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The Sacketts of America

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5380. Charles R. Schoonover, b. Apr. 24, 1862, d. Mar. 17, 1905 m. Elisabeth Woods.
5381. George E. Schoonover, b. Nov. 1, 1865, d. Aug. 7, 1866.
5382. Frank S. Schoonover, b. Nov. 22, 1867; m. Charlotte E. Driver.
5383. Kathryn Maud Schoonover, b. May 2, 1874, d. Nov. 18, 1880.
5384. Wm.. Ozem Schoonover, b. Apr. 27, 1872; m. Annie Garrow.
5385. Victor Eugene Schoonover, b. Oct. 23, 1876, d. July 25, 1897.
5386. Grace A. Schoonover, b. Oct. 7, 1880; m. Gray Owen Strother.

2729.  VICTORIA J. SACKETT, 1840-1885, daughter of (1093) Charles Sackett and Joyce Gresham, was married, Dec. 11, 1862, to JAMES C. ELY.


5387. Harry Sackett Ely, b. Oct. 19, 1867, d. Jan. 19, 1898; m. 1st, Cora L. Hoff.

2730.  OZEM SACKETT, 1841-, of New Albany, Ind., son of (1093) Charles Sackett and Joyce Gresham, was married, Oct. 30, 1862, to MARTHA FRANCES ALEXANDER, daughter of JAMES ALEXANDER and HATTIE A. LONG. He conducted a wholesale and retail drug business in New Albany from 1865 to 1902.


5388. Nettie C. Sackett, b. Oct. 24, 1863, d. Oct. 21, 1871.
5389. Wallace A. Sackett, b. Jan. 1, 1869, d. June 27, 1894.
5390. Arthur L. Sackett, b. Sept. 20, 1873, d. May 1, 1875.
5391. Bruce C. Sackett, b. Sept. 13, 1879.

2731.  GEORGE EDWARD SACKETT, 1843, son of (1093) Charles Sackett and Joyce Gresham, was married, Aug. 27, 1868, to JOSEPHINE PETTY, 1842-1870, daughter of WILLIAM PETTY and MARY BRADLEY. On Oct. 4, 1876, he was married to MARY KATE VAN HOOK, 1850-, daughter of WILLIAM WALLACE VAN HOOK and MARY GEORGE THOMPSON. Mr. Sackett was born at Lanesville, Harrison County, Ind., and in 1848 removed with his parents to New Albany, Floyd Co., Ind., where he attended private and public schools until 1858, when he secured a position in the city post office. Later he assisted his father in his business of contractor and builder. For

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eight years he was deputy auditor of Floyd County under his father. He then became interested in manufacturing and was made secretary and treasurer of The New Albany Forge and Rolling Mill. In 1892, he removed with his family to Seattle, Washington, where he, with several others, entered into the ice making and cold storage business, and later in electric lighting and steam heating.

The Van Hooks were early settlers of New England, and claim descent from Robert Isaac Van Hook, who was Burgermaster General of Holland in the 17th century.


5392. Charles A. Sackett, b. Sept. 24, 1869, d. Nov. 8, 1889.
5393. Errett V. H. Sackett, b. Sept. 20, 1877; m. Della Joyce.
5394. Martha Joyce Sackett, b. Sept. 17, 1881.
5395. Margaret Josephine Sackett, b. Nov. 18, 1887.

2732.  MARY ISABEL SACKETT, 1844-, daughter of (1093) Charles Sackett and Joyce Gresham, was married, June 8, 1869, to EDWARD J. BROOKS, son of JAMES BROOKS and ELISABETH T. BARTLETT. They resided in 1907 at New Albany, Ind.


5396. Edward James Brooks, b. Feb. 4, 1872, d. Feb. 9, 1873.

2734.  HARRIET BURT SACKETT, 1848-, daughter of (1093) Charles Sackett and Joyce Gresham, was married, Oct. 3, 1871, to FREDERICK D. CONNOR, son of TORRENCE CONNOR and NANCY TATE.


5397. Edna Clair Connor, b. Apr. 2, 1873.
5398. Alma Connor, b. Oct. 9, 1876; m. William P. Lewis.

2738.  FRANCES MADORA SACKETT, 1854-, daughter of (1093) Charles Sackett and Joyce Gresham, was married, June 24, 1884, to HARRY W. VANCE, son of CHRISTOPHER C. VANCE and LUCY A. CARTER. They resided in 1907 at New Albany, Ind.


