Dowling Family Genealogy - U.S. Congress
Members of the United States Congress

Gov. John ADAIR (15th cousin 7x removed)
Hon. Charles Francis ADAMS (7th cousin 5x removed)
President John ADAMS, Jr. (5th cousin 7x removed)
President John Quincy ADAMS (6th cousin 6x removed)
Governor Samuel ADAMS (7th cousin 8x removed)
Asa ADGATE (4th cousin 7x removed)
Vice President Spiro Theodore AGNEW
Sen. Daniel Kahikina AKAKA
Sen. Nelson Wilmarth ALDRICH (6th cousin 5x removed)
Richard Steere ALDRICH (5th cousin 4x removed)
Elisha Hunt ALLEN (5th cousin 6x removed)
Samuel Clesson ALLEN (Spouse of 4th cousin 7x removed)
Gov. Adelbert AMES (6th cousin 6x removed)
Butler AMES (6th cousin 4x removed)
Nathan APPLETON (11th cousin 7x removed)
William APPLETON (11th cousin 7x removed)
Sen. John ARMSTRONG, Jr. (Spouse of 14th cousin 8x removed)
Maj. Gen. John ARMSTRONG
President Chester Allen ARTHUR (8th cousin 3x removed)
William Henry ASHLEY (Spouse of 10th cousin 5x removed)
Henry Fountain ASHURST
James Coats AUCHINCLOSS (7th cousin 3x removed)
Dr. Albert Elmer AUSTIN (16th cousin 2x removed)
Sen. Nathan Lynn BACHMAN (15th cousin 4x removed)
Robert Low BACON (12th cousin 3x removed)
Howard Malcolm BALDRIGE
Sen. Abraham BALDWIN (5th cousin 8x removed)
Augustus Carpenter BALDWIN (5th cousin 5x removed)
Harry Streett BALDWIN (12th cousin 5x removed)
Henry Alexander BALDWIN (8th cousin 4x removed)
Gov. Henry Porter BALDWIN (7th cousin 7x removed)
Hon. Henry White BALDWIN (4th cousin 8x removed)
John BALDWIN (3rd cousin 6x removed)
Rev. John Dennison BALDWIN (5th cousin 6x removed)
John Finley BALDWIN, Jr. (13th cousin 4x removed)
Joseph Clark BALDWIN III (7th cousin 3x removed)
Melvin Riley BALDWIN (6th cousin 5x removed)
Gov. Raymond Earl BALDWIN (8th cousin 3x removed)
Gov. Roger Sherman BALDWIN (4th cousin 7x removed)
Simeon BALDWIN (3rd cousin 8x removed)
Tammy Suzanne Green BALDWIN (12th cousin)
Ronald Sylvester BARBER (9th cousin 2x removed)
Vice President Alben William BARKLEY (Spouse of 14th cousin 3x removed)
Thomas Mark BARRETT (16th cousin 2x removed)
Gov. Josiah BARTLETT (7th cousin 10x removed)
Gov. Richard BASSETT
Sen. James Asheton BAYARD III (Spouse of 12th cousin 5x removed)
John Bubenheim BAYARD
Sen. Richard Henry BAYARD
Sen. Thomas Francis BAYARD (13th cousin 4x removed)
Sen. Birch Evans BAYH III
Sen. Birch Evans BAYH, Jr.
Sen. Michael Farrand BENNET (8th cousin)
Sen. Lloyd Millard BENTSEN, Jr. (17th cousin 3x removed)
Vice President Joseph Robinette BIDEN, Jr. (18th cousin once removed)
Barnabas BIDWELL (5th cousin 8x removed)
Gov. Theodore Gilmore BILBO (13th cousin 4x removed)
Frances Payne BINGHAM (8th cousin 3x removed)
William BINGHAM, Jr. (10th cousin 10x removed)
Gov. William Henry BISSELL (5th cousin 6x removed)
George Robison BLACK (Spouse of 13th cousin 4x removed)
Sen. James Gillespie BLAINE (Spouse of 8th cousin 5x removed)
Gov. Joseph BLOOMFIELD (5th cousin 9x removed)
John Andrew BOEHNER (16th cousin 3x removed)
Thomas Hale BOGGS (Spouse of 11th cousin 2x removed)
Chester Castle BOLTON (Spouse of 8th cousin 3x removed)
Oliver Payne BOLTON (9th cousin 2x removed)
Sonny BONO (Spouse of 19th cousin)
Anne Clare BOOTHE (Spouse of 8th cousin 2x removed)
Sen. William Edgar BORAH (Spouse of 9th cousin 3x removed)
Daniel David BOREN (16th cousin 2x removed)
Sen. David Lyle BOREN (15th cousin 3x removed)
Lyle Hagler BOREN (Spouse of 14th cousin 4x removed)
Hon. Benjamin BOURNE (16th cousin 6x removed)
Gov. George Sewall BOUTWELL (4th cousin 6x removed)
Sen. William Warren BRADLEY (17th cousin 2x removed)
Lawrence BRAINERD (5th cousin 7x removed)
Samuel Myron BRAINERD (7th cousin 4x removed)
Clifton Rodes BRECKINRIDGE (11th cousin 5x removed)
John Bayne BRECKINRIDGE (15th cousin 2x removed)
John BRECKINRIDGE (Spouse of 12th cousin 8x removed)
