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Johann Adam Schwartzbach emigrated from Gimbsheim (north of Worms) in the Palatinate and immigrated to Pennsylvania. He and his family arrived on the Ann (listed as Johann Andon) in Philadelphia on 28 September 1749.

If you would like to see Gimbsheim on a map, click here and search in the upper right hand corner - section F1. This map is of the North-East section of the area now known as the Pflaz. The map dates to 1789, only 40 years after the Schwartzbachs immigrated to Pennsylvania.

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It appears that Johann Adam and his wife Anna Margaretha (nee Pape) emigrated from their home for religious reasons. They traveled as part of a group of Pietists to one of the earliest religious communities established in the American colonies, the small community of Ephrata in Lancaster County.

The Ephrata community register records a death for "Schw. Schwartz-Bachin," which most likely refers to Johann Adam's wife Anna Margaretha. Although I have been unable to find any other records to support this assumption (nor do I believe has any other Swartzbaugh/Schwartzbach researcher), Johann Adam did remarry in April of the following year. Johann Adam did move away from the community, but remembered the community in his will.

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