5399. Chester Clark Vance, b. July 27, 1885.
5400. Bruce Sackett Vance, b. Feb. 6, 1890.

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2739.  WILLIAM SACKETT, 1856-, of Louisville, Ky., son of (1093) Charles Sackett and Joyce Gresham, was married, Sept. 27, 1881, to HULDAH LONG, 1858, daughter of MATTHEW LONG and HULDAH BRIGGS. He was born at New Albany, Ind., and after a local school education entered in business with the New Albany Steam Forge and Rolling Mills. From there he accepted a position in the U. S. Internal Revenue office, under Col. Horatio Woodbury, and served in that capacity until the district was consolidated, after which he was employed in the office of the U. S. Registrar in Bankruptcy, under Noble C. Butler, who is now (1907) clerk of the U. S. Court at Indianapolis, Ind. In the year 1875 he entered the firm of Green, Conner & Sackett, insurance and real estate agents, doing a thriving business until 1881, when he engaged in the wholesale drug business with his brother Ozem. In 1886 he accepted a position with Dennis Long & Co., Louisville, Ky., manufacturers of cast iron pipe, of which company he was elected treasurer. At about same time he was treasurer of the Owensboro Water Works, at Owensboro, Ky., and was also secretary and treasurer of the Danville Water Company, of Danville, Ill. In March, 1899, Dennis Long & Co. transferred their interest in the pipe business to the U. S. Cast Iron Pipe and Foundry Company, and Mr. Sackett was appointed cashier of last named company at Louisville, Ky.


5401. Henrietta E. Sackett, b. Nov. 26, 1882; m. Geo. DuRelle Fairleigh.
5402. Matthew Gresham Sackett, b. Mar. 14, 1890.
5403. Kathryn Maud Sackett, b. July 28, 1892.

2750.  MARIA SAMANTHA NEWTON, 1828-, daughter of Winslow and (1101) Maria N. Sackett Newton, was married, Oct. 22, 1847, to CLARK CRANDALL, of Westerly, R. I.


5421. Henry Newton Crandall.
5422. Barney D. Crandall.
5423. Clara Crandall, m. Chas. H. Stanton.

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2751.  ANN LEVANTIA NEWTON, 1832-1867, daughter of Winslow Newton and (1101) Maria Sackett, was married, Sept. 5, 1853, to ROBERT WILLIAMS BROWN, son of WILLIAMS BROWN and ESTHER RANDELL. They resided at Brookfield, Madison County, N. Y., until 1864, when they removed to Utica, Dane County, Wis. Here Mrs. Ann Levantia Newtown Brown died, and her husband married as his second wife, her cousin (2756) MARY AMELIA TOWER, daughter of WILLIAM TOWER and (1104) MARTHA DIANA SACKETT. The family removed in 1879 from Dane County, Wis., to Hebron, McHenry County, Ill. In 1892 they made another change, settling at Milton, Wis., where they resided in 1907.

Children of R. W. Brown and Ann L. Newton:

5450. Charles N. Brown, b. Apr. 15, 1855; m. Nellie M. Williams.
5451. George W. Brown, b. Aug. 5, 1857; m. Maria H. Sincox.
5452. Nettie M. Brown, b. June 17, 1859; m. William L. West.
5453. Hattie E. Brown, b. June 29, 1861; m. Allen B. West.

Children of R. W. Brown and Mary A. Tower:

5454. Eleanor May Brown, b. May 7, 1870.
5455. Martha Diana Brown, b. Nov. 16, 1871.
5456. Robert Wilton Brown, b. June 10, 1873, d. May 7, 1895.

2754a.  ADDISON L. SACKETT, 1839-, of St. Peter, Minn., son of (1102) Dexter B. Sackett and Electa Bement, was married, Jan. 3, 1865, to JULIA A. ROBERTS, 1844-1896, daughter of HUGH ROBERTS. Mr. Sackett is a flour manufacturer and the senior member of the firm of Sackett & Fay, proprietors of St. Peter Roller Mills, St. Peter, Minn.


5457. Horatio S. Sackett, b. Aug. 27, 1868; m. Meta Sporing.

2754b.  CLARISSA E. SACKETT, 1841-, daughter of (1102) Dexter B. Sackett and Electa Bement, was married, Aug. 31, 1856, to PETER V. BENNETT, son of ISAAC BENNETT and HARRIET VANDUSEN. They resided in 1907 at Cortlandt, Ill.