Vice President John Cabell BRECKINRIDGE (13th cousin 8x removed)
William Campbell Preston BRECKINRIDGE (13th cousin 4x removed)
William Henry BROCKENBROUGH (12th cousin 6x removed)
John BROWN (3rd cousin 8x removed)
Gov. John Young BROWN (Spouse of 11th cousin 4x removed)
John Young BROWN
Sen. Scott Phillip BROWN (11th cousin once removed)
Sen. William Cabell BRUCE (10th cousin 3x removed)
Ruth Baird BRYAN (10th cousin 2x removed)
William Jennings BRYAN (9th cousin 3x removed)
President James BUCHANAN (14th cousin 6x removed)
Sen. Muriel Fay BUCK (Spouse of 19th cousin once removed)
Sen. James Lane BUCKLEY
Howard Homan BUFFETT (10th cousin 3x removed)
Gov. Morgan Gardner BULKELEY (6th cousin 5x removed)
Gov. John Anthony BURNS (Spouse of 10th cousin once removed)
Vice President Aaron BURR (5th cousin 7x removed)
President George Herbert Walker BUSH (9th cousin 3x removed)
Sen. Prescott Sheldon BUSH (8th cousin 4x removed)
Sen. Andrew Pickens BUTLER (12th cousin 6x removed)
Gov. Benjamin Franklin BUTLER (4th cousin 6x removed)
Sen. Matthew Calbraith BUTLER (11th cousin 6x removed)
Maj. Gen. William BUTLER (11th cousin 7x removed)
Dr. William BUTLER, Jr. (12th cousin 6x removed)
Sen. Harry Flood BYRD (13th cousin 2x removed)
Harry Flood BYRD, Jr. (14th cousin once removed)
Sen. Robert Carlyle BYRD (17th cousin once removed)
Col. Lambert CADWALADER (Spouse of 13th cousin 7x removed)
Sen. Alexander CALDWELL (8th cousin 6x removed)
Vice President John Caldwell CALHOUN (13th cousin 7x removed)
Joseph CALHOUN (12th cousin 8x removed)
Sen. Thaddeus Horatius CARAWAY (14th cousin 5x removed)
Edward Espenett CASE (9th cousin once removed)
Lewis CASS (7th cousin 4x removed)
Gov. John Lester Hubbard CHAFEE (10th cousin 4x removed)
Gov. Lincoln Davenport CHAFEE (11th cousin 3x removed)
Sen. Jerome Bunty CHAFFEE (12th cousin 6x removed)
John Winthrop CHANLER (7th cousin 7x removed)
William Astor CHANLER (7th cousin 4x removed)
Alfred Clark CHAPIN (9th cousin 5x removed)
Hon. Salmon Portland CHASE (5th cousin 6x removed)
Vice President Richard Bruce CHENEY (10th cousin 2x removed)
James Robert CLAIBORNE, Jr. (11th cousin 6x removed)
John CLAIBORNE (9th cousin 8x removed)
John Francis Hamtramck CLAIBORNE (10th cousin 7x removed)
Marie Corinne Morrison CLAIBORNE (11th cousin 2x removed)
Nathaniel Herbert CLAIBORNE (9th cousin 8x removed)
Col. Thomas CLAIBORNE (8th cousin 9x removed)
Thomas CLAIBORNE, Jr. (9th cousin 8x removed)
Gov. William Charles Cole CLAIBORNE (9th cousin 8x removed)
Sen. William Andrews CLARK
Charles Russell CLASON (7th cousin 3x removed)
Sen. Henry CLAY
James Brown CLAY
Gov. DeWitt CLINTON (10th cousin 9x removed)
George CLINTON (10th cousin 9x removed)
Vice President George CLINTON (9th cousin 10x removed)
James Graham CLINTON (10th cousin 9x removed)
Hiester CLYMER (15th cousin 10x removed)
Cadwallader David COLDEN
Vice President Schuyler COLFAX, Jr. (13th cousin 5x removed)
Sen. John Ewing COLHOUN (12th cousin 8x removed)
Gov. Alfred Holt COLQUITT
Sen. Walter Terry COLQUITT
LeBaron Bradford COLT (6th cousin 6x removed)
Sen. Thomas Terry CONNALLY (Spouse of 14th cousin once removed)
William James CONNELL
President Calvin COOLIDGE (9th cousin 3x removed)
Joseph Halsey CRANE (14th cousin 8x removed)
Stephen CRANE (12th cousin 10x removed)
William Wallace CRAPO (6th cousin 6x removed)
Gov. John Jordan CRITTENDEN (15th cousin 5x removed)
Col. David Stern CROCKETT (12th cousin 5x removed)
John Wesley CROCKETT (13th cousin 4x removed)
Sen. Rafael Edward CRUZ (Spouse of 18th cousin 2x removed)
Vice President Charles CURTIS (7th cousin 5x removed)
Maj. Gen. Samuel Ryan CURTIS (6th cousin 6x removed)
Rev. Manasseh CUTLER (8th cousin 6x removed)
William Parker CUTLER (7th cousin 5x removed)
Nancy Patricia D'ALESANDRO
Mayor Thomas Ludwig John D'ALESANDRO, Jr.
