)
Thomas /Cavendish/
Lacey Nicole CHABERT (21st cousin once removed)
Sir Joseph Austen CHAMBERLAIN (11th cousin 6x removed)
John William CHANCELLOR (10th cousin once removed)
Leonidas Frank CHANEY (Spouse of 8th cousin 3x removed)
Lon CHANEY, Jr. (9th cousin 2x removed)
Harry Forster CHAPIN (10th cousin once removed)
James Forbes CHAPIN (9th cousin 2x removed)
Sir Charles Spencer CHAPLIN (Spouse of 9th cousin 2x removed)
Frank Michler CHAPMAN (7th cousin 3x removed)
John CHAPMAN (6th cousin 6x removed)
Mark David CHAPMAN (16th cousin 2x removed)
Patrizia Cobb CHAPMAN (9th cousin once removed)
Cornelius Crane CHASE (10th cousin)
Vice President Richard Bruce CHENEY (10th cousin 2x removed)
Baron Leonard Geoffrey CHESHIRE (Spouse of 21st cousin once removed)
Marjorie CHILD (9th cousin 4x removed)
Walter Percy CHRYSLER (9th cousin 2x removed)
Ward LeRoy CHURCHILL (16th cousin 2x removed)
Madonna Louise Veronica CICCONE (18th cousin once removed)
Concepci‚on CINTR¬ON (15th cousin 2x removed)
Joseph Isaac CLANTON (18th cousin 2x removed)
William Harrison CLANTON (18th cousin 2x removed)
Eric Patrick CLAPTON
Margaret CLARK (13th cousin 7x removed)
Richard Wagstaff CLARK (8th cousin 2x removed)
Kelly Brianne CLARKSON (10th cousin once removed)
John Marwood CLEESE (Spouse of 9th cousin once removed)
Samuel Langhorne CLEMENS (15th cousin 6x removed)
Jack Henderson CLEMENT
Thomas Green CLEMSON IV (Spouse of 14th cousin 6x removed)
President Grover CLEVELAND (7th cousin 5x removed)
Edward Montgomery CLIFT (11th cousin 2x removed)
George Stanley CLINTON, Jr. (16th cousin once removed)
President William Jefferson CLINTON (19th cousin once removed)
George Timothy CLOONEY (19th cousin once removed)
Rosemary CLOONEY (18th cousin 2x removed)
Eric Randolph CLOSE (10th cousin once removed)
Glenn CLOSE (8th cousin 2x removed)
Frances Bean COBAIN (12th cousin 2x removed)
Kurt Donald COBAIN (12th cousin once removed)
Irvin Shrewsbury COBB (7th cousin 3x removed)
Tyrus Raymond COBB (11th cousin 2x removed)
James Harrison COBURN III (12th cousin once removed)
Alexander Claud COCKBURN (15th cousin 2x removed)
Col. William Frederick CODY (12th cousin 4x removed)
Lucinda Fern COFFEY (14th cousin 4x removed)
Johnnie Lucille COLLIER (18th cousin 2x removed)
Stephen Weaver COLLINS (16th cousin 2x removed)
Homer Lusk COLLYER (8th cousin 3x removed)
Langley COLLYER (8th cousin 3x removed)
Ethel Barrymore COLT (8th cousin 4x removed)
Col. Samuel COLT (5th cousin 7x removed)
Jessi COLTER (Spouse of 11th cousin once removed)
Vance DeBar COLVIG, Jr. (8th cousin 2x removed)
Barbara Lillian COMBES (Spouse of 15th cousin 2x removed)
Jeffrey Charles William CONAWAY (11th cousin 2x removed)
Joseph Harry Fowler CONNICK, Jr. (Spouse of 17th cousin once removed)
President Calvin COOLIDGE (9th cousin 3x removed)
Rita Faye COOLIDGE (16th cousin)
Alice COOPER (16th cousin 3x removed)
John COOPER, Jr. (Spouse of 14th cousin)
Sofia Carmina COPPOLA
Sharon Christa CORRIGAN (8th cousin once removed)
Jeffrey Scott CORWIN (10th cousin 2x removed)
William Henry COSBY, Jr. (12th cousin once removed)
Dolores COSTELLO (Spouse of 13th cousin once removed)
William Arnold COSTELLO (10th cousin once removed)
Kevin Michael COSTNER (Spouse of 18th cousin once removed)
Toby Keith COVEL
Barry Steven COWSILL
John Patrick COWSILL (Spouse of 12th cousin once removed)
Paul Mitchell COWSILL
Robert Paul COWSILL
Susan Claire COWSILL
William Joseph COWSILL, Jr.
Archibald COX (11th cousin 3x removed)
Courteney Bass COX (15th cousin 2x removed)
Clarence Linden CRABBE (11th cousin 3x removed)
Robert Edward CRANE (10th cousin 2x removed)
Joan CRAWFORD (24th cousin 2x removed)
Martha Sharp CRAWFORD
Dr. Hawley Harvey CRIPPEN (5th cousin 4x removed)
Charles CROCKER (6th cousin 5x removed)
Col. David Stern CROCKETT (12th cousin 5x removed)
Sir Oliver CROMWELL (3rd cousin 12x removed)
Richard CROMWELL (4th cousin 11x removed)
Walter Leland CRONKITE, Jr. (10th cousin 3x removed)
David van Cortlandt CROSBY (12th cousin)
Harry Lillis CROSBY (10th cousin 2x removed)
Aleister CROWLEY
Dr. Monica Elizabeth CROWLEY
William R. CROWTHER (Spouse of 11th cousin once removed)
Tom CRUISE (19th cousin once removed)
Mark CUBAN (Spouse of 18th cousin)
Macaulay Carson CULKIN (11th cousin once removed)
Benedict Timothy Carlton CUMBERBATCH (Spouse of 17th cousin)
Gov. Andrew Mark CUOMO (Spouse of 19th cousin once removed)
Christopher Charles CUOMO
Gov. Mario Matthew CUOMO
Dr. Pierre CURIE (23rd cousin 6x removed)
Jamie Lee CURTIS (13th cousin)
Kelly Lee CURTIS (13th cousin)
Ken CURTIS (9th cousin 3x removed)
Tony CURTIS (Spouse of 12th cousin once removed)
Glenn Hammond CURTISS (9th cousin 4x removed)
Dr. Harvey Williams CUSHING (7th cousin 5x removed)
Charlotte Saunders CUSHMAN (5th cousin 7x removed)
Destiny Hope CYRUS (16th cousin 2x removed)
William Ray CYRUS (15th cousin 3x removed)
Nancy Patricia D'ALESANDRO
Arlene Carol DAHL
Jeffrey Lionel DAHMER (8th cousin once removed)
Matthew Paige DAMON (9th cousin)
First Lady Martha DANDRIDGE (8th cousin 8x removed)
Jasper Newton DANIEL (14th cousin 4x removed)
Charles Edward DANIELS
Linda DARNELL (14th cousin 4x removed)
Clarence Seward DARROW (10th cousin 5x removed)
Charles Robert DARWIN (10th cousin 7x removed)
William Alexander DAVIDSON
Ann Bradford DAVIS (8th cousin 3x removed)
Bette DAVIS (10th cousin 3x removed)
Frank Marshall DAVIS (Spouse of 9th cousin 3x removed)
Gov. James Houston DAVIS
Sen. Jefferson Finis DAVIS (Spouse of 6th cousin 6x removed)
First Lady Nancy DAVIS (9th cousin 3x removed)
Sandra DAY (11th cousin 2x removed)
Olivia Mary DE HAVILLAND (13th cousin 3x removed)
Agnes George DE MILLE (18th cousin 4x removed)
Cecil Blount DE MILLE (17th cousin 5x removed)
Sir Henry DE PERCY (19th Great Grandfather)
Baron James Mayer DE ROTHSCHILD
Saint Franūcois DE SALES (10th cousin 13x removed)
James Byron DEAN (11th cousin once removed)
Jimmy Ray DEAN (16th cousin once removed)
John DEERE (Spouse of 4th cousin 5x removed)
Rigdon Osmond DEES III (14th cousin once removed)
Calvert Grant DEFOREST (8th cousin 2x removed)
Lee DEFOREST (6th cousin 4x removed)
Ellen Lee DEGENERES (11th cousin once removed)
Sen. Jeremiah Andrew DENTON, Jr. (14th cousin 3x removed)
John Christopher DEPP, Jr. (16th cousin once removed)
John DEREK (10th cousin once removed)
Bruce MacLeish DERN (11th cousin once removed)
Laura Elizabeth DERN (12th cousin)
Frances Lee LaBelle DEWADE (12th cousin 3x removed)
John DEWEY (5th cousin 4x removed)
Colleen Rose DEWHURST (Spouse of 18th cousin once removed)
Cameron Michelle DIAZ (22nd cousin once removed)
Charles John Huffam DICKENS
Vin DIESEL (17th cousin)
John Herbert DILLINGER
Kevin Brady DILLON
Matthew Raymond DILLON
Joseph Paul DIMAGGIO (Spouse of 9th cousin 3x removed)
Lorraine B. DINQUEL
C‚eline Marie Claudette DION (18th cousin once removed)
Walter Elias DISNEY (10th cousin 3x removed)
Louis Carl DOBBS (18th cousin 2x removed)
Horace Elgin DODGE (9th cousin 4x removed)
John Francis DODGE (9th cousin 4x removed)
Shannen Maria DOHERTY (Spouse of 11th cousin once removed)
Bernardine Rae DOHRN (Spouse of 21st cousin)
James Drummond DOLE (10th cousin 3x removed)
Sen. Robert Joseph DOLE (15th cousin 3x removed)
George Michael DOLENZ, Jr. (19th cousin)
Isabelle Loretta DONOHUE
General Abner DOUBLEDAY (7th cousin 5x removed)
First Lady Mamie Geneva DOUD (9th cousin once removed)
Donna DOUGLAS (20th cousin once removed)
Michael Kirk DOUGLAS (10th cousin once removed)
Robert McKinley DOUGLAS
Frederick DOUGLASS (Spouse of 10th cousin 4x removed)
Dr. Herbert Henry DOW (7th cousin 4x removed)
Tony Lee DOW (9th cousin 2x removed)
Robert John DOWNEY, Jr. (Spouse of 13th cousin)
Robert John DOWNEY
Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan DOYLE (11th cousin 4x removed)
Sir Francis DRAKE (4th cousin 14x removed)
Polly Carey DRAPER (12th cousin once removed)
Richard Stephen DREYFUSS (Spouse of 11th cousin)
Gov. Janice Kay DRINKWINE (16th cousin 3x removed)
Phyllis Ada DRIVER
EleuthŠere Ir‚en‚ee DU PONT
Hilary Erhard DUFF (13th cousin once removed)
Doris DUKE (12th cousin 5x removed)
James Buchanan DUKE (11th cousin 6x removed)
Angela Isadora DUNCAN (15th cousin 4x removed)
Lena DUNHAM (8th cousin)
Stanley Ann DUNHAM (10th cousin 2x removed)
Robert Selden DUVALL (14th cousin 3x removed)
James Buchanan EADS (15th cousin 5x removed)
Emma H. EAMES (6th cousin 6x removed)
Amelia May EARHART (9th cousin 3x removed)
Ralph Dale EARNHARDT, Jr.
