Dowling Family Genealogy - Mayflower Passengers
Mayflower Passengers

John Alden (Spouse of 7th cousin 12x removed)
Isaac Allerton (10th great uncle)
Mary (Norris) Allerton (Spouse of 10th Great Grand Uncle)
Bartholomew Allerton (1st cousin 11x removed)
Remember Allerton (1st cousin 11x removed)
Mary Allerton (1st cousin 11x removed)
John Billington
Elinor Billington (Spouse of 5th cousin 9x removed)
John Billington
Francis Billington
William Bradford
Dorothy (May) Bradford
William Brewster
Mary Brewster
Love Brewster
Wrestling Brewster
Peter Browne
James Chilton
Mary Chilton (Spouse of 6th cousin 13x removed)
Francis Cooke
John Cooke
Humility Cooper (9th cousin 14x removed)
Edward Doty
Dorothy Eaton
Francis Eaton
Sarah Eaton
Samuel Eaton
Edward Fuller (11th great grandfather)
Ann Fuller (11th great grandmother)
Samuel Fuller (10th great grandfather)
Samuel Fuller (10th great grandfather)
Stephen Hopkins
Elizabeth (Fisher) Hopkins
Constance Hopkins
Giles Hopkins
Damaris Hopkins
Oceanus Hopkins
John Howland
Christopher Martin
Mary (Prower) Martin
Ellen More (8th cousin 12x removed)
Jasper More (8th cousin 12x removed)
Richard More (8th cousin 12x removed)
Mary More (8th cousin 12x removed)
William Mullins (6th cousin 13x removed_
Alice (Atwood) Mullins (Spouse of 6th cousin 13x removed)
Priscilla Mullins (7th cousin 12x removed)
Joseph Mullins (7th cousin 12x removed)
Degory Priest (10th great grandfather)
Solomon Prower
Thomas Rogers
Joseph Rogers
Henry Samson (9th cousin 14x removed)
George Soule
Myles Standish (4th cousin 13x removed)
Rose Standish (Spouse of 4th cousin 13x removed)
Edward Tilley (Spouse of 8th cousin 15x removed)
Agnes (Cooper) Tilley (8th cousin 15x removed)
John Tilley
Joan (Hurst) Tilley
Elizabeth Tilley
Richard Warren
William White
Susanna White (Spouse of 6th cousin 13x removed)
Resolved White
Edward Winslow (6th cousin 13x removed)
Elizabeth (Barker) Winslow (Spouse of 6th cousin 13x removed)
Gilbert Winslow (6th cousin 13x removed)

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