Vice President George Mifflin DALLAS (13th cousin 7x removed)
Hon. David DAVIS (Spouse of 12th cousin 5x removed)
Sen. Jefferson Finis DAVIS (Spouse of 6th cousin 6x removed)
Beman Gates DAWES (8th cousin 4x removed)
Vice President Charles Gates DAWES (8th cousin 4x removed)
Henry Laurens DAWES (12th cousin 6x removed)
Rufus R. DAWES (13th cousin 5x removed)
Stephen Albion DAY (8th cousin 3x removed)
Mark Brandt DAYTON (11th cousin once removed)
Edwin DENBY (8th cousin 3x removed)
Sen. Jeremiah Andrew DENTON, Jr. (14th cousin 3x removed)
Gov. Joseph DESHA (5th cousin 6x removed)
Robert DESHA (5th cousin 6x removed)
Sen. Archibald DIXON (Spouse of 10th cousin 5x removed)
William Earl DODGE (6th cousin 6x removed)
Sen. Robert Joseph DOLE (15th cousin 3x removed)
Ulysses Freeman DOUBLEDAY (6th cousin 6x removed)
Sen. John Fairfield DRYDEN
Sen. Henry Algernon DU PONT
Sen. John Foster DULLES (8th cousin 4x removed)
Gabriel DUVALL (12th cousin 13x removed)
Samuel EDDY (4th cousin 7x removed)
Alfred Peck EDGERTON (8th cousin 5x removed)
Joseph Ketchum EDGERTON (8th cousin 5x removed)
Sen. John Reid EDWARDS (20th cousin)
Sen. Christopher ELLERY, Jr.
William ELLERY, Jr. (Spouse of 7th cousin 9x removed)
Ebenezer ELMER (Spouse of 4th cousin 7x removed)
Jonathan ELMER
Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus ELMER (5th cousin 6x removed)
Sen. John Wayles EPPES (9th cousin 6x removed)
George EUSTIS, Jr. (16th cousin 4x removed)
Sen. James Biddle EUSTIS (16th cousin 4x removed)
Gov. William EUSTIS (14th cousin 6x removed)
William Maxwell EVARTS (8th cousin 6x removed)
Edward EVERETT (7th cousin 7x removed)
Vice President Charles Warren FAIRBANKS (6th cousin 5x removed)
Gov. Paul Jones FANNIN (10th cousin 4x removed)
Randolph Blake FARENTHOLD (17th cousin once removed)
Joseph Rider FARRINGTON (7th cousin 3x removed)
John FERDON (Spouse of 8th cousin 4x removed)
President Millard FILLMORE (5th cousin 5x removed)
Gov. Hamilton FISH (10th cousin 6x removed)
Hamilton FISH III (8th cousin 3x removed)
Hamilton FISH, Jr. (11th cousin 5x removed)
Sen. Graham Newell FITCH (6th cousin 5x removed)
Sen. Jeffry Lane FLAKE (10th cousin)
Gov. John Buchanan FLOYD (Spouse of 11th cousin 6x removed)
Maj. Gen. William Anson FLOYD (10th cousin 8x removed)
President Gerald Rudolph FORD (8th cousin once removed)
Gov. John FORSYTH (Spouse of 4th cousin 6x removed)
Sen. Alan Stuart FRANKEN
Sen. Frederick Theodore FRELINGHUYSEN (Spouse of 7th cousin 4x removed)
Sen. Joseph Sherman FRELINGHUYSEN
Peter Hood Ballantine FRELINGHUYSEN, Jr. (10th cousin once removed)
Rodney Procter FRELINGHUYSEN (11th cousin)
Gov. Alvan Tufts FULLER (8th cousin 4x removed)
Charles Eugene FULLER (7th cousin 5x removed)
George FULLER (5th cousin 6x removed)
Hadwen Carlton FULLER (7th cousin once removed)
Henry Mills FULLER (5th cousin 5x removed)
Philo Case FULLER (6th cousin 6x removed)
Hon. Timothy FULLER, Jr. (5th cousin 7x removed)
William Elijah FULLER (7th cousin 4x removed)
Barzillai GANNETT (5th cousin 6x removed)
President James Abram GARFIELD (6th cousin 4x removed)
Vice President John Nance GARNER III (14th cousin 4x removed)
Sen. Walter Franklin GEORGE (14th cousin 4x removed)
Vice President Elbridge GERRY (11th cousin 9x removed)
Elbridge GERRY III (13th cousin 7x removed)
Sen. Peter Goelet GERRY (14th cousin 6x removed)
