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The I. G. Swartzbaugh Family Historian is Chris Strobel, Sr.

This website is maintained by Teri Strobel

If you have any information you would like to contribute to the website, have corrections, or have information on any of the lines mentioned on this site, please contact Teri. Thank you!


This is a growing list and is in no way complete yet:


The Swartzbaugh Coat of Arms was drawn by:

Keith E. Swartzbaugh (provided by Chris Strobel, Sr.)

Much of the direct research on the Swartzbaugh line can be found in:

Constance Swartzbaugh and Roger G. Swartzbaugh. The Swartzbaugh Family in America 1749-1984 (Marceline, MO: Walsworth Publishing Company, 1984).

Additional Swartzbaugh research was done by:

Claude Swartzbaugh, Jr.
~ Past I. G. Swartzbaugh Family Historian

Most of the ancillary lines (Garman, Walter, etc.) and other research was provided by:

Diane Delcher Strobel & Teri Strobel

The I. G. Swartzbaugh reunion books are organized and printed by:

Chris Strobel, Sr.

Current Marriages, Births, and Deaths in the family are recorded by:

Mildred Kotanchik Kahley
~ I. G. Swartzbaugh Family Secretary

Reunion memories provided by:

Alyssa Brodbeck
Sheila Bricker Brodbeck
Dottie Dodson Howe
Cristal Swartzbaugh Janderchick
Mildred Kotanchik Kahley
Lisa Swartzbaugh Litgow
Charles Strobel, Jr.
Teri Strobel
Claude Swartzbaugh, Jr.
Louise Bartenslager Swartzbaugh

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