Morgan Seth EARP (14th cousin 6x removed)
Virgil Walter EARP (14th cousin 6x removed)
Wyatt Berry EARP (14th cousin 6x removed)
George EASTMAN (7th cousin 4x removed)
Linda Louise EASTMAN (Spouse of 20th cousin 3x removed)
Alison EASTWOOD (11th cousin once removed)
Clinton EASTWOOD, Jr. (10th cousin 2x removed)
Francesca Ruth EASTWOOD (11th cousin once removed)
Kyle EASTWOOD (11th cousin once removed)
Christian Ludolf EBSEN, Jr. (Spouse of 9th cousin 2x removed)
Duane EDDY (11th cousin once removed)
Barbara EDEN (11th cousin)
Thomas Alva EDISON (7th cousin 5x removed)
Blake EDWARDS (14th cousin 2x removed)
Sen. John Reid EDWARDS (20th cousin)
President Dwight David EISENHOWER (15th cousin 3x removed)
Jennie Elizabeth EISENHOWER (9th cousin)
David Glen EISLEY (10th cousin 2x removed)
India Joy EISLEY (11th cousin once removed)
Kerstin Anita Marianne EKBERG (Spouse of 14th cousin 3x removed)
Bodhi Pine ELFMAN
Thomas Stearns ELIOT (8th cousin 4x removed)
Benjamin Charles ELTON
Ralph Waldo EMERSON (5th cousin 7x removed)
John Alec ENTWISTLE (Spouse of 12th cousin once removed)
Emilio ESTEVEZ (15th cousin 2x removed)
Clara Belle EVANS
Dale EVANS (Spouse of 14th cousin 3x removed)
Phillip EVERLY (17th cousin once removed)
Douglas Elton FAIRBANKS, Jr. (10th cousin 2x removed)
Douglas FAIRBANKS (Spouse of 9th cousin 3x removed)
Deborah FALCONER (13th cousin)
Rev. Jerry Lamon FALWELL (14th cousin 3x removed)
William George FARGO (6th cousin 4x removed)
Frances Elena FARMER (8th cousin 3x removed)
Philo Taylor FARNSWORTH (8th cousin 3x removed)
Joseph Rider FARRINGTON (7th cousin 3x removed)
Mia FARROW (16th cousin 6x removed)
William Cuthbert FAULKNER (13th cousin 3x removed)
Farrah Leni FAWCETT (Spouse of 10th cousin once removed)
Alice FAYE
William Mark FELT (11th cousin once removed)
Parker Winsor FENNELLY (10th cousin 4x removed)
Sarah Margaret FERGUSON (13th cousin once removed)
John William FERRELL (12th cousin 2x removed)
George Washington Gale FERRIS, Jr. (6th cousin 4x removed)
Elizabeth Stamatina FEY
Marshall FIELD (5th cousin 7x removed)
Sally Margaret FIELD (17th cousin once removed)
Joseph Alberic FIENNES (14th cousin 3x removed)
Ralph Nathaniel FIENNES (14th cousin 3x removed)
President Millard FILLMORE (5th cousin 5x removed)
Hamilton Howard FISH (7th cousin 5x removed)
Carrie Frances FISHER (13th cousin once removed)
Frances FISHER (Spouse of 10th cousin 2x removed)
Francis Scott Key FITZGERALD (12th cousin 2x removed)
Rose Elizabeth FITZGERALD (Spouse of 17th cousin 3x removed)
Fannie FLAGG (22nd cousin 2x removed)
Lester Raymond FLATT (15th cousin 3x removed)
Jennifer L. FLAVIN (Spouse of 25th cousin 2x removed)
Eve Lucinda FLEMING (Spouse of 13th cousin)
Commander Ian Lancaster FLEMING (Spouse of 13th cousin 3x removed)
Rhonda FLEMING (13th cousin 4x removed)
Errol Leslie Thomson FLYNN
Larry Claxton FLYNT (15th cousin once removed)
Clyde Julian FOLEY (14th cousin 3x removed)
Henry Jaynes FONDA (8th cousin 2x removed)
Peter Henry FONDA (9th cousin once removed)
Joan FONTAINE (13th cousin 3x removed)
Malcolm Stevenson FORBES, Jr. (9th cousin 2x removed)
Edsel Bryant FORD
President Gerald Rudolph FORD (8th cousin once removed)
Glenn FORD (Spouse of 10th cousin 2x removed)
Henry FORD
Peter Newton FORD (11th cousin once removed)
Robert Bruce FORD
Tennesee Ernie FORD (17th cousin once removed)
William Clay FORD (Spouse of 19th cousin once removed)
Jonathan M. FOREMAN
Timothy David FOREMAN
Narcissa Florence FOSTER (7th cousin 4x removed)
Stephen Collins FOSTER
Brian Zachary FRANCE (13th cousin once removed)
William Clifton FRANCE (13th cousin)
William Henry Getty FRANCE (Spouse of 12th cousin once removed)
Sen. Alan Stuart FRANKEN
Stephen Robert FRANKEN
Melinda Ann FRENCH (Spouse of 9th cousin 2x removed)
Dr. Sigmund FREUD
Robert Lee FROST (9th cousin 4x removed)
Loretta Jean FUDDY
Katherine FUGATE (11th cousin once removed)
Richard Buckminster FULLER, Jr. (8th cousin 4x removed)
Robert Gaston FULLER (14th cousin 3x removed)
Robert FULTON (Spouse of 15th cousin 7x removed)
Elda FURRY (Spouse of 7th cousin 5x removed)
William Clark GABLE (Spouse of 10th cousin 2x removed)
John Wayne GACY (14th cousin 3x removed)
Ava Lavinia GARDNER (17th cousin once removed)
Erle Stanley GARDNER (10th cousin 3x removed)
President James Abram GARFIELD (6th cousin 4x removed)
Troy GARITY (10th cousin)
Judy GARLAND (14th cousin 4x removed)
James GARNER (15th cousin 2x removed)
Henry Louis GATES, Jr.
Dr. Robert Michael GATES (8th cousin 2x removed)
William Henry GATES III (9th cousin 2x removed)
Marvin Pentz GAYE, Jr.