Gabrielle Dee GIFFORDS
Thomas Ponce GILL (9th cousin 2x removed)
Gov. John Joyce GILLIGAN
Newton Leroy GINGRICH
Sen. John Herschel GLENN, Jr. (16th cousin 4x removed)
Sen. Barry Morris GOLDWATER (11th cousin 3x removed)
Barry Morris GOLDWATER, Jr. (12th cousin 2x removed)
Albert Arnold GORE (15th cousin 3x removed)
Vice President Albert Arnold GORE, Jr. (16th cousin 2x removed)
Thomas Pryor GORE (13th cousin 5x removed)
Samuel Francis GOVE (8th cousin 4x removed)
Daniel Robert GRAHAM
Col. William GRAYSON (12th cousin 8x removed)
Sen. Albert Collins GREENE (6th cousin 5x removed)
Gov. Judd Alan GREGG (10th cousin 2x removed)
Joseph GRINNELL (10th cousin 7x removed)
Moses Hicks GRINNELL (10th cousin 7x removed)
Sen. John Simon GUGGENHEIM
Gov. William Thomas HAMILTON (Spouse of 7th cousin 5x removed)
Vice President Hannibal HAMLIN (5th cousin 6x removed)
James Henry HAMMOND
Millicent Vernon HAMMOND
Gen. Wade HAMPTON III (Spouse of 12th cousin 5x removed)
Sen. Elizabeth HANFORD (Spouse of 15th cousin 3x removed)
Sen. Marcus Alonzo HANNA
Ruth HANNA (Spouse of 8th cousin 3x removed)
Benjamin HARDIN (13th cousin 7x removed)
Col. John J. HARDIN (14th cousin 6x removed)
Sen. Martin Davis HARDIN (13th cousin 7x removed)
President Warren Gamaliel HARDING (7th cousin 3x removed)
Sen. James HARLAN (17th cousin 3x removed)
Sen. Ira HARRIS (5th cousin 7x removed)
Sen. William Julius HARRIS (Spouse of 7th cousin 4x removed)
President Benjamin HARRISON (8th cousin 5x removed)
Gov. Benjamin HARRISON V (6th cousin 8x removed)
Carter Bassett HARRISON (7th cousin 7x removed)
Mayor Carter Henry HARRISON III (9th cousin 5x removed)
John Scott HARRISON (7th cousin 6x removed)
William Henry HARRISON (10th cousin 3x removed)
President William Henry HARRISON (7th cousin 7x removed)
Sen. Thomas Charles HART (8th cousin 5x removed)
Sen. Orrin Grant HATCH (9th cousin 3x removed)
Sen. Carl Trumbull HAYDEN (7th cousin 5x removed)
President Rutherford Birchard HAYES (6th cousin 4x removed)
John David HAYWORTH, Jr. (17th cousin once removed)
Sen. Henry John HEINZ III (11th cousin)
Sen. Jesse Alexander HELMS, Jr. (19th cousin 6x removed)
Gov. William HENDRICKS
John Carlyle HERBERT (12th cousin 8x removed)
Elizabeth Ann HERRING (18th cousin 2x removed)
Gov. Joseph HIESTER
Hon. Stephen HIGGINSON, Jr. (11th cousin 9x removed)
Ebenezer Rockwood HOAR (9th cousin 6x removed)
George Frisbie HOAR (9th cousin 6x removed)
Rockwood HOAR (10th cousin 5x removed)
Samuel HOAR, Jr. (Spouse of 8th cousin 7x removed)
Sherman HOAR (10th cousin 5x removed)
Vice President Garret Augustus HOBART (9th cousin 3x removed)
Charles HOOKS
Gov. Stephen HOPKINS (7th cousin 10x removed)
Sen. Andrew Jackson HOUSTON
Gov. Samuel HOUSTON
Gov. John Eager HOWARD (8th cousin 9x removed)
Hon. David HOWELL (Spouse of 3rd cousin 8x removed)
Jeremiah Brown HOWELL (4th cousin 7x removed)
Thomas Jefferson HUDSON (Spouse of 7th cousin 5x removed)
Roy Michael HUFFINGTON, Jr. (16th cousin once removed)
Sen. Daniel Elliott HUGER
Sen. Cordell HULL (10th cousin 2x removed)
Vice President Hubert Horatio HUMPHREY, Jr. (19th cousin once removed)
Gov. Washington HUNT (6th cousin 5x removed)
Sen. Alfred IVERSON (6th cousin 5x removed)
Sen. Ralph IZARD
President Andrew JACKSON, Jr. (11th cousin 7x removed)
Jesse Louis JACKSON, Jr.
