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Hello, Come on in.

So you are interested in my computer are you?
Well, let's see what we can come up with.

Terry Bell

links and stuff

Your friend notified you of a virus he may have sent you. Or was he hoaxed or scammed? Check it out before you resend the warning to others. or

Online virus check

Parents! The web can become a dangerous place for your kids. It generally is not but it can be. I suggest you make a contract with your kids for online use of the computer.

Post your genealogy on the web at worldconnect.

Test your firewall. Ummmm, What's a firewall?

My Ideas

This web stuff is really cool. I am using Frontpage Express which comes free with Windows ME to make the pages then using FTP_LE to upload them to the rootsweb server. Should you have questions about this proceedure beyond my ftp page above, just e-mail me and I will try to help you.
Another thing I have done to help make my desktop a bit cleaner is to group my programs, such as games or web stuff, into folders and put the links for those programs into those folders then put the folders on the desktop instead of all the different programs scattered willy nilly on the desktop. It's an extra click or two but if I'm in the mood for games anyway it's not much to ask. I can minimize the folder and call it up whenever I want without having to go to my desktop.


My first computer was a Radio Shack TRS80 with 4K of memory, and a cassette tape drive for (basic) program storage. I added more memory to that, doubling my total. And I was in computer programers heaven.

I then bought a Commodore 64. Boy was that a machine! I had 8 times the memory that I had previously! 64K, Just think of it! I was really getting into Basic (Beginners All purpoSe Instructional Code). I made one program that was simple to start off with. It printed a statement on the screen, "$5.00 reward to anyone who can change this statement". I then made each character of the complete program into data lines, changed the jump table in the first line of code so that anyone trying to list the program would would reformat the floppy drive instead, and changed the first character of that line to a shifted L, which made that line undisplayable. Then I added a checksum line to the last line, with instructions to reformat the floppy, and then converted everything to data and poked the data into the program area. If anyonechanged ANYTHING in the program and tested it by running the program, it destroyed it's self.
I also submitted a little blurb of a program tidbit to a Commodore magazine and it was published!

Now, I have a home made PC. My son, Jeremy, built it when I was on the road a year ago. It's a 900ghz cpu with a 40 Gig hard drive which is divided into 5 partitions.

Accurate and current information about computer viruses can be found at:
Hoaxes and Scares: Don't fall for these or pass them along.

want to eliminate those anoying popup ads?

So, here are some non-web design related tools I use often:

International Dialing Codes

Unit Conversion Calculator

World Time Zone Calculator
A fantastic site for those of you with children in school, or simply those interested in history.
The ultimate starting site for genealogical research.
A few sites I go to when the ego gets too big and I need to remember where I am in the scope of things.

I use this for currency conversion:

"whenever something goes wrong in windows (and apparently it can) or even if FP or one of my asp scripts does something wrong, i turn to "