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5457a. Alfred D. Bennett, b. Feb. 7, 1859; m. Sarah J. Jerome.
5458. Frank L. Bennett, b. June 7, 1876; m. Estelle M. Jordon.

2754e.  DE L. SACKETT, 1847-, of Elgin, Ill., son of (1102) Dexter B. Sackett and Electa Bement, was married, Jan. 19, 1892, to MARY C. WOLEBEN, daughter of CALVIN R. WOLEBEN and SALLIE VAIL. He was christened "Lester D.," but when about ten years of age his name was changed to "De L."


5458a. Helen P. Sackett, b. Nov. 30, 1892.
5458b. De Lester Sackett, b. July 3, 1905.
5458c. De Forest Sackett, b. July 3, 1905.

2755.  WILLIAM W. SACKETT, 1835-1897, of Sidney, N. Y., son of (1103) William D. Sackett and Julia Ann Harrington, was married, Mar. 19, 1860, to MARY JANE BOYD, daughter of JOHN BOYD and MARY ANN KENNEDY.


5458d. Alida Sackett, b. Mar. 12, 1864; m. Chas. T. Preston.
5458e. Myron B. Sackett, b. Dec. 2, 1875, d. Sept. 30, 1876.
5458f. Adda Pearl Sackett, b. Aug. 6, 1877.
5458g. Nellie Mae Sackett, b. Aug. 6, 1877.

2755b.  ORSON LE ROY SACKETT, 1844-, of Syracuse, N. Y., son of (1103) William D. Sackett and Julia Ann Harrington, was married, Dec. 26, 1872, to CARRIE E. STROUD, 1852-1883, daughter of SYLVENUS STROUD and MARCIA BEEBE. On Mar. 3, 1891, he was married to LAURA M. STROUD, a sister of his first wife. Mr. Sackett, in 1907, was the junior member of the firm of Bailey & Sackett, booksellers, stationers and engravers, of Syracuse, N. Y.


5459. Wellington Stroud Sackett, b. Aug. 4, 1896, d. May 3, 1897.
5460. Helen Greta Stroud Sackett, b. Sept. 3, 1898.

2756a[sic][2756x].  REV. CHARLES H. SACKETT, 1856, son of (1107) Harvey B. Sackett and Lucy Brooks, was married, Feb. 21, 1877, to ARABELLA

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CRANDALL, daughter of WILLIAM B. CRANDALL and HANNAH M. WOOD. Mr. Sackett is a Methodist minister and a member of the Wyoming Conference. In 1907 he was stationed at Peckville, Pa.


5462. Cora Adella Sackett, b. Oct. 22, 1878; m. Geo. S. Wheeler.
5463. Lula Viola Sackett, b. Jan. 29, 1881; m. John H. Petley.
5464. Martha May Sackett, b. May 10, 1883.
5465. Charrie Emeline Sackett, b. May 10, 1885.
5466. Frances Henrietta Sackett, b. June 5, 1887.
5467. Hannah Lucy Sackett, b. Dec. 9, 1889.
5468. Harvey William Crandall Sackett, b. Aug. 1, 1893.
5469. Mildred Belle Sackett, b. Aug. 27, 1895.

2759.  HON. MARTIN RUSSELL SACKETT, of Gouverneur, St. Lawrence County, N. Y., and Prescott, Ontario, Canada, son of (1108) Russell R. Sackett and Deborah Brown, was married, June 27, 1882, to MARION J. COWLES, daughter of REV. AARON J. COWLES and his wife MARION JOSEPHINE TITUS. He was graduated from Syracuse University, class of 1880, and a short time thereafter was chosen principal of Gouverneur Wesleyan Seminary, of Jamestown, N. Y., and taught for seven years; after which he organized the Gouverneur Publishing Co., for the purpose of publishing the Northern Tribune, which paper he in 1907 still controlled. In 1892 he was elected treasurer of St. Lawrence County, and held that office for two terms. In May, 1903, President Roosevelt named him Consul to Prescott Canada, which post he was filling in 1907. He is an active member of the Masonic fraternity, the Odd Fellows, and other social and fraternal bodies. He is an able editorial writer, and is particularly effective as a speaker upon patriotic and anniversary occasions in the discussion of political, economic and historical subjects. For a number of years his services have been in demand in state and national campaigns.