Amaziah Bailey JAMES (Spouse of 6th cousin 6x removed)
William Paul Haalilio JARRETT
President Thomas JEFFERSON (8th cousin 7x removed)
President Andrew JOHNSON (12th cousin 8x removed)
James JOHNSON (13th cousin 6x removed)
John Telemachus JOHNSON (13th cousin 6x removed)
President Lyndon Baines JOHNSON (9th cousin 2x removed)
Vice President Richard Mentor JOHNSON (13th cousin 6x removed)
Sen. Robert Ward JOHNSON (14th cousin 5x removed)
Sen. Benjamin Franklin JONAS
Sen. Elias Kent KANE (10th cousin 6x removed)
Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalaniana'ole KAWANANAKOA
Charles KELLOGG (4th cousin 6x removed)
Francis William KELLOGG (5th cousin 6x removed)
Sen. Frank Billings KELLOGG (7th cousin 4x removed)
Orlando KELLOGG (6th cousin 5x removed)
Stephen Wright KELLOGG (5th cousin 5x removed)
Hon. William KELLOGG (6th cousin 5x removed)
Gov. William Pitt KELLOGG (7th cousin 6x removed)
Sen. Edward Moore KENNEDY (18th cousin 2x removed)
President John Fitzgerald KENNEDY (18th cousin 2x removed)
Joseph Patrick KENNEDY II (19th cousin once removed)
Patrick Joseph KENNEDY (19th cousin once removed)
Robert Francis KENNEDY (18th cousin 2x removed)
John Worth KERN
Sen. John Forbes KERRY (10th cousin 4x removed)
Capt. Philip Barton KEY
Col. James KILBOURNE (4th cousin 7x removed)
James Gore KING (13th cousin 8x removed)
John Alsop KING (13th cousin 8x removed)
Sen. Rufus KING (12th cousin 9x removed)
Gov. Samuel Wilder KING (11th cousin 5x removed)
Vice President William Rufus DeVane KING
Francis KINLOCH, Jr.
Herman KNICKERBOCKER (20th cousin 6x removed)
John Henry KYL (Spouse of 9th cousin once removed)
Jon Llewellyn KYL (10th cousin)
James Paul LANKFORD (17th cousin once removed)
Stephen Michael LARGENT (15th cousin 3x removed)
Samuel LATHROP (4th cousin 8x removed)
William LATHROP (4th cousin 5x removed)
Gov. Walter LEAKE (Spouse of 10th cousin 10x removed)
Gov. Herbert Henry LEHMAN
Sen. Barbara S. LEVY
President Abraham LINCOLN (6th cousin 5x removed)
Charles Augustus LINDBERGH
Romulus Zachariah LINNEY (16th cousin 2x removed)
Sen. Henry Frederick LIPPITT (10th cousin 3x removed)
Henry Walter LIVINGSTON (15th cousin 7x removed)
Robert Linlithgow LIVINGSTON IV (20th cousin 2x removed)
Walter LIVINGSTON (14th cousin 8x removed)
Col. Edward LLOYD IV (8th cousin 9x removed)
Nicholas LONGWORTH, Jr. (8th cousin 4x removed)
Isaac LOW
William Pitt LYNDE (10th cousin 7x removed)
Chittenden LYON (6th cousin 5x removed)
Matthew LYON (Spouse of 4th cousin 7x removed)
President James MADISON (8th cousin 9x removed)
Sen. Francis MALBONE, Jr.