Nona Marvisa GAYE
Edward Theodore GEIN
Timothy Franz GEITHNER (10th cousin 2x removed)
Phyllis Ann GEORGE
Richard Tiffany GERE (9th cousin once removed)
Stefani Joanne Angelina GERMANOTTA (14th cousin)
Alice Margaret GHOSTLEY
Dr. Angelo Bartlett GIAMATTI (8th cousin 2x removed)
Marcus Bartlett GIAMATTI (9th cousin once removed)
Paul Edward Valentine GIAMATTI (9th cousin once removed)
Andrew Roy GIBB (16th cousin 2x removed)
Barry Alan Crompton GIBB (16th cousin 2x removed)
Maurice Ernest GIBB (16th cousin 2x removed)
Robin Hugh GIBB (16th cousin 2x removed)
Charles Dana GIBSON (7th cousin 5x removed)
Mel Colm-Cille Gerard GIBSON (10th cousin once removed)
Thomas Ellis GIBSON (17th cousin once removed)
Frank Newton GIFFORD (9th cousin once removed)
Gabrielle Dee GIFFORDS
Melissa Ellen GILBERT (16th cousin 3x removed)
Vincent Grant GILL (17th cousin 2x removed)
King Camp GILLETTE (7th cousin 4x removed)
Kathleen GILLIGAN (Spouse of 9th cousin once removed)
Newton Leroy GINGRICH
Dorothy GISH (8th cousin 3x removed)
Lillian GISH (8th cousin 3x removed)
Sen. John Herschel GLENN, Jr. (16th cousin 4x removed)
Paulette GODDARD (9th cousin 2x removed)
Dr. Robert Hutchings GODDARD (8th cousin 3x removed)
Arthur Morton GODFREY (8th cousin 5x removed)
Norris Findley GOFF (18th cousin)
Jeffrey Lynn GOLDBLUM (Spouse of 9th cousin 3x removed)
Sen. Barry Morris GOLDWATER (11th cousin 3x removed)
Anthony Howard GOLDWYN (9th cousin 3x removed)
John Stephen GOODMAN (12th cousin 3x removed)
Jeffery Michael GORDON (9th cousin once removed)
Juliette Magill Kinzie GORDON (8th cousin 3x removed)
Berry GORDY III (Spouse of 12th cousin once removed)
Skyler Austen GORDY
Stefan Kendal GORDY
Anne Morrow GRAHAM (17th cousin 2x removed)
Rev. William Franklin GRAHAM, Jr. (16th cousin 3x removed)
Amy Lee GRANT (8th cousin once removed)
Cary GRANT (Spouse of 9th cousin once removed)
President Hiram Ulysses GRANT (6th cousin 6x removed)
Hugh John Mungo GRANT (14th cousin 2x removed)
Jennifer GRANT
Lois Mae GREEN (Spouse of 14th cousin 4x removed)
Bettejane GREER (15th cousin 3x removed)
Countess Francesca GREGORINI
Andy Samuel GRIFFITH (18th cousin once removed)
Melanie Richards GRIFFITH (16th cousin once removed)
Prince Rainier Louis Henri Maxence Bertrand GRIMALDI III (14th cousin 2x removed)
Sir Alec GUINNESS (Spouse of 13th cousin 4x removed)
Mamie GUMMER (16th cousin)
Woodrow Wilson GUTHRIE
Jacob Benjamin GYLLENHAAL (11th cousin once removed)
Margaret Ruth GYLLENHAAL (11th cousin once removed)
Stephen Roark GYLLENHAAL (10th cousin 2x removed)
Eugene Allen HACKMAN (16th cousin 2x removed)
Merle Ronald HAGGARD (17th cousin 3x removed)
Larry Martin HAGMAN (15th cousin once removed)
Barbara HALE
Capt. Nathan HALE (14th cousin 8x removed)
Alex Murray Palmer HALEY (15th cousin 2x removed)
Dr. Howard Tracy HALL (10th cousin 3x removed)
Iceal Eugene HAMBLETON (18th cousin 2x removed)
Barbara HAMEL
Maj. Gen. Alexander HAMILTON (15th cousin 9x removed)
Ashley George HAMILTON (11th cousin once removed)
George Stevens HAMILTON (10th cousin 2x removed)
Margaret Brainard HAMILTON (7th cousin 3x removed)
Harry Robinson HAMLIN (9th cousin 2x removed)
Oscar Greeley Clendenning HAMMERSTEIN II
Hon. John HANCOCK (4th cousin 8x removed)
Sen. Elizabeth HANFORD (Spouse of 15th cousin 3x removed)
Thomas Jeffrey HANKS (16th cousin 2x removed)
Jack Aven HARBAUGH (12th cousin 2x removed)
James Joseph HARBAUGH (13th cousin once removed)
John HARBAUGH (13th cousin once removed)
President Warren Gamaliel HARDING (7th cousin 3x removed)
Oliver Norvell HARDY (16th cousin 5x removed)
William Sylvester HARLEY (15th cousin 5x removed)
Jean HARLOW (10th cousin 3x removed)
Richard St. John HARRIS
Wonga Phillip HARRIS
President Benjamin HARRISON (8th cousin 5x removed)
Dhani HARRISON (22nd cousin 2x removed)
George HARRISON (22nd cousin once removed)
Sir Reginald Carey HARRISON
President William Henry HARRISON (7th cousin 7x removed)
George Huntington HARTFORD II (18th cousin 2x removed)
Paul HARVEY (17th cousin 3x removed)
Elmer Lynn HAULDREN, Jr. (10th cousin once removed)
Ethan Green HAWKE (11th cousin once removed)
Howard Winchester HAWKS (8th cousin 4x removed)
Nathaniel HAWTHORNE (6th cousin 5x removed)
Sen. Carl Trumbull HAYDEN (7th cousin 5x removed)
President Rutherford Birchard HAYES (6th cousin 4x removed)
Rita HAYWORTH (16th cousin 2x removed)
Dr. Elizabeth Lee HAZEN (9th cousin 2x removed)
Sarah Louise HEATH (9th cousin)
Nathalie Kay HEDREN (Spouse of 15th cousin 2x removed)
Hugh Marston HEFNER (9th cousin 3x removed)
Robert Anson HEINLEIN
Sen. Jesse Alexander HELMS, Jr. (19th cousin 6x removed)
Ernest Miller HEMINGWAY (10th cousin 2x removed)
Margot Louise HEMINGWAY (9th cousin 3x removed)
James Marshall HENDRIX (6th cousin 2x removed)
Gloria HENRY (16th cousin 3x removed)
First Lady Lou HENRY (17th cousin once removed)
Patrick HENRY (Spouse of 9th cousin 9x removed)
Cindy Lou HENSLEY (Spouse of 15th cousin 3x removed)
Audrey Kathleen HEPBURN (15th cousin 2x removed)
Katharine Houghton HEPBURN (9th cousin 4x removed)
Elizabeth Ann HERRING (18th cousin 2x removed)
Milton Snavely HERSHEY
Charlton HESTON (19th cousin)
James Butler HICKOK (6th cousin 4x removed)
Taylor Reuben HICKS (14th cousin once removed)
Margaret Louise HIGGINS
Gordon Bitner HINCKLEY (6th cousin 4x removed)
John Warnock HINCKLEY, Jr. (9th cousin 3x removed)
Alger HISS (14th cousin 3x removed)
James Phillip HOFFA (16th cousin once removed)
James Riddle HOFFA (15th cousin 2x removed)
William HOLDEN (11th cousin once removed)
John Henry HOLLIDAY (8th cousin 6x removed)
Natalee Ann HOLLOWAY
President Herbert Clark HOOVER (10th cousin 5x removed)
John Edgar HOOVER (6th cousin 2x removed)
William Henry HOOVER
Viola HOPEN (9th cousin once removed)
Dennis Lee HOPPER (10th cousin)
Lena Mary Calhoun HORNE (17th cousin 3x removed)
Robert HORTON (10th cousin once removed)
Kristen Mary HOUGHTON (11th cousin once removed)
Whitney Elizabeth HOUSTON (20th cousin once removed)
Ronald William HOWARD (20th cousin)
Elias HOWE (8th cousin 4x removed)
Vernon Wayne HOWELL (8th cousin once removed)
Lafayette Ronald HUBBARD (8th cousin 2x removed)
James Oliver HUBERTY (11th cousin 2x removed)
Kate Garry HUDSON (18th cousin 3x removed)
Mark HUDSON (19th cousin)
Oliver Rutledge HUDSON (18th cousin 3x removed)
Pearl HUDSON (13th cousin 4x removed)
Rock HUDSON (Spouse of 9th cousin 3x removed)
Roy Michael HUFFINGTON, Jr. (16th cousin once removed)
Edward James HUGHES
Howard Robard HUGHES, Jr. (9th cousin 2x removed)
Mark Reynolds HUGHES
Patrick Henry HUGHES (19th cousin 2x removed)
Alexander Britton HUME (14th cousin once removed)
Vice President Hubert Horatio HUMPHREY, Jr. (19th cousin once removed)
Helen Elizabeth HUNT (10th cousin once removed)
Olivia HUSSEY (Spouse of 10th cousin 2x removed)
Anjelica HUSTON (8th cousin once removed)
John Marcellus HUSTON (7th cousin 2x removed)
Walter Thomas HUSTON (Spouse of 6th cousin 3x removed)
Edward Francis HUTTON (11th cousin 3x removed)
Aldous Leonard HUXLEY (13th cousin 4x removed)
John Donald IMUS, Jr. (10th cousin 4x removed)
Laura Elizabeth INGALLS (8th cousin 4x removed)
Burl Icle Ivanhoe IVES (14th cousin 4x removed)
Charles Edward IVES (7th cousin 5x removed)
President Andrew JACKSON, Jr. (11th cousin 7x removed)
Janet Damita Jo JACKSON
LaToya Yvonne JACKSON
Michael Joseph JACKSON (Spouse of 13th cousin 4x removed)
Samuel Leroy JACKSON (18th cousin)
Gen. Thomas Jonathan JACKSON (13th cousin 5x removed)
Arnold Stephen JACOBS, Jr.