5470. Irma Jeannette Sackett, b. Apr. 3, 1883.
5471. Marion Josephine Sackett, b. Oct. 7, 1888.
5472. Julia Cowles Sackett, b. June 25, 1896.
5473. Russell Hamilton Sackett, b. Dec. 28, 1897.

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2760.  FRED B. SACKETT, 1859-, of Coberg and Salem, Oregon, son of (1108) Russell and Deborah Brown Sackett, was married, Sept. 7, 1887, to HATTIE SCHENCK, of Fulton, N. Y., daughter of MARCUS P. SCHENCK and LOUISA E. JONES. He was, in 1907, conducting a general merchandise business at Salem, Oregon.


5475. Frank Sackett, b. Nov. 28, 1888, d. Mar. 13, 1896.
5476. Leland Russell Sackett, b. Dec. 24, 1891.
5477. Vernar M. Sackett, b. Sept. 25, 1898.
5478. Sheldon Sackett, b. in 1902.
5478a. Schuyler Walcott Sackett, b. Feb. 23, 1905, d. Aug. 4, 1905.

2792.  Eldridge F. Dewey, 1853-, son of Aaron W. and (1121) Clarissa Sacket Dewey, was first married to Clara J. Granger, 18__-18__, and on Sept. 30, 1891, to Kittie West, of Southwick.

[7479. Elbridge Franklin, b. July 6, 1853; is a farmer and lumber dealer at Southwick, Mass.; m. March 29, 1883, Clara J. Granger, dau. of Jared Sidney and Phebe S. (Van Dusen), b. Sept. 20, 1865, at Granville, Mass.; he divorced her and m. Sept. 30, 1891, Kitty Olive West, of Southwick, dau. of Samuel and Lydia (Prentice), b. Sept. 25, 1867, at Southwick; they have Gladys Clara, b. Nov. 18, 1892; and Marshall Aaron, b. Oct. 17, 1895. Dewey Genealogy and Family History, Louis Marinus Dewey, 1898, p. 805]


5490.    Gladys Dewey, b. Nov. 18, 1892.
5491.    ______ Dewey, b. Oct. 17, 1895.

2794.  Seymour A. Sackett, 18__, son of (1123) George* and Experience Searle Sacket, married, _____ ______? [*On page 218 no spouse is given for George and his parents are given as Heman and Experience Searle Sacket]


5500.   John Allen Sackett, b. Sept. 26, 1864; m. Nettie L. Macomber.

2802.  Jennie A. Sackett, 1845-, daughter of (1126) Heman and (1120) Cordelia Sacket, was married, Mar. 24, 1870, at Greenville, Mass., to Edward A. Bacon, of springfield, Mass.


5520.    Ella Maud Bacon, b. Feb. 27, 1880.

2863.  Walter C. G. Sackett, 1851-, of Fishkill, N. Y., and Columbus, O., son of (1153) Frederick and Jane M. Gamwell Sacket, was married at Sterling, Ill., Nov. 20, 1878, To Emma L. Hogey, daughter

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of GEORGE HOGEY and his wife SUSAN POOL.  Their address in 1907 was Elmer and Bluff Avenues, Columbus, O.


5660.    Walter George Sackett, b. July 5, 1880.

2878.  Frances Adelaide Sackett, of Hartford, Conn., daughter of (1160) Loren and Frances Ann Smith Sackett, enjoys the distinction of being the first woman in America to serve as president of a veteran regimental organization.  The Hartford Daily Times, in issue of Sept. 14, 1899, devotes considerable space to an account of annual reunion of the Eleventh Connecticut Veterand, from which we copy the following items:

Miss F. Adelaide Sackett of this city was unanimously elected president of the regimental association.  This course was taken on the motion of General Horne.  It was in reciginition of the fact that Miss Sackett's brother, Captain William H. Sackett, gave up his life for the Union cause at Petersburg.  The election was most enthusiastic.  Captain Quein spoke of the bravery of the captain, whom he considered one of the most heroic of Connecticut soldiers. He was glad that the sister of Captain Sackett had been elected president.

Miss Sackett, the new president of the association, has been identified with Grand Army work in this city since the inception of the order, and is widely known throughout the state on account of her identity with the Woman's Relief Corps.  She is the past treasurer and president of Robert O. Tyler Corps and has held the office of Junior department president and department treasurer of the State, also aide on the staff of the National President.  Miss Sackett is the receiving clerk in the office of the Hartford Street Railway Company, and possesses executive ability of a high order.  The election came to her totally unexpected, and her effort to escape the office was overruled by unanimous vote of the old soldiers, who remembered her brother's courage and sacrifice on the field with the proudest comradeship.