Horace MANN (6th cousin 6x removed)
Vice President Thomas Riley MARSHALL (16th cousin 3x removed)
Maj. Gen. Dudley MARVIN (5th cousin 7x removed)
Francis MARVIN (7th cousin 5x removed)
James Madison MARVIN (5th cousin 6x removed)
Richard Pratt MARVIN (6th cousin 6x removed)
James Brown MASON (Spouse of 4th cousin 7x removed)
William Gibbs MCADOO, Jr. (Spouse of 9th cousin 5x removed)
Sen. George Wickliffe MCBRIDE
John Rogers MCBRIDE
Sen. John Sidney MCCAIN III (15th cousin 3x removed)
Sen. Addison Mitchell MCCONNELL, Jr. (15th cousin once removed)
Gov. William John MCCONNELL
Gov. Myron Hawley MCCORD (Spouse of 6th cousin 4x removed)
Sen. Joseph Medill MCCORMICK (8th cousin 3x removed)
Sen. Cornelius Alexander MCGILLICUDDY III (15th cousin once removed)
Cornelius Harvey MCGILLICUDDY IV (15th cousin 2x removed)
President William James MCKINLEY (15th cousin 7x removed)
Gov. Anselm Joseph MCLAURIN
Gov. George Payne MCLEAN (6th cousin 5x removed)
Gov. Return Jonathan MEIGS, Jr. (4th cousin 6x removed)
Edwin Albert MERRITT (14th cousin 4x removed)
Edward Maurice MEZVINSKY
Vice President Walter Frederick MONDALE (Spouse of 10th cousin)
President James MONROE (13th cousin 7x removed)
Gov. James Turner MOREHEAD (11th cousin 7x removed)
Gov. Edward Denison MORGAN (6th cousin 4x removed)
Edward de Veaux MORRELL (13th cousin 4x removed)
Sen. Justin Smith MORRILL (6th cousin 5x removed)
Gen. Lewis MORRIS III (Spouse of 10th cousin 8x removed)
Sen. Robert MORRIS
Vice President Levi Parsons MORTON (6th cousin 5x removed)
Francis Swaine MUHLENBERG
Rev. Frederick Augustus Conrad MUHLENBERG
Col. Frederick Augustus MUHLENBERG
Henry Augustus MUHLENBERG
Rev. Henry Augustus Philip MUHLENBERG
Gen. John Peter Gabriel MUHLENBERG
James Scott NEGLEY
Hugh NELSON (7th cousin 7x removed)
Gov. Thomas NELSON (6th cousin 8x removed)
John NICHOLAS (10th cousin 8x removed)
Sen. Robert Carter NICHOLAS (11th cousin 7x removed)
Gov. Wilson Cary NICHOLAS (10th cousin 8x removed)
Joseph Hopper NICHOLSON (Spouse of 9th cousin 8x removed)
John Thompson NIXON (12th cousin 4x removed)
President Richard Milhous NIXON (7th cousin 2x removed)
Sen. John NORVELL (14th cousin 7x removed)
President Barack Hussein OBAMA, Jr. (11th cousin once removed)
Col. Samuel OSGOOD
Gov. William PACA
Gov. John PAGE (10th cousin 8x removed)
Mann PAGE III (10th cousin 8x removed)
Robert PAGE (10th cousin 8x removed)
Edward Lopez PASTOR
Sen. David Trotter PATTERSON (Spouse of 13th cousin 7x removed)
Sen. Randal Howard PAUL (12th cousin 2x removed)
Dr. Ronald Ernest PAUL (Spouse of 12th cousin once removed)
Sen. Henry B. PAYNE (6th cousin 5x removed)
Claiborne de Borda PELL (9th cousin 2x removed)
Herbert Claiborne PELL, Jr. (13th cousin 4x removed)
Sen. Charles Harting PERCY
Richard PETERS
Oliver PHELPS (3rd cousin 9x removed)
Jonas Phillips PHOENIX (Spouse of 6th cousin 7x removed)
Andrew PICKENS, Jr. (13th cousin 9x removed)
Gov. Francis Wilkinson PICKENS (14th cousin 6x removed)
President Franklin PIERCE (5th cousin 6x removed)
Ralph Oberlin PLUMB (9th cousin 4x removed)
President James Knox POLK (14th cousin 6x removed)
William Hawkins POLK (14th cousin 6x removed)
Sen. Augustus Seymour PORTER (5th cousin 7x removed)
Peter Augustus PORTER, Jr. (6th cousin 6x removed)
Col. Peter Buell PORTER (4th cousin 8x removed)
Clarkson Nott POTTER (4th cousin 4x removed)
Adam Clayton POWELL, Jr.
Cuthbert POWELL (Spouse of 11th cousin 4x removed)
Col. Levin POWELL
Gen. Francis Smith PRESTON (11th cousin 6x removed)
William Campbell PRESTON (12th cousin 5x removed)
Mary Elizabeth PRUETT (16th cousin once removed)
Joseph PULITZER (Spouse of 12th cousin 5x removed)
Benjamin Eugene QUAYLE (11th cousin)
Vice President James Danforth QUAYLE (10th cousin once removed)
Gov. John Anthony QUITMAN (Spouse of 14th cousin 5x removed)
Dr. David RAMSAY (Spouse of 11th cousin 10x removed)
Nathaniel RAMSEY (Spouse of 9th cousin 6x removed)
Peyton RANDOLPH (7th cousin 8x removed)
Gov. Thomas Mann RANDOLPH, Jr. (9th cousin 6x removed)
Henry Riggs RATHBONE (5th cousin 4x removed)
Leo Frederick RAYFIEL
Henry Frazier REAMS
Sen. David Aiken REED (Spouse of 7th cousin 3x removed)
Rollin Raymond REES (8th cousin 4x removed)
Sen. Harry Mason REID (8th cousin 2x removed)
John Jacob RHODES, Jr.