Jill Tracy JACOBS (12th cousin)
Michael Phillip JAGGER (Spouse of 18th cousin once removed)
Alexander Franklin JAMES (12th cousin 6x removed)
Jesse Gregory JAMES
Jesse Woodson JAMES (12th cousin 6x removed)
Jimi JAMISON (22nd cousin 2x removed)
President Thomas JEFFERSON (8th cousin 7x removed)
Sam Brody JENNER
William Bruce JENNER (Spouse of 11th cousin once removed)
Waylon Albright JENNINGS (22nd cousin once removed)
Waylon Arnold JENNINGS (21st cousin 2x removed)
President Andrew JOHNSON (12th cousin 8x removed)
Caleb Perry JOHNSON (18th cousin once removed)
Dakota Mayi JOHNSON (17th cousin)
Donnie Wayne JOHNSON (Spouse of 16th cousin once removed)
Edward Mead JOHNSON (6th cousin 6x removed)
George Washington JOHNSON (15th cousin 5x removed)
James Wittenborn JOHNSON (9th cousin 3x removed)
James Wood JOHNSON (6th cousin 6x removed)
President Lyndon Baines JOHNSON (9th cousin 2x removed)
Robert Glenn JOHNSON, Jr.
Robert Wood JOHNSON (6th cousin 6x removed)
Gen. Robert Wood JOHNSON II (7th cousin 5x removed)
Russell David JOHNSON
Sale Trotter Case JOHNSON (10th cousin 2x removed)
Samuel Curtis JOHNSON (9th cousin once removed)
Carolyn Sue JONES (10th cousin 2x removed)
Charles Martin JONES (16th cousin 3x removed)
George Glenn JONES (16th cousin 3x removed)
James Warren JONES (16th cousin once removed)
Quincy Delightt JONES, Jr. (17th cousin 3x removed)
Rufus Parnell JONES
Ruth Gordon JONES (8th cousin 4x removed)
Shirley Mae JONES (16th cousin once removed)
Janis Lyn JOPLIN (10th cousin)
Richard JORDAN (9th cousin)
Ashley Tyler Ciminella JUDD (10th cousin once removed)
Wynonna Ellen JUDD (16th cousin)
Solomon Laurent JUNEAU
Henry John KAISER III (9th cousin once removed)
Queen Lydia KAMAKA'EHA
King Kalani Kauikeaouli KAMEHAMEHA III
Paul Lorin KANTNER (Spouse of 10th cousin 2x removed)
Khlo‚e Alexandra KARDASHIAN (12th cousin)
Kimberly Noel KARDASHIAN (12th cousin)
Kourtney Mary KARDASHIAN (12th cousin)
Robert George KARDASHIAN (Spouse of 11th cousin once removed)
Terry Alan KATH
Walter Stacy KEACH, Jr. (12th cousin once removed)
Camille KEATON (13th cousin)
Joseph Francis KEATON VI (11th cousin 2x removed)
Michael KEATON
Robert James KEESHAN
Gary Edward KEILLOR (9th cousin 2x removed)
Jackson DeForest KELLEY (20th cousin 2x removed)
Dr. John Harvey KELLOGG (7th cousin 6x removed)
Will Keith KELLOGG (7th cousin 6x removed)
Princess Grace Patricia KELLY (Spouse of 14th cousin 2x removed)
John Brendan KELLY
Megyn Marie KELLY (Spouse of 12th cousin)
Andrea Pia KENNEDY (Spouse of 10th cousin 2x removed)
Sen. Edward Moore KENNEDY (18th cousin 2x removed)
President John Fitzgerald KENNEDY (18th cousin 2x removed)
John Fitzgerald KENNEDY, Jr. (19th cousin once removed)
Joseph Patrick KENNEDY (17th cousin 3x removed)
Robert Francis KENNEDY (18th cousin 2x removed)
David KENNISON (15th cousin 8x removed)
Danielle Riley KEOUGH (14th cousin 3x removed)
Dr. Malcolm Hooper KERR (9th cousin once removed)
Stephen Douglas KERR (10th cousin)
Henry King KETCHAM (15th cousin 3x removed)
Francis Scott KEY (Spouse of 9th cousin 8x removed)
Evelyn Louise KEYES (17th cousin 3x removed)
Herbert Buckingham KHAURY (Spouse of 17th cousin)
Nicole Mary KIDMAN (Spouse of 19th cousin once removed)
Stephen Edwin KING (10th cousin 2x removed)
First Lady Florence Mabel KLING (5th cousin 4x removed)
Robert Montgomery KNIGHT (15th cousin 2x removed)
Jesse Donald KNOTTS (9th cousin 2x removed)
Beyonc‚e Giselle KNOWLES (14th cousin)
Solange Piaget KNOWLES (14th cousin)
Amanda Marie KNOX (12th cousin)
Donald Ervin KNUTH
Ernest Edward KOVACS
James Lewis KRAFT
Kris KRISTOFFERSON (9th cousin)
Lisa Valerie KUDROW
Christopher Ashton KUTCHER (Spouse of 20th cousin 2x removed)
Christopher Scott KYLE (7th cousin 2x removed)
Andrew John LACHEY (15th cousin once removed)
Nicholas Scott LACHEY (15th cousin once removed)
Alan Wallbridge LADD (9th cousin 3x removed)
Diane LADD (Spouse of 11th cousin once removed)
Perry Francis LAFFERTY
Miranda Leigh LAMBERT (17th cousin)
Tyler Edward LAMBERT (16th cousin once removed)
Burton Stephen LANCASTER
Juliet Rose LANDAU
Michael LANDON
Thomas Wade LANDRY (21st cousin 3x removed)
Jessica Phyllis LANGE (Spouse of 10th cousin 2x removed)
Julia Frances LANGFORD (15th cousin 4x removed)
Lady Nancy Witcher LANGHORNE (10th cousin 4x removed)
John Alan LANGWORTHY (11th cousin once removed)
Adam Peter LANZA (13th cousin)
Cherilyn Sarkisian LAPIERE (19th cousin)
Lyndon Hermyle LAROUCHE, Jr. (8th cousin once removed)
Chester Harris LAUCK (13th cousin 4x removed)
Donald Joseph LAUGHLIN
David LAUREN (Spouse of 11th cousin once removed)
Tamara Faye LAVALLEY (11th cousin once removed)
Avril Ramona LAVIGNE (12th cousin)
Peter Sydney LAWFORD (Spouse of 18th cousin 2x removed)
Jennifer Shrader LAWRENCE (16th cousin once removed)
Cloris LEACHMAN (9th cousin once removed)
Timothy Francis LEARY, Jr.