The Times of Mar, 26, in a review of the Hartford Street Railway, says:

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Miss F. Adelaide Sackett, who has been with the company for twenty-one years, is the senior attache of the office corps. She holds the position of chief receiving clerk, which involves the original custody of all moneys turned in by the conductors. Miss Sackett began her business career in the actuarial department of the Insurance Commissioner's office, receiving her appointment under the first commissioner, Dr. George S. Miller, now superintendent of agencies of Phoenix Mutual Life. Miss Sackett has a thorough knowledge of business and has met every duty in the positions which she has occupied with competency and success.

Her business qualifications have demonstrated in more instances than can be pointed out woman's fitness to engage in the active pursuits of life.

2880.  JOSEPH TAINTOR SACKETT, 1839-, of Vernon, Conn., Amboy, Ill., and Oscar, Mo., son of (1160) Loren and Frances Ann Smith Sackett, was married, Feb. 26, 1866, to ELISABETH L. CROCKER, daughter of DAVID H. CROCKER and his wife JULIA E. CUSHMAN. Mr. Sackett is a veteran of the Civil War, having served three years as a non-commissioned officer and color bearer of the 13th Regiment of Illinois Volunteer Infantry. He participated in the battles of Lookout Mountain, Missionary Ridge, Ringold Gap, and many other engagements. He was mustered out of the service June 18, 1864, the day that his brother, Capt. William H. Sackett, of the 11th Connecticut Volunteers, was killed in front of Petersburgh, Va.

2882.  CAPT. WILLIAM HENRY SACKETT, 1841-1864, of Hartford, Conn., son of (1160) Loren and Frances Ann Smith Sackett, was married to MRS. ANNIE WILLIAMS (SUMMERS), of Portsmouth, Va. The official record of his military service reads in part as follows:

"Wm. H. Sackett, first enlisted Apr. 25, 1861; mustered in as private Co. A, 3d Conn. Inf., May 11, 1861; mustered out Aug. 12, 1861. Mustered in as Second Lieut. Co. I, 11th Conn. Inf., Dec. 14, 1861; promoted to First Lieut., June 2, 1862; promoted to Captain, Oct. 22, 1862. Killed at Petersburgh, Va., June 18, 1864."
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He was an active participant in the battles of First Bull Run. Newberne, South Mountain, Antietam, Fredericksburgh, seige of Suffolk, Cold Harbor, Petersburgh, and several minor engagements. Colonel S. B. Horne, in an address delivered on battlefield of Antietam, on occasion of dedication of Connecticut state monument, said:

"One of our best and most loving captains was stricken down June 18, 1864. I refer to Captain William H. Sackett. . . . Upon this field, by his cool bravery and gallantry he was at once promoted. . . . He fell in the din of battle, a heroic leader among heroic men. We loved him because of his moral life, his excellent character and habits, his strict discipline, and cordiality of friendship. His military history illustrates a life of devotion to his country, fidelity to his oath of office, courage in the face of danger, and a noble example in the discharge of his duties."
2883.  WILLIAM LOREN SACKETT, 186--?-, son of (1160) Loren and Sarah Downey Sackett, was married, in 1887, to IDA I. BROWN, of Springfield, Ill. The place of birth of William L. Sackett was Holyoke, Mass., and there the first three years of his life were spent. The next five years were spent with his parents at Springfield, Mass. He then went west and for several years resided with his brother, James T., and still later resided with his sister at Hartford, Conn. When old enough to do something toward his own support, he secured a position in a job printing office, continuing at a night school studies which he had previously been pursuing in a Hartford grammar school. This he continued until his strength failed him and a nearly fatal illness ensued. In 1881 he went to Decota and spent a year in ranching and seeking health, after which he went to Illinois, and located at Springfield in that state, where he secured employment in a job printing office and completed the trade. Later he took up newspaper reporting and was employed for a time on the State Journal at Springfield, of which he became night editor. In 1884 he became the capital correspondent for the Chicago Herald, and still later served on the staff of the Chicago Herald, the New York Tribune, the Philadelphia Press, and St. Louis Globe-Democrat. He also served at different times as private secretary for sev-

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