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The first memory that comes to me is bittersweet. Every year before the noon meal, a prayer is offered giving thanks for the food and fellowship. For as long as I can remember, my father, Irvin Bricker, was the one saying that prayer. That part of the reunion will always be special to me, since my father died December 6, 2004.

~ Sheila Bricker Brodbeck (June 2005)
1/Irwin Grant Swartzbaugh, 2/Fayetta Edna Swartzbaugh Bricker, 3/Irvin D. Bricker



My most memorable moments at the Swartzbaugh Reunion are playing the children's games, like candy scrambles and hunting for lollipops. I also like the peanut scramble. My most favorite thing of all to do at the reunion is to hunt for pennies in the sawdust. For lunch, I love to eat my grandma's macaroni and cheese. Delicious!

~ Alyssa Brodbeck (June 2005)
1/Irwin Grant Swartzbaugh, 2/Fayetta Edna Swartzbaugh Bricker,
3/Irvin D. Bricker, 4/ Sheila Bricker Brodbeck



Searching through the sawdust for pennies (or nickels, dimes and quarters as time passed), running to find the colored lollipop sticks, and having to use the ever famous outhouse are memories that I will never forget about the Swartzbaugh Reunion as a child. As time passed, I began to relive those experiences with my own daughters, Jessica and Julie. The trek to the outhouse was one no one ever wanted to make except out of necessity! Of course, my mom Louise Swartzbaugh was always willing to make the trip as it brought back fond memories of her youth on the farm in New Freedom, Pa.

As an adult, my fondest memories are of the guessing games and games of skill - we were ALWAYS battling with the rotten Kahley family . . . and 9 times out of 10 they would win. You know, tearing the longest newspaper strips, how many words can you make out of the letters in "Swartzbaugh Reunion," etc. Just to set the record straight on the occasion of the 50th Reunion - I think deep down that the Kahley kids still cheat to this day!

~ Cristal Swartzbaugh Janderchick (June 2005)
1/Irwin Grant Swartzbaugh, 2/Claude Peter Swartzbaugh,
3/Claude Peter Swartzbaugh, Jr.



Millard and Dottie and their two children use to come to family reunions in a Model A many years ago. Dottie and Millard slept under a canvas attached to the car on the way out for overnight stops and Max and Mayre slept in the car on the seats. The original family reunion may have started only 50 years ago, but over 70 years ago the Western cousins from Illinois came East for a get-to gather with the family. Grandpa Millard had came out to Illinois somewhere around 1913 and when a young man with children they went home ever other year or so to Penn. My first trip to Penn. Was as a teenager when I came with my mom and brother. We stayed in York with Aunt Mary and enjoyed the nearby city park. Wendell and I took our honeymoon to Penn. And reunion in 1961. The only time there were many of use there was about 25 years or so ago when Max, Millie, Mayre, Wendell, Dottie, Earl Jr. And his wife at the time Connie, all were out East for reunion. Mom Mayre, Wendell, and I have been many times and always enjoy them and seeing family. With mom and grandpa gone, they will never seem the same, but it is nice knowing that family is there and we share their love among us all.

~ Dottie Dodson Howe (June 2005)
1/Irwin Grant Swartzbaugh, 2/Millard Irwin Swartzbaugh,
3/Mayre Swartzbaugh Dodson


My name is Lisa Lithgow, daughter of Claude Peter Swartzbaugh, Jr. I would have to say that my favorite memories stem back to when I was a child. I always looked forward to finding what I thought was a fortune in sawdust, and love lollipops with markings on the stick.

~ Lisa Swartzbaugh Lithgow (June 2005)
1/Irwin Grant Swartzbaugh, 2/Claude Peter Swartzbaugh,
3/Claude Peter Swartzbaugh, Jr.


The Year 1956 when we held the 1st Reunion at Farquhar Park holds a lot of memory for me. This was the 4th year of my marriage to Louise - it was the year that we were expecting the birth of our first child (Melodie) and it was the first time that I was able to spend time with many of my relatives from the I.G. Swartzbaugh family.

~ Claude Swartzbaugh, Jr. (June 2005)
1/Irwin Grant Swartzbaugh, 2/Claude Peter Swartzbaugh


50 years! I was only a child! I regret that I had only 7 years to attend the reunion with my father-in-law Claude. He thoroughly enjoyed the event. A fond memory was walking around the food tables with Aunt Mary Kahley, talking about and looking at all the delicious foods when both of us were so "stuffed" we could barely walk.

~ Louise Swartzbaugh (June 2005)
Wife of Claude Swartzbaugh, Jr.
1/Irwin Grant Swartzbaugh, 2/Claude Peter Swartzbaugh


I am sure that many of us remember how much fun all of the kids have had digging in the sawdust pile for coins. When I brought my new wife for the first time she had never seen such a kid's game and thought it was such a really great even for all of the kids.

She had only one question! She wanted to know who was the older man who was right in there with all the kids in the middle of the sawdust. I explained that that was my uncle Ed (Ed Kahley).

~ Charles Strobel, Jr. (June 2005)
1/Irwin Grant Swartzbaugh, 2/Mary Swartzbaugh Kahley,
3/Blanche Kahley Strobel


Some years ago the Historian found some references to ancestors coming from Silesia - which just happened to be a part of Poland. For many years, I was ribbed about being an "Old Coal Cracking Polack" by my spouse. When this was announced at the Reunion, Blanche Strobel couldn't wait to tell me the GOOD NEWS. (I was home after some surgery and not in attendance.) The truth will out!

~ Mil Kahley (June 2005)
Wife of Arlington Paul Kahley
1/Irwin Grant Swartzbaugh, 2/Mary Swartzbaugh Kahley


I debated putting this one up, but I suppose Aunt Mil's memory inspired me as I was retyping these from the sheets Dad gave me to put on this page. I should say my favorite memory is the guessing games, exploring the area, or catching up with Jean and everyone else. These are things I enjoy and look forward to doing; however, my favorite memory is when my mother and grandmother use to hide out behind the old barn to smoke because my grandmother didn't want her mom to know what she was doing. Although as I recall, they weren't fooling anybody.

~ Teri Strobel (June 2005)
1/Irwin Grant Swartzbaugh, 2/Mary Swartzbaugh Kahley,
3/Blanche "Kay" Kahley Strobel, 4/Chris Edward Strobel





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