Matthew Steven LEBLANC (19th cousin once removed)
Anne LaBarr LEDERER (11th cousin)
Howard Henry LEDERER (11th cousin)
Jason Michael LEE (10th cousin)
General Robert Edward LEE (7th cousin 6x removed)
Shelton Jackson LEE (15th cousin once removed)
Tommy LEE (12th cousin once removed)
Janet LEIGH (12th cousin once removed)
Vivien LEIGH (Spouse of 11th cousin 3x removed)
John Uhler LEMMON III (15th cousin 3x removed)
John Charles Julian LENNON (13th cousin 2x removed)
John Winston LENNON (12th cousin 3x removed)
Sean Taro Ono LENNON (13th cousin 2x removed)
James Douglas Muir LENO
David Michael LETTERMAN
Timothy Charles LEWALLEN (15th cousin 2x removed)
Jerry Lee LEWIS
Gov. Meriwether LEWIS (9th cousin 6x removed)
President Abraham LINCOLN (6th cousin 5x removed)
Charles Augustus LINDBERGH (Spouse of 8th cousin 2x removed)
Charles Augustus LINDBERGH, Jr. (9th cousin once removed)
Margaret LINDSAY
Peggy LIPTON (Spouse of 17th cousin 3x removed)
Charles L. LISTON
John Arthur LITHGOW (9th cousin 2x removed)
Christopher Allen LLOYD (9th cousin 3x removed)
Heather Deen LOCKLEAR (Spouse of 12th cousin once removed)
Carole LOMBARD (10th cousin 2x removed)
Roy Howard LONG (8th cousin 3x removed)
Henry Wadsworth LONGFELLOW (5th cousin 7x removed)
Eva Jacqueline LONGORIA (23rd cousin once removed)
Jonathan Douglas LORD
Sophia LOREN
Jared Lee LOUGHNER (12th cousin)
Bessie LOVE (Spouse of 8th cousin 4x removed)
Bob E. LOVE (16th cousin 5x removed)
Courtney Michelle LOVE (Spouse of 12th cousin once removed)
Michael Edward LOVE (8th cousin)
Howard Phillips LOVECRAFT (6th cousin 3x removed)
Lyle Pearce LOVETT (10th cousin once removed)
Percival LOWELL (8th cousin 4x removed)
George Walton LUCAS, Jr. (15th cousin 3x removed)
Claire LUCE (8th cousin 2x removed)
Allen E. LUDDEN (25th cousin once removed)
Paul Edward LYNDE (10th cousin 3x removed)
Diana LYNN
Rosalie Anderson MACDOWELL (9th cousin once removed)
Seth Woodbury MACFARLANE (10th cousin 2x removed)
Benjamin Levi MADDEN
Joel Rueben MADDEN
President James MADISON (8th cousin 9x removed)
Michael Soren MADSEN (Spouse of 19th cousin)
Virginia MADSEN (Spouse of 8th cousin once removed)
Richard Raymond MAJERUS
Lee MAJORS (10th cousin once removed)
Horace MANN (6th cousin 6x removed)
Archibald Elisha MANNING (13th cousin 4x removed)
Elisha Nelson MANNING (14th cousin 3x removed)
Peyton Williams MANNING (14th cousin 3x removed)
Jayne MANSFIELD (12th cousin 2x removed)
Charles Milles MANSON (11th cousin once removed)
Mickey Charles MANTLE (11th cousin once removed)
Marla Ann MAPLES (11th cousin once removed)
Wellington Timothy MARA
David Nesta MARLEY
Julian Ricardo MARLEY
Nesta Robert MARLEY
Carole Penny MARSHALL
Christopher Anthony John MARTIN
Dean Paul MARTIN
Dean Paul MARTIN
Mary Virginia MARTIN (14th cousin 2x removed)
Stephen Glenn MARTIN
Winston Conrad MARTINDALE
Lee MARVIN (9th cousin 2x removed)
Groucho MARX (Spouse of 8th cousin 3x removed)
Harpo MARX
Karl Heinrich MARX (Spouse of 13th cousin 7x removed)
Shirley Ardell MASON (12th cousin once removed)
Dott Curtis MASSEY (12th cousin once removed)
Mary Joe MATALIN (10th cousin 3x removed)
Marshall Bruce MATHERS III
Hiram Percy MAXIM (20th cousin 2x removed)
Madalyn Evalyn MAYS
Sen. John Sidney MCCAIN III (15th cousin 3x removed)
Sir James Paul MCCARTNEY (20th cousin 3x removed)
Mary Anna MCCARTNEY (21st cousin 2x removed)
Stella Nina MCCARTNEY (21st cousin 2x removed)
Cyrus Hall MCCORMICK (Spouse of 7th cousin 5x removed)
Robert Rutherford MCCORMICK (8th cousin 3x removed)
Reba Nell MCENTIRE (13th cousin once removed)
Samuel Timothy MCGRAW (12th cousin)
Dorothy Hackett MCGUIRE (12th cousin once removed)
Andrew Lyall MCKEAG (3rd cousin once removed)
President William James MCKINLEY (15th cousin 7x removed)
Robert Findley MCLAURY (12th cousin 7x removed)
Thomas MCLAURY (12th cousin 7x removed)
Terrence Stephen MCQUEEN (14th cousin 2x removed)
Timothy James MCVEIGH
Julia MCWILLIAMS (9th cousin 2x removed)
Audrey MEADOWS (10th cousin 2x removed)
Jayne MEADOWS (10th cousin 2x removed)
Shakira Isabel MEBARAK RIPOLL (Spouse of 23rd cousin)
Herman MELVILLE (12th cousin 6x removed)
John Robert MENARD, Jr.
Lee Ann MERIWETHER (9th cousin once removed)
Ethel MERMAN (Spouse of 14th cousin 4x removed)
Joseph Carey MERRICK
Dina MERRILL (8th cousin 4x removed)
Alyson Renae MICHALKA (17th cousin)
Amanda Joy MICHALKA (17th cousin)
Agatha Mary Clarissa MILLER (10th cousin 3x removed)
Alton Glenn MILLER (9th cousin 2x removed)
Marilyn MILLER (11th cousin once removed)
Hayley Catherine Rose Vivien MILLS
Sir John Lewis Ernest Watts /Mills/
Rachel MINER (9th cousin)
Liza May MINNELLI (15th cousin 3x removed)
Christopher MITCHUM (10th cousin once removed)
James Robin Spence MITCHUM (10th cousin once removed)
Robert Charles Durman MITCHUM (9th cousin 2x removed)
Lester Huger MOFFATT, Jr. (10th cousin 2x removed)
Vice President Walter Frederick MONDALE (Spouse of 10th cousin)
President James MONROE (13th cousin 7x removed)
Marilyn MONROE (9th cousin 3x removed)
William Smith MONROE
Elizabeth Victoria MONTGOMERY (9th cousin 2x removed)
Poppy MONTGOMERY (Spouse of 11th cousin)
Robert MONTGOMERY (8th cousin 3x removed)
Juan Pablo MONTOYA (25th cousin)
Frederick George MOORE (11th cousin 2x removed)
Mary Tyler MOORE (Spouse of 9th cousin 2x removed)
John Pierpont MORGAN (7th cousin 4x removed)
Thomas Hunt MORGAN (9th cousin 3x removed)
James Douglas MORRISON (9th cousin once removed)
Samuel Finley Breese MORSE (9th cousin 6x removed)
Gary MORTON (Spouse of 8th cousin 2x removed)
Vice President Levi Parsons MORTON (6th cousin 5x removed)
Nancy MOTES (18th cousin)
Kathryn Bridget MOYNAHAN
Thomas Joseph MULCAIR
William Patrick MULDOON III (12th cousin)
Keith Rupert MURDOCH (20th cousin 2x removed)
Audie Leon MURPHY (16th cousin)
Benito Amilcare Andrea MUSSOLINI
James Thurston NABORS (14th cousin 3x removed)
Evan Olav NAESS (12th cousin 2x removed)
Leona Kristina NAESS
David Oswald NELSON
Eric Hilliard NELSON
Oswald George NELSON
Willie Hugh NELSON (16th cousin 2x removed)
Franco NERO
George Robert NEWHART (11th cousin once removed)
Paul Leonard NEWMAN (Spouse of 11th cousin once removed)
Sir Isaac NEWTON (7th cousin 11x removed)
Mike NICHOLS (Spouse of 12th cousin 5x removed)
John Joseph NICHOLSON (14th cousin 2x removed)
Stephanie Lynn NICKS (18th cousin)
James David Graham NIVEN (Spouse of 12th cousin once removed)
President Richard Milhous NIXON (7th cousin 2x removed)
Jessie Irene NOBLETT (10th cousin 2x removed)
Frederick Booker NOE III (13th cousin)
Rhonda Jean NOONAN (8th cousin 2x removed)
Carlos Ray NORRIS (17th cousin once removed)
Jay Waverly NORTH, Jr. (11th cousin once removed)
Bradley James NOWELL (11th cousin once removed)
Terri Kathleen NUNN (10th cousin once removed)
Conan Christopher O'BRIEN (Spouse of 9th cousin 2x removed)
Helen May O'CONNELL (Spouse of 14th cousin 3x removed)
Maureen O'HARA (Spouse of 9th cousin 3x removed)
Charles Patrick Ryan O'NEAL
Maureen Paula O'SULLIVAN (15th cousin 7x removed)
Barack Hussein OBAMA (Spouse of 10th cousin 2x removed)
President Barack Hussein OBAMA, Jr. (11th cousin once removed)
Omar Onyango OBAMA
Dr. Rita Auma OBAMA
Zeituni Onyango OBAMA
Queen Katharine OF ARAGON (3rd cousin 17x removed)
Saint St. Joan OF ARC (11th cousin 17x removed)
King Louis OF FRANCE XIV (8th cousin 12x removed)
Queen Margaret OF SCOTLAND (25th Great Grandmother)
Leonard Gary OLDMAN (Spouse of 15th cousin)
Sir Laurence Kerr OLIVIER (11th cousin 3x removed)
Nancy Ann OLSON
Ann-Margret OLSSON (Spouse of 20th cousin)
Yoko ONO (Spouse of 12th cousin 3x removed)
Haley Joel OSMENT
Donald Clark OSMOND (9th cousin once removed)
Kenneth Charles OSMOND (Spouse of 25th cousin 2x removed)
Olive Marie OSMOND (9th cousin once removed)
James Newell OSTERBERG, Jr.