Theodore Marshall RISENHOOVER
Gen. Daniel ROBERDEAU (12th cousin 13x removed)
Charles Patrick ROBERTS (10th cousin once removed)
Sen. Absalom Willis ROBERTSON (9th cousin 3x removed)
Gov. John Davison ROCKEFELLER IV (7th cousin 2x removed)
Lewis Kirby ROCKEFELLER (Spouse of 9th cousin 3x removed)
Vice President Nelson Aldrich ROCKEFELLER (6th cousin 3x removed)
First Lady Hillary Diane RODHAM (22nd cousin 3x removed)
William Vann ROGERS (15th cousin 4x removed)
Thomas Joseph ROONEY
Franklin Delano ROOSEVELT, Jr. (7th cousin 4x removed)
James John ROOSEVELT (6th cousin 6x removed)
General James ROOSEVELT III (7th cousin 4x removed)
Robert Barnwell ROOSEVELT (7th cousin 5x removed)
President Theodore ROOSEVELT, Jr. (8th cousin 4x removed)
Sen. Elihu ROOT (6th cousin 4x removed)
Maj. Gen. William Starke ROSECRANS (6th cousin 5x removed)
Sen. Benjamin RUGGLES, Jr. (5th cousin 6x removed)
Charles Herman RUGGLES (5th cousin 6x removed)
Nathaniel RUGGLES (7th cousin 9x removed)
Gov. Edward RUTLEDGE
Gov. John RUTLEDGE, Jr.
Paul Davis RYAN
Sen. Richard John SANTORUM
Sen. William Bart SAXBE (9th cousin 2x removed)
Keith George SEBELIUS (8th cousin 2x removed)
Theodore SEDGWICK (3rd cousin 7x removed)
Samuel Riley SELLS (4th cousin 3x removed)
Sen. Ambrose Hundley SEVIER (13th cousin 5x removed)
Gov. John SEVIER
Gov. William Henry SEWARD (9th cousin 6x removed)
Sen. Horatio SEYMOUR (4th cousin 8x removed)
Vice President James Schoolcraft SHERMAN (6th cousin 4x removed)
Sen. John SHERMAN (5th cousin 5x removed)
Hon. Roger SHERMAN (7th cousin 8x removed)
Norman David SHUMWAY (11th cousin once removed)
Gov. Henry Hastings SIBLEY (7th cousin 5x removed)
Hon. Solomon SIBLEY (6th cousin 6x removed)
Albert Gallatin SIMMS
Campbell Bascom SLEMP, Jr.
Campbell Bascom SLEMP
Sen. Gordon Harold SMITH (9th cousin 2x removed)
Gov. Israel SMITH (8th cousin 10x removed)
Sen. Marcus Aurelius SMITH (12th cousin 7x removed)
Neal Edward SMITH (9th cousin 2x removed)
Rufus Paine SPALDING (5th cousin 6x removed)
Major Gen. Joseph SPENCER (9th cousin 8x removed)
Charles Franklin SPRAGUE (7th cousin 5x removed)
Peleg SPRAGUE (3rd cousin 8x removed)
Sen. Peleg SPRAGUE (5th cousin 7x removed)
William SPRAGUE (6th cousin 6x removed)
Gov. William SPRAGUE (6th cousin 6x removed)
Gov. William SPRAGUE III (5th cousin 7x removed)
Gov. Amasa Leland STANFORD (7th cousin 5x removed)
Asahel STEARNS (5th cousin 7x removed)
Sen. Ozora Pierson STEARNS (5th cousin 5x removed)
Col. Henry George STEBBINS (4th cousin 4x removed)
Vice President Adlai Ewing STEVENSON (Spouse of 12th cousin 5x removed)
Sen. Adlai Ewing STEVENSON III (9th cousin once removed)
Bellamy STORER (11th cousin 6x removed)
Bellamy STORER, Jr. (12th cousin 5x removed)
Sen. Clement STORER
Caleb STRONG, Jr. (6th cousin 8x removed)
James George STRONG, Jr. (8th cousin 4x removed)
James STRONG (6th cousin 5x removed of Spouse)
Jedediah STRONG (3rd cousin 8x removed)
Julius Levi STRONG (5th cousin 5x removed)
Luther Martin STRONG (Spouse of 12th cousin 6x removed)
Nathan Leroy STRONG
Hon. Selah Brewster STRONG (7th cousin 5x removed)
Solomon STRONG (6th cousin 8x removed)
Stephen STRONG (6th cousin 5x removed)
Theron Rudd STRONG (6th cousin 5x removed of Spouse)
Hon. William STRONG (4th cousin 8x removed)