June Lee OSWALD (16th cousin 3x removed)
Lee Harvey OSWALD (15th cousin 4x removed)
Alvis Edgar OWENS, Jr. (16th cousin 2x removed)
Catherine OXENBERG (17th cousin)
India Riven OXENBERG (17th cousin once removed)
James Ward PACKARD (8th cousin 2x removed)
William Doud PACKARD (8th cousin 2x removed)
Alfred Griner PACKER (13th cousin 7x removed)
Gwyneth Kate PALTROW
Bonnie Elizabeth PARKER (15th cousin 3x removed)
Sarah Jessica PARKER (11th cousin once removed)
Stephanie Sachiko PARKER (14th cousin)
John Whiteside PARSONS (10th cousin 2x removed)
Dolly Rebecca PARTON (12th cousin once removed)
Danica Sue PATRICK (15th cousin 3x removed)
Dr. Ronald Ernest PAUL (Spouse of 12th cousin once removed)
Margaret Jane PAULEY (19th cousin)
William Archibald PAXTON (10th cousin once removed)
First Lady Dorothea Dandridge PAYNE (9th cousin 8x removed)
Charles Willson PEALE (9th cousin 6x removed)
James PEALE (9th cousin 6x removed)
Sarah Miriam PEALE (10th cousin 5x removed)
Robert Edwin PEARY (14th cousin 5x removed)
Eldred Gregory PECK (11th cousin once removed)
Michael Daniel PENN
Sean Justin PENN (Spouse of 18th cousin once removed)
James Cash PENNEY II (14th cousin 4x removed)
Anthony PERKINS (9th cousin 2x removed)
Henry Ross PEROT
Audrey Faith PERRY (Spouse of 12th cousin)
Matthew Langford PERRY (8th cousin once removed)
Commodore Oliver Hazard PERRY (10th cousin 7x removed)
Gen. John Joseph PERSHING
Elizabeth Jean PETERS (Spouse of 9th cousin 2x removed)
William Paul PETERSEN (11th cousin)
Deborah Mary PETERSON (12th cousin once removed)
Scott Lee PETERSON (Spouse of 16th cousin)
Victoria Anne Theresa PETERSON (12th cousin once removed)
Adam Kyler PETTY (17th cousin 2x removed)
Kyle Eugene PETTY (17th cousin once removed)
Lee Arnold PETTY (18th cousin 2x removed)
Richard Lee PETTY (17th cousin)
Thomas Earl PETTY (10th cousin 2x removed)
Anton Frederik PHILIPS
Gerard Leonard Frederik PHILIPS
Matthew Ryan PHILLIPPE (17th cousin)
John Edmund Andrew PHILLIPS (Spouse of 7th cousin 4x removed)
Michelle PHILLIPS (7th cousin 4x removed)
Phillip PHILLIPS (15th cousin once removed)
Joyce Irene PHIPPS (8th cousin 2x removed)
Joaquin Rafael PHOENIX
Jack PICKFORD (Spouse of 11th cousin once removed)
Kellie Dawn PICKLER
First Lady Barbara PIERCE (9th cousin 2x removed)
President Franklin PIERCE (5th cousin 6x removed)
Charles Alfred PILLSBURY (14th cousin 4x removed)
William Bradley PITT (10th cousin)
King Richard PLANTAGENET III (16th Great Grand Uncle)
Sylvia PLATH
Dana Michelle PLATO (16th cousin)
Aubrey Christina PLAZA
Suzanne PLESHETTE (Spouse of 21st cousin once removed)
George Ames PLIMPTON (8th cousin 2x removed)
Edgar Allan POE (7th cousin 5x removed)
Amy Meredith POEHLER (10th cousin once removed)
Roman POLANSKI (Spouse of 17th cousin 3x removed)
President James Knox POLK (14th cousin 6x removed)
Carlo PONTI, Jr.
Col. Albert Augustus POPE (8th cousin 4x removed)
Cassadee Blake POPE (12th cousin)
Cole Albert PORTER (7th cousin 4x removed)
Katherine Ann PORTER (13th cousin 4x removed)
William Sydney PORTER (7th cousin 5x removed)
Marjorie Armstrong POST (14th cousin 3x removed)
Marjorie Merriweather POST (7th cousin 5x removed)
Thomas Gordon POSTON (21st cousin once removed)
Gen. Colin Luther POWELL (16th cousin 4x removed)
Cynthia Lillian POWELL (Spouse of 12th cousin 3x removed)
William Horatio POWELL (Spouse of 10th cousin 2x removed)
Romina Francesca POWER (16th cousin once removed)
Tyrone Edmund POWER (15th cousin 2x removed)
Parley Parker PRATT (6th cousin 6x removed)
Elvis Aron PRESLEY (12th cousin 5x removed)
Vincent Leonard PRICE, Jr. (9th cousin 2x removed)
William A. PROCTER
Joseph PULITZER (Spouse of 12th cousin 5x removed)
Melvin Horace PURVIS, Jr.
Dennis William QUAID (17th cousin once removed)
Sally Sterling QUINN (22nd cousin once removed)
Dennis Lynn RADER (26th cousin)
Sir Walter RALEIGH (2nd cousin 14x removed)
JonBen‚et Patricia RAMSEY (12th cousin once removed)
Basil RATHBONE (10th cousin 3x removed)
Daniel Irvin RATHER, Jr. (11th cousin 2x removed)
Navi RAWAT (Spouse of 13th cousin)
Alexander Gillespie RAYMOND, Jr.
President Ronald Wilson REAGAN (15th cousin once removed)
Orville Clarence REDENBACHER
Charles Robert REDFORD, Jr. (17th cousin 2x removed)
Corin William REDGRAVE
Lynn Rachel REDGRAVE
Sir Michael Scudamore REDGRAVE
Carol REED (Spouse of 12th cousin once removed)
Donna REED (11th cousin)
Elizabeth Jones REED (6th cousin 4x removed)
Lewis Allan REED (Spouse of 22nd cousin)
Robert Oliver REED
Christopher D'Olier REEVE (10th cousin 2x removed)
George REEVES (17th cousin once removed)
Keanu Charles REEVES (16th cousin)
Hon. William Hubbs REHNQUIST (10th cousin 2x removed)
Eliphalet REMINGTON, Jr. (5th cousin 6x removed)
Frederic Sackrider REMINGTON (8th cousin 3x removed)
Mia Marie REUTHER (Spouse of 8th cousin 2x removed)
Mary Frances REYNOLDS (13th cousin)
Richard Joshua REYNOLDS (15th cousin 3x removed)
Howard Douglas RICE (12th cousin 4x removed)
Ronald Joseph RICE (10th cousin 2x removed)
Zachary RICHARD (21st cousin 3x removed)
Cecil Antonio RICHARDSON
Lionel Brockman RICHIE, Jr.
Nicole Camille RICHIE
Sofia Alexandra RICHIE
Paul Andrew RICHTER (9th cousin 4x removed)
Beth Jean RIESGRAF (Spouse of 10th cousin)
Cardinal Justin Francis RIGALI
Lisa Deanna RINNA (Spouse of 9th cousin 2x removed)
Guy Stuart RITCHIE (15th cousin once removed)
Jonathan Southworth RITTER (16th cousin 2x removed)
Woodward Maurice RITTER (21st cousin)
Jason Nelson ROBARDS (9th cousin 2x removed)
Timothy Francis ROBBINS (10th cousin 3x removed)
Emma Rose ROBERTS (15th cousin once removed)
Granville Oral ROBERTS (16th cousin 2x removed)
Julia Fiona ROBERTS (14th cousin 2x removed)
Baroness Margaret Hilda ROBERTS (12th cousin 2x removed)
Anna Mary ROBERTSON (8th cousin 4x removed of Spouse)
Clifford Parker ROBERTSON III (Spouse of 8th cousin 4x removed)
Craig Malcolm ROBINSON (17th cousin 2x removed)
Michelle LaVaughn ROBINSON (17th cousin 2x removed)
Laci Denise ROCHA (16th cousin)
John Davison ROCKEFELLER (7th cousin 4x removed)
Vice President Nelson Aldrich ROCKEFELLER (6th cousin 3x removed)
Winthrop Paul ROCKEFELLER (7th cousin 2x removed)
Winthrop ROCKEFELLER (6th cousin 3x removed)
Norman Perceval ROCKWELL (7th cousin 3x removed)
Eugene Wesley RODDENBERRY (9th cousin 3x removed)
First Lady Hillary Diane RODHAM (22nd cousin 3x removed)
Rev. Fred McFeely ROGERS (13th cousin once removed)
Ginger ROGERS (13th cousin 3x removed)
Kenneth Donald ROGERS (10th cousin 3x removed)
Roy ROGERS (14th cousin 3x removed)
Samuel Shepard ROGERS IV (10th cousin 2x removed)
William Penn Adair ROGERS (14th cousin 5x removed)
William Vann ROGERS (15th cousin 4x removed)
Pocahontas ROLFE
Rebecca Alie ROMIJN (15th cousin)
Gov. George Wilcken ROMNEY (9th cousin 3x removed)
Gov. Willard Mitt ROMNEY (9th cousin once removed)
Maria Linda RONSTADT (12th cousin once removed)
Arthur Joseph ROONEY II
Arthur Joseph ROONEY, Jr.
Arthur Joseph ROONEY
Daniel Milton ROONEY
Mickey ROONEY (Spouse of 17th cousin once removed)
First Lady Anna Eleanor ROOSEVELT (9th cousin 3x removed)
President Franklin Delano ROOSEVELT (6th cousin 5x removed)
President Theodore ROOSEVELT, Jr. (8th cousin 4x removed)
Peter Edward ROSE (15th cousin 2x removed)
Diana Ernestine Earle ROSS (12th cousin once removed)
Marian E. ROSS
Michael Bruce ROSS (11th cousin once removed)
Tracee Ellis ROSS (12th cousin 2x removed)
Mayer Amschel ROTHSCHILD
Joanne Kathleen ROWLING
First Lady Lucretia RUDOLPH (7th cousin 4x removed)
Barbara C. RUSSELL
Betsy RUSSELL (13th cousin)
Kurt Vogel RUSSELL (11th cousin)
Wendy Jean RUSSELL (Spouse of 13th cousin)
Meg RYAN (Spouse of 17th cousin once removed)
First Lady Thelma Catherine RYAN (Spouse of 7th cousin 2x removed)
Andrew David SAMBERG
Col. Harland David SANDERS (8th cousin 2x removed)
Dick SARGENT (11th cousin)
John Peter SARSGAARD (Spouse of 11th cousin once removed)
Clarence C. SAUNDERS (14th cousin 4x removed)
Lila Diane SAWYER (21st cousin 4x removed)
Melinda SAXE (Spouse of 19th cousin once removed)
First Lady Ida SAXTON (4th cousin 3x removed)
Zelda SAYRE (9th cousin 4x removed)
William Royce SCAGGS (13th cousin)
Philip SCHNEIDER (Spouse of 12th cousin 3x removed)
Jason Francesco SCHWARTZMAN
Arnold Alois SCHWARZENEGGER (Spouse of 19th cousin once removed)
General Herbert Norman SCHWARZKOPF, Jr. (18th cousin)
Russell Louis SCHWEICKART (Spouse of 13th cousin 2x removed)
David Lawrence SCHWIMMER (Spouse of 15th cousin 2x removed)
Campbell Whalen SCOTT (18th cousin 2x removed)
George Campbell SCOTT (18th cousin once removed)
George Randolph SCOTT (12th cousin 3x removed)
Russell Glenn SCOTT
Sir Walter SCOTT (10th cousin 6x removed)
Kesha Rose SEBERT
Amy Louise SEDARIS (10th cousin 2x removed)
David Raymond SEDARIS (10th cousin 2x removed)
Tiffany Joyce SEDARIS (10th cousin 2x removed)
Edith Minturn SEDGWICK (7th cousin 3x removed)
Kyra SEDGWICK (9th cousin once removed)
Pete SEEGER (11th cousin once removed)
Robert Clark SEGER (12th cousin)
Franūcoise SEIGNER
Tommy Lynn SELLS
Edward Louis SEVERSON III (18th cousin)
Gov. William Henry SEWARD (9th cousin 6x removed)
William SHAKESPEARE (7th cousin 14x removed)
Del SHANNON (8th cousin 2x removed)
William Alan SHATNER (Spouse of 8th cousin 2x removed)
Artie SHAW (Spouse of 15th cousin 3x removed)
Brewster Hopkinson SHAW, Jr. (8th cousin 2x removed)
Edith Norma SHEARER
Charlie SHEEN (15th cousin 2x removed)
Archbishop Fulton John SHEEN
Martin SHEEN (Spouse of 15th cousin once removed)
Blake Tollison SHELTON (15th cousin once removed)
Dr. Samuel Holmes SHEPPARD (Spouse of 9th cousin once removed)
Christa Brooke SHIELDS (11th cousin once removed)
Claire SHIPMAN (17th cousin)
Alan Field SHUGART (10th cousin 2x removed)
Keaton H. SIMONS
Ashlee Nicole SIMPSON (Spouse of 11th cousin)
Jessica Ann SIMPSON (Spouse of 15th cousin once removed)
Orenthal James SIMPSON
Francis Albert SINATRA (Spouse of 10th cousin once removed)
Nancy Sandra SINATRA
Isaac Merrit SINGER (7th cousin 6x removed)
Ethel SKAKEL (Spouse of 18th cousin 2x removed)
Dr. Marie Salomea SKLODOWSKA (Spouse of 23rd cousin 6x removed)
Richard Palmer Kaleioku SMART (10th cousin once removed of Spouse)
First Lady Abigail SMITH (9th cousin 8x removed)
First Lady Eleanor Rosalynn SMITH (Spouse of 14th cousin once removed)
Emmitt James SMITH III
Horace SMITH (7th cousin 5x removed)
Kurtwood Larson SMITH (Spouse of 10th cousin 2x removed)
Rebecca Carlene SMITH (16th cousin 3x removed)
Dr. Robert Holbrook SMITH (9th cousin 2x removed)
Richard Remick SMOTHERS (12th cousin once removed)
Thomas Bolyn SMOTHERS III (12th cousin once removed)
Cara Carleton SNEED (12th cousin 3x removed)
Robert Anthony SNOW (11th cousin once removed)
Edward Joseph SNOWDEN (11th cousin once removed)
Lynsi Lavelle SNYDER (14th cousin once removed)
Ariadna Thal‚ia SODI MIRANDA
Maya Kassandra SOETORO (11th cousin once removed)
John Philip SOUSA (33rd cousin 2x removed)
Dorothy Fay SOUTHWORTH (15th cousin 3x removed)
Mary Elizabeth SPACEK (9th cousin 3x removed)
Kevin SPACEY (11th cousin once removed)
James Todd SPADER (9th cousin once removed)
James Murray SPANGLER
Aaron SPELLING (Spouse of 10th cousin 2x removed)
Victoria Davey SPELLING
Lady Diana Frances SPENCER (11th cousin)
Sir Winston Leonard SPENCER-CHURCHILL (6th cousin 4x removed)
Robert William SPICKARD
Dr. Benjamin McLane SPOCK (9th cousin 3x removed)
Bruce Frederick Joseph SPRINGSTEEN
Robert Langford STACK (9th cousin 2x removed)
Frank P. STALLONE, Jr. (25th cousin 2x removed)
Sage Moonblood STALLONE (26th cousin once removed)
Sylvester Gardenzio STALLONE (25th cousin 2x removed)
John Phillip STAMOS (Spouse of 15th cousin)
Gov. Amasa Leland STANFORD (7th cousin 5x removed)
Barbara STANWYCK (12th cousin 3x removed)
Lois Maureen STAPLETON
Kenneth Winston STARR (15th cousin 2x removed)
Mary Nell STEENBURGEN (17th cousin 4x removed)
John Ernst STEINBECK III (10th cousin 3x removed)
Gloria Marie STEINEM
Gregg William STEINHAFEL
James Maitland STEWART II (15th cousin 4x removed)
Sharon Vonne STONE (9th cousin 2x removed)
Cheryl Jean STOPPELMOOR (10th cousin once removed)
Gale STORM (8th cousin 3x removed)
Beatrice Whitney STRAIGHT (9th cousin 2x removed)
Meryl STREEP (15th cousin once removed)
Barbara Joan STREISAND (Spouse of 10th cousin)
William Thomas STRICKLAND
Sally Ann STRUTHERS (11th cousin once removed)
Jacob Franklin STUDEBAKER
Taya Renae STUDEBAKER (17th cousin once removed)
Preston STURGES (Spouse of 7th cousin 3x removed)
Daniel Jason SUDEIKIS
William Ashley SUNDAY (15th cousin 3x removed)
Cass Robert SUNSTEIN
Donald McNichol SUTHERLAND (11th cousin once removed)
Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus SUTHERLAND (12th cousin)
Rossif SUTHERLAND (12th cousin)
Hilary Ann SWANK (12th cousin)
Donald Carl SWAYZE (8th cousin once removed)
Patrick Wayne SWAYZE (8th cousin once removed)
Sawyer Storm SWEETEN (11th cousin once removed)
Taylor Alison SWIFT (10th cousin 2x removed)
Pearl Comfort SYDENSTRICKER (Spouse of 18th cousin 5x removed)
President William Howard TAFT (7th cousin 4x removed)
Steven Victor TALLARICO (10th cousin)
Constance Alice TALMADGE (9th cousin once removed)
Norma TALMADGE (9th cousin once removed)
Ida Minerva TARBELL (11th cousin 6x removed)
Pauline Mary TARN (9th cousin 3x removed)
Sharon Marie TATE (17th cousin 3x removed)
First Lady Claudia Alta TAYLOR (16th cousin 3x removed)
Elizabeth Rosemond TAYLOR (15th cousin 2x removed)
Robert TAYLOR (8th cousin once removed)
President Zachary TAYLOR (5th cousin 7x removed)
Shirley Jane TEMPLE (9th cousin 3x removed)
Lord Alfred TENNYSON (9th cousin 13x removed)
Marie THARP (7th cousin once removed)
Lowell Jackson THOMAS (24th cousin 2x removed)
Hunter Stockton THOMPSON
Henry David THOREAU (6th cousin 5x removed)
Billy Bob THORNTON (Spouse of 19th cousin once removed)
Uma Karuna THURMAN (15th cousin)
Cheryl Rae TIEGS (Spouse of 12th cousin)
Louis Comfort TIFFANY (8th cousin 4x removed)
First Lady Mary Ann TODD (Spouse of 6th cousin 5x removed)
Count Lev Nikolayevich TOLSTOY (23rd cousin 7x removed)
Susan Abigail TOMALIN (Spouse of 10th cousin 3x removed)
Clyde William TOMBAUGH (17th cousin 4x removed)
Mary Jean TOMLIN
Peter TORK (9th cousin 2x removed)
Spencer Bonaventure TRACY (9th cousin once removed)
Sir Herbert Beerbohm TREE
Garretson Beekman TRUDEAU (12th cousin)
Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott TRUDEAU (20th cousin 4x removed)