William STRONG (6th cousin 5x removed of Spouse)
Gov. James SULLIVAN (Spouse of 11th cousin 10x removed)
Zephaniah SWIFT (Spouse of 5th cousin 7x removed)
Hon. John Cleves SYMMES (6th cousin 8x removed)
Charles Phelps TAFT (7th cousin 4x removed)
Sen. Kingsley Arter TAFT (9th cousin)
Sen. Robert Alphonso TAFT (8th cousin 3x removed)
Sen. Robert Alphonso TAFT, Jr. (9th cousin 2x removed)
Bannon Goforth THIBODEAUX (15th cousin 9x removed)
Philip Burton THOMPSON, Jr. (11th cousin 6x removed)
Dr. Jacob THORKELSON (Spouse of 8th cousin 2x removed)
Sen. James Strom THURMOND (16th cousin 4x removed)
Vice President Daniel D. TOMPKINS (4th cousin 6x removed)
President Harry S. TRUMAN (13th cousin 4x removed)
Henry St. George TUCKER (9th cousin 6x removed)
John Randolph TUCKER (10th cousin 5x removed)
David Gardiner TYLER (11th cousin 5x removed)
President John TYLER, Jr. (10th cousin 6x removed)
Sen. Mark Emery UDALL (9th cousin 2x removed)
Morris King UDALL (8th cousin 3x removed)
Stewart Lee UDALL (8th cousin 3x removed)
Sen. Thomas UDALL (9th cousin 2x removed)
President Martin VAN BUREN (20th cousin 6x removed)
Col. Philip VAN CORTLANDT (14th cousin 8x removed)
Pierre VAN CORTLANDT, Jr. (14th cousin 8x removed)
Carl Chester VAN DYKE (8th cousin 4x removed)
John VAN DYKE (Spouse of 8th cousin 4x removed)
Gov. Nicholas VAN DYKE III
Nicholas VAN DYKE IV
Maj. Gen. John Peter VAN NESS (6th cousin 6x removed)
Col. Henry Bell VAN RENSSELAER (16th cousin 6x removed)
Stephen VAN RENSSELAER III (15th cousin 7x removed)
Gov. Zebulon Baird VANCE
Sen. John Middleton VINING (21st cousin 6x removed)
Brig. Gen. Peleg WADSWORTH, Jr. (9th cousin 8x removed)
Felix WALKER (11th cousin 8x removed)
Hon. Francis WALKER (9th cousin 7x removed)
Sen. Isaac Pigeon WALKER
Vice President Henry Agard WALLACE (16th cousin 4x removed)
Gov. George WALTON (4th cousin 7x removed)
Reuben Hyde WALWORTH (5th cousin 6x removed)
Gen. Artemas WARD (Spouse of 7th cousin 11x removed)
Hon. Artemas WARD, Jr. (8th cousin 10x removed)
Gov. Samuel WARD (2nd cousin 9x removed)
Sen. Nicholas WARE (13th cousin 7x removed)
Sen. John William WARNER III (17th cousin 2x removed)
Gov. Cadwallader Colden WASHBURN (7th cousin 5x removed)
Gov. Israel WASHBURN IV (7th cousin 5x removed)
Sen. William Drew WASHBURN (7th cousin 5x removed)
Elihu Benjamin WASHBURNE (7th cousin 5x removed)
Col. George Corbin WASHINGTON (9th cousin 5x removed)
President George WASHINGTON (9th cousin 8x removed)
Sen. Clarence Wayland WATSON (15th cousin 3x removed)
James Baird WEAVER (12th cousin 6x removed)
Alfred John WESTLAND (2nd cousin 2x removed)
Gen. Joseph WHEELER (6th cousin 5x removed)
Vice President William Almon WHEELER (7th cousin 5x removed)
General William WHIPPLE (10th cousin 8x removed)
Mary WHITAKER (Spouse of 15th cousin 2x removed)
Sen. Sheldon WHITEHOUSE (8th cousin once removed)
Robert William Kalanihiapo WILCOX (13th cousin 6x removed)
Mayor Thomas WILLING (10th cousin 7x removed)
Vice President Henry WILSON
Robert Charles WINTHROP (6th cousin 8x removed)
John Knox WITHERSPOON (10th cousin 11x removed)
Gov. Oliver WOLCOTT (10th cousin 8x removed)
Sen. Hattie Ophelia WYATT (14th cousin 3x removed)
Bryan Rust YOUNG

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