Edwin Malcolm TRUMAN (8th cousin once removed)
President Harry S. TRUMAN (13th cousin 4x removed)
Donald John TRUMP (Spouse of 11th cousin once removed)
Ivanka Marie TRUMP
Cali TUCKER (13th cousin)
Karla Faye TUCKER (15th cousin 2x removed)
LaCosta Juanita TUCKER (12th cousin once removed)
Marilyn TUCKER (Spouse of 10th cousin once removed)
Tanya Denise TUCKER (12th cousin once removed)
Queen Elizabeth TUDOR I (2nd cousin 15x removed)
King Henry TUDOR VII (1st cousin 15x removed)
King Henry TUDOR VIII (1st cousin 16x removed)
Queen Mary TUDOR I (2nd cousin 15x removed)
Lana TURNER (15th cousin 3x removed)
Lurene S. TUTTLE (11th cousin once removed)
Shania TWAIN
President John TYLER, Jr. (10th cousin 6x removed)
Morris King UDALL (8th cousin 3x removed)
Carrie Marie UNDERWOOD (20th cousin)
Keith Lionel URBAN
Rudolph VALENTINO (Spouse of 8th cousin 2x removed)
Hubert Prior VALL¬EE (Spouse of 15th cousin 3x removed)
President Martin VAN BUREN (20th cousin 6x removed)
Clarence LeRoy VAN CLEEF, Jr. (26th cousin)
Jerry VAN DYKE (10th cousin 2x removed)
Richard Wayne VAN DYKE (10th cousin 2x removed)
Alexander Arthur VAN HALEN
Edward Lodewijk VAN HALEN (Spouse of 16th cousin 4x removed)
Vincent VAN PATTEN (9th cousin)
Robert Matthew VAN WINKLE
William /Van Zandt/
Donald VAN ZANT (11th cousin)
John Roy VAN ZANT (11th cousin)
Ronald Wayne VAN ZANT (11th cousin)
Commodore Cornelius VANDERBILT (10th cousin 6x removed)
Gloria Laura VANDERBILT (14th cousin 2x removed)
William Henry VANDERBILT (11th cousin 5x removed)
James Pendleton VANDIVER
Jules Gabriel VERNE (18th cousin 10x removed)
Justin DeYarmond Edison VERNON
Eugene Luther Gore VIDAL (15th cousin 3x removed)
Lynne Ann VINCENT (10th cousin)
Angelina Jolie VOIGHT (19th cousin once removed)
James Wesley VOIGHT
Manfred Albrecht VON RICHTHOFEN (15th cousin 5x removed)
Wolfram Karl Ludwig Moritz VON RICHTHOFEN
Priscilla Ann WAGNER (Spouse of 12th cousin 5x removed)
Porter Wayne WAGONER
Donald Edmond WAHLBERG (12th cousin)
Mark Robert Michael WAHLBERG (12th cousin)
Gen. Jonathan Mayhew WAINWRIGHT IV (9th cousin 3x removed)
Loudon Snowden WAINWRIGHT III (8th cousin)
Martha WAINWRIGHT (8th cousin once removed)
Rufus McGarrigle WAINWRIGHT (8th cousin once removed)
Ralph H. WAITE, Jr. (17th cousin once removed)
Addison Morton WALKER (9th cousin 2x removed)
Paul William WALKER IV (13th cousin 2x removed)
Gov. Scott Kevin WALKER (11th cousin once removed)
President William WALKER (15th cousin 6x removed)
Ian Russell WALLACE (Spouse of 12th cousin 2x removed)
Myron Leon WALLACE (Spouse of 9th cousin once removed)
Emma Kristen WALSH (17th cousin once removed)
Joseph Fidler WALSH (17th cousin)
Barbara Jill WALTERS
Luke Theodore WALTON (9th cousin once removed)
Samuel Moore WALTON (8th cousin 3x removed)
Samuel Robson WALTON (9th cousin 2x removed)
William Theodore WALTON III (8th cousin 2x removed)
Artemas WARD (10th cousin 8x removed)
Gen. Artemas WARD (Spouse of 7th cousin 11x removed)
Julia WARD (5th cousin 6x removed)
Delia Mae WARWICK (20th cousin once removed)
Dionne WARWICK (20th cousin once removed)
Booker Taliaferro WASHINGTON
President George WASHINGTON (9th cousin 8x removed)
Willard Lewis WATERMAN (11th cousin once removed)
Eric Fletcher WATERS (Spouse of 15th cousin 3x removed)
George Roger WATERS (16th cousin 2x removed)
John Samuel WATERS, Jr. (15th cousin 2x removed)
Carol WAYNE (26th cousin)
John WAYNE (8th cousin 2x removed)
Patrick WAYNE (9th cousin once removed)
Archbishop Rembert George WEAKLAND
Sigourney WEAVER (16th cousin 3x removed)
Winstead Sheffield Glenndenning Dixon WEAVER (15th cousin 4x removed)
Delbert Eugene WEBB (Spouse of 22nd cousin 2x removed)
Loretta WEBB (10th cousin 4x removed)
Senator Daniel WEBSTER (5th cousin 7x removed)
Noah WEBSTER (4th cousin 8x removed)
Robert Hall WEIR (9th cousin 2x removed)
First Lady Laura Lane WELCH (16th cousin once removed)
Raquel WELCH (9th cousin 3x removed)
George Orson WELLES (8th cousin 2x removed)
Dawn Elberta WELLS (10th cousin)
Henry WELLS (7th cousin 6x removed)
Herbert George WELLS (Spouse of 12th cousin 3x removed)
George Robert WENDT III (Spouse of 17th cousin once removed)
Peter Lewis Kingston WENTZ III (11th cousin)
Daniel Baird WESSON (5th cousin 6x removed)
Adam WEST (17th cousin)
Kanye Omari WEST (Spouse of 12th cousin)
Mary Jane WEST (Spouse of 14th cousin 2x removed)
Betty Marion WHITE (Spouse of 25th cousin once removed)
Charles Joseph WHITMAN (18th cousin)
Walt WHITMAN (6th cousin 5x removed)
Cornelius Vanderbilt WHITNEY (9th cousin 2x removed)
Eli WHITNEY (5th cousin 7x removed)
Joseph Early WIDENER (17th cousin 3x removed)
Olivia WILDE (16th cousin once removed)
Cynthia Jane WILLIAMS (9th cousin once removed)
Esther Jane WILLIAMS (11th cousin 2x removed)
Howard Andrew WILLIAMS (8th cousin once removed)
Joseph Stanley WILLIAMS (11th cousin once removed)
Robin McLaurim WILLIAMS (9th cousin 4x removed)
Thomas Lanier WILLIAMS (9th cousin 2x removed)
James Robert WILLS (14th cousin once removed)
Louis McGrath WILLS (12th cousin 4x removed)
Brian Douglas WILSON (8th cousin)
Carl Dean WILSON (8th cousin)
Carnie WILSON (8th cousin once removed)
Dennis Carl WILSON (8th cousin)
Samuel WILSON (17th cousin 7x removed)
President Thomas Woodrow WILSON (13th cousin 7x removed)
Wendy WILSON (8th cousin once removed)
William Griffith WILSON (6th cousin 3x removed)
Oliver Fisher WINCHESTER (6th cousin 6x removed)
Prince of Wales Charles Philip Arthur George WINDSOR (13th cousin 3x removed)
Queen of England Elizabeth Alexandra Mary WINDSOR II (12th cousin 4x removed)
Prince Henry Charles Albert David WINDSOR (11th cousin once removed)
Prince William Arthur Philip Louis WINDSOR (11th cousin once removed)
Oprah Gail WINFREY
Grace Barnett WING (10th cousin 2x removed)
Laura Jeanne Reese WITHERSPOON (19th cousin 2x removed)
Frank Oliver WIZIARDE (9th cousin 3x removed)
Dudley Francis WOLFE (13th cousin 4x removed)
Alexander Draper WOLFF (13th cousin)
Nathaniel Marvin WOLFF (13th cousin)
Natalie WOOD
John Robert WOODEN (Spouse of 13th cousin 6x removed)
Joanne Gignilliat Trimmier WOODWARD (11th cousin once removed)
Robert Burns WOODWARD (9th cousin 3x removed)
Robert Upshur WOODWARD (9th cousin once removed)
Shelby Frederick WOOLEY (18th cousin 2x removed)
Robert James WOOLSEY, Jr. (14th cousin 2x removed)
Frank Winfield WOOLWORTH (7th cousin 3x removed)
Jo Anne WORLEY (18th cousin)
Stephen Gary WOZNIAK
Frederick Lincoln WRAY, Jr. (18th cousin once removed)
Vina Fay WRAY (9th cousin 3x removed)
Frank Lloyd WRIGHT (8th cousin 4x removed)
Orville WRIGHT (7th cousin 5x removed)
Wilbur WRIGHT (7th cousin 5x removed)
Jane Waddington WYATT (14th cousin 2x removed)
Andrew Newell WYETH (13th cousin 4x removed)
Howard Pyle WYETH (14th cousin 3x removed)
Newell Convers WYETH (12th cousin 5x removed)
Frank Clifford WYKOFF (11th cousin 2x removed)
Tammy WYNETTE (16th cousin 2x removed)
Alfred Matthew YANKOVIC (13th cousin once removed)
Amy Marie YASBECK (Spouse of 16th cousin 2x removed)
Gig YOUNG (Spouse of 9th cousin 2x removed)
Jon Steven YOUNG (9th cousin)
Loretta YOUNG (14th cousin 2x removed)
Ahmet Emuukha Rodan ZAPPA (Spouse of 12th cousin)
Diva Muffin ZAPPA
Dweezil ZAPPA
Francis Vincent ZAPPA, Jr.
Moon Unit ZAPPA
Warren William ZEVON (17th cousin once removed)
George Michael ZIMMERMAN (Spouse of 26th cousin